Best Self-Service Kiosks for Restaurants

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Best Self-Service Kiosk Software for 2021

Self-service kiosks are getting a lot of attention in recent years. They seem to be more and more in-keeping with the shift that we’re seeing in modern business operating environments. People are talking about it and ignoring it. We can somehow truthfully contradict ourselves and still stick to our own corner in this matter.

How We Evaluated Self-Service Kiosks

We began by polling the best venues in the United States about self-service kiosks, looking for best practices and determining the problems they’ve encountered and found solutions to.

We analyzed the data of these experiences and then supplemented them with our own data as we listed on our best practices page.

When choosing kiosk models, we chose the best self-service kiosks based on input from our experts, as well as visitors to our website. We analyzed and explored nearly two-hundred kiosk models. We took into account functionality and reliability as well as customer feedback and analyzed several other factors.

We determined the best self-service kiosks based on our extensive research and consideration of these factors.

Toast: Best Overall Self-Service Kiosk

POS System: How to Choose the Best POS Solution

Do you offer a free sample program?

If yes, how are you controlling the quality?

Do you need a mobile POS solution, or do you have a full-size POS system?

Do you have a website for customer information?

Is your restaurant new or established?

How many staff are in your department?

Do you accept credit cards that are no longer magnetic swipe?

How do you plan to take payment?

What is the payment limit on accepted credit and debit cards?

Does your restaurant provide complimentary bottled water and if so, how long does the complimentary cold water last?

Do you offer vegetable/veggie options?

Do you have to-go options for customers?

Do you have a loyalty program?

Do you offer a free birthday dessert for your birthday customers?

Do you offer a loyalty program?

Do you accept a certain type of payment?

Do you have a self-service kiosk?

What is your location-type?

Are you focused on the in-store dining experience or are you focused on the take-out experience?

What kind of coffee do you serve?

Are you focused on the in-store dining experience or are you focused on the take-out experience?

Toast Kiosk Pricing

You have a great idea for a kiosk, and you have some questions about what it will be like to own and operate it. You need to know if it’s going to be right for your business, your customers, and your budget.

Kiosk Solutions offers an extensive range of cost effective kiosks for all business types – from quick service restaurants to high-end establishments and everything in between.

Toast Kiosks: Your True Self Service, True Kiosk Kiosk

Toast kiosks are easy to use and fun to operate. The single requirement for the kiosk to be considered a ”true kiosk” is that it’s designed to require little or no staff involvement. No matter what the purpose of the kiosk is, whether it’s just providing visual aid or a place to pick up and drop off items (such as a coffee cup), the Toast Kiosk is there. Also, it’s possible to have multiple Toast Kiosks to further reduce labor and operational expenses, making it easy on your bottom line.

Contact Kiosks: Your True Touch Screen Kiosk

Toast Kiosk Features

Each device in the Toast Kiosk fits undercounter, which makes the units unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing. There will be a dispenser for milk, two-sided, and a reusable container for individual servings.

There are two units side-by-side; both units will be able to dispense two-sided, one-ply to standard bagel size, and two-ply to quesadilla size bags.

The system can accept a recyclable bag on the front of the toaster to fit the size of the bagel ordered. The bag can also fit directly into the toaster.

The Milk dispenser is inside the side drawer of the Toast Kiosk. There are two-finger ledges on the bottom of the drawer to hold the milk container in place. The drawer slides freely for easy access to the Milk device.

The Milk dispenser consists of two containers, each cut in half. The top container holds the milk and the bottom container holds the warm hot air needed to reheat the milk.

The toaster itself will be functional but held in place with a permanent mount to the counter.

Toast Kiosk Dimensions

Dimensions can vary and are based on the space available and the specifics of the individual installer. Also, these are our estimated dimensions and not specific dimensions.

Toast Order & Pay

The self service is an essential part of the customer service at the check out counters. The automatization of the self-service brings the the interaction between the staff and the customers at the outlet to a new level. And in terms of the use of the equipment, the automatic using of the baisakit machines, Jukeboxes and the Teller Systems are mostly used in the simultaneous service of over 6000 clients. The most successful systems are the intuititive applications of the tablet PCs for the fast ordering, the tracking of the orders and digital receipting.

