6 Best Services for VoIP International Calls

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How We Evaluated International VoIP Calling Services

International VoIP calling services are a great way to stay in touch with friends and loved ones living in other countries. The quality of these calls varies wildly depending on the quality of the service, your Internet connection, the network conditions of the other end of the call, and the relative location of the two countries.

In this post, we’ve evaluated 6 of the best international VoIP calling services for a variety of situations. While we have only looked at US to IN call quality, each of these services offers a wide range of calling plans and options that allow you to call world-wide at very affordable prices.

Another huge advantage of international VoIP calling services is the fact that these services allow you to call from your computer or smartphone. Therefore, you can access this service from anywhere in the world from your Computer and/or smartphone so long as you have a good Internet connection!

Unfortunately, I have been unsuccessful in finding a free calling services that allow you to call internationally. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls are the cheapest calling option available right now. I expect to see free calling services emerge as competition in this industry ramps up.

GoToConnect: Best Overall International VoIP Calling Service

When choosing any kind of international calling service, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. If you’re staying in the UK and want to call your family in the US, you need a service that’s reliable and offers excellent customer service. Are the rates better than that of landline rates? Is the connection clear?

Do you need to test the international call beforehand to ensure the connection is clear, or are the features just a feature?

You’re able to do all of this with GoToConnect. This special service is known for the ultra-reliable connection, industry-leading customer service, and superb rates. With the service, you don’t just get unlimited calling to the US. You get unlimited calling to any country, with unlimited calling to landline phones and mobile phones.

What’s more? With GoToConnect, you can do all of this with prepaid phone cards and without a contract. With GoToConnect, you don’t have to worry that the company is going to unexpectedly shut down. It’s the best international calling service money can buy, and it’s been around for over 10 years.

GoToConnect Pricing

GoTo Connect is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider and offers a cloud-based dialer (VoIP dialer) for international calling that can be used with all phone providers. GoTo Connect also offers a low-cost calling plans. Currently, GoTo connect does not offer a free calling plan. The GoTo Connect free calling plan is a period of 3 months with 120 free minutes per month.

GoTo Connect also offers individual local call bundles for each country. These bundles are priced slightly higher than GoTo Connect normal calling plans but offers a lower calling rate.

GoTo Connect is transparent about their pricing plans. They are upfront about their overall call rates, which include the local call bundle, the GoTo Connect minutes subscription and the GoTo Connect P2P calling plans. This is good in the fact that their pricing plans are not tied to their calling plans. So you are free to choose what plan works best for your needs rather than the other way around. The calling plans are flexible and you can select different bundle plans per calling plan.

The overall call rates for GoTo Connect, including GoTo Connect minutes subscription and the GoTo Connect P2P calling plans are better priced than most competitors. This is remarkably how GoTo Connect keeps their overall cost affordable.

GoTo Connect does not offer a free calling plan. Plans are tiered with a GoTo Connect minutes subscription, which is required to make outgoing calls.

GoToConnect Features

VoIP international services offer a variety of tariff plans to choose from including low cost prepaid deals for consumers and higher value prepaid calling plans for more advanced users depending on your calling requirements. All of these service providers offer a range of VoIP international call features that can make your calling experience better.

Here are the most important features to look out for when you are choosing the most suitable VoIP international service provider:

Call Forwarding and Call Waiting

These features and their configuration will largely depend on how you have purchased the calling plan and how it is geographically divided.

Whether you are calling from a landline or a mobile phone, the configuration of the call forwarding and call waiting features will depend on your VoIP service provider. However, the most widely used configuration of these features is to forward the inbound call to your mobile when you are not answered and to forward any call to your voicemail.

Call Recording

You can record the inbound and outbound calls. VoIP services may provide a one-time or unlimited recording capacity or a post-paid deal on recording capacity. Like call forwarding and call waiting, call recording depends heavily on the calling plan that you have bought from your VoIP service provider.

Caller ID

8×8: Best International VoIP Service for Contact Centers

Do you also want your business to benefit from global expansion without investing a lot in resources? Do you want your business to operate with the same high-quality service standard as your customers?

As you may already know, modern businesses have expanded globally and have become accepted into the market while staying true to their values. One way to do this is to provide highly efficient customer service. When it comes to customer service, every business these days has taken advantage of the many benefits of telecommunications.

One of these vital benefits is communication. With the introduction of telecommunication technology, VoIP provided an effective way for businesses to communicate with customers.

Of course, those businesses that wanted to operate efficiently had to evaluate the many options in order to select the best company to provide their customers with a quality service.

As an old venture, VoIP’s success has led to the development of various VoIP services that are able to deliver the best quality of service as well as consistency and reliability.

After careful evaluation, we recommend 8×8 that provide their customers with the highest levels of customer service. 8×8 is an amazing international call service with unique features you can’t get from other customers.

