Google Workspace vs Microsoft 365: Price, Features & Which Is Best in 2021

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Google Workspace vs Microsoft 365 at a Glance

While Google has made excellent strides in the productivity space over the past few years, Microsoft remains the clear leader when it comes to what is generally considered best in class. At the same time, it’s important to note that Google’s Google apps suite offers a variety of productivity tools, including Google Drive, which is arguably the most well-known cloud productivity app in the business. In the past few years, Microsoft has responded with a similar offering in the form of OneDrive and is now trying to close the productivity gap with Google by offering Microsoft 365 suite. But as it has long believed that it doesn’t do enough to set itself apart from the competition, Google continues to be in this space, with Google Apps and Google Drive being the key initiatives in this market.

We’re going to review the Google Apps suite and Microsoft 365 suite in detail to see how Google Apps measures up against Microsoft 365 suite, in terms of features and pricing. This will be a useful comparison for any organization seeking to adopt these productivity apps or a business that is looking to make the transition from Microsoft Office 365 to other productivity apps to achieve maximum productivity.

Monthly Charges for Google Apps vs. Microsoft 365

How We Evaluated Google Workspace & Microsoft 365

Google Workspace is one of a range of offering that attempted to take on the Microsoft Office 365 offering but never really made head or tail of it. However, Google recently underwent some rebranding and re-launch to aid its renewed effort to compete at the enterprise level was rebranded as G Suite by Google.

Microsoft made some gains with the G Suite offering in the talent market, which today is going to square off with a rebranded Google offering.

Both Google and Microsoft have been on the business of enhancing their respective product offerings to get ahead of their competitors in the emerging trend of the mobile and cloud and business mobility.

Microsoft Office 365 acts as a foundation for businesses to build their new or legacy application solutions on. Google on the other hand launched its own business mobility platform with its G Suite offerings. Google G Suite Enterprise is now called Google Business Edition, while Google also launched a consumer offering, G Suite Basic and a productivity suite for non-enterprise users.

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Google Workspace vs Microsoft 365: Pricing

Google Workspace vs Microsoft 365: Features Comparison

Google Workspace vs Microsoft 365: Which is best in 2021

Google Workspace doesn’t have all the bells and whistles found in Microsoft 365. But there are some key features that Google Workspace lacks that Microsoft 365 has. Some of those features include VPN, OneDrive, Microsoft Sway, Skype Meetings and Microsoft Office Online.

But it’s worth noting that none of these feature differences are critical for a typical workspace user. And due to the popularity of Google in the workspace market, a lot of these features are available through the Google marketplace by way of add-ons.

Google Workspace pricing is based on a number of factors, including the number of users you have, the type of plan you’re subscribing to and any extensions or add-ons you’re getting.…

Here’s a look at the pricing plans available.

Google Workspace Pricing

Perks and Marketplace.

Google workspaces has become a competitive service in the market. Microsoft has just introduced our new Microsoft 365 plans, which seems to be a great deal but comes at a price.

Microsoft 365 and Google workspaces have many similarities but also some key differences that you should consider before you upgrade or switch to Microsoft 365.

Our guide will compare the key features of Microsoft 365 and Google workspaces to help you decide which one is the best for you.

Microsoft 365 Pricing

Google Workspace vs Microsoft 365: Features

Google W o r k s p a c e is out and Microsoft 365 is in. But which is better?

Well, as with anything in tech, it’s a matter of preference – and price.

Google W o r k s p a c e is the newly rebranded organisation software from Google, and a low-cost yet fully functional alternative to Microsoft’s Office 365 suite.

Underneath its friendly looking interface and various automation tools, it’s not hard to see the similarities with its competition… plus, there’s a subscription element to consider.

Microsoft 365 is comparable to Google W o r k s p a c e— .

It has online tools, productivity and collaboration software available for your workplace, allowing you to manage your company’s apps from Outlook in addition to the Office 365 suite. Similar to Google W o r k s p a c e , it’s subscription model features included business-grade security features.

But which one is actually better for your business?

Google Workspace Tiered Features

Vs. Microsoft Online 365

Microsoft 365 Tiered Features

The upcoming Microsoft 365 will be featuring 4 tiers of licenses, with each tier offering more functionality and features as it is licensed in more licenses.

