21 Creative Trade Show Display Ideas & Examples 2022

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Trade Show Display Ideas & Examples

Some trade show organizers have begun to take notice of the need for engaging conference displays to promote an event. A great trade show display not only attracts conference attendees, but it keeps them coming back for more!

With so many trade show exhibitions happening across the globe, it’s easier than ever to get a table. But there’s no need to settle for a dull, uninspiring display. You have plenty of room to showcase your ideas and get ahead of your competition in order to win the conference. The following are 21 creative ways to help you set up convention displays that will truly impress your clients and win them over.

Travel the Playground

Traditionally, storage has been a prominent feature of trade show displays. In recent years, however, table designers have been targeting consumers’ desire for more design and customization. These displays have come to include interactive scenarios that engage visitors and keep them coming back for more. If you don’t have the budget to create an elaborate scene, consider this idea: travel the playground.

This activity involves designing a field of items that visitors use to play games in. Designers use dimensional illusion to create a scenario that looks like its own stage set.

When used in conjunction with other simple displays, the result may be a display that’s cost effective and eye catching.

Bright Agrotech’s display brings their product to life.

CPP displays were a great addition to Bright Agrotech’s trade show booth space. Bright Agrotech featured their waterproof film, which is used by fish farmers and aquarium keepers to protect fish from disease while shipping, until they are placed in the facility. Bright Agrotech was looking to promote their film in tourism. Their display made use of a rain tunnel to allow rain to fall on their display. The waterfall was used to help the rain create a mist to help weatherproof the film. The waterfall helped to keep their product wet, letting the rainwater spill out. Refill a water bottle from a spout, and the water is immediately recycled into a mist that is quickly recycled again. The screen behind the waterfall displays a continually growing waterfall. Bright Agrotech’s display also had a fishing pond to exemplify the use of their waterproof film in aquaculture. The display featured 2 live aquarium fish, and had custom built lighting that helps the fish thrive. To help bring the display to life, the trade show booth had a custom background and presentation that was successfully showcased on the display.

Duke’s display creates a cozy atmosphere.

Duke’s display consists of three upholstered sofas and two tables with a large, glass, steel frame to show the brand’s entire collection of glasses, decanters and tablewear.

The display focuses on the new two-column decanter, which is also named Duke’s, and has two black legs and has leather-like upholstery, creating a unique and cozy atmosphere.

Visitors could sit on the sofas and enjoy a nice glass of wine, and they could also view all of Duke’s collection on the tables.

Interesting fact: The furniture used in the display are all made from recycled wine casks.

SplashTacular’s display has great execution.

Every year at the National Hardware Show, I will spend time in the exhibit hall and in the aisles talking to exhibitors and other show goers. One year I heard about someone who brought a great looking hammer and then out of the crowd I heard – “oh, that’s cool, but check out that rest!”

Announcement: “This great looking hammer has a matching splat hammer rest”

Everyone loves to laugh at the splat rest and they were amazed that someone thought of it. I thought the splat rest was a great idea and I asked if I could take some photos. He thanked me and said yes.

As I walked around and approached the other exhibitors and almost everyone had a splat rest on their display. Everyone thought it was a great idea and some even had different types like the paint splat splat rest that was installed on the wall as a separate piece.

This project is a great example of a creative trade show display. Well executed, creative and in the right context of the display can create such a memorable moment for people. Obviously this splat rest wasn’t used on a daily basis but in the exhibit hall at the National Hardware Show I’m guessing it got used a few times.

GE Renewable’s display encourages learning.

QI ICT’s display is bold and stylish.

The colorful geometric figures are highlighted by the full-body wear of each character, with vibrant colors on a black background. Cutouts of the characters, as they transform, reveal their silhouettes against the background backdrop. This displays Chinese culture, including ancient traditions of folk stories and nature.

This is a creative trade show display idea for the U.S.-based, China-based technology company QI- ICT. It is part of a larger campaign to promote the company’s products – finding innovative solutions for communication and transportation across Asia. The company’s slogan is –One World. One Family.”

The design creates a catchy and memorable graphic. The silhouettes of the characters on the display are bold and attract attention. This design is great for exhibiting a product’s background and purpose before providing information on how to use it.

The creative trade show display idea is made more effective by the background backdrop that is plain black. However, a graphic background with a white or silver-colored background creates a contrasting visual effect. The characters are also highlighted, as they are wearing full- body costumes with bright colors. They are cut out to show the costumes’ silhouettes on the black background.

Alienware’s display is simple but interactive.

Back bars can be used to display the entire line. By placing wine bottles and champagne on the array’s stands, it invites a touch of fun to the audience. The different shapes in the display add a touch of humor. The growing nature of the product is also being acknowledged, as are the product’s features. In addition, natural elements of the product are being promoted through geo maps.

Digital signage with angled displays help show the product’s robustness and its dual-core processing. The LCD screen with an LED backlight is one that is easy on the eye, and the vibrant color is a nice touch and allows the brand to engage the audience. As seen in the example, the bar not only provides an accessible site of the display, but the setup also includes mirrors. This interactive element not only allows guests to see themselves, but it simulates the on-screen action, as well as the action when viewing the product online.

