Top 20 Business Letterhead Examples from Around the Web

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Corporate Letterhead

The term "letterhead" originated from the days of the postal system, when dispatch riders would hand-carry important letters and documents to the nearest post office. Today, letterhead is a standard part of every business protocol. Both the seal of approval and the official "bird’s eye" headshot of your corporation can be found on letterhead headers. Although, letterhead is often shown as a page along with your contact information. This lets you inform the recipients of the sender.

Letterheads come in two different formats: business and personal. A business letterhead represents your company. Whereas a personal letterhead shows the individual's signature and address. Both commercial and personal letterhead layouts can contain the same elements including contact information, logos, and company history. However, they are designed slightly differently.

There are two types of letterheads: one-sided and two-sided. A one-sided letterhead has only half of the page set up. This allows you to give the recipient all the relevant information on one page. A two-sided letterhead consumes two-pages and has a uniformly set layout. It allows you to moderate the amount of content and provides more space for your logo and other features.

Letterhead designs also vary based on the industry and scope of the business. For instance, financial services companies use a more serious layout with thicker fonts and a monotone color scheme.

Clean Letterhead

Letters are defined by their envelope. In fact, the envelope is the first thing that grabs the recipient’s eye. When you go to the store to mail a letter, you write on the envelope first and then address the letter inside. This is why your letterhead should be the first thing a recipient sees upon opening the envelope. After writing –fancy” letters with real ink, hand-lettered stationery and so on, writing on beautiful letterhead is a totally different category.

But what does letterhead look like in the 21st century? I’m happy to say that letterheads are now better than ever before. From classic to clean, business letterhead examples from around the web may be able to keep your clients and peers happy. (I’ll start right off with a clean and simple example of business letterhead)

Here are just 20 of the best examples of business letterhead from around the web. Feel free to use, edit and modify them for your own needs.

Barbershop Letterhead

Top Speed Salon, a barbershop in the UK, implemented a fresh look on its letterhead by using this very eye-catching design. The brand’s company name is cleverly integrated into the image, which is a great choice for its string of male customers. The outline of the heart alternates between a red and a darker pink, highlighting the company name and giving the design a touch of femininity.

Is it a Letterhead or a Logo?

Though the letterhead of Top Speed Salon is quite distinctive, it doesn’t look like the other company logos because of the overall image. It is difficult to decide whether it is a letterhead for a company or a background logo for the business. However, this logo appears on other tops, such as t-shirts, pouches, and other general merchandise.

Related Products

If you want to have the same letterhead in your business, you can purchase this basic t-shirt from the website. It isn’t available for any other sizes than a child t-shirt, but it can be a great gift for your friends and family.

HVAC Services Letterhead

> 5. PR and Marketing Consultancy Letterhead

If you are looking for professional letterhead to appeal to your audience, here are some examples from our 100+ free and premium letterhead designs.

PR Agency Letterhead Layout

USE: Correspondence with clients, potential new-to-you clients, and other individuals having a similar business profession.

A folder-style business letterhead that can be used for the PR Consultancy, Corporate Organizer, and/or Marketing Firm businesses.

This letterhead template comes in a couple of different sizes.

Five-Line Business Letterhead

USE: Correspondence with clients, potential new-to-you clients, and other individuals having a similar business profession.

This letterhead template is a movable type of the Multiple Business Letterhead without the logo. You can simply type the complete letter on the letterhead and move it to wherever.

Nine-Line Business Letterhead

USE: Correspondence with clients, potential new-to-you clients, and other individuals having a similar business profession.

This letterhead template comes in a couple of different sizes.

The Nine-Line Business Letterhead is a movable type of Multiple Business Letterhead with the logo. You can easily insert your logo where you want to put it.

Non-traditional Letterhead

When keeping your letterhead simple, that doesn’t necessarily mean writing your name on the top line, and using the rest of the page for digital information only.

Instead, why not use your letterhead to display your current company info, local info, or contact information if you’re a homeowner. You’re already selling your service, so you might as well get your customers interested and have them at least interested in checking out your company’s website or your social media accounts right on site.

School Letterhead

Pediatric Clinic Letterhead

If you are developing a marketing strategy for your brand, a letterhead is a great way to set up your business correspondence. Letterhead can make your business stand out in the crowd and keep your marketing professional, especially if you are applying to jobs.

Your letterhead is the starting point for any letter you send, whether it is to an in-house employee, a client, an investor, or a potential customer. Your letterhead is the first thing they see so make it count. Think about the impression you want to create and what your audience will think about your business. Focusing on your audience and their needs will help you make a stylish and effective business letterhead.

Here are 20 Business Letterhead Examples to get you started.

Abstract Modern Corporate Letterhead

In this letterhead template, we use modern typography, bright colors and interesting shapes to invoke a sense of change, optimism, new beginnings and expansion. From a business perspective, this abstract letterhead template is perfect for a startup or any business that wants to portray themselves in a fresh and modern way.

The template is designed for Microsoft Word and Adobe Illustrator in CMYK color mode – one of the most common color modes used in print, web and screen.