The Tablet PC Market is growing steadily and it is expected to reach its maximum in 2025 with sales reaching $ 82,1 Billion. The tablet PC was only developed in 2007 and it is transforming the office, business and the world. The Tablet PC has increased the productivity of the modern business. So the right location for tablet systems for the self-service kiosco can be for example in the stores of the fast food industry and in the self-service in the piso-piso store. The biggest advantages of these devices are the low input and the price. The Tablet PC solution for the Piso-Piso stores are well integrated in the shops.

What Toast Is Missing

One day, my friends and I decided to stop by a sandwich chain on our way to brunch. We were starving, so we lined up to pick up our food. We ordered, paid, and went outside.

When we got to the end of the line, we noticed the kiosk that was supposed to slice and package the sandwiches. It didn’t even have a button! All it had was a piece of paper you could write on. Then, I looked closer at it. Apparently, the kiosk also was supposed to write out the bill.

I took a picture and posted it to Twitter, and thinking about it, I share it with you, too – just in case a restaurant doesn’t have a bill printer, either! And if they do, keep in mind, probably no tech savvy customer is going to prefer to use it. I was happy to just line up to place my order, pay for it, and get my food slice.

Self-service kiosks are a great tool for the front of the house, but for the back of the house, they can be a great way to save money. There are a lot of self-service kiosks on the market, including one that we are going to highlight today – the Russell Hobbs KI993 Toaster 9-Slice, One Touch High Lift Lever KIiSiEKS and more

Toast Self- Service Kiosk Overall

Toast self-service kiosk is a compact, lightweight, secure and vandal-proof kiosk that’s convenient for both venues and customers.

The kiosk comes complete with a CCTV, RFID, PAN, swipe card reader and cashless payment system. A host of options and configurations allows for easy setup and customization.

Light and easy to move, the kiosk is perfect for hot food counters and fast food kiosks, quick meal service on the go, buffets, and fast food outlets such as coffee shops, takeaways, cinemas, bakeries and civil as well as commercial installations.

The structure of the kiosk is built using steel and zinc, and contains a heavy duty steel shelf, which can be stained black to bring out a professional and luxurious look. The structure is supported by a mounting bracket which can be bolted to the wall to stabilize the kiosk and prevent it from falling down.

The self-service kiosk comes with a stainless steel drip tray that has a capacity of 150 ml. This helps in preserving the food even once they’re out of the reach of the customer.

The kiosk can be custom-made according to your specification and can be easily adapted to different locations.

The plugin style which allows the machine to be extremely compact and fits into the smallest of spaces.

Revel: Best Grocerant Self-Service Kiosk

Revel is an all-in-one self-service kiosk that allows your customers to make a grocery purchase at the point of sale, while also eliminating the checkout line and the need to process with barcodes. At a minimum Revel offers merchandise scanning and offers many more features such as a current cash register with receipts. It can also be expanded to include an electronic or cash receipt system.

Revel’s wide range of integrated features allows retailers to spend less time processing orders and more time selling, ensuring a better customer experience.

Revel is certified by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), a global standards body with over 4,500 members. Convenience stores, grocery stores and pharmacies all need reliable point-of-sale equipment that’s secure, reliable and easy to use. By investing in a Revel Solution, retailers can increase their customers’ level of satisfaction, boost sales and improve profitability.

Revel’s “best-in-class” features have allowed retailers to reduce labor costs and offer a more professional experience for their customers. Retailers include Burger King, CVS and Kohl’s among many others.

Revel Systems Pricing

Revel Systems is the leading self-service kiosk provider for restaurants, cafes, and bars.

We’ve dedicated our entire company to providing the self-service kiosk/ mobile POS technology that our customers need. Our experience working with the kiosk industry and the hundreds of exclusive POS applications we’ve developed has yielded a simple yet powerful software solution, all tailored around your business needs.

The simple, intuitive software allows you to manage your POS internally without having to hire a third-party IT team. Revel Systems minimizes your time and training costs especially while connecting with your customers and improving customer service, and offering additional services to guests. Privacy, flexibility, IT support and low costs are key benefits of our kiosk software.

