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What Geek Squad is Good For

Geek Squad is the on-site service arm of Best Buy, and although they do not repair software or devices, they do provide professional on-site services to both corporations and residential customers. Geek Squad services are funded by affiliated Best Buy stores and are either scheduled or walk-in.

Each Geek Squad service comes with a diagnosis and a cost, and like most technicians, those costs keep going up with each passing year. Although not a repair service, Geek Squad also provides other in-store services. This is what could make those services cost a little more than perhaps other services, so we’ll be taking a closer look at those.

These services include: …

Repair Services for All Other Electronic Devices

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of our findings, review the Geek Squad services that we identified, and look at alternatives to the Geek Squad services as well as other Best Buy services as well, and maybe the services of other retail stores. The review will also cover some of the negative aspects of the Geek Squad services.

What Geek Squad is Not Good For

A Geek Squad is not good for everyone! If you’re a new PC gamer who has just taken the big step of buying a high-end PC, then you’re not going to need a Geek Squad. If you’re on a budget, it is important to remind yourself that you can get a labor-only PC tune up from a less expensive option and fix any other problems you need to deal with afterwards. If you want an expert to call you everyday to see if anything needs fixing, then you may want to consider a monthly computer monitoring service.

Geek Squad Hours

The Geek Squad is a team of computer technicians based out of the United States as well as Mexico. They specialize in PC (personal computing) issues and offer a variety of services, including data recovery and online technical support. They are a division of Best Buy, an American consumer electronics retailer. The Geek Squad was founded in 1994 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by a former Apple technician named Jeff Rehbaum. He formed the agency so that he could bring his expertise to a larger arena. An ex-Apple computer technician himself, Rehbaum pioneered the idea of remote online technical support.

Geek Squad is a major competitor with similar services such as BLUESTAR, A RESCUE TECHNICIAN, and PRESTIGE TECH. Generally, the Geek Squad offers consumers more technical support and a broader range of services. This is definitely to their advantage, so we advise considering this firm before making a decision to go with another computer technician.

Geek Squad officially makes claim that their technicians are just as qualified as Certified PC Technicians or Macintosh Consultants. Although certification doesn’t always guarantee the finest service, the Geek Squad started with the goal of providing high quality service at a competitive price.

Other Tech Support Services

In addition to tech support for computers, devices, and electronics, there are also many other tech support companies that can help you with other problems. They are listed below. Use the links to read more about each of these services. AdAway is a computer program that can help you block annoying advertising websites and is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

DNS Unblocker can help you use blocked websites with your computer. Hotspot Shield is a free VPN service that you can use in order to unblock , make your private data, personal information, and your browsing data safe from hackers. It provides a secure and fast connection through the Hotspot Shield servers. It also protects you from prying eyes, i.e., private information, spam emails, malicious website, and others when using public Wi-Fi connections.

MyTrim is a paid service that can help you manage and monitor your online privacy, block online advertising, search engine optimization, and phishing websites. If you are using a modified Android device, you can use Chainfire3DMax in order to manage your tweaks. If you are a rooted Android user, you can use Titanium Backup to backup and restore your apps and files. In order to free up space on your Android device, you can use FatDroid to store downloaded apps and files on a USB flash drive.

What is the Difference in Cost for Monthly Plans in Year One

If you have been shopping around for Geek Squad protection in 2016, you might be aware of some pretty big changes to the monthly price and underlying structure. The biggest of these changes is that when you sign up for a Geek Squad protection plan in 2016, there will be an upfront cost instead of a monthly rate as before.

This can be quite a turn off and make you doubt the value you will get out of your Geek Squad protection plan. But don’t worry because there will be some additional perks for paying that upfront cost, and you will be able to avoid large amounts in annual fees when you sign up in 2016.

With that in mind, let’s look at what you can expect to pay up front when you sign up for a Geek Squad protection plan, and what you can expect to pay annually. We’ll also give a brief overview of pricing and service for some of the alternatives.

Per-Service vs. Plan Pricing – How to Choose

On-Site vs. Remote Support – How to Choose

Computer problems can suddenly arise at any time, and these can range from minor to quite major. Any PC problem, be it the hardware aspect or software aspect, can cause your PC to become unusable. It can affect your productivity, entertainment, and even safety.

Many users have many questions when they come to the geek squad on-site technicians. Some issues might be minor and might resolve just with the click of a button, while other issues might be major and might require much more attention.

If the customer asks for remote support and setup appointment, then the on-site technicians will come to the customers’ homes to fix their PCs. If anything goes wrong, the customer should be able to go online to seek help or advice. Remote support is usually free for the customer to use.

Who is a Geek Squad Technicians?

There are several types of staff that you would want to contact for a computer-related issue. For one thing, it’s highly recommended that you make sure that all of your doubts about the problem are able to get settled, and to get guidance on what to do next. In the case of hardware issues, you should contact someone from the manufacturer’s tech support. They are experts who can troubleshoot and resolve the associated problem.


