4 Free Real Estate Open House Sign-In Sheet Templates [+ Tips]

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Real Estate Open House Sign-in Sheet Examples & Templates

Whether you’re marketing your home for an open house, or just letting the world know you’ve listed your property for sale, you’ll need to set up an open house and create an open house sign-in sheet.

Writing effective open house sign-in sheet and noting the number of potential buyers for which you’ll be taking into account your open house is more or less a common sense.

In a bid to make the process of open house sign-in sheet setup easier, I’ve designed 4 different open house sign-in sheet examples and template which you could use and modify as per your liking.

Now, it is a well-known fact that not all real estate marketers are talented or have an eye for design, and often times you might end up with an open house sign-in sheets design which is not worth the effort.

But since we are in this field, we are aware of the pitfall of being a visual learner.

The Essentials

Getting your house on the market can be a big undertaking. Especially if your house is in a desirable neighborhood or in a crowded market where the houses are rising in price so fast that it’s creating a bubble effect on the surrounding neighborhood.

If you have a sign-in sheet for your open house, then it makes you look official and is a great way to get a good idea about your visitors’ reactions.

If you already know that a house is not for sale or you’re not planning on selling your property anytime soon, you can use the sign-in sheet as a way to keep tabs on your neighbors and to collect information about their household expenses and lifestyle.

Apart from the main purpose of letting your guests know about your open house, the sign-in sheet also serves as an easy way to collect their contact details. Once you’ve gotten that information, your next step should be to follow up with them. The follow up is very important because it can help you identify people who might possibly be interested to buy your house.

Physical Address

Real Estate Open House Sign-In Sheet .doc

Sometimes you just can’t avoid a Cold Calling Ride-Out.

When you do, keep your presentation brief and professional, and deliver your open house sign-in sheet to the listing agent WITHOUT the names on it.

Instead, please go in and fill one out for that agent.

You’ll have everything on hand ultimately but there are several reasons why you need this.

Detailed Questionnaire

Digital Sign-In Sheets

Sign-in sheets are a simple, cost effective and efficient way to register guests to your house (by providing them with a list of your contact information) which should be a very standard tool for any Real Estate Agent or Salesperson. Having easy access to the information can help potential clients easily call or message you if they have any questions or plan to visit at a later date.

One Tool you may want to consider using during your Open Houses would be digital sign-up sheets. These sheets come with built in photo editing so that you can customize it to your exact preferences. The digital sign-up sheets also comes with easy access to your social media links as well as your contact information.

A simple template can have multiple contact fields for rent information, mortgage information, credit scores, housing, etc. You can also allow each person to add their own personal information right there on the sheet.

So why are digital sign-up sheets so attractive? For starters, they definitely save you time on making and updating your own sign-in sheets. Simply setup two or three different digital sign-up sheets per day and guests can use and share the links. You also don’t have to worry about losing entry slips, as there is no paper version to store, then when a guest wants to register for a property in your portfolio, they simply click the digital sign-up for the property and complete the sign-up information.

5 Tips to Get Your Open House Sign-In Sheet Filled Out

If you’re selling your home and you’d like to enlist the help of your friends and family, then make sure they all know to sign your free real estate open house sign-in sheet.

It doesn’t matter if you are selling in just a few weeks, months or even up to six or more months. The sooner you have them sign your sheet, the sooner you’ll want them to start enjoying the benefits from their new home.

When you start your open house, you can start the sign-in sheet by printing or copying your template and posting it in clear view in the entranceway. It’s a great way to encourage the guests to fill it out since guests appreciate knowing how they will benefit from being part of your real estate closing.

Ask Visitors to Sign in Before Giving a Tour

When people are ready to go on a tour of your property, it’s a good idea to ask them to sign in on a sign-in sheet. This helps to collect important contact information and also provides you with the names and numbers of potential buyers or renters before they enter the house.

You can create your very own open house sign-in sheet (or simply modify an old sign-in form you already have) to give people a chance to fill it out before you open the house. Here are some sample open house sign-in sheet templates you can use as a guide.

{1}. Simple Open House Sign-In Sheet Template
{2}. Signature Open House Sign-In Sheet with Short Description
{3}. Multi-Page Open House Sign-In Sheet with Full Description
{4}. Multi-Page Open House Sign-In Sheet with Long Description
{5}. Open House Sign-in Sheet for Listing Agents

Tips to Keep in Mind

Aside from the sample templates, it’s important to provide your own customized tour version (digest version) of the sign-in sheet. If you have a more detailed tour version you prefer to use, it’s essential to point out this when you present the sign-in sheet.