Revel’s POS platforms can be installed in two ways for your convenience. You can purchase a platform of ten (10) standard kiosks, each with a server and power supply, or you can purchase a standalone PC unit. The standalone PC units run off a Windows 7 or 10 operating system. The standard kiosk hardware can be configured with the following components:

  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Hard Drive

We’re always making improvements to Revel’s software and the hardware. Here are the features we’re working on for version 5 of the heartland kiosk system.

Revel Systems Features

Revel Systems offers intuitive cash register systems designed for fast food and casual dining Restaurant businesses. The multi-touch and Local Capabilities of these kiosks can help increase sales and decrease employee turnover rates. With the ability to customize the cash register systems to suit their specific needs, Restaurants are able to make this technology work for them, rather than struggle against it.

This multi-touch kiosk supports up to 10 local accounts concurrently, and if necessary, the capability to add more local accounts. Local accounts allow for multiple businesses to share a single transaction register, printer, and cash drawer, and each business can be scheduled to operate at different times. This allows the many different businesses at the same location to each bring in profitable business throughout the day. Individual businesses can set their own hours of operations, and with the flexibility of using a chip and pin credit card, you’re able to manage business operations in real-time, as business hours change.

The highly intuitive and flexible software solution of Revel Systems allows for quick and easy set up of the cash register systems, and tear down and storage. Customized screens simplify configuration of cash registers, balance cards, and other devices, and allows for a streamlined setup and tear down of cash register systems. This customized software allows you to easily setup and tear down a cash register system in just minutes, and provides you with all of the tools necessary to run your business efficiently.

Revel Systems Kiosk

Believe it or not, they are already taking note of customer demand. Scanning technology is one thing, selling specifically vs. broadly is another. Not everyone who comes into a restaurant wants to buy a sandwich, fries, or a meal. Most see the kiosk as an opportunity to grab a complimentary cup of coffee or soda, pay for a parking pass, cash a check, or make a purchase of gift cards, discount cards, or drink tickets for later use. Restaurants would likely consider these purchases differently and set the product pricing accordingly. What a kiosk does is give restaurants an opportunity to interact with their customers in different ways.

Follow these steps to embark on a kiosk marketing journey of your own:

  • Identify your problem
  • Get the facts
  • Choose your marketing channel (mobile, in-person, online)
  • Put your kiosk to work
  • Make it profitable
  • Identify your problem

Although manufacturers of kiosks have expanded their menu of products, they all still fall into one of three categories: mobile, kitchen, or retail. The plethora of devices available in each category highlights our increasing dependence on technology. Mobile kiosks give establishments the ability to instantly handle peak hours and last-minute business by allowing them flexibility to move products from the storefront to the counter. This allows customers to order, scan, and pay for their product.

What Revel Systems Is Missing

How often do you look for an ATM in a restaurant when you’re dining in a restaurant? But is not always convenient to go to. So here are 3 ways to increase your customer’s experience in a restaurant with an ATM.

Revel Systems Kiosk Overall

This Revel Systems Kiosk has received 4 stars out of 5 from over 200 buyers. The Illumina Self-Checkout Kiosk comes with a one-year warranty and is compact enough to be installed in any aisle in your store.

This kiosk consists of four modules that are rated for carrying light to medium weight. You can keep the kiosk operating for about 6 hours on a single-charge and the power brick is compatible with USA and Canada. You can connect a receipt printer and a power supply to this kiosk to enable customers to swipe their credit cards.

When it comes to performance, this kiosk has a capacitive touchscreen that supports touch, multi-finger gesture, finger print and swipe. The touchscreen is optimized for both closed and open air environments and for standard POS applications.

The kiosk comes with two buttons on the front and a touch screen on the top. The LED indicator panel located above the touchscreen gives you the ability to determine if the unit is available for use, is charging or is in standby mode.

The kiosk doesn’t come with any memory, Wi-Fi or any other capabilities. However, you have a 1 GB flash card included with the kiosk along with the necessary QR code to allow you to configure from Revel software and to get your QR code into POS systems.

Lightspeed Restaurant: Best Self-Service Kiosk for Hotels and Co-Working Spaces

One of the best options for self-service kiosks is Lightspeed Restaurant. It’s the only device on our list that offers both design options, and as you’re about to see, it’s the most versatile as well.

