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7 Best Virtual Assistant Companies for 2019

The availability of technology has changed our life for ever. With the creation of new hardware devices, the Internet and the computer, we have made huge progress in terms of online communication. Now we have found a mixture of electric and traditional getting more into the online data.

All these has made the business challenging to all the entrepreneurs. The sophistication level of the business world has risen dramatically and works are required at different locations and time. Nowadays, we have found that the traditional mode of communication are now challenged by the new technologies.

To drive the business ahead, we require more assistance now. We have found that the need for the competitive work force has increased and to fulfill it basic you need to recruit a virtual assistant.

The Virtual assistants are given an internet connection. All you need to do is to add a virtual assistant for your online companies. We have found that these virtual assistants can make your life a lot easier and enhance the productivity through their extensive resources and data.

The virtual assistants are available in the form of (tech, chatbots and virtual agents).

Tech assistants: The technical virtual assistants are most commonly found and are accessible remotely through the internet. They are provided by the tech companies and can be customized to your requirements.

Chatbots: Chatbots are provided by the chatbot builders. These chatbots as per you own requirements.

How We Evaluated the Best Virtual Assistant Companies

A virtual assistant is a personal assistant that works remotely from a location other than the worker’s location. Virtual assistants usually work on a part-time freelance basis.

They are commonly used to help businesses set up online websites, run business websites, provide administrative support, book travel for business travel, manage social media advertising, and many more business tasks.

While there is no set profession for virtual assistants, there is a growing demand for virtual assistants that can work from anywhere in the world and be in direct contact with the business at all times.

Since the role of virtual assistants usually requires them to reach out to individuals, companies and clients from time to time, virtual assistant companies can offer a variety of virtual assistant services and choose the ones that most effectively work for them.

Webster Virtual Assistants is part of the Webster Virtual Assistants network. According to the company’s website, the company offers a customized virtual assistant service, unlimited phone and email support, and a VIP concierge service. To get you started, the company offers a 100% refund. The company also offers a human-based customer support and not just an automated system.

In this post, we’re going to take a detailed look at the criteria we looked at to assess the best virtual assistant companies and help you select one that is right for you.

Best Overall Virtual Assistant Services for Small Businesses: Time etc

Most small businesses face the same problem: it’s hard to talk to people and strategize and generate customer leads as efficiently and effectively as a giant company can.

Even if your business is small, there’s simply no way you can match the efficiency of the top companies who do almost nothing but hire virtual assistants (or VA…s) to do the job for them.

The companies we’ve reviewed have various types of virtual assistant services, the two most popular being time-based and project-based solutions.


Time-based virtual assistants: VA…s hired by companies for an hourly rate. This service is good for short-term projects or writing jobs.

Project-based virtual assistants: People hired on long-term contracts to handle more involved tasks such as setting up social media websites or expanding customer bases.

If you’re a small business owner and you’re looking for someone to write or manage your day-to-day work, our pick is up next.


Time-based virtual assistants: Hire people to handle your writing and social media jobs.

Project-based virtual assistants: Help you find your next big idea or promote sales in your market.


With the rapid evolution of technology and automation, businesses and online services are competing to provide the best and most enjoyable virtual assistant services. The general consensus is that the best virtual assistants are those with the greatest variety and flexibility of services.

Some of the best virtual assistants fall under the category of self-sufficient service providers who can provide customers with an array of different services, ranging from report writers to proofreaders to fact checkers to web developers. These services can require a lot of effort from the provider but can be relatively easy for the customer. For example, a self-sufficient document writer can help non-native English speakers fill out a job application by creating an article that contains the requested information. With no further work required, the customer will have completed the task.

Virtual assistants now have the ability to make their services completely self-driven by moving applications online. This process automates tasks by simply having someone write an article on a virtual document that the customer will love. While a skilled self-sufficient writer can provide a better article, virtual assistants offer the ability to perform the article without the provider.

Time etc Pricing Table

Time etc Features

Forget about the boring phone calls and emails: all you have to do is type or speak to a virtual assistant and she will handle it for you. It’s like having your own personal secretary and your personal shopper, who is always right at your fingertips. You have a few options when creating a virtual assistant including customizing an application for use on your phone or iOS or Android, as well as hiring a freelancer. The success of today’s virtual assistants hinges on their versatility.

