10 Free Facebook Business Page Templates

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10 Facebook Page Templates

Free Facebook business template are one of the more important tools in your online marketing arsenal. Not only will it save you money, they can help you generate tons of leads and even help you capture sales.

And while I’m sure you may be aware of how important free Facebook templates are, you may not know that there are several free templates available for businesses on all platforms; namely, for Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

You may have spent a good amount of time and effort on constructing a website that perfectly suits your business, but these free Facebook templates really make your job as an online business owner easy.

These free Facebook templates enable you to capture leads, promote your business, and build a relationship with your customers. And the best part is that it doesn’t take an expert in HTML or CSS to implement these templates.

So, whether you want to use a Facebook template for business or you want to promote your business in a more professional manner, free Facebook business templates can help you do it all.

Standard Facebook Page Template

As the description says, “This is a free Facebook template that you can use to create a professional Facebook page for your business, product, or brand. This template is also great as a starting point for Facebook page redesigns, as it’s a clean, fresh design with large images on the main page, smaller pictures for the About and Engagement tabs, an oversized font for the headline, and a prominent navigation bar at the top of every page.”

You can use Facebook apps to target your audiences, promote your brand or products, and manage your business.

Inc. Magazine summed it up pretty well, saying that over the past few years Google has become the main search engine. It’s been the public’s first stop for information. However, the internet has also altered how people look for information, how companies advertise, and how people interact with advertisers. Facebook provides a powerful way for businesses to connect and engage with their customers.

Standard Template Example

(Company Business Profile)

Business Facebook Page Template

Having a Facebook page can be the most effective way to advertise your business and to interact with your customers. But not every page is successful, and Facebook pages can fall victim to many errors.

A Facebook page template can help you accomplish your goals and planning a Facebook business page is a smart way to go. A Facebook business page gives you the right tools to manage your Facebook page efficiently: product description, images, a contact form, and promotion of your products.

But business pages aren’t just about promoting products; they can also be used to generate leads, respond to customer questions, market your website, and much more. And with well-made Facebook page templates, you can get started right away!

But since there is no such a thing as a free lunch, Facebook page templates can’t be simply searched for in a Google search or downloaded from the Internet.

You’ll first have to find a Facebook page template designer to create the template for your page, and the cost can be significant. And if your budget’s not that big, then you can take a look at the free Facebook page templates listed below.

But be sure to take a look at the top 10 Facebook page templates because designing a quality page is not always about the online templates.

Business Template Example

Venues Facebook Page Template

This is a great Facebook timeline template for venues and businesses that you need to create your own business page for Facebook. You could promote your business page, your bar, restaurant, nightclub, hotel or any other venue on your Facebook with this template.

The Colors of the Background Are Set to the Theme Color of the App

The template has the category for custom post types. I have added counter and menu areas into the template

You Can Customize the Facebook bar Links

If you love to post your own events/party on Facebook then you have to create your own Facebook page for that business and then use this template to promote your page on Facebook.

This is a great Facebook timeline template for Facebook business pages for all types of Facebook business pages. You will find many custom design elements on this template. So it is one of the best Facebook timeline templates for Facebook business pages with latest trends. You can also customize everything on this template according to your needs.

Venue Template Example

The Venue template can be used by any type of restaurants, bars, pubs, nightclubs, art galleries, art museums, private kitchens, retail shops, hotels, lounges, car parks, cruise ships, etc. From corporate to popular bars, labels or artists, the Template can become the perfect embodiment of your business to your clients.

This is an extended template, which means you can have as many sections and modules as you need in your final design. All the elements and contents are flexible. Your choice is yours. 🙂

If you have any questions and/or anything you need help on, please let me know.


Movies Facebook Page Template

Movies Template Example

Our first example is a Facebook Business Page template that goes by the name of “Movie”. This business page template is very basic but visually appealing.

The template is supposed to cater to readers who like watching movies. As such, you see the movie posters with a brief intro about the movie.

The template also lets you know what movies are coming out soon. This is a very basic way of informing website visitors about upcoming movies and letting them know what they should be expecting in the future.

The trailer is also a good way of letting people know what to expect once they watch the film. Templates like these are a good starting point for people who don’t like to work on blogs and don’t know how to write articles.

In addition, you can create email campaigns using this template.

Main Features:

  • Supports both Facebook pages and pages …
  • Ideal for movie junkies
  • and you can also create email campaigns using it.

Nonprofit Facebook Page Template

Nonprofit Template Example

Politicians Facebook Page Template

The Politicians Facebook Page is an ideal idea and ideal for advertising your Facebook page. It is designed simply and can be used in the business page of the politicians. Fully editable and very awesome template.

Politicians Template Example

Political Candidate: National Barack Obama, Senator, State of Illinois, United States of America

Business Owner: National Barack Obama, Senator, State of Illinois, United States of America

Social Organization: National Council of Women, International Women’s Rights Organization

Events: Campaign for Jobs and Education, March on Women’s Rights

Tags: National, Democratic, Citizenship, Citizenship, Political, Campaign, PoliticalEvents

Services Facebook Page Template

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted a business page on Facebook.

When I first joined Facebook, I had a hard time finding a business page. It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but I didn’t know how to find a business page. Then I saw Wardrobe Works create a free business page and suddenly I had a business page!

Admittedly, I was just as excited about the free business page template as I was with the actual free business page. After all, some free Facebook templates are designed with aspects of a business page in mind. Plus, you get to learn something new!

Here are all of the pages I created with my cute new free Facebook business page template.

Services Template Example

As marketers, we always want to give our best for sending traffic to the services page. The Facebook business page never fails you with some extra features: Facebook ad manager, apps, websites and more.

