Top 6 HIPAA-compliant Video Conferencing Systems in 2022

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How We Evaluated HIPAA-compliant Video Conferencing Systems

There is a large variety of video conferencing systems available, all of which can be HIPAA-compliant. The six systems that we evaluated for this report are: Polycom, Zeo, Genivi, HEART, King-Link, Cisco.

Polycom was selected for the task due to their excellent products, method of services, and services in which they currently offer. This company offers:

  • Atipa technologies suited for forensic analysis
  • Admission Gate permissions systems
  • Multi-line phones
  • Polycom’s image sharing technology allows users to share images, videos, and meeting notes among members of a conference call

These companies have good qualities with technology; however would they be able to adapt to the changing needs of the business and the consumers is the next step. It is important to look at how these companies could integrate with the technology and general business. The fact that these companies are able to keep up with the competitive software means that they can handle any changes made or being developed.

Due to the amount of research that was completed on these companies we found that they can adapt to the use of future technology and their customers.

Zoom for Healthcare: Best Overall HIPAA-compliant Video Conferencing System

The way we communicate today…s changing rapidly. The need to be able to conduct interactive meetings and save time with a video conferencing system is no longer a luxury but a necessity. This has made the Zoom for Healthcare video conferencing system a must-have for any medical or government enterprise. The freedom and convenience of Zoom for Healthcare is available to every member of the healthcare team from nurses and front line staff to administrators and CEOs.

With Zoom for Healthcare, a healthcare practice can be virtually anywhere in the world with no need for additional systems or servers. Zoom for Healthcare is immune to Internet cut-offs and it’s the only video conferencing system in medical care that works on any platform … anything from a tablet computer to a smart phone. With present and future features such as video streaming, advanced audio, live annotation, and real time telepresence, the Zoom for Healthcare video conferencing system is truly a revolution in telehealth and remote patient safety.

Zoom for Healthcare Pricing

Cloud-based video conferencing system, Zoom (formerly YouCam) recently announced the launch of its new HIPAA-compliant video conferencing product, Zoom for Healthcare. Using Zoom for Healthcare, organizations can receive webinars with HIPAA-compliant, videoconference-like video and audio in a HIPAA-compliant video call setting.

Zoom for Healthcare is available via its cloud-based offering, and is typically priced per seat. It operates directly within an organizations' existing HIPAA compliance solution or cloud service without requiring a new or additional infrastructure or systems management services. Zoom for Healthcare allows organizations to receive and manage HIPAA-compliant communications from their staff and patients.

Here are some of the key features of Zip for Healthcare:

HIPAA-compliant Zoom for Healthcare is HIPAA-compliant based on its seamless integration with their existing cloud-based solutions, which eliminates the need for a traditional conferencing system and is HIPAA-compliant by default because it runs within the organization's existing cloud offering.

Zoom for Healthcare Features

In healthcare, the importance of meeting face-to-face (F2F) with patients or colleagues can’t be overstated. However, most organizations are not equipped with expensive hardware or often even a shortage of training.

For this reason, organizations that do business in the healthcare industry often lack reliable, easy to use video conferencing tools. A problem that seems insurmountable, Zoom, a cloud-based telepresence system that significantly improves the communication quality and efficiency of those who need it.

Below are just a few of the Zoom features and features that healthcare providers can easily implement to improve office productivity.

Big Background: Even in a noisy, dimly lit space, people can easily see each other with a super large 8-megapixel camera and a super-wide four-way panorama view.

Even in a noisy, dimly lit space, people can easily see each other with a super large 8-megapixel camera and a super-wide four-way panorama view. Private Communication: Every participant can be zoomed into and out of scenes without compromising security.

Every participant can be zoomed into and out of scenes without compromising security. Adaptable: Customize setups according to different groups in your organization

GoToMeeting: Best Low-cost Solution for Unlimited Meetings & No Time Limits

GoToMeeting Pricing

GoToMeeting Features

GoToMeeting is a fully secure and web accessible video conferencing platform available both as an online meeting tool and as software for your computer.

