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How We Chose the Best SBA Lenders

The Small Business Administration (SBA) is a great source of funding for small businesses. However, it doesn’t just help businesses with size restrictions get loans; small businesses can also apply for SBA loans that fit their needs.

The problem is, not every business is eligible for SBA loans. Every business is different, and so are the requirements for receiving a SBA loan.

For a small business to receive an SBA loan, certain eligibility requirements need to be met first. The eligibility requirements include:

The Business Must Be Controlled And Directed By One Individual

The business cannot be owned by multiple individuals, and each individual must have a percentage of ownership in the venture.

The business must also be controlled by one individual and only one individual can be the point person for the business.

The business must not be founded as a sole proprietorship or partnership firm.

The business must be incorporated in the United States or meet the same requirements, and the business must be doing business in the United States.

The Business Must Have A Ratio Of Ownership In The Business, Not Shareholders.

An SBA loan is personal, meaning that each owner of a business must put in a certain amount of capital to become eligible for an SBA loan, not share their ownership with others.

Top 10 SBA Lenders

U S Small Business Administration

The US Small business Administration (SBA) is the principal source of U.S. Government assistance for developing small businesses.

SBA loans are designed for smaller businesses that do not qualify for regular bank loans.

Live Oak Bank SBA Loans

Live Oak Bank SBA Lending Reviews

Wells Fargo SBA Loans

Wells Fargo (SBA) is currently ranked 5th in terms of total number of SBA loans from all lenders. With one of the largest per online lender portfolios, they have a total of over 300 loans under review.

But beyond that, Wells Fargo has a solid team that is dedicated to supporting their partners across the entire process. Together they’ve identified 3 best practices that help them deliver the best products, integrity, and services across the board.

The most important of these practices is known as 9 Steps to Financing Success. The steps are designed to identify potential partners and optimize channels for lending. The program also secures streamlined and efficient process for both the lender and the potential borrower.

Beyond this, Wells Fargo has an amazing portfolio of SBA loans across a multiple variety of cap industries. The company focuses heavily in the manufacturing, transportation, distribution, and communications industries. Since this is Wells Fargo’s specialty, you can trust it to deliver the most relevant information.

Wells Fargo SBA Lending Reviews

We’re going to tell you all about the Wells Fargo SBA loan program from a real estate investor’s standpoint, focusing on SBA lending language, guidelines, etc. If you are applying for SBA financing, this is the review for you as we will be covering all facets of the application process and any SBA loan requirements that your SBA lender may require.

Wells Fargo SBA Loan Review

Wells Fargo is the largest bank in the United States. They are also one of the largest SBA lenders around for SBA investors looking for a bank loan. In a lot of ways, they are also considered the “gold standard” for SBA lending … especially for entrepreneurs. Of course, this is because they have many years of experience with the SBA and with SBA lenders. As such, they have many SBA lending guidelines that other banks do not have. However, even then, Wells Fargo still manages to hold its own with other SBA lenders.

I’ll review the flip side of this, of course, too: If there’s something that Wells Fargo does not do well, it’s recruitment. Not only does that apply to SBA loans, but also to traditional loans. They don’t seem to be as proactive in their SBA lending, which on occasion, could be a good thing.

Huntington National Bank SBA Loans

Huntington National Bank SBA Lending Reviews

Newtek Small Business Finance SBA Loans

Thousands of small businesses over the past 20 years. Since the inception of

NewTek’s small business loan program in 1994, NewTek has grown to be one of the largest single SBA site lenders in the country, and our SBA loans selection is one of the most varied in the SBA universe. We offer significant flexibility in loan terms, quantity, and pricing, and we prefer to deal with SBA businesses that are debt free. Contact us to learn how your business can benefit from one of the most flexible small business loans available.

Newtek Small Business Finance SBA Lending Reviews

Byline Bank SBA Loans

Byline Bank SBA Lending Reviews

Pros and Cons

Byline has been rated highly in the SBA lending business, having ranked No. 18 out of 138 SBA Lenders in 2012, according to the SBA.

That doesn’t make Byline an anomaly, as the SBA ranked Byline Bank at No. 43 in its 2010 list of the best SBA lenders.