With these licensing options, Microsoft will be able to generate more revenues and users at the same time.

With the pricing of Microsoft 365, IT administrators will also be able to justify their investments because they’ll be able to implement more solutions for their organization. This is because they’ll be able to see the ROI of its components.

Have you been wondering which Microsoft 365 subscription will fit your organization’s needs and budget? Below is a breakdown of the main features of each Microsoft 365 plan.

Google Workspace vs Microsoft 365: Ease of Use

Google and Microsoft have experienced contrasting fates in the past year. Microsoft’s former leader was forced out and the company has been trying to reinvent itself, while Google is still in control and has continued to innovate like there’s no tomorrow.

Though both Google and Microsoft have diversified platforms, it’s clear that Google continues to be stronger than Microsoft as Microsoft has fallen behind.

Google Apps vs Microsoft Office 365 (price, features, which runs faster).

If you’re deciding between Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365, you’ll want to know which is the best. Both Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 are well known to many of the business communities today.

Both of them are trustworthy and they employ thousands of people. So the question is which one of the two is better? To find the answer, you should compare between Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365. Here’s a comparison of both platforms:-

Google Apps Microsoft Office 365 First Release 5 years 9 years Stability 10 years 9 years Compatibility Any device Any device Pricing Free Unlimited Features Google Drive Microsoft Office Price Free Paid+User website (with mobile apps) Wikipedia, Google’s website.

Google Workspace Ease of Use

Microsoft 365’s apps are more prone to crashing whereas, Google workspace is very clean and won’t let you down. And considering the number of users that are using Workspace app, you can be sure that Microsoft Office will not crash.

All of Microsoft’s apps crash and crash again and again. The software giant has been repeatedly dethroned at the top of its own operating system with Google’s Chrome operating system. This is due to the easy-to-use interface as well as plethora of apps that Google provides for free.

The sheer ease of use is one of Google’s biggest advantages over Google Apps. Google’s Chrome operating system has provided a pleasant and accessible-to-anyone experience. If you are new to the Chrome operating system, you need not worry about how to use Google Apps, as you will learn everything that it takes to function properly.

If you are not a tech-savvy person, Google’s interface will be definitely get you going!

Google Apps vs Microsoft Office: Consumers’ Choice

When it comes to the consumer’s choice regarding office suites, Google is a clear winner.

Microsoft 365 Ease of Use

Microsoft 365 has a much greater quantity of cloud services than Google counterpart, offering native access to Office 365. More so, Microsoft has made a concerted effort in extending its functionality beyond email, calendar, contacts, and notes, with other similar niche services such as Skype for Business and Teams.

It has the most comprehensive Security by Assurance dashboard, which empowers users to manage security settings in one place, giving the necessary control over the apps and files. The tightly integrated Microsoft 365, backed by Microsoft Office, comes with a great deal of flexibility in terms of app and services, whereas Google workspaces provide more barebones services with the apps being self-installed.

Microsoft 365 is an easier to use suite, enabling a seamless integration with Outlook and OneDrive. Microsoft 365 also provides one of the more complete solutions for collaboration, with great services like Skype for Business, Windows Hello, and more.

As a more feature rich services suite, Microsoft 365 is a viable product with a great deal more capabilities and flexibility. Google’s workspace experience is more rudimentary, being more akin to a file sync and storage service. With it, enterprises and SMBs can store files and applications in the cloud and manage them on the go. Google also provides the option of self-installing apps and productivity tools.

Google Workspace vs Microsoft 365: Business Email

Google’s Business Email Client Google Apps was the pioneer in Office 365 for Business. Today, Google Apps are still best compared as Microsoft 365 versus Google workspaces. Business Email Clients help organize millions of users’ emails in a central inbox that boosts collaboration and reduces email spam.

Google Apps has a range of popular desktop and web apps that make collaboration fast and easy for employees.

Google Meet is the best video chat service for free. All your meetings with a local area are free.

GDocs are more and more popular in small and medium-sized enterprises, used for group document sharing. A single document with collaborators’ feedback stored in a central location.