There are few companies in the world that are more popular and more well-known as the Geek Squad. The main face of the Geek Squad is the tech-savviness of their employees who are known to be highly technological savvy. The Geek Squad’s main offering includes Electronic Retailing, Assistance and Installation. They specialise in providing many technologically complicated services to different types of people, including companies as well as people.

All service offerings, rates and fees are completely dependent on the type of service, which is fully discussed with the business owner. The Geek Squad uses a variety of different services to provide their customers with different services. Some examples of these services include the cleaning, diagnosis, replacement and installation of computer manufacturers’ parts and equipment including the distribution of software, configuration and troubleshooting. Customers of the Geek Squad have the option to either install their services on the spot or store the services for them to install when requested. Prices may vary depending on the type of service used.

HelloTech Pricing

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What Is HelloTech Good For

HelloTech is a handy tool, page or application that helps you find tech-related information, news and stories without having to leave your computer. Geekbuddette is a simple blog that curates roundups of tech-related content for HelloTech. HiTechBB is a podcast that you can download and listen to whenever you want.

Because of my job, I spend a lot of time around people who own and use computers and other devices. This is why I check out HelloTech daily. Which is why I am thrilled to be part of the HelloTech product family.

And since I first posted this article, many of the people who have found this article, have gone onto HelloTech in search of tech-related information and stories and I’m guessing a few of them are now customers of HelloTech. I am excited to know that I helped you guys find the information that you were looking for.

What HelloTech Is Not Good For

HelloTech is not a replacement for the Geek Squad. HelloTech is a free service that helps you save money.

HelloTech doesn’t charge to see if your computer is running slow. If the speed test completes in less than 10 seconds, HelloTech is finished, and you’re free to go.

HelloTech doesn’t run software diagnostics. If you want software diagnostics, you have to purchase a diagnosis and repair package from a computer repair store such as Computer Club, Inc. – Geek Squad.

HelloTech is not good for fixing viruses, ransomware attacks, and malware problems.

HelloTech is not a virus scanner.

HelloTech is not a computer backup solution.

HelloTech is not a search engine optimizer.

HelloTech is not a site blocker.

HelloTech is not a "Last Click" competitor. It doesn’t go "on to the next".

HelloTech is not a PC optimization service.

HelloTech does not improve PC performance.

HelloTech does not suggest actions to make your machine more secure.

HelloTech does not check system updates.

HelloTech does not disable Windows updates.

HelloTech does not give you crucial tips on how to increase PC speed, PC performance, security, patch management, and site blocking.

Nerds On Call

Nerds On Call seems to be the cheapest option in the United States.

The Geek Squad rates seem to be the most reasonable.

The most services Geek Squad offers.

Nerds On Call is the cheapest option in the United States. The Geek Squad rates seem to be the most reasonable. The most services Geek Squad offer are.

Nerds On Call Pricing

Geek Squad (and GeekSquad) is a company offering computer services to homes and businesses. Geek Squad provides repair and maintenance, including virus removal, computer security and anti-virus software and hardware protection, monitor repair (flat screen, cable, etc), and a variety of other computer repair services.

Nerds On Call (sometimes called Nerds Squad) is a company offering computer services to businesses only. Nerds On Call also offers anti-virus software and hardware protection, virus removal, IT consulting, computer networking, website hosting, software development, and a range of other computer services.

There are a few reasons people would prefer to go to Nerds On Call, rather than Geek Squad. Instead of a flat fee to fix your computer, Nerds On Call offers a monthly subscription in which you pay for cloud services in large blocks of time, rather than a large flat fee. Also, if you are on a long-term contract with Nerds On Call, you can get a discount of up to 50% on services.

Nerds On Call also specializes in anti-virus software while Geek Squad specializes in hardware protection. If your computer has a virus, you’d find it beneficial to use software provided by Nerds On Call.

What Is Nerds On Call Good For

NerdsOnCall is a 24 hour tech-support service proactively monitoring your PC, working to protect it so it stays online and operating efficiently. The Geek Squad is an alternative to the Geek Squad because they do not service Windows, or Apple computers. When you have an Apple computer, you have to give your Mac to a Geek Squad in order to get your computer fixed.

Nerds On Call has technicians who log into your system remotely and resolve technical issues with your computer. The Geek Squad will only go to the store to diagnose and service the PC. So Mathew, who owns a Geek Squad franchise, decided to create an alternative to the Geek Squad. He did this by inventing Nerds On Call and installing a large number of these technicians in office buildings in the Chicago area.

Nerds On Call is cheaper than a Geek Squad because they use a small staff that consist of about four people and they do not outfit their technicians with the latest technology. They do not have a lot of tools necessary to fix a computer.

What Is Nerds On Not Good For

Computer Assistant

Changing the debate about Geek Squad's pricing for repairing PC computers brings striking results. Find out alternatives to help you out, especially if you wish to save money!