Byline is also a part of the SBA’s Preferred Lenders Network, which serves as a screening tool for government-backed loans and gives the bank an edge over its competitors.

A quick check of the bank’s website also reveals that Byline offers low-interest rates on a selection of loans, including SBA loans, which are typically offered by larger banks.

Byline’s service extensions include acceptance of Byline Extensions, Jeld-Wen and Doran Construction loans, and an option to cash out maturity with instantaneous payment.

The bank also offers funding programs for businesses, small business and agriculture loans, as well as Small Business Checking and Insurance Services.

Byline is also recognized on MSN Money for its loan and investment pages and has been ranked No. 18 on NerdWallet’s list of best SBA lenders.

Celtic Bank SBA Loans

Celtic Bank SBA Lending Reviews

With a commitment to the SBA, Celtic Bank has also done what it can to help the government-backed lending program succeed. Contacted for this story, Celtic Bank President Morgan Maguire said Celtic has been involved with SBA lending since 1996. ………… Celtic has helped lenders through the SBA network… We’ve worked with several lenders in the greater Louisville area and feel like we can help with the unique needs of the SBA environment in that area.…

Celtic Bank SBA Lending Process

As an SBA lending partner, Celtic Bank, like most institutions, has a detailed process to follow when a business is approved for a SBA loan. And while each bank’s application process is slightly different, the explanations about the process are the same.

Step 1:

Chase SBA Loans

Chase offers its SBA loans through its website. The loan application is completely online, it has no application fee, and there is no origination fee. The origination fee for a small business loan is typically 1% for terms up to five years.

The minimum credit score required to qualify for SBA loans is a 550. Call Chase for the most updated maximum loan amount they offer.

You can read reviews of Chase SBA loans here. Reviews of Chase SBA loans range from 1 star to 5 stars. The average rating is 3.5 stars out of five. Overall, the reviews of Chase SBA loans were positive and most had questions answered by Chase representatives before they closed on their loans.

Chase Bank SBA Lending Reviews

U.S. Bank SBA Loans

U.S. Bank SBA Lending Reviews

This small business loan applicant had SBA loan problems. He is not seen on a regular basis. If he is, he is on cash. This witness has gone to the bank on three occasions to ask for the status of loan disbursement. They tell him it is being processed. It is not.

This small business loan applicant had SBA loan problems. He is seen on a regular basis, but it appears that he just wants to make the payments on time, and leave the bank. There is no evidence that he is making any program pay off at all.

He has spent the last six months trying to get the information from another lender who supposedly bid higher to compete against SBA.

This small business loan applicant has had SBA loan problems. He does not appear to have any marketing, or if he does, it is very limited.

He does not appear to have any placement or expansion of his business. From three visits, it looks like he is just surviving.

This small business loan applicant has had SBA loan problems. There is evidence of positive business sales. He makes an effort to concentrate on his business, but primarily makes it look like it’s all an afterthought, something just happening around the business to make it profitable.

First Home Bank SBA Loans

First Home Bank SBA Lending Reviews

I was very intrigued by the First Home Bank SBA loan program; it was a challenge for me to try and think up a bank that could have rock solid underwriting excellence at all times. I am happy to report that First Home Bank meets and exceeds this very high standard.

I like the loan programs offered by First Home Bank because they are (1) affordable, (2) compliant with all Federal, state, and county housing guidelines, and (3) quality underwriting.

I have worked with the First Home Bank staff on SBA project loans. The company is adaptive and agile to changing market conditions, enforces hard credit underwriting standards, and outbid and outwork all the other SBA loan programs.

Among the different SBA loan programs, the 248 Program is the most popular. The reason for this is that it is budget friendly, flexible, and does not require any concessions from borrower.

One of the most significant benefits of working with First Home Bank is that you will have to go through less third parties for the loan process. Just like the SBA itself, First Home Bank provides the services of a direct lender. This means that there are no agency fees, guaranty insurance fees or appraisal fees associated with the loan. Additionally, the lender provides close coordination, input, and knowledge when it comes to the loan process.

Seacoast Commerce Bank SBA Loans

U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Lender

Seacoast Commerce Bank SBA Lending Reviews

Seacoast Commerce Bank SBA Lending undergoes a comprehensive review process with its SBA loan lenders. The review consists of analyzing the borrowers’ financial records and position, as well as scrutinizing the loan application. Reviewers then verify that the lender’s underwriting underpinnings are sound based on the risk involved with the loan and the size and terms of the loan request.

