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Top 6 Workforce Management Software for 2019

Workforce management (also: human resource management) is a field that is growing rapidly and provides companies with an accurate yet accurate with a high degree of automation of the employees within a company.

This does not mean that all the jobs are automated. But to a large extent, this process automates many tasks that could never be done manually for the sake of efficiency and easy recording. Likewise, managing all these processes you can also use software.

Fortunately, there are a lot of different software, each with its own speciality. What works for one company may be completely unsuitable for another. That is why it is important to do your homework and know exactly what type of software you need.

How We Evaluated Workforce Management Software

We evaluated software based on a criteria that evaluates a wide variety of aspects. We took into account the following criteria to select the best workforce management software.

First, we reviewed the features that are offered across the board. Usually, the more functions that the software has, the less time it takes to learn how to use it. The main reason that time is an excellent predictor of quality is because it takes a lot of time to build each feature. If your time is taken up learning how to use it or deciphering its code, it’s likely that the features aren’t going to be high-quality.

Second, we reviewed the options based on the user interface. User interface is important because it affects how easy it is to learn and administer the software. When it comes to workforce management software, live-time data is impossible to hide. The information that lives on each employee’s dashboard is dynamic and changes every minute so you need an interface that’s user-friendly so that it’s easy to view and update. We take into account such important aspects as menus, toolbars, and general navigation.

Best Overall Workforce Management Software for Small Businesses: Homebase

Homebase takes best overall spot because it’s full-featured software especially designed for smaller businesses and startups. Homebase has fewer options but the number of features it has should provide all the tools that your small business needs.

Homebase’s built-in management features are great for companies with limited human resources. It displays all the employees with their personal information, shows the projects that are assigned to each employee and also allows the administrator to check the activities of employees. One of the advantages of this is that they can easily get to know which employees are productive and which aren’t.

Additionally, the software includes analytics and enables the administrator to see a timeline of all the projects that have been done and also the time that employees have spent on each project.

There are 10 clients available in Homebase’s marketplace that cater to specific industries such as retail, information technology, banking, education, manufacturing, etc. Many of these software packages have done one thing better than the others. You can also customize the software to suit your needs based on the number of workers you have, the type of business you run and other requirements.

Homebase’s enterprise-level security protects employee’s data, helps you with compliance and also allows you limit access to only those employees who require it.

Homebase Pricing

Homebase is really a data based market place for home business organizations.

The main elements of Homebase are user’s data and information, software, and details.

User’s data is essentially the customers list the company is going to sell.

Homebase also needs a software for data processing and statistics.

As for details, users need to pay for their full data details. These details include the business name, website, address, and contact details.

Cost cannot be exaggerated their prices. Beginners require some amount of effort to join the platform than Regular users.

Company’s website URL:

Homebase Pricing Table

During the course of the year, many companies experience a restructuring plan. At many organizations, a company wide system is a key component of change management. Enterprise resource planning (ERP)'s try to link all business units in the corporation to give a unified basis of evaluating the business unit and to enhance a holistic view over the enterprise. The whole framework is used to monitor and plan the progress of the workforce, and use large amounts of data from an organization to be able to coincide and perfect the processes.

The disadvantage of a precise Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the expense and annual support. This cost is enormous, and companies must be very aware of whether they can pick only a few modules out of the lot and, if so, which ones. An incorrect selection can lead to high costs and "ratchet up" budgeting.

Instead of choosing all modules, organizations should generally consider a Classic ERP, which cuts back on unnecessary features and does not use any new functionality (except for some extensions, e.g. for credit and accounting). This type of ERP saves money, comes to the desk on a monthly basis, and offers a lot of flexibility. The Classic ERP is usually implemented gradually, and is a good fit for medium-sized businesses. A block diagram is generally used to direct the flow of the work. Order intake, sales and purchase, credit, and accounting are the typical modules.

Homebase Features

Homebase’s developer, G2G, specializes in workforce management software. Their Homebase software is built around the idea of an all-in-one CAD environment.

With Homebase, you can both design and maintain your projects in their various phases. From plans and schedules to materials management, all within an easy to use environment.

