8 Best Restaurant POS Systems 2021

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Which Restaurant POS System Is Right For You?

Say you’re a restaurateur in a smaller town in the United States with a restaurant that uses a small kitchen and only serves patrons in the neighborhood. Or say you have a business that serves dinners five nights a week with a breakfast or lunch buffett featuring food from local farmers. And now you’re considering adding a delivery service.

If you have a restaurant that serves one to four tables and can prepare food on the grill, then your business doesn’t need a point of sale (POS) system.

If you’re a restaurant in the state of Maryland, California, or Hawaii, then you’re legally required by law to install a point of sale system.

If you’re in Georgia and you’re not doing cashless, then you should also use a point of sale system.

You should also have a point of sale system if you’re in certain cities in the United States with a medium to large population such as New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Detroit, or even Minneapolis.

If you’re a restaurant that serves five to more than ten tables at any time, then a POS system would come in handy.

Question 1

– What is POS System?

Point of sale (POS) systems are used by restaurants and shops to print and process collection of goods and services tax and sales tax. Offer Products, Ordering Materials, Open Payments, Paying Customers, etc. It is used for displaying sales, advertisement and also for sales record as well as a gadget for an instant sale. A POS is also known as a Point of Sales (POS) system that is regularly utilized for corporate services to help in transactions and also multitasking.

What are the advantages of POS system?

It Helps in Your Staff Management

What are the benefits of POS system?

It Is Easily Operated by a Vendor

How POS system works?

It Includes the Cash Register Device to Do Mileage Intake

How POS system can be raised in future?

Are you currently using a Point of Sale System (POS)?

If so, what is it and how does it differ from a cash register?

In a POS, the computer interfaces with your credit card processing, inventory, and point of sale systems to ensure your order is within the weight and price guidelines. You should already be able to see how computers have helped these processes?

And even more helpful, you should now see how a POS differs from a typical cash register, particularly in terms of speed, cost, and accuracy.

If you’re still using a cash register, it might be time to explore the benefits of upgrading to a point of sale system (POS)?

Benefits of POS Systems

POS systems are more attractive to both menu writers and customers, all while improving customer service and minimizing mistakes. And although a POS system can be expensive, there are a number of free and low-cost POS options available!

The biggest benefit of POS systems are the speed and accuracy with which they register and record orders, resulting in faster and more accurate orders. Studies show that the average cash register provides inaccurate information 78% of the time. In fact, the National Restaurant Association noted that a POS system can increase restaurant profits by up to 11%.

POS systems assist your restaurant staff in becoming more efficient and organized, particularly your workers in the kitchen.

Question 2

What is an Electronic Point of Sale Systems?

Patrons buy goods and services at retail stores, e-commerce websites, or via an app, and the sales transactions are recorded at the point-of-sale (POS) terminal. POS systems are used by digital menu boards, embedded credit card readers, QR scanners, touch-screen interfaces, key pads, cash register tape dispensers or a combination of these methods.

The selection of a Point of Sale Terminal can be incalculable in regards to size, functionality, and location. The selection of the features means that you may be forced to split the manual labour from the more daunting processes. On the flip side, there are entire gamuts of POS systems that are designed specifically for the industry or the client’s types of business.

Single User Point-of-Sale Systems

Single user Point-of-Sale systems focus almost entirely on the needs of the user. They are preferable for smaller establishments due to their ease of use, user-friendliness, and the reduced initial cost. Smaller POS systems are designed to make the personnel management easy, which means less work for the shopkeeper who may have multiple salespeople on shift at any given time.

What kind of business do you have?

If you’re in business for yourself or an organization other than a food establishment, you may already be familiar with the term Point of Sale, or POS. This is the technical name for a small computer and related hardware, software, and software configurations that businesses use to record customer orders, track inventory, and generate reports.

If you’re in the food industry, however, you’ll find that POS is frequently used to mean a more specific type of point of sale system, in this case one used in a convenience store or a fast food restaurant.

The majority of large traditional fast food businesses like McDonald’s and Taco Bell out-source the business operation to corporate entities. However, a smaller number of more creative establishments have set up their own business models and farmed out their food preparation to individual suppliers. This is the case at many convenience stores and is precisely the reason why many of the most successful businesses will be found not in franchised locations, but in small chains and locations set up by individual entrepreneurs.