Below are some of the best virtual assistant companies to look out for.


If you have a customer service-related request where you want the ability to streamline your processes, Genesys is one to look out for. Genesys’s virtual agents can be trained to handle specific customer inquiries, which means they are extremely efficient when it comes to meeting your expectations. If you have ever contacted the airline, business, credit card, or passport services, you’ll notice how easy it is to get in contact with Genesys’s phone humans, who can resolve issues in real-time.

Time etc Services

I am by far better at remembering important tasks than dates, times and appointments. As a college student, I have a lot of things to remember but I still tend to forget important things like assignments, deadlines, and quiz dates. I have never known such an easy way to save my time and I really have fun using it. I can easily create reminders for different things and I can also filter them as recurring reminders.

Todoist has web-based task manager and an Android app. It is available for Mac, Windows, Chrome, Firefox, Android, iOS, and even Linux. As the name suggests it helps you keep track of what is on your plate and organize your projects.

Trello is a web-based project manager that lets you organize, manage and prioritize projects in a step-by-step drag-and-drop manner. It is available for Mac, Windows and iOS. Trello supports cards, lists, boards, and attachments. This tool provides an “Agenda view” and allows you to prioritize your to-do items by delegating their importance or current status.

It helps you arrange, manage and review tasks and boards. I haven’t done any online study before and this tool is amazing for me. I manage my study so easily and I feel motivated to do more things. You can add checkboxes to each task and even attach a file to each task.

What Time etc Is Missing

From Virtual Assistants?

Virtual assistant is among the ultimate combinations of tech and human. Virtual assistants are personal service computers deployed and employed on the Internet. Virtual assistants are perfect assistants for doing multiple simple and complex tasks. With virtual assistants, people can do all the routine things, which they have been doing manually or with technology.

Virtual assistants are used in multiple industries and verticals, but today most of the things are done by Virtual Assistants involve communications. With Virtual Assistants, people can dial numbers and send emails, but with increasing use of Artificial Intelligence that consists of chatbots, voice assistant and machine learning , we will see a better use of Virtual Assistants .

A lot of people work which is like a monotonous task and many times little things take place which can be handled by Virtual Assistants. For example, from arranging dinner to managing bills, common tasks of housewives or people in working can be done by Virtual Assistants.

The only thing which is missing is it’s not simple to customize your own Virtual Assistant. So today here are many recognized, popular and trustworthy Virtual Assistants available for you.

What Users Think About Time etc

The following are quotations from “good or bad” reviews of several virtual assistant services brought together independently on TrustPilot, a user feedback site for consumers. All of the companies offer virtual assistants to potential clients.

The point of this exercise was to create a spectrum of opinions about virtual assistant services. All of them, of course, have their plusses and minuses. Some of the services listed on this page have an overall rating of ‘Bad’ on TrustPilot; others an overall rating of –Very Good.” So you should use these reviews as a starting point for your own research, and thus take what you can and leave the rest.

We also pulled a few quotes from the customer reviews of the services we list below to show how some of the companies select, choose, and manage their virtual staff:

“Customer service is poor and the virtual assistants I hired do not respond or call back after I have messaged them.” (“Bad on TrustPilot,” 2007)

Best Virtual Assistant for Project Management and Software: Task Molly

Molly is a task management and project management software designed to help manage your projects efficiently with less stress. With Molly you can schedule, track, and complete tasks effortlessly whether it’s a simple to-do list or a major project for your business.

Task management is an essential part of project management. Thankfully, Molly provides its users with a complete checklist for project management and task management. All you have to do is create your own custom checklist. Each item on your checklist is called a task. Each task is then assigned a list of sub-tasks. You then set the deadlines for completing the task.

Task Molly also offers its users the option to assign tasks to other users in your team. You can also assign due dates and milestones to your tasks for better project management in a collaborative working environment.

As you continue using Task Molly, you can customize your project management checklist according to your preferences and set up your workflow to fit how you work. It’s an excellent tool to increase productivity and reduce stress.

To get more insights about Task Management and how you can improve productivity with this tool, read the Task Management for Project Management and Software post on how to manage your project, tasks, and workflow systematically. To learn more about Task Molly, click here.