Design Options

Lightspeed offers both an illuminated and black frame:

Lightspeed Restaurant Features

Lightspeed is the simplest and the easiest to use business self-service kiosk currently available. It’s so easy, in fact, that you can get it up and running in minutes!

The device features a simple on/off switch and a 3-year limited warranty. It’s a no-brainer – you just plug it in and you’re ready to start taking payments.

But what would be a self-service kiosk without an integrated credit card reader?

Additionally, Lightspeed is compatible with EMV and contactless credit card readers. So whether you’re using swipe-and-sign credit card readers or contactless credit card readers (where the card is placed on the reader), Lightspeed has you covered.

Lightspeed Restaurant Pricing

Lightspeed is a POS (restaurant pricing software) solution. It allows the user to create restaurant menus, manually add prices, track inventory, and generate reports.

It has an easy to use interface and allows users to do everything from the web browser. Lightspeed runs on the PC, on the iPhone and on the Android platform.

We needed to have a kiosk that was a great brand fit with Lightspeed, and one that people would gather around in order to interact with, help them with menu information and pricing, and allow them to order.

The Lightspeed POS kiosk solves all of this. It is sleek, classic and functional. The iPad is able to be used to play games in exchange for helping our guests. Each customer we get is different economic circumstance, and our locations are open during the day during the week.

Our lighting is programmed into the system and can adjust depending what day of the week it is. Sundays, there are more lights on, and other days the lighting is more dimmer.

Lightspeed Restaurant Features

Lightspeed is simple and sleek, with glass booth seating and a stainless steel serving bar. The table configuration allows for 4 to 8 diners per booth. Included with every table is a ramp that makes it easy to place trays in the booth and picks it up as it is removed.

Lightspeed is one of the few self-service kiosks that have the ability to seat more than one person. The integrated digital menus are able to hold 4 to 6 guests.

All Guests See the Display Announcements

All guests, regardless of which group they fall into, are able to see the info that is displayed on the display. This makes group service easy and keeps everyone relevant and informed.

The screen can be custom-configured with just the information that is relevant for each individual group.

More Responsive Base Unit

Lightspeed′s base unit is more compatible with mobile devices and features the ability to activate the screen and reset it back to zero with a simple selection of buttons.

Faster Batteries

For longer lasting performance and greater uptime, the batteries used in Lightspeed′s base unit are removable and interchangeable. Batteries are easily replaced in seconds and can be changed without shutting down your restaurant.

Easily Configurable Menus

Customizable digital menus can be ordered to fit your specific needs.

Lightspeed Self-Order Menu

Back in 2009, we introduced Lightspeed for bringing the restaurant ordering experience to life. Turn a printable menu into a fully functional, interactive website with a couple of clicks. Learn more.

The fact that Lightspeed is made for restaurants makes it model building blocks more than just another website builder. The menu creator script, for example, is configurable depending on the requirements of your restaurant, so you can simply choose which menus to include, what fields to print them out on, and what options are available to your customers.

That’s when we started thinking about more ways Lightspeed could be useful for restaurants. The same menu design-to-codescript workflow can be used for designing and creating all kinds of menus, from daily specials to entire multi-page brochures. Useful tools and scripts have also been added along the way to build complex business features, like built-in ecommerce, subscription management, and management of partner sites.

In the end however, it’s always been about the end result … a beautifully designed, interactive menu.

Surprise and delight your customers and bring them together with the very best business platform in the world.

Learn more.

Lightspeed Room Charge Feature

The self-service kiosk is another example of how technology is helping the restaurant industry create more affordable options for customers. It’s designed to allow food and beverage employees to charge your bill in the blink of an eye. Rather than giving a bill to each guest at the end of the transaction, the lightspeed room charge feature stores your payment data on a handheld device, allowing you to leave the self-serve kiosk and pay at a register. Also, there is no need to provide personal information at the kiosk. That means no more calling the credit card company to dispute a charge or challenging a charge at the register.

The table below offers a list of additional features, types, and considerations to keep in mind when considering how to use a self-service kiosk in your restaurant.

Required gear: The Lightspeed room charge feature is easily implemented by all major vendors and comes with a full suite of Wi-Fi and lightning capable self-service kiosks.

Service area: Anywhere a register can be used.