Question 3

Do You Really Need an Integrated POS System?

Here’s the thing: POS is a technology. Most restaurants are in the food and beverage business, but they are also in the service business. The reason you’re asking the question is that you are concerned that a technology is outpacing your ability to use it.

In other words, you’re trying to figure out whether and how to integrate your POS. The answer to that question is quite simple. You do need an integrated system.

Using POS without an integrated system will be like riding a bicycle with your feet. It’ll be doable, but a lot less efficient. POS should be something your whole business uses. Otherwise, you’re going to have to spend an enormous amount of time and effort figuring out how POS relates to things that are really important to your business. And the time you spend on this task is time better used improving your business.

In other words, you’d be better off focussing your energy on other goals, rather than on figuring out how your POS does or doesn’t relate to its more important systems.

Do you need advanced inventory management?

Professional Restaurant POS systems are designed to help service professionals in managing an advanced inventory management.

POS systems are helpful in automating many operations in your restaurant, including inventory, scheduling and guest management.

With a good restaurant POS system, you can boost your sales process in a number of ways. It can increase your productivity, and you can easily operate multiple locations with a single hardware.

Some restaurant POS systems are compatible with tablets as well as smartphones, which helps in communication and mobile orders.

In order to choose the best restaurant POS system, you must take a look at the following features.

Question 4

Popular Restaurant Point of Sale Software

POS software is quickly becoming the standard in retail. These systems are helpful for managers and captains alike:

Business owners who are prepared to personalize their software as well as update and store the data in these reports, will be in a good position to grow their business and stay ahead in the competition.

Marina Restaurant Point of Sale System

Out of all the point of sale software in this category, Marina restaurant has the best track record of reliability and less downtime.

DSS Consulting’s Restaurant Software

This is a clone-free software for Pizza restaurants, Hotels, and Grill restaurants. You will also have a wide selection of templates and POS software. We have years of experience using this software, and you will receive all our knowledge as well as our support.

Digimon PowerThe barista POS Point of Sale Software

This barista POS software is designed for the espresso shops, coffee chains, and restaurants who want a head-office management system and local store management system.

Gattai Restaurant Point of Sale Software

This Gattai software has a wide selection of restaurant POS systems to choose from. These POS systems can be customized based on your restaurant’s menu, preferences and aesthetic. You will have the ability to connect with Easy Payment Solutions and facilitate payment processing.

What’s your budget?

For a restaurant, a POS system is one of the biggest expenses in the kitchen. And there is a huge variety of POS systems out there, ranging from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands of Dollars.

A discussion on what’s the best POS system might be endless, but the main factors are the following:

  • Which system is less expensive?
  • What’s the most complete system? (the one with the widest range of POS systems and the most integrated)
  • Is it possible to handle the financial system and the accounting separately?

How We Evaluated Restaurant POS Systems

For this research, we reviewed hundreds of hours of YouTube videos, visited restaurant-specific forums, and collected information from restaurant owners, chefs, kitchen managers, and restaurant IT specialists so we could identify the best truck-driver friendly POS systems to showcase in our Top 8 reviews.

POS systems can range from simple to complex. Depending on the sophistication and level of automation that you’re looking for, these systems can have features like barcode scanners for self-ordering, digital menu boards, and payment terminal capabilities.

When considering a new POS system for a restaurant, you need to think about what functionality you’re looking for, the need for your business to move to automated ordering, and the projected costs of installing and maintaining the system.

Toast : Best Overall Restaurant POS System

The Best Restaurant POS System , This is the best Restaurant POS System and best restaurant POS system in 2019. This is the best Restaurant POS System and best restaurant POS system and great software and great software and great and awesome and top and the latest feature is going to be your best Restaurant system. It is better and time word of Highpoint the best online Restaurant Point of Sales System. And you can host your own restaurant business at the very affordable price. It is the best Restaurant Point of Sales System. It is the best point of sales system for restaurant and it is the easiest to use and higher than for 2021. It is the hassle free and so simple and time and the best restaurant and restaurant business. And it is the best Online Restaurant Point of Sales Software.

