Top 25 Examples of Engineering Business Cards from Around the Web

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Pixel Cube Design

Pixel Cube threw their business card design on a big cube. The concept originaly was based on the idea of "to rotate, transform and stack different interfaces on top of each other like building a Lego-sized house." The idea might be pretty useful in a creative business or marketing department, but if you're looking for a business card design that isn't too busy or decorated with unnecesary elements, this is a great, simple example to use.

Dark Leather Finish

A striking card holder on the back fronts, the Dark Leather finish business card holder is made from a smooth cowhide leather. Flip around and you’ll notice a matching leather cover flap to prevent the cards from slipping out. The Dark Leather finish business card holder is simple, elegant and tasteful to use.

Classy Firewood

Monochrome Image Background

This clean monochrome business card template features a modern style of a monochrome photo in the upper-left corner, with a 3D effect around the edges. The business card background is available in black, gray, or white. The design of the business card template is 100% scalable, so you can use these in any size. For printing, you can set the size, position, and layering to fit your needs.

Optical Illusion Design

The images below will prove that business cards can also be art. The company's optical illusion business card conveys an even greater message of individuality, based on the theme of the shape of the business card itself. In fact, the more you look at it, the harder/easier you will find the card's design.

Don't believe us? Try to find the company's contact details in the business card yourself. As we write this solution, we have found that there are two numbers, which are indicated by a '1' and a '3'.

The optical illusion business card idea has been well received by its recipients due to its uniqueness and is therefore often used as a unique marketing strategy by many companies to attract potential customers.

This type of marketing strategy is also referred to as "art marketing".

The company's optical illusion business card came to the team's notice after we found an idea for a marketing strategy that would use a unique business card layout for different age groups. The result?

The brainchild of graphic design student Michael Lyu, this optical illusion, oversized business card is sure to dazzle. Its unusual design, often referred to as a "pop-up business card", is made by shifting the point of focus in such a way that it becomes extremely difficult to see the contact information.

Electrical Engineer

Minimalist Corporate Engineering Design

When it comes to business cards, simplicity is key: the information that is crucial to remember is so tiny that each business card has to really grab attention. If you’re a mechanical engineer or engineer of any sort, you know how important your profession is.

But because of it being an engineering profession, things can be complicated, so keep it simple. Simple and clean.

The minimalist engineering business card is the perfect example of a straightforward design that is beautiful and elegant at the same time. Make the front of your business card stand out with a unique typeface, a cool layout, and a combination of colors.

You can have the cards made from a wide range of materials, like leather, foil paper, wood, metal. And if you don’t like any of those, you can even make your own out of cardboard or other material. Look through other examples of this type of card to get some ideas.

Helix Network Engineering Design

| Examples of Engineering Business Cards from around the web
Helix Network Engineering Design
This collection of free engineering design examples presents 25 unique engineering business cards you can use as a free design inspiration for your own projects.

These business card templates are examples of engineering designs that demonstrate the different aspects of creativity when designing a new product or just a business card.

They have been created for the purpose of introducing the basic principles of engineering design and explaining the tools that designers can use to design a product.

The different engineering designs contained in this free collection are examples of:

n Design for function

n Design for black box testing
n Engineering data visualizations
n Engineering sketches and drawings
n Engineering symbols
n Engineering prototypes
n Engineering drawings

If you want to know how to research your product idea, make an outline, and plan your design, these different engineering design examples are created to demonstrate different aspects of the engineering design process.

You can easily adapt them to your own design needs and create custom engineering designs.

You can also use them to inspire your designs. Just make sure that the final product can be patented to prevent other people from copying them.

Even if you’re new to the engineering design process, you can use these examples to get ideas and learn great design principles.

Equalizer Bar Design

3D Design

Business Cards, 3D Business Card Design in UK.

Modern Mechanical Engineering Design

20 Most Interesting Examples on the Web

Mechanical engineers are called "young-old" engineer, "children of the Church" (architect, military and civil). But do not think that this profession is not worth. Modern mechanical engineers not only develop a variety of high-tech equipment, but also implement a variety of ordinary everyday products. This is especially evident when finding the modern mechanical engineering product business card. The growth of available types of engineering businesses cards is stunning when you look at your business card!