With its ability to manage projects, Homebase is often a one-stop-shop for various designers, architects and engineers. Homebase allows you to manage and track your projects and save you money by allowing you to reuse previous projects and plans.

As a workforce management software, Homebase saves you time when generating plans and often times is more financially efficient. If you were to pay an intern to design an item, it will be more worthwhile for your company and your team to have someone trained in using Homebase.

By saving time on both design and labor, you can focus on more lucrative projects.

It’s also important to note that Homebase has access to thousands of jobs on major construction sites in the US. Otherwise, you will have to search their job database for available jobs.

Homebase Customer Support

We’re on a mission to make homebase the best customer support portal in the U.S. We already have an awesome community of customers and a great reputation that’s built over 25 years. We want to build on that momentum and create a responsive customer service brand.

To do that we need to ensure that we have a reliable and responsive customer service system. We’re happy to say that we’ve already implemented several workstreams with the Homebase team to rapidly enhance our service. Here are some of the improvements that have been made so far.

A new email command center that allows us to manage customer inquiries from one dashboard, Maintaining the quality of all existing support tools.

When it comes to supporting enterprise-class applications like Homebase, support is a critical function. As a software application grows in complexity, it’s all too easy for a small team of support people to be stretched from the normal operation of the application.

At Homebase, we not only need to maintain the functionality of Homebase to the highest standards, but also that of the underlying database. Homebase has thousands of customers across the world. We need to ensure that no customer is stuck because of lack of support.

What Homebase Is Missing

— Software That Maintains an Active Detailed Workflow, Streamlines Employee Training, and Gives Assignments and KPI’s to Each Employee as They Are Assigned.

As we are a customer of workforce management software‘s, we are aware of the challenges associated with this technology. We have made the following observation regarding the evolution of workforce management software using our experience of 9 years. Plus we have hired and onboarded over 150 employees + 200+ independent contractors.

Workforce management software is growing. With the boom of the I.T. industry, many company are opting to go online and grow their companies – leading to better agility and peace of mind. Today, workforce management software is available in two categories: Workforce Management Software and OnRail workforce management software.

They both have pros and cons:

Workforce Management Software:

Workforce management systems in their current state are very powerful in that they offer extensive capabilities for managing your employee’s, projects and payroll. However, there are two significant obstacles to overcome:

The lack of a cloud based system.

Workforce Management software is currently available online as either a subscription based software or as a regular software. The disadvantage of the online workforce software is that you have to keep the software on the server. Actually we have found the second generation workforce management software is the best one for small to medium size businesses because it offers amazing user experience.

What Users Think About Homebase

Homebase is an enterprise software that helps corporate offices to track their work. Being an enterprise software, it works for all business sectors; from companies to small businesses, and from manufacturing business to retail and more. No matter if you have a lot of employees or not, Homebase is designed to help you control everyone on the payroll.

According to the staff, the software is able to track their working time accurately. Because of this, their working hours can be seen in a more transparent way.

As a spokesperson explained, this type of transparency helps to minimize absenteeism and the time spent on corporate trips or conferences. They also stated that Homebase helps the management keep in touch with its workforce everywhere and anytime.

One of the main reasons why the users are happy with the final product is because the software saves them lots of time. Because of this, it helps them get back to their customers faster, which boosts the customer’s satisfaction.

There are also other benefits that they’re happy about, like the fact that they can look at other employees’ work reports and can discuss related files. The plan pricing that they discussed goes for 10 accounts and supports 3 users for each account. The cost per user per month works for small business companies and is certainly affordable.

Best Workforce Management Software for Third-Party App Integrations: Deputy

Developed by the same company that brings you the popular Remind and Confer Cellular remote notification apps, Deputy features a intuitive interface that makes it easy to manage tasks for the entire team. Using the calendar tool, you can create and assign deadlines, and you can send customized reminders to everyone on the team. Deputy also includes a document archive tool to help you keep track of tasks, and task distribution list to help resolve tasks.

The individual features within Deputy are flexible and customisable, meaning you can create a workflow to ensure all work is completed in a timely manner. When you log into Deputy, a dashboard gives you a summary of every task currently assigned to you, and you also have access to everything you’ve completed, no matter which application it’s been assigned to.

