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Current State of Bookkeeper Salaries

Bookkeeping is a field that scouts out all the major careers available in the accounting industry. The skills that are required to carry off a good account are the same with all acquisitions. Customer service skills, the ability to deal with large numbers, creative thinking, attention to detail, multitasking, the ability to work under pressure and analytical skills are all important to the profession. Because of the need for multitasking and analytical skills, many believe that data entry skills are not important for a bookkeeper. Therefore, people consider clerical types to be an ideal candidate in setting up a small-scale business. The fact that bookkeeping is a multiskilled job makes it one of the most sought-after vocations in accounting.

However, there is lack of clarity on the salaries and responsibilities of a bookkeeper. This makes the jobs a tedious task to any one entering the industry. Bookkeeping is a skill just like other industries, and you can’t simply pick up a package and claim you can do the job. It is a process that can take several years, and it is the fundamental process that keeps a business running smoothly. Therefore, the knowledge and skills required to run a business effectively can only be acquired with hard work.

Full-time or Part-time Bookkeeper Salary or Wages by State

Bookkeeping is one of the most sought for jobs at both the rookie and experienced levels. It’s imperative that a near-perfect bookkeeper is at the job place to have a successful and running company. Therefore, to make you as the bookkeeper for the company to work best and be at par with set standards, a perfect bookkeeper is required to not only be an expert but also able to set a perfect work and schedule of work.

In order to check out the salary of an experienced and bookkeeping specialist in all the states in the United States, we came up with this chart based on the set average salary of Michigan Statisticians.

In the States, there are four salaries for a bookkeeper namely: Full-Time Salary, Part-time Salary, Part-Time Salary plus bonuses & Profit Sharing, and Part-time Salary plus bonuses and Profit Sharing.

The given below table will help you to know about the state wise salary for a bookkeeper.

Bookkeeper Salary, Wages and Wages in all states.

Qualifications to Be a Bookkeeper

A bookkeeper is a certified person who is responsible for keeping financial records of the business or organization that he or she works for.

The various duties of a bookkeeper vary from an organization to the other, and are based on the requirements of the employer, but the most essential for a bookkeeper to work at an organization is accounting. Some of the duties that a bookkeeper must perform to meet the requirements are explained in the following sections.

Bookkeeper Job Responsibilities
With the knowledge of handling financial records comes the duty of keeping the financial accounts up to date and accurate. The bookkeeper will be responsible for the following:

Preserving the accounting records.

Tracking and reporting bookkeeping transactions.

Maintaining the accounts preparation including the business valuation of assets.

A balancing of income and expenditure.

Handling the accounts payable, accounts receivable and credit control.

In addition, she will also be responsible for:

Performing reconciliations and adjustments.

Preparing the tax filings.

Running the payroll and ensuring that all taxes are deducted.

Bookkeeping and Reporting
A bookkeeper will be executing many different procedures. He or she will be responsible for:

Maintaining the accounting for all the areas of the organization or business.

Adhering to external accounting standards.

Keeping track of day-to-day transactions.

Education Requirements to Become a Bookkeeper

Should you choose to pursue a career as a bookkeeper, you must have a strong understanding of the accounting world. This understanding can come through a bachelor’s degree in accounting or through a four-year degree in accounting, however, post-secondary training combining accounting and bookkeeping are often recommended.

In addition, you may need to take additional courses, depending on the employer, to obtain a post-secondary degree in bookkeeping or accounting. Some employers prefer an associate’s degree in bookkeeping or accounting. If you have an associate’s degree, you may have additional requirements to obtain an accounting job.

Supporting Skills and Training-

You may also need to obtain training in a variety of software programs, such as QuickBooks Pro or Quicken Essentials. Study new features and functions and become familiar with new software to assess the accounting responsibilities. Some employers, such as those that practice public accounting, prefer candidates with professional certification.

Requires Excessive Attention to Detail

Bookkeeping accounts need to be thoroughly organized, and you may be required to submit records in a timely fashion (such as within the hour). Bookkeepers must check for accuracy and clarity on each piece of information that they record.

Bookkeeper Certification Options

In the last few years there has been a surge in bookkeeping certifications both for individuals and companies. Some of these certifications are better than others, but regardless, bookkeepers are in demand.

Why is this? Well, the economy is strengthening and in turn this is increasing the need for bookkeepers. Since companies seek out those with in depth accounting knowledge, more and more adults are seeking these certifications. This makes them more desirable.

Additionally, many companies are moving to the cloud and away from physical offices. Such companies don’t need the space they used to have. Bookkeeper job opportunities are being created as companies downsize. This makes them more desirable to employers as well.

Is Bookkeeper Certification Worth It?

For many individuals, the short answer is yes. The personal experience and the educational benefit are definitely worth it. And if you’re a medium sized firm, it’s definitely worth it to have fewer employees but a more highly qualified staff.

