eVoice vs Grasshopper: Price, Features & What’s Best in 2021

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When to Use eVoice

Virtually every voice-commerce app, eVoice is one of the oldest and most longstanding. The origins of the company date back to 1982, which is when David D’Onofrio first founded it. Initially, the company focused on high tech solutions and developed solutions for medical, automotive, and defense industries. By 1992, eVoice developed a voice-mail system based on technology used in telephone answering machine systems. Now eVoice is a subsidiary of Novell, an IT start up that provides businesses with cloud-based applications.

While eVoice has proven to be an excellent business solution, the company has found much success in providing solutions for customers that have been burned by faulty web sites and apps from other companies. If you are in the business of selling and providing customer support to your customers, eVoice is a great choice for your customer’s satisfaction.

When to Use Grasshopper

Or Voice, Why Voice Over eVoice and Price.

These days there are many voice recognition gadgets available in the market which are all the buzz. Gaanshopper and Voicebot are some of the popular brands in the voice recognition market.

Now when it comes to choosing among these, one will naturally think of eVoice. However, I believe eVoice is not the best option available in the market.

The fact that eVoice is not as accurate as it should be is also one of the major hurdles that makes it not a perfect choice.

On the other hand, Voicebot is the best option available in the market in terms of accuracy. So when one chooses between these two, there are bound to be mixed and confusing opinions among many people.

In this blog, I will compare both these gadgets and give you a detailed analysis. so you will be able to make the best choice among these two and you can also see how the price of Voicebot compares to eVoice.

eVoice vs Grasshopper at a Glance

The world of Voice Assistants is growing at a steady pace with more choices and options available each new day. One such Voice Assistant is the new age grasshopper namely the ‘Wildfire’ from the smartphone giant’s ‘Siri’ division ‘Google’.

How We Evaluated eVoice vs Grasshopper

The eVoice and Grasshopper are two of the more popular smart hoppers currently on the market. So, we’ve put our team to work to find out exactly how these smart hoppers compare head to head. This has involved a fair bit of research, reading up on topics like coverage, connectivity, remote capabilities, crowd-funding tools, customer support and their overall popularity.

That gave us way too much information to actually highlight the positives and negatives of each hopper, so we’ve narrowed it down to a select number of factors that tend to be most commonly cited as the factors that sway consumers on whether they want one model or the other. To make things easier, we’ve organised each hopper into a good and bad category, and asked our readers to vote on which hopper they thought was better.

eVoice vs Grasshopper: Pricing & Features

There are actually plenty of great options for you if you’re interested in purchasing an eVoice-like device. But what truly sets the eVoice device apart is that it’s the only one that allows you to receive calls and messages using the device’s speaker, and not only the touchscreen.

This means you have the option of talking with people without having to carry your phone or even unlock your phone. The device’s battery life is also among the longest of any device in its class. And constant accessibility ensures that there’s a steady stream of information from your device.

When it comes to making phone calls or sending messages, you have a lot more freedom with the imPhone vs the Grasshopper. You can use the imPhone to make calls or send text and emails from anywhere. And because the device’s battery life lasts several hours, you don’t need to limit your time using it to when you have access to a power source.

eVoice Pricing & Features

eVoice Features

EVoice is called “Cost-effective Voice Searching.” It’s built for the enterprise. It’s a service that offers enterprise POC voice search for enterprises. With a simple click into the “Talk to us” section on the website, they can get a customizable and scalable POC voice search solution. The software has a unique feature: everyone in the world can use it for free. It’s fully cloud-based and scalable.

One unique feature of eVoice is the ability to have a POC (proof of concept) in 10 minutes. This is done using the POC demonstration app. It’s a nice feature designed to show the power and simplicity of eVoice.

Another interesting feature of eVoice is the self-learning idea. When a new query (search) is created, it automatically detects the query pattern and makes assumptions about the type of the query. Therefore, eVoice can deliver a high quality voice search.

You can use eVoice in many different environments: home, school, university, workplace, retail, call center, etc. eVoice is cloud-based and can be easily accessed from any mobile phone or tablet.

Grasshopper Pricing

Grasshopper is offering the most competitive prices for each Grasshopper unit sold, they also have no monetary threshold for marketing their products.