With so many different company integrations, Deputy is one of the best workforce management software options available.

Deputy Pricing

Deputy Pricing Software is easy to implement and provides value for the money. It is great for use in departments that have a lot of payroll employees. It is also perfect for those departments that are already using a third party for their payroll.

Deputy is a powerful labor service management software that offers a lot of customizable options and is compatible with android and apple devices.

One of its greatest benefits is that it is highly customizable. Whether you would like to set up a specific hour, hourly, or daily rate or multiple rates for your department, you are able to do so with ease.

You can also set up a lot of different pay methods and calculate your budget easily. Deputy comes with over 60 payroll calculations that offer an option for every paycheck scenario and are simple and easy to use.

Deputy is also a user-friendly application for your mobile device. This is a great feature when you have employees that are often on the go and might not have access to a desktop computer. For the employee who is constantly on the go, Deputy offers a lot of budgeting tools, including a time management feature, that works seamlessly on a mobile device. You can easily input time sheets, calculate paystubs, and use multipliers, just to name a few, on your device.

Deputy Pricing Table

Deputy Pricing Table is a tailor-made tool for pricing up different levels or pricing of products. The Workforce pricing works from 1 level of pricing less to the final charge level. The developer has also introduced another powerful tool called the Deputy Pricing Table. This tool allows a manager to duplicate a different level of pricing into the pricing matrix of a product.

Deputy Pricing Table will let the manager define how many price levels are to be used for particular product. Each price level will consist of several lines which will define the price that is to be charged for the selected product.

The table will let users know how many lines are there for the price level, the price per line and the per unit of the product. This will help in creating a website, inventory management environment for submitting purchase orders, and invoicing departments.

Deputy Features

Deputy Customer Support

I like to call myself an instrument for building customer relations in an era where there’s a lot of call centers and customer support organizations. I work solidly with customer satisfaction.

My role is to serve as a guide for your company. I inform you on your ideas and your visions for the future, and I connect with your goals and objectives. My role is to guide you. I am a workforce management software expert, able to structure your messages in an accurate and organized manner so that they can be easily understood by the largest ranges of audience. I’m trained to offer you a platform for constructing techniques that will surface your business as an expert to your customers.

I’m assisted by state-of-the-art workforce management software technology that allows me to manipulate multilayered conversations between your company and its customers. My methods are not rigid, but fluid, and I adapt to each situation as it arises. Whether I’m guiding you through an opportunity, or offering you a solution, I’m working with your objectives.

My responsibilities are to offer clear, precise, and unbiased recommendations so that you can fulfill your mission. Through my efforts, you will make the right investment choices, and you will grow.

What Deputy Is Missing

Recently I was asked what the importance of workforce management software and how to install it work. It is so common that all of us have or have been using it these days. This question is so common and basic that we often forget to review the role of employee workforce management software and how it helps our work and business activity.

Workforce management … a term used often for managing the workforce and employees… is the science of managing the workforce and workforce resources at any level of business complexity.

What is workforce management?

Well, workforce management is the process of managing the workforce in any type of business unit and all levels of the business. The workforce management system is supposed to provide data, information, analysis, reporting etc.

The process of workforce management can touch on a lot of areas, whether that is HR (Human Resources), Payroll, Finance, or Controlling, among others. It also serves as an important tool to the management of the workforce in terms of measuring their performance and possible employment opportunities.

Workforce management basically covers a lot of areas in a business unit. The workforce management software gives ample information on each employee, their task status, and also performance evaluation. This allows the business owner to evaluate the company’s performance as a whole.

What Users Think About Deputy

Deputy is one of the leading software providers for managing your company’s workforce. Start with a free trial of InstaEmploy to learn how easy it is to manage your company’s workforce.

Best Employee Management Software for Fast and Easy Schedule Changes: When I Work

Pricing: $

Update: September 30, 2017

When I Work is an employee scheduling software that lets you change employee shifts, request time off, and control the business policies in your company. At first glance, When I Work seems like it will be a quick and easy to use employee scheduling software, but it is not perfect.

When I Work can only manage one business at a time and there is no option to change that perfect match for you. As far as employee scheduling goes, When I Work is reliable and it is a good option to use.

