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Top 6 Temporary Office Space Providers for 2019

For businesses that don’t have an office space for extended periods of time, temporary office space is a great investment. Businesses can rent office space for temporary periods of time, sometimes referred to as a temp office. When businesses rent a temporary office space, they can ensure that their business process is functioning correctly since their employees will have access to dedicated furniture and equipment.

However, when businesses look into renting temporary office space, they don’t want to lose sight of the value that the companies have placed on the office space. That’s why there are a few aspects to consider before renting a temporary office space.

Here are 6 values that businesses need to consider when looking into the best temporary office space providers for their businesses.

Services and Support Providers Offering Lease, Office Space, and Corporate Services Management.

When businesses are looking for temporary office space providers, they want to make sure that they have access to a variety of services and support providers that can ensure that their businesses are functioning at optimal levels. This can include accounting, human resources, payroll service, real estate property management, or even a technical support department. In some cases, business owners may find that their needs exceed what individual service providers can offer. In those cases, having a better knowledge of the services that office space providers provide is crucial.

How We Evaluated Temporary Office Space Providers

Finding temporary office space for a company can be a challenge, especially as a new or smaller business. That’s why we decided to make this list for all of you. We found 6 cheap and functional temporary office space providers. Here’s what we evaluated before including their services or products in this list:

Capacity … while small companies and startups often require smaller or more flexible offices, bigger companies, especially those in the technology industry, require larger, outfitted offices. We wanted to see how large the temporary office space companies were able to provide, so the majority of the temporary office space providers in this list are the largest ones available.

Location … different office space providers provide temporary office space in a variety of locations. We wanted to stick to offices available near popular urban centers in the US because that’s where most startups and small businesses are based.

Convenience … we wanted to provide you with the most convenient offices, so we sought out offices near urban centers with easy access to mass transit and other public services.

Flexibility … we wanted to find out whether temporary office space providers provided offices with flexible hours and space requirements. For example, an office that can hold only a few users might not be well suited for a startup that needs to hire a staff quickly.

Best Overall Temporary Office Space Provider: Regus

Regus (UNITED KINGDOM: RGUS) offer a wide range of spaces for rent at any given time. The flexibility of the Regus office solutions is due to the fact that they are not limited to one geography or niche. They have offices from Manhattan to Tokyo, Paris to Berlin. They cater to small companies thinking about outgrowing their homes but don’t want to spend capital to build out, start-ups in search of a temporary office space, and even a few large corporations. Their offices include desks, reception areas, meeting rooms and conference rooms, and they tend to have internet access and phone services.

Best Temporary Office Space Provider: Office Works

Regus Pricing

A new trend in doing business is taking advantage of temporary office suites to start a business. A few years ago this option would have been limited to big corporations who could afford to purchase an office suite. However, these days access to a temporary office space has become more available to the average business owner thanks to the rise of temporary office suites.

Do you need a meeting space for a day, half a day, a week or more? Are you looking for a place to store your materials or just need the room to get something done, but do not have time or money to rent office space? A temporary office suite might just be the answer. A temporary office suite can be a great place to meet with a client and/or a space to store materials and do work.

Office Space Providers

Here are some great office space providers:

Bakersfield Office Space

About: Bakersfield Office Space is a downtown space just one block from the freeway. This office space is only used for a specific need. For example, if someone needs a place to store their tools or their laptop. They can use this space for the day and then return for their stuff. The suite is 15,000 square feet and has 100 desks. This space also has printer access and a coffee shop.

Regus Features

Like this: Like Loading…

What Regus Is Missing

(for New Users)

So many companies offer temporary office space for your employees. Some of them are really amazing, but Regus is not one of them.

You get to use a single PC. You will need to provide internet. Usually you can choose from 1 to 5 PCs.

No other devices are allowed. Your computer must connect via ethernet cable or cable internet.

No paper work is allowed. You are allowed to work from home, so you can print and work on a home computer.

No appointment is required to use a Regus space. You can just show up at Regus and ask if there’s a space available.

There is no reception. You must make sure to check in the first time you go.


You will find an empty space available because the location is unoccupied.