Staff time: The time to simply input a receipt and swipe a credit card can be greatly reduced by self-serve. However, it still requires the service person to be present afterward to enter the customer’s information and help them with their bill.

Food/beverage availability: Rooms with multiple cash registers.

What Lightspeed Restaurant Is Missing

While there are currently no perfect restaurant self-service kiosks that would do everything a conventional countertop area would (including a bevy of workstations, flat screen TVs, and a wine list), there are some pretty great options out there for restaurants looking to swap out their cubicle counters.

To make things easier for your team, search for a kiosk that can hold food preparation sinks with baskets. These have two 1-gallon or 2-gallon capacities. Then, attach a drip tray to the side and underneath. This way, no one has to walk around the stall collecting spills.

The suggested height for the cabinet is 36 inches, which is the average height of a typical counter. Also, you should be able to add an electric outlet to the cabinet, which will allow you to power food processing equipment or even your fridge.

Having prep countertops with drawers will give you a place for everything. They are the perfect addition to any restaurant standard menu.

Lightspeed Restaurant Overall

Now, I want to expand on Lightspeed a little bit to make it more clear exactly what I’m recommending. The idea is that any of the three items Lightspeed has to offer…the iPad, the Manager… will save you some time, which is valuable. And in addition to that, it will virtually eliminate the customer service aspect because there’s no one that is coming so quickly and under pressure that the question will be too embarrassing for a customer to ask.

So Google is the question and Lightspeed is the answer in my case. And I’ll be recommending this apply equally to the table systems at large. Is there an application which is a full POS system that doesn’t have an iPad or which doesn’t allow customers to even walk away from the table?

That’s why I love Lightspeed. It’s a self-service system that’s just starting to blossom at this point, and I think it’s the best of this category. It’s a great thing to have because I don’t think that’s going to change.

TouchBistro: Best Quick Service Restaurant Self-Service Kiosk

TouchBistro- the ideal choice for your quick service self-service restaurant. This kiosk is extremely user-friendly and user-friendly. You can use it with or without a PC. All the important data of the kiosk can be saved into the backend of the PC software. The PC software can be used to set the menu and to manage tables. The kiosk is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac OS X. You can deliver the kiosk in just 24 hours.

This kiosk is ideally meant for cafés and bars. It has an inclusive black panel and silver finish metal outer frame look. With a single slot touch screen, the kiosk serves the purpose of paying bills and getting the records of the customers. You can take selfies with the customer and show them to the manager or the shop manager.

ABL stand (Ideal for hotels, automotive dealers, law firms).

BID stand (Ideal for showrooms, cinema halls, pharmacies, banks, etc.)

This kiosk is smart and very easy to use. It has a touchscreen menu and is customizable for all types of businesses. It can handle multiple transactions at a single time, and can display multiple item information in a single card.

TouchBistro Pricing

TouchBistro lets customers directly insert their own credit card on their smartphone.

By scanning the TouchBistro barcodes and entering their PIN, customers can now register their credit cards for use with TouchBistro and pay for their meals on their phones. And because the food is printed, assembled and prepared in house, orders can be ready in as little as four minutes.

TouchBistro can also be used as payment kiosk software for overstock inventory recovery. Current inventory of products can be verified with barcode scanners, then a special order form can be placed that asks for credit card information to check availability.

Once the credit card information has been verified, the server makes sure everything is correct and the order is placed. For repeat business purposes, TouchBistro is able to print a customer’s name and order directly on the receipt, showing the customer that their credit card was scanned and that they are set for receipt of their meal.

Payments can be made along the way, which can be kept either in cash or on a credit card for future purchases. If a customer will not be able to finish their tray at the time of payment, a credit card can be charged so that another payment can be made on a future date.

The menu on the phone is designed with an easy to use interface using a touch screen technology.

TouchBistro Features

TouchBistro, a premier touch screen self-service kiosk, allows you to display digital content on a large easy-to-read screen. This kiosk is ideal for food and beverage sales, retail merchandise sales, parking payment, and multimedia content to name a few. The touch screen toolbar can be customized with all content you want, making it easy to give your patrons a visually pleasing experience to fully engage them. TouchBistro is economical to maintain, comes with a 24-month warranty, and is made in the USA.