Overall, If you are looking for an inexpensive software that is great for scheduling, then When I Work would be a good option for you.

When I Work Pricing

If you’re working on a team, then you’ll want to keep track of the tasks each member of your team is responsible for. If you’re the type of person who likes to be able to see all sides of a project, then you’ll want to be in charge of your entire project. However, if you’re the type of person who likes to leave the details to others, you may not care to manage the entire project yourself. Either way, it’s important for you to be able to determine who did what. Not to mention that in order to determine the total amount of time spent on a project, you’ll also need to be able to track the amount of time spent by each member of your team.

Once you have taken a look around in order to find the right project management software for you, it’s important to take a look at the cost involved. Some projects may take so long that the cost is a bit more difficult to calculate. Whereas some other projects may take only a few days.

So you will need a way of determining which project management software best suits your needs. A good place to start is by reviewing the features of the software. Here are just a few features you will want to consider:

When I Work Pricing Table

When I Work Pricing Table by When I Work Software allows companies to save up to 40% on the cost of generating and maintaining an estimated cost of work. When I Work Software allows companies to save up to 40% on the cost of generating and maintaining an estimated cost of work. It eliminates the guesswork in reallocating resources when changes are made and validates budgeted costs when changes take place. It eliminates the guesswork in reallocating resources when changes are made and validates budgeted costs when changes take place.

When I Work Pricing Table Pricing Table Instructor Introduction Table Instructor Introduction Cost Generation Estimates Features and Benefits Why Part Time Employees? Estimating Cost of New Employees

Note: The table above provides general pricing information for When I Work Pricing Table, click here to access the When I Work Pricing Table resource page which provides more detailed pricing information and additional options.

When I Work Features

The cost of workforce management software has always been a barrier for some. But new, affordable options are coming on the market that make the technology a little more attainable for smaller businesses.

Workforce management software is intended to help small companies manage their employees more efficiently. The goal of a workforce management system is to improve employee productivity by increasing work efficiency and accuracy, as well as by cutting down on human resource management. That said there is still a cost associated with that. But not anymore!

Today’s workforce management software is very affordable and could easily be integrated with a company’s existing payroll/HR software for third-party vendor management. Of course, this is a big time saver as you won’t need to manage different vendors dealing with different HR software platforms.

This blog post looks at 6 of the best workforce management software options for SMBs. But the more affordable you go with workforce management software, the more budget-conscious you need to be about which features you will need.

So before diving into the list, first lets take a look at some of the basic features that are expected in every workforce management system.

When I Work Customer Support

Our chatbot is good for small questions, but we need more than that.

Let me tell you about our support department. Twenty-three of us do everything necessary to keep our customers happy. We do account and account status management. We deal with queries via email and chat. We are the eyes and ears of our customers. Thanks to Talky.io, our support team can stay in touch even when our users are offline. When they chat, we can chat back, we can answer their questions, and we can even initiate conversations.

Over fifteen thousand users have put Talky.io to use. The most typical case here: texts they send to our support team – they are not sure what the answer will be, so they send the message. When a visitor is not sure how to do something our chatbot can encourage them to try again.

Check it out at You can draw your own custom chatbot! .

What When I Work Is Missing

In My Organization’s Succession Planning and How I Can Help?

I’ve been playing sports my whole life and, if the truth be told, it has paid off. As a result, I’ve had the privilege to work with corporations like Nike, GE, Fidelity, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, and FleetBoston. Not all these organizations are the same, and it’s in that context that I bring my business experience playing sports to my role as a senior adviser to a global company.

To do so, I focus on identifying gaps in the process and building partnerships among the key players, including the Human Resources (HR), the Training and Development (TD), and the Collective Bargaining teams. HR and TD support my efforts with technology, process, and people-based interventions.

Because of my early involvement with sports organizations, I see what it takes to create the culture and the climate for success. This is one of the reasons why I’m in an excellent position to add value to an organization. And it’s the same reason for which I’m in a position to add value to your organization as well. When I work with you and your successors, I’m working with your future.

