6 Best Websites to Hire Freelancers

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Top 6 Best Freelance Websites for 2019

Freelancing is a rewarding and way to enter an exciting career. It also allows the individual to be independent and is ideal if you have strong work ethic.

Many people who are unfamiliar with freelancing also think that you need to put in owning your own startup, but when they have an idea, they either hire someone to help them or if they do not want to get the help for the project, then they might easily start one.

Freelancing is wide margin and the type of freelancing that you might do will depend on your skills and frame of mind. If you're freelance minded, then you will find a lot of opportunities in different areas.

There is so much to choose from. Some of those include; search engine optimization, graphic, account management, web design, marketing, social media management and much more.

When it comes to freelancing and how to get referred to the right people, there are four steps that should be taken into account.

Now, you should note that these are only the steps that should be taken into account. Most of the freelancer do not follow these steps into account like, they can easily contact the marketer, account manager or even the website builder.

How We Evaluated the Best Websites to Hire Freelancers

For your money, you need to hire freelancers who produce quality work, respond quickly, have a positive attitude, are reasonable, and are trustworthy, and for a reasonable cost.

We searched freelancer sites for businesses to hire search, evaluate and review the best sites in the niche.

We considered many important factors in selecting the best websites to hire freelancers.

We did a detailed research.

In order to create a level playing field, all the sites were researched over a period of several months, with particular attention drawn to the reliability, speed, quality control, and pricing of each.

Quality of work, candidate search functions and hiring processes were evaluated.

We looked for sites which had the following characteristics: Prioritize quality over quantity a quality search system.

Completion of work in time.

Need for electronic payments.

Myriads of service providers to choose from.

Some sites also offered some additional services like a forum with respository of good ideas which is a good sharing point for the freelancers.

Platform to facilitate communication between employers and freelancers.

A filtering system for job postings.

Track candidates and searches/those who already applied to a company.

Add new employers and freelancers to save time.

Performing a test search to find a good service provider that performed well.

Upwork : Best Overall Website to Hire Freelancers for Small Businesses

Upwork is the online service that’s poised to disrupt the local search industry. It has the world’s largest online community of freelancers who can help your business with essentially any task, whether it’s writing, programming, design, marketing, or customer support. And you can set up projects directly from your Upwork dashboard.

If you are looking for a quick solution to complete a task with the right freelance talent, Upwork is where it's at. It provides a streamlined process from start to finish, so you don't have to waste your time interviewing and screening individuals. Upwork also takes care of your taxes and payments for you, so when your freelancer delivers a product, you can pay them quickly and more easily.

But the best part is that the site truly caters to businesses with just one or two workers looking for freelancers to complete simple tasks. Startup entrepreneurs or small businesses looking to hire freelancers often have a difficult time connecting with freelancers because of these restrictions. However, Upwork's customer support team will make sure your freelancer’s account is reviewed to be eligible to join the platform, so you can conveniently reach them as well.

Upwork Pricing

Services purchased on Upwork should be priced fairly. If prices seem too high, you may be accused of overpricing, aka offering your work for more money than others in the past have charged. This can cause your business to lose visibility in the Upwork search engine results.

‘T’: This stands for the price you chose at the time of posting your job. However, it doesn’t automatically mean you have to accept the request.

‘open ’: A job that has been accepted with a time sensitive deadline.

‘open a la carte’: An open job where you feel the price is fair.

‘requested quotes’: Upwork will occasionally offer jobs for both flex-priced and capped jobs. The amount of money you’re willing to pay is referred to as a requested quote.

The following are some of the most common tasks performed via Upwork.


General Freelance – Bookkeeping, Writing, Internet Research, and Tasks such as Data Entry, Administrative Manuals, and Design Workshops.

Upwork Pricing

Services purchased on Upwork should be priced fairly. If prices seem too high, you may be accused of overpricing, aka offering your work for more money than others in the past have charged. This can cause your business to lose visibility in the Upwork search engine results.

‘T’: This stands for the price you chose at the time of posting your job. However, it doesn’t automatically mean you have to accept the request.

‘open ’: A job that has been accepted with a time sensitive deadline.

‘open a la carte’: An open job where you feel the price is fair.

‘requested quotes’: Upwork will occasionally offer jobs for both flex-priced and capped jobs. The amount of money you’re willing to pay is referred to as a requested quote.

The following are some of the most common tasks performed via Upwork.


