5 Essential Real Estate Marketing Materials

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A Real Estate Website

Search Engine Optimization your website is not enough. You should have a real estate website too.

Your website should be obvious and obviously about real estate. Clients should come to your site first.

Real estate showcases your expertise and product. Your website should succinctly speak to the people you want to see you.

Don’t create a website that reflects your personality. Spend the money to create a website that inspires others.

A real estate website should be business to business. It should be very clear on who you are, what you can do for others and what your value is.

Create a website that inspires others and get them to do the marketing work for you.

The most important aspect of the website is the photography. You are an expert in your market. Use your eye to find the right properties.

Showcase your work in a variety of photos. Use good pictures that a person can contact you about.

Create videos and stories that people want to share.

Create several names for your real estate website. Avoid the name agent, agent or Broker. Create a website that inspires others to call you instead.

Real Estate Mailers

Have you ever had to deal with hundreds of postcards, letters and brochures that come to your mailbox every day – from different companies, business cards and door hangers?

It’s time consuming to go through all those products, find or make an appointment for the people it’s not for and inadvertently end up forgetting to book your appointment or simply forget to follow up.

Real estate agents know how badly they want to get in touch with their audience, but this is very difficult to achieve ….

With the proliferation of email marketing and the widespread use of mobile technology, there has been a movement in the real estate industry to adapt the best of what traditional advertising offers. And as a part of that movement, the traditional real estate marketing materials – such as print, digital and direct mail ads are now gradually being replaced with email marketing, through which you can display real time data, communicate more reliable and targeted messages, and have a direct experience with your customers.

Real estate is a unique vertical, so email is the best way to target your target audience. Think about it, when someone is in the market for buying a home, or selling one, they can be your target audience. When you send them a real estate marketing piece, they will be interested to contact you.

Memorable Business Cards

A simple business card offers limited space for you to pack a powerful message. Your business card is the first thing that a prospective customer sees and keeps them in the loop while actually visiting your business. The title of your business is written in large type, allowing the business card to better showcase your unique offerings within your niche market. While this may sound simple, it’s important to consider all of the elements of your business card. Are they well designed? Is the copy an accurate reflection of your business? How do they greet the client? Let’s take a closer look at some of the elements of a business card for a business like a digital marketing agency.

The first element of a business card is the title of your business. Even though this element may seem simple, there are some businesses that fail to give the type of information an accurate title requires. For instance, BHAG Consulting is a marketing agency and BHAG Consulting Client Services is a company that assists clients with their marketing needs. The first title doesn’t represent that the business is also a marketing services agency, so a revised title to reflect the business’s ability to help with marketing is a better match.

Real Estate Open House Signs That Get Noticed

Having real estate open house signs is a great way to market your property. Of course, these signs are a must as far as real estate marketing and readability go. But as far as attractiveness goes, you’ll need to make a few other design decisions to stand out.

However, having a few ways to make the open house signs more exciting is always a good way to increase interest. And the following 5 real estate open house signs are a great place to start.

Engaging Online Ads

An online ad is about more than just a nice picture and catchy headline … it’s about engaging your potential customers in the content that’s being published on your website.

There are several ways you can create an engaging marketing ad. Not only will engaging ads help increase the number of people who call your business, but they also keep those people on the page longer before they get bored and leave. The longer they stay, the better the chance of converting them.

These same ads can also increase your branding efforts. Since these ads are typically published on your website, a customized layout is optional. The key is using the right content to engage your audience.

Online ads that advertise your product or service on social media websites are ideal for engaging your target audience. Social media ads do not have anything to do with your branding or how your product or service looks. They just have to do with conversing with your target audience.

These ads should have a clear call to action as well as a link to an attached landing page. The link can be a simple page that answers the question your audience is asking or it can be a cut and dry offer for a free trial.

Zillow Premier Agent

It comes as no surprise that Zillow now offers their own real estate marketing materials to both homeowners and real estate agents. Yet, when I first found out about it; I did not know how it would help me.

But after awhile, I found myself using Zillow’s premier agent all the time. This can be especially helpful to those agents who are not a member of Zillow.

Before this became available, I had to get listings from other realtors or use the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to get listings. Now I can easily and affordably use Zillow’s premier agent’s listings to generate new leads; and because of it, I’m getting more business.

As an alternative to it, I can also use their lead magnet, the “10-minute home search,” to help generate leads for my business. But I find the premier agent’s listings to be more effective and efficient for my business.

Zillow Premier Agent Direct

The Bottom Line

The point of this is to encourage you to try real estate marketing. It may just be all you need to change your real estate experience.

But that's it from me. I'm sure you have a lot of great questions. If you don't have any questions, let me know. Or, if you do have questions that you're not sure about, check back tomorrow when I'll give you the answers. Since there are so many questions, I'll post more than one installment.

Have a good day.