This is a better way to work together online and is easy to integrate into your daily work routine.

Google Docs have tools for collaboration, live editing, and document tracking, plus a powerful search function to help you find what you need fast.

Google Hangouts is the most popular video conferencing app in the world and allows you to reach whomever you want, from wherever you are.

A great alternative to Skype, Facetime or FaceTime. You can host as many meetings as you want at any time with Zoom. Tons of integrations, adjustable seats and easy-to-use apps in many languages.

Google Workspace Business Email

Google Apps and Google Workspace provide businesses of all sizes an affordable, simple-to-manage workspace solution that includes business customer support. Built on a foundation of reliable Google technology, Google Apps and Google Workspace help you easily stay connected to customers, grow your business and make more money. Google Apps and Workspace are backed by a Google business email help desk, as well as 24/7 cloud-based, hardware-agnostic hardware, so you never have to worry about hardware failures, tech support or high availability.

Google Apps is designed specifically for business productivity and helps companies like yours use Google Services to grow their business. It gives you:

  • An ability to streamline your business, providing a single view of all your contacts, accounts and correspondence
  • Common customer experiences, such as a single sign-on and multi-select
  • A collaboration platform that allows you to share every document, application and spreadsheet with your employees and customers
  • Business Features, such as priority placement, keyword labels, business-grade spam and virus detection, and unified search to find what you’re looking for easily

The ability to manage your cloud services via Google Accounts, providing you with a single sign-on experience … and a single login that allows you to access the apps you use every day.

To learn more about Google Apps for Business, click here.

Microsoft 365 Business Email

(Gmail) vs GoogleWorkspace

Microsoft 365 Business Email (Gmail) vs GoogleWorkspace

Microsoft has rolled out ‘ Microsoft 365 Business Email (Gmail) ’. Price in India is not yet available. You can use Gmail with Microsoft 365 Business Email. Here is the Preview of New Microsoft 365 Business Email (Gmail).

Google Workspace vs Microsoft 365: Apps

Security & Support.

Google and Microsoft are in a bitter rivalry for the No. 1 spot in the global search engine market. While using a combination of artificial intelligence and deep learning, the two tech giants are competing with their smart assistants, Google’s Google Assistant and Microsoft’s Cortana.

But dig a bit deeper, and we find that Microsoft and Google’s platforms share a lot more than just their artificial intelligence focus. Both platforms offer a set of productivity apps, including those in the collaboration suite, and both compete on the hardware front with their own respective products … Chromebooks and Surface devices.

Google Workspace Apps: Docs, Sheets & Slides

The main purpose of Google Apps is to help businesses collaborate and to reduce email clutter. It comes with a variety of apps and tools that allows businesses to work more efficiently and to cut costs so that they can grow their business.

Google Apps includes Google Drive, Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. The three apps compliment each other and it’s best to use all of them together. It’s also a better idea to keep your files stored in Google Drive because it’s always backed up.

Google Sheets, which is a spreadsheet app, is used to manage and analyze data. Google Docs, which is also a spreadsheet app, is used to store and share documents.

Google Slides is an online presentation tool to help people share their documents with others. Google Vault is a backup tool that lets you keep your personal information secure away from hackers. Using Google VPN is a good way to secure your Internet connection as well.

The main benefit of using Google’s online apps is that the company is constantly improving them. This means that you’ll be able to access your files over a longer period of time unlike your offline file systems.

Key Differences between Google Apps and Microsoft 365

For starters, Google Apps are free, while Microsoft 365 subscription is not.

Microsoft 365 Apps: Word, Excel & PowerPoint

While it is true that both Microsoft 365 and Google workspaces are top office productivity suites, Microsoft excels in the app area with its flexible app sharing. Microsoft excels on sharing between Microsoft 365 users. It allows you to work from one spot using word, excel, powerpoint, and other Microsoft apps. You can create a one on one collaboration or even a group collaboration session.

With Google workspaces, you can share your worksheet, calendar, attachment, and other Google products with others. However, you can’t share emails with others. Here they are sharing same google sheet. If you are using gmail you will find the option to share your data to others residing in their domains of work.

You can also add multiple individuals and you can make changes to your personal spreadsheet by saving it. You can also see passwords, go back in time and history. This is not available with Microsoft 365.