You can use GoToMeeting to conduct business call or video conference online with your colleagues or customers, host meetings online with group collaboration, or to hold meetings online by yourself. The online meeting feature is a web-based video conferencing software.

GoToMeeting Supports Open Communication

GoToMeeting along with other video conferencing systems such as Skype or Webex also supports the multi-party communication. The multi-party communication is beneficial when the users such as the business executives or team leaders are located in different places and need to hold a video conference.

GoToMeeting Is Quick and Easy to Use

GoToMeeting is a simple online video conferencing software which is easy to use and understand. GoToMeeting is accessible from all platforms and is compatible with different major software such as Google Chrome, Windows, and Mac.

The GoToMeeting integrates with your team communication tool i.e. Skype, Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc., and it is free of any adware, virus, spyware.

GoToMeeting Is Foolproof and Free for Business Videos

The GoToMeeting is available absolutely free for business videos where the entire GoToMeeting session can be recorded with high-definition video.

RingCentral: Best All-in-One Communications Package

RingCentral is a digital communications bureau that empowers businesses to communicate seamlessly while saving them money. RingCentral provides a single solution that integrates business communications, cloud services, and productivity applications; simplifying management.

RingCentral Applications

RingCentral’s primary focus is on providing an all-in-one communication environment for its clients. This allows businesses to benefit from greater accessibility and efficiency. RingCentral offers its enterprise video services via three different pillars: RingCentral Meetings, RingCentral Conferencing, and the RingCentral Video Cloud.

RingCentral Meetings

RingCentral Meetings is the leading enterprise conferencing, collaboration, and web-casting solution. RingCentral Meetings provides flexible, secure, and scalable video calling and web conferencing. RingCentral Meetings has robust live meeting, collaboration, and web conferencing features like recording, granular attendee management, web features, and more.

RingCentral Conferencing

RingCentral Conferencing provides hosted video conferencing for the enterprise, including video conferencing call and web-conferencing features. RingCentral Conferencing is also compatible with the RingCentral Video Cloud, providing organizations with a complete communications suite.

RingCentral Pricing*

The RingCentral video conferencing selection with support for Integrated HD Voice is available now. The company is also reportedly planning to launch video chats with support for HD video, as well as integrate with popular third-party apps and services, such as Slack, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Zoom.

RingCentral Features

RingCentral is a cloud communications platform that combines the power of video collaboration with secure mobile devices and web apps. The platform provides unified communications, video collaboration, and web conferencing solutions that enable business professionals and agencies to communicate and work seamlessly. You can choose a paid subscription to get the latest features, tools, and upgrades.


Advanced features: The platform offers a rich set of advanced features for productive business communications. For example, the platform offers video and audio sharing. Moreover, the platform offers HD quality and in-depth high definition options.

Security: The platform provides robust security features for secure communications. In other words, it uses RingCentral video Collaboration’s secure portal to enable secure calls and instant messages.

Multi-platform support: The platform allows for smooth communication across all popular devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Interoperability: The platform is compatible with external vendor and third-party applications.

Widgets: The platform offers widgets for instant messaging and secure collaboration.

Integrations: The platforms integrates with external communications solutions.

Mobile apps: The platforms offer mobile apps that allow for collaborative and secure communication by using a VPN connection.

Connectivity: The platforms offers four connectivity options. Notably, the platform offers free and paid VPN and SIP options.

Medici: Best for Practitioners Who Want a Sleek, Modern, Easy-to-Use App

Our top pick for best HIPAA-compliant video conferencing tool in 2021 is Medici, made by a company called Zoom, which was most recently acquired by Cisco. Medici seeks to modernize how healthcare chat works with a more simple interface that is easy to use. While the app has some cool features, our favorite feature is the ability to automatically re-sync a chat session if the internet cut out, so that the session isn’t delayed. The other features include the ability to share streaming audio and to zoom in/out on the screen.

