Certificate of Liability Insurance: How to Request + Sample

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What Is a Certificate of Insurance

A Certificate of Insurance is an official form used to verify that your insurance policy includes what you’re looking for in terms of coverage. Your insurance agent will ask you to sign a format specified by the policy they’re selling you.

A Certificate also plays a critical role in recording the terms and conditions of any insurance agreement. An insurance certificate is basically a declaration of the coverage you’ve purchased and the coverage options outlined.

For example, a certificate of insurance would be found in the Coverage Section of a liability policy written for individual contractors.

The certificate of insurance usually mentions the terms and coverage details of the policy in general and highlights specific features of the policy. It also reveals the party protected against loss, the authorized entity, and the insured property.

When to Get a Certificate of Insurance

Before you start building, learn about the various types of construction insurance available. Here are some questions you should ask when deciding which insurance you need.

What building risk am I insuring?

What is the value of my building?

Will the project be completed by the d