25 Core Value Statements from 2021’s Top Organizations

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“That horizon might be closer than you think.” – Intuit Mint

A financial service company that helps people manage their money and get out financially safe.

“We do the right thing. Period.” – Uber

Uber ridesharing– biggest competitor in the last decade, the company continued to resolve criticism from normal citizens while increasing its revenues and customer base. Uber has been taking over an entire industry by expanding to different cities and redefining transportation by offering both taxis and Ubers that users can request with a few taps on their smartphone. Uber has been responsive in the face of government intervention, but it has also transformed the economy, providing freedom to millions and job opportunities to hundreds.

“Treat your customers like human beings…” – L.L Bean

It’s amazing that this statement is so short, yet speaks volumes. It’s clear why L.L Bean is ranked so highly for their exceptional customer service!

  • ” – Facebook
  • ” – Amazon
  • ” – Google
  • ” – Twitter
  • ” – Airbnb
  • ” – Williams-Sonoma
  • ” – Starbucks
  • ” – Apple
  • ” – Zynga
  • ” – PayPal
  • ” – Nordstrom
  • ” – Chick-fil-A

“Sport is the foundation for all we do…” – Adidas

“We’re obsessed with communicating…” – Hotjar

Hotjar provides tools that help boost user engagement by analyzing user behavior on your site and generating actionable insights. What started as a clever hack for website owners has since evolved into a full-fledged SaaS platform.

What’s great about Hotjar is 16 years of experience in doing online surveys and always driving to improve. Their company culture, called ‘The Hotjar Way,’ has been built to operate like an exemplary business with values (see below) that everyone can agree on and live by.

Hotjar understands that their users are the most important asset they have. From employee investors to customers to partners, they pride themselves on employing people with a profound sense of responsibility and care.

Hotjar also understands that successful teams are evolutionary ones. They seek to continue to evolve over time by celebrating the best efforts of their employees, always looking to redirect them towards the right goals and objectives in both their professional and personal lives.

No company can stumble forward without having a clear vision. Hotjar has instituted a company-wide culture of fostering open discussions on important decisions. This also helps to sharpen their focus as a team, wherever they may be in the world.

“Listen to all ideas…” – Intel

1. No idea is stupid. ” – Intel –

If you think that any idea is stupid, then there are probably a lot of stupid ideas being kept from you. It’s easy to throw a stick when you’re attacked by sharks, so don’t hang up on a potential idea just because a few of your peers don’t think it sounds like a good one.

2. The vision is a process. ” – Intel Intel This is the mentality of an agile company. By developing a –vision,” Intel is signaling that the decision-making process is a continuous process ” not a top-down process in which the whole company gets together to decide on what the future of Intel should be.

“We must be good citizens…” – Johnson & Johnson

  • People must see the value of who we are and what we do.” – Procter & Gamble
  • We are not philanthropists. We are also in business to make money.” – Amazon
  • Our values are clearly and demonstrably in alignment with our customers’ values.” – BMW
  • It’s about transparency, which leads to trust.” – Starbucks
  • We are a partner not a commodity.” – Apple
  • We understand the importance of trust, first and foremost.” – Tesla
  • Customer satisfaction is our number one value.” – AT&T
  • Not willing to bend.” – Dell
  • We let things go when they are not working.” –TripAdvisor

“Openness, honesty, integrity, courage, respect, diversity, and balance…” – Disney

“Be Remarkable…” – Apto

“High standards are a way of life…” – Wegman’s

Wegman’s has been around for more than 100 years. What’s kept them going for so long is their commitment to high standards, which were set in place by the founders of the company more than a century ago.

These Core Value Statements are how the company answers the question, –How do we ensure consistency in everything we do?”

According to Wegman’s, these are the purpose for their Core Values:

Create an environment that allows us to (1) act as responsible citizens of the world, (2) solve real problems, and (3) solve them through our values.

Put ourselves in the position of being an agent of change.

Make ourselves useful through service to others.

We are respectful of those who work with us and those who don’t.

Be loyal to ourselves and those who have been loyal to us.

Demonstrate integrity by taking personal responsibility for our actions and decisions.

Be consistent with our words and actions.

Show discipline, timeliness, and productivity.

Be honest and ethical in all things we do and say.

Help others, community, and Wegman’s.

Strive to be the best we can be in these Core Values.

“No child is denied treatment…” – St. Jude Children’s Hospital

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is a world-renowned nonprofit organization that focuses on treatment and research dedicated to the cure, treatment and prevention of childhood cancer and other dread diseases. St. Jude’s philosophy is to consistently exceed expectations. St. Jude’s has been recognized as one of the ‘World’s Top 10 Best Places to Work’, the ‘Highest Transforming Nonprofit’, and ‘The Most Respected Hospital in America’ by FORTUNE magazine.