You will leave your credit card and a key under the smartphone stand by the entrance.

An employee will take your name and call you when the space is available. Usually, the process takes 5 to 10 minutes.

The employee will give you a key. You can either keep the key or give it to someone else.

What Users Think About Regus

Regus is a popular temporary office space provider with over 2000 locations in 70 countries. It is known for its great office spaces suitable for short or even extended-length business trips.

Are you looking for a temporary office space for a short or even long-term arrangements? The Regus space providers can fulfill your requirements.

If you are looking for a suitable temporary office space for your short business trip, hiring temporary office space from the Regus is a very wise decision. They provide you with a choice of well-equipped, flexible and pleasant working from home facilities, including meeting rooms, conference rooms, executive suites, phone booths and communication booths. You can also get a break from the working from home setting by designing commercial office space.

You can make the temporary use of office space for a long term as well if you have certain long-term business contracts to fulfill. If you need long-term office space, you have a wide choice of several Regus temporary offices from Denmark. You can also reach a long-term business agreement with your clients by procuring a temporary office space. In addition, you have the option of taking a short-term office space from the Regus.

You can save your time by working from any business center by choosing one of the Regus centers with reasonable prices.

Best Temporary Office Space Provider for Networking: WeWork

If you are looking for a place to network, meet up or just hangout with your colleagues, then WeWork is the best option for you. Being a co-working space provider, WeWork’s concept is inspired by collaboration between entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, and even large companies. They have a vision to turn shared workspaces into a hub of creativity, entrepreneurship, and success. WeWork also caters to other events like hackathon, meetups, conferences and more. You will also get to use WeWorks ‑seafood– as a meeting room for your team and customers.

Best Temporary OfficeSpace Provider for Crowd Support: Project A

Project A is the most popular co-working space provider in Las Vegas. They have 2 locations in Las Vegas and a shared services facility in Henderson, Nevada. Project A has its own startup community and is dedicated to creating a supportive, collaborative and stimulating atmosphere for their members to thrive. They offer a variety of services such as group workspace for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and individuals. They also have a large boardrooms for board meetings, presentations and presentations.

Best Temporary Office Space Provider for Workshops and Training Classes: BrightSpace

WeWork Pricing

WeWork Features

Traditionally, temporary office space is provided to smaller companies who have a need in support for an emerging business or when they need a space for part of a project. Specialising in temporary office space in New York, WeWork has become a leader in the temporary office space industry because of their unique working environments, innovative office space designs and their strong customer base.

WeWork provides their clients with all the facilities needed to operate in a professional work environment such as conference rooms, group work rooms, workspaces, breakout rooms, private offices, conference spaces, and a cafeteria. WeWork also provides their customers with flexible workspace rental options, allowing you to rent instead of own at affordable monthly rates.

It’s a unique but extremely appealing form of temporary office space that offers their clients a great working environment as well as many other benefits and uses outside of the office.

However, if you venture into the world of renting out temporary office space, a number of other issues can arise such as the availability of office space , incurring costs that come with managing buildings and office space and how to hire the right temp office services for the temporary office space.

To avoid these issues, WeWork has developed a way for their clients to rent office space quickly and economically by renting their office space for a hefty percentage of what the space would normally cost.

What WeWork Is Missing

WeWork is a trendy office space provider that is very popular in the United States for its fitness rooms, dog-friendly offices, beer delivery, as well as the parties it throws for its members.

The most important thing that is missing from the WeWork office concept is another office space provider where you can get excellent temporary offices at a very reasonable price for a shorter period of time.

A temporary office space is, as the name suggests, a temporary office, and is perfect for completing tasks in a minimum of time without spending a lot of money.

Customers need temporary office space when they are either unable to get a permanent office, but need an office for a limit period of time. WeWork is good for all the things that customers need like a place to work out, collaborate with colleagues, and high-end office furniture, but isn’t totally necessary.

A customer can complement their WeWork office with another office space location, if they are looking for something more flexible, without having to spend a lot of money.

What Users Think About WeWork

A growing list of companies have decided to cut their office costs by leasing desk space from WeWork firms in various business centres in the major cities of the USA. This benefits not only the businesses that are part of the WeWork networks but also every single user of a WeWork space.

