Claim Your Indeed Company Page & Set Up a Career Page in 5 Steps

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What Is an Indeed Company Page?

As of this post, there are now more than 400 million registered users for Indeed, and this number is growing every single day.

When you sign up for Indeed you are automatically added to a list of your local area employers. Because this is the case, they have opened the doors to building a private company page for employers. These kinds of pages differ from standard job boards because the list of companies is private. These company pages are a personal way for the employer to show you they are interested in you.

Does this mean that your Indeed Company Page is not on a public list? Not exactly, but it is certainly not a public job board. Indeed is a personal resource for those that need to view job postings from real employers that show interest in them.

Claim Your Company Page on Indeed

There are plenty of career-related websites available. In fact, some of these websites have become so popular that it has caused a few to over-expose themselves. That’s a major problem, especially if you’re a company trying to gain attention, expand your market, and find new employees.

Your job search has just taken a turn for the worse. Now, not only is it difficult to keep up with all of the job opportunities available, but it is also difficult to stand out and appeal to the most relevant candidates.

Fortunately, you can protect yourself from this traffic overload by securing your company page on Indeed. Indeed is a free job search engine that focuses on offering job search information to employers. Although there are plenty of job sites out there, Indeed has gained a lot of popularity by focusing on providing relevant and high quality job search information for companies.

Now, in addition to job listings, Indeed offers employers to maintain a company profile for public consumption. On your company page, you can share news about the company, post job openings, and include contact information. The page includes a custom, branded job description section that is featured prominently on the site.

Submit a Request to Create a Company Page

Create an Employer Account

{1}. Go to the page and log in with your Indeed credentials.
{2}. Click the “Add Company Page” button to add a page.
{3}. Select your area of talent and entry level experience.
{4}. Check the box next to “Add a Career Page” to set up a new career page. This is the page that allows companies to list their job openings.
{5}. Complete the submission form. Your page will go live in a few hours.

For step-by-step instructions, visit the What is Indeed Career Page? section.

Customize Your Company Page With Text & Images

Company Pages are a new feature within Indeed’s search page in the top right corner. In order to set up your company page, you will have to edit your company’s profile.

Once you are logged in, click on your profile picture and choose Edit Profile.

When editing your profile, you will want to add your phone number and address.

Why add your address? Because a lot of companies are opting to share their address and/or phone number on their company page. Now, it’s your turn. If you do want to share your address and/or phone number, you can absolutely do so. If you do not want to share this information, you can simply choose to leave it out.

If you have a company page with no company logo or informational images, you will now be able to choose from a selection of images. If you do not want to include any images at all, this is perfectly okay. However, if you do want to use images, you can choose from a long list of area specific images. If you do not see one or more particular areas, you can always choose the All Images option.

Once you’ve selected your image and are ready to go back to your profile, you will see the company logo set up.

Indeed Company Page Premium

Step-By-Step Guide

Setting up a Company Page & Career Page as a whole is a pretty lengthy and tedious process. You have to set up the page on Indeed and fill out the career page description in order to warrant yourself to the world using Indeed…s job listings and software. However, there is a shortcut that people usually don’t know about! Claiming your Indeed Company Page & Career Page in just 5 simple steps:

For this purpose, we’ll be using the example of a dentist….

Your New Indeed Company Page To claim your Indeed Company Page, you can simply login to your Account Manager. Simply look under Your Job Listings for an option called “Company Page”. Clicking that option will take you to the page you need to fill in. Fill out the fields in this order:

  • Name
  • Company Name
  • Location (City)
  • Location (State)
  • Sector
  • Job Title

To finish the claim process, simply hit the “Claim” button at the bottom of the page. You’ll then be sent to an email from Indeed, confirming that the claim has been processed. Your Company Page is now live!

Create Your Career Page

Stand out from the crowd with your brand-new Career Page on Indeed. Claim your page today for free.

Claim Your Career Page Today

{1}. Create Your Online Profile Now Register your career page and create a company page on Indeed by following the link below.
{2}. Start Your Job Search. Search by Value Let people know that you’re the best fit for a job through your profile by sharing your value.
{3}. Claim Your Page Once your profile is live, you can claim your company page at no charge today.
{4}. Get in the Mix! Get started submitting your job postings to the leading job sites in your field.
{5}. Tell the World About Your Business. Brand your page with the Indeed logo and tag your job postings with the keywords users search.

If you have any questions, send an email to Indeed.

Customize Your Careers Page

$## Integrate Your Careers Page With Your Website

When you set up your Indeed Company Page (Company Profile), you’re automatically bringing your careers page to your website. To call your page the website’s front door, you need to offer people a smooth landing on your company page. That means making it easy for people to:

  • Navigate from your company page to your careers page
  • Navigate from your careers page to your website
  • Come back to your company page
  • Identify your company’s property
  • Visit your company’s careers page
  • Find your company’s careers page
  • Navigate to a particular department’s page

How Indeed Company Pages Benefit Your Business

If you run or manage a website for your business, you must have heard of Indeed and its famous Indeed company pages. Indeed company pages were introduced as a way to provide businesses with a personal website within their company’s brand. And although they have gained a lot of attention and have been fully integrated into the search function of the Indeed website, many business owners are still not using these smart tools and are missing out on a great opportunity.