General Freelance – Bookkeeping, Writing, Internet Research, and Tasks such as Data Entry, Administrative Manuals, and Design Workshops.

Upwork Features

Upwork is by far the largest freelancing website. It is a marketplace to find freelancers offering projects from services like web design, web development, mobile app design and development, writing, photography, and more. We can connect with all the professionals through Upwork. Having a verified account on Upwork can make your freelancing experience much more secure and you can always feel free to trust the freelancers.

Upwork allows freelancers to post projects for free and freelancers can list their skillsets for free. A freelancer can list the skills necessary for each project or even more specific ones and an employer can select from the freelancers based on the required skills. Moreover, Upwork has a global marketplace that matches your needs and gets you the right freelancers globally.

The employers on Upwork can search and hire freelancers through the Upwork website, the Upwork app for iPhone, and other platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. An employer can also hire freelancers through Upwork using the freelancers’ email addresses.

What Upwork is Missing

What Users Think About Upwork

Upwork and freelancer are the two rising stars in the world of job portals. Freelancer is an older player that is just now seeing an influx of job portals. Upwork is one of the hot sleepers that still needs some time to be accepted. It’s for good reason why these two are the best of the best.

When it comes to freelance websites to find work, Upwork wins the crown hands down. There are a number of reasons why this is the case. These reasons are going to include Upwork’s long list of hundreds of thousands of job openings to work on. If you are a freelancer, you are going to see offers based on what needs to be done, what hours are available, as well as a variety of different payment plans.

Having this many job openings means that even free assignment websites will have a difficult time keeping up. It’s not just the listings here that are so wide and filled with many many job openings, I like how easily it is to search and find the specific types of projects that you want. As much as Upwork advertises travel and hospitality, the general job postings here are any type of job. So you can have one of the many freelancer advertisements that you find, post your credentials, and you will almost always find the job you have been looking for.

Fiverr : Best for Businesses Looking for Low-Cost Freelancers

Fiverr is an online marketplace dedicated to a variety of tasks that can be completed by hundreds of freelance professionals. Professionals on Fiverr receive 5 dollars for every completed project. Fiverr uses PayPal for all purchases, offers an escrow system for payments, and passes all the payments to the customer if the project is completed to their satisfaction.

Similar to Upwork, Fiverr is a great place if you want to take advantage of a global freelance workforce. Its advantage is that you can find cheap freelancers for your local jobs. And that’s why Fiverr is one of the best websites to hire freelancers for small businesses.

If you have a small business, you may have to rely on local freelancers for business tasks that demand speed and manual labor. Other businesses may not require the high-end quality of work that is required by larger corporations. And with Fiverr, any need for such work can be met with ease.

Fiverr Pricing

Fiverr Features

Fiverr is a website that helps Freelancers to be able to sell their services online…interesting right? So how much can you do on Fiverr? Why is 5 Dollars called Fiverr? Well, there is no guessing here…if you are a writer, graphic design, translation, programming, marketing or marketing people…for whatever that it is you do there is a place on Fiverr for it. Whatever skill set you have and whatever it is you do…will have a place on Fiverr somewhere.

What’s great about Fiverr is that you can select as many services as you want to offer on Fiverr and all you need is a 5 Dollar check (fiverr charges 25% handling fees) and you can offer as many services as you want from whatever it is you want to sell on Fiverr.

There are many really great and quality services on Fiverr for you to choose from and the best part is that all the services are definitely of extremely good quality and are unique. And Fiverr really has a wide range of services that is not available elsewhere.

What Fiverr is Missing

If you like to hire freelancers for various tasks and want a reasonable price for the work you deliver, then there is a place for you, in Fiverr.

Fiverr is a great place to find all kinds of services from graphic designers to virtual assistants. What’s nice about Fiverr is the variety of services provided and the transparency in the pricing.

There’s no question about what you’re actually paying because you’ll see right there on Fiverr everything that you’re buying.

Fiverr is good for sending you out to a store to buy what you need. But the accompanying website is pretty basic and you can’t really call it a website to hire freelancers.

So if you’re looking for a place to hir freelancers, Fiverr is a super great place to start. But the lack of a full website to hire freelancers is limiting.

Here are my top 7 websites to hire freelancers.

Freelance Switch

What Users Think About Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the most popular website for freelancers to sell their services. It has hired more than one million freelancers from over 180 countries. It is a great site to sell your services and offers a lot of ways to promote yourself.