What Users Think About When I Work

Finance, payroll, HR, and customer management: those are the four primary functions that are connected to workforce management software. It combines and combines all information for an efficient approach to streamlining the different processes required for your business. With the most advanced workforce management software, you can save minutes and hours on the management of your employees, keeping you on top of your game, and ensuring you are saving you money in the process.

Best Employee Management Software for Performance Management: Zoho People

HR representatives and managers are always swamped with too much paperwork and data, and they often struggle to handle things on their own.

While performance management is a key part of any HR department, the rigors of managing expenses, schedule management, drafting performance reviews, and document handling are a lot for one person to handle on his or her own, especially when the work is spread across a team.

Thus, it’s more beneficial for HR representatives and managers to implement a workforce management software program that can help them streamline performance management with this workload.

For such a task, Zoho People is a viable option.

As the best employee management software, Zoho People offers a variety of functionalities such as performance management, employee scheduling, workflows, time tracking, timesheet management, time reporting, employee attendance, and a myriad of additional features that help HR representatives and managers track employee efficiency.

With Zoho People, HR representatives and managers can track employee performance, productivity, attendance, and create a workflow that aids in efficient performance management, as well as other benefits.

It’s important to know that though technology allows for more efficient performance management, performance management is a two-way street. You need to be committed to it as well, especially when you’re a manager.

Zoho People Pricing

Zoho People is an easy-to-administer human resource (HR) software that focuses on making you more productive in your business. It is a good solution for small businesses, accountancies, and contact centers. It also supports offline data access.

Basic Features

As mentioned before, Zoho People is primarily aimed at small organizations. While larger organizations can also be convinced to use it, it may work better for the more casual or smaller workspaces than the high-end or complex firms. If you specialize in marketing, then you might be better off going with a dedicated marketing automation (MA) software or going solely with Web-based software. Zoho People is more akin to a general HR tool and would benefit small to medium sized firms.

The software can manage a pretty wide range of personnel issues, including hiring new staff, employee onboarding and training, performance management, performance appraisals, and compliance issues.

It also supports breaking work down into smaller projects and aimed at tasks suited to regular human contact, like customer service, sales, and support issues.

However, it doesn’t have the same amount of low-level tasks that some other pieces of HR software offer. If your personnel needs are more demanding on that end, then both Zoho Docs and Zoho Projects are better suited for your company.

Zoho People Pricing Table

Zoho People Features

For starters, Zoho has an excellent employee portal, where you can have all your hiring and employee info at one place. You can build a profile, upload resumes, and manage performance in one place.

Review, follow up with, train, and even offer promotions of your employees all from one place, with automatic emails included.

For the most part, Zoho People is a very user-friendly solution, which makes it no surprise that is the leading software for both SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) and start-up organizations.

Unlike other software solutions, Zoho People also provides E-Learning, which allows you to create content, and hire instructors to deliver that training from Zoho People.

Zoho also has a robust Mobile offering, with an App for iOS that works offline, and has the functionality to sync with other apps running on your phone.

Check out these best-of-breed features:

  • Drag and Drop Creation
  • Mobile App
  • E-Learning
  • Trello Integration

Hire, train, and keep your workforce updated in one place with Zoho People.

Zoho People Customer Support

What Zoho People Is Missing

What Users Think About Zoho People

Zoho People is a comprehensive people management platform available in a standalone version and as part of an enterprise solution. People apps can track employee time reporting, calculate compensation, evaluate and prioritize projects, as well as route status to and from the managers.

Reviews for Zoho People are generally positive and split between those who are fans of the software and those who are not. The positive reviews praise the interface for being “clunky” in look and feel. However, the interface is not as polished as Skype or Google Hangouts and users are resolved to receive superior “value for money”.

For a relatively lower entry price, the software emphasizes on “business value,” with an increased number of features for a lower entry price. Zoho People has been billed as the “Enterprise Resource Planning” software for the “labor force”.

Users and companies who purchased the software were impressed with the “cost savings” in time and labor. In fact, certain users complained that Zoho People “wiped out” their old time tracking software.

So if you are looking for a great software for managing your employees and other workforce procedures, look no further than Zoho People.