Task Molly Pricing

Pricing depends on the number of minutes you need your virtual assistant to work for you per day and the complexity of the tasks she needs to complete for you.

The rating of complexity of the tasks is done via a score out of ten. A lower score indicates simple tasks, while a higher score indicates complicated tasks. If you want a virtual assistant to assist you repeatedly with small tasks, you’ll pay less. If you want a virtual assistant to handle multiple tasks for you in a shorter amount of time, you’ll pay more.

Task Molly Pricing Table

Task Molly Features

Molly understands what you mean and completes your task, small or big.

TaskMolly pays attention to time and remembers your tasks.

TaskMolly knows when to add to your shopping basket, and when to put on hold.

Actions give your account a bonus and point to accumulate until you can take your life off of Molly,.


TaskMolly is for a sort of business, however you can get paid for it!

Task Molly Services

Tasks are a synonym for the things we require to be done as a part of the business or as an individual. This task is specially important to small business owners as they require efficiency. To be productive and efficient in your work there should not be any inefficiency in tasks.

This is the reason TaskMolly is the best option for small business owners. The world of virtual assistants is demanding to the point where we must be proactive and effortless. The best virtual assistant company was created and is using AI to help brands, individuals, entrepreneurs and service businesses to create, manage and attain their business goals. The company offers reliable, organized and cost effective services to its clients with the flexibility to customize them according to their needs. The core specialty of TaskMolly is high-quality and fast type virtual assistant work done by native-English speaking virtual assistants. The company also offers improved quality virtual assistant work to the clients in a much affordable price range.

TaskMolly offers a vast array of virtual assistant work to its clients with both varied and flexible options to meet their requirements. The virtual assistant services offered by the company are not restricted to simple research. The company offers a well-structured and systematic work of virtual assistant with the focus on creating a new paradigm of virtual assistant work for the clients.

Task Molly will ensure that you get the services you need in a way that you can benefit from.

Trust Reviews

What Task Molly Is Missing

What Users Think About Task Molly


TaskMolly is created specially for companies to hire freelancers directly from the freelancer company. It runs on a token system, where users gain taskmolly tokens by completing work for companies.

When you hire a freelancer using TaskMolly, you’re not just paying someone. You’re also paying for their TaskMolly tokens. Many companies pay freelancers in TaskMolly tokens.

Companies can access a list of freelancers along with their profiles. They can hire freelancers directly from the list using the TaskMolly token system.


TaskMolly is home to thousands of freelancers from all over the world. They range from people with professional expertise to hobbyists with a great track record.

If you’d like to find out more about whatever niche your business falls into, you’ve got thousands of options to choose from.

TaskMolly lets you know what’s the average rate for a particular freelancer and saves you the headache of trying to find and negotiating the best price on your own.


Virtual assistants can help your company in many ways – from managing your social media accounts to scheduling appointments to managing your daily responsibilities.

Setting up a virtual assistant isn’t difficult because all of the services available are online. You have to work with a company to handle the in-between work.

A virtual assistant can stand as an employee in your company and get paid every month for his or her services. However, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s only good for one thing and then the assistant will leave because they are only in it for the money. If they are in it for the money, they’re not going to be detailed enough for your business and will leave in a few weeks.

Some virtual assistants are in it for the money and to help you out by doing the things that you can’t or don’t have the time to do. If you are able to pay someone to do the job that you usually don’t have time for, then it’s a great investment.

Best Virtual Assistant for Businesses on a Limited Budget: MyTasker

MyTasker is an online virtual assistant (VA) service aimed at businesses who want to save on overseas outsourcing, while still achieving a high level of quality results.

Along with the key features of many VA services, such as outsource admin tasks and answering email queries, MyTasker offers some added benefits such as:

  • Working with different languages
  • Partnering with the US and Australian offices
  • Calling on more than fifty members of staff
  • Having an option to work from home
  • Customised Software
  • Unlimited working days (professional week excluded)
  • Remote working

Hence, MyTasker is a very efficient virtual assistant service for the professional business owner.

For me, this was particularly important because I preferred to work from home (including on late nights and weekends), and was able to reduce my travel costs to work.