In this post, we’re going to tell you what a Indeed company page is, how company pages benefit your business, and how to set one up in 5 simple steps. So grab a cup of coffee and settle in. Here’s what you came here for.

Indeed Is Free

To Claim Your Career Page. Let's Get To Workedin 5 Steps

Make a career page and take steps to grow your profile by sharing your expertise or taking challenges.

The most important part of having a job board is creating your career page, which you can do within the Indeed system. Registering for an account is free (even free for those who only seek a resume video or exam prep services), and after you’ve completed the simple sign-up form, you’re on your way to building a career page.

Your career page serves as your own online profile, letting you share content and search for jobs, as well as present yourself to recruiters and employers.

Your Profile

To make it easy for recruiters to find you, be sure to include your job title, a site-specific resume, a slideshow with your recent or most relevant work samples, a skills portfolio, and a full-length video, if applicable.

These should be linked to either your Resume or Skills Portfolio page. When you create your profile, you will choose a Job Category that will serve as the central focus of your job search. (In fact, the name of your chosen job category will be visible to recruiters and employers who view your profile.)

Indeed Career Pages Post Your Jobs to Indeed Automatically

Setting up a career page with Indeed is super-easy and can help you get orders for your job openings in seconds. Job seekers and employers will find your career page using Indeed and will be able to apply for your openings in minutes. To follow in the steps to get started and unlock your career page for FREE, just click the "Career Page" tab in your Indeed company profile.

Indeed Easily Integrates With Your Website

This activity section of your site allows you to provide additional information about your company that does not fit within the About Us section.

To claim your Company page, go to any page on your website and click the ‘Kudos Button and Claim Your Company Page!’ link in the Sidebar to complete the process.

A link will appear in your ‘Home Page’ section to open your new company page so that you can add your About Us section.

Your Indeed Career Page Lets You Integrate Your Social Media

The majority of job seekers out there use this site the most and can easily find your job openings so you have to make it easy for them to reach you.

Most other job platforms like Monster and CareerBuilder have career pages but they don’t let you integrate your social media or business website. And indeed doesn’t have a motivational or dress code guide to help you make your page easy to browse.

If you are competing with other job boards like CareerBuilder, Monster and LinkedIn company pages, you have to make it easier for job seekers to find you.

However, I don’t recommend using a job board that portrays your business as a brand, for example, Monster which has a general page or LinkedIn which has an employer’s page.

It’s a One-stop Recruitment Shop

Indeed is one of the biggest websites where millions of job seekers and companies connect with one another everyday. In a matter of days [HERE] you can [HERE] claim your Indeed Company Page and set up a Career Page. This is a step-by-step guide to help you set up your Indeed Company Page in 5 simple steps.

It will take you 4 minutes to set up and will help you showcase your company for FREE.

Once you set up your Indeed Company Page and Career Page, you will have access to the best talent in your industry. You can [HERE] to learn how to:

  • Capture leads for your job openings
  • Connect with job seekers
  • How to set up your effective job post
  • How to do your weekly updates on your Indeed Company Page
  • How to capture weekly / monthly / yearly career alerts

Besides, if you consider Indeed a good fit for [HERE] you can [HERE] claim your Indeed Company Page without a charge!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Indeed Company & Indeed Career Pages

What is Indeed Company Page?

Every Employee Is a Company Ambassador

The idea of having Indeed Company Page is to create not just a site for job seekers to discover jobs, but also to create a site for company to discover employees. In other words, the primary audience of these pages are employers and job seekers, not job seekers only.

Indeed Company Page is more than resources for candidates and recruiters. If you think that your company should have an independent presence on Indeed, here’s a plan:

Setup an Indeed Company Page

Register your company with Indeed and get your company page set up.

Claim Your Company Page

When employees are looking for jobs, they first use job boards and social media. Then you’ve got them. Yes, you can also set up a career page just like the job boards and social media.

On your career page, explain what you do, what you’re looking for or want, and how people can get in touch with you. Then you can put together a personalized job board and have job seekers share their resumes with you.

Why does Indeed set up company pages without employer input?

Above all else, we want to create new job opportunities for job seekers. We want to provide employers and job seekers with a great place to find each other. By helping people connect with each other through Indeed, we are more than happy to share with job seekers the opportunity to claim their company pages if they do not have one already. Adding a claim facility allows employers to control the terms of use and the types of job postings that are allowed to be posted on their company page. The Indeed Company Page feature provides a great platform for an employer to build the perfect page, gather and display updated applicant information, and communicate with their internal staff.

Is Indeed really free ?

When I first decided to explore job boards that were free to post a job, Indeed seemed like the best choice. After all, I’d never had any trouble with Indeed during the 93 jobs I’ve applied for thus far. adI’d also heard good things about Indeed on forums and saw that many of the papers I read about job boards, Indeed was one of the most well respected.

But in the past few weeks, I’ve come to doubt the value of Indeed. The company’s premise is free job postings on a job board that has a narrow set of search criteria that you can search for on your own.