Upwork is another popular site for freelancing. It has about 1.8 million freelancers working for projects in more than 200 countries.

User Interface (5)

Fiverr and Upwork are both very easy to use. Both do not require registration but the UI is very simple and very similar to each other.

Both sites have sections on their pages that allow you to search for tasks that need to be done. All work posted on Fiverr and Upwork can be rated. The work is divided into categories and featured. All the available categories can be displayed on the home page.

Recurring Work:

  • Premium PLUS users can keep track of all their projects
  • They can keep track of days spent on each project
  • They can edit and manage projects
  • They cannot renew their subscription

Similar to Fiverr and Upwork, both sites allow you to tag the work you do as available for different groups of people.

Freelancer : Best Website to Hire Non-US Based Freelancers

Freelancer is a massive yet simple and a popular freelancing site with freelancers from all over the world. As a result, the site is filling up with a wide variety of freelancers, including graphic designers, programmers, voice actors, web designers and hundreds of other categories of freelancers.

Freelancer has been rising in the freelance market, and it’s no wonder. Freelancer has an established reputation in the freelance sphere, they have a large community of freelancers worldwide, and the site has been around for quite some time. Not to mention, the site has a plethora of features, such as company account buying, risk management system, contracts and official payment gateway.

Freelancer Pricing

We have reached the point where so many business ideas are taking shape. We have awesome tools such as freelancer, fiverr and other important websites where we can get anything done so we can start our business.

So it might be a good idea to get it done by someone else.But how much should you pay your freelancing professionals for their work?

Obviously, the price of the service depends on how complex it is. There are a lot of websites that offer a wide variety of services so it’s clear that the providing companies need to get that revenue.

Let’s look at some popular websites that offer different services and their price ranges.


If you have nothing to lose and are looking for a quick fix, Fiverr is probably your way. You have to bid or offer to work for a price and the professional has to accept it.

You can find everything from designing and building graphics, social media management to funny videos and music.

It is also one of the more popular freelance marketplaces in the world, attracting over 5 million users and almost 2 million listings worldwide.

This might be a great spot to start your business but that’s only if you know what to bid or offer.

Freelancer Features

Finding a freelancer can be a difficult task, especially if you don’t have someone you can trust to do your bidding. It’s why it’s important to do your research and make sure that you’re working with the most reliable and skilled person for the job.

In the internet era, it’s easier than ever to do just that. With a list of highly skilled and reliable freelancers right at your fingertips, there is no need to worry about whether or not the person you hired is reliable or not. Thanks to the many freelancer websites that have cropped up over the years, you can now check a freelancer’s work and credentials in a single go.

Come with us as we take a look at 6 of the best freelancer websites.

What Freelancer is Missing

What Users Think About Freelancer

Freelancer is one of the largest outsourcing websites in the world. It has a vast number of skilled freelancers, and it’s an easy, affordable and fast way to find them. Though Freelancer may have started out as a place for business outsourcing (freelancers provided services that companies needed done), it’s now also known for its huge range of skilled and talented photographers, graphic designers, video editors and even voiceover artists.

Users have been uploading their projects and requesting freelancers to work on them for years, which means there’s a long list of top rated freelancers actively working on all kinds of projects including design, graphic, photography, video, writing and other services from freelancers around the world. Freelancer offers each freelancer a personal rating scheme based on the work they’ve done for others.

Freelancer doesn’t screen any freelancers it allows on the site, but that’s because it’s created to accommodate all talent regardless of skill level. If you need a freelancer who’s well-versed in photography, head over to Freelancer and search on the keyword photography. You may stumble upon some very experienced experts in the field.

Guru : Most Established Website for Hiring Freelancers

Guru is the world’s most established website for freelancing employers and freelancers and they have been sweeping the world with their interface and search capabilities for the past 20 years with 100 million members in 200 countries who are engaged in over 3.3 million jobs a month.

Guru’s mission is to identify best freelancers and help them connect. The name of the game is to maximize profit, minimize cost, and deliver the best outcome for the customer while maintaining transparency and trust.

Guru is a marketplace site for posting a job, connecting with freelancers from around the world, and hiring the best freelancers. Once you hire the best freelancer, it’s up to them to deliver the job, meet deadlines and follow defined processes.

Good news! You can hire freelancers using your credit card – no need to pay them in cash. If you are already on a site like Guru, I know you are already using freelancers a lot.

If you have no idea yet on how to hire freelancers and keep track of their cost, then this post is for you.