You can start off with basic bookkeeper certification programs and build your career on it. Those who are already in business may want to look into a bookkeeping certification to enhance their skills or strengthen their resume.

Work Experience Required to Be a Bookkeeper

The bookkeeper is a person who maintains and interprets the financial and accounting records of a company. (Kevin)

A bookkeeper is a type of Company Operations Manager, or COO (as they are commonly called). The commercial business and accounting books of a company are kept and safeguarded by the bookkeeper. Many bookkeepers also serve as the main point of contact for a company when they arise in the marketplace or to meet company requirements.

As a bookkeeper, you work in one of three important areas of the company:

As the principal financial officer responsible for the company’s books.

As an assistant of the payroll officer in handling payroll.

As the assistant or vice president of corporate finance, in handling outside sources of finance and capital.

Common Bookkeeper Salary & Hourly Positions

A bookkeeper is hired to maintain and organize information in an organized manner. Bookkeepers are employed to keep records of financial transactions of an organization, for example in banking, manufacturing or sales and sales information.

Common types of bookkeeper that work in a variety of industries are:

  • Accountant
  • Payroll and Payroll Processing
  • Benefits Tax Compliance
  • Personal Tax Compliance
  • Operational Analyst
  • Sales
  • Travel
  • Registry

In addition to booking for companies and industries, you can find bookkeeper positions in many different industries. Some of the more common include insurance, law firms, healthcare, merchandising, payroll, sales, real estate and many other industries.

As a bookkeeper, you can be employed full time, part time, and even by the hour. When you are employed full time, you might work for the company’s accounting department or for its financial department, or account for a single company or multiple companies. If you fill the position as a bookkeeper by the hour, you might work as a bookkeeper for a law firm, payroll processing or as a payroller for a retail company.

General Bookkeeper

Full Charge Bookkeeper/Senior Bookkeeper

{1}. Bookkeeper/senior bookkeeper full charge:
{2}. 1 Bookkeepers and senior bookkeepers (or senior accounts) are the top accounting professionals at companies. They are in the highest-paid group of corporate and business accountants. They are responsible for financial systems, reporting, and research along with assisting the Chief Financial Officer and above with preparation of financial statements. Part-time/Freelance Bookkeeper Salary
{3}. 1.1 Full-time bookkeeper:

A. Bookkeepers and senior bookkeepers (or senior accounts) are the top accounting professionals at companies. They are in the highest-paid group of corporate and business accountants. They are responsible for financial systems, reporting, and research along with assisting the Chief Financial Officer and above with preparation of financial statements.

B. Sometimes, the Chief Financial Officer gives the bookkeeper/senior bookkeeper the freedom to create and manage the budget. This is probably one of the best part-time bookkeeper jobs, as the master budget can be fairly time-consuming.

C. Freelance bookkeeping:

C.1 A freelancer can do most of the bookkeeping work that, otherwise, is done by an in-house bookkeeper. Financial accounting jobs done by freelancers are in high demand, and as the demand goes up, so does the salaries that are offered.

Accounts Payable Clerk

The account payable clerk is an integral role for the business and perhaps the most crucial function. This is the person who receives, authorizes and sends out all the invoices.

The accounts payable clerk is in charge of ensuring that all money that has been billed to the account is paid. The job is done in a timely manner, and the accounts payable clerk must make sure that the company processes invoices as quickly as possible to maintain a healthy cash flow.

The accounts payable clerk will provide monthly reports of outstanding invoices to the purchasing coordinator, secretary or office manager. The clerk will also prepare the cash budget and will be the first point of contact for all cash flow-related questions.

It is the accounts payable clerk’s responsibility to make sure that the accounts receivable department is being kept both accurate and up-to-date.

The accounts payable clerk will also be responsible for documenting the flow of payments through the accounting ledger.

Accounts Receivable Clerk

Accounting is one of the most important functions performed by accountants. In this position, the duties from the title Accountant involve the entering of data and calculations, the review and analysis of financial statements, and the preparation and maintenance of accounting records. Additionally, the accountant handles all the responsibilities involved with accounts payable and collection of payments from customers. Bookkeepers, on the other hand, execute and manage the day-to-day operations of the business, including creating and depositing the necessary records to ensure that the financial information from the accountant is conclusive and accurate. These tasks can sometimes involve the following: managing the entry of invoices, verifying the information on other invoices, copy the required invoicing information, providing a copy of the accounting records to the client, verifying the information contained in the accounts, and signing for the wire transfer payment of money to the client.

The Accountant provides financial records for the business by recording all customers, suppliers, financial transactions and accounts.

The Bookkeeper provides financial records for the business by recording the financial transactions by compiling, verifying and recording all financial accounting information. They perform bank reconciliations.

The Accountant takes care of all the accounting records, keeping all the back-up files, processing them, and storing them in the appropriate location.