Best All-in-One Workforce Management Software: Paycor Perform

Best Open Source Software: Open-Serve

Best Cloud-based Software: Reckon

Best Single-Platform Software: Maptian Workforce Management

Best One-off Software: Workforce Now

Paycor Perform Pricing

Below you will find a sample of some of the features that Paycor Performer provides. These include case filing and tracking, export, and integration with other third-party systems.

Case Filing and Tracking

  • -Case filing: You can create and store 1000+ entity records per system. Once a case is filed, you will be able to place the case on hold for 30 days.
  • -Case tracking: Case management provides complete customization of the case field and a vendor-specific custom form.
  • -Case management and attorney tracking: Performer provides case management for full billing for the attorney and resolve/resolve xfer for the attorney.

Case Filing and Tracking Features:

  • -Beyond scheduling time for individual attorney calendars, Performer also automatically switches your time automatically based on the schedule set by your attorney.
  • -In the system, you can automatically forward incoming calls on to assigned attorneys in the system.
  • -Performer provides you with three excellent rule-based leads-generation options:
  • -Inquiry Management: It enables you to hand off incoming inquiries to other employees.
  • -Forwarding Call Function: If you agree that an incoming call should be forwarded to the attorney handling that case, the caller’s phone calls will automatically be forwarded.

Paycor Perform Features

Paycor Perform is a versatile and user-friendly web-based human capital management (HCM) system that is designed for supporting organizations in all aspects of employee benefit delivery and providing an easy solution for their employees.

It enables you to manage benefits, payroll, time and attendance and much more in one place to better control and reduce costs.

It is fit for multiple job roles and provides various human hires and contractors with access to the system.

The system has a variety of reporting options to generate data for more accurate analyses and presentations.

It has intuitive interface, which is simple to use in even complex processes.

Paycor Perform Customer Support

Paycor is a cloud-based workforce management solution that automates most of the repetitive tasks required by your organization to efficiently handle workforce management. It delivers workforce productivity solutions, offering a quick, easy and seamless range of options for businesses to increase efficiency, reduce cost and stay compliant with regulatory requirements.

Paycor addresses the workforce management needs of small to medium-sized businesses, organizations, and government agencies. It is a software that understands the busy nature of running a business and assists the organization to boost worker productivity for better business performance.

Paycor provides efficient workforce management capabilities that helps an organization to reduce costs, increase productivity, improve service and quality, and solve issues related to workforce management, employee engagement and career opportunities.

Advantages of Paycor

  • Workflow Automation: Employees can work regardless of the software they are using.
  • Easily Engage and Manage External Talent: Paycor offers scalable workforce management for businesses across industries.
  • Enables Better Employee Performance: Once improved, productivity will improve as well.

Advantages of the Paycor Software

  • Customizable Dashboards: The customizable dashboards enable you to easily develop and manage various processes.
  • Easy Custom Reports: The reports allow you to build and manage processes with ease.
  • Accounts for Compliance: Tracking, examining, monitoring, and reporting ensures proper compliance.

What Paycor Perform Is Missing

Paycor Perform is not an all-in-one workforce management solutions. As the name suggest, it is only a payroll and HR application. It does not provide other functions like HRMS, time tracking and task management.

Paycor Perform do not provide the online training facility. Instead, it has only online videos. This makes it fairly easy for the new employees to learn the application, but the permanent employees will not be able to learn the application with the help of videos.

According to the statistics, it is pretty difficult to handle and setup payroll for more than 100 employees. The good news is that you can link the Paycor Perform with other applications. You can integrate the retirement plan, benefits, time clock and employee scheduling as well.

Even though Paycor Performs provide the API, but it is not worth the money. The API uses the manual integration which might not be good for a billion-dollar company to do.

The integration facility is not available as of the date of review. The only benefit of the interfacing tools is to know the data for more than 100 employees. The good news is that there are third-party software, which can allow you to add more than 100 employees.

The customer satisfaction is high as the payroll application is quite easy to use and navigate.

The application has a good online training facility. There is a series of online video tutorials to guide you through the setup process.

