6 Best Tenant Screening Services 2022

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Top 6 Tenant Screening Services

RentFella is probably the most popular tenant screening company, it is a perfect alternative to a face-to-face tenant interview.

The benefits of the RentFella tenant screening service for landlords is that they are accurate, comprehensive, and fast. The process is pretty easy, you simply order the report, the information provider takes care of the rest.

The screeners tend to obtain a more thorough tenant reference check than face-to- face interviews. They obtain more detailed information about previous landlords and will also use this information to check your rental history, among other places to verify your tenant information.

Through RentFella, you can also learn more about your potential tenant’s credit history, personal loans, automobile loans, employment history, and more.

If you believe your tenant’s references left a significant gap in the story, you can also use RentFella to contact the references directly and learn more about your tenant’s background. This is a great option if you’re looking to give a deeper look at your tenant’s past before you rent to them.

Another great option is to use the property owner’s section of the report. The owner of your property also has an opportunity to verify the tenant’s information through a search of your property records.

Which Tenant Screening Service Is Right for You?

There are some great tenant screening services on the market, but there are also some poor ones. If you’re renting out your property, the last thing you want is a tenant who has a criminal record, or who is going to be more of a burden than an asset to your home.

Some of the best landlord screening services take the time to ensure that—and, more importantly, help you understand—each tenant has a clean criminal record, and they provide you with details of positive and negative tenant references.

Our guide compares the best tenant screening services to help you find the right one for you. We examine the background of each screening provider and provide reviews to help you assess the service and choose the right one for you.

With a shortage of housing, an increase in rent prices and a need to find renter deposits for background checks, tenant screening services are more popular than ever before. There are numerous tenant screening services available to help landlords hire the best renters, but it can still be difficult to decide which service is right for you.

If you’re looking for a tenant screening service for your rental property, or if you’re currently using a tenant screening service but would like to compare a few of your options, this article will help you find the best tenant screening service for your needs. This article will also help you avoid some of the common mistakes landlords make when searching for tenant screening services.

Question 1

How many units do you manage?

You could be renting the units yourself, but that needs to fit into your workflow. Are you the owner-operator and only leasing apartments?

Are you a property manager or a commercial real estate broker?

Do you only manage a few residential units or are you a large commercial property owner?

The type of screening and applicant admin services you need will differ significantly depending on how many units you manage.

The first step is determining how many units you manage.

Question 2

>Should You Hire a Security Guard or a Security Company to Do the Greeting?

The security guard and security company have to perform many functions for the landlord depending on the situation. It makes sense to standardize this greeting procedure to have one set of instructions regardless of the service provider.

The best strategy here would be for the security company to include this in their instructions to the new tenant or a section in their tenant handbook that can be handed over to the new tenant, carefully guiding them through the process. It should be noted, however, that for the security company to provide a visible anchor to a security company, the new tenant would likely be conducted into the airlock, with the guard closing the door before allowing the new tenant to enter the main security office. Otherwise, the new tenant has to walk upstairs and knock on the security company’s door.

The landlord should ask the security company to create a pre-set video greeting consisting of 1-2 sentences and a photo id verification. Other than this, the landlord should ask the guard to enter the address and ask when the tenants started on the lease and their address.

What type of payment structure do you prefer (per applicant)?

In this post:

You would like to improve your tenant screening process in order to improve the efficiency of the screening and minimize the cost of complete in-house screening.

You are overwhelmed with the number of screening companies out there.

You want to focus on the best companies as a quality filter rather than trying to sort through as many companies as possible.

Here are some questions the expert discussed in the podcast:

  • Which professional screening companies do you recommend?
  • Which companies have the best credentials in tenant screening?
  • Which companies have the most proven track record with which tenants and most efficient screening?
  • What sound proofing do you use for your prescreening process?
  • Are you a tenant screening company?
  • What steps do you recommend in order to improve tenant screening results?

Question 3

How do I find the best screening service provider?

You can select your tenant screening service provider based on their experience in tenant screening verification.

A few years ago, only established screening service providers could perform their functions excellently.

However, with advancement in technology, it helps you to avail tenant screening, Verification as per your preferred requirements.

You can choose your verified screening service provider on the basis of their proven performance in the past and excellent service delivery experience.

With the help of tenant screening technology, the screening service provider performs a few initial checks to pre-qualify the individuals using tenant screening facilities.

Then in the verification process, it checks out the criminal record of individuals and provides quality reports. Now you can perform an investigation if required.

Here are the questions which the individual is likely to ask.

Is Demand for Short Term Services of Screening Service Providers Growing?

Tenant screening services help in verifying background of applicants and perform the process for you if it is required.

It helps to gather necessary information in few easy steps.

How Much Cost is Involved?

The cost of tenant screening service might vary from screening provider to screening provider.