Types of Bookkeeper Salary & Hourly Positions Employers Hire For

The fundamentals of bookkeeping employments are employment as a bookkeeper and bookkeeping department individuals are hired by accountants, lawyers, public relations professionals, and a few locals. Certified accountants usually have a bookkeeping occupation.

The bookkeeper is assigned the role of recording, collating, and maintaining accounting records and ensuring total accuracy, consistency, and punctuality of account books. The duties of a bookkeeper include analyzing and monitoring financial statements and bank statements. They are also responsible for preparing reports for the accountants, CPAs, auditors, investment managers, and other financial professionals. Besides these, the bookkeepers might also be entrusted with the responsibility of handling customers’ data.

Types of Bookkeeper Salary & Hourly Positions Employers Hire For

The bookkeeping professional might take on either a full charge or pure time basis.

The bookkeeper is an integral part of the accounting operations and is responsible for ensuring the end product consists of accurate records. The bookkeepers make sure that their books are correct and available for review by their respective employees, the auditors, and the investors.

Where to Find the Best Bookkeeper Jobs

Full-time or Part-time Bookkeeper Salary & Hourly Jobs

The hourly bookkeeper position usually has a bigger salary than the part-time bookkeeper position, but both salary and hours can change from one company to another. The part-time bookkeeper usually has more hours. If the company has less work to do or the customer is slow, the company can hire many part-time bookkeepers to do the work of 1 full-time.

Freelance Bookkeeper Salary & Hourly Jobs

Bookkeeper vs. Accountant Salary

The term bookkeeper is used to describe a number of different positions in an accounting and finance department. However, most people still consider a bookkeeper to be a lower skill-set position as compared to an accountant, which provides more advanced services.

A bookkeeper is often held responsible for keeping the books for a company or department for a day. Basically, they need to make sure all transactions are taken care of and all expenses are recorded properly, and that the books reflect the revenue and expenditures for the month or year. Often, a bookkeeper works in a department led by an accountant as a lead or an assistant.

Essentially, a bookkeeper is a person who is familiar with the process of bookkeeping and typically manually enters all transactions into a computer or accounting system. It is a simple job if you haven’t gotten into the hands of the computer accounting software. Bookkeepers are usually expected to perform other accounting duties such as ensuring that the accounting records are well maintained and are accurate and full.

The tasks of a bookkeeper vary for each company and department based on the actual procedures they are following. However, every bookkeeper will be required to balance the books at the end of each month, keeping them accurate and ensuring that everything is accounted for.

3 Key Differences Between Bookkeeper vs. Accountant Salary

The confusion between bookkeeper and accountant salary often stems from a lack of understanding about the difference between their duties. While institutional and government bookkeepers mainly do the manual work involved in the creation and maintenance of financial holdings, it’s the accountant’s job to analyze and manage overall information.

Salaries generally cover and compensate a range of salary levels for the job, which includes certified, full-charge, and part-time bookkeeper salary. Understanding what’s covered by those potential salaries can help make your financial planning less confusing. For instance, the certified bookkeeper salary is relatively more than that of an accountant, while the full-charge bookkeeper salary covers a wide variety of tasks.

Setting your bookkeeper’s salary will depend on the type of company you work for; if you’re planning to work with a small firm, you would most likely be paid by the hour.

If you’re working in a company that offers only bookkeeper salary and do not offer other support staff, you would most likely be paid by the job. On the other hand, a company that offers a combination of hourly pay and bookkeeper salary pays overtime for bookkeepers who work more than 40 hours a week.

Pay for Bookkeeper vs. Accountant Salary

Bookkeeping and accounting are different professions. Acountants do financial and managerial accounting, whereas bookkeepers provide accounting-related clerical and administrative support.

As the name implies, bookkeepers gather, organize, keep, and maintain books and records, as accountants do. Bookkeepers and accountants work in very different industries, and differ in educational requirements, skills, licensing, and certification. Accountants have a lot of financial expertise, while bookkeepers don’t.

In fact, many accountants are college-educated, while many bookkeepers are educated only to high school level or less. However, becoming a bookkeeper is not as difficult as it might seem. All you need to start as a bookkeeper is a high school diploma or equivalent.

If you’re looking for a career or career change that offers a good salary, a promising future, and plenty of room for advancement, becoming a bookkeeper is an excellent choice. However, an accountant is typically one of the most lucrative career choices available. This is because unfortunately, accountants on average make a lot more money than bookkeepers.

Education Requirements for Bookkeepers vs. Accountants

Duties Performed by Bookkeepers vs. Accountants

If you’re looking for the duties performed by a bookkeeper vs accountants, then you’re already on the right track.

However, it’s important to understand the difference between the two professions because they have very different responsibilities and skill sets. Here’s a quick look at the job functions of a bookkeeper vs accountant to help you choose which is the right fit for you.


Accounting jobs are concerned with managing and maintaining the financial reports that are necessary for the success of a business.