Explaining your sign-in sheet to visitors will help you avoid the following common mistakes:

Be Honest with Visitors

All visitors deserve the respect of being treated fairly and honestly. Your real estate open house should be no different. A good rule of thumb is to provide an open house that’s the same in terms of professionalism as you would offer to a client. Your open house may have to take place in a spare room, which is smaller than most homes’ living rooms. Make sure the room is free of any personal items and is put in liveable order. Set a good example with your welcome and closing scripts. Quickly make contact with your guests and help them to be successful when it comes to searching for houses.

Build Rapport

With Your Customers:

Contact information forms are now more and more common in real estate to ”act” the showroom at their own convenience.


Unlike a printed brochure, which is not practical for real estate agents to leave by the door, an open-house sign-in sheet makes it easy for the prospective buyer to drop by the agent’s showroom or visit the home themselves to view more of the property.

Build Rapport with Your Prospective Buyer:

When it comes to marketing and selling your real estate properties, sign-in sheets can be a useful tool, especially when you’re promoting an open house. Not only are they useful to quickly create an open house event in your CRM, they can also help you make a connection from the get-go. And if you ever manage to close a deal, you can always use this sheet to contact the Buyer and thank them for dropping by.

Offer an Incentive

Offering your potential clients or future tenants a free gift [or incentive to attend your open house] can help to get more people in the door. When they understand that your property is truly a great place to live, they are more likely to ask their friends or coworkers to come along … and that’s when you know they’ve made the right choice.

So how can you include something that’s most likely to get their attention? Try offering one of these 4 proven free gifts with your open house sign in sheets:

{1}. Booklet: Fill a booklet with a property you’re renting out, as well as a list of the basics the tenant will need such as a lease agreement, contact number for their property manager and phone number for you, your e-mail and physical address, directions to the property, and community information.
{2}. Menu: You can offer a home-cooked meal during the open house to entice renters … or if your property is pet friendly, you could offer to feed and walk their furry friends. If you’re having a noisy barbeque with music, feel free to reprint your favorite free song sheet for them to take home.

Leverage Social Media

Open houses are tough events to get people excited about. Prospects are busy and don’t have time to drop by…or they have no idea about these open houses.

To make matters worse, some open houses have the negative perception of a ”so-and-so” put on an open house to grab for a quick flip. Combine that with more and more agents using their own brick-and-mortar offices to handle transactions and ”open houses” become less than a smashing success …or the definition of a bust.

But it’s not that we have no data to work with, it’s just that we haven’t looked at the data in a new light.

Social media offers an opportunity to add a new dimension to your open house. Use social media tools such as Twitter to announce your open house and when you will take the time to answer any questions.

How to Follow Up with Open House Sign-In Sheet Information

As I’m sure you’re aware – Printable Open House Sign-In Sheet Templates are an integral part of running an open house, just like Printable Open House Sign-Out Sheet Templates. They are a quick way for informing potential home seekers about the available units for an upcoming open house, what they are allowed to do, and who the contact person is.

Plus, they will look great and help you make a positive first impression.

But perhaps what you may not realize is that once you’ve distributed the Sign-In Sheets to your guests, you should continue to monitor them. By that I mean that you should track the individuals that visit your open house by using an open house sign-in sheet.

It's incredibly important to keep track of your guests and how they interact with your open house so that you can optimally extend more personalized opportunities to each and every one of them.

Update Your CRM

CRM or Customer Relationship Management software is a great tool for companies with multiple customers or clients. It lets your sales team, assistant, and office manager take care of people’s needs in a very organized way. Everything is in one place and easily accessible.

Some CRMs have great Open House Sign-In Sheet templates. And that’s where the problem lies. All the teams in the company are using these templates on a daily basis. But your open house sign-in sheet template is in the CRM which no one looks at.

But, what if your open house sign-in sheets could be updated easily and with no extra costs? They can, if you’re willing to put a little extra time and energy into getting your CRM and open house sign-in sheets to talk to each other.

Here we’ve compiled a list of four free real estate open house sign-in sheet templates along with template tips. They’re easy to use and customizable to fit your office’s needs.

Email Leads for Feedback

For real estate agents looking to close the deal, it is important to gain more attention on your next open house by getting several email lists.

One such list is the buyer's lead list. You can get the names of potential buyers and get a chance to reach out to them by increasing communication.

How do you get your next open house leads?