Easy Agent Pro vs. Real Geeks: Price, Features & What’s Best in 2022

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When to Use Real Geeks

  • Use Real Geeks for Price Comparison
  • Use Real Geeks for Feature Comparison

When to Use Easy Agent Pro

Easy Agent Pro is the best bet for beginners looking to enter the field of Internet marketing. With this software, you can create websites and collect subscribers, fan, and followers in a matter of minutes.

This software is suitable for individuals who are just starting out in the Internet marketing field or for an experienced individual who wants to start their affiliate marketing campaign.

The algorithm of Easy Agent Pro provides the opportunity to make more money with a website. It is very easy to navigate and you can access it through their mobile apps as well.

However, as a beginner you must not go beyond the boundaries of the rest of the sites that this software has to offer. You should not try to get ahead in sales with this software.

Easy Agent Pro vs. Real Geeks at a Glance

Read on to find out all about both software— easy agent pro and real geeks. after looking at both advantages and disadvantages of both programs, the real geeks seems to be the best choice for most of business men and companies.

Planning a business trip with all your colleagues is never easy. You have to plan reservations, hotel, transportation, restaurants and everything else. Room reservations, hotel, and transportation will easily cost you over hundreds of dollars. Being good in business planning and knowing your potential client is also important for both Easy Agent Pro and Real Geeks.

And that’s how Easy Agent Pro was created to help you with all your business travel needs. Easy Agent Pro is the software that helps you find the best offers for your next business trip. Being the best in business travel requires that you check business rates and find out the best hotel offer for such flexible terms. And that’s what Easy Agent Pro does best. Easy Agent Pro is the software that helps you find the best offers for your next business trip.

Using their easy to use software, Easy Agent Pro will automatically find premium business hotels and flexible business travel dates and you can select the best and click book to have your reservations made.

By having an easy to use business travel booking tool, you can easily search and choose the best business rates and book your reservation instantly.

How We Evaluated Easy Agent Pro vs. Real Geeks

We started comparison shopping around for the best VoIP phone service provider. We compared Easy Agent Pro vs. Real Geeks in terms of features, pricing and customer reviews.

Easy Agent Pro vs. Real Geeks: Features

User Interface: Easy Agent Pro vs. Real Geeks

Easy Agent pro Real Geeks

Speed & Call Quality: Easy Agent Pro vs. Real Geeks

Pricing: Easy Agent Pro vs. Real Geeks


For this round of comparison shopping we came up with few different comparisons: pricing vs. features, pricing vs. call quality and price vs. user interface.

For Positives:

  • Easy Agent Pro firm offers a great price with a cap of 250 local minutes a month and 1000 MBs of data per month. It has a user-friendly interface for both Mac and PC users. And the number of extensions supported is amazing with up to five different people on a single call!
  • Easy Agent Pro, just like Real Geeks, offers a quick call forwarding feature, which is great for parents who want to keep in touch with their kids, a business phone that supports conference calls and up to 500 MB monthly data.

Easy Agent Pro vs. Real Geeks: Pricing & Features

As good as the debate about which is the best application monitoring software is, it’s what’s on the inside that’s what counts. This is where the comparison between Easy Agent Pro and Easy Agent both shines.

Both Easy Agent and Real Geeks require a subscription to use the monitoring and support features. Real Geeks’ offers a free trial with a maximum retention period of 5 days. In contrast, Easy Agent’s free trial is 100% risk free for 14 days. It’s worth it to remember that subscribing to Real Geeks also allows you to access Easy Agent’s feature.

While Easy Agent’s flexible pricing model gives you the option to pay once, yearly, or monthly, Real Geeks’ pricing is a pay once deal but does not offer a monthly option. Easy Agent’s top-tier product provides extra features that you could only access in the paid version of Real Geeks.

Real Geeks Pricing

Real Geeks provides you 16 real Geeks actions. Below is a snapshot of pricing.

Forget about dragging clips and creating simple animations! Real Geeks makes the process painless.

Real Geeks basically makes you one step away from creating a simple and amazing animation.

Real Geeks makes actions, transitions and sequences.

Real Geeks offers a wide range of filters, expressions, and other character based advanced actions.

A few of Real Geeks actions include weather drop in, effects, and actions.

Real Geeks also offers a custom effect that gives you the ability to insert text, shapes and images.

Real Geeks further includes features like motion blur, blurs, and filters.

Real Geeks includes 5 plugins too! Take a look:

Real Geeks includes a host of other Photoshop effects.

So, it’s kind of difficult for you to build or modify your own actions or even to use Real Geeks actions in your own projects.

So, you have two options:

Buy Real Geeks Advanced Photoshop Effects. Real Geeks can help you build an animated image.