Bookkeeping jobs involve making sure that all operational records in a company are kept and documented accurately. That means you should have a thorough understanding of how to properly record transactions and adhere to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

Both Accountants and Bookkeepers

The more commonly known job of an accountant involves developing and analyzing financial information about business profitability, cash flow, and financial trends.

However, if you’ve followed any of the previous links, you’ve seen that both accountants and bookkeepers research, analyze, and report business financial information.

It seems that every few years a profession undergoes a crisis or a change in image. And bookkeeping is no exception. Ten years ago, the world was turned upside down, literally (in the least exciting sense), by two events. First, in 2005, the economy swooned under the weight of inflated housing values. Second, in 2007, as the market collapsed, the world’s eyes focused on Lehman Brothers going bankrupt. It’s hard to think of anything else in this time period that generated as much buzz, attention, and fear. Those events resulted in a dramatic shift in the financial world.

Before 2005, the financial world was dominated by large banking institutions and Wall Street. In the time period before Lehman Brothers’s eventual collapse, the entire financial world was experiencing renewed (and largely unregulated) growth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Bookkeeper Salary Rates

The fact is that bookkeeper salaries are very much the same across many different states. The exact wage will vary depending on where you live, but also where you work.

Not only that, but the specific job title and the experience levels of the bookkeeper will determine that exact salary rate.

Although there is a certain amount of variance in bookkeeper pay, the amount of time and effort devoted to the position and the impact on the company will determine if the salary is part-time or full-time.

A bookkeeper needs to be a good communicator with a good back up plan; if you work as a bookkeeper you typically work alone except for the occasional meeting with your team.

The key is to know your numbers and be able to do your own data entry, entry of data transfers from other systems.

For those who work alone there is definitely a bit of flexibility in the amount of time you spend on tasks but the key is that you are not just a number cruncher, you need to be able to perform tasks like finding the documents you need to verify.

What Does a Bookkeeper Do on a Daily Basis?

A bookkeeper plays a vital and complex role in the daily workings of most offices and businesses.

In addition to adding up receipts and keeping the budget on track, a bookkeeper is the first person a business owner will call when something needs to be done. For example, if the store loses a shipment, the bookkeeper will be the first person to contact the supplier and tell them they need to ship the rest of the order. If a new employee has to be hired, the bookkeeper will be the one to tell HR. The bookkeeper is also the first person a business owner will hand important bank documents to for filing.

On top of all that, a bookkeeper plays a critical role in fiscal reporting. The bookkeeper is responsible for recording transactions on the general ledger and converting them into income and expense reports. They prepare internal and external transactions and balance sheets. Finally, they also prepare tax reports, such as 1099s.

How Much Does a Bookkeeper Make an Hour?

How Many Years Do You Have to Go to College to Be a Bookkeeper?

How many years do you have to go to college to become a bookkeeper? There are no prerequisites to become a bookkeeper. You can earn the diploma that becomes Bookkeepers Certificate in just one year, or you can learn the skills needed to become a bookkeeper first and then get the official certification. The important thing is to gain hands-on experience after learning the skills of a Bookkeeper.

The basic requirements to become a salaried Bookkeeper are:

Minimum requirements for a salaried bookkeeper include:

  • no formal education
  • some experience in the tallied department, and
  • no previous bookkeeping experience

For a Bookkeepers Entry-level Bookkeeper, the minimum education is a high school diploma or equivalent.

As for the CPA information that you were looking for, the rule of thumb when it comes to becoming a salaried Bookkeeper is to spend around two years training at an entry-level position and then can work as an entry-level Bookkeepers for two to three years. As for the entry-level Bookkeepers who would like to work in more advanced Bookkeeping positions, a CPA (accounting certification) may come in handy in obtaining more responsible and higher paying Bookkeepers positions.

How Do I Become a Certified Bookkeeper?

To become a certified bookkeeper, you need to complete at least 120 credits of college coursework in bookkeeping, accounting or business administration. This includes a minimum of 20 credits in general education courses such as English, math and social science, which are an important part of completing this degree program. Some colleges may also require a foreign language be completed as part of your degree.

Program Length

Your completion of 120 credits will also depend on the length of the program you’re enrolled in. Normally, you’ll complete your degree in 2 to 3 years.

Some colleges offer accelerated degrees, which can be completed in 12 months or even less.

What Will I Learn in a Bookkeeping Degree Program?

Degree programs in Bookkeeping will teach you the ins and outs (and often the back and sides) of all things bookkeeping. The major aspect of bookkeeping is the day-to-day keeping of all financial records, which are often referred to as the ledgers.

Bookkeepers are also your key customer service representatives. They are trained in all things accounting and payroll. So, if you’re working as an accountant, they will help you keep track of your department’s finances, along with the money in your company’s reserves.

Bottom Line: Full Charge Bookkeeper Salary & More

Once you know the position of Bookkeeper, the pay differs both from the hands-on and management bookkeepers.