In addition, the high quality of the virtual assistant service provided by MyTasker means I was able to focus on important aspects of my business, while MyTasker took care of all other tasks.

Therefore, this successful VA service is a great choice for efficiency-seeking business owners who want to work with a virtual assistant company that’s not feeling the pinch from the economic crisis, and yet enables them to reap all of the benefits.

MyTasker Pricing

MyTasker Pricing Table

Hassle free virtual assistant to manage your virtual tasks at competitive rates Trustless, affordable virtual assistant with great customer-support MyTasker works as your virtual assistant and manages your tasks. All you have to do is, place your task request.

Tasker deals with complex tasks:

If you want to do a task that requires complicated procedures, then Tasker will help you out.

Tasker supports most of the popular apps:

Tasker supports most of the popular app’s that are popular for handling complicated and tedious tasks.

Tasker supports all time zones:

Tasker is available seven days a week, round the clock, seven days a week with highly reliable support. So giving a task to Tasker will not require you waiting for it to be completed by a human or software.

Tasker increases efficiency:

Tasker is the dream of efficiency freaks who want to make virtual assistant services useful.


MyTasker is a goal oriented task management and virtual assistant service. They bring a new meaning to make it easy to manage your virtual tasks.

Tasker making tasking so easy:

MyTasker Features

MyTasker Services

How Does MyTasker Work?

MyTasker is a web based service that allows you to schedule tasks ahead of time, so that you can accomplish them while you are on your vacation or on a business trip. If you have a job that requires some of your time to be dedicated to answering emails, answering repetitive questions or completing repetitive tasks, you may find MyTasker to be the solution to your problem.

MyTasker is a task management technique that helps you manage your work and personal time by allowing you to create and manage tasks and execute them at your convenience. Most Web-based assistants are designed for 24×7 operation, and that is where the beauty of this service lies the most.

You can choose between various automation techniques that keep your tasks at their defined level of completion. All you have to do is create the tasks you want to do, the automation will do the rest. Keep this on your to-do list for the next time you are on vacation, while you are at work, or if you are in a relaxing vacation.

MyTasker interactive Assistant Features:

  • Now here are some of the most popular Virtual Assistant features that you can enjoy while using the services of MyTasker
  • Assignable Reports

Create customized reports according to your schedule or specific tasks. The reports can be delivered by email or generated through your MyTasker dashboard.

What MyTasker Is Missing

MyTasker is a solid software to handle your tasks and given that, I would definitely recommend it to everyone who needs a virtual assistant. It has an amazing feature of organizing your tasks, and it has the ability to filter them as per your preferences so that it becomes easy to work with it as well as get rid of the unnecessary tasks. I have tried it and it works better than I have imagined. But there’s one thing which I miss here which is, social media contribution and live timing with clients. While everything else is packed, this is something which can fulfill the gap which makes MyTasker incomplete. But still if you are on the move or on the go, then it’s something which can help you manage your tasks over the internet.

What Users Think About MyTasker

At MyTasker, we’re proud of what our customers do with the tools we provide to help them succeed. In order to get their feedback on products and services, we offer a forum for users to let us know what they think!

Respondents can choose from a number of responses to answer from from 1 to 5. We give a description for every response but have summarized them below.

{1}. I found a bug or error.
{2}. I would like to see it added to the product.
{3}. I would like to see it improved (potentially a feature addition)
{4}. I like it just the way it is.
{5}. I love it.

Best Virtual Assistant for Bilingual (English/Spanish) Support: Uassist.Me

Uassist.Me Pricing

Uassist.Me is a cloud-based virtual assistant that is targeted towards small businesses. It offers a great array of service plans starting from a single virtual assistant and branching into full-blown business services as you grow.

User Access and Customization: Unlike other virtual assistants Uassist.Me lets you access your virtual assistant 24/7 via a webphone and even gives you a few customizable features to make things convenient.

Consistency and Speed: The virtual assistant offers a consistent service delivery speed and performs multiple tasks at the same time. Thus, no matter how complex or time-consuming of tasks your virtual assistant is brought on, it will be delivered on time.

Accessibility: Uassist.Me is a cloud-based service and as such, it tends to be less difficult to install and strong enough to support a growing business.

Convenience of Payment: The virtual assistant comes with a straightforward pricing model, which makes it easier for your virtual assistant to get your payment.