Best Temporary Office Space Provider for Flexible Office Configurations: Novel

The need for temporary workspace is growing in the U.S., where 80% of all companies have already adopted mobile work centers. With the growing number of people using temporary office space temporarily, it is important to find providers that offer space solutions. For temporary office space providers, flexibility is key – and you need to give them the ability to configure the space based on your specific needs and requirements.

The providers we recommend at Flexport are in business to ensure that you get the right temporary workspace based on your needs. We’re building a marketplace to help every business get the workspace it needs at the best price. In this article, we highlight the top data points you should consider when selecting the best temporary workspace provider for your needs.

If you need to secure flexible office space with short-term leases, check out Flexport’s solution. See how working with Flexport’s SaaS technology can help you find the right short- and long-term space for your business.

Novel Pricing

Sometimes you just can’t find the right temporary office space or conference room within your budget. Even if you are successful in tracking down a good deal, you may have to give up its unique features or amenities.

If it’s just temporary furniture that you need, there are also providers that cater to the temporary office needs. Their business model may not be as flexible as a conference venue, but they often have payment plans and more reasonable price tags.

However if you need temporary office space that can be refurbished for your use, consider these providers:

Office World

Office World offers a variety of services for businesses and people who want to start their own businesses. They provide temporary offices, meeting spaces and furnished offices for rent or sale. Their temporary offices allow you to choose what you need in the office and play around with the products to get the space that fits you. They also provide virtual office solutions that are more affordable and can be customized to meet your needs.


Spaces is an online business where you can present your products in the most professional way possible. They provide office space solutions whether you want an office, a conference room or a desk space. They also offer virtual office plans that let you have a place to meet and work from wherever you are.

Office Furniture

Novel Features

Temporary office space providers have forever been a part of the industry as they have offered numerous providers. In fact, temporary office space providers have helped in saving the economy of the various governments. Today, professionals and private individuals have started using this form of office space as it is quite cost effective compared to traditional forms of office space.

However, there are a few more things that make temporary office space providers really unique. One of these things comprises of breathing in new technologies which increase the use of the premises during a short period of time. These innovative changes in technology allow the users to gain the maximum out of their temporary office space in a short period of time.

In this post, we’ve discussed all the different essential details to look for while selecting temporary office space providers. We’ve essentially focused on certain aspects that are important during selection of the best temporary office space providers. We’ve also discussed some of the unique features that make temporary office space providers much more efficient.

What Novel Is Missing

If your employees are frequent travelers, you may soon face the dilemma of finding them a temporary office space. Someone that can be used for 3 days, a week or even a month. If you are not really happy with the idea of providing office space temporarily, it is always a good option to look for a temp office space provider.

The idea of temp office space providers is based on the idea of taking care of office facilities need in a very short time. It simply means that the tenant do not have to worry about office facilities management like property management, security, insurance, managing the premises; landlord duties like cleaning, repairs and office building management.

While taking care of such things, the temp office space providers take care of the entire work load. On behalf of the tenant the temp office space providers are the landlord, building manager, landlord, county tax assessor and even an electric utility company.

There are many temp office space providers on the internet. One can share their experience.

What Users Think About Novel

Noel Palmer, the founder of Novel room-sharing rental service was looking to rent a business space for the Lean Startup Machine before his Canadian tour and had 0 vacancy in his own headquarters.

He analyzed the market and realized there were too many office vacancy while there was a huge demand for temporary office space. From that Noel started striking partnerships with landlords, investors and also brought over the Airbnb owners.

Noel traveled to San Francisco, then to Salt Lake City, then Seattle, New York, Orange County – and in each place he went, the demand from startups was very high.

Noel knew there would always be a need for office space for startups and he wanted to be ahead of the competition. He decided to go ahead and start a company that provides temporary office space for startups and with excellent average rates.

Being an entrepreneur himself, Noel knows the value of going out of your way to find a solution that is better than what exists now.

He created a booking app that’s easy to use and helps startups find the perfect office space for them. Noel aims to make it easy for entrepreneurs to rent office space when they need it… no matter where they are.