Similarly, in the area of Microsoft 365, you can see who is using what app. If you are using Word, you can see all the edits made by the different users. It also gives you the option to see all using powerpoint app and edit accordingly. It is a very transparent process. Google does not have this option.

Google Workspace vs Microsoft 365: Collaboration

Most users are now used to Google searches and search results.

If you work with different Microsoft products, but you use the same search engine, you might find it harder to get wherever you want.

Google Workspace is a new tool, and it is the perfect Office suite for people who want to migrate from a Microsoft environment.

Microsoft 365 does not have a personality, but it is just the right price option for Microsoft users if they are using digital tools.

Microsoft 365 Cloud is probably the best value.

Google Keyboard is the right move if you are the owner of iPhone or Android.

Google Workspace Collaboration

Unlike traditional mail services that are used today, Google’s productivity platform, dubbed Google Workspace, is a virtualised version of a company’s work environment, complete with its own communication tools, storage, and software applications. This is done with the aim of enhancing employee productivity, optimising the company’s collaboration capabilities, and lowering the reliance on older IT systems to meet the demands of modern work environments.

Google Workspace gives users the power to work with G Suite (Gmail, Calendar, Docs, etc), connect with customers and collect feedback on websites and services in real-time and share documents almost anywhere, secure files, access the company’s applications and data on demand and protect information using security measures from the G Suite security model.

Microsoft 365 Collaboration

Microsoft 365 vs Google G Suite: The New Face of Email and Cloud Communication

Do you prefer Microsoft 365 or Google G Suite? Which do you find more useful? Well, neither is better or worse than the other; both are two competitive cloud productivity sets. You’re probably currently trying either Microsoft 365 or Google G suite and they both are looking like a fairly good fit for you.

Since they are both ubiquitous, it is often a matter of whether you like how they work or not. Of course, you can get some indepth info on how they work on a technical level, and how they stack up in comparison.

But I’m also interested in who you are and how you work and what you need. So, let’s get a closer look at the products to see what suits you best!

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive set of cloud desktop and mobile computing services that includes the usual productivity tools, like calendaring, and web mail, as well as collaboration services, like messaging, document sharing, and online meeting and conferencing.

Microsoft 365 is available via a monthly subscription. You can use those subscription services on Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, or iPad.

What’s It Like?

Google Workspace vs Microsoft 365: Customer Service

Google Workspace vs Microsoft 365 is a long standing debate. Both Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace offer a similar set of business productivity features and cloud computing options.

Microsoft 365 offers a confusing array of subscriptions that run from individual Office apps to a subscription that offers the entire suite of Office apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.)

By comparison, Google Workspace is generally confined to a specific suite of Google Apps (G-Suite) and Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides.

Both Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace are focused on Microsoft Office compatibility (with the former generally offering a wider range of compatibility than the latter); both offer alternatives to Microsoft Office — Google Docs and Microsoft Office Online.

Besides Office compatibility, these are the main differences between Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace:

Google Workspace is just Google. Office compatibility is secondary — it’s part of a larger suite of apps.

Microsoft 365 is a cloud product available for individual users or companies. Google Workspace is a single business package that’s offered under a cloud option or packaged as a set of applications that’s shared by multiple users within a business.

Google Workspace Customer Service

Google workspaces all a superior user experience. After all, it is Google solving the technical woes of users. Customer service of Google is superb considering that it is just a technical support. You can easily get in touch with Google support 24 hours a day to resolve technical problems and for other queries. I have not come across any problem when it comes to Google workspace or Google apps support team and I think you will have the same experience.

Microsoft 365 Customer Service

Google Workspace vs Microsoft 365: Customer Reviews

Google Workspace Customer Reviews

If you work collaboratively or remotely with your teammates, then both of these tools offer subscription plans, which are eligible for discounts of up to 70% through the end of the year. We recommend passing the savings onto your employees by offering them unlimited access to both. Both platforms come with email, cloud-storage, screen-sharing and instant messaging software built in. However, we recommend the Microsoft 365 because of its social features and the improvements made to the Office software.