Usability: You can contact your virtual assistant by phone or by email. The virtual assistant is also capable of performing multiple tasks at the same time thanks to its strong multi-tasking ability.

Uassist.Me Pricing Table

Cases, Client Management, Time Tracking & Invoicing, SalesForce MBI, MarketMuse, Zellys, Streamline, MobiTask, Researching Assistants, Estimate Assistants, Knowledgebase Assistants, PPC Assistants, Database Assistants, Customer Support Assistants, Technical Support Assistants, Admin Assistants, Personal Assistants, Social Assistants, Research Assistants, Sales Assistants.

Uassist.Me Features

UAssist.Me – The ”Virtual Assistant” is your personal ”floating” assistant that will help you with *any type* of task; from remembering to buy items on Amazon, to giving you motivational speakers to text.

Our Virtual Assistants (also known as ”Virtual Assistants”) are your personal ”floating” assistant that will help you with *any type* of task from alphabetizing your file cabinet to finding you motivational speakers to text.

UAssist.Me is like having an assistant in the palm of your hands. No matter what you need help with, or where you are: UAssist.Me will be with you every step of the way.

UAssist.Me is the first *completely web-based* service that allows you to speak with a fully-functional, cloud-based Virtual Assistant anywhere you choose to: email, phone, or tablet.

UAssist.Me virtual assistants are REAL people that will help you with your business or personal tasks. When you call us, you will speak with an experienced, live operator.

We’ll help you achieve your goals, and make sure that every task is handled.

Uassist.Me Services

What is a virtual assistant?

The definition of a VA comes in many variations. But essentially, they are online assistants who are hired by (and often are) companies. The VA does tasks remotely, and may be tasked to do finding someone’s doctor’s appointment, rescheduling a meeting, gathering needed information from the web, or anything else that would normally take the time of a specific assistant.

What are the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant?

Cost effectiveness: The biggest benefit of hiring a virtual assistant is its extremely cost effective. Whether you are looking to hire a VA to be your personal assistant or you simply want to save money, you can do so either by one time payments or by hourly payments. You can save a great deal of money by hiring a virtual assistant, and your company will see a reduction in expenses.

Reduce the risk: If you are in a business, you will naturally be working with a lot of things and documents. But if your business is growing, it may be difficult to manage all of these keeping up with it. You can reduce the risk factor of a business by outsourcing some of your tasks. Especially in the areas of data entry, research and customer service, you can cut yourself some corners and still help your business.

What Uassist.Me is Missing

Guest mode – We’re the only virtual assistant platform that’s built around providing personalized, scalable, and reliable services. What we mean is that we’re completely dedicated to providing high-quality, personalized services, a personalized approach within your budget, and a scalable service that can adapt and grow with you.

We offer the best of both worlds for you, a solution that provides you with personalized services with best practices and projects that can scale with your business. This is something that no other Virtual Assistant platforms can provide at this time and at such a great rate. And you can try it for free for one week.

No intro fees – So you’ve decided to hire a virtual assistant? Congrats! You’re doing yourself a service you’ll never regret. However, while there are plenty of freelance virtual assistants on the market, what’s your next step? You may be wondering how much it’ll cost you to hire a virtual assistant.

What Users Think About Uassist.Me

Uassist.Me is an online virtual assistant service that is located in Canberra, Australia. You can find Uassist.Me on The Web, where you can complete a form to become a member at Uassist.Me.

The following is a list of features that Uassist.Me offers:

  • Translation services to help you communicate with foreign clients better.
  • Writing consultations for website content and other marketing materials.
  • Researcher to help in providing information based on your specifications.
  • Accounting services to help you save money by tracking your expenses.
  • Customer service to answer your customer questions put to you by your customers.

Best Virtual Assistant for Affordable Task-based Work: WERVAS

WERVASOCHOICE is a Virtual Assistant Service providing white-label quality Virtual Assistants for dedicated and task-based project. WERVASOCHOICE emphasizes maintaining a close relationship with customers and providing of highest quality, broadest scope of services and a broad range of products. WERVASOCHOICE provides a wide range of assistance from simple entry level accounts to professional results oriented tasks for freelancers, business owners and executives.