Guru Pricing

Guru is an online marketplace for freelancers. It aims to provide easy and transparent online freelance job search and assignment booking services. This leading platform can be used for multi tasking and full time freelancing. Guru’s crowd-sourced staffing platform allows users to build a wealth of applicants that they can hire for any project. Featuring an online chat and messaging system, Guru lets users post jobs and schedule and manage freelancers tasks, leaving the clerical work to them. One of the flaws of the previous platforms was restricted to the freelancer’s choices. However, Guru solves this by connecting the freelancers with different projects; each with a healthy average income. With Guru, the income earned is directly proportional to the skills that you apply and you can choose to pick the projects that you like. Freelancers can also submit their profiles and join as a contractor and get paid for every successful project, regardless of success.

Guru Features

Freelancing is a popular source of passive income for individuals who don’t want to pay for office space, hire a staff or invest in equipment. With availing the multiple benefits freelancers can offer freelancers, freelance websites help employees find jobs that matches their skills.

What Users Think About Guru

Guru is the leading online marketplace that connects companies with skilled professionals by connecting buyers and sellers. What sets Guru apart from other freelance services is that a large portion of its users join to learn and expand their skill sets, increase their earnings, or simply to find new opportunities.

It is a great place to find freelancers who can fast deliver high quality Virtual Assistants, Stylists, and other skilled professionals who can help you accomplish your job at an affordable price. This is because users can search freelancers by category, region, and skill set. Some of the other most popular categories include: Copywriting Freelance, Design Freelance, Development Freelance, Frontend Development Freelance, Graphics Freelance, Web Development Freelance, Virtual Assistance, and Writing Freelance.

In other words, we’re the place for qualified, skilled professionals to find work.

Giggrabbers : Best Site on Which Freelancers Pay the Fees

– You also should be able to pay the fees according to what you desire.

Quickwork: One of the Best Sites on Which Freelancers Post Their Profiles– Quickworkers are the best suited for small projects while Idealists are always the best suited freelancers for large projects.

Odesk : It is considered as the Best site on which you can hire competent developers and designers

99 Designs: A Creative Site on which you can post your projects and ask for freelancers. There are several people on this site who are willing to help you out with your projects.

Freelancer : A well-known Freelancer site on which you can post your projects with details and reach out to more freelancers. If you are looking for the best freelancers for the job, then Freelancer is the best for it.

Uberlance: This is an unique site on which you can post your projects and search for freelancers. You may use this site to search for the best designers, writers, and developers.

Giggrabbers Pricing

Though the name is misleading – Giggrabbers is actually the largest work at home job board online – Giggrabbers does boast a quick and easy way for freelance writers, developers, designers, virtual assistants, and other online work representatives to find and contact potential employers. The Giggrabbers website is clean, easy to navigate, and user friendly to keep users coming back for more. It has a large, active user base with over 5 million members, and these members pay top dollar to post their opportunities. Giggrabbers is definitely worth trying out.

Interested in hiring a freelance writer? Giggrabbers is one of the main sources for finding someone to write your online content. Specifications in fine print, like the specifications of a collegiate writer? No problem, Giggrabbers has that covered. When you’re not sure what you need, and intend to hire a generalist, Giggrabbers lets you browse through the categories of work that writers do, so you can find the exact type of writer you need.

Giggrabbers Features

Site Features: Select a Skill – Whether you need more help with graphic design, web design, or social media marketing, Giggrabbers enables you to browse more than 350 categories of skills to find the perfect freelancers to help you with your project at the best price.

Find The Best Freelancer – Review freelancers and select the perfect professionals for your project. You’ll even get recommendations on how to choose the best freelancers for your project.

Better Communication – With the Giggrabbers app, you can be in touch with your freelancer or client right from your phone.

Send Invoice/Receive Payment – Giggrabbers supports PayPal and credit card payments.

What Giggrabbers is Missing

There are dozens, if not hundreds of freelancing websites.

But for all the people looking to flex their coding muscles or those who simply want to get their talents out in the market for hire, there are only a handful of websites that streamline the process, and Giggrabbers is definitely one of them.

The website has a massive list of companies looking to hire freelancers. They have categories in architecture, web services, IT, writing and programming, graphic design, audiovisual and much more.

The website is easy to navigate and one can even filter the companies based on experience, specialization, and hourly rate. Giggrabbers also has a great plan with more than 1,300+ job categories. In addition to that, free gigs are available for users as well.