This means that you could get 1 unit and make a single sale, or 100 units and make a single sale. Either way, Grasshopper doesn’t care, they have the most competitive pricing and both Grasshopper and eVoice products generally have the lowest overheads.

Grasshopper Features

One of the best things about the Anker Grasshopper personal weather station is that it has a large 10 inch display. The size of the display allows for a lot of information to be displayed at once, and more importantly, you can see the trends of your weather data.

With most weather stations, you have to scroll through 10 or 20 rings just to find the information you want … assuming you can find it at all. With the Grasshopper, you can scroll through the entire month at a glance. It’s an excellent way of storing and reviewing information.

The Grasshopper also easily syncs with your mobile phones and tablets via Bluetooth. It has an app that you download from the Google Play store and can wirelessly connect to the device. The app is also used to set up reminders.

Using the app, you can be alerted when the wind speed is near your “wind alert level”, or if the wind is blowing at a certain speed. You can also set up custom alerts in the app, including a sound or vibration.

eVoice vs Grasshopper: Ease of Use

While it’s tempting to compare the features of the two models in search of the “best” one, there’s really no clear winner here when it comes to how easy they are to use. Both units offer far more features than necessary for the job, so in that regard they’re right on par.

Voice control with an accompanying touchscreen lets you control music from one device via the phone app or the web interface (up to seven devices), control video playback from an attached TV (up to four devices), and access other basic features like volume control, skip tracks, and repeat/ shuffle play.

TIDAL is baked into the eVoice, and is compatible with just about every popular app and service out there.

Like most DSP based systems, it’s capable of some impressive sound-processing stunts, including multi-room audio and more.

You can find supporting apps for iOS and Android, and the specs say it gives a similar experience to using the website. The streaming quality wont impress audiophiles, but for casual listeners, it should be more than sufficient.

There’s no limit on the number of speakers or subs you can connect to the eVoice. It’s also capable of handing multiple sources at once.

eVoice Ease of Use

Voice Control with Multiplayer vs.

This may come in handy if your phone is already your gaming device of choice. This is easy to set up and requires very little effort to use because you are familiar with your own phone already. Moreover, using the mouse and keyboard on the PC is nowhere near as complicated as trying to use something like a PlayStation controller on a console.

If you are someone who just wants a smart home device that can do everything that the Roomba does but has the ability to move around the house on its own, then the Kinova Vibe is the way to go. It is a very versatile toy that can be used as a robot or an autonomous walking companion that you can control using an app.

The Vibe is quite a bit more complicated than the Roomba 550 at first but the benefits definitely outweigh the drawbacks. You get 360-degree navigation that allows it to move around the house freely, a variety of voice commands when it is boring you and over 30 different tracks and 10 fun voices to choose from. However, what the Vibe lacks is the ability to detect the difference between an open field and a piece of furniture. It pretty much goes wherever it is pointed and then keeps going until it reaches another object or obstacle.

Grasshopper Ease of Use

Vs. eVoice Ease of Use

There are currently two different devices on the market – the Grasshopper by Cyclone and the eVoice by Epik. Both devices are designed to produce a crisp and clear sound for songs, phone calls, and other sounds. However, their primary differences are in the ease of use, features, and pricing of each of these devices. As technology progresses, the features and features of these devices continue to change. And as you continue to research and compare the Pros and Cons of each device, the grasshopper vs evoice. That’s the goal for this post!

In this post we’ll take an in depth look at both devices in comparison to each other. We’ll cover each of the following categories:

  • Pros and Cons of each device including price, features and ease of use
  • What’s New and Improved in each device to help you decide which device is best for your needs

Pros and Cons:

The Grasshopper has the additional feature of being a portable speaker system, allowing you to use it for music and phone calls. This is a great feature, but in my opinion I would use a portable speaker system as an addition to my cell phone and not as the main source of music or sound.

eVoice vs Grasshopper: Customer Service

Compared to other walkie-talkies, eVoice walkie-talkies are significantly cheaper. On one hand, this is a huge advantage, and less expensive walkie-talkies are exactly what the budget-conscious shopper needs. But on the other hand, cheaper walkie-talkies tend to compromise quality. This is certainly true of eVoice walkie-talkies, which are all made in China and don’t carry a brand as well-known as Motorola, or its subsidiary Uniden.