It is the best and the best and the most used restaurant point of sales system. And it is easy to use and easy to use and easier than to use and you have to use. and the time and the systems you have to select from. just select the best restaurant POS system that is the best sales system for restaurant and the best restaurant Point of Sales System. and the best restaurant Point of Sales System. Most affordable restaurant Point of Sales System. And you can use your restaurant business at the affordable price and it is the best Point of Sales System. And you can use this software. And you are the best. And this software is spread all over the world.

Toast Pricing

This software company is one of the leading software providers for the restaurant establishment sector. They offer POS management software. This software supports restaurant business automation operations. By using this software, you will be able to count your orders, enter or scan the foods, add sales, insert the tax, and even pay with proper VAT and overheads.

Toast is a leading food ordering solution for restaurants. When you use this software, you can make your ordering procedure more productive. This software is also very effective in improving your sales. Today, with their software, you can easily manage your customer’s payments. In that way, you will not only improve your sales but will also avoid late payments. Also, this software is easy to use. You can also integrate this software with other platforms like your POS system, your inventory management system, your back office accounting system, and even with your social media. Thus, you can easily sell your food and manage your entire business operations.

There are also many other benefits you can attain through the use of this software. First, you can easily share your food orders with your Facebook and Twitter. You can also manage the orders in your restaurant’s app. And there are many types of payment methods you can integrate, like credit card, cash, debit cards, and even Apple Pay.

Toast POS Features

Toast for Restaurants can be found on third party restaurant point of sale systems, however its native app allows you to take full advantage of the platform. Not only does it allow you to manage your operations, it also enables you to process orders in real time, cash out payments, intercept customer card payments and does this all from your phone!

Your Toasts platform will provide you with real time analytics so you can make better decisions. Know who’s tipping, who’s grumbling and who’s walking out the door without paying. With the integration of Apple Pay and Google Pay, you are also able to process card payments in real time, without having to code the payment gateway.

Toast users can also take complete advantage of the Dash product. Appearing as cash drawers anywhere Apple Pay might be accepted, allowing for a fully mobile, restaurant payments solution.

Square for Restaurants : Best Affordable Restaurant POS System

The Square Register is a cash register with a mobile point-of-sale app that turns your iOS or Android device into a digital credit card machine.

The system accepts swiping and signature payments, and it comes with a chip reader that’s easy to use for both business and personal use. The system is compact and intuitive, so you’ll be up and running within minutes.

The Square Register looks great, with a slim design that’s easy to store. It also comes with a status light to indicate when the device is accepting a payment.

The system also has an SD card slot for storage, and it supports Bluetooth receipt printing and reports for your day-to-day business activities.

In addition to a uniform design that’s easy to find in your store, the Square Register incorporates environmental features that help keep your day-to-day business running smoothly. The system’s direct power supply and internal cooling fans keep temperatures down, while the low current version comes with a standby mode that helps you save electricity when the unit isn’t in use.

Square for Restaurants Pricing

This is why as more retailers are looking towards eCommerce for their overall operations, the POS systems are evolving to also integrate the eCommerce solutions. Combining the two will ensure that the cost and effort required for maintaining the POS system is reduced as each of these solutions can accomplish one or more aspect of the operations.

In fact, POS software providers have been among one of the most active into integrating eCommerce into their products in various ways. These also include various features included only to eCommerce sellers such as inventory management, pricing, order status integration, and payment processing.

Keep in mind that the different POS tools aren’t meant for the same industry and purpose and so the type of software made available should be able to meet the requirements of the respective industry.

Below is a list of the best POS systems available on the market:

Tablets and Smartphones

With the increasing adoption of smartphones and tablets on the market, the demand for consumer electronic POS systems is also on the rise. With their lower upfront cost as well as ease of use without needing to search on the inventory or pricing, these technologies have seen tremendous adoption among retail businesses.

As the latest smart phones have higher capabilities, they can also connect to the various POS systems and even read the labels. This allows for purchases on the go, as well as the ability to scan the items directly through the touch screen.

Square POS Features:

The Square POS System is designed for small businesses that have simple point-of-sale needs such as taking payments, managing inventory and reporting. The software is compatible with numerous iOS and Android devices and offers a simple magnetic card reader. You can customize your workspace to match your business’s style and choose from among several customizable sign layouts. You can also accept standard paper form sized receipts and Square will send these electronically.