What Users Think About Paycor Perform

What is the best employee payroll and workforce management software? Our software reviews provide you with a thorough view of each solution’s software capabilities. We looked at following aspects for every solution:

  • Employee Management
  • Paycheck Automation
  • Tax Printing
  • Employee Self Service
  • Payroll API and Integrations

Control, manage your entire workforce with Paycor. With Paycor, you can completely automate your payroll. The best part is, this lets you spend more time managing your business rather than your payroll and taxes. Also, with Paycor, you can easily handle your payroll and taxes while reducing the administrative costs.

Our hr and Payroll Software Reviews

Employee Self-Service With our employee self-service, you can improve workforce productivity by empowering your employees with the right information at the right time.

Account Payroll Tax Enrollment and Tax Printing

With our account payroll tax enrollment, you can help your employees avoid the hassles of filling out hundreds of forms.

Tax Withholding and Tax Matrix Printing

Our tax printing services enable you to print refund and tax form data and mail them to your employees all at once.

Employee Management

Manage your payroll system’s HR records in a quicker and more efficient manner.

Employee Scheduling

Schedule employee availability and to-do items.

Best Workforce Management Software for Resolving Scheduling Conflicts: Humanity

One of the top answers for any staffing issue is to buy a workforce management solution. It’s one way to solve the dilemma of –justifying the use of a labor management software due to lack of time and resources”.

Resolving scheduling conflicts with help of workforce management software essentially means handling labor assignments in the most efficient way. In a nutshell, it helps you with the entire workforce planning process.

For over 10 years, Humanity Software workforce management solution has been helping organizations from various fields such as education, hospitality, pharmaceuticals and food and beverage industry to maximize its labor efficiency.

For instance, organizations such as Caterpillar Inc., Aurora Health Care, The State of California, and Joe Fahr Motors rely on Humanity’s workforce management solution. They have all made the sure choice of Humanity because it is the best workforce management solution out there.

For starters, applications of the software are on the entire enterprise level.

Here are 6 of the most common uses of Human’s workforce management solution:

  • Solving scheduling conflicts
  • Managing job assignments
  • Higher manpower efficiency
  • Aligning labor demands
  • Improving labor productivity
  • Improved schedule execution tracking

Humanity Pricing

Benefits of Using Humanity Pricing

Humanity pricing is all about creating goodwill with each customer. The pricing is just not used for consumer goods but also in other businesses where the user might psychology play a very important role in their costumer satisfaction..

Increase Customer Loyalty

Many companies do not follow humanity pricing in their pricing and never know if they are actually taking all the aspects into consideration for creating loyalty among customers.

If the pricing is fixed it always leads to increased competition in the market and customer chooses the product for the lowest costs without any loyalty towards the company.

The companies that implement a structure of humanity pricing in their business knows the aspects of human psychology and they can create loyalty within the customers by just offering the lower price whereas the competitors could not satisfy their needs.

Increase Sales and Revenue

If the customer is loyal to the product and the pricing structure of the company there is a higher chance of customer’s buying more so there is a chance of increased revenue and sales.

This will help in creating long lasting relationship between the company and the customer and this in turn will take the revenue and sales to a raise level for the company in global market.

Recurring Business

Humanity Pricing Table

Humanity pricing is a way to offer a discount in which the customer pays a higher price up-front and the store receives a discount on the sales. A customer is given the option to buy an item at a higher price (sometimes as much as 20%) and in return the customer will receive a discount percentage on the product. This is called a "humanity price". It is normally used when stores want a high level of customer satisfaction.

S acon apparel offers a Humanity price program.

Customer Responsibilities

Customers should be aware of the humanity pricing agreement when they buy certain items. Your loyalty may depend on it. If not, the appearance of humanity pricing might make you raise an eyebrow, but perhaps not a fist.

Why Is Humanity Pricing Accepted by Consumers?

Humanity pricing can be helpful when manufacturers and retailers are interested in satisfying their customers. However, those who do not accept it will probably not go out of their way.

Manufacturers & retailers interested in humanity pricing will benefit from both a higher level of customer satisfaction and additional sales.

Part of humanity pricing is that the customer is expected to provide any sales profit or revenue from items sold to the manufacturer or retailer.