Hands-on and management bookkeepers receive different salaries.

Hands-on bookkeepers look after the accounts and records and perform the normal bookkeeper functions (accounting, bookkeeping, etc.). As work with hands-on bookkeepers is less complicated than the work of the management bookkeepers, they receive a smaller salary.

On the other hand, management bookkeepers prefer to use accounting as a support tool, while working on different projects and tasks. Depending on the length, complexity, and other qualities of the project they are working on, management bookkeepers are on the telephone and other communications, while working in a different location.

Management bookkeepers are the ones who work on the most complicated projects and are in charge of a large number of employees and work sites. They earn much more than the hands-on bookkeepers.

Depending on the work from the management bookkeeper, the employee may be the owner of an accounting firm, and he is responsible for leading, managing, and directing the accounting department, which includes all the employees and work sites of accounting firm. He may additionally be responsible for leading and directing the accounting and audit activities.

Average Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate per State

Alabama Average Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

Alaska Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

Arizona Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

Arkansas Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

California Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

Colorado Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

Colorado is a state located on the western edge of the Rocky Mountains. As of the 2010 census, it had an estimated population of 5,855.9 live in areas including Denver. The state’s capital and the headquarters of major corporations, it’s also regarded as the –capital of the west.”

Colorado is renowned for its expansive ski resorts, wildlife sanctuaries, and natural beauty. Indeed, hosted an ultra marathon (The Colorado Marathon) and the Rocky Mountain National Park is located in Colorado.

Since Colorado is home to many outdoor activities like the Rockies, skiing, mountain biking and a host of other popular sports, people from other states move to Colorado to live a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Taking a job as a bookkeeper is a great way to pursue your interest in sports, finance and nature. There are many jobs that a certified bookkeeper can do as a part-time career. Common jobs for a bookkeeper include:

  • Bookkeeping Sales Associates
  • Bookkeeping Clerks
  • Office Support Assistants
  • Accounting Clerks

Though landscaping, gardening and house painting are not usually part of a bookkeeper’s job description, candidates may have to learn and adapt their skills according to the type of business they start working for.

Connecticut Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

Delaware Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

District of Columbia Salary/Hourly Rate

Florida Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

Georgia Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

Bookkeeping is often considered to be a women’s job, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important. If anything, modern bookkeeping suggests that bookkeepers are more valuable than ever. Although the job of a bookkeeper evolves with time, some foundational laws of bookkeeping remain constant, including standard bookkeeping methods and processes, which is why it will still be relevant in the future. With the right bookkeeper job, you can be sure that you’ll have a loyal, productive member of your team.

There are many benefits to hiring a bookkeeping service, but for a business economics firm in McDonough GA, it all boils down to expenses and expenses are achieved by cutting down on costs. In most cases, the least expensive method to cut costs is to outsource your bookkeeping company, so that’s an area where you can do just that.

In addition to outsourcing to a bookkeeping company, there are a few ways to cut your expenses. Businesses in McDonough GA should keep in mind that if you already have an accounting department, there’s someone you can take a portion of the work and offload it. This can be a wise investment for your business because it puts a little extra money in the bank.

Hawaii Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

Bookkeeping may have been on your resume for years, but you may have always wondered what it takes to work as a bookkeeper in Hawaii? Capturing an entry-level job as a bookkeeper requires a master’s degree – and that’s only the beginning.

To learn more about this career path, explore this bookkeeping salary and salary growth guide. You’ll also discover more about the growth prospects of entry-level bookkeepers in Hawaii. Whether you’re a new or experienced bookkeeper, having more confidence when it comes to your future as a bookkeeper in Hawaii is what you’re looking for.

Start by reviewing the job outlook, entry-level requirements and education associated with each entry-level job. Within this guide, you’ll also learn about the salaries you can expect to earn as a bookkeeper in Hawaii.

In the end, you’re going to have a good idea of where things are headed in the future as an entry-level bookkeeper.

Idaho Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

Illinois Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

Indiana Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

The table below provides the bookkeeper hourly and average annual salary in Indiana.

Iowa Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

Kansas Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

Kentucky Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

Yearly Salary: £28,000

Hourly Rate: £141

Kentucky Bookkeeper Job Description:

This position reports directly to the company’s general administrative office. The full responsibilities of this position are:

  • Accounting and record keeping
  • Income and payroll services
  • Maintenance of books and records

Bookkeeping Assistant Salary:

Yearly Salary: £22,000

Hourly Rate: £87-118 (6-8hr work day)

Bookkeeping Assistant Job Description:

This position reports exclusively to the bookkeeper. The responsibilities of this position are:

  • General accounting duties
  • Handle limited bookkeeping tasks assigned by the bookkeeper
  • Provide mentoring to new hires

Office Clerk Salary:

Yearly Salary: £19,000

Hourly Rate: £76-85 (6-8hr work day)

Office Clerk Job Description:

This position reports directly to the Administrative Manager and Office Manager. The key responsibility of this position is:

  • Handle many routine clerical tasks
  • Create and maintain departmental binders
  • Provide back-up support to the Administrative Manager and Office Manager

Administrative Support Assistant Salary:

Yearly Salary: £23,000

Louisiana Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

Maine Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

Are you wondering how much will you make as a Bookkeeper in Maine, (i.e. Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate by Profession)?

