5 Best Spot Factoring Companies

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Best Spot Factoring Companies

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Spot Prices
The spot price is the price of one futures contract for a particular commodity. If you want to buy or sell, you need to buy or settle a forward contract, then roll or settle that forward contract to a spot contract.

Spot prices are used to determine the cost to produce or buy the underlying commodity and for the benchmark rate of interest. The price of a spot contract also serves to represent current costs of production and distribution.

Spot prices are used in international trade, particularly in countries that do not have futures markets for commodities.

For commodity-based exchange traded funds, the spot price, as well as other trading metrics like volume, interest rate and yield and index adjustments, are included in the fund’s top level output shown on the fund’s website.

Spot prices are also important benchmarks for financial institutions such as banks, investment banks, other commodity brokers and index funds.

Best Overall: BlueVine

BlueVine is the most trusted pricing software to use for your marketing. In case you don’t know what spot factoring is and how it works, it’s a very easy way to calculate the real value of on-line lead generation.

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While all SpotFactor Consultants agree on the fact that you will never find a better marketer, BlueVine is the best in the business.

BlueVine has a suite of tools and expert training to help you get the most out of your marketing dollars. The tools BlueVine provides allow you to effectively track the effectiveness of your campaigns so you can find the leads you want while the other Spot Factor tools give you a way to get the most from your ad spend.

The BlueVine pricing software allows you to insert your historical data, so you can easily see what brings you the most revenue and where you should focus your time and money.

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BlueVine’s pricing software not only uses historical data to calculate pricing with respect to the amount of leads you generate, it helps you decide which leads you should focus on and at what rate you should be paying per lead.

Best for Short-term Invoices: altLINE

AltLINE’s Spot Billing service allows you to work with your customers and split up short-term invoices that come in! It allows you to propose as many extensions as you like without having to split the bill.

This credit service includes Spot/Demand and Flat Rate Invoices. It’s easy to use and customizable, so you can change the way you work with your customers.

All invoices are settled in real-time on a secure platform: bank transfers are paid by check, emails are settled through a payment method of your choice, and third-party payments are settled through credit cards.

After the invoice is marked as settled, you can also download all the data including the invoice and receipt in PDF format.

Since all invoices are settled instantly and you can propose as many extensions as you like, you can access your customers’s purchasing power more securely, so you can grow your business while investing less time.

Other than its service, altLINE also offers Spot Invoice, Spot/Demand & Flat Rate Invoice and Smart Invoices functionalities to help you with your daily invoicing process.

Discover more about Spot Billing and altLINE, and request a demo today.

Best for Large Projects: Paragon Financial

Paragon Financial provides construction loans for properties of any size. From personal homes and small business expansions to large commercial projects across the US, they provide construction loans to people at the right point in a project’s financing while allowing them to minimize or avoid a number of the bank fees associated with a traditional loan.

Many construction loans require you to apply for loans from multiple different lending banks.

Paragon Financial takes a much more cost-effective approach for their clients by leveraging their network with one central point for loan processing in order to determine your score and make the best decision for the type of financing you need.

Best for Multiple Options: Factor Funding Company

Factor Funding provides a wide range of financing solutions to help companies attract long-term capital. Factor Funding has an unrivaled team of investment professionals dedicated to finding compelling equity financing opportunities for a diverse set of companies spanning all industries.

Distributers to Choose: Onevest Corporation

Onevest Corporation can help you reach sales and distribution goals with Logistic Services. Three primary divisions of Onevest provide financial services, logistics support services and turnkey solution aggregation.

Distributor to Choose: Financing Solutions, Inc.

Distributing to manufacturers with high-volume, low-initial capital needs. Financing Solutions, Inc. specializes in providing revolving credit for small to medium manufacturers.

Distributer to Choose: 1st Global Capital LLC – a financing, manufacturing, distribution company with over 39 years of experience in the industry.

We are a national distributor of consumer products and do a variety of things such as:

  • Distributing materials
  • Financing for building equipment
  • Lending facilities for the construction industry
  • Granting loans for energy efficient solutions
  • Granting loans for solar installations
  • Providing machinery and equipment financing

1st GlobalCapital has provided all of these financial services and expertise to customers that include Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, universities and municipalities.

Best Spot Factoring for Trucking Companies: Triumph Business Capital

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