Providing a 360-degree space of the product with spaces left for the audience to leave their personal contact information provides an interaction where spectators can personally communicate with the brand. It also allows the brand to use new technology to gauge customer feedback. By hosting an app, the brand can receive feedback from the audience for the value feedback that they can learn from in order to make adjustments and improve the product’s performance.

Nature’s Path’s display is unique and memorable.

The packaging simulates natural process such as water flowing, grass bending. They use a special light box that produces different colors as the package is moved around on the floor, which is great example of engaging environment and creating interaction with the public.

Another great example of creativity is B&F Bakery in Sweden. This fun booth featured a huge 9 x 9 meter photo booth. People could take a selfie and come out with a picture that looked like a blueprint. This concept tied in very nicely with the B&F Bakery theme.

Other creative trade show display ideas and examples that caught my eye included: Exhibition stand from Farm Hub, Australia

Expo live feed from UK. The whole back wall of the event hall depicted a full-scale re-enactment of the ancient pyramids. This clever interpretation of one of the museum’s newest exhibits quickly became a favorite among guests.

The classic Coca Cola sign from Retro Display Concepts.

Yogurberry booth from Australia. The most popular aspect of this booth was the ceiling made of yogurt cups.

Get the information you need.

The presentation game has changed over the course of time: there is a new level of competition now than there was in the past. And the best way to come out on top in the game is to have the right information at the right time to your advantage.

For 2017, the trade show game is all about the display boards or the banners – 21 innovative ideas, 3 examples, and a cost breakdown available.

To ensure you take the first steps to stand out:

  • Choose the right tool for the job
  • Utilize the display examples

Pick something that’s creative and unique.

The majority of trade show attendees will tend to stick to the same old trade show stand and this is something that you want to avoid. When making your stand, make sure that the stand is a representation of your product. Your trade show display needs to be both informative and eye catching.

If you are an eCommerce retailer and don’t sell any talking products, a display stand would be more effectively displayed by creating a display table that is positioned next to the entrance. The purpose of this is to make it look like the exhibitor is actually selling the product on the stand- which is exactly what they are doing.

Another great trade show stand idea is to use a set of three large frames in your booth to display your products. This will enable the exhibits to use all three panels when displaying a product and also takes up a large amount of space in the booth. Use this idea for a promotional stand or if you are a retailer of large products such as furniture, these displays are ideal.

Do not make a stand that contains nothing on it. The majority of the exhibit industry is down to learning and listening so you need to ensure your stand matches the industry. The more interactive the stand, it will attract more people’s attention and will make the booth stand out. It’s also always good to increase the visual impact of your products.

Brand everything that leaves your booth.

Trade show displays to attract eyes to your booth are a complete branding experience. You can’t afford not to include trade show display booths to advertise your brand. These are also a great asset to gain exposure.

It involves:

  • Show visitors
  • The public
  • Clients
  • Agency partners
  • Atmosphere

The first thing is to:

  • See what people around you see
  • Be aware of what they buy
  • Ask yourself where they are coming from

This way you can think of different strategies to implement into your booth. These include:


Show displays are unique to your event. The goal is to get people to follow your brand through the year even after the event.

Trade show booth displays can be in many different forms including pop up stands, wall displays, acrylic displays, banner stands and much more.


Create a brand story. Using portable and interactive pop up stands.

Use augmented reality for your service or product employees, you can also use AR video, AR software and AR technology advertising to site visitors.


For your booth desktop displays, show visitors in a way that you can:

  • Break through people’s daily routines.
  • Provide them with the right information to make a purchase.

Make sure it can always be visible.

Make sure the booth is always in view.

If you’ve ever used that phrase, then you know how important it is to your brand’s success. A wall on one side of a booth and a curtain on the opposite side can be a great way to let customers look at your brand. However, a wall or a curtain can also be a detractor. Customers may view the booth space as a deadspace, especially when the wall is visible to passersby.

Curtains and walls should not be used as the main focal point during an event since customers will be easily drawn to the space immediately in front of them. Ideally, the center of attention will be on the display table.

Give away an item that people will want to use.

  • Place a coupon in the item. If it is a product that also comes with a booklet or instruction sheet, allow people to take that with them.
  • Give a discount if they are not wearing a company logo.
  • Place a sample in the item. If it is a product, allow people to take a look, sniff or try.
  • Provide a sample of a product.
  • Provide evidence that the company sells a quality product.
  • Provide a map to a website.
  • Provide a free sample.

Be strategic with brand placement.

Remember where you have brand in the other information.

Themes are effective if emotions are strong enough.

Display by various materials makes it visually attractive.

Reveal product concept with beautiful product.

Display and overview of product.

Set-up of brand should always be based on the idea of order and straight lines. The aim is to solve a problem and highlight brand benefits. A creative trade show display structure can be used to tell a story, perhaps using visuals or a branded gift with purchase to engage shoppers and drive up sales. It can also make a specific message more direct and memorable, and should be planned as a creative trade show display structure rather than a typical trade show display structure.