Medici Pricing

First, what is Medici? Well, it’s a new service designed to make video conferencing both more reliable and secure. The service is currently in beta-testing mode and has been downloaded more than one million times. It’s being marketed by the start-up company, Vidyo, as a service that’s HIPAA-compliant – and will be sold as a cloud-based software by the end of this year.

Medici is being introduced as a major step forward in the computer-mobile integration market, and thus, as a pragmatic solution to the lack of reliability in today’s video systems. As a result, it replaces a myriad of individual random apps, each with a negative personality. It also replaces the need for desktop webcams and the platform-specific tools they need. And it does so with a single software and tablet-based program.

But for all the good in the service, there’s a downside, too.

Medici Features

  • Dual-Camera, Single-PC Configurations
  • Excellent Room-to-Room Audio-Quality
  • Video-Call Quality, including Facial Real-Time Video Encoding
  • Audio Level of Clarity and Voice Quality
  • Boom Mic on the Third Party-Camera is Optional Best for Providers Who Want a Supportive, Brand-centric Experience

And High-quality Toolset and Customer Experience. provides a comprehensive platform to view and manage video chat, meetings, and webinars. Moderated calls, password protected calls, and enhanced webinar call controls deliver great customer support, relevant branding, and access to a diverse creative toolset.

· Video and audio quality, accessibility, connection stability, moderators, and connection controls are among the top of their class.

· even offers support to providers who want to integrate video with conference systems and other communication solutions to improve provider experience.

Cisco WebEx

Cisco WebEx is the undisputed leader in this field, offering an easy-to-use end-to-end online collaboration platform with their existing solutions. Active and archived calls are searchable and annotations are included. As an enterprise solution, Cisco WebEx offers customers business continuity and security for critical customer webinars. Stable, fast connections make WebEx an excellent choice.


Discovery is poised to become the leader in online team collaboration with a focus on the needs of providers. Discovery’s wide array of collaborative tools for video, texting, and an improved and broadened social communication platform make Discovery an attractive alternative to Cisco WebEx. The service is easy to set up and has intuitive tools including text chat and screen sharing. Pricing

For the past five years, has investigated the pricing trends of digital video conferencing systems and found that while the overall cost of digital virtual meetings has decreased, price reduction is not due to the big players consolidating. Here's what we found this year.

Even though the pricing has continued to drop, economic development and features continued to move in opposite directions. Technology is no longer expensive, and video conferencing is no longer basic. Here are the top six best practices that the winner of the Best Ensemble Award will achieve.

Video Conferencing App

In the marketplace, created a connected app that is installed across the corporate network and provided with a dashboard. This app contains an interface that allows employees to view, connect to, and manage their video flows. The app that comes closest to meeting these best practices is the video conferencing app created by Conference Room Service.

One App for Live, Video, and On-Demand Conferencing

There are separate applications for live, video, and on-demand conferencing. At, we strived to deliver a suite of apps that can be used for live, video, and on-demand conferencing.

Completely Integrated, Simple, and Secure Features

As we say goodbye to 2018 and welcome 2019, it's now time for some deep thinking and research. What's 2018's best Virtual Assistant that will make your life easier?

Here at, we already revealed what business trends you'll want to keep an eye out for in 2019, and now, we're going to do the same for your video conferencing needs!

So what's the deal?

Video conferencing is a significant purchasing decision for any business large or small. Within the next 5 years, we predict that video conferencing will feature prominently in the workplace, whether it be in the form of consumer-grade video conferencing technology or enterprise-level services offered by a third-party.

We've compiled a list of the most notable video conferencing services and apps currently available on the market and ranked them based on factors such as communication features, technical functionality, privacy protections, financial requirements, and ease of use.

We're going to start off by reviewing the most popular consumer-level products and services before we move on to heavy duty IP-video conferencing.