After reviewing 8×8, we found that they offer the best service for contact centers because they are:

  • Efficient
  • Responsive

8×8 Pricing

For quite a while now, VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) has been a great alternative to international calling plans offered by traditional telecommunications companies. By using VoIP technology, you can make calls to other countries much cheaper than you could on an international calling plan. So for years now, VoIP providers have been offering a program that allows subscribers to make free or very low cost international calls.

These calls are often billed as so-called conference calls, which are calls you make with several people. A conference call can be made with more than two parties, and you can have as many as you like.

As an alternative to expensive international landline calling plans, you can also make very cheap calls to countries abroad by using VoIP technology. To make these calls, all you need is a VoIP-enabled device such as a phone, mobile phone, PDA or iPad. But since VoIP technology has come down in price, more and more VoIP providers are offering their customers full VoIP packages. These packages include enough bandwidth to often make calls to other countries, even if the other party is on the other side of the world.

8×8 Features

Vonage is a phone service provider that offers unlimited local and long-distance calling in the us, as well as a lot of other perks to its subscribers. One of the best perks of Vonage services has to do with its live customer support. The support system at Vonage comes with an 8×8 free and fast customer support service, which is available 24/7 to all the subscribers of the Vonage service.

But the Vonage 8×8 agents are not available only for customers of the VoIP service. Instead, they are available for any Vonage bills, both for individual and business users. In fact, every time you call the 8×8 customer support service for any Vonage bill, you will be prompted to leave a message at the mail box system of Vonage residential service as well. You can call the Vonage live customer support toll free for all the home phone plans, including the one called Vonage Home Phone.

The Vonage Customer Support Mailbox is capable of answering every message from the customers that call the Vonage 8×8 service. The agents of the Vonage cannot perform any work unless the customers leave a message at the mailbox. After that, the agents can answer the calls for the customers, as many of them are interested in providing the technical information about the use of Vonage services.

RingCentral: Most Feature-rich International VoIP Calling Service

RingCentral offers the most comprehensive set of hands-free, doorphone, and mobile services for international calls. For making a wide range of calls, you’d need the best international calling service service. We’ll concentrate on VoIP international calling service and its best offerings offered by RingCentral.

The following are the features that make RingCentral International calling service the most comprehensive of all:

Accommodates Calling Plan, Subscriber, and Subscriber Task Management

RingCentral’s international calling service lets you make, view, and modify calls and custom calling plans in the most convenient way as well as assign, view and manage callers including all their attributes such as contacts, tasks and access rights in an organized manner.

End-to-End Privacy, Encryption, and Security.

This is where RingCentral scores well. Encryption ensures secure and private communications between agents and recipients and end-to-end security means that neither the carrier nor anyone else can listen in on your calls. Call recordings give you valuable documentation of all your calls and enable you to protect your rights as a sender as well as the rights of the recipients of your calls.

Multiple Features, Capabilities, Shared Line.

RingCentral Pricing

One of the best uses of VoIP services is for international calls. SMBs can find it hard to afford traditional private line services across international borders, and a virtual private network (VPN) solution might not always be a practical solution.

RingCentral has been an industry leader in providing small businesses with affordable and secure SIP international calling plans. The RingCentral pricing depends on the feature set offered and the API for which you plan to use RingCentral’s virtual PBX platform.

RingCentral pricing includes:

VoIP International Dialers : Connectivity options include direct (IP-based) SIP connections to a gateway in an international country or via an online computer.

VoIP International Gateways : Any number of gateways can be connected to a business’ PBX through secure SIP connections. Users can add or remove gateways as necessary. The gateways can also be configured to provide dial plans with varying levels of features and functionality, so you can customize it according to your business needs:

VoIP International Clients : RingCentral’s VoIP international clients support SIP, H.323, and MGCP protocols so you can use them with softphones for voice calls and with PC-based clients that support different connection environments. A few of RingCentral’s clients also support additional protocols so users can easily switch between them.

RingCentral Features

RingCentral is a combined communications hub that offers call centers, video chat, teleconferencing, and many other flexible features. With RingCentral, you can hire agents and interact directly with customers from an equipped call center. RingCentral also offers a cloud tablet app and web-based contact center for complete, customized customer service.

RingCentral is very easy to navigate and customize. For those who are not tech savvy, setting up a call center with RingCentral is fast and convenient.

RingCentral offers free and premium call center services, and you can easily have 24/7 support. RingCentral is also very cheap. With RingCentral, you can buy lower package rates that save you money and capture customers in a cost-effective way.

RingCentral offers mobile application for iOS, Android, and Blackberry. It works with PC, Mac, Blackberry, and iOS devices. RingCentral also offers ringback tone services that allow callers to hear the caller’s voice, and you can indicate which ringback tone to play. You can also use RingCentral’s prepaid calling options so that you can reach people without using credit cards.

Phone.com: Best International VoIP Service for Low Call Volumes

Phone.com Pricing

Phone.com Features

InterVox – An integrated Voice, Video, and Unified Communications solution. Instant messaging, fax and file transfer, white boarding, video chat, and group conferences all in one service.

