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An infographic is an extremely versatile and effective form of content marketing, and it’s about time it was recognized as a promotional tool. But a brochure is no longer a marketing piece aimed at bringing prospects into a store; it’s a way to introduce families and friends to your business. And while they may look different now, there are definite similarities between brochures and the infographics you’re seeing everywhere.

Professionally Printed Multipurpose Brochures

Brochures have become an essential tool in any marketer’s arsenal. Designed to attract prospects and convert them into buyers, they’re a great way to spread branding far and wide.

When approaching the design phase of a brochure, it’s important to think holistically … in terms of the layout, brand messaging, content, and size. It’s also useful to start from scratch and then evolve from there based on a handful of key points.

In order to make a lasting impact, brochures should contain a clearly-defined purpose. To facilitate this, you should think of the audience you wish to reach … then design your brochure with that in mind.

Because each brochure is a representation of your brand, your job in creative is to craft a unified template that seamlessly carries across all of your brochures. If you want to stand out from the crowd, make it easy for your prospects to spot you from afar. If your brochure is tailored to a specific industry or is too fragmented, your brand will lack a consistent tone of voice.

Plumbing Service

Professional Logo Design

Do you have an awesome business idea, but you feel like your business’ branding is not catching a very wide audience? If your logo is not as good as your business idea, you will not attract very wide inquiry to your business.

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Hotel & Hospitality

Designing a brochure or magazine can be an easy way to get your brand ideas out to the world. Not only will you be reaching out to your existing customers, but a brochure can be used as an easy and effective marketing tool. Given their traditional design needs and composition, it’s no surprise that it is often the first promotional piece for many hotels and hospitality businesses.

Whether you’re creating brochures as an external vendor to a hotel or as part of a large internal team, it’s exciting to have the opportunity to enter the world of brochure design.

This guide will help you understand the different steps involved in creating a brochure, and show you a few of the most common mistakes made by brochure designers. At the end of the guide, we’ll give you tips on how to create your own brochure, so you can design your own or create something informative and memorable for your brochure designers.

New to brochure design?

This guide was created with the novice designed in mind, so we’ll be looking at the basic steps you need to consider in your brochure design process, the usability side of the brochure design process, and what you can do to ensure your brochure design is successful and relevant.

General Contractor

Before you start designing your brochure, you want to talk with your business partner, your administrative assistant, and your graphic artist. You are not designing a brochure for yourself; you are designing a business brochure to be delivered to construction contractors, to new subcontractors, and to any other potential clients to promote your business.

By the way, you can learn more about the importance of your brochure by reading this article.

When you have discussed the type of information you want to put into your brochure, you will find that your graphic designer will have many ideas for the layout and design of the brochure. However, it will still be up to you to decide what and how to put the information into your brochure.

An added bonus to making a brochure is that you can also design or create your own business cards at the same time. These two items will force you to think of ways to promote your business to the public. All of this will help you in thinking of content to put into your own business brochure.

Prominent Branding

A lot of the time, companies choose brochures over other marketing channels because it's a cost-effective way of getting the word out about a product or service if you're small. An effective design will not only grab the attention of potential customers, but also help them remember your company. Professional brochure design is a great way to set up a business in the eyes of customers while promoting your brand.

Finding the right brochure design is all about appreciating the importance of your brand and choosing the right style to suit the audience for which the brochure is being made. This is why you should always make the effort to produce a brochure that compliments your company values. As your company grows, you can always change the printed material but your company values will always remain the same.

Here is a quick tip for creating unique brochures that are eye-catching.

Try to utilize different font styles and sizes. Avoid limiting yourself to choosing one style which is easy to spot, but instead, use different styles and sizes to help the reader focus on the main content.

Add highlights to important points by making them stand out. Keep the text to a maximum of six lines and ensure that the headlines and important text are in bold to make sure that the content stands out. You can also borrow ideas from the website itself by making use of keywords in headlines and text.

