Call Whisper: What It Is & How It Works

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How Call Whisper Works

Who Call Whisper Is Right For

Call Whisper is mainly designed for people looking for short, creative calls. When you come up with a really good idea for a call, it’s really easy to get carried away. Your initial idea might be great, but you’ll want to express it even better. And more creative calls mean more customization, more creativity, more choices. These are all good things, but what if you’re still looking for something you can share with others? Call Whisper gives you the power to share your creativity in just the right way.

Call Whisper is great for the creative types among us … people who are looking for more creativity and versatility in their call generation, no matter how simple or creative.

Call Whisper Pricing

People often have trouble finding a quiet phone call. And it’s not for the want of trying; even though you’ve tried to lower your voice, your hearing problem has worsened and you’ve called on handsets with noise cancelling headsets, you still haven’t been able to get it right.

But there is a way of having a perfectly quiet telephone conversation … with a Call Whisper.

A Call Whisper is an add-on device that you plug into your standard telephone handset to make your caller’s voice just a little bit less audible to you. The Call Whisper receives the audio signal from your handset and gives it back again, but with a slight delay. For example, if you are next to your colleague at work, he or she can talk normally, but you will hear his or her voice a second or two later!

Call Whisperers are installed into landline phones as well as some modern mobile handsets. They work with your handset’s internal electronics and therefore the handset is not modified in the process. The only requirement for a Call Whisper is that both the handset and the Whisper are compatible.

Call Whisper Providers

Call Whisper… the name itself gives away what the service does. With Call Whisper, you can make private telephone calls on the Internet.

A good analogy is imagine two people sitting in a private room with the door closed. One person dials a number and makes a private phone call. Call Whisper helps this person make the call quickly, easily and privately over the Internet without revealing the person’s phone number.

Besides the basic service, there are some additional features that you can enable depending on your requirements. If you’re someone who’s too shy to pick up a phone and call someone, Call Whisper can help you overcome these social phobia.


Just like other consumer products, software for business is not immune to the type of viruses that can infect your home or office computer. For this reason, businesses use a security software product to keep their business computer systems virus-free.

One of the largest software companies that offer this certified antivirus is RingCentral. This product has been on the market for a few years and has some great reviews from the time it went commercial.

One of the most important aspects of the RingCentral software is its ability to determine if any files on your business computer are encrypted by a virus. This important function is known as 'call whisper. This permits the antivirus program (which is on your business computer) to be able to determine whether or not any files on the computer have been encrypted using a virus. Although this function is quite useful, it can be used to determine the presence of any type of file on your computer.


CallRail is a leading provider of call routing solutions for both business-to-consumer and business-to-business calls. CallRail’s platform routes outbound calls originating from any phone dialer or IVR system and makes them transparent to the user. CallRail’s outbound caller and recipient engagement tools, such as Call Whisper, are built on a flexible, scalable platform that automatically intelligently directs outbound calls with no human intervention. CallRail’s call routing platform is designed to treat all calls the same, whether they are sequential (one after the other), interspersed (over a period of time), or continuous (simultaneous). Calls from any phone dialer or IVR system can be routed through the CallWhisper platform.


It’s no secret that customer service gets worse as you move up the ladder. There’s always a reason behind it – the more senior a customer service rep is, the less likely they are to help you.

In order to help the customer service reps manage their workload better, Invoca has developed a tool that allows these reps to work smarter while still providing a valuable service to their customers.

In their model, Invoca promises that the actual service reps will not be burdened with more than 15 calls for their designated shift. It works by silently monitoring all the calls coming in and sending push notifications and a list of each call to a designated shift manager. This manager can then contact the customer service rep who handled the call at any point, including after the call was completed. The rep can simply push a button on their phone and share specific details about the call, including which agent is making the call, the time, the caller ID, and all the relevant details about the call.

This saves the customer service rep both time and energy, and helps them make the best use of their available time.

This might also spare the customer from reliving the same frustrating experience all over again when they call back.

Twilio Flex

Gets Call Whisper, a tool that turns your phone’s speaker into a microphone.

We’ve made it a mission to leverage all the nifty devices you have in your pocket to help you communicate better. We’ve made some big strides in that direction today by adding a totally new framework: Call Whisper.

What is Call Whisper?

Call Whisper lets your phone (iPhone, Android, or even your computer) act as a speakerphone for your Twilio phone number. That means your customer can make calls from their phone or tablet.

For example, you could offer a group or individual call appointment scheduling service to your customers. No more huddling over a phone or even your computer, waiting to be called into a video conference.

You might be tempted to use Twilio’s existing voice services like SMS messaging or voice messaging, but they were designed for use on handsets like mobile phones and they lack the microphone and speakerphone functionality that Call Whisper provides. Twilio’s voice services are designed to be used on small devices, not on larger ones like a computer. We can’t improve on what we don’t make.

