11 Best Sales Forecasting Tools & Software for 2021

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Pipedrive is a powerful and inexpensive sales forecast program that allows companies to automatically send a sales forecast report to their sales team. However, the lack of a forecasting system within any company is more often an issue of time then money.

Pipedrive is leading software to create and upload sales forecasts, make use of forecast reports for better pricing & under pressure situations for timely sales, and usually have sales opportunities ready for the many high-tech businesses.

Pipedrive is probably the fastest way to create a sales forecast using powerful scheduling powers, advanced lead scoring, product uploads, and works with most common CRM systems. Consistently, its surprising and inexpensive sales forecast program has the most advanced sales forecasting software available.

It also uses historical data and reports for easier forecasting. Also, if you understand how your company is budgeting your marketing dollars you can have confidence in your sales forecasts this year.

Unlike other sales forecasting solutions, it’s easy to use by field sales and front line folks, making it an excellent sales forecast program for companies with limited IT resources.


Forecast is a major tool in the HubSpot Pro Suite and another great resource for forecasting. As the name implies, Forecast relies on historical data and past performance to predict future performance.

Forecast is perfect for businesses that have historical data to lean on. However, businesses that don’t have past leads and prospects to correlate with a forecasting tool may have to rely on human intelligence for forecasting (don’t know they made a call and how did they do?).

Advance Forecasting | HubSpot

The most important thing about forecasting is to have historical data and solid trends. Advance forecasts are something you schedule in advance and show a day before you want to send out email or send a sales call to them.

However, Advance forecasting doesn’t give you the ability to track the open rate and response rate of emails.

InvoiceGen | HubSpot

Identifying trends in your business is key to forecasting. InvoiceGen allows you to look at your past invoices and see what has worked and what hasn’t.

Capsule CRM

Freshworks CRM

Zendesk Sell

Starting a company or changing roles within an existing business often means having to learn a new industry, how it works and apply the tools within it for successful performance. Zendesk, the leader of cloud sales and support software, recently launched a new tool ․ called Sellery to make the transition smoother. It is a tool that does double duty by offering sales forecasting and quality assurance, and has undoubtedly helped thousands of sales team, business analysts, and other professional that rely on it.

Sellery provides a way for any type of organization to get a more complete idea of what is really happening across their sales organization. If the tool can provide a more accurate and complete look at the activity and data going on, it can also pinpoint problem areas and make the right adjustments before even requiring the software to be used. It is the tool that can determine when the sales team is making less calls to certain accounts to better position the vendor toward the closing the sale.

Because of its wide application and flexibility to help sales people get the right information they need while making it easier to see trends, Zendesk has clearly found their place in the industry. By being able to identify trends across segments or accounts, the complete breakdown of each process and the real strength of each individual, it can assist with more accurate forecasting to achieve a more successful year.


ClariSales ERP, SaaS Cybage is an integrated software platform for sales teams. It offers a cloud-based sales solution that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. It helps companies solve their complex operations in real time.

The platform enables companies to manage every step of their sales cycle, right form lead management to order management. Additionally, it leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help associate sales team, giving companies a competitive advantage. Spili, the web page builder and CRM helps manage customers and contacts, empowering teams to lead sales with digital marketing. Spili also assists teams in building the right digital experiences for their customers.

ERp is well suited for small and mid-sized businesses that require a scalable, cloud-based solution. It can be integrated with partners and vendors to help businesses grow.

Typical Features of ERp include:

  • Exhibits all data in one location for easy analysis and decision making
  • Provides a single view of all sales and profits using data visualizations
  • Performs point-of-sale transactions through electronic devices
  • Integrated with omni-channel commerce
  • Cloud-Based offering, enabling companies to scale their operations
  • Automating company’s activities to ensure efficient sales and marketing efforts
  • Improving team collaboration through increased productivity
  • Provides customizability to ensure a smooth rollout


Ger: Powerful and Affordable Forecasting Software

Datahugger is the best Sales Forecasting tool for small sales teams and high budget Forecasting software. It helps you to start forecasting in minutes and make your Marketing more effective.


For more info about MoData, message to The Marketing Book and book a FREE demo chat now.

Calculated last year is a bit more accurate than other sales forecasting software tools. It is often considered to be an excellent tool among the best sales forecasting tools online. And at the moment, MoData remains our top recommendations.

MoData 2021 Sales Forecast

The MoData sales forecasting software tools are primarily for professional sales and marketing professionals. And because of the end in mind, MoData recently updated their sales forecast software tools to incorporate the 2019 market data. The free MoData sales forecasting software tools have been updated, and now include additional features that make the new features more appealing. MoData is an on-demand sales forecasting software tool featuring an interview survey to ask the prospective customer what they plan to purchase. In return, it provides a specific calculation to predict how much the customer would spend.

The MoData sales forecasting software tools has a free edition and a paid edition. While the free edition comes with 20 free surveys, the paid edition features unlimited free and paid surveys. The paid version has the same number of free and paid surveys.

The weekly survey report is delivered via email to you, the user, on Fridays. The survey was effective last year, and still remains one of the most effective sales forecasting tools available online. With the MoData 2021 Sales Forecast, you can expect accurate forecasting of sales in 2021.


The sales forecasting tool is one of the best software for sales managers. It is easy and fast to use. This is one of the best sales forecasting tool where the sales manager can find useful information for forecasting sales. It provides an easy and fast interface where salespeople can check the required information easily. It is secure & reliable with a large database about all the market and customer data. It is after all a great tool in order to be able to see the forecast of sales properly.

The tool gives you the option to customize the data as you want. The tool also enables you to use different graphs to see the data for longer periods of time. It has a powerful PPC & keyword search over millions of records. It can be used on any device and brings all information in a real-time. It shows all information including search ads, social media advertising, user behaviour, etc in a simple way. Another key benefit of the sales forecasting tool is that you can rank top for important keywords. The sales forecasting tool also has a lot of integration with social media platform that avoids the need to switch between various applications.


Aviso is a "10 in 1" software application that seamlessly integrates with all the popular business accounting software systems like Quickbooks, Peachtree, Sage etc. and provides powerful functionality and a high level of professional customization to traders and investors.


Bottom Line

Sales forecasting is an essential part of any sales department and helps a company make decisions regarding their future. Whether it’s focusing on their sales and forecasting for new product launches, managing inventory levels for a distribution center or setting the company budget, sales forecasting plays a vital part in the success of the business.

This post is a collection of the top sales forecasting tools of 2019.

If you are interested in making the best use of these tools, we have also compiled 11 ways you can use forecasting to improve your sales and improve your business.