Nevertheless, it depends on the level of screening process which is performed.

How much is the Cost of Screening Service?

Are you looking to pull criminal background checks or credit reports?

Then this article will be wonderful for you to read. We will give you the best services in all over the world.

Businesses, whether small, medium or large ones are always looking for the best screening services in order to keep their investors and tenants safer. Tenant Screening helps to eliminate disputes with tenants who are damaging to the business’ reputation and expose them to an attorney to make sure that they do not fall into bad hands.

A large part of tenant screening is the credit checking process. Credit checks help in determining the creditworthiness of a potential tenant and the risk involved with renting property to that particular tenant. Credit checks also come in handy in the event your tenant becomes delinquent in payments or violates the contract. If you are unsure, just follow our tenant or credit check services.

The most scanning and popular types of tenant screening services might be the Criminal Background and Criminal Check. These services keep the findings of an applicant or a tenant’s criminal background confidential. There are companies who will run criminal background checks for any individual or company.

Question 4

How do you calculate the FICO score?

The FICO score is a measure of how likely a customer is to pay his or her credit card bills on time and make timely payments. The VantageScore is just a variation of the FICO score, which is now the standard for credit scoring in the United States.

Your FICO score is a calculation based solely on your payment history. If you pay on time on every credit card balance, your FICO credit score is 700. If you make only one late payment in five years, your score drops 100 points?and that doesn’t depend on how much the balance is.

The FICO credit score is based on five major factors: revolving accounts, open and closed accounts, new-credit accounts, how long your accounts have been open and how much you owe as a percentage of the limit. You don’t owe anything for the first four months of any account. After that, the most significant debt factor is how much you owe as a percentage of the limit. The next three factors are how long your accounts have been open – your oldest account’s age is as important as your newest account’s age – how much you owe to those accounts and how much you owe to newer accounts. The newest accounts make the single biggest impact.

Is it important for the service to automatically generate FCRA-compliant adverse action letters when applicants are denied?

We are writing to you in response a question you posed to our office. Specifically, you asked for guidance on how landlords should implement the Affirm Criteria checkbox that’s now available when tenants complete the online screening form.

The Affirming Criteria checkbox on SCRL’s online screening form allows a tenant to choose ten percent of the screening questions from the list of affirming criteria (which were designed to confirm that you meet the FICO credit score requirement of 620). The form automatically prompts the tenant to check off those features that they deem important.

Since checkboxes automatically ticked represent affirmative answers, you can use this data to determine whether a tenant was denied for failing to meet one of the Affirm Criteria.

Here’s what you should consider when implementing this feature:

Letters Sent

MyRental: Overall Best Tenant Screening Service

The service is easy to use and provides a great tenant screening package that will help you find the best tenants for your property.

MyRental tenant screening provides all the services you need including tenant credit checks, criminal history checks, and more on their website. There’s also an option to select which services you require and you can also choose to print out all the results.

The search feature will locate exactly what you need as it will match your criteria. This way, you can compare and contrast different options.

The company has a great reputation, is highly rated by past customers and it has been featured on many news and media sources over the years. It’s also got one of the best and easiest website to use.

MyRental’s Tenant Screening Package

The Tenant screening package is what makes MyRental stand out from all the others.

MyRental offers a comprehensive tenant screening package that will give you everything you need to find the best tenants. Besides the tenant credit check, you can also receive an eviction history, a criminal check, a drug screening, employment verification, and a more.

If you are looking for tenants with a rental history, you can check their tenancy with the Landlord referencing service. There’s also a tenant credit check, an employment verification, credit check, and more.

MyRental Pricing & Features

RentPrep: Best Tenant Background Check for Report Interpretation

RentPrep Pricing & Features

LeaseRunner: Best Flexible a La Carte Menu

LeaseRunner a La Carte Pricing & Features

LeaseRunner offers a range of customizable services for your tenant screening program and collects payment from your tenants for all or any subset of the services you’ve selected. LeaseRunner gives you complete control over your screening process and your screening program from start to finish.

Premium Services
LeaseRunner offers a number of high quality tenant screening services. To obtain any of these services, make sure you have at least ten active listings running on LeaseRunner. We also offer a discounted rate on all of our premium services.

For more information on standardized tenant screening services and pricing information, please visit Tenant Screening in the LeaseRunner Help Center.

When you enroll in LeaseRunner’s tenant screening program, we will notify each developer that we’ve found a qualified tenant. The notification will include an image of the tenant’s photo ID and contact information. This information will typically be presented in a –Live View” dashboard that you access from your online settings on LeaseRunner.

Avail: Best for Online Property Management Tools

CEO and industry expert Matt Chaiken provides on tenant screening services. Let us give you an example of Tenant Screening Services- let us take the example of the famous online property management tools- Avail. Avail is the online property management tool with the real time property management system. (Online property management tools are platform to handle real time property maintenance such as tenant screening).