WERVASOCHOICE provides the best VAs for the most affordable price. We do not have a large overhead and in order to keep your business costs low, we have fixed monthly price with no hidden fees. We provide the best interaction and guidance with our monthly flat MOQ and free phone support.

WERVAS Pricing

The cost of WERVAS varies based on the data set you want to query – WERVAS is priced by the data set which may be less than 10 to 1000 terabytes (TB) for one or more users, provided that the cost of delivery, sourcing, and dev is less than 3.0% of the data set size.

The cost of WERVAS depends on the data set you’re querying and how many users you are planning to have. Here’s how your cost will be calculated:

The data set size divided by user query size. It’s expressed in TB and the resulting percentage is called the cost of delivery.

Net spend+source cost per TB of data set excluding the stored data set size for each user for each query.

CPS is the storage cost per TB for all users in the WERVAS system.

The resultant mean is divided by n the number of total users in the WERVAS system and n represents the cost of storage allocation.

WERVAS Pricing Table

WERVAS Features

WERVAS is a one-stop platform to build and manage a virtual assistant (VA) program that is cost-effective and hassle-free. We provide the best virtual assistants on the market, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year!

We provide virtual assistants in USA, Philippines, UK, Canada, Dubai, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam, France, Italy, Germany, and Australia and other 140+ countries.

WERVAS Services

WERVAS is an amazing new virtual assistant service that can actually transform your business by helping you to cut costs, generate more income, and increase your productivity.

WERVAS is a virtual assistant service that is perfect for any business owner or entrepreneur. If you want to set up your very own virtual assistant the WERVAS platform allows you to take advantage of their technology and we have already established ourselves as one of the best Virtual Assistant Services in the country.

When you get started on the WERVAS platform, you are going to be presented with an easy-to-use interface that is only going to take you a few minutes for the set up. Here you can do everything you need to do from creating your virtual assistant to managing them. With such an easy to use interface, you are going to have no issues getting your virtual assistant set up and ready to work for you with just a few clicks of the mouse.

One of the key things you are going to love about the WERVAS platform is the fact that you can have a business assistant as well as part-time assistants that you can afford to hire for a few hours every week. By using the WERVAS platform, you are going to be able to get more work done and a lot quicker as well, which is great for your business.

What WERVAS Is Missing

List of good Virtual Assistance companies, with reviews from actual users living in developing countries.

Having worked for a couple of Virtual Assistant companies, I would like to share with you some good and reliable Virtual Assistance companies.

Not every Virtual Assistant company is good. Many do not provide quality support, valuable information and tools, and they do not value their clients.

When looking for a VA company, you have to ask for a list of clients. Ask about what they like and do not like. Read up on what other customers say about them.

Virtual Assistants are meant to be long term. You don't want to work with a company you can't trust.

My criteria for a good Virtual Assistant company are:

Honest, (2) Realistic goals, (3) Helpful.

Some Virtual Assistants work for organizations to stretch their budget. They will give you a list of clients and say that you will make 20-30k CLP a month. This is not realistic.

Do not believe everything you are told. A company can say whatever they want to make you sign up.

Remember: You are hiring a Virtual Assistant, not a self-help book.

What Users Think About WERVAS

WERVAS means Peace of Mind in Latin. WERVAS is a business service, which allows businesses and entrepreneurs to interact with their virtual assistant 24/7, using WERVAS online and mobile apps.

Best Virtual Assistant for Top-notch Talent: Belay (Formerly EAHelp)

EAHelp allows its clients to find top quality talent around the world, profiled by location and skills.

The only requirement for you to work with EAHelp is that you get your free 30 minute consultation with any of the 500+ EAHelp talent profile managers.

Enjoy the free consultation, and then if you would like, sign up for the free trial and begin searching for the virtual assistant talent that's best for your business.

Click here to check out the latest EAHelp's talent profile and search for virtual assistant.

Belay Pricing

Belay is a business version of a virtual assistant, which focuses on the growth of your business through automation of routine tasks and administrative hierarchies.

Belay is a reasonably priced virtual assistant. The following is the pricing structure:

Customer pays time billed plus 10% of what is billed.

Customers pay on a per minute basis.

Belay partners with a few third party services that are cheaper than going direct with Belay. You are not limited to the services Belay uses to ensure quality of the service you get.