Stylistically, TouchBistro looks more like a tablet than a typical kiosk. The touchscreen mechanism is built into the top of the unit, although if desired, TouchBistro can also be converted into a handheld computer. There’s no need to worry about the glare from the screen. TouchBistro is equipped with an ambient light sensor which automatically adjusts the screen intensity to allow for maximum legibility during daylight hours.

TouchBistro is also designed to be maintained by any level user. The user interface is designed to be easy to use with widely recognized gestures and simple shortcuts to guide you through your task. These gestures and shortcuts, combined with content management software that is included with the kiosk, give the retailer/restaurant the ability to instantly create a branded experience or permanent change on each kiosk.

TouchBistro Smart Ordering & QR Code Generator

A touch screen kiosk is indispensable when you run a fast food stand or a quick service restaurant. It wont work without any form of internet connectivity and Wi-Fi. To be a useful self-service kiosk, it has to be speedy and easy to use for your customers.

This is where a touch screen kiosk meets the age of digital technologies. It doesn’t only help you drive traffic to your restaurant, but can also help you keep tabs on the customers.

When you buy a touch screen kiosk from Touchbistro, you get best of all worlds. The kiosk comes with a tablet-operating system with a robust powerful graphical processor and has advanced conversion capabilities and the ability to perform robust 3D graphics processing.

We have developed custom apps and complete e-commerce solutions for the customer. A tablet kiosk couldn’t be more convenient for the customer than a kiosk which entertains him while ordering food and drinks. The customer can browse through a restaurant menu while waiting for his food, and has a private space for his personal concerns away from the eyes of the waiters and the cashier.

There are different types of kiosks like induction powered or touch screen kiosks; mobile food carts or for use in outdoor locations. These all are very useful as touch screen devices.

What TouchBistro Is Missing

TouchBistro Overall

For restaurants and foodservice providers, a self-service kiosk is one of the most profitable, convenient and popular technology investments. Here are some of the main reasons why: Why Self-Service Self-Service Kiosks Make Sense for Restaurants

The introduction of self-service kiosks will improve efficiency in your restaurant and boost profitability.

Retailers, restaurants, cafes, coffee houses, supermarkets and shopping malls now have access to a broad range of flexible and reliable self-service kiosks, carts and systems that can be easily integrated into any environment.

With a wide variety of options, including video self-serve and self-service food dispensing and drink systems, you can now provide customers with an efficient and convenient shopping experience that can boost your bottom line.

The Best Self-Service Kiosks for Restaurants

The desire for sophisticated self-service kiosks has made the TouchBistro system the market leader. It includes many popular, almost standard features such as configurable payment options, debit card processing, robust ordering capability, barcode scanning, and a host of other features you’re likely to need.

The custom, self-service restaurant kiosk displays your sales and other information, ticket printing, ordering, customer loyalty management, payment, back-office scheduling and integrated business intelligence.

OrderUp: Best Low-Cost Self-Order Kiosk

This mobile cashier is used by restaurants to allow customers to order and pay without having to wait on the actual cashier. Fairly simple to use and perfect for fast paced environments, the OrderUp fixed kiosk offers a complete self-service solution.

OrderUp Self-Service Kiosk Pricing

The restaurant industry is in a state of constant evolution. More and more people are dining out at restaurants and ordering food through self-service kiosks. The hospitality industry has quickly adapted to the ordering trends of today and re-imagined the dining experience to meet the needs of today’s customer.

Marketers of the restaurant industry have discovered that the addition of a kiosk is a great way to attract new customers. Like other hospitality and retail industries, they know that when they deliver a unique, compelling and highly-customizable service experience, their share of the market grows, they improve customer service satisfaction and reduce operational expenses. The results are a higher return on investment for owners and more profit for the restaurant.

The restaurant industry has transformed the dining experience with Interactive Customer Self Service (iCUSS) kiosks like DTP Systems’ order-up, Microsoft’ device-based interactive kiosks, mobile application order-up apps, and the new generation of Internet ordering options.

OrderUp Kiosk Features

OrderUp is one of the best self-service kiosks for restaurants and is one of the leading platforms for mobile ordering – both online and through their app. They offer over 40,000 food and beverage items through their online marketplace and have dozens of products that customers can order through ordering apps or with the use of a kiosk.

