Facebook Sponsored Posts: What They Are & How They Work

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Facebook Ads

That Work!… and Why They Work

While only a small percentage of Facebook users actually pay for their Ad Space, there are still a ton of opt ins.

Facebook ads work because Facebook offers a really great introduction to Google AdWords and can do everything a simple Facebook ad can do and then some.

Here are a couple of reasons you might want to run a Facebook ad campaign:

Offers an Out of the Box venue to enhance your already existing ad campaign.

Provides a space for inexpensive testing or research to help you optimize your advertisements for better results.

Provides a great opportunity to reach different targeted demographics with your ads for very low cost!

There are two different ways to create a Facebook ad. The first is an Event Ads that you can only create for a limited time. The second option is a paid ad a place on both the Sponsored Story page, if available, and the right side bar.

Facebook Sponsored Post Costs

How to Create a Facebook Sponsored Post in 7 Steps

A Facebook Sponsored Instagram Post was released by Facebook at the end of October 2015. It’s still in its infancy, but across the social network the new feature looks like it will change the way a lot of businesses, large and small, operate and target their audience.

What does it do, exactly?

It’s a way to get more money from your ads budget by promoting products and services of your choice.

Well, that’s not entirely correct. Essentially, a Facebook Sponsored Post is a post that allows you to promote a new or existing Facebook Page or an Instagram account of your choice.

It’s essentially a post that’s created and run by Facebook (you pay them to create and run the post, of course), and it’s solely intended to provide you with high-quality traffic.

Yes, it’s huge. Here’s why.

Navigate to Your Facebook Business Page & Create a Post (or select a post to boost)

Click ‘Boost Post’

Select Your Goal

Choose Your Audience

You can specialize your target audience based on almost any criteria you can come up with. For example, using Facebook’s ad preferences, you can target your audience by age, gender, language, or a specific location. You can also use other types of targeting features, such as interest-based targeting or behavioral targeting.

Choosing your audience is an important step to getting the most out of your Facebook advertising. The more likely your ad is to spread virally, the more money you’re going to make. This is one of the main benefits Facebook ads have to offer, and you should think of it as the incentive for taking the time to get your ad set up correctly.

My favorite targeting feature is Facebook’s post plugin. Facebook ads allow you to set destination URLs for your visitors. This means you can set your post to go to a certain page on your site and link to that page specifically. You can do this before your post goes live or after. For example, if you’re doing a sponsored post and want it to go to a web page on your website, then you can create that web page in advance and schedule a post to link to it on your Facebook page. This essentially makes your post a lead magnet.

Input Your Budget and Duration

Turn on Conversion Tracking

Input Payment Information

If the offer is what’s known as an e-commerce offer, you’ll be asked to provide your credit card information at this time and then pay through your credit card. After payment is complete, you will be instantly directed to a page and sent a Facebook message with the offer code.

If you’re buying an ‘Instant Win’ or a ShopGoodwill game … you’ll be sent a Facebook message with your win code and then sent directly to the Giveaway Tool page.

In both cases, you’re fully protected. You’ll be sent a message notifying you that the payment was completed and then sent an email with your code. No links to download data or other important information are stored on your computer, and if you get a suspicious link in a message from Facebook or an email that looks suspicious, you simply reply back with ‘Delete’ in order to prevent the link from loading. You can also request from Facebook to remove any message you don’t want to see in the future.

Click ‘Boost Now’

Monitor & Analyze Sponsored Post

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Kind of Facebook Post Should I Sponsor?

Can I Boost a Facebook Ad?

Yes. You can boost a Facebook ad. This essentially means that your ad appears above all other ads on the same page in your chosen competition, giving your ad the best chance of being seen among all the other ads.

The great thing about boosting is you still get to choose all the elements of your ad the same way you would when creating a regular display ad.

For the duration of your Boost, the ad is the only ad that will appear. However, if the Boost has been successful, Facebook will start serving the ad through all the other ad networks of the chosen competition.

Of course, if no one clicks on your boosted ad, then Facebook will stop showing the ad unless you terminate the Boost. Which means, your boosted ad will continue to be shown as long as Facebook sees it is performing successfully and driving qualified traffic to your website.

See this page for complete Facebook ad boosting details.

The Bottom Line