Belay Features

Setting up Belay. No need to code. No need to find programmers or write code for developing your app. It is very easy to setup your own app called Belay.

It reduces the cost and time to develop mobile apps.

Belay is cheaper than any other tools available on the market.

Belay has the most significant and highe team of experts who provide full support for your projects.

Belay has great features which help you as a developer to build amazing apps in less time.

Belay simplifies the process of app development.

Benefits of Belay:

No Need to Pay for Developers

Currently, there are over 500,000 apps available for download to enhance the technology of a business.

But to target the mobile technology, you need a professional team of IT developers.

In the new platform world we’re now in, all you need is a good idea and some tech skills.

For example, you can be the next developer who codes, improves, and shares apps for a living.

Belay is a tool that we can use for our business to find that perfect mobile app.

Belay’s Master Plan

Belay’s working plan consists of two main parts.

Belay Services

(Hire virtual assistants)

Are you a blogger, entrepreneur, business owner? You probably have the most lack of time and you don’t want to spend time on marketing and social media associated with your business.

What will happen if you choose the best virtual assistant company?

At first, you will save time working on certain tasks, but afterward, you can concentrate on your business and life, instead of spending your money on marketing activities that do not bring a lot of results.

The best virtual assistant companies are closely associated with WordPress. So, this is going to provide you the accurate and fast results if you hire the best virtual assistant company.

If you use the WordPress platform for your blog, and you need to increase the advertising of your blog, you should definitely choose the best virtual assistant company.

The best virtual assistants for your business:

  • They can reply your and other e-mails and help you to send your business e-mail.
  • They are very familiar with WordPress platform and the tricks that can increase the revenue on your business are very easy for them.
  • They can pay attention to your business sometimes, and they will return for you the creative ideas for your blogging.

What Belay Is Missing

What Users Think About Belay

Best Virtual Assistant for a Satisfaction Guarantee: Worldwide 101

If you are looking for a Virtual Assistant that is simply the best in the business, look no further than Worldwide 101. Worldwide101 offers a complete virtual assistant service, including Virtual Recruiters, Virtual VPS, Virtual Customer Care, Virtual Customer Service and Virtual Assistant SEO Services. In addition to that, they also provide a Satisfaction Guarantee, which guarantees that you will be satisfied or your money back.

Worldwide101 is the perfect company that is devoted to providing you with the best Virtual Assistant Services at a fair price. Worldwide101 offers a complete virtual assistant service, including Virtual Recruiters, Virtual VPS, Virtual Customer Care, Virtual Customer Service and Virtual Assistant SEO Services. In addition to that, they also provide a Satisfaction Guarantee, which guarantees that you will be satisfied or your money back.

The design of Worldwide101 is very professional and they have everything set up very well. They provide top notch Virtual Assistant Services which are great for companies all across the world. All of their communication is done via email, which is what I love about the company. They are global, offering Virtual Assistants services to clients from all over the world. For one-time services, this company is a great option. However, if you are looking for a long-term virtual assistant, check out Worldwide101’s services including Hourly Virtual Assistants, Weekly Virtual Assistants, Monthly Virtual Assistants and Weekly Virtual Assistant Packages.

Worldwide Pricing

Automated services such as recording appointments, sending and tracking emails, creating web content, and other time-consuming tasks have become unavoidable. Unfortunately, limited time, lack of time, or the lack of understanding of the task has hindered you from hiring gain more than just a single assistant.

So just what is a virtual assistant?

Virtual assistants are not real people. They cannot come to your office to assist you in person. They cannot find your contacts and information on their own. They do not have the ability to use any special tools. They are also not capable of collaborating with you in an office or online to complete your tasks

In short, virtual assistant companies are really just a collection of computers that are capable of processing large amounts of information and performing tasks extremely fast. Most are capable of performing about 50 trillion calculations per second.

The standard, common tasks our virtual assistant will be able to handle include:

  • Email Scheduling
  • Photo/Media Uploading
  • Social Media/RSS Feed Aggregation
  • Parseltongue Translation
  • Website Check for Hacking/Viruses
  • Resource Research
  • Event Planning

These tasks and any combination thereof are possible using the information processing, processing, and software applications running on virtual assistant companies.

