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Zoom: Best Overall Video Conferencing Software for Business & Personal Use

When it comes to video collaboration software, customers are looking for the best of the best. It’s no wonder then that Zoom is one of the most popular software apps for video collaboration. Though it’s officially marketed as a remote meeting app, it’s also a great tool for many other situations, including personal use.

Zoom’s app allows users to connect to other users via video conferencing, web cam sharing, and screen sharing. However, the main feature of this software is its video conferencing tools that allow users to both share their desktop and talk face to face from the same app.

This powerful tool also allows for desktop sharing, with not only the ability to share your desktop with other users but also the ability to take control of their desktop to allow remote screen sharing as well.

This powerful software also allows for a variety of features that allow users to almost completely eliminate the need for the use of a physical meeting room or conference room. These features include audio recording and screen recording functions.

The extensive and robust video conferencing features enable users to use this software as a virtual meeting room or simply to further enhance their business and personal communications.

RingCentral: Best Video Conferencing Software With Advanced Features

RingCentral is a leading provider of cloud-based unified communications (UCaaS) platform that offers corporate clients a suite of video, web conferencing, screen sharing, and file transfer services for efficient business operations.

Challenger and RingCentral is a real synergy for meeting on-demand engagements with leading-edge video collaboration technologies. RingCentral offers Enterprise SIP accounts with multiple channels and multiple features like file transfer to instantly connect professionals around the globe.

Features of RingCentral Meeting for products include:

● Meetings on demand across a growing number of devices and devices.

● Secure, reliable availability.

● And/or professional-level call control feature.

RingCentral’s best-in-class meeting solution is bringing the world closer together. Beside instant access to any user on any device, RingCentral offers the ultimate in collaboration, including conferencing, co-browsing, screen sharing, video/audio calling, and the ability to host a virtual meeting room.

● Control and Moderate Meetings

● Record, web conference, and video conference join meetings.

● RingCentral Meeting complements and extends the brand with new apps and tools to optimize and streamline the meeting experience, reduce collaboration costs, and ensure usability across devices and platforms.

GoToMeeting: Best Video Conferencing Software for Group Annotation

A very useful feature of GoToMeeting is the group annotation.

In case you’re not familiar … one of the great features and benefits of a meeting with video conferencing is that you can all see what’s going on and participate actively. With GoToMeeting, you can all create markup notes for the meeting.

But the downside to giving this capability is that you do not have a group collaboration tool for note editing other than retyping the note text.

So if you have a lot to say, using GoToMeeting just as a chat room isn’t very useful. For group annotation, we would recommend GoToMeetings instead.

Here’s what the different capabilities are of GoToMeeting and GoToMeetings:

A very good annotation tool is GoToMeeting. For those who need to annotate a meeting in the form of a whiteboard or a temporal timeline, GoToMeeting is easy to use and very intuitive. You can display an annotation on top of the screen and draw directly on the meeting video. If you’re looking for a collaboration tool for meeting sharing and note editing, GoToMeeting is the first choice for you.

Video conferencing and have a lot of team members?

join.me: Best Video Conferencing Software for Long Meetings

The universal video conferencing standard for the last century has been the WebRTC standard. What sets the open source WebRTC apart from other video conferencing solutions is that it is integrated with the web browser. Instead of requiring specific plugins, it can be used via the existing web technology.

When you use platforms that have proprietary APIs, you can expect better performances and crispier videos.

Another advantage of using a WebRTC video conferencing solution is that it is free and open source. This lowers the barriers of entry for developers to create their own video conferencing solution.

However, irrespective of whichever platform you might use, if you want to have a video conference, it will require a video conferencing tool. Although there are lots of options that can integrate with the website, here are the best video conferencing software that can let you have better meetings with your colleagues.

UberConference: Best Video Conferencing Software for International Calls

UberConference provides a service for video conferencing for up to 10 people free, then there is a small monthly fee.

Other features that are notable in UberConference are the ability to create a call from your desktop or phone, record the meeting, and slide shows.

Aside from their free service, UberConference also has a subscription that allows access to 30 groups of 6 people for a fee.

Screenshot is a free video conferencing software that offers the ability to host as many as 15 people and up to 4 different sites. This software is also web based and supports Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS.

With Screenshot, your call can be a single window, which means you will be able to see screen sharing and started a screen share.

BS Web Meeting is a fully featured free video conferencing software that has its own program for Mac. It also supports Android, iOS, and Windows. RemindMeTo is a FREE video conferencing software that supports up to 25 participants. Participants can participate by being present in the same location or be located from anywhere in the world.

With Screenshout, you are able to record audio, record video, and take notes during the meeting. It also supports up to 300 people joining the call and recording audio, up to 10 people and 4 devices.

FreeConferenceCall.com: Best Video Conference Software for Large Groups

How We Evaluated Video Conferencing Software

We’ve examined dozens of video conferencing software programs in preparation for this product guide. While the competition includes stand-alone programs and solutions that integrate with project management and communication programs, given that many solutions function as standalone applications, we’ve focused our evaluations on standalone applications.

We took an in-depth look at the structure of each program…playout software, screen sharing, and recording. We also took note of several of the program’s best features and evaluated their ease of implementation compared to other similar video conferencing software.

When possible, we looked at feedback from users and consulted user reviews to make an informed decision.

Our Goal: Most software companies make it easy for end users to install their program while varying somewhat in the amount of technical assistance available. So another goal was to review software that is both user-friendly and easy to install.

Our Approach: To achieve this objective, we compared each vendor’s video software against other major vendors as well as consulted with several large companies.

Our Evaluations: We evaluated each vendor according to specific criteria including: Structure – Playout Software, Screen Sharing and Recording

Ease of Use – Configuration, Web-based Interface, Ease of Use.

Technical Support – Time Required for Response

Cost – Choose a budget oriented solution.

Bottom Line

Skype offers more options and a better quality (than the others) when it comes to video conferencing. If you are a business owner or you need to provide all kinds of different services, business meetings, conferences, and presentations, Skype should be your go-to-software for video conferencing.

Yahoo Messenger:

The web browser version of Yahoo Messenger has the exact same functionality as the standalone version … with the added bonus of Flash support (the software can be downloaded for other platforms as well). The quality of voice is also generally very good for this software… and the fact that it works from your computer browser also makes it convenient. One thing to note is that is compression technology, resulting in a slight loss of audio quality … though a reasonably well-adjusted set of speakers will still provide a perfectly good conversation.

Google Chat (Google Hangouts):

As with Yahoo Messenger, you can generally expect good quality from your Google Chat (Google Hangout) video conversations. Though when you compare it to Skype, you’ll notice similar constraints in terms of the video conferencing software… it is also dependent on the browser, so you need not have Flash installed to access it.