Real Geeks Features

Real Geeks is one of the top Choice of eSoftfolks. Real Geeks is software that allows you to manage your technical business easily and quickly. You can easily setup and manage your technical business using this software.

Real Geeks has the advanced messaging system that allows you to send and receive the notification to your members about any new documents or updates. This will allow them to learn more about your business and making good use of your time.

You can easily set up the time, vacations and office hours option using this software. They will allow them to customize their work time to their needs and help them keep your business running in an efficient way.

The Real Geeks will give you the ability to use various roles to your members in your business. This will allow management to do the job faster and efficiently to help you achieve your business goals. This will help you to save time and money.

You can use the pop up window in this software to send your members a message. In this way, it will allow them to receive the message instantly they will be able to reply your message immediately.

Easy Agent Pro Pricing

Domain tools such as Easy Agent Pro software, Easy Agent Pro hosting and Easy Agent Pro reselling are each priced differently. But since they’re basically different versions of the same application, it’s the reseller that sets the price, not the company that creates the software.

As you could have guessed that the resellers like Official Geek offer the software, the hosting or the reselling version at a lower price than the others. And if you are going to resell Easy Agent Pro, they have a generous discount for the starter plan to kick start your business.

Easy Agent Pro Tiered Features

Here’s the tiered list of Easy Agent Pro’s features:

Switch plans from one carrier to another for free within minutes.

View your contract, payment fees, and usage history.

Setup an automatic email payment plan or choose one of the listed alternatives.

Sign up for service using Paypal, Amazon, Venmo or Google wallet.

Accept payments immediately via a platform like Square or Paypal.

Receive a Goggle Pay Payment Card to process payments in stores with your phone.

Setup a recurring payment plan with recurring payments.

Making changes to your subscription or cancellation.

Easy Agent Pro vs. Real Geeks: Ease of Use

Both Agents feature different security features, so it can be hard to choose between the two. However, Easy Agent Pro wins this round, from a user perspective.

Easy Agent Pro provides a security dashboard, which makes configuring, monitoring and managing access to your programs and data simple.

When you go to access a file on your computer, it’s a bit different for the tailgater-your tailgater is going to see your desk icon on that desktop in your park image.

They are going to see your desktop icon. They are going to walk over there. They are going to interact with your PC and they are going to send you an email that says, ‘Hey, I was just in your car.’ and you are going to laugh and you are going to say, ‘Okay, this is what it was.’ and you are going to figure out that they are tailgating.

Now for the person sitting in the passenger seat, this is going to look a lot different to them because they are going to see this ‘menu’ when they go to access that file.

Now, if you click on that menu, they are going to see the same thing that you saw and you are going to get the same sort of explanation.

Real Geeks Ease of Use

And Performance vs. Easy Agent Pro Download Speed and Performance

Both Easy Agent Pro and Real Geeks are great alternatives to a traditional agency management system.

Easy Agent pro Review

With Easy Agent Pro, you can set up a very flexible local or remote agent database, send personalized SMS messages, enable a live chat feature, and do much more.

Easy Agent Pro is an external database manager for managing and optimizing your sales and customer service agents. It includes a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook to manage your customer data, including highly customizable templates.

Easy Agent Pro can create phone books with a wide variety of names, addresses, and contact information. You can import or export data between Outlook and Easy Agent Pro.

Easy Agent Pro can send sales emails, text messages, and personalized SMS messages directly to clients, letting them know you’re contacting them by their preferred method of contact.

Easy Agent Pro also includes options for more sophisticated and complex communication, including the ability to create phone calls, calls and messages using any keypad or voice recognition system, and doing more complex things like recording and scheduling calls for later playback.

Easy Agent Pro Ease of Use

Configurations & Value for Money.

Easy Agent Pro is easy to use and configure. Simply set up a server for each users and double click on agents to add them to the server. The agent configuration is simple and the server configuration is also quite simple. This is great for beginners or novice users who would like to try the product out without going the extra mile.

Aside from that, you can also setup monitoring for the agents, list and filter agents or check the agent status and stats. All this is very easy to do and only takes a few clicks compared to performing a complete install of Easy Agent.

Easy Agent Pro has great value for money. It provides many agents that you can control your computer with, assuming both computers are talking to each other.

From what i have experienced, these agents work pretty good. They also have zipping and unzipping agent.

They also have 4 security agents that you can set to run at startup and they will check the computer for viruses. It is very unlikely that your computer will have any viruses, but it will warn you if you do have any. Compared to many other anti spyware products, this one is very light weight and doesn’t slow down your computers performance.