Square offers tools for online ordering that will allow your customers to order directly from your website through Square’s iPad POS. This feature automates the tuck box so that you can print a flyer that will list your menu items and your contact information. Square will handle the printing and mailing of these flyers, saving you the time it would take to do so.

For inventory management, Square offers tools that help you keep track of everything you’re carrying in stock and make sure you never run out. These tools include the ability to print receipts for the items you’re using and track damaged or recently sold stocks. You can also display notices such as "visit our website for items currently in stock" to help remind customers to check online for your products before they come in.

TouchBistro : Best Restaurant POS for Payment Processing Options

TouchBistro Pricing

TouchBistro is an iOS POS system designed for your restaurant. The software allows you to take payments through Apple Pay on your iOS devices. TouchBistro takes care of the backend of the system so you don’t need to, allowing you to focus on your restaurant and achieving positive cash flow.

Its standard plans include a desktop PC, a tablet and smartphone and a monitor. If you want to use it with a specific number of devices, apps or even catering, there are other, more expensive plans available.

The system itself is really easy to set up and the support team is easy to contact. The main drawbacks with this system are a very limited browser, no online ordering and a lack of training. Like most POS systems, a lot of research is needed to make it practical for your restaurant. And there’s no scope for customization, but TouchBistro’s prices are very competitive.

If you are looking for an affordable, easy to use, high-tech POS system, TouchBistro is a good choice.

Touchbistro POS Features:

The Touchbistro Point of Sale System has a cash drawer, credit card processing, and inventory tracking capabilities all in one convenient software package.

According to the company’s website most of us live in a modern culture where the mention of computers and technology gets a response of a split second delay. Such is the case when discussing restaurant management software. It’s often a conversation you can expect to have with restaurant owners and managers across the country that are uneducated on the advantages of software for their business.

The Latest Point of Sale Solutions Included Functionality

The function of this Bistro Point of Sale system is quite large as mentioned above. Here are a few things that they’ve not only included, but have made it so that you’ll never need to purchase an additional feature:

Check Requests, Credit Card Processing, Inventory Tracking, Payment Reminders, Email/Fax/Mobile Printing, Payments by Mobile Phone App, Coupons, Receipt Generating, Bar Code Reading/Scanning, Print PoS Receipts, Back of House Management and Inventory Control

Since it’s so simple to use, it’s magnetic that restaurant owners will quickly find their way around and discover the features.

Upserve : Best Restaurant POS for Customer Relationships

Upserve is an enterprise level POS System that grows businesses. It is not suited for a small business or a sole proprietor.

A restaurant owner can use Upserve for processing credit cards, sales tax, inventory management and recipes. It has a great reporting feature which helps restaurants generate analysis of their business.

Customers can make a reservation at a restaurant. They can also participate in the social marketing and restaurant discovery features. They can track their orders from the restaurant.

After the transaction, the restaurant owner gets information about the sales, transaction and customer information such as time of the day and whether the customer was male or female.

The restaurant owner can also integrate the Upserve restaurant management software with their existing online ordering system and apps.

It is a highly recommended Restaurant POS System.

Upserve Pricing

The Upserve cloud-based point of sale platform is one of the most comprehensive cloud-based POS systems around. Its fully automated inventory and sales management makes it the clear choice for any restaurant.

The Upserve point of sale system offers many ways to customize, manage, and track the performance of staff, customers, and vendor. With Upserve, you can:

  • Easily manage staff
  • Track employee attendance
  • Create and manage custom discount cards for staff
  • Monitor employee T&E
  • PDQ register payments

The Upserve POS system allows you to easily record and track reservations and events that occur in your restaurant. This makes it easy to remember important events for your business, such as special occasions.

Upserve POS provides a simple way to manage inventory.

The system incorporates multiple inventory controls. For example, as orders are accepted, the system updates the kitchen queue to calculate quantity in the kitchen. When an order is complete, the system updates the main window display. An option to send an order to the kitchen without registering it as an actual sale has also been included.

Upserve POS Features:

The Upserve POS is one of the most comprehensive POS systems available today. It contains a lot of features and options, which makes it great for restaurants of all types. Some of these features include the ability to pay using Card, Cash, Discover/POS and have your own personal gift cards. There’s also a built-in loyalty program, which allows you to track customer loyalty to you and grow it using an automated system. The Upserve POS can even do marketing, which can boost your sales and potential profits.