Geek Squad is a company that represents the stuff of the dreams for many American tech geeks. They are known to be technicians with great powers and skills to fix technical problems.

Some outlets who perform this service are called "Geek Squads", but there is more to their services than just technical expertise. They have been of great help in increasing sales for many sellers, particularly Apple computers and Apple accessories as well as computers connected to Apple phones and tablets.

When it comes to Geek Squad, you get more than a technical repair or solution, you get personal services, ticket-based solutions and quick turnarounds.

The fact of the matter is that Geek Squad, like any company, has to make the most of its services.

They do ask for top dollars for repairing or upgrading computers. However, many people believe that the tools that they use for these services are expensive and cannot be afforded by some of the common people.

While this is true to some extent, you can find almost all the items in the Geek Squad catalog, which you can use on your own and major third-party websites for the same services.

This article will focus on just that: how are they doing the exact same job for different prices.

Computer Assistant Pricing

Geek Squad is a national computer repair chain that offers both in-store and remote support. Geek Squad offers two pricing tiers: basic support and premium support. Geek Squad charges the same amount for both tiers, and the difference between them is that basic support is for computers belonging to customers who are in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, or Australia. Premium support is for customers located in all other countries.

By the way, the name Geek Squad was inspired by a sign in an electronics store that read, …What would we do without the geek squad?” originally aired (then removed) from an episode of hit television series The Big Bang Theory.

Geek Squad has a lot of handy features and tools, like remote desktop and SCCM support. It can deploy Windows Update updates remotely, and it can also capture photos and videos of the computer.

If you’re a regular user of your computer, you should consider calling a Geek Squad contractor to perform regular maintenance you’re not able to do on your own. A Geek Squad contractor can search for viruses and preventative maintenance, and he or she can also perform a computer spring cleaning to help clear out unused files or unnecessary programs and programs that you’ve lost interest in.

Other Options for Tech Support

Geek Squad has a generally good reputation for being fairly prompt, efficient and reasonably priced for service they offer. If you’re seeking a competent technician who is able to handle your computer repair needs, then this is a good place to start. There are a number of other companies to consider though, who provide competent computer support and computer repair.


When customers want a really professional and knowledgeable service, they send them to Geek Squad. They are calling all the shots because they are Geek Squad. But now, there are alternatives to Geek Squad that make you use the tasker that you prefer.

TaskRabbit is the app that enables you to hire anyone on-demand, on-the-go. This will be a good substitution to the Geek Squad. For example, if you are cleaning your carpet, you can hire an expert to inspect it or clean it, but you get to choose what you want the expert to do. If you don’t like the solutions, you don’t have to pay.

The alternative of the professional helps you to avoid the cost of hiring the professional and charge you a certain amount per day or per hour.

Instacart is an app that helps you to shop for groceries, online. In fact, you choose which product to choose and it all gets delivered to your home. If you accept the services of a tasker, then you will need to visit your favorite store to buy the products.

The key thing to remember is to look for the alternatives to Geek Squad to save the back and front.


Making a decision that affects your pocketbook is always a daunting task …especially if you aren’t sure of the right answer. Cutting through the confusion and getting the best value is important when planning a repair or replacement. The only way to do it is to do a Geek Squad price comparison.

The good news is you can find the best Geek Squad deal by doing a price comparison, either by phone or online. Of the millions of sales people and service agents nationwide, only a few wear the yellow and black badges of what’s known as the –Geek Squad.” The Geek Squad is the exclusive provider of technical support and repairs for the biggest names in the industry: Apple, AT&T, BMW, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, Hewlett-Packard, Hyundai, HP, Hyundai, IBM, Indesign, Intuit, Lenovo, LG, Magnavox, Siemens, Sony, Toshiba, TVI Innovations, Ubisoft, UMAX and many other companies trust Geek Squad technicians to repair their products and monitor their warranties. Essentially, the Geek Squad supports the big names and their customers.


Official Listing (Raleigh, NC).

Cost to Bring IT/Tech Support In-House

You may be interested in outsourcing IT/Tech support to a company like Geek Squad. We go over some of the Geek Squad pricing, services, and customer reviews.

At the most basic level, the process of finding a Geek Squad representative is quite similar to finding a solution to an IT or tech problem. You start by finding the product or problem online, then follow a link to a specialized support page for that product and contact them directly.

And you will find Geek Squad representatives online, but getting a password is a bit more difficult. To contact a Geek Squad representative, you’ll need to find and use one of their contact pages. About the only reference point you’ll have is for them is the Geek Squad Support link on your Microsoft web site.

But that very same link from Microsoft will direct you to a different set of instructions that involve contacting a representative over the phone. These instructions also include a company phone number and email address.

Again, the only lead you have is the Geek Squad Support link on your Microsoft site. There’s no confirmation from their support pages whether it’s a phone number or email address, just take the number or email address you’re provided with at face value.

Bottom Line on Geek Squad Prices