Creative Packaging Ideas: Examples, Costs & Providers

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Creative Packaging Ideas for Branded Shipments

Branded product shipments can be distributed to many different locations and are often under a tight deadline. For these reasons, a load of product must arrive at the destination with as much value as it can muster. Aesthetically speaking, the product must be delivered in a way that is consistent with the brand:s strategy.

Packaging design ideas can also stand out when the shipment is large and more than one truck will be required to deliver. In addition, everything involved in the shipment effort must be reasonable. Therefore, the shipping container, for example, must be cost effective and its contents must be able to withstand shipment.

Certain rules must also be followed; for example, any product in the container must comply with the standardized load calculation calculation chart and must follow industry regulations. To top it off, the container must hold a minimum overall dimension and be able to remain intact during transportation.

If these rules are followed carefully, the entire shipment will be dispatched to the destination in an orderly manner. Regardless of the product or products involved, there are several common provisions made.

Creative Packaging Ideas Start with a Solid Brand Identity

Your product has a few different selling points. For many of your competitors, these are the main selling points. For you, they’re just icing on the cake. Your unique selling point is your pack that gets all the attention your brand needs to achieve its goals.

In the time it takes your competition to come up with a sensible package, you’ve already finished packaging your product and think of ideas that make it stand out. You’re so in touch with your product that it seems to talk to you because you’re so close to it. That’s why it’s more than two and a half times for you are up to three times as likely to be called a creative.

Branding has so much to do with your creative packaging ideas that you might wonder if you can use a brand to make that pack – and the answer is yes. Although we’re not saying that you shouldn’t use packaging that’s entirely different from your brand, it’s important to have a brand that’s flexible enough to work in different designs as long as the content is consistent.

Creative Packaging Ideas for Shipping Boxes & Mailers

Maybe you're a developer that needs to ship out a new suite of applications. Or you're an art director going through the catalogs of a variety of creative designers that need a way to bring your ideas to life. Or perhaps you're just someone who loves to be creative and send your friends and family fun and original cards.

Whatever the case, it's always helpful to have packaging designs available for your projects. Here are a few examples of creative packaging/mailer ideas that you can use for your own projects. From the cheapest and easiest solutions to the pros and cons to each. As always the best way to come up with something that works perfectly for you is to get in touch with your mailing & package printing partners and have them help you get the package boxes that you need on time.

Let's start with the basics (which come in various forms and sizes, including corrugated boxes): The common industry preferred shipping box has a width of 12"x48", a depth of 18"x48", and a length of 12"x96".

If you have a shipping requirement of 0.5 cubic feet or smaller, you can use the custom size UPS/FedEx/UPS/USPS/etc. pallet boxes that are commonly available. These boxes are a wide-mouth size of 4"x48", and a length of 8"x48". They can commonly be found in a weight of 20 to 40 pounds.

Custom-Designed Creative Packaging Programs

When All Design Co. works with small businesses, they research the products or services…and look for a new solution that is both creative and cost effective.

Many business owners are under the misconception that their products or services are unique and cannot be replicated. But with the right creative direction, a lot can be accomplished by a small business in the way of packaging.

There are many creative packaging types and designs-from jewel boxes to custom-made trays. These can be easily purchased or customized from online providers.

This blog post will contain a few smart ideas, costs and providers for creative packaging.

If you are an avid Do-It-Yourself (DIY)-er and are interested in crafting your own packaging, there are many craft websites that sell custom cut paper. Even better, many retail stores sell specially cut sheets to be used as wrapping paper.

For those more comfortable ordering on the internet, there are several providers that will help you create your own packaging.

A stock corporation for your packaging can either be paper and/or plastic.