When it comes to scalability, Upserve has plenty of options, as well. There’s a microsite, which allows you to customize the way in which it looks. This means you get to make it feel like your own restaurant with the right colors, designs and presentation. You can even link this to your own website so that you can be one step ahead of your competition.

If you want to use the Upserve POS on the Web, then you will be happy to know it’s compatible with the Google Chrome browser, which is one of the most popular choices when it comes to browsers.

Upserve Reviews

As we all know, POS provides many advantages in a restaurant system.

In this modern technology, Much more support and management is able to given to a restaurant in one POS system. A restaurant needs only minimum hardware required for a restaurant POS system.

Network POS systems are also majorly used for a restaurant which made a restaurant looks like a restaurant.

For more facilities to a restaurant those restaurant orders can view easily from the restaurant POS system.

Also it provides the opportunity for the mention the staff of a restaurant on the restaurant POS system which help to manage the restaurant efficiently.

In the restaurant POS system it can track orders and develop the management system for a restaurant for an efficiency of a restaurant.

A restaurant POS system provides the facility to the check daily statu of a restaurant and the manager of the restaurant by the dinertime.

POS helps to tracking the daily expenses of a restaurant.

POS help to managing the stock for an efficiency of a restaurant and provide the facility to a restaurant to track the stock.

A restaurant POS system provides the facility to the manage the orders, food, staff and other staff office of a restaurant.

POS provides many more advantages which are a restaurant needs to improve a restaurant.

The below are the list of 8 best Restaurant POS systems.

Lavu : Best Restaurant POS for Fast-Casual Restaurants

Lavu Point of Sale (POS) offers a solution that satisfies the needs of fast-casual restaurants by keeping information on tables, and places a standing menu above the ordering terminal. This allows customers to order on their own, and is well-suited for places that do not have a ton of people in front of the cash registers.

Lavu is primarily suitable for quick-serve eateries and fast-casual establishments. Major features of Lavu include:

  • Code-free setup, compatible with Windows and Linux software system
  • Compatible with 50 different devices with barcode scanners
  • Mobile device card reader for iOS, Android and Windows

Enter and Process Orders: Lavu supports custom coding

With a dozen different interface options, you can choose the one which best suits your restaurant. This POS solution is also capable of reading your original menu and the food order screen. Among simple point of sale apps, Lavu is quite powerful, especially considering its user-friendly interface, and requires minimal set-up, allowing users to get up and running faster than other point of sale solutions.

It supports several menu items as well as pick-up and delivery orders. All major credit cards and debit cards can be accepted, and you can view information right from the terminal screens. However, in order to ensure security, you can also set the terminal to automatically close your terminal when closed out of the business.

Lavu Pricing

Lavu’s pricing flex-based system is one of its main differentiating factors. As a leasing company, Lavu can increase your lease obligation and maintain its fixed cost structure. At the same time, you can reduce the lease obligation, reducing your lease expense.

Lavu’s pricing flexibility offers the following advantages for the restaurant industry:

Controlled costs

This is perhaps the most important benefit of a flex-based pricing model, for relatively small amounts of flexibility, and for a small number of options. Restaurant owners and managers can manage their cost and staffing levels more effectively — and accurately — than they can in a strictly fixed-cost model.

Shared risks and rewards

As the restaurant business becomes more competitive, understanding how to manage costs and staffing to balance risk and reward (which, in a pure fixed-cost model, are heavily skewed to the capital-intensive side of the equation) becomes increasingly important.

Improved cash flow and increased creditworthiness

By installing flexible lease obligations, you can mitigate risk at a systemwide level while sharing gains from a systemwide bonus with individual restaurant owners and managers.

Increased income

Restaurants can grow the success of their system by hiring new restaurant managers or leasing new units and receiving incentive income.

Reduced future lease obligation on current lease

Lavu POS Features:

Lavu POS is a compact on-device point-of-sale which is very versatile in customer services. It is compatible with any tablet device that has Android OS and Windows OS. The device is very reliable and has a good performance with improved processing capabilities. It is a very compact device which makes it portable and is user friendly. The Lavu POS is feature packed in terms of features like cash drawer, import/export, different types of keyed in data and others. It also supports specific accessories which include barcode scanning scanners, receipt printers, and receipt dispensers. It is very easy to install and can be very convenient for small restaurants.