Ideas for a creative trade show display structure:

■ With a stand display, consider how the merchandise could be displayed on a runway while the sales associate can greet customers and provide assistance. What can different displays do to tell a better story?

■ How can you accommodate different angles or variations for each item so it’s more visually appealing? Also, it can draw attention of customers and make customer experience an interactive one.

■ Note all the media are in sync with the display idea. Adapt the idea to the target audience and make sure your creative trade show display ideas are appealing to the target audience.

The size of the display also matters. Make measures and balances of the display.

14. Pick the right trade show.

The first step when developing creative trade show display ideas is to consider the trade show itself. There are hundreds of trade shows (digital marketing, marketing events, infor event, ecommerce solutions, etc.) out there, but some are better than others. For instance, the Digital Marketing Expo (DME) is a great event, but the Tech Marketing Association International (TMAI) is a bit on the dull side.

This is probably the first and most important trade show consideration. Choose the right trade show and you’ll have a much easier time planning your stand.


Bucket Challenge: Find the perfect shot level, background color, and image.Use the app below to make your own bucket challenge.Strangers can challenge each other to take a picture holding a bucket in different ways and then upload it.

The challenges vary from hilarious and adorable to utterly disgusting. Some of the challenges are:

  • Shoot the most colorful picture as possible (you can use a mask to do that)
  • Hide in the picture!
  • Have a picture with someone famous!
  • Take a photo while chewing gum!
  • And the list goes on…check it out!

Host a photobooth.

Be strategic with your layout to engage maximum attendees.

One of the most important things to think about is the flow of attendees. If you have multiple stages or events, it is relatively easy to have a person going from one stage to the next, but the way you get them from your booth to the show floor often determines your success. Consider ways to get attendees from your booth directly to the show floor. Create short routes that will ensure that people who are not necessarily interested in your products will see and engage with it. For the more serious attendees, keep your eye on the ground floor and think about the flow of people to and from the hotel, especially at night. Finally, integrate the bathrooms into your trade show plans. If you don’t have good ones, think about what you will do at your booth for people to use the bathroom.

17. Host a game at your booth.

18. Stay active on social media during the event.

Promote your booth on social media to get more attention to get more traffic at the show and also to show off the cool touches of your products/services. You can also use the social media platform to showcase the work produced by your company so that your followers can see the ongoing effort for a successful trade show.

Be interactive with the audience.

Create a contest for the attendees at the event to make it more enjoyable and exciting for the attendees. This will encourage them to take more interest in your products and services.

Pay money to have a live feed of your booth at a trade show.

Use any of the creative trade show display ideas and examples mentioned here for your next trade show event.

If you plan to have a booth at any trade shows in the future, you should follow these tips and trade show display ideas to get the best display materials.

19. Offer free Wi-Fi to draw tech-focused attendees to your stand.

Stay relevant to tech-savvy companies by offering them a complimentary Internet connection to your stand, whether it’s one of the booths in the exhibition area or one of your wall-mounted display screens. Make sure the Wi-Fi is strong enough to handle the fibre demands of your tech-savvy attendees.

20 . Encourage attendees to return to your booth.

Know who to let go and who to keep.

Many businesses carry a staff that are not fully aligned with you. Even though they may be phenomenal in their skill development or proven experience.

So, there will be chances that once you let go or remove them from your meetings, they might lose the passion to work in your business. This might put the focus on people you are leaving out which will increase the value of your team and the success of your business.

BONUS: Make noise, even after the fact.

During the commercial break, while waiting for the next ad to run, say to yourself, "it's going to get better, it's going to get better," and then try to look cool and pretend you're a manly man.

This played during a commercial break and made me miraculously feel like a man doing man things and all of my life problems just melted away

After the commercial is over, don't pause the show to watch which song is going to play next. Don't watch to distract yourself, don't forget that you're not actually watching. Turn your attention to the ad, then the next commercial, and then the show.

Forget about the show reminding you of the ad that it's cashing in on. Don't think about them at all. Don't think about the content of the ad. Don't think about the ad's sponsor. Watch the show, and make it a fantasy world where you don't have to do the mundane things you have to do in life, like taking out the trash, or buying groceries, or going to the bank, or getting a friend to fix your car, or doing laundry, or dealing with an ex, or watching boring ads, or getting dressed, or taking a walk, or talking to anyone.

Bottom Line: Trade Show Display Ideas

What do attendees see when they enter your trade show exhibit or booth? If you’re a trade show exhibitor, you’re probably aware that the ultimate goal is to make sure the people who attend your trade show booth, whether trade show attendees or potential customers, recall your exhibit in a positive manner. What do the people see when they enter your trade show booth? Will having a trade show booth help you achieve the objective of having your brand or product featured prominently in a room full of potential customers? Will it help you stand out in a room full of similar exhibits, both large and small? Will it also help you get the attention you want or need when you enter and walk through the exhibit hall?

So what should you do?

Here are 21 innovative display ideas for trade show booths that’ll help you get your brand or product seen and make a grand entrance.