With paper, many different products can be made from paper. Some possible uses for paper are:

  • Booklets and folders
  • Mailers
  • Wrapping paper
  • Ties
  • Decorative boxes
  • Bags
  • Purse or diaper bags

Creative Packaging with Printed Stock Boxes

Printed stock boxes are a valuable asset to any business that needs custom packaging. These boxes can be printed in bulk quantities for very little cost else with expensive custom boxes. The benefit of printed stock boxes is that they are perfect for companies who are not very well established. They can serve as the company’s first business card, featuring attractive photography or print that adheres to many marketing and creative needs. Printed stock boxes can be custom printed by a printer with any layout and many printing options. A wide variety of colors and finishes can be used to match specific brand colors, logo designs, and other marketing efforts.

Cost for printing stock boxes can vary based on the number of boxes printing and the materials used to make the boxes. Resin or fabric stock boxes are more cost-effective to print in bulk quantities than cardstock boxes. Stock boxes are most commonly used for business cards, but they are also perfect for other marketing content like brochures, flyers and more!

Creative Packaging Ideas for Pennies

When people decide to start a new business, they are often faced with the difficult task of developing a package that will get their product noticed.

Many new entrepreneurs try to create some kind of prototype and go from there, which is often not the most efficient route. The market is already flooded with products every day, so the ones that stand out the most often have a creative packaging idea that makes them unique.

Lets say you�ve got the idea for a new product, and it calls for something special or unusual.

The first thing you need to figure out is how much the packaging will cost and what materials you need for it.

Next you need to plan out your design for the packaging, and put it together before you have to vinyl wrap it.

Finally, you need to find a company who can print your packaging.

Once you have it all planned out, it is a matter of arranging the printing and shipping.

The cost of printing a package can be quite low in comparison to other products, and companies will often help you with that cost as well.

In this section, we�ll go over the various options for your creative packaging idea, the cost, and where you can find help.

Custom Packaging Design & Printing: Things to Know

All too often supply chain managers are forced to purchase generic packaging to ensure cost efficiency and speed in the ordering and production of a product. These choices are usually quick and easy and are also less likely to be scrutinized for branding, image, or aesthetic appeal. But when all you need is a supply chain professional to create a custom design or a unique print that fits your brand, sometimes you need to pay a little more to ensure a wonderful end result. And the kicker is that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get it.

Most companies from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies can hire a custom printing company that can give them a professional print job for a relatively low cost. While this may be an expensive option for a large-scale corporation, it is an even better option for small to medium sized companies because they could save a ton of money. Here are a few things to consider:

Design & Print Service Costs

When choosing a design and print service, be sure to consider the various costs involved. For instance, you must take cost per line into consideration. Some companies charge by the letter or the number of lines. Other companies charge based on square inches. You must understand and do an analysis of how much it will cost to reach a certain amount of font and design size; that way you can select the right provider for your needs.

Creative Packaging Ideas for Fillers, Inserts, Bags, & Tags

You may not think about it, but turning packaging and your brand, company, or product into a dynamic, engaging and eye catching way to showcase your offerings is a very effective marketing strategy. In today's tedious job market, the power of your packaging has never been as important as it is today. The beauty of branding a product with your own personal flair speaks volumes about your products personality and your brand.

One of the latest tactics that has been gaining popularity is designing creative packaging that features icons and images that represent the sole purpose of the product. The great thing about this type of packaging is that you can grab a few minutes during photo shoots to build these packaging packages as it's very easy to do. Sunil Rastogi, below, is a packaging designer at The Back of the House. His gigs include designing packaging for international food brands, and he has learned a thing or two about creative packaging options.

Thank You Inserts: Personal Touches for Pennies per Order

Printing thank you inserts are possible for only pennies per order. And this gives your new shipping system lasting impact for very little investment.

Printing printable inserts like forms to thank small donors or customers is not new, but it is a practice that can boost your customer base, and put new customers at ease. Printing and stuffing thank you inserts into the packaging for a variety of projects is a great way to strengthen your brand, boost customer loyalty, and get genuine thank you calls.

It’s also a smart way to offer special discounts and incentives on small purchases to get customers back into your shop and keep them coming back. Thanks to a range of printing options, you can assemble the inserts yourself and ship them. A branded printer or print shop can turn around a small quantity of orders on short notice and provide an eye catching, distinctive touch…all for a very reasonable price.