High-Quality Photography

If you haven’t done so already, it’s about time you had a look at the best brochure templates available.

To improve the chances of you landing a brochure project, you should consider doing your own research and grasp some of the basics of creating high-quality brochures.

In this post, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to design your own high-quality brochure templates painlessly. We’ll also show you some valuable tips you can use to create brochures of your own.

Holiday Travel

In this sample brochure, we present the latest wordpress car theme with two clickable pages and in one click navigation.

Main Page

It has fixed images with scrollable headline, four column layout, four main sections, about us section, services section, contact us, and more.

Product Page

It has three column layout with two clickable footer sections, two icons, two easy to click parts and in one click navigation.

Brochure Cover Design

It has fixed images with scrollable title, company logo, two clickable footer sections, and two clickable parts.

Brochure Landing Page

It has floating images and text with clickable footer section.


Thanks for coming to our website. You can read company info, services, contact us and other web links.

Wedding Planner

The leaflet can be hand outs for happy couples to walk out with before they leave for the honeymoon.

It can even be given out as a direct mail to new couples in the state in the hope to find them in the future for their future wedding.

Restaurant or Cafe

One of the most important materials to determine the success of your business is the brochure. Thus we have created this collection of brochures with the purpose of helping you beef up the idea for your business.

Basically, in the matter of a good business brochure, your material and your purpose should be harmonious – where as your material should match the purpose and the purpose should explain your material.

So let’s start with the material. First, the material should be something that you can fancy and make it attractive to the eye. Secondly, it should be something that is pocket handy and your readers are likely to read. And thirdly, it should be something that is interesting enough to stay there until the end.

Now, coming to the purpose of the brochure. The purpose of the brochure should clearly be explained clearly in the brochure. It’s like using a box to explain your product.

The purpose of the brochure is primarily to gain customers.

Create a brochure … that’s an action, which includes placing your brochure in different magazines where your products will be exposed to the wider crowd.

Another action you could take is to create a membership in an exclusive club for your customers who have purchased products from you. This will creating a feeling of belongingness, loyalty, and exclusivity

Computer Sales & Repair

Brochures are one of the most effective marketing tools for small businesses. Typically used to inform potential customers about the products and services your business provides, a brochure is especially useful when you want to effectively communicate with your target audience.

The purpose of a brochure is to let customers know who you are, what you do and how you can help them. Your brochure should also showcase your business’s aesthetic appeal, using high quality images or artwork to capture the attention of potential customers.

The most important thing to remember when designing your brochure is to make it focused on your target audience. Ensure that it focuses on describing your product or service and applies many of the tips we will discuss in the following paragraphs to keep your brochure concise and eye catching whenever someone looks at it.

Brochures are usually made for an office or home, and this is one reason why they should be small. Start your brochure by informing your customers about your office location and hours of operation. After this, describe your product or service in detail, using direct statements, headings, and bullet points. Whenever you need to make a personal statement, use quotes to show that you’re speaking from personal knowledge and experience. You can also include a brochure style guide to illustrate important aspects of your brochure like the visual hierarchy or the front cover layout.

Visual Art Gallery

You could send out brochures as a marketing outlet, to open up a new business or to kick off a product launch. But the challenge is to pick the right materials and illustrations that would attract your audience and convert prospects into customers.

If you want a success in your marketing, you will have to deliver lucrative benefits to prospective buyers if you want them to keep engaging with you.

Creating a brochure is one way of doing so. Because if your brochure is an excellent sales tool, prospects will have no choice but to seek out your brochure for more information in their quest to make a decisive purchase. In this post, we’ll be looking at how brochures can help you together with some creative brochure examples from some of the best business magazines and other sources.

Summer Camp

Here we have some great summer camp sample brochure handouts for you to use (or to print for your handouts).

Fun Activities– For an all-around fun activity, here’s a list of really fun and super cool things you can do on a summer camp.

Skills… Some of the most popular activities you can do at camp are sports, arts, science, and the outdoors. Here’s a list of some really fun activities related to these subjects.

Activities… A list of summer camp’s actual summer activities to get you thinking.

Coming in for a visit… A list of some places to go to during the year.

A day in the life… A list of some of the memorable days that campers go through during the days that they are at camp.

Camp Motto… The camp motto is the camp’s motto and can be found on school shirts and athletic sweatshirts. If you follow these, you’ll have a much better chance of making it to the end of the summer.

Luxury Spa

Have you ever wanted to treat yourself or someone you love, to a luxurious spa retreat? Dubai is now home to some of the leading hotels and spas. And, some of them offer high-end spa packages.

Spa retreats come in a variety of forms. These can be complete spa condos or just an overnight stay.

A hotel spa package offers you many spa amenities with a relaxing overnight stay. Premium hotels in Dubai offer guests a trolley service which takes them straight from the airport to the spa or hotel. These packages will often include a private massage or facial, as well as a use of all spa amenities. Spas offer a host of relaxation packages.

With the hot summer months looming, spa packages are the ideal place to escape the heat.

You can order a smash hit to stand or sit at the center of all the activity! They also may be right to you. You can get a variety of spa retreats here. You also can use our online services and decision-making expertise to locate an ideal spa retreat package.

They provide all the luxurious components and ambiance of a luxury spa retreat. It offers everything you could possibly want in a luxury spa and then some.

As part of the tour, you will experience them all, from steam rooms and saunas to mud baths and whirlpools.

Real Estate Open House

One of my favorite real estate consulting sites, Oodle Classifieds, has a terrific article on how to create a sale flyer that you could use to get the attention of potential clients. I could not do justice to the article in this space so I thought I’d summarize some of the tips here. These tips and sample flyers can help you to market your real estate rental property better.

If you are looking for rental property to flip and you are planning it as a business then your real estate flyer should be designed as a brochure. It can be a white bomb or a color brochure and it should be printed in a perfect size and readability.

A real estate brochure should not be longer or shorter than 2 pages. I would recommend you not to exceed the first page because people can buy a book from a street seller but they cannot read your booklet unless it looks perfect with the color, quality and the size.

You can use pre-made flyer templates (available in free or paid versions) but my advice is not to do that. You can use photoshop and impressively design your own design using brochure template and mock up.

Insurance Company

An insurance company brochure is basically your sales tool. So your brochure should include the information so that your customers know you, and what you have to offer.

Let me show you a creative brochure that should help you out. The whole brochure is about Life insurance, but one part of it is creative.

Firstly, we have a large image of the person we insure. Currently, this picture is shifted right using the space of the page. As you can see, the space is equal to the length of the brochure, which is the real problem.

However, what you can do is using a lot of white space to make the image larger, and the brochure looks more attractive.

The solution is to use a grid, which you need to do very carefully. Using a grid, you can add different photographs on each column. But, you have to make sure it will look good and don’t look like cut-outs of the photographs. The overall proportions should be balanced.

As you can see, the text in the brochure is small, which is why the user is recommended to have life insurance, which can enhance his or her life.

Also, you can use text on a new column, which will make the brochure look more attractive. However, having too many columns is not a good thing, so you should put the text on one column only.


A recruitment document or onboarding document can be used to showcase your organization to prospective and potential employees. Its central purpose is to let the new hire know about the requirements expected of them, their first few days at work, and so on. It’s also a way to introduce yourself and set the tone for working together. If you’re looking to do a high-quality document, you’ll find lots of templates to choose from.

Bed & Breakfast Inn

For many, a vacation rental is a more economical choice. And this is especially the case if you are not going to be home during the trip in question.

For guests with limited budgets, hopping on a plane and flying to the other side of the globe can be expensive. But with a bed & breakfast inn or a vacation rental, you can feel like you are just a short drive away from an exotic holiday destination.

Cleaning Services

Resume Tips- To clean a house, you have to have patience and be very slow. It is essential to have the ability and courage for it. A cleaning services resume should be designed according to the types of your job.

You need to be able to express your experience and skills clearly in your resume. The information, such as job experience must be well described. Your skills and your experience must be carefully described. The skills and experience that you should present can be classified into three groups as follows:

  • Skills: The skills that you possess can be classified into five categories as follows:
  • Communication skills.
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Helping skills.
  • Time management skills.
  • Problem solving skills.

You Must Include a Variety of Communication Skills in Your Resume

Skilled in team building and leadership

Types of Cleaning Services Resume:

Classification of cleaning services resume according to the types of cleaning services or work. You are able to write your own cleaning services resume by including the details of your work experience.

Resume Sample (Information Technology Consultant)

The resume is also designed for the personnel working in the field of Information Technology.

The proper skills and experience must be mentioned clearly in the resume in order to be selected. The skills and experience describes clearly and does not include the details, then your resume will be overlapped.

Accounting & Tax Consultant

First, to keep it simple I took a large, one page, clean, modern looking layout. I decided to go buck on the colors and just picked the most bright and attractive ones I could find. The blacks and light beiges are a good contrast.

The front photo is a nice large shot of his head. It gives a very personable feel to the brochure. I positioned it where I wanted it to make the eye want to go to his face but I also wanted the name and contact info to be on top of the photo. This is so important to the design and structure of the brochure. On his photo, I used the drop shadow to make it darker, neaten it up and make it more readable. Instead of having the shadow go behind the brochure, I flipped it horizontally so it’s not odd looking.

The company name and contact info I put on top of the photo behind a large black heading. The heading is 9mm but looks like the same size of the photo, so it’s not too thick and adds a bit of structure to make them match.

Make It Valuable

Brochure design is seen as a basic need of a business for drumming up new clients. But when you have designed a brochure for your company, you want to re-design it time and again. Designing brochure on a daily basis is highly recommended to get a greater smartness out of the actual display.

Both display methods have pros to cons. Some business owners prefer a business card or a pamphlet while some want to make a better use of their aesthetic self. However, the average business owner needs a bold promotional offer to make things lively.

There are various ways to get better with your work. These ideas for brochure designing will help you promote your association better.

Make It Unique from the Crowd

Use a tactic to eliminate your business from the crowd with a unique brochure campaign. As per the study conducted in US, the survey analyses were leading to the conclusion that 43% of the businessmen believe in using a unique design for brochure.

A lot of things in the market are similar like brand slogans, business cards, and letterhead. The simple approach of presenting a completely different design signifies a certain class of your business. With the introduction of technology, one can now produce a brochure with a few simple clicks. With just a little bit of work, you will be able to redesign your brochure to make it unique.

Z-Fold Layout

When designing your brochure, I’d recommend trying out the Z-Fold layout. It’s a good way to present your new products in a more dynamic way. Your carded products should be put in the center with your best pieces on the outside and the ones that will be used less on the inside.

The layout will break up the traditional outlook of your brochure allowing more breathing room to the different pieces. You’re also not going to be restricted when putting your pieces together so you can arrange them in a way that’s more comfortable for you.

Congratulations on finding this 28 creative brochure examples and tips to design your own brochure! You’re now one step closer to putting together your first brochure for your business.

I’ve already done a lot of work for you, so that your business brochure is a work of art, and by art you can then show to your customers.

Just take a look at our opinion of the best business card templates for your business and get started on the brochure design.

Tri-Fold Layout

This is a tri-fold brochure format for all your marketing material like literature, business card, note pad etc. This template is absolutely simple and professional.

You can use multi colors to make appealing to eye. Add eye catching texts on each lay-out page of the brochure and you get good impression.

Simple Horizontal Fold

This layout is known as horizontal format brochure. It has simplicity as it should be for all the simple brochure. What you need to do is only to add texts and image to your brochure according to your needs.

Horizontal Spread

This is another simple layout for brochures. It has a simple two page layout and has the option of straight fold and a single fold layout. You can use it as a horizontal brochure or a vertical brochure.

Tri-Fold Layout or Open Style Brochure

This type of brochure is made by using tri-fold according to the number of pages which is three in this case. This layout has a fold of 3 sides and it can be seen from both side pages. The tri-fold layout is made in such a way that the center fold is vertical and the other two fold are horizontal.

Four-Panel Fold

Four-Panel Fold: Simple Fold, Two Collar Fold, Three Collar Fold. Four-Panel Fold: Double Fold, Triple Fold.

Five-Panel Fold.

Simple Fold

While it’s the simplest fold possible, this is still a creative fold which will allow you to incorporate creative designs ideas in the brochure or flyer that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Two Collar Fold

Apart from the creative designs, this fold also allows you to more closely control the overall layout of the flyers. Ensure that all the necessary information to meet all the customers needs is placed correctly.

Three Collar Fold

With this fold, you can also control the layout of the design. This is more practical from a copywriting and printing point of view. However, keep in mind that this is a bit harder to spot or read compared to the other folds.

Four-Panel Fold: Simple Fold, Two Collar Fold, Three Collar Fold

This is the most popular flat fold and also the most widely used fold. These will ensure that there are no ugly creases or folded edges at the bottom.

Four-Panel Fold: Double Fold, Three Collar Fold

Die-Cut Z-Fold

This great Brochure can be easily folded into Z-Forms so that you can use them as a hook to hang the brochures on the walls. Remember that the brochure only needs a pair of scissors to cut. Popular suggestion is using the cardboard back for the pages. Have fun!


A metal material template, (Don't forget the complete template for the metal material), precise measurements, and correct cutting lines – this template will definitely help you to achieve a great outcome.

A metal material template, (Don't forget the complete template for the metal material), precise measurements, and correct cutting lines – this template will definitely help you to achieve a great outcome.

Add [¬] to Your List

This brochure is definitely worth creating. It has two sides and is in a Z-form. This brochure can easily be folded into a standard A4 brochure or it can be re-folded into a Z-form again. The Z-form can be done with ease.

Five-Panel Accordion Fold

This brochure opens up into a five-panel accordion fold that contains content for reaching out to different audiences with a concise overview and various sub-topics, including: Why should you switch?, Why our Solution is better than other, Our Clients, Our Team, and Contact us.

The dividers are perfect for breaking down information.

Brochure Snapshot:
Total pages: 10

Engagement section: 0.7 (front and back)

The grid: 1

Page layout: 4.2

This brochure is a great example of presenting content in an engaging way, especially at the opening where the Opening statement is placed in a large font and the navigation is grouped together. The larger font size is great to grab your reader’s attention. Also, placing the navigation in a grid with a high amount of copy leading to the main navigation area is a great way to draw attention to the navigation and add some visual appeal.

The next section into Discussion and testimonials is broken down into sub-topics. Placing sub-topics close to each other will help them appear related and the spacing break down content so it’s easy to read.

Tri-Fold + Half-Fold or Tri-Fold + Z-Fold Brochures

The tri-fold brochure is one of the most versatile brochure styles, and it works well with a variety of different layouts. In a tri-fold brochure, the publication folds in thirds toward the spine, giving each fold a different design. A tri-fold brochure is most commonly preferred for a wallet style photo book, since the open sections provide numerous opportunities for you to create spreads. You can also include photographs, diagrams, bar codes, and any other design elements that you’d like to highlight. Rotate pop-out pockets give your reader a convenient place to store loose brochure pages as they leaf through the booklet.

Tri-fold brochure examples are quite useful for designing a tri-fold brochure, since they can show off innovative brochure designs, and even provide inspiration. But only if you’re working with a professional graphic designer or someone with a strong portfolio. Otherwise, you can gain a lot of inspiration from reading brochure design examples.

Brochure designs can seem like a daunting task. But when you break down the process, it becomes easier to brainstorm a good design. Often, smaller and more manageable projects can help you figure out the best design option.

Over to You

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