Best for Virtual Office Spaces & Community Memberships: ServCorp

ServCorp is an office hack that allows its members to rent virtual office space on the cheap.

ServCorp was started in 2003 by Robert Sheridan as a way to help his friend Dan head off on a business trip. All Robert had to do was take the furniture from his friend's office for a short time and place it in an empty box.

He then set up Dan's "office" and sent him away on his trip.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Since the early days, ServCorp has been providing a temporary office space for small business owners, non-profit organizations and individuals who need an extra office for a few days.

ServCorp has more than 200 employees working from their own temporary offices in Maumelle, Arkansas and has grown to a staff of 15.

Today, ServCorp provides temporary office space for all of its clients working from Maumelle, so members can rent an office for weeks on end.


Members rent office space by the day, week, or month. They are able to move out of their office once the work is completed and get a refund for the unused days.

Members save 60% Off traditional office rates prices.

ServCorp has 24/7 access to members' virtual offices and offers free city mail delivery, free Internet, and free local phone phone calls.

ServCorp Pricing

How much does ServCorp charge for commercial office space? What are the temporary office space rates for ServCorp?

When you’re looking for commercial office space for your business you need to make sure that you’re not going to overspend and that you are getting the best value for your money.

Quick Tips for Finding Temporary Office Space

One of the first tips for getting reasonable prices is to consider temporary office space options. These temporary office space options offer great flexibility in choosing a size that suits your needs. You can work from any office space you find with ServCorp.

Next, you need to understand what temporary office space rates are like within your specific business needs. Whether you have a large staff or just a small handful of people, ServCorp offers a selection of commercial office space options that fit your needs.

Quick Highlights of Commercial Office Spaces

ServCorp offers temporary office space options that range in size and style. Commercial offices can be designed for your specific business needs. They offer great flexibility options so your downtime doesn’t get cut short because you run out of space. ServCorp can help you find a temporary office space that will work well for your long term or short term office needs.

Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the office space options available through ServCorp:

ServCorp Features

ServCorp. as a temporary office rental specialist, was founded with the simple idea that most businesses need an office   but not every office. We provide skilled workers and services and then adjust the space to fit your short-term business needs.

By utilizing the excess space in the residence of our corporate owners, we provide efficient, flexible office space that meets the needs of virtually any client. Our wide variety of office rentals, at very flexible rates, includes home office suites, conference rooms, audio/visual rooms, training rooms, emergency and temporary office space, and much more.

The ServCorp® Difference

ServCorp has been providing temporary office space solutions since 1991. Our friendly and professional staff will work with you to customize an office solution suitable for your specific business needs.

We understand that each business is unique, and we work with you to create a space that will best fit your workflow and budget. Each office rental rental is fully serviced and accessorized with state-of-the-art technology and furnishings, and damaged inventory is replaced at no charge. Our business is to help you create a strong business foundation, so we will make your temporary office space leasing easy.

What ServCorp Is Missing

ServCorp was founded in November 2010 with the mission to change the way logistics and supply chain collaboration is conducted by building a temporary office space industry. We have brought together the industry’s top players from every aspect that serves this industry from technology, to logistics, to furniture, and now we are ready to integrate products that can make working and creating an office environment easier than ever before.

So going to ServCorp means that you will be able to leave your current office space and begin a new office environment with the right furniture, technology, and equipment from your own dedicated team in a temporary office space. Not only can you connect with your peers, you can also work together on projects or with your office team all within a temporary office space with ServCorp.

ServCorp has received rave reviews from our customers, and our office and office space within our temporary office space is one of the most reviewed out there. The industry needs to be rethought if everyone is going to see a higher ROI on their investment. The temporary office space industry has only scratched the surface and government has recently granted ServCorp Enterprise status.

What Users Think About ServCorp

Best Temporary Office Provider for Independently Owned Spaces: Alliance Business Centers

Whether you’re looking for temporary office space and temporary office suites for sale, temporary workstations for lease, temporary cubicles available, or temporary office trailers for rent, Alliance Business Centers is your best choice. Matter of fact, we are the only two-sales office company that specializes in the temporary office space, leasing, and sales of executive suites, short-term office space, meeting space, cubicles, executive suites, furnished or unfurnished temporary offices, portables, and much more.