The Internet-connected kiosk provides restaurants and catering providers with an intuitive way to boost their sales.

Here are some of the key features of the OrderUp kiosk:

Greatly increases customer flow and service. No more standing around behind the register or taking customer orders over the phone. Getting orders through kiosks can cut service times in half.

One click ordering. OrderUp makes sure that customers order their food before they sit down. Customers don’t have to wait for an employee to bring the bill and ask for their order to be placed.

Less menu clutter. The kiosk takes over the ordering duties, so it can minimize the amount of items on the menu.

It’s easy to use. The kiosk is straightforward and intuitive, allowing customers to place orders in seconds.

Having a kiosk display is a great way to display your menu while giving your customers a convenient way to order what they want.

OrderUp Kiosk Square Integration

OrderUp Kiosks are a new breed of self-service kiosks designed to change the way restaurants, grocery stores, cafeterias, and quick service outlets interact with customers. Built upon an ultra-durable 15" kiosk platform and food service back-end controls, the OrderUp Kiosk solution enables business owners to offer their customers an elevated experience, which delivers on four key elements including: convenience, efficiency, consistency, and customization.

OrderUp also offers a customizable mobile app that supports both touchscreen and mobile device ordering. Partnering with restaurants, caterers, and food services, OrderUp brings on location payment processing and offers its own state-of-the-art proprietary mobile marketing solution.

What OrderUp Is Missing

If you’ve ever worked for a fast food restaurant chain, you probably know that there are more than just two sides to janitors, cooks and cashiers. You’ve probably heard of carhops and runners as well.

All these positions are considered essential to running a successful restaurant. And as more and more consumers are becoming interested in the food they buy, our customer service needs are growing too.

To make sure that our customers always leave with great memories and vocalized thank yous, we need to train even more positions. What’s most challenging about this is that none of the training is actually hands-on.

As a multi-unit franchisee, we know that one of the best ways to make sure that we’re growing our business in a smart way is to have best-in-class employees and restaurant operations. At any given moment, we could easily increase the number of functions in our restaurants and help support the growth of customer loyalty.

Not only does this increase our bottom line, but it increases customers’ satisfaction, brand loyalty and helps support the growth of our business.

Here’s what we’re missing:


OrderUp Overall

New to the self-service restaurant industry, OrderUp has created a platform for customers to order food and beverages online from their tables. They have set up kiosks in various restaurants, including college campuses and other types of businesses. The OrderUp platform provides convenience to customers by enabling them to remotely order food and beverages without making a trip to the counter. The team at OrderUp has been hard at work to provide restaurant owners with the tools, training, and support they need, so they can take advantage of the self-service technology.

OrderUp has created a review platform where users can rate and review restaurants. It is an unbiased platform and restaurants can also improve their places on the platform. Their service is free and restaurants are not charged for participation. They also give discounts to restaurants on their first order as part of their mission to spread the word about the OrderUp software.

If you have a restaurant or other type of business that wants to help guests with their orders and run their business more efficiently, you should check out OrderUp and their wonderful software.

XPR POS: Best Kiosk for Cash Payments

Most retail POS systems calculate the total sales and discounts for a given time period at the end of each accounting period, with the Shopify POS app, you get it all in real-time on your Android device.

The XPR POS app gives you the ability to keep track of transactions, allowing you to be more accurate with your data and even adjust your sales totals to recover any over prints.

As a bonus, the XPR POS lets you print receipt bars on-the-spot with barcoding functionality. The app has also been upgraded to allow you to have a database of products and even come up with customizable barcode numbers.

XPR POS keeps you in-sync with your online store, including customer-facing apps and your POS. Affirming functionality and increased productivity that helps you run your business even better.

XPR POS Self-Service Kiosk Pricing

Self-service kiosks are a great option for restaurants. They are low cost, require little maintenance, and can cut labor costs. In fact, correctly implemented self-service kiosks can help your restaurant grow its profit and employee base.

Starting your consideration of a solution for your business is the best place to be. Make sure you are working with one of the best POS solutions available. For restaurants, there really is no alternative to an XPR POS self-service kiosk.