LAVU POS Features :

  • Following are some of the Lavu POS features
  • Cash Drawer

The Lavu POS has a cash drawer which can be used to cash or make change manually. It has a number of cash stacks and receipts can be printed.


It is very easy to create and manage multiple vendors, customers, products, and inventory. It supports the import of past transactions and can be used to manage the data.


The barcode scanner allows the user to scan the products that are readily available nearby and this supports the import of past transactions.

Receipt Printer

It has the ability to print the receipts as per the product code. It can be managed using different types of receipts.

ShopKeep by Lightspeed : Best Restaurant POS for Food Trucks and Cafes

ShopKeep by Lightspeed is the perfect POS for your business. It combines the flexibility of a cloud-based restaurant POS with the simplicity of a tablet-based solution. This gives you the best of both worlds … the benefits of a POS and the flexibility of the cloud.

Furthermore, ShopKeep comes with a bunch of extra features, making it stand out from the competition. If you start a food truck or manage a cafe, ShopKeep is a perfect choice for your POS system.

Let’s take a look at ShopKeep’s top features.

ShopKeep by Lightspeed Pricing

According to a report by Lightspeed Institute, about 28% of transactions at any retail enterprise happen using some sort of digital solution in 2018. For example, online, in-store and self-service check-out platforms impact over 71% of all purchases in the U.S. Photo tagging, coupons, 3D scanning, Bluetooth and NFC technology, coupon redemption and mobile payments have already become widely available and commonly used in real-world retail settings.

This is the advent of the cashless economy (CE).

But the real reason why POS machines are not the best fit for every business is that the overwhelming majority of them are still stuck in the 20th century. They are cumbersome, expensive and grossly inefficient.

Maybe your restaurant doesn’t have the infrastructure or resources to invest in an out-of-the-box electronic POS system and you can still manage to keep your kitchen clean, reasonably organized, and your customer service up to par. Or, if you don’t feel your business is ready to manage a system driven by e-commerce, and you are still cash-based or are looking for an easy and convenient way for your customers to make payments.

ShopKeep by Lightspeed POS Features:

  • Most Secure POS Terminal
  • Displays Transactions in Real Time
  • Upselling and Crossselling Features
  • A Variety of Customer Interaction Options and a Margin Management System
  • Full Integration with Shopify, Opencart, Amazon, and Magento
  • Integration with PayPal, Square, and Credit Card Automated Payments
  • Many Customizable Features.

Revel Systems : Best Multi Location Restaurant POS

System 2021, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013.

Revel Systems is a reliable all-in-one Point of Sale (POS) and Mobile Payment App. They are very intuitive and have a growing, dedicated customer-base that are currently going through an amazing success with the help of this POS System.

« Multi Storey Restaurant POS Computer »

Here we are discussing about a restaurant POS system installed in a multi-storey restaurant, we can know that which is the best POS system for restaurant as the system is installed in multi storey restaurant with more than five floors and that is why we call it multi Storey Restaurant POS computer.

Revel Systems Pricing

The Revel Systems POS System is a high-end POS system with the versatility to manage any type of restaurant and bar. The Revel POS comes with a robust feature set that allows you to manage your entire business. Revel POS systems are built on high-speed servers, which reduces downtime, eliminates server crashes and minimizes the need for system maintenance.

Best Restaurant POS Systems
The best restaurant POS systems are easy to use, fast and secure. To identify the best mobile point-of-sale system for your business, it’s important to research a variety of options and determine what elements are the most important for your business.

Revel Systems POS Features:

Revel Systems POS … what can this POS do for my Restaurant?

Revel is POS system that comes with over 20 lucrative features that make the POS a perfect system for both, your business and the business.

The Revel POS system was designed keeping the ease of the business and the satisfaction of the customer in mind. Recognizing the fact that every time a person does business with a company, it is their goal to get the best value for the money spent, the systems with the best features, innovations, and reliability are developed keeping this in mind.

Revel POS is one such exceptional POS system which has the range of features that make restaurants, bakery, and other cafes to give their customers the best service ever.