If you are a landlord or you purchase assets, you should always have a zero jeopardy approach to the tenants as they can always impact on your business growth if you don’t have an effective tenant screening program in action.

Now the above example of Avail was given to emphasize the importance of a good tenant screening service in terms of tracking down tenants.

We will now look towards the 6 best long term tenant screening services that offers big data tenant screening methods which covers all the details which would make you the most confident when you sign the lease agreement with the tenant.

Avail Pricing & Features

Kick off your apartment search by signing up to our free referral service. As a trusted referral partner, we’ll save you time and help you find the best tenant screening services at the best price. We sort through dozens of referrals and thousands of screening services to help you find the perfect tenant screening company for your needs.

TransUnion SmartMove: Best Direct Tenant Screening From a Credit Bureau

Picture this: You’re on the market for space for your new startup. Your business may be specialized in providing a new form of interactive entertainment for the children.

But a childcare center or an entertainment budget is just not possible at this time unless you can find alternative space.

So you put your name on the market and wait for the right properties to come up and that’s when a message pings up on your phone. A leasing agent with a property management company has taken one of your listings and is just about to submit an application on a property you’ve looked at.

You’re extremely happy about that because the right tenant will help you to negotiate the terms of the lease which include the rental amount and length of the lease. Instead of going with a general tenant screening service to hurry up the application and check for potential damages, you called a tenant screening service that specializes in property management because you knew they would do a better job in your situation.

Through their direct tenant screening services, not only did they help end up with a good tenant but also helped you to lower your costs by getting a better deal on the property.

So what’s the deal?

TransUnion SmartMove Pricing & Features

TransUnion SmartMove is designed to provide tenants with up to 2 years of credit history while making it easy to accept rent immediately. This is in addition to the credit screening a landlord or property management company can perform with TransUnion’s National Consumer Credit Database.

As with other credit monitoring services, TransUnion SmartMove uses credit reports to measure risk level, rather than an overall credit score. This allows for a better insight into why past late payments occurred, increasing the accuracy of your tenant screening.

In addition to the credit score, TransUnion SmartMove also uses other factors, like rental payments and late/non-payment history, to determine the risk level.

TransUnion SmartMove is designed and maintained specifically for residential rental applications. It’s a full credit report personal history database that you can use to evaluate potential tenants. Rather than just a credit score, you’ll be able to use other credit data points to judge whether a tenant – is in a position to pay on time or not.

This is especially useful if you’re having trouble screening tenants with a traditional credit report. Some of the other credit data points used in the scoring features are payment history and collection accounts.

TurboTenant: Best for Marketing Vacancies

TurboTenant does not have the best screening services but ranks high in the competitive world of tenant screening. It is widely known in the industry for helping employers identify and reach out to the right candidates.

It has a great employee screening platform that offers job seekers with an easy and fast way to apply for any job opening. Millions of applicants apply to thousands of job openings every month and over 600,000 positions find their way to some 400,000 job seekers. For a jobseeker, getting a job is a long and ongoing process and most of the time it is a tedious task.

In order to make your job search easier and make the process hassle-free, you can check out TurboTenant. TurboTenant is a third-party screening service that offers you the opportunity to exchange information regarding your needs and find a suitable candidate for the job on demand. To one of its users, having a tenant screening service offers great marketing value.

How Quickly Does TurboTenant Send Results? TurboTenant can find the right candidate within minutes and send them emails in real time. Very few screening services that use it can offer it. Besides, it has a number of filters and filters to help you grow your database.

TurboTenant Pricing & Features

TurboTenants are Google’s “new, best, and easiest tenant screening service” used to help landlords with screening tenant history data. TurboTenants provides background and credit checks completely online with a simple, fast, and secure interface for precision screening.

The service was created and launched in 2016 and is a part of Google’s larger suite of solutions to make rental and leasing process simpler, less time consuming, and ultimately easier for both landlords and tenants.

Using TurboTenants, landlords can perform in-depth tenant screening and pre-screening up to 24 months’ worth of historic credit reports with a single request. The service also provides landlords with a single point for tenant screening processing, landlord letter requests, consumer dispute letters, tenant relocation rebate requests, reserve drilling, reserve account statements, and property value notice.

The service also provides landlords with several tools apart from the tenant history report … to help landlords with tenant screening, which includes access to tenant screening reports, prepopulated tenant screening letters, and micro-leasing.

TurboTenants also has an in-house review board equipped with property specialists who can review specific aspects of a request with a landlord.

Bottom Line

There are a lot of screening services available in the market, and it is sometimes difficult for homeowners and tenants find the right one.

In this post, we've listed some of the services to help you choose the best among the rest. The post focuses on the quality of the service provider rather than the screen service itself.