Even better, users can also add projects to their personal gig listings. This helps them showcase their skills and get hired. This feature is not available on many websites, and it really is a big deal for freelancers. Most other freelancing websites limit you to listing jobs available. Giggrabbers has rose above such hurdles and made it a lot easier to explore projects with hirees.

With the extensive scope of the website, it’s no wonder Giggrabbers is one of the best freelancing websites around.

What Users Think About Giggrabbers

Toptal : Best Website to Hire Pre-Screened Technical Freelancers

Toptal Pricing

Toptal is a world-class business application marketplace that connects over 225,000 professionals with thousands of the world’s best companies. The company’s marketplace features over 2,500 applications in business development, sales enablement, technical onboarding, recruiting, and more. The company was founded in 2011 by Mattan Griffel, Adam Eisner, and Christopher Rydman.

Find freelance talent based on skills and the type of client. Get connected to top talent contact. Review and submit proposals to get the job done by top talent. To submit a proposal, it helps to review the Toptal user guide to find out what information you need and how to present your application.

Summary: Toptal is a marketplace where you can find the best freelance talent.

Toptal Pricing Table

Toptal Features

Toptal is a modern version of the top shelf corner bulletin board actually treat it more like a swap meet of the world of freelancers for hire. Freelancers who are seeking contractors for their projects and skilled workers too are welcome.

What we can guarantee is that Toptal cannot be matched by any other website.

The depth of knowledge of these freelancers can be quite phenomenal, so you can be sure in their professionalism and abilities. Their database is also extensive so you will definitely find what you require and your project gets executed and delivered on time.

The Toptal team is given full support and have an inbuilt customer service that can come in handy when a problem arises and you need an immediate solution.

The task and project management platforms they offer can be quite beneficial when you are in a hurry.

The small fee they charge for the help of the freelancers and the projects they are helping you with is not only reasonable but also extremely affordable. This also ensures that the freelancers can sustain in their work and that they don’t feel like they are working with a hole in their pockets.

What Toptal is Missing

What Users Think About Toptal

Toptal’s platform has freelance professionals in a variety of technologies. These are the professionals you can hire.

As a freelancer, you can upload your resume and job application directly to the platform. The platform uses machine learning to help you find the right candidate.

Toptal also pays you a guaranteed minimum fee. It’s a good amount of money that goes a long way if you are a freelancer. It will pay more and it could even pay enough to make rent as a freelancer.

Skilled professionals are competing for the work you have to offer. The address you provide will be your address and not anywhere else. Besides, you get to choose the type of work you want to offer.

Unlike some other platforms, it does not limit the jobs you post. This turns out to be very useful to people who need to hire fast and need the work done quickly.

The platform is fully secure and only sends the details of payment after the project is finished. This helps you handle your finances better.

There’s a possibility of getting a large payout if you manage to get good work. The platform has a minimum fee structure for jobs.

Below is a list of some products that you can see on the platform:

  • Web development
  • Application development
  • Software development
  • Design
  • Trend spotting
  • Data analysis

Alternatives to the Best Website to Hire Freelancers

As of 2013, Freelancing is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and it is estimated that by 2022, there will be a shortage of 45 million skilled workers in the States alone. I believe that it is only a matter of time before freelancing takes off in Canada as well.

Full time and part time work is on the decline, and with this trend things will only get worse for big companies in the near future. They need to somehow catch up and find creative ways to remain competitive.

One way to do it is to take advantage of the situation and start creating your own job opportunity. The demand and the supply will only go up.

As an employer it can be tough to find the right freelancers who will work for you at the rates you are willing to pay. One of the smartest ways to do this is by establishing a local freelancer community and encouraging them to set standards and terms of agreement for short-term opportunities. If they do this you will attract only the best on the market and often at a discounted price. It’s win-win situation for both of you!

I will give you a couple of options in the following paragraphs.

Bottom Line

The 6 Best Websites to Hire Freelancers

Hiring freelance writers can be a tricky process, and it takes a lot of patience to find a good writer.

But if you’re looking for a trusted freelancer marketing service provider to get your site focusing on your keywords or your blog going viral, you’ve landed the right article.

In this article, we will show you:

  • How to use the 6 Best Websites to find and hire freelancers
  • The various types of freelancers available

And you will discover the 6 top websites to find and hire a freelancer to market your website or blog in the hope of making it go viral.