Humanity Features

The Professional Social Network (PSN) Humanity is the most professional platform in workforce management that perfectly meets human needs. With its unique features, you can seamlessly manage all your departments and employees.

Humanity features help you to employ and work with your employees at maximum productivity and least stress. You can manage unlimited number of employees, departments and clients. Humanity also offers short stack or long stack option. It will help you to manage your work life balance.

Humanity is the best software for your company to compete in the highly competitive market. Thus, Humanity is the best moble app for employee management and administration.

Empower Your Employees

Empower your employees to perform their best work with absolute control over their time and schedules. Employees can update their calendars online and provide you with status updates, which increases overall engagement and productivity.

With no hassle submitting time off requests, this allows you to focus on critical tasks while keeping work stress to a minimum. With HumanÆs unique employee scheduling module, you can view employee status in real time, send mass messages, assign tasks, provide feedback and manage projects.

With Human, your employees have all the tools they need to succeed.

Monitor and Maintain Visibility

Humanity Customer Support

Productivity at work has reached a point of evolution. However, when the company and human teams start working together, this entire change will be accelerated. This evolution has led to the need for the new generations of workforce management software.

As the business and the business partner evolve, all the human resources should keep up with the changes. The change will only be successful if the HR and the human team do the right work. Therefore, a new workforce management software is needed.

It’s no secret that service-based organizations are not efficient due to the clog of the information and communication technology (ICT) interruption; it creates a great difficulty for the workforce to manage and improve. The solution for this problem is to implement the modern workforce software.

Most workforce management software is created to accomplish work, they can help improve the quality of service, and productivity. This workforce software has some basic advantages that are beneficial to the workforce.

As worker agility increases, it is essential to have workforce management software which will allow you to make use of any resource efficiently. This workforce management software will be developed to match a lot of business requirements.

As the workforce management software market is growing rapidly, it is only to be expected that these software will increase more automation features and improve automation. However, the most important thing to keep in mind is that this workforce management software is a good innovation to change the face of the workplace.

What Humanity Is Missing

Because of iOS 5.x Public Beta

The majority of you who read my publications are working professionals. You have just purchased an iOS based device for work related use since iOS 5.0 was released, and have been using it.

The recent iOS 5.x public beta release has been a disaster for you, because for the first time ever, Apple has written code on the fly and shipped the final version of the forthcoming iOS firmware release, with completely unexpected and ill thought out code changes.

The problems caused by installing an untested iOS 5.x firmware build are two fold. The first is a change in the way 1Password stores your Passwords. This change will cause you to lose all of your one password data, because the iOS 5.x firmware has been modified to move 1Password from Keychain to your home screen.

While this is not the first time that this has happened with an Apple OS, (look at the mess they made of OS 9) this is the first time a change has been made to the home screen to accommodate 1Password.

The second problem caused by installing the iOS 5.x public beta firmware is that you can no longer use VoIP apps to make and receive phone calls directly on the iPad 2. The only way for you to make and receive VoIP calls on the iPad 2 is to use a Mac or a PC.

What Users Think About Humanity

I see how many people view their workforce as human beings from the way they treat them. I am not exactly sure why people have this negative view of their workforce.

Alternatives to the Workforce Management Software Above

Most of the leading workplace management software companies in the US are either based in the USA or Canada. The software companies are well known for using English language to explain their application.

There are mostly popular and commonly used software packages like as 1) Pivotal Tracker 2) JIRA 3) Interspire etc.

Each of the software provide solutions to various issues, and help organizations to improve productivity by enabling them to monitor work, track time, and monitor employee communication.

Most of the modules in these software packages are configured as plugins which can be added or removed from them according to the requirements of the organization. As a result the users of these software get the maximum benefit from the software package.

The important information regarding any issues or opportunities are collected in these software and they can be shared easily throughout the organization. The integrated communication tools automate the communication and help the employees to directly communicate with other colleagues.

Most of the software packages are very easy to use and they give the users the flexibility to configure and adapt the software according to their own needs. The initial set up of these software is also very easy, and they learn easily for the new users.

The one of the benefits which is most popular among the organizations is the integration of time tracking and the functionalities of many other software modules which help to optimize the efficiency of the employees.