The following 25 examples of business cards illustrate the various areas of modern mechanical engineering, from aerospace to automotive, from computer to automotives. In each case, the card is shown in extreme close-up, but the reading is often enhanced by contrast with the background images.

Animals, Automobiles, Culture, Engineering, Gaming, Game Design Hardware, HVAC, Medical, Miscellaneous, Music, Photography, Social, Students, Technology, Toys and more …

Shear Pattern Borders


A while back I was chatting with my colleague Dr. Noam Perel about how we resolve the challenge of teaching design and engineering in educational settings. He was interested in hearing about the approaches we use to get students excited about the real world applications of design and engineering.

As I was reflecting on the things we do at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at NASA and California Institute of Technology, he took out his business card and showed me a design that he has been using for a while. On the business card, he had the word "Sharing" printed within the shear pattern of a patch of stars. The stars are a reference to the popular book, The Huge Book of Tiny Hands, which has a star shaped pattern on the cover. The words on the card act as a reminder to be both thoughtful in sharing what you have learned as well as thankful for the resources you have inherited.

Enjoy these 25 examples of the most creative and best engineering business cards that I have found on the web. There are also a few examples of mine in the post. If you have a favorite, let me know about it!

Simple Software Engineering Business Card

The field of software engineering has never been more crucial to success, and has become one of the most in-demand professions across the global workforce. In our last graphic’s roundup of business card designs, we talked about how bright colors and simple designs tend to win the popular vote and what the industry’s standards are when it comes to choosing business card designs. In this set, we’re focusing on the opposite side of that coin.

Bright Colors No! Fun Colors? Yes. Here are 25 unique software engineering business cards that showcase a more creative approach to business card design, designed by Josh Smith.

Yellow Construction Engineering Design

Heavy build construction characteristics, such as, brick walls or modern concrete structures, combine with design of the highest quality, accentuating the beauty of nature, creating a soothing and bright atmosphere.

According to the Light and Colour database of the Technical University of Kosice, this building is placed on a solid and well-balanced composition, by applying the concepts of "monodimensional space, solid massive form architecture" in its design and construction. The authors emphasize the simplicity, efficiency and constructional aspects of the project, as well as its frameless design, smooth surface and absence of elements which would interrupt the light passing through.

Package Design from Light and Colour 2016

Business cards that stand out, just like you. This package design was made to be a visual manifestation of its content. It includes several combinations of colors on a white background, as well a traditional and super simple black-and-white version

Packaging Design from Light and Colour 2016

Clothing brand ‬Precision Design and Construction‬ has been in business for just over a year. They decided to create something spectacular that would get people talking about their brand, but still look professional and refined. ‬With several logos and designs obtained from clients, we tried to make a proper contrast between the simplicity of the concept and the presence of a sophisticated appearance, which gives the opportunity to present the brand identity.

Minimalist Black Design

This crisp and minimal design will look great on any business card. Created by Louisa Waring, it is a great example of how to create a design that fits a specific niche.

This design is a perfect example of how a business card can be used as a sales tool by providing a real-life demonstration of what your skills are all about.

Survey Engineering

A survey taker needs to go to quite a few different places to get all your data. However, it can be hard to find the right business card while out and about. Thus, the survey engineer came up with this cute and useful business card.

Management Engineer Business Card Concept

Creative Design Engineering is a full service graphic design and printing firm based in Richmond. This striking business card highlights a 3D business model that can be placed on a desk. Graphics and images are designed to experiment to develop a consistently recognizable brand and marketing tool. The balance of 2D and 3D effects are various and the attention to contrast and color are at the forefront. The size of the card is a business card plus a postcard. The CDE logo and stationary are printed in one color and work in unison to complement the company name. The CDE logo is overlaid through the use of a digital stamping process. A no mess, easy to apply, glue free adhesive is used to print the branding on many of the cards. The card stock on the front and back is treated to protect against wear and further make the card collectible.

Cut-Out Design

This is a great example of a cut-out design on a business card. The cutout area gives plenty of room for the design, which is organized and clean.

You can see how the designer gave the company name some emphasis using bold letters, while the rest of the text is written in a more subtle and legible font. The text is easy to read, and the card is minimally filled with graphic elements.