How does it work?


Com, also known as Call Whisper, is a revolutionary call tracking system that gives you an excellent overview over your lead calls. The Call Whisper website focuses more on marketing than on tracking leads by itself. The website however does offer free updates, tools, tricks, software and more. Call tracking systems can be very helpful for digital marketers. The Call Whisper system uses some of the most modern inbound promotion tactics to place your business in front of prospects who've expressed an interest in your product or service.

Call tracking systems help to optimise leads campaigns by tracking phone calls, recording interactions, tracking metrics and identifying best performing prospects. Call tracking systems have become essential for digital marketing today because it allows the digital marketer to learn more about their lead and engage with them further. These trackers help to identify which ads get the best results by understanding the best times to place the ads and what kind of content that is most successful.

Call tracking systems can help to measure the success of your inbound marketing campaigns by helping you to identify which campaigns are showing potential with high level of engagement, leads and conversions. Digital marketers have a wide range of options when it comes to choosing which call tracking system to go with. Many options out there have features that are overly complex, and a lot of them can end up being too expensive.

Types of Call Whisper

The call whisper device basically pauses calls so you can answer with minimum interruption to your conversations with your friends. Depending on the model, you choose from different types of devices like:

AC Powerline

(4 Pin) Ext.

(3 Pin) Headphone Plug

TrippLite PSUs

The call whisperer device is basically a small battery backup charger that plugs into the wall. It has a small dial which is used to toggle between power and call whispering. As soon as the device makes a connection, it whisperers on the line (you only hear one side of the conversation) and the line continues as before because the call is not being transferred. It is a useful device for people who have multiple land lines or most importantly who have their cell phones on another line and don’t want to bother others on the line with calls.

Call Screening

Why Do They Do It?

In a society where people are constantly connected by devices that make it easy to reach out for help when you’re in need, “What’s wrong?” is the first and most common question people ask when a phone number’s not answered after the first ring.

The basic idea behind call screening is to provide someone who answers the phone with enough information about the person on the other end of the line to decide whether to pick up the phone or not.

Say, for example, that you’re sick, but don’t want to infect a loved one with your symptoms. Call screening can help you protect your loved ones by eliminating the chance that a contract employee is put on work-related calls, avoiding bringing a virus or insect infestation indoors, and keeping people from exposing themselves to a dangerous situation.

In most cases, call screening is installed with the appropriate caller information like the business name or the job title, the name of the person answering the phone, a computer IP address; sometimes they don’t even like a mobile number.

Call Tracking

Call tracking software is incredibly easy to use and can be put to many different uses. The most basic use of call tracking is tracking outgoing calls. Basically, it keeps a record of all calls placed to any phone number.

This works great for tracking down scammers that you’ve been getting phone calls from and many other situations. The problem is that it doesn’t show who you’re calling, and in some cases, they’re always in disguise.

Then you have call recording. This is similar to call tracking except that instead of just tracking outgoing calls, call recording also records incoming calls. It’s a relatively simple way to see who you’re calling whether you’re getting a call from your boss or a telemarketer.

You also have the ability to record phone calls as online audio transcription. What this does is transcribe any voice notes that you’ve recorded. The result is a bunch of audio on your computer that can be used for anything from business to personal recordings.

Call Whisper Alternatives

Some call the Department of Homeland Security “The Department of Homeland Misinformation.” So don’t get upset … it may be true.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) came under scrutiny in 2011 after The Washington Times reported on the existence of a telephone hotline DHS maintained to monitor and track the public. The hotline’s primary purpose was to inform the media and public about terror activity as well as tips on “suspicious activity” such as “weapons of mass destruction,” “hunting severe weather instruments,” and “suspicious CDs of the Quran.”

The phone line in question was the “CALL-WAVE Hotline.” However, upon closer inspection, it became apparent that the hotline wasn’t meant to serve as a real-time emergency service, but rather a public awareness campaign. The hotline’s primary purpose was to provide Americans with information to “assist and protect our communities from terrorist and other criminal activity.”

Ask Your Customers

If you’re a car dealership, a pest control service, or any other business that accepts customer calls, you probably have a call phone number at the top of your sales pitch. But this number doesn’t always get your customer to pick up the phone. Instead, you could be losing out on the moment your customer wants to talk to you the most – on the sales floor.

That’s why today, you can text them instead.

Introducing Call Whisper

Call Whisper is a smart messaging platform that helps businesses reach out to customers without losing important first contact moments. Simply, the platform interjects a message between customers’ first and second barriers to buying (in most cases, initially calling in to your salesperson or to your call center.)