Indeed, is effectively using your time to post a job.

To its credit, Indeed allows you to filter job listings by job title, category and location. But if you have experience with job boards, you will understand that such limited search criteria is not a one-to-one match.

One job title may have dozens of similar variations. Such a search would not be helpful.

Indeed offers some of the search criteria you might expect, but some of the other criteria, like 'budgeted' and 'location', are completely useless and would not have stopped me from posting a job on Indeed.

Can employers pay to have a bad review removed?

Bad reviews, and more importantly, negative online reviews, can be detrimental in the hiring process for a candidate or an employer. But is it possible for an employer – or a company – to pay to have a bad review removed?

There are certainly legitimate times and reasons where an employer would be interested in having a negative online review removed so that the employer can appear as if it’s a perfect 5-star metal worker.

Title: "Employers Can Pay to Have a Negative Online Review Removed"

How do I edit my Indeed company page?

Since Google updates can make it difficult to update your company page, here are steps you can take to claim your career page:

{1}. Go to your company page and click on edit.
{2}. On the company page edit page, click on claim this page.
{3}. Check the boxes labelled Public and career page to set it up to be a career page.
{4}. Update your company email and phone number.
{5}. Click on "Update" to save your career page.

How many job seekers are on Indeed?

It shouldn't be much of a surprise that Indeed can help you find a company that fits your job search. But how many people are actually searching job openings on Indeed? And where do they get the jobs' listings?

There are 8,000 U.S. and Canadian companies from all corners of the Internet listed on Indeed. In addition to job listings, Indeed offers valuable career advice and global insights to the world’s largest, most engaged workforce; so there’s no wonder over 30 million people are seeking jobs on Indeed every year.

You can also set up a page on Indeed that will accompany your resume when you apply for jobs. If you’re smart and strategic, it can make an impact on where you end up in the hiring process.

Can I view resumes on Indeed?

View posted resumes appear on the home page in the right hand column. Go to a city, and click on the job you are interested in and you will see resumes appear on the search results page.

Can I view job alerts on Indeed?

Jobs (usually called "job openings" or "employment) placed on Indeed that have an application can be viewed online. Go to a city, and click on the job you are interested in and you will see a job alert appear.

You can also search for jobs by creating a job alert. When creating a job alert, be sure to set up keywords so that you can narrow down your search results.

As a courtesy to employers, you should only contact companies to apply for a job when that job has been posted on Indeed and has been open for more than 15 calendar days.

How can I post a job on Indeed?

At Indeed, we believe that everyone is underutilized. Building on an old distribution business, we have developed an in-house social recruiting platform that allows us to bring the best talent to their employer of choice.

We are passionate about placing our users first and believe that Everyone is underutilized. This website serves users, large and small, by providing them with a social way to find the ideal employee. We were featured in "The End of a Lousy Job Culture" by The New York Times

We encourage people to include their history or accomplishments and build an online resume. Twila Patel

How can I advertise a job on Indeed?

While Indeed messages are the fastest and most effective way to find new employees, some employers decide that the cost of Indeed ads is prohibitive, especially if you’re trying to reach a large pool of potential employees. Our job posting partner, Employy, is especially helpful when you need to reach a smaller candidate pool, or when you’re in a different job marketing stage.

While Employy ads do cost money, you can now advertise a job for free on Indeed using your Indeed Company Page and for free via Employy – a job posting network where Indeed Company Pages are nested. Indeed Company Pages enable candidates to install Indeed for Android and register with Employy by linking the two accounts.

Indeed Company Pages and Employy have several things in common (such as ads with the same Website URL), making them the perfect match. Here are five steps on how to set up your Indeed Company Page and a time-saving Employy ad that both you and your candidates will love:

{1}. Head to the Indeed Company Page Creator.
{2}. Type in your unique Company Name.
{3}. Type in your Address, Phone Number, and additional URL using the Builder.
{4}. Make your Company Page public.

Are there other free job boards like Indeed?

There are other job boards that deal with info technology. Particularly, those that look for fresh candidates. Below is a list of free job boards within the IT Job market. Take the time to look at them, they may help you close the deal, or be a resource in the future. I like them all!

Indeed’s free job boards include all major tech job categories, including:

  • Job Board

Software Engineer … Java

  • Job Board

Systems Administrator … Linux

  • Job Board

Web Developer … PHP

Bottom Line

In case you are interested in a career in education field, you should consider creating a career page focused on yourself and your interests. If you already belong to an establishment and have a great work attitude, you can also ask them if they are interested in creating a career page.

There are many benefits that come with creating and managing a career page. You can instantly increase your online presence. Secondly, it opens you up to the world of prospective employees. Thirdly, it helps you to attract a potential employer who is specifically interested in who you are as a person, not just your job history.

Everything starts with taking first step. You have to take the first step and develop a career page. You can visit Indeed and create one online. You can also create one anytime with your own information. Make sure you will bring your friends and family due to the fact that it validates your existence and is a great way to build credibility prior to the first job. You have to claim your career page because that is the main element to have success on Indeed.

Once you have done this, you can easily go to your career page, fill out some of your information, and start to get the leads you need.