Know what your salary would be by entering your location into the Salary Calculator.

Maryland Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

Bookkeepers work in accounting departments or with individual accountants in order to process bills and invoices. This means they handle the day-to-day operations of their accounting department, keeping track of current and long-term records of all the receipts and payments, in addition to creating payroll reports and other financial paperwork.

This report is sent to employees, who then receive their wages at the end of the month.

This role is a pivotal part of a company’s operations, so bookkeepers are in high demand with many businesses today. Usually, the higher an employment position is in a company, the higher its overall cost will be.

Generally, this position is known for its steady work since it is a long-term commitment. However, this role does not always keep employees occupied all the time. They also need to find ways to shift their focus to other tasks while still being on top of things.

You can use a variety of tools and software to make bookkeeping a little easier. One of the biggest advantages of this job is that you get to know all aspects of accounting, and you can get to talk to all kinds of people, including everyone from accountants to employees.

Massachusetts Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

If you are a Massachusetts bookkeeper looking for full charge bookkeeper salary information for a small business, try the Massachusetts Office of Labor and Workforce Development for a listing of companies that employ bookkeepers and other data-entry employees. They provide a link that will allow you to access the Salary Worker Database. Using this database, you can enter your location, company name, job title, and select whether the position is hourly or salaried.

Certified Bookkeeper Salary for Massachusetts

If you are a Massachusetts Certified bookkeeper looking for certified bookkeeper salary information for a small business, try the Office of Labor and Workforce Development in Massachusetts. They provide a link that will allow you to access the Salary Worker Database. Using this database, you can enter your location, company name, job title, and select whether the position is hourly or salaried.

Part-Time Bookkeeper Salary for Massachusetts

If you are a Massachusetts part-time bookkeeper looking for part-time bookkeeper salary information for a small business, try the Office of Labor and Workforce Development in Massachusetts. They provide a link that will allow you to access the Salary Worker Database. Using this database, you can enter your location, company name, job title, and select whether the position is hourly or salaried.

Michigan Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

One of the challenges of bookkeeping is that there is no single “right” rate of pay. So when a client comes to a bookkeeper for advice, it’s often enough to say “Well, based on the number of hours you estimated working, I would say that your full-time employee should be paid about $x per hour.”

But what if the client has not estimated the number of hours they will be paying their new bookkeeper? How does the bookkeeper provide advice if the client has not estimated their expected time working?

One way is to provide an hourly rate for the job based on the number of hours it will take to complete.

Another way is to suggest an hourly rate and then also offer a backup to that rate, which is a range of numbers that will cover the most relevant jobs and the most relevant situations.

In the next few sections, we’re going to look at both of those range-type suggestions for bookkeeping rates and explore some sample jobs and situations.

Minnesota Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

Mississippi Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

The South earns its reputation as fertile ground for down home, southern hospitality, and quirky fun. With this comes folksy customs, traditions, awesome food, and the Southern accent too! Naturally, Mississippi fits right in with its cooking, friends and slow pace of life.

More so than anywhere else in the US, Mississippi has a distinctive culture that sets it apart from the rest of the country. Between its colorful past, history of slavery, and modern amenities like casinos and live music clubs, it seems fitting that Mississippi is home to some of the best mock tails you’ll ever have your taste buds on. It’s also the birthplace of Elvis, so there’s ample entertainment to go around.

With so much to do and see in Mississippi, it’s no wonder that there’s a more than ample population of them working the land and keeping the Mississippi bookkeeping industry afloat. A vague and colorful history, welcoming homes and friendly people have made the state a favorite vacation spot for families from all over the country.

Missouri Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

Montana Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

Nebraska Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

Nevada Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

New Hampshire Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

New Jersey Hourly Salary/Hourly Rate

Here are 2016 Hourly & Salaries/Wages.


When you search online for New Jersey Hourly Salary, you also get the information of Hourly or Hourly Rate of Bookkeeper and the corresponding State or States. Check out the list below and find your state.


Not all states or cities mandate that you report taxes on a Bookkeeper Hourly Rate such as Trenton, NJ and Trenton, NJ. Some people are not required to report their income while working as a Bookkeeper. Most companies use an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) to identify their employees/employes.

You can check your state for their regulations to avoid penalties from the IRS if you are not required to report your income or your ITIN or if you have been informed that you are not required to report your income or if you have been informed that you are not required to report your income or if you have been informed that you are not required to report your income.

New Mexico Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

New York Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

If you are looking for bookkeeper salary information in New York, look no further. I have compiled data on 20 different firms to give you a clear idea of what you can make.