To help you navigate easily through the template, all objects are grouped and color coded. When you open one of the groups and double-click on it, it automatically expands and reveals a vector object.

  • You can download a Word template version here.
  • You can download a Illustrator template version here.

Architecture and Construction Design Letterhead

Here at dannycover, we’re always on the lookout for designs that can enhance our latest new release and help give it that extra sparkle. Our society and media is saturated with representations of the elite or the privileged, and we perceive these people and the businesses that serve them to be well dressed and having those nice letterhead templates. Today we want to present a top twenty list of letterhead templates that represent that classy and upmarket business. So sit back, sip an espresso in that home office you spend all day in, pull up this blog post, and read the top 20 business letterhead examples from around the web.

Letterhead Template 1: Dark Letterhead Template

This design is both clean and sophisticated. The design is crisp and modern, with a logo and only a few words on the top section of the letterhead. The logo is depicted in a light and dark gray. The dark color of the letterhead itself shows both strength and elegance.

Letterhead Template 2: Big Letterhead with Simple Design

The letterhead template displayed here is a huge template and has a simple design with the heading and name of the firm. Tall and wide, the design accommodates a huge amount of text. The template works well and makes no compromises regarding the needs of a business.

Letterhead Template 3: Easy to Read Letterhead

Real Estate Letterhead

Invoice Letterhead

Tel: 91 839-69-73 � �

Date: ____________________________________________

To: _____________________________________________

From: ________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________�

Subject: ________________________________________________

Attention: _____________________________________________

Enclosed: ________________________________________________

Delivery Instructions: ________________________________________

HR Management Services Letterhead

Cleaning Services Letterhead

If you’re looking for a clean, modern design with minimal letterhead, the Cleaning Services Letterhead template is for you. I love the minimized look of this letterhead and the way you can make it your own with your business logo and contact info.

When you consider the cost of having two envelopes printed from a printer, versus the cost of an Avery label sheet, it’s a no brainer to use the Avery label sheet. Avery offers these label sheets in white, tan, and black so you can get a variety of colors to help you identify which letter is yours. Avery labels sheets are also durable so they’ll last for years, which also makes them an affordable option to consider.

If you’re printing letterhead using your home printer, I also have a letterhead template for you. I’ve created a letterhead template for 10" x 8" paper with a bleed. The bleed is critical for printing on cardstock because the printer doesn’t allow you to print some letterhead designs exactly as they were designed.

Church Letterhead

As a Christian congregation we always try to do things on a professional level. This is no different for our church letterhead. Even though we have a volunteer hand crew carefully crafting our letterhead, it takes a lot of time and trained eyes to be sure to observe even the smallest details. Here at The Church of the Open Door, we put a lot of thought and effort in our letterhead designs. This way our congregation can be proud that they can print on some of the highest quality letterhead in the Cincinnati, OH area. Some of our services include church letterhead, church letterhead design, letterhead design templates, church stationery, church stationery design, and church letterhead printing. The Church of the Open Door has many services to provide its members. From business letterhead to envelopes and even to brochures, we are capable to print and produce something to help you in whatever you are doing.

Website and Digital Designer Letterhead

If you’re looking for wide and extra page size you can check out these letterhead examples.

Apart from traditional letterhead formats, custom business letterheads can also be produced digitally. Communicating digitally has become a necessity in today’s business world. You have probably seen countless business professionals using clever, stylish email signatures to show off their business. There is no reason to be left behind in the modern business world, and by using digital letterhead templates you can show off your business knowledge in an easy and professional way. Even if you are not a business professional, you will still find digital letterhead examples to be useful for official work or personal projects.

If you own a top level domain such as .com, .net, or .name you can order your letterhead templates professionally printed out on a sheet of letterhead paper. You can also order professional digital letterhead templates delivered to your inbox instantly. If you prefer a lower priced option, you can order a digital letterhead template as part of your business or personal website.

Digital letterhead templates generally come in a standard letterhead format with a two-inch margin around the page, making them perfect to print out on a home printer. You can also create your own two-inch format when you buy a high resolution digital copy of the letterhead.

Hotel and Inns Letterhead

Art Gallery Letterhead

Car Sales and Repairs Letterhead

A personalised letterhead from John Coley is like a business card, a public image that cannot be replicated. John offers tried and tried business letterhead templates. The car sales and repairs letterhead template is just one of many examples of letterhead formats from different industries. He has also created letterhead templates for conferencing to wedding professionals.

To find out more about creating letterhead layouts and letterhead design, please visit his website.

This letterhead template is ideal for car sales professionals operating out of their home or shop. A personalized business design creates a unique image for them to give to their clients.

Senior Housing Care Letterhead

Over to You

Whether you’re a student struggling to finish a term essay, a business owner needing an impressive letterhead, or a professional hoping to impress an employer with your letterhead, this list of letterhead examples is for you. I know you’ll appreciate the letterhead template examples for your letterhead needs.

Below the examples, you’ll find links to the websites so you can download templates and samples to use for your letterhead. You should print letterhead examples both for your records and for your records. Why? Because your letterhead is one of the first things a prospective client or employer will see.

Make sure you take your time. I wish you the best of luck.