A facebook business page template is the one to be used to display the list of services which helps visitors understand what you offer and how they can get in touch with you. To make better use of the available resources, we have listed 10 best free facebook business templates. These templates are free and easy to install. So, let’s get started.

7 Free Facebook Business Templates | Made for marketing agencies

This template comes with awesome features like add new services, add-on services and more. This template also provides you free slideshow, map and app. You can showcase all your services as well as add-on services.

25+ Free Facebook Business Page Templates | Perfect for freelancers

This template comes up with effective app showcase as it provides free websites, businesses and timeline. This template also provides you to add testimonials in the bottom.

100+ Free Facebook Business Profiles & Pages Templates

These templates provide you to add video, fb page header and title. This template also provides you with lots of apps.

Free Facebook Business Templates | If you are a new startup or company

Restaurant & Cafes Facebook Page Template

Facebook pages designed for local restaurants and cafes can be used to advertise specials, advertise food and drink offers and create a more seamless customer experience. These page templates take advantage of the latest Facebook features like discussion groups and photo galleries to increase traffic and conversions. The template includes an easy setup guide to help you find your way around your Facebook business page.

Restaurant & Cafe Template Example

Facebook's Facebook Home Business Page template gives you everything you need to create a professional Facebook Page from scratch. From templates for your Profile and Cover photos to a custom header where people will be able to share content from your page and more, you'll be able to create an amazing looking page right out of the box.

My Top Picks

You can choose from a broad range of facebook layouts to find one that suits you. If you're looking to create a restaurant & cafe template, I suggest the following:

  • Restaurant Menu Style
  • Modern & Clean
  • Responsive
  • Fixed Header
  • Contact Us
  • Gallery
  • Fan Page Name
  • Facebook Homepage
  • Like, Share and Share-to-Tweet Buttons
  • Small Logo
  • Footer Area
  • Live Timeline
  • Basic Footer
  • Mobile & Tablet Responsive
  • Header Image (Options below)
  • Basic Footer
  • RSS
  • Google Map
  • Social Icons (Menu)
  • Book Marklets (menu)
  • Logo & Slogan
  • Overall Facebook Size: 640px X 480px
  • Facebook Header Template (Now called Facebook Home)
  • Video Banner (Now called Widget)
  • Timeline

Shopping Facebook Page Template

Home Business Networks offer Free Downloadable Facebook Business Page Template for Facebook Pages of any size and type. Free Facebook Business Template are available with your choice of a wide range of Facebook styles, colors and layouts.

Place Facebook Business Page on your website, Blog, or link Directory and you will reach thousands of members instantly. Facebook Business Pages can also be shared to your business Network to make them easy to find in business directories.

You will have a fantastic site to market your business, products and services. Using your website to market your Facebook Business Page is the most effective strategy consumers use to find you, and members can see all your content on one page. You can also post news and updates directly to Facebook which will be seen by your Facebook fans and friends.

You can have professional looking Facebook Business Page with these free Facebook Business Templates.

Shopping Template Example

This template shows how a user profile picture, own product options, and for business, buying contacts, wholesale consumers and business review, leads. We show a user profile picture, review, product options and the potential of daily and monthly sale, product by product name and description, backlinks and its keywords the whole profile picture, use an essential writing skills to show product description and so on. In a product space, the typical template use 30% of the space to write a product description, 30% of the space to show price, 40% of the space to show review, market news and then use the core area of each product space to show product by product name and description with a long description. Some seller website want to show profile picture, own a space, price and review, security and warranty information to verify the quality of a product. For example, an apple watch, describe the features and so on.

Video Facebook Page Template

A Facebook business page is an important tool for commerce, marketing, or any other type of business that you’re running. You’ll need this page to market your business, to post regular updates, and to connect with your customers.

Facebook business pages have recently become easy to create. Facebook offers a couple of templates that you can use to get started quickly, and there are plenty of other resources available for free.

Here we’ll review 10 of the best free Facebook business page templates that you can use to build your marketing type, and make your business stand out from the crowd.

Video Template Example

Amazing!! Grab these Facebook Business Page Templates and Start your Facebook Business Mix and match them as per your need and liking.

How to Choose and Customize Your Facebook Page Template

Francine De Vos, on October 16th, 2012 at 10:50 am

There’s no doubt that Facebook is a growth company. According to AppData, nearly 15 million business pages exist in the US and Canada alone. People are using Facebook and the accompanying Facebook ads to find new customers, but many businesses are going to get busy with their Facebook pages while letting the social network’s software do the heavy lifting.

If you have the time and know-how to customize your Facebook page, you can make the most of it. In this article, we’ll go over the basics of page design and social media marketing. We’ll link you to more than a dozen free templates, and show how to customize them. If you don’t have the time or skills to customize your template, take a look at the Facebook page templates and design services available on YellowJacket.

Facebook Page Structure

Facebook’s Facebook page identifies you on a business page and not a personal profile. Once your business has a Facebook page, you can link it to a Twitter account, a Google+ page, a Flickr account, a Tumblr page, and a YouTube account all from the same URL. You can organize several links and media to a single Facebook page.

Setting Up Your Facebook Page

If you have recently started your business, chances are you’re a newbie when it comes to generating traffic and sales on Facebook. The Facebook tools can be intimidating especially when there’s a lot of information out there on all the different options. The good news is that Facebook has recently launched new pages that are intended to make it easier for business owners. These pages can help boost your Facebook presence and encourage fans to engage with your business.

To get this part right, however, you’ll need a Starter Page. As the name implies, these pages are intended to set you up and get you going. So if you’re struggling to find a way to get your money-making Facebook presence flowing, try these pages.

Bottom Line

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