Both tools offer flexible, paid, unlimited plans. Yet only the Microsoft 365 allows you to access your email when you aren’t connected to the Internet and prevents companies from monitoring the content of your email communications. It also lets you communicate with others through instant messaging and screen sharing. Google Suite, on the other hand, only lets you send and receive messages via email.

Both of these collaboration tools are indispensable for helping you work remotely with your teammates, making it difficult to decide whether Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 is the right one for you. Our recommendation is to test them both to find the most suitable collaboration tool for your team.

Microsoft 365 Customer Reviews

Microsoft 365 is a set of cloud productivity services and mobile apps from Microsoft that you can use across all your devices. Microsoft 365 builds on the strengths of Office 365, so you can do what you love to do more efficiently.

Microsoft 365 saves you time because it harnesses the intelligence of Microsoft Office and the power of Microsoft cloud services. It has built-in security so that your data is always safe and can access your information and over one million apps, and services, from your PC or smartphone.

You can start a free trial today and access Microsoft 365 apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive, Skype, and Audible for a limited time.

When to Use Google Workspace

Gone are the days when Google and Microsoft used to compete in the Indian software market as the two companies have been focusing aggressively on cloud collaboration and resource management tools. Now, they are focused on offering their cloud-based services at a much lower cost than their counterparts in the market for the same.

Many Indian customers are considering the following alternatives when it comes to choosing between Microsoft 365 and Google apps for business:

While it is true that Microsoft and Google are aggressively targeting small-business professionals and consumers, not all services can be performed by Google or Microsoft.

The integration of file storage and productivity suites with external storage solutions like Dropbox and iCloud has made it easier for many businesses to choose Google or Microsoft.

If your business can live without file storage, you can opt for Google storage products directly.

You can compare the official rates of both the Microsoft and Google product packages as they differ slightly in their pricing.

The Secret to Google Apps for Work's Price Advantage

Google periodically changes its pricing cycle, and every year the company introduces new features along with a price drop. This continuous assault on the price points has made Google an attractive proposition for many consumers and small-business professionals.

When to Use Microsoft 365

Vs Google Workspace?

If you are looking to get a Microsoft Office Suite at a cheaper price, then be sure to check the Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace comparison.

But before you consider Microsoft, it’s important to understand the differences, as many users spread their Office installs across both suites, for instance. So what are the most important difference you might need to consider before purchasing the Microsoft Office Suite?

Cannot be installed on multiple devices

Microsoft 365 is for a single user only, while Google has an unlimited install option.

Microsoft Office is for offline use

Microsoft’s Office applications are better in terms of offline support (such as you not being able to view documents on Google).

Requires an internet connection vs Google Workspace is cloud-based

Google Workspace has trouble loading some of the Microsoft Office applications while the other applications do not run without internet access.

Microsoft Office 365 vs Google Office allows for better collaboration

Microsoft Office 365 allows multiple users to access and edit the same document. Google Office, on the other hand, allows only one person to edit the document.

Microsoft Office is a software suite that supports multiple operating systems and platforms (Windows, MacOS, and Linux)

Google Office offers a single platform (Google Chrome), while Microsoft Office supports multiple operating systems.

When to Use an Alternative: Zoho Workplace

While Microsoft is fast becoming a player in the workspace management software game with its subscription services, it’s still got some work to do before it can be perceived as a viable alternative to the king of workplace applications: Google’s G Suite.

With a dedicated developer team and a large active user base, G Suite has grown considerably since its release in 2013. While Microsoft, on the other hand, has tried to convince its users to move on from its Office 365 subscription services with its Windows 10 and Office 2016 releases. But Microsoft has a lot of catching up to do if it wants to truly rival G Suite.

G Suite keeps growing with an active userbase & a dedicated developer team, while Microsoft is struggling to convince users to move on from Office 365 and rely on Windows 10 and Office 2016.

Headcount-wise, Microsoft’s OneDrive versus Google’s G Suite both apps have the same audience. They’re available as free downloads for anyone running a recent release of Windows 10. However, because Microsoft’s Office 365 has a living subscription, the app has to be installed as a part of a Microsoft subscription. That obviously narrows the numbers down quite a bit.

Bottom Line