Our systems for temporary offices is so efficient that has become our mission to make the process of leasing temporary workspaces very simple. Being a certified supplier of temporary office suppliers and temporary office suites for rent, we understand the importance of providing temporary office space that is cheap, temporary office space that has a security, and temporary office suites that is safe – and we take the necessary measures to ensure that our customers and clients are satisfied.

As one of the largest temporary office providers of the most prestigious business centers in the United States, we manage more than 23 million square feet of temporary office space spread among locations across ten states in the U.S.

If you’re looking for temporary office space, we can help with the following:

{1}. Temporary Offices for Rent.
{2}. Temporary Office Cubicles:

  • a) Temporary office cubicles to rent
  • b) Temporary office cubicles for sale

Alliance Business Centers Pricing

There are a lot of temporary office space options available all over the country. However, not many of them are as flexible and cost-effective as Alliance Business Centers…

Have you ever wondered what is the total cost of running a small business? That’s the question we want to answer for you today. Most people have a tough time running a small business simply because there are a lot of hidden costs along the way. Traveling, renting a space and other general overhead is part of running your small business.

However, it is not impossible to run your small business and save money on all of those expenses. At Alliance Business Centers, you can save money on all of those expenses and still have space, phone and office furniture to work in. You simply pay for the amount of time you want to rent a space. Well, that’s not all. Once you’re rented a space and are ready to use it, the furniture moves with you to your new location. There are not very many other companies that can provide that flexibility.

Alliance Business Centers Features

Alliance Business Centers has 5 locations where you can rent temporary office space in Utah to start your business. The Utah locations are:

The Alliance Business Centers offers "business centers" or space where you can work from.

Each business center offers space and amenities for working and studying. Each business center provides internet access, a copier, fax, wireless, vending machines, conference room facilities, and flat screen televisions.

Space for working and studying can be reserved for a certain amount of time.

For example, you can reserve the space for 2 months and have access to it for 2 months.

Alliance Business Centers rates vary by location. You can view the rental cost for your area or rent a private office for the same amount of time.

All of this, plus the ease of privacy, personnel and services, make Alliance Business Centers a popular choice for businesses looking for temporary office space.

An advantage of renting office space from Alliance Business Centers is that you can reserve certain spaces for a certain amount of time.

This gives you the flexibility to decide when you need space and you can use it when you want.

And rental costs are cheaper than most office because the centers are dedicated to business owners and entrepreneurs; they offer personalized service and space for a lower price.

The downsides are that the large centers may have little individual spaces that are perfect for just a couple of workers.

What Alliance Business Centers Is Missing

Alliance Business Centers is an independently owned business that consists of a clubhouse of 56 branches across US. We have been serving the business community for more than four decades. Alliance business centers caters to the needs of the business entities in office space management and has a reputation of being a best in class property house. In accordance with the changing business scenario, we have undertaken many initiatives which include transition to big data, vast storm, cloud computing and mobility. We are known as a multinational and have branches on six continents.

Alliance business centers focuses on meeting the business requirements of a client. Now, with the pace of business increasing, office space becomes the need of the hour. To keep up with the lagging office space management market, we have started offering temporary office space in different formats with relatively low lease cost. This strategy is offering prospects of a greater opportunity in the market.

Benefits of Temporary Office Space

The leases granted under this facility can be set for short term i.e 20-45 days. This facility provides you an opportunity to gain income and space to meet the increasing and changing business requirements. The temporary office space offers:

{1}. Greater flexibility for timing of use of the office space.
{2}. Greater flexibility in terms of lease duration.
{3}. Added flexibility in terms of placement of temporary offices.
{4}. Increased profitability.
{5}. Insurance cover

What Users Think About Alliance Business Centers

The vast number of businesses out there has made the search to find temporary office space easy. If you are planning to use office space for a short period of time, you don’t need to pay a hefty price, but still need the same quality facilities you would get from a regular office space. Now we have come up with the list of the 6 best temporary office space providers who you can find online.