Whether the question is about scheduling, pricing, delivery, warranties, or other concerns, Call Whisper delivers the message to the right people at the right moment. Here’s how Call Whisper works:

Customer phones your business number.

You see the incoming number, and the message arrives in your reply box.

You assign the number to a specific representative and reply.

Virtual Numbers

Have been around for a long time, but never in this form.

With companies like Google Voice, it seems that we’ve gone well beyond using a phone to call other people and would rather jump to text to text communication.

Whisper is a new initiative launched by iOS7 that puts all your phone numbers (except the ones you don’t want to be available publicly) on a public dialer and switch them with a single touch to your preferred number.

In other words, you’re able to have an email address attached to your phone number. That way, if you ever lose your phone, you don’t necessarily need to worry about a very important number being exposed to the public, since it’s already attached to your email address.

Whisper takes that one step further by making your messages more private/secure by using the same encryption technology at the heart of Apple’s iMessage. Now you can have long conversations with someone without worrying about if they are going to hear you or not.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Call Whisper?

Call Whisper is a free, cross-platform software for Windows, Mac, and Linux that allows users to communicate with others via text message, voice message, and picture message. It was created to allow for communication between those who have a speech disability or a hearing loss but also to serve as a means of communication for people with autism who may not have the biological ability to talk. Like the name suggests, the program allows users to send a message to others anonymously and to receive messages from text, voice, or pictures without sending one back.

Are there any new upgrades to Call Whisper?

Yes, there is! Earlier this year in February, LogoText, the creators of Call Whisper, posted an update that included a new Call Whisper application for Android phones, improvements to video and voice messaging, new hiding options, and a more streamlined chat experience. The update was the first in several months and brought new features and functionality to the service.

Why should I use Call Whisper?

Call Whisper is a generally a safe and easy to use way to communicate with ones peers. In fact, you’re more safe when there is no other option to communicate other than by using the Internet and creating anonymous texts.

Does call whisper cost money?

No, call whisper does not cost money to use and it’s a completely free service. All services offered by the call whisper team involve no cost and are offered as a service to the community to help local businesses. If a business did pay for the service, it would directly compete with call whisper…and we refuse to do that.

How does call whisper work?

Call whisper is a call recording service that allows business owners to keep their phone calls confidential. Using the secret recording feature, business owners can record phone calls to playback later, take note of information being discussed and replay the call.

Any calls made to a business can be recorded using call whisper. The recording can be played back at any time that the owner wishes. Since this is a private service, the business cannot use it publically.

Call whisperers can be hired to do the recording for businesses, which eliminates the need for the business owner to figure out how to do it themselves. It’s sort of like a voice over for a recording.

What does it cost?

Businesses using call whisper pay two fees, the first fee to use the service and a second fee to have the service done professionally, which includes the cost of a voice over.

Fees are negotiable based on the number of calls and the length of time a project takes.

Can callers hear my call whisper message?

We’re sorry to say that if people are not close enough or speaking loudly enough, they probably wouldn’t be able to hear a whisper message you left on your phone. Even if you’re holding the phone to your ear, most of the sound will be from your voice itself.

Call Whisper is a secret message service that only the two designated callers can listen to your call whispers.

Though it may not sound particularly discreet, considering that a lot of people already have downloaded it, you’re not breaking any law by using this service.

Call Whisper is available on both Android and iOS and supports both voice and video calls.

Why is call whisper important?

Many people use whispering on the phone to shield their voice from eavesdroppers or to avoid disturbing others. The most basic way to whisper is to talk more quietly. This only works if people are within earshot. If the person is in a noisy environment, whispering won’t be any more effective than talking normally.

Effective whispering involves voice-taping. Voice taping entails listening through earphones and using a microphone. The microphone transmits the sound signals to a computer. The computer then translates the sound signals into graphs that resemble the ear diagram for normal voice. The graph is called the vocoder. The vocoder then works like a parrot and repeats the same sounds the person makes as when they are talking normally, along with the other noises that are in the person’s environment.

The vocoder doesn’t used to imitate the person’s voice; it’s used to generate speech that has the same acoustic characteristics of the person’s voice. So if the original voice was an s sound, then the vocoder would transmit s sounds with the same acoustic characteristics of the original s sound.

Bottom Line

Whistle is by far the safest and easiest way of making an outgoing call. It is also the fastest. Further, it is by far the most free.

Whisper will not be able to identify you. It will identify your contact, not to you.

In previous calls, when you got tired of shouting and walking, he wouldn’t know, your whisper was never going to reach his ears, but in a whisper call, that is a possibility.

Whisper is loud enough to be heard by one person, in this case your contact.

Whisper is available as a free app for iOS and Android phones.

You let it make the call, pretending to call someone else.

Whisper protects the privacy of your contact, it will not slip his number to anyone.