Foldable Laptop Design

A folding laptop provides a combination of portability, compact size and extreme durability. Cleverly designed, it keeps the hinges down low where they’re not in the way.

The notebook design is a traditional and sure way of getting the right balance of portability, compactness and durability. Many manufacturers have experimented with variants, but it is the folds behind an LCD screen that is the key to making the design work.

Adjustable Laptop Strap

Not only can the laptop be easily folded, it can also be adjusted to fit any height so that the user can sit either in a chair or on the floor. The design is cleverly filed and the user can either use the folding mechanism as a stand or as a handle for more convenient carrying.

Laptops are one of the most popular gadgets in use today and many users find working on them extremely convenient. But getting the laptop into the right position can be quite a challenge for the user, especially if they have to do so while on the go.

Black Matte Finish

For the 3X5 inch black matte finishing, you can try out this sample by printing off our black matte sample on a glossy photograph paper.

If you add white ink to the black matte sample, then you will be able to achieve the same contrast of black and white that you can have. The detail of your fine line embossed business card can come out clearly with this sample.

Simple Blue and White Corporate Design

This business card example uses the parallax effect of a pre-made photo background to a great effect. Its a super simple and elegant business card design.

Full-Color Plastic Design

Business cards are an easy way to get in contact with potential customers or business partners, so you should make sure that your business cards are both attractive and manage to present your company’s brand.

The professional design of this full-color plastic business card allows you to reflect your company’s main features, logo, contact information, and make your business card stand out among other business cards. The black and white photo gives you a clear message of your personal values and working style.

This website serves the needs of a variety of different services and products. Because it’s easy to highlight your preferred social media profiles and use the same one across all of your different designs, this website’s full-color plastic business cards can also serve as social media profile cards.

The unique full-color plastic design allows you to choose from a multitude of solid colors to meet your professional needs. The website’s small size makes it convenient to be carried in a wallet or smartphone, so you may hand out the business cards whenever you feel the need to do so.

Full-color plastic business cards are a great way to adapt to the needs of your customers and face the future.

Marine Engineering Design

For this example, the design team for the Osprey 8000e was tasked with calculating and analyzing the forces exerted on the wing tip, which acts as the center of aerodynamic lift over the wing span. The wing tip is a complex structure that has to scratch the surfaces of the wing for lifting up, and thus requires a robust construction. The analysis of the forces is necessary for the design of the wing tip, which is a structural component of the wing. From the above picture, you can see that the wing tip is defined by a set of surfaces, which are bonded together with a reinforcing structure. For the design of this structure, the team has to consider the distribution of load throughout the structure (load distribution), and its strength with applied loads. As shown above, the structure is designed with the following design goals in mind:

  • Compute the total sum of the induced aerodynamic loads acting on the structure
  • Determine the load distribution of each structure element based on priority and performance
  • Derive the required strength of each structure within a range of loading
  • Gain enough load carrying capability with appropriate stiffness for structural members
  • Design the structure with minimal weight

Blue Cogs Design

This example of a business card was designed as part of a freelance project. The client requested a business card free form rectangle inlaid in antonym-art typeface.

Using a color photo that illustrates energy use, a minimal design and one of the few applications available for Casio K1 Typewriter, I was able to create a bridge between analog and tactile design.

Finally, I extended the concept of the blue cog to make it more of an analog style business card.

Modern, Professional Engineer Business Card Template

I am using this card as an example of a modern business card because I think that the minimalistic approach is always the way to go. The minimalist approach of this card makes it all the more attractive. The minimalistic approach is however not for everyone. More extravagant materials and colors can very well suit a more traditional card.

Upon branding, when choosing a business card, you first have to decide which style suits you best. 3D or flat?

The choice depends on personal taste and what the card needs to communicate. In my opinion, a flat card is too busy if your company or yourself is not established yet. On the contrary, it can very well suit a smaller company or a startup, as it does look more professional.

I therefore think that flat cards are often not as good as its 3D counterpart. Some 3D cards are very complex, and therefore very difficult to design. So when you are designing your own card, consider the complexity. I personally use this template as a basis for my cards.

Since this template comes with a lot of design elements, it will set your card apart from the other. This makes it a great starting point for new business cards. For those who do not want to bother with the design process, I recommend that you just use pictures from Google images and add a background.

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