Worldwide Features

The Custom SEO Assist is a suite of solutions that allow you to build links to your website, research backlinks, and boost your local SEO. Each service in the suite is useful on its own, so you can pick and choose the tools that fit your business.

The Multisearch Assistant is a great service to manage your existing search marketing campaigns. The multisearch assistant uses a combination of real time information and intelligence to optimize your campaigns and make sure your results are as accurate and influential as possible.

Seo Tools is a suite of tools that help with both the backlink building and the SEO ranking goals of your business. The service is a great option for local businesses that need help keeping their online presence high.

The Local Partner Assist is a great tool that allows you to run local SEO campaigns and see your business listed in Google and other local search results. The service will help you build a strong and consistent reputation all over your digital marketing funnel.

The Local Event Assist let you easily coordinate local events with reliable local sources. The service also allows you to submit your events to local franchise directories and real estate websites.

The Mastermind Guide is an all-inclusive guide to learn all the modern sales and marketing techniques that most businesses have access to today. The guide will also teach you the right mindset and mindset shifts you need to be successful at creating and implementing sales and marketing strategies.

Worldwide Services

Need a virtual assistant? Your best bet is always to hire someone locally, but if you need one on the go, double check if the guy/girl will be available globally. If you’ve got unlimited budget, you can always go for any of the top-rated virtual assistant companies. But if you’re looking in the middle-end range, you can always try out the award-winning software of TopHat, which does virtual assistant job for individuals, as well as small businesses. TopHat is a great choice if you operate a one-man shop or your business is just a start-up.

But if you need a virtual assistant who’s available around the globe, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to hire someone from overseas. This is what the best worldwide-availablesoftware companies are for.

Indeed, GoViral provides a marketplace for businesses seeking virtual assistants from around the world. You can browse worldwide virtual assistants and choose the one who’s closest to you. The very best virtual assistants should be highly skilled and experienced, according to HelloBiz. Therefore, scammers are your biggest concern when hiring a virtual assistant.

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Have you considered outsourcing some of your work to an affordable virtual assistant?

There Are a Lot of Companies Offering Virtual Assistants for Hire but We'Ve Gathered 7 Virtual Assistants Companies of Which We Feel They Provide the Best Services

Honorable mentions are startups/companies which we've deemed amazing, but didn't get a mention.

Alternatives to the Best Virtual Assistant Services

The market is constantly changing and the best virtual assistant companies and services are always evolving and innovating. There are always new competitors joining the race and don’t forget that the market is saturated with virtual assistant services and there are cheaper versions you can get that haven’t been as well tested.

Concerned about privacy? Don’t trust your data? Are you the type of person who seeks a hands-on approach when it comes to tasks and projects? Then, Virtual assistant services can be for you.

A Virtual Assistant is a personal assistant who operates from the comfort of their home office. Virtual Assistants can be your personal task-managing and errand-running real-life friends who provide you with phone and email-based services. They act like your full-time office staff, answering your phone, email, and company social media inquiries with a professional tone. A Virtual Assistant helps you get more done and allows you to have a personal assistant who’s always at your beckon call.

If you want some motivation to get into tasks and tasks then virtual assistant services can help motivate you.

The Bottom Line

As business employ the use of more technology- and particularly, the Internet- in order to run their business, many are turning to the use of virtual assistants to accomplish many of the tasks that would be otherwise delegated to them. Virtual assistants are a great thing, because they are probably saving customers time and money. As long as people are aware of what they are getting into!

And you should be aware that, being just as lucrative as a traditional assistant, you need to be careful of being conned by a "virtual assistant" who doesn't offer you anything of value.

ResponseUSA strongly recommends that you always ask potential virtual assistants to show you what they have done. Not only will you be able to see the workings of the system, but you will also be able to see- from a third party perspective– what is it exactly that the virtual assistant is doing. Remember, if the virtual assistant isn't showing you what they have done, they aren't doing anything. And therefor, they are not trying to help you. And they are not going to be your virtual assistant.

So although there are a plethora of virtual assistant companies out there, responseUSA has worked with seven that are the best of the best. They go over them briefly so you understand what you will be getting and overall- what to look out for with hiring a virtual assistant.