The following are the earnings and salary data for bookkeepers in both New York City and the rest of the state:

North Carolina Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

North Dakota Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

Ohio Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

As a bookkeeper, your total income is determined by the following variables:

Years of experience **Certification **Experience required **Education level **Length of employment **Commuting **Other factors (such as cost of living)

So the most important thing is finding a bookkeeping job that includes each of these factors and gives you the income you want. That’s why you want to be sure you’re consulting an experienced bookkeeping firm and not just signing up for any old job.

Bookkeeper Salary in Ohio

As a beginning bookkeeper, you will need to follow through on projects from beginning to end. If you have company hiring you, you can be sure the boss will work to the same requirements.

Many new bookkeepers begin at their first job office as an accounting assistant in place of assistant bookkeeper. In many cases, this position is best for you. If you are employed as an accounting assistant, you can assure yourself a bookkeeping job in the future.

Assistant bookkeepers and accounting assistants will be assigned simple accounts payable and accounts receivable tasks. They will also be responsible for replenishing invoices and maintaining the company supplies inventory. These duties are easy for a bookkeeper looking to get into the bookkeeping field.

Oklahoma Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

Oregon Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

Most bookkeepers/accountants work on a salary, but those who prefer to work at their own pace and do the equivalent of a part-time job may wish to charge a hourly rate instead. The Oregon Bookkeeper Salary is a full charge.

Pennsylvania Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

A bookkeeper works for a company as an accountant and deals with payroll and project administration. The bookkeeper usually records the financial information pertaining to their work. Depending on the size of the company and the duties of the bookkeeper, the bookkeeper may spend time with other team members. The duties of a bookkeeper may change if the company expands or the organization has different billing practices. Bookkeepers may work for a company in various industries including insurance, finance, and manufacturing. Some companies may have multiple bookkeepers for different areas of the organization.

One important responsibility of a bookkeeper is their ability to keep all financial data for the company. The bookkeeper has to maintain a record that includes a copy of all bills, professional services rendered, credit applications, and other procedures. The bookkeeper ensures that there are no discrepancies in the company’s information. They also gather financial data for other companies and consolidate information.

A bookkeeper also keeps track of the business’s financial data for future and current job sites. They create reports and other documents related to the company’s financial status. The bookkeeper works with auditors and accountants as well. They record all the information relayed to them from audits.

Puerto Rico Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

In Puerto Rico, the general rule is that a bookkeeper has to be proficient in the three primary areas of accounting:

  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Profit and Loss

Bookkeepers earn an average salary of N/A per hour in Puerto Rico.

Year ago, the average salary for a bookkeeper in Puerto Rico's greater metropolitan area (San Juan area) was N/A per hour.

Today, the average salary for a bookkeeper in Puerto Rico's greater metropolitan area (San Juan area) is N/A per hour.

Rhode Island Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

Rhode Island is a state in the southeastern region of the United States. Rhode Island’s unique personality can be traced back to its economic and social history. Much of the state’s natural beauty, as well as the cultural and economic influences such as the ancient Mayflower, is attributable to its history.

Population Facts
The State Population is 646,108 and ranks 43rd.

The State Population is 646,108 and ranks 43rd.

The State Population is 646,108 and ranks 43rd.

The State Population is 646,108 and ranks 43rd.

The State Population is 646,108 and ranks 43rd.

The State Population is 646,108 and ranks 43rd.

The State Population is 646,108 and ranks 43rd.

The State Population is 646,108 and ranks 43rd.

The State Population is 646,108 and ranks 43rd.

The State Population is 646,108 and ranks 43rd.

The State Population is 646,108 and ranks 43rd.

The State Population is 646,108 and ranks 43rd.

The State Population is 646,108 and ranks 43rd.

The State Population is 646,108 and ranks 43rd.

The State Population is 646,108 and ranks 43rd.

South Carolina Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

South Dakota Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

The bookkeeper takes…

Bookkeeper salary The job of a bookkeeper is varied and not always glamorous, but it’s the part most people overlook when they’re trying to assess the overall value of the position. The bookkeeper’s job in a profit- and loss-sharing type of accounting situation is to ensure that all reports, records and information are complete and accurate.

A bookkeeper does this through all the paperwork and notes that goes into order all payroll and bookkeeping issues, from expense reports and credit card receipts to payroll checks and bank records. While the exact duties and position can differ depending on the company, the bookkeeper’s most important task is to provide transparency to the company by recording and organizing every expense and transaction that comes into the company so they can be properly calculated and evaluated.

Bookkeepers can work in a number of different industries, from construction companies to engineering firms to law firms to schools, hospitals and industries like marketing and advertising. While the bookkeeper is an important employee in all the industries, the greatest number of positions are in financial services, which makes up just under 30% of all bookkeepers. This includes banks, insurance firms and other organizations building their customer base and bottom line through the sale of financial products like insurance and investments.