When reviewing the offer received, the reviewers consider not only the business’s financial condition, but also its ability to meet its current cash flow. The reviewers also examine the reliability of the collateral as well as any level of existing debt for the business.

Furthermore, the reviewers verify that the applicant has sufficient working capital required to conduct the business and is capable of executing on the expected results and projected cash flows. They examine payroll and tax records to determine the applicant’s employment history and financial credentials.

Moreover, the reviewers examine the accounting and financial practices of the applicants and consider any evidence of any previous or current bankruptcy filings on the part of the applicant. Lastly, Seacoast Commerce requires that each SBA loan request is pre-approved.

Reviewers look also at the business coach’s qualifications and their work relationship with the entrepreneur. If requested by the bank, applicants must supply the bank with references and a certified letter from the previous business coach.

Top 100 SBA Lenders

Where Can I Get a Loan from the SBA?

It s a good question. Small businesses typically face a number of hurdles, and the SBA can help a lot with that. Having a large and diverse lineup of SBA lenders to choose from makes it interesting and competitive. Many small businesses are eligible for an SBA loan. However, they often face difficulty in finding the right lender at a reasonable interest rate to secure one.

That s where 100 top SBA lenders come in ” they can help. This article provides a run-down of the top 100 DBA SBA Lenders with lending activities across the country. You should use this as a guide to find the most appropriate SBA lending facility for your business.

We have not considered leading bank dealers, but there is a number of dealership SBA lending which can be great for certain companies.

Out of the top 100 lenders, some of the interesting stats to note are:

The top 10 SBA lenders originate loans for 35% of all SBA lending activity. This goes to show that it’s worth your while to make sure that your potential lender is in the top 10. The remaining lenders originate 16% of all SBA lending activity.

How to Qualify for an SBA Loan

SBA Loans are often the best option for small business owners, even over other types of business financing. As the government agency that administers all with the SBA program, the SBA provides a wide variety of programs for small business owners in various channels.

Among them are the Business Loan, the Consultant Loan, the Disaster Assistance Loan and the Community Development Loan. The criteria for these programs is quite specific, and small businesses must meet a number of eligibility requirements to qualify for a given loan.

One of the most common requirements is that the business owner will have to have a prior experience and provide a certain minimum amount of collateral.

But despite the strict criteria they need to meet, the SBA loans can be quite beneficial for small businesses when they are committed to meeting all the set requirements. As these loans are guaranteed by the government, having a good business plan, strong collateral and a clean financial history, it is very possible to qualify for an SBA Loan.

The following are some of the most common eligibility requirements for SBA Loans.

Contact with Production or Business Location

Business location can refer to either the business’s product or service location or its manufacturing facility location. Bond strength and credit history do not matter when there is a foreign business location.

The manufacturing facility location must be 50 miles or less from the business owner’s current residence.

How to Apply for an SBA Loan

Banks with speciality lending programs (small business loans) have long been the preferred lenders for small businesses that have been struggling to get bank funding.

They pride themselves on being able to lend to companies with less collateral, in order to support growth. Although SBA loans don’t offer as many benefits as commercial bank loans, they are common when secured with the right collateral.

Although there are numerous SBA lenders, the majority are subsidiaries of larger banks.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the biggest SBA lenders in the United States so that you can choose the SBA loan that’s right for you.

We've also included a guide on how you can apply for an SBA loan.

Bottom Line: Best SBA Lender

SMART FINANCING”is a term used to describe the financing a bank extends to certain types of business loans.

An SBA loan is one of the most popular Small Business Administration (SBA) loans.

These loans are capitalized on the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), under which this type of loans have been authorized since 1985.

Eligibility of SBA Loans

An SBA loan is contingent upon that the business is a socially and economically disadvantaged business (SBE). The factors that determine SBA loans eligibility are location, type of business, and size of the business.

Funding and Repayment

An SBA loan is multifaceted. It is fully funded by the SBA, but the business owner is responsible for repaying the loan through monthly payments. The interest rate is fixed; there may be no early or late payment fees, and repayment terms are up to 25 years.

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