40 Best Real Estate Software & Tools for Top Agents in 2022

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Lead Generation & Nurturing Software

Real estate is perhaps the most competitive business to have; rather the stakes are high for each business owner. The best of the real estate professionals have to work hard to measure, analyze and keep their results up as high as possible. They often have to do this with limited resources at their disposal.

The industry is evolving and it is becoming harder and harder to stay on top of business. The real estate job has its upside and downside like any other profession. Demands of a strong top of the line skill are high. The real estate professionals have to be highly skilled and knowledgeable as their market is ever changing. Once you go into the field, the job becomes varied and you can see your skill level increasing.

Real estate is the most expensive investment these days and it is hard for a real estate agent to earn too much. However, the real estate agent having a vast knowledge of business can make a huge difference in the property and buyers’ life.

Real estate software helps real estate professionals to keep their business up and running. They help both the agents and buyers to make the right investments. The real estate professionals can always know the happening in their business and can keep them up to date.

Zillow Premier Agent


RealScout24 is one of my favorite real estate tools to share with my clients. RealScout24 offers one of the largest, most detailed and organized listings and all information on it’s site is easily accessible by the Agent. For some agents, it may not be the most comfortable or the simplest to use, but not everyone will enjoy browsing listings and organizing properties. For a busy agent, RealScout24 is a life saver and hopefully it will increase all of your available properties.

RealScout24 Real Estate Software will help you stay organized. But RealScout24 will also help you increase your available properties. If you are chasing properties consistently but don’t have time to look at each and every listing, then RealScout24 is a must have software in 2016. RealScout24 makes it so you never miss out on an opportunity to sell or buy a property. So if you think RealScout24 is for you, just click the link below and I can help you get it set up and ready for this year.

If you want to learn more about RealScout24 then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We specialize in helping both Agent and Listing Agent clients grow their Real Estate Business.


Real Geeks

The IT world has been transforming in the last few years but the most recent technology innovations have been in real estate. Whether you’re an agent in an inventory saturated area or just a person in charge of a listing, these tech trends are looking to help agents and property managers improve their bottom line. As we look to the future, there are a few trends to look for. Real estate agents and property managers will need to embrace technology to remain relevant and compete with the proper use of these tools will help agents do this.

Rentals and Staging

Real estate tech has led to the invention of several different apps and services that allow agents to quickly and easily stage their listing and show their property to prospective buyers. Rentals and staging have been around for some time, but these tools allow real estate agents and property managers to provide top notch preparation, regardless of their location. While agents do most of a property’s preparation in these instances, the apps and services allow them to be present, allowing them to provide the information that buyers need. This app, Geo-Hater, helps agents take advantage of emerging technologies.



Revaluate Real Estate Software is designed by real estate agents who have MLS experience or have even owned a real estate agency. They have customized this real estate software to the real estate agent’s needs by adding all of the necessary features that the average real estate agent can use as well as everything a real estate agency and their real estate agents needs.

A great advantage of this real estate software is that it eases the task of marketing homes for sale in their highly customizable back office. The client portal is designed to be user-friendly for sellers and real estate agents. They can use the integrated mapping tool to create customized marketing options to both the seller and their agents while targeting down to the specific geographic areas in which the properties are listed.

They are makers of the Revaluate Real Estate Lead Capture and Prospecting Tool. The builder of the tool is geared towards the needs of the real estate agent and their clients so that they can optimize their home showings.

This real estate software is recommended for any agent. For agents who want to help their agent resource, provide customizations, and eCommerce capabilities.


REIPro has been developed to be the industry’s most efficient mobile real estate systems. With just about 1 year of development, REIPro has outshone all its competitors and has become the top choice among the industry’s top agents.

″ REIPro is the ‹SWISS army knife of real estate.‹

″ REIPro is a common ground for top realtors because of its effective data management system.

REIPro not only protects and secures your data, but helps you promote your services. It’s a powerful tool that appeals and goes beyond the customers’ expectations which directly leads to the sales.

REIPro’s searchable database of properties is one of the best features of the software. It displays even the smallest details about each property, making it easy to find what you want without wasting any time.

In addition, REIPro’s lightning quick and efficient property listings make it easy and reliable for agents to get a listing, whether you are an agent or an owner.

REIPro is not just a simple listing system, it’s a whole app that brings peace of mind and a smoother day for everyone in the real estate industry.


Redloop’s REDXPRESS is a cloud-based real estate CRM and mobile application (iOS and Android) for agents and brokers. The system’s core feature is the CRM system, a customer relationship management tool that is intended to help agents efficiently manage client leads. REDXPRESS also includes a powerful marketing engine that can handle virtually any marketing scenario you can imagine, including social media, advertising and website customization.

REDXPRESS is built on the Salesforce platform and is able to integrate with a variety of different apps, including Google Maps, Google Analytics, Facebook, ZoomInfo, LinkedIn and more. Redloop is actively adding to the integrations, so you can expect more and more app integrations in the future.

Not only is the REDXPRESS CRM system a powerful marketing tool, but it’s also a powerful lead-management system. The platform’s features include an automated onboarding and lead-scoring system, drip email sequences, lead storage, and a proprietary lead-tracking system that’s simple to use but powerful.

Website Builders & Marketing Tools



In this fast growing world of technology, the word ‘virtual’ doesn’t remain a mere prophesy; that which is virtual is also real. Exactly the same thing is true about the technology of ‘Real Estate Software’ which is used by real estate agents, companies, Real Estate Agents and home owners.

Having the right software in the right field is what pushes businesses to the next level. Google filed its first patent in 1999 for its chart-based real estate property search engine, in 2005, it acquired seven real estate companies that used its algorithm to make property searches easier, direct buyers to their properties and increased the number of real estate agents. In 2018, it acquired Camping World, a website for buying and selling outdoor gear, to get access to data on RV and outdoor enthusiast spending habits, helping Google figure out how to price items in its Plus, the Google Ecommerce platform.

In order to impact the real estate industry to a great extent and to make sure that a valuable stock of the future is always in stock, the determination of gaining real estate software is very important, it’s very important, A team of experts from Placetherego is the professional real estate software company who produce the big league of real estate software having most advanced technology in real estate industry.



Com Review



Planoly is the most recent real estate listing and app creation tool on the market. The company’s founder was heavily involved in the Airbnb community where he used to manage property listings. One day, he was thinking about hiring a contractor to get him the best realtor to list his listing and he realized that it was going to be a lot of work and time spent.

He decided to create a product that promised to help professionals manage the entire process for them. This software even allows you to manage your social media presence and share listing details with potential clients. It’s the best part of the new generation of real estate listing apps that pops up every now and then.

MLS Search & Listing Tools

These websites are intended for real estate agents.

Listing Management

These websites give you the tools to manage the listings you have in MLS and offer you the following features:

Realtor Websites

These websites are designed to help Realtors get rid of the paperwork as well as give you tools to make your life easier.

Automated Marketing

Integrates your website with online advertising platforms. This means that you can pay per click for potential leads and enjoy huge cost savings as you don’t have to pay for each individual click.

This is one of