It’s a system that is honed for the hospitality industry. It has an easy to use interface that your front and back-of-the-house staff will love. The software is user friendly and supports any POS system upgrade. One of the great features is the mobile point-of-sale solution for smartphones. You can even integrate your physical POS kiosks with the XPR POS system. Which means if your business is growing, you can start on a low budget and the XPR POS system will adapt with your business and supply you with the operational software you need to grow.

Another great feature is that the XPR POS system is cloud-based. So anytime you need to make a change or upgrade your POS solution quickly and have access to a remote IT department, there it is. Simply upload your changes and they are ready for your new POS systems.

XPR POS Kiosk Features

XPR Kiosk Cash Payments

Xpress‘s cash register kiosk is the most commonly used self-service kiosk in the US. The basic features include patron-operated POS and swipe card capability, as well as an integrated receipt printer.

All of these features combined into one device allow the guest to skip the line for cashier assistance and elicit their personal transaction interface.

Most of the registers we build have the ability to fit a variety of cash styles. The popularity of a single feature from XPR is the patronage-operated devices and the 24/7 touch screen display. A good feature is the credit and debit card swipes.

We often think of these kiosks as cashiers for the times when there is no cashier available or for a drive through type business.

We’ve taken a look at some of the top features the XPR device has that all ourself-service kiosk customers have in common.

What XPR POS Is Missing

As POS is the most widely used & popular system in the world, it has been ISO certified standard, especially XPR POS developed by AB Group plc, is one of the best POS applications and has created such an impact in the world, outpacing any other POS systems.

You could use XPR POS to run each & every corner of your business. But eventually, you could have some special and more sensitive needs for your shop.

If you are a restaurant with limited space, you need to make sure that your system can be handled and operated conveniently.

Also, if your business purpose is more commercial like a store offering wide range of products to customers, you need to make sure that your transactions will be registered accurately and promptly.

Which is why the POS system’s intelligence becomes essential for your growing business.

POS with XPR POS Intelligence can work.:

  • ▪ Checkout system in distributed business model
  • ▪ Credit management system to reduce bank collection costs
  • ▪ Return refund and other customer service capabilities

And all of these features can be adopted and implemented at each, the smallest place of your restaurant and they can be done electronically and effectively.

Or, if you have a restaurant in a remote area with no access to internet, you need the system with offline capability.

XPR POS Overall

A few years ago POS software systems were very separate from each other. This worked fairly well for people who had a perfectly smooth flow between front-end, back-end, systems and users. They didn’t require multiple vendors to install and were able to utilize their existing user databases.

Today, the nature of POS systems has changed. Almost all businesses require interaction between users and clients across multiple systems; and almost all users in a business require a POS solution to interact with their own business processes.

POS systems should be easy for users to adapt to new processes and flexible enough to allow them to define new processes. The POS system should also reduce the amount of training time; effort; and downtime required for users to learn to process and to accept new processes without affecting the pace of the business.

Technology has definitely advanced POS systems. However, the challenge for businesses is in selecting the best system based on business requirements.

The best POS systems are those that fit into your business – whether it be an existing business, large or small. This however is difficult to know until you have created a system design.

Alternatives to Self-Service Kiosks

Self-service kiosks have come a long way, giving stores a quick, convenient, and consistent way to sell products to customers. They are definitely an ideal solution for large scale retail, but some of the more innovative and cost effective solutions have developed for growing businesses.

For the Employee

Are self-service kiosks worth the time and money? Although they often require less training than fixed service positions, the benefits don’t always outweigh the costs. The first and most obvious drawback is the reduction in employees. Kiosk use is often limited to specific departments within the store or to certain hours. They eliminate the need for cashiers, but most stores still need someone to manage the products, quality and pricing. The emphasis of productivity over engagement shifts when kiosks are introduced into the work environment.

The Benefits

Having a reduced work force can be very beneficial if used correctly. A reduction in wasted time and productivity can significantly reduce operational costs. Stores can also implement other mobility and flexibility programs to alleviate boredom, increase motivation, and improve employee health.

For the Customer

By providing self-serve stations, a store is reducing the amount of interaction it has with its customers. While that may not be a bad thing, some customers need that extra help or interaction.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that even though there are some high demand in the market, most of the kiosks are not quite meeting the need. Unless they grow their business, they will never realize their potential.