Alliance Business Centers operates on 3 principles (quality service, minimal costs, and respect for the environment). The temporary office space is in the prime locations with excellent accessibility. They have four facilities across the US of all sizes, so no matter your business size, they have something to offer you.

Alliance Business Centers offers gym on most of the locations, which you can use to reach your fitness goal. Location in San Francisco has an onsite fitness center with yoga classes, Pilates, and a large gym area with free weights, cardio machines, and treadmills. You can also find a swimming pool onsite in Santa Rosa location.

In the Quail Valley CA location, they offer business administrative and conference rooms that can be used to conduct business meetings, presentations, and training sessions. The other locations in CA, for example, offer conference rooms and meeting rooms. They also have onsite fax and printing services and banks that clients can access for their business needs.

Best Temporary Office Space Provider for Tech Startups: Galvanize

Galvanize is the best temporary office space provider for the tech startups in the US. Founded in 2010, Galvanize is a fast-growing company whose headquarters is located in San Francisco. Galvanize’s campus is made up of 12 buildings with a total of 675,000 square feet of space. The company provides temporary office space that ranges from a desk to a private office, conference rooms, coworking spaces and plug-and-play team spaces. Galvanize’s spaces are designed to help tech companies and startups focus on building their product and business. They offer a range of services to help their members be successful.

Galvanize is known for having very flexible office space. All their offices are designed to accommodate different needs to ensure that their members can get things done. Galvanize’s flexible workspace allows members to be the one who define their personal work environment to get the job done. The company offers several different approaches, depending on the member’s needs:

  • Smart spaces….Smart spaces are private offices or a private office with a shared work space.
  • Chat spaces (co-working spaces).
  • Desk space. (These include 24/7 access, a corner desk, a private desk, and a hosted desk).
  • Open space.

Galvanize Pricing

Galvanize Features

Galvanize is one of the largest and fastest-growing networks of shared-workspace spaces located in top cities. After a few months, you can almost call yourself a native. With a mixture of modern conveniences and enormous, open-plan studios, outfitted with trendy design elements, there’s literally something for everyone. You don’t need to work remotely all the time, but here are six reasons why you might consider it.

Exciting Work

If you’ve spent a decade commuting to an office and can barely remember what a kitchenette looks like or who was on your team in high school, you might prefer working in a space where you’re part of a community of like-minded individuals. Plus, your work will be more exciting when you’re in the company of others who have valid opinions and are working on amazing projects just like you… especially when your neighbors include tech entrepreneurs, designers, and local filmmakers.

What Galvanize Is Missing

"The Galvanize space is beautifully designed by a small staff with an "organic" aesthetic. It was the perfect balance between "fancy office" and clean space.

We appreciated the visual representation of the operating hours and a thoughtful clock, which maximizes visual time and space characterizing each team.

Galvanize – San Francisco

We experienced a functional and friendly space for the expansion of PBC and Galvanize strengthened our decision to choose them as our partner.

Galvanize – Atlanta

Galvanize Lubbock was a great space for One Fund. Serving as a relief center, it provided the work space to run the relief operation for months.

Galvanize – Austin

Although, we didn’t have an opportunity to use Galvanize office space, we are happy to have them as a vendor for our activities.

Galvanize – Mountain View

The people involved with the collaboration project were very helpful from start to finish and went above and beyond to provide a great experience. Thank You!

Galvanize – NYC

The Galvanize space was perfect for the Techstars program.

What Users Think About Galvanize

Bottom Line

Pads is a great way to get a temporary office space when you’re looking to work from home, you’re out of town, you’re on vacation, or your business is in the process of relocating.

If you’re looking for a simple, inexpensive portable office with all the benefits of an office that you can take anywhere, you’ve found it in Pads.

With these pads, you have access to most of the features you’d have if you were in an office. Whether you need a printer that can print on multiple types of paper, or a computer with Wi-Fi, Pads have the basics covered. There is no need to carry a laptop around if you have laptops and printers always available with a Pads laptop and printer.

Pads can be set up anywhere you want because they fold into a suitcase and have a handle. They are easy to set up without the need for extensive tools, and are great for people looking to work from anywhere.