6 Free Time Cards & Downloadable Timesheet Templates

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Free Weekly Time Sheet Template

Want to create a weekly time sheet but every week feels like a mammoth task? Try using a free weekly time sheet template that you can complete even if you’re pressed for time. Feelings of being overwhelmed are common as we seek new levels of organization in our lives.

Whether you’re working full time, going back to school or are starting a new business, it’s easy to feel paralyzed by the need to keep up with deadlines, business plans, etc. To help make time sheets more organized and efficient try using a 7mil time sheet template or time tracker. Using a time tracker provides you with an easy way to document the time you spend on tasks and record how it works for you.

During a busy week, it’s easy to put off doing a time sheet or forget to keep track of your time. When you use a time tracker, it’s more likely that you’ll keep track of your time for at least one month. And for those times when you skip doing a time sheet, you can simply add it weeks later and review it. Try using a free weekly time sheet to help you manage the tasks and to get a more holistic look at your time.

Free Biweekly Time Sheet Template

Time sheets are essential for recording every appointment that you have with your clients. As a freelancer, you may be asked to provide a time sheet for every appointment. And as you may be already aware, producing these time sheets for every client can be difficult.

You can use the following time sheet template for every appointment that takes thirty minutes or less.

The template consists of two pages of notes, a section for the client’s Employment Information and the actual time sheet.

Free Monthly Time Sheet Template

The free monthly timesheet template is a great resource for this purposes. I use this timesheet template every single month to keep track of my days in the garden through the year and this template has the kind of detail I want to keep track of.

The timesheet is split down the middle and has a table on the left and a daily task list on the right. It’s a simple breakdown; you answer when you start your task, and you tally up your time for each task and enter it in the table after you complete the task.

The monthly timesheet template is great because the weekly timesheet would be a bit tedious if you had to look up the daily tasks and record them.

I tend to do a quick review of my weekly record time and make the adjustments where necessary for the next week. You can see that I added a few extra minutes to the front of the waste weeding time as I was starting work later than planned the week before.

I knew that I wanted to make the waste weeding time a bit longer and I made the adjustments in my weekly timesheet.

The monthly timesheet template makes it a breeze to keep track of how much time I’m spending each day. Though, sometimes I’ll do a quick run through during the weekly timesheet to make any adjustments to the previous weeks time.

Free Daily Time Sheet Template

Daily Time Sheet Template, How do you use it?

A daily time sheet template saves you time and effort in filling the employee daily time sheet.

Every time sheet template has its own features, either in variety of tasks, customized numbers, or any specific needs.

All you do is fill out the employee daily time sheet fields, enter required numbers and categories, and done.

What’s the Need for Daily Time Sheet Template?

Today more and more employees are using computers and things like application forms for their daily job or task. In case you are wondering how to fill it, there is a solution for that.

Keeping your time sheet tabulate straight is essential to save a lot of effort and getting your time comes in handy.

A time sheet template definitely saves your time and effort.

Using easy-to-fill-out forms, time sheet records are easier to enter than pencil/pen.

An outline on the form saves you a lot of effort to fill things normally.

Time sheet template helps your everyday use in writing.

Tasks should be described in detail to get the set goals with an outline on the form.

The form template is helpful to the following purposes:

Saving your time.

Adding your own details.

All the details.

Simplifying the set dates.

No more mistakes are made.

Free Semi-monthly Time Sheet

I use this template as a convenient way to record and share my employees’ time worked each month, so that they can see how much time they actually spent on each task.

The template includes notes for both hourly pay and fixed rate task category (option 1). It also includes a brief note of your business, with reference to current tax rates for the company.

If you’re ever concerned about employees overworking or underworking themselves, this is a great way to compare their time estimates against reality and to communicate their actual working hours. It’s also a great way for best of clients and your partners to stay in sync with you.

Here’s the template:

Adding any tasks in will automatically populate any hours or rate values

This template is a clear, simple, easy-to-use example of how to record a regularly scheduled time sheet for the purpose of tracking the day’s work effort.

Project Time Sheet

The Project Time Sheet is a great tool to record the hours spent on various projects. This project time sheet is posted right in PDF format, you can download the project time sheet template for free, get what you want, simply and easily.

Alternatives to Time Card Templates

Time Cards, Time Sheets, Timesheet Templates, Timesheet App, Time Tracker App… Who comes up with these things? Do they always have to be crazy overly complex? I’m a teacher, I have a classroom full of kids with a busy day full of activities, I HAVE NO TIME TO ALWAYS BE THE PROGRAMMER!

I love using all these time tracking programs, but I feel like I am being forced to go the way of the paper, pencil, and calculator. Now I do track my hours with an iPad and a calendar, but THAT IS MEANT FOR CLASS MINUTES, NOT WORK HOURS!

I personally feel like being forced to go this way is because the companies creating these programs don’t just want to make our lives easier, they want to take over the world.

Take technology if you will, time cards are time cards, computer paper is paper, paper is paper, but with programs you can print your sheets out, input your information, and then slap it on a printer. I guess it’s the computer in me, but why am I being told to just print these timesheets, I want them on my computer so I can delete them later 😐

Time Sheet Alternatives

If you are in charge of managing a project team (or even if you just have lots of projects going on) you probably find it hard to remember all the different timers and timecards. This is where these useful Time Sheet Alternatives come in handy and help you manage your projects better.

They are quick and easy to use, can be used with workflows you use every day and can be used within minutes of downloading them. They also support many different project management software. How do they do it? They make use of your trusty address book, calendar, and tasks. With these 6 free time sheets/projects you can easily track your time, to do list, and even track your four-fifths meeting schedule.

They come in both July & January calendars, and there are a few different options too. These free time sheets let you keep track of the days of the week, to do items, meetings, meeting minutes and are completely customizable.

You can use them in both Mac and Windows computers, and are compatible with both Excel and Google Docs.

The calendar options are: July, January, Weekly, Daily, Monthly and custom.

The tasks options: Open, New, Create, Review, Complete, Start, Finish, and URGENT!

The meetings options: Regular, Four-fours, One-on-ones

Bottom Line

Time is money, so it is important to find a great time tracking software for your business. If you are not using time tracking software for your employees, you are missing out on a very useful tool, and one that will save you money in the long run, as well as making your work easier.

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