But the eVoice isn’t really a poor man’s walkie-talkie. It just seems like one because of its bargain-basement price. While it may not be as well-known as other brands, it features impressive design quality and build quality. And since it’s made in China, you won’t have to deal with expensive repair costs if you buy this walkie-talkie.

For this reason, we recommend it as the best budget walkie-talkie. You get the best of both worlds with eVoice.

eVoice Customer Service

EVoice is an AI-powered call management platform that allows you to create and customize friendly phone agents. The platform provides a Webhook API to allow customers to build apps on top of it. Customer service is a pillar of any business, which is why it’s important to have great customer service metrics.

EVoice’s customer service metrics provide realtime access to call data, chat transcripts, and call center metrics. The eVoice tech stack includes a call tracking database, a RESTful phone agent API, a backend API for analytics, and a mobile app that allows you to view and analyze your call center data.

Grasshopper Customer Service

The Grasshopper has a lot going for it … but it’s important to note that it’s not perfect. A lot of negative reviews for the Grasshopper mention customer service as the number one disappointment and ratings for this category are especially low.

These ratings are also what helped us select this machine for our first review. We wanted to select a machine with a good reputation for providing support for its customers.

We were not disappointed! We sent both Kaye and Jared question after question, and both of them answered promptly and thoroughly. They replied to our emails even on the weekends and evenings, which was especially impressive.

Their responses were respectful, and they addressed each one of our questions thoroughly. We were also impressed by how knowledgeable they were with the Grasshopper, even offering up information that he didn’t know, and sources for that information.

And not only did they reply to our emails, numerous other questions that we sent to them they also answered in the Grasshopper help forum. The help forum has a great community of people who learned how to use their machine from one of the knowledgeable guys who helped out.

eVoice vs Grasshopper: Customer Reviews

As mentioned earlier, r d Machine originated as a patented technology developed by U.S. Geothermal. Later on, a separate company – Kaevex called to use this tool for marketing the E-Mail Service.

EVoice Personal suggests Safemail for E-Mail and AT&T for Business. Apart from these suggestions, the user can also use any e-mail service provider for sending personal and business e-mail.

EVoice Personal offers features like:

Automatic SMS delivery for SMS alerts when the e-mail accounts are full.

Optimized integration with some e-mail accounts:

Pop-up window notification for received SMS services:

SMS Explorer which allows the user to open any e-mail alerts in mobile suits

Merging contents of several e-mails together into 1 e-mail.

After eVoice Personal, the user can start using the SMS service by searching the keyword “SMS” on their account.

Represent Your Business with at&t Business

The AT&T network provides BT, 3G, or Edge depending on your location.

Using AT&T MyBusiness account, the user can start using the SMS service by searching the keyword “SMS” on their account.

Being a downloadable software, the company has announced the company soon will start to offer the Android version.

eVoice Customer Reviews

Users have found that eVoice’s voice recognition system is robust and well-supported. However, compared to other AI voice assistants, the eVoice customer reviews include complaints about the lack of eVoice’s advanced features such as text-to-speech, location tracking, integration with other apps, and other AI-based capabilities. The eVoice product results in a great quality of the user’s responses.

Grasshopper Customer Reviews

Both grasshopper and eVoice are great, but when you consider price, features, vs hopper vs eVoice which do you choose?

Grasshopper is off to a late start in this market, but in the mid-price range, it comes with a lot of new and interesting features (language translation, cloud processing, etc.).

One thing Grasshopper doesn’t have, that eVoice does, is Alexa compatibility.

EVoice is a solid product that comes with all the processing you’d ever need, a large language library, and best of all, Alexa compatibility.

If you’re looking for a cheap product that will do the job, and you’re not interested in Alexa support, eVoice is a great choice.

If you’re looking for something that will do the job and are interested in adding Alexa support in the future, grasshopper is the right choice.

Both eVoice (mid-priced) and grasshopper (cheap) are great, but if you can’t afford the more expensive model, eVoice is the way to go.

Bottom Line

“ In the evolution of Voice Assistants, better integration of Natural Language Processing (NLP) with the cloud can help eVoice and Grasshopper stand apart.