You can use a printer to print the inserts and then attach them to your packaging. This eliminates the cost of individually assembling each order. And if you are not a computer person, that’s fine too. Just get a graphic designer to put it all together and write out the instructions.

Tag Embellishments: Tie One On for Budget-Friendly Branding

One of the challenges with the development of a tagline is how to make the tagline affordable. When you’re marketing to a large audience and thinking how you’re going to ship your items to them, it’s cost effective to use a third party courier. Without the third party couriers, you’d have to pay a huge amount for determining the price for the shipping.

One way to reduce the cost of shipping is to have your items wrapped in a cardboard or gift packaging. A good tag showcasing a tagline will require the services of an object wrap company to design and print your tag. When a packaging tag gets printed, it requires maximum free space. Hence, the taglines are sized in little boxes that are spaced apart to allow for the brand name to be right on the front of the tag. The packaging tag design centrew pages of taglines. To meet this, you might have to have all the taglines in your item shipped outside the plastic packaging. But when you do that, you are restricted in terms of how to design your packaging taglines. Unless you put brand logo on the front of your packaging taglines. Tag Embellishments is enhanced to allow you to put brand logo on the front of your taglines.

Bags & Labels: Finish Grouped Sets or Small Items

Before you get started wrapping your gift, consider whether it’s easier to give your gift in one big package or to break it into smaller ones. With larger items, like furniture and electronics, it’s often easier to give and easier to wrap if you give it as one big package.

But if you’re wrapping other small items, such as candies, clothing, or decks of cards, for example, you may benefit from giving them separately.

For example, if you have a 12 gift for inspection, then by giving them in two or three smaller packages, it decreases the number of items to inspect and increases the chance that you’ll find one last minute present you forgot to include.

Whether you give your gift as one complete package or two or three smaller packages, you can make it one of the most special and memorable gifts you give by adding a personal touch.

Simply wrap the present or gift with a nice printed bag or labels. You can use your own bag or use one you’ve picked up at a local craft store. In either case, you’re going to be able to add a bit of personality to the present.

Logo Stickers & Inner Packaging: Create an Impression That Sticks

Company Logos shaped like ribbons, flowers, or hearts are the addendums to a product’s carton. Since they are on a package, consumers can identify the manufacturer’s name and identity easily.

Today, they are used as carton box inner packaging as well. With the advent of digital printing, designer-able shapes have become a must have. If you’re thinking of bringing back your old or re-branding a product, a company name logo shape will automatically make it more recognizable.

The only problem is that these shapes are often multi layered so they can’t be placed on the die cut machines and hence require a manual print these days. But that’s where a company logo sticker can help. Recognizing logos don’t come as second nature for everybody, especially for people between the ages of (14-24)

Discover how to design a company logo sticker in this blog.

Here are few examples of these inner and outer carton box logos that I came across.

Here is a cool video that shows how it’s done.

Bottom Line

Any product manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer can benefit from creating creative packaging ideas, but retail shops and designers stand to gain the most.

Use your creative skills and some simple illustrative visual aids to develop creative packaging ideas that are eye-catching and memorable.

Consider some of the following techniques as potential creative packaging ideas:

  • Unique Packaging : It takes very little effort to develop a package that’s not only novel but also maintains a high level of product security and increases shelf life.
  • Product Focused Packaging : It’s not necessary to place all your attention on the product; use product packaging to draw attention to your brand, product, service, or the areas of your store where your product is sold.
  • Package Focused Packaging … and The Disposable Bar Pack.

Clean Packaging and high-quality packaging materials are part of a company’s image, and they help it stand out from the pack. Video cameras and mobile digital devices have made it possible for customers to take product images, and retailers and wholesalers now have access to new and interactive delivery methods. But high-quality packaging also makes a positive impact on the environment. Less packaging means a smaller carbon footprint, and it helps to make recycling a little easier.