Tennessee Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

Getting paid a salary is much more attractive than getting paid hourly, right? When you’re payed a salary you don’t have to worry about taking time out of your day to prepare for the upcoming payday. I bet most of you would choose to work a few more hours each week for the salary and free yourself from all the last minute job demands.

However, all salary related considerations aside, when you work as a bookkeeper, you should get paid as per these benchmarks for that particular job title. Some of the positions pay better than others, but these average salaries should make you consider a job as a bookkeeper.

Texas Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

The result of an hourly calculation without taking meal or any allowances (such as overtime) into account, the Full Charge Bookkeeper works the hardest of all the Bookkeeper roles. As they take on a variety of tasks, they have to work late into the night or early into the morning (depending on the day shift and working hours) to ensure they get their work done.

The Full Charge Bookkeeper is usually recruited from companies who are doing really well financially.

It’s a full-time role that requires continuous support from their employers.

An example of a company that earns a lot financially may be a factory/production line. This includes food and beverage products, fast-food and retail goods, and other products that make up a quickly expanded market. As the product range can be a wide variety of things, the work is constant and the hours are long.

A bookkeeper working on the nightshift may get the opportunity to choose what work they do. This way they can pick the type of work they deem best suited to them. As a Full Charge Bookkeeper, you will need to take steps to ensure you enjoy the work you do as it can be extremely demanding.

Utah Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

How much are Utah bookkeepers paid in salary and hourly wages? Let’s take a look at all of the different ways bookkeepers are paid & what they make on average.

Vermont Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

Accounting is an essential role in business …and bookkeeping is a vital component of that role. Bookkeeping involves the recording and summarizing of financial and business data. Bookkeeping is often considered the lower rung of the corporate ladder of people doing accounting in the United States. Because of this stigma, the importance and value of bookkeepers have been overstated and understated in the minds of their readers.

These are the United States Bookkeeper salary and hourly rates and information by industry for certified, part-time, full-charge and more.

Virgin Islands Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

Bookkeeper Earnings by Experience – Bookkeeping salaries are based on the fields of experience and education of those bidding on open jobs. When 2 people apply, the one with the most years of experience will usually have the better salary. In this case, experience actually makes the $$$.


Virginia Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

Washington Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

In Washington, there are bookkeeping software packages with different costing methods. The various models started out in cost based on auditor hours. Those are tallied as follows.

Audit hours ‘ Cost of the audit ‘ Cost of the software. In this situation, the software cost is the customer’s.

The cost would be the same as the auditor’s time to use the software. This is usually annual, quarterly, monthly, or on some type of contractual basis.

You would have a contracted bookkeeper to perform the bookkeeping as a service for you. The bookkeeper would audit your books. The auditor would review your books to ensure that there is an adequate system in place to track activities along with following the year end audit requirements.

It does not necessarily mean that a full-time job would involve an auditor to work with you on site. The auditor is the person reviewing the system to make sure that you have a set up that is in compliance with the regulations. The full-time auditor would be auditing the actual transactions as you are conducting your business.

West Virginia Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

California Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate?

Kenya Bookkeeper Salary?

Massachusetts Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate?

Michigan Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate?

Mississippi Bookkeeper Salary?

New Hampshire Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate?

New York Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate?

Ohio Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate?

Oklahoma Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate?

Tennessee Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate?

Texas Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate?

Vermont Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate?

Wisconsin Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate?

Washington State Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate?

Virginia Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate?

Final Thoughts and Recommendations on Bookkeeper Salary

Each state has different regulations governing the qualifications necessary to become a bookkeeper. Finally, you may find some of the information in this post is not accurate for your state.

Read your state’s regulations for bookkeeping certification if you are hoping to become a certified bookkeeper.

I know there are a lot of different concepts and terminology that are tossed around when it comes to your bookkeeping title and pay rate. If possible, it’d be best to meet with an accountant or a bookkeeper to clarify.

Wisconsin Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate

Bookkeepers and accountants in Wisconsin play an integral role in hospitals, schools, government, and many other organizations. The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development maintains statistics for the state’s accountants, bookkeepers, and auditors. You may search the database to obtain a listing of all individuals who hold a license with the state’s Workforce Development agency.

The department’s listing of licensees includes the type of license and license number, but it does not include the state’s bookkeeper salary information.

Fortunately, the staffing industry website ‑Staffing Industry Analysts–namely Russell Reynolds Associates (RRA), maintains a database of bookkeeper salaries in Wisconsin. You’ll find the following information for each of the state’s principal cities:

Average Bookkeeper Salary in Region, City, and Industry Category

Min. Pay Rate for Entry-level Bookkeepers with no Experience via State License Exam

Average Bookkeeper Salary in Region, City, and Industry Category.

Min. Pay Rate for Entry-level Bookkeepers with No Experience via Local Agent Association Job Posting

Wyoming Bookkeeper Salary/Hourly Rate