POS Features:

  • Inventory
  • Priority Support
  • Revenue Protection
  • Mobile-Ready
  • Recurring Payments
  • Credit Card Verification
  • Inventory

POS is an in-house system which can manage the accounting and inventory of your business.

Priority Support: The system provides you priority service and support when there is any problem with POS.

Revenue Protection

POS software is an interface between your business and the customers. A POS system not only supports the sale order but also the guest check by charging the credit card or the gift card in the system.

Cake : Best Restaurant POS for Reservations & Online Ordering

With the Cake Resto POS, you can make reservations online and easily manage your online orders. It also integrates with Google Maps for finding nearby restaurants and setting floor plans. This unit is perfect for a restaurant of any size, and with a superb user interface, it invites your patrons to stay and order more without making them feel overwhelmed.

The Cake Restaurants POS has numerous features such as:

  • Table management of several tables at once
  • Reservation management
  • Online order management
  • Table pay and management over time
  • Online guest accounts sign-in
  • Payment management
  • Online payments – PayPal, credit card, bank transfer, offline payments
  • On time delivery management
  • Table tax management
  • Table reservation
  • Online ordering

Cake Restaurant POS tracks and follows your guests’ payments and table orders over time, thus helping you to better manage your business.

Cake Pricing

After spending a year writing about the best restaurant supply equipment we concluded that cash registers are more important than the type of cash registers you use! Why? Because the cash register is the tool a restaurant owner uses to price and cost their products and services, it’s the tool the pricing works off and sets the profit margin! We also believe that consistency, price sensitivity and clarity are the most important attributes for successful pricing. These attributes are the best traits for baking your profit margin and increasing sales.

We have come up with a pricing sheet that highlights the 6 most important factors for baking profitability and increases sales. At the bottom of this article are links to our interactive price sheets.

Cake POS Features:

{1}. Direct sales to consumers.
{2}. Less than 20 menus to manage
{3}. Easy cash discount processing with automatic ratio calculation
{4}. Automatic split tickets
{5}. Print, print, print!
{6}. Automatic cut guide – laser guided
{7}. Support print tool if needed
{8}. Easy to migrate to other POS systems

Cake POS Optionsl:

  • Cake share account
  • Food & drinks – recipes
  • Cake pay
  • Cake gift cards
  • Cake widgets

Select a POS Based on your Restaurant Type

If you are looking to get into the restaurant business or if you are already established and looking for a POS system that suits your type of business, the larger you are the time it takes for enterprises to roll out new POS solutions. The time always depends on the industry and technology you are involved and are looking to implement.

Most popular restaurant POS systems operate on a different basis. Fast casual and quick service restaurants are equipped with a high performance POS system usually run on Windows 10. The POS systems used in these types of restaurants are usually touchscreen and more feature-rich.

If a restaurant serves a large number of people, or they have meals ready to order, they are usually equipped with a high-end touch-screen order system that allows customers to place orders fast. The POS system in the fast food game of business is usually customized with a heavier weight and the customer typically has their meal faster.

Casual restaurateurs usually use a more classic POS system with a menu, order slips that customers must submit in order to be served their meals. The more fast food restaurants use a more classic POS system to track customer orders, payment and any other transactions in a simple way.

Bottom Line

When you are running a restaurant your business depends on your system, everyone from the dishwasher to the guy waiting tables to the owner is using it.

Historically, restaurateurs have had three options to operate their POS systems, either their own in house solution, a small local franchise network which they could work through, or hire a large national franchise network who would handle all the infrastructure for them.

Fast food chains have until recently been the most popular option for restaurant owners to set up their POS, because you can deal with one point of contact as opposed to having to hand charge the equipment and software to a host of stakeholders.

One of the biggest disadvantages for restaurant owners though is that it is not easy to capitalise on the ability to sell your own food. Even though digital technology is helping small businesses be more efficient and competitive you still cannot add to the menu from a software perspective.

If you are a franchise owner you are reinvesting all the savings into buying new equipment and software but in the end your clients are still going to choose McDonalds over the corner shop down the road.

Boxes like Mezzmo and Jive have come along which are B2B platforms which allow you to sell to other restaurants.

The transition to the cloud has also been underway for a decade and now there are solutions like Zenefits which are enabling businesses to integrate on the cloud and start selling directly to customers.