Skype – An online video phone service that offers low cost ("free") to premium ("expensive") packages and capabilities. Skype is cross-platform, making it extremely easy for anyone to use, and features easy-to-use chat, video calling, voice calls and instant messaging. Skype provides an easy way to communicate with people in many countries and the service is free to download whether you use it to make calls, transfer files or chat. Skype also has an easy-to-use client for the Mac.

Vonage – A telecom company that offers a small business and residential VOIP service. Vonage is one of the largest IP (Internet phone providers) with an extensive network. Features include a call management system, video calling, conference calling, voice mail, call blocking and an advanced quality of service.

Westell – A well-known voice over IP provider that offers VOIP phone and PBX solutions. Westell offers a range of high-quality, low-cost, entry-level VOIP products.

TerraTec – A voice and data IP service provider that offers both residential and business phone service.

Net2Phone – A hosting service that offers toll free and international number services.

Zoom: Best International Video Calling Service

Zoom allows you to download a desktop app, so you can make video calls without downloading any other programs or software. It’s probably the fastest, lightest, and simplest way to make international video calls on your computer.

Zoom is not only very easy to use but also very affordable. Unlike Skype, there are no monthly fees required. Just sign up for a free account and you are ready to go. Zoom’s language-translation tool can also be accessed through your mobile app, which is a nice bonus.

The quality of the calls isn’t the best that you’ll find, but it’s not too terrible either. If you want better video quality, you may want to check out Google Hangouts or Microsoft Live.

Additionally, since Zoom does not provide your computer with a dedicated video card, it’s not going to be the best experience for watching videos. Think of it more like a phone call, and Zoom will perform that better than most video-calling programs. And as far as price is concerned, many would rather spend a little more money for the quality, convenience, and experience that you get with Zoom.

Click to start your free trial, get to know the animated tutorial and also see ways you can make international video calls with this free PC software.

Zoom Pricing

Zoom’s price plans make it easy for you to change providers or to grow your business as your needs change.

Zoom International Calling offers one flat rate for calls to USA and Canada.

Zoom is the only service that offers this, and it’s the best way to make local and toll-free calls to the USA and Canada.

Zoom Features

Internet phone services, also known as IP phone services, use the internet connection to place and receive calls internationally. Calls are usually not billed to the user’s telephone bill, so it is important to remember that high rates can occur for internationally placed calls. This is because you will be placing the call through an international carrier, first to your home carrier, and then, to the called party.

You can save time by using a VPN service to go through the call to and from the U.S. Zoom, from their company Unite Connections, is highly compatible with Firefox. It also has a time-saving feature called network history.

It also allows you to connect more than one device to one wireless number. This allows your devices to connect to the VPN, and then activate your call simultaneously which saves you time.

On the other hand, it doesn’t seem like it allows you to do anything to the voice or video quality so you will pay the same for both video and voice calls.

Google Voice: Best Free International VoIP Calling Service

Coming soon.

Google Voice Pricing

Google Voice Features

Google Voice is a free, web-based telephone service that automatically routes your calls through Google, so you don’t have to. Google Voice can automatically forward calls to your mobile phone or home phone, send voicemails to your email account, or route your calls through an Internet phone service. This means you can use Google Voice to call any U.S. or Canada telephone number that accepts international calls.

With Google Voice, you can’t add your own personal phone number to your account, but you can add any phone number (referred to as a Google Voice phone or Google Voice number). Using Google Voice, your calls can be forwarded to any of the phone numbers listed in your account or to any mobile phone number.

It automatically provisions you Google Voice number in a matter of minutes, and it works on desktops and smartphones. Voice calls by connecting the calls to your Google Voice phone number and is typically cheaper than standard Internet calling rates.

Google Voice also integrates with other Google services. With Gmail, you can have your voice and text messages automatically forwarded to your Google Voice account. And calls to other Google Voice users can be routed to your mobile phone without you having to share any of your personal contact information.

Google Voice does not integrate with Google Hangouts. But, Google Voice calls can be transferred from your Google Voice account into a hangout.

How to Make an International VoIP Call

If you want to make a VoIP international call, you simply have to dial the soft phone number of the person you’d like to talk to, followed by the country code, and then the local phone number. I’ve used Google Voice in the past and though I haven’t been using it lately, my friends have used Vonage for years and have told me that it works well.

Bottom Line

So there you have it, the Android Phone handles calls well and can act as a sort of all-in-one phone for most people.

The regular features are covered the best with both Blackberry and Android Phone. However if you have a need for features such as voice activated dialing, conferencing, advanced messaging or faxing, then either of the phones won’t fully meet your needs.

If you’re looking for phone and data/fax capabilities, then the Blackberry Storm and HTC Evo are better choices.

If you’re looking for a smartphone/cell phone that can handle calls, text messaging and data/fax, then both the Android Phone and Blackberry Storm are good choices.

The key is in what you need out of your phone and list how you wish to use the phone to find it.

Want to know which phone is best for you? Check out these links below.

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