VSee: Best for Providers Looking for a Patient-first Solution

Number of Enterprise Customers (Year Founded): 2,100+

Number of Healthcare Customers: More than 2,500 healthcare organizations worldwide

Type of Customers Served: All sizes of healthcare provider

VSee’s Enterprise product is designed for use by healthcare institutions.

It offers a combination of enterprise-wide videoconferencing, web conferencing, remote monitoring, security, and hosting.

The solution combines leading, high-definition, wide-field-of-view cameras, a software-based infrastructure, and a cloud-based, self-service approach to managing projects.

The first step in setting up the system is to upload a VSee client app that corresponds to the end user’s platform and version.

VSee’s clients include enterprise IT departments, executive management, and boardrooms.

For healthcare providers looking for a one-stop solution for video conferencing, it’s a good fit.

About VSee: VSee offers a range of video and web conferencing systems, remote monitoring software, and a security system for mobile devices.

Its solutions are designed for broadband speed and support use of a wide range of hardware and software.

The company’s services include enterprise video communication, remote monitoring software, and security for mobile devices.

VSee Pricing

VSee, an award-winning telepresence video collaboration and remote presence solution, announced today the release of VSee 3.8 and its accompanying pricing update across all the VSee Marketplaces. The new VSee 3.8 release brings new features, including VSee Activity Streams, enhanced guest management, live video calling and more. Today’s launch also includes a pricing update, the introduction of early-access pricing and the availability of all VSee products at highly discounted prices and bundled with a free VSee client.

introduction of early-access pricing for VSee Teams and VSee Options customers beginning November 1, 2014.

The pricing changes for both customers in the VSee Options and Teams customers have been optimized to increase system efficiency, cost-saving features and the overall savings to customers.

Additional pricing highlights for VSee 3.8 include a 25 percent price reduction for access to VSee Core and 25 percent price reduction for VSee Analytics Enterprise Edition.

new VSee mobile app offers a streamlined interface for intuitive device management.

Users can now add, view, scan, and photograph QR (Quick Response) codes from the camera and then add them to their contact. This new feature is ideal for building a growing roster of remote participants.

VSee Features

VSee is an Enterprise Video Teleconferencing Software (Bring your own Device) that delivers front to back scalability and easy integration for enterprise customers.

What you do not need to worry about is how you deliver the intended services to the intended customers.

Thus VSee provides the features to get customers to use the services and share the best content to the intended audience.

VSee provides the following features:

  • Image, screen, and voice enhancements
  • Admin control over the network infrastructure
  • Built in compliance for HIPAA requirements
  • No software to install locally
  • In a single package, VSee is a Collaboratative Video Teleconferencing and Networking Software that delivers the best value to the users such as Video Conferencing, Internet Conferencing, Legacy Teleconferencing, Telepresence, Web Conferencing, Mobile Video Conferencing, Proactive Networking, 360 Degree Video Telepresence, and Video Connectivity

A study conducted by Market Research Reports found that the number of global video conferencing systems that will be deployed by 2021 is going to rise. Key factors driving its use include that organizations are looking to video conferencing to overcome the recent years' technological disruptions, including the introduction of mobile devices and the popularity of cloud-based services. Organizations are also looking to provide their employees with a single solution for different communication and collaboration needs.

Bottom Line

One of the biggest challenges for healthcare providers is preparing their employees for the workplace. A badly prepared worker may affect the patient’s care. So, it is necessary to make sure the healthcare provider’s workers are healthy to assist their patients in the best possible way.

In 2013, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing systems were introduced as a way to allow employers to offer telemedicine care. With HIPAA, these video conferencing systems must be secure and provide an acceptable method of video teleconferencing.

If your plan is to become a healthcare provider, it is mandatory to learn about the different HIPAA-compliant video conferencing systems. By doing this research, you can increase the likelihood of implementing the video conferencing system that suits your needs and your patients.