The best thing about this product is its support for over 65 languages. All you do is set the language of your computer and it will automatically set the language of the agent.

Easy Agent Pro vs. Real Geeks: Customer Service

The use of agent technology (paired with automation) is on the rise as businesses are struggling to keep up with the growing demand for professional services.

Agent technology adds a human layer to the customer service equation. Customer service isn’t just a monotonous task any more; it’s also very time consuming and requires human interaction at various stages. An automated system can help you solve issues faster, so you can focus your resources where they’ll be of most value.

A couple of companies providing agent technology include Easy Agent Pro and Real Geeks. This post evaluates and compares Easy Agent Pro and Real Geeks, and discusses which of the 2 is the better choice. Here’s what we’ll be going over:

Q1. Which company provides better customer service?

A1. It’s not a close call. Real Geeks has top-level customer support that’s easy to access and answer. They have a live chat function, and an online email form. You can also talk to their agents through the phone.

Easy Agent Pro also has a great customer service with 4 call-in agents who can be reached 24/7 via calling, email, or live chat.

Q2. How easy is it to use?

Real Geeks Customer Service

Easy Agent Pro Customer Service

Vs. Real Geeks Customer Support & how they stack up

We all want a great customer service experience when we’re buying products so, when looking for a new customer relationship management tool that’s right for you, don’t settle for anything less than exceptional.

Easy Agent Pro has one of the worst customer service experiences I’ve ever seen and, after the initial setup process, you’ll never hear from them again. To compare with another CRM software from a top vendor, you should expect to receive at least a support ticket in a timely manner and receive that support ticket in a matter of hours.

Easy Agent Pro have a phone number as well, but it’s a dead end and will bring you to a long wait and dead end the likelihood that you’ll get a live person is pretty slim.

This is the worst customer service experience I’ve ever had and it makes me very hesitant to recommend the software to anyone. Real Geeks on the other hand has one of the best customer service departments I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with!

Easy Agent Pro vs. Real Geeks: Customer Reviews

The easiest solution is to use a free email marketing tool, and there are plenty to choose from. Out of those, we found that Easy Agent Pro is currently the best free option, but Real Geeks offers a great price. With both, we found loads of positives and negatives to be sure you’ll choose the right one.

Easy Agent Pro

We liked: Very user-friendly interface.

Feature-rich, but doesn’t overcomplicate.

Free version is a great entry point.

Real Geeks Price

We liked: Almost identical to the free version in terms of features.

Extremely affordable.

Many useful templates.

We didn’t like: Doesn’t offer weekly/monthly views.

We didn’t like: Limited templates.

No way to track the opens/clicks.

Easy Agent Pro vs. Real Geeks: What’s Missing?

Real Geeks Customer Reviews

Read more of our best reviewed Real Geeks alternatives!

Top Real Geeks Alternatives – Software

Tasky is a Freelance Task Manager that is trusted by thousands of small businesses.

Tasky is designed for freelancers, sole proprietors and small businesses who need to manage work and projects. Tasky is the world’s most powerful and fully featured freelance task and time management application that is designed to help you manage your business and tasks more efficiently.

Principal features of Tasky include time tracking, task management, project management, invoicing, inventory tracking, advanced reports and much more. To know more, just read below Tasky Review.

Top Real Geeks Alternatives – Mac Software

ProFTP is a Mac FTP client with a powerful and easy to use UI.

ProFTP is easy to install and start using. It features a very powerful interface, and a slew of useful, yet simple to use features for you to manage your files and network.

Here’s how to download and use ProFTP.

Top Real Geeks Alternatives – Web Hosting

Gist is a free hosted git service that helps you manage and track all of your git repositories.

Easy Agent Pro Customer Reviews

If you’re interested in real estate online, the Easy Agent Pro digital agency offers a set of easy-to-use digital properties to increase your online presence. It is ideal for its specific use and marketed as a web-based portal that quickly and effectively markets your services. It provides you with a web portal where it will help you inspect, solicit, and offer your services or apply for certain positions. It also offers other services for the property management industry.

Easy Agent Pro has a lot of perks for its users, but it also has a few drawbacks. Its advantages include offers a platform with which it can easily store and manage your data, can have in-depth reporting and statistics, easily add extra services to boost your sales, and provide you with a customized dashboard. Moreover, Easy Agent Pro comes with several built-in tools that customers can use to quickly and easily manage their properties.

Its drawbacks can be found in the fact that you need to learn the program since it is a web-based program only and there are a lot of bugs to work out in the program’s interface. It is not as user friendly as you might expect from a digital agency. You are required to learn how to use it in order to take advantage of it. It might make sense for businesses that do not have the time to learn how to use a different program.

The Bottom Line