St. Jude strives to continuously exceed expectations by providing talent with a culture that values: Innovation, collaboration, inclusive thinking, robustness and customer focused service.

”․Hi, I’m Joshua Robbins and I have a rare form of childhood cancer called neuroblastoma. As soon as I was born, I was airlifted to St. Jude. That’s where I’ve been going every three weeks for treatment since 2009.”

“Invest in each individual…” – PacMoore

The core value statement above is actually from PacMoore, a crowdfunding platform, and illustrates a few of their values.

Rewards based crowdfunding platforms are interesting. They generally use a similar structure of selling a product as a reward. In general, these platforms are niche, offering unique products and services.

The platform is different, but the approach might be one that you want to consider as your business evolves.

With the varying segments of crowdfunding, there is something for just about any type of business. This is also true for rewards based crowdfunding platforms like this one.

If you’re an entrepreneur who believes in the power of the crowd, you should explore ways to express your values through your offering.

“We are inclusive and collaborative…” – Prudential

Prudential Financial wants to help support diverse teams thrive. To do that, they have distributed their core values to all of their employees. They have 25 different values they try to live by, not just for the sake of being a good corporate citizen, but because they want their employees to be at their best. They have no supervisors who oversee the values, because it’s important that the values are something they all live by. And this makes for a fluid culture where people from different cultures and geographies all can work together not just to be successful but also thrive as part of a team.

”We Are Sensitive to the Challenges Faced by Our Employees” – AstraZeneca –

AstraZeneca has an interesting way of going about delivering their core values. Their values are presented to all employees in print form in a book, which the company shares in a meeting every year. The book has the core values, but in a series of stories that help employees see how each one can be applied to their own lives. It encourages people to look at challenges and opportunities through the lens of the core values.

“No fine print…” – Affirm

“Create a better everyday life…” – IKEA

  • Create a more peaceful world…” – Seva Foundation
  • Build a happy community…” – Live Nation
  • Choose a better future…” – Gazprom
  • Build a new tomorrow…” – Coca-Cola
  • Create a better workplace…” – Goldman Sachs
  • Make a better tomorrow…” – Novartis
  • Build a better tomorrow…” – Yandex
  • Create a better tomorrow…” – Rami Levy
  • Create an inclusive community…” – Unilever

“Connect the world’s professionals…” – LinkedIn

�LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, bringing together over 400 million members in over 200 countries, across nearly every industry and sector.

�Over 60 million professionals like you visit LinkedIn to see who’s already hired them, and who they should consider hiring.

�LinkedIn use the data they’ve collated to help you make more effective decisions when you’re hiring.

””Spotting the Best Leaders Early” – Apple

�People are attracted to Apple because they’re taking risks, are overachievers and are breakthrough thinkers.

�They’re the best in the world at spotting these qualities in others, and then developing people.

””You Can’t Be a Great Company without a Great Team” – Google

�Google’s success depends as much on the people that work there as on the products that they create.

�The company aims to create a culture that’s fun, creative and challenging, and where people feel free to dream big.

“Connecting people to real food.” – Sweetgreen

  • Connecting people to real food.” –Simply most of us has food in our homes, and not enough of it. Fast food is everywhere. Food is an expensive commodity. I think sustainability is the definition of where the world’s taking us. It’s not just about how we use the resources we have to make the best use of those resources and also about all of us in the communities around us. So, how do we grow the best crops in the best way? That’s the Golden Rule to me.” – Sweetgreen CEO Jeff Zelevansky
  • Connecting people to food.” – Whole Foods Market We are trying to build a food culture. Food is the village we can take for granted, but we don’t really take it for granted. We’re trying to connect people to food, because it’s the most important thing in our lives.” – Whole Foods Market CEO Walter Robb

“Do the right thing…” – Buffer

The Buffer Core Value Statements are not simply a list of what Buffer does … they’re a goal to continually strive toward. Rather than dictating what Buffer employees should do, these are the requirements each employee should strive to fulfill. It’s a way of reminding ourselves how far we’ve come and how far we can go.

  • ” Buffer is constantly trying to improve. We’re all about continual improvement. Core Value Statement, –Do the right thing…” was Buffer’s first core value statement and is about striving for balance, striving for growth, and striving for excellence. It’s a reminder of how no workplace is perfect.
  • ” Buffer is mission driven. Core Value Statement, –Do the right thing…” can be interpreted in two ways. One, we are trying to do the right thing in all things we do. Two, we are trying to do the right thing and do the right thing over and over and over.

“Fun-LUVing Attitude…” – Southwest Airlines

Fun-loving attitude is what makes Southwest Airlines stand apart from other airlines.

No matter how awesome their employees are, they always make sure that their customers are having fun. It starts with the employees themselves who are encouraged to have fun with their passengers. They are encouraged to take a casual approach when interacting with the customers on their flights. There is a very casual atmosphere onboard the flights.

To further tie this in, there is very little chaos onboard the flights. When you get through security, there are a lot of signs doing the rounds. They ask you to remain seated until all bags are removed from the overhead bins. And once you’re in the air, the meal kit readings are printed in a relaxed manner. Even the passengers that have ordered the meal kit read them very casually. It just shows that even the slightest things are instilled with the fun-loving attitude of Southwest Airlines.

Another example would be what they call the “Who’s got the energy” competition. The hostess and a flight attendant go from one passenger to another. This is to check and see who is most energetic and fun. Their energy is contagious, making the passengers smile all throughout this activity.

Another way in which is very apparent and present is in their on board magazine. For them, the more fun, the better. And the magazine is always a good time.

“Blowouts bring happiness.” – Drybar

The beauty industry is one where brands constantly push the envelope to find the newest and the most innovative products, but one of the beauty brands that stands out from the rest is Drybar Hairdressers. Known for, among other things, their impulse buy tester hats, the impulse also is their ideological calling card and constant reminder of their core value statement.

Marked by kindness and insight, Drybar has created a buzz around their product as well as their brand name for over a decade. More than that, their core values are evident through their products to the extent that they sell more stripper trial kits than any other brand in the market. Known as products for having no rules whatsoever, they also have the ability to grow armies of loyal customers owing to their refreshingly unique selling proposition.

  • The moment a kid opens our merchandise and sees their specific color on the product, he or she automatically thinks of them as gifts.”
  • Drybar President, Richard Currah

The Drybar core value statement appears on all their social media handles, signposts on their website, and their point of sale station, all of which state the following:

“We deliver premium value…” – American Express

This is the fifth annual Core Values report of its kind and is based on data of the top 50 US organizations as ranked by Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For. The Core Values Statements of these top organizations provide an excellent overview of what they look for in their people and how they manage themselves.

“TouchPOINTS (Passion, Ownership, Intentional, Nurturing and Trust)” – Touchstone Communities

TouchPOINTS are the 25 core values that guide our approach in everything we do. These values are the foundation for how we live and the foundation for how we work.

In TouchPOINTS, we’ve inherited five core values from our mission of enriching lives – Passion, Ownership, Intentional, Nurturing and Trust – together with our corporate citizenship services. Together, these make up the foundation of TouchPOINTS. Together, they complete the picture of how we live and why we work the way we do.

Each core value is composed of three words – we’ve adopted full sentences that come together to complete the picture. Together, they form a mathematical formula that must equal 25. Put another way, the words inside each value can be arranged in three different ways; with open spaces or letters missing, creating three different formulas. In other words, there is only one way to arrange the words such that all three will equal 25.

The math behind each formula…presents us with some important insights. This formula also provides a bit of a cautionary tale.

“If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” – Virgin Airlines

If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.

Virgin Airlines is famous for being known for their service and providing a great flying experience. They have built a reputation on a stated philosophy of treating all their customers as they would their own family.

Virgin wants to ensure that the experience you have with them is first class from the moment that you walk through their doors to the moment that you fly out of their planes. They want to make sure that they have your input on how you would like them to treat you and allow you to ensure that the service is consistent. By taking care of their employees, they can ensure that they provide consistent, first-class service to their customers.

…We had to give ourselves permission to even fail…” – Twitter”

“Help small business make better decisions…” – Fit Small Business

Although Fit Small Business (FSB) is primarily focused on the small business market, they also work with people in the customer service and information technology space.

The organization offers a variety of products and services, including a set of core values called the FSB Core Values. As much as the organization values financial success and growth, they also place a lot of emphasis on the customer experience.

FSB’s core values focus on putting customers first and making sure that customers know everything about the company’s products and services. They are committed to being transparent, accountable and competitive, and they’re looking to differentiate themselves from the competition through exemplary customer service. The core values also feature a convenient list of ways that FSB can better serve its customers, and the list also includes ways that FSB can contribute to the overall community.

” – BioIQ

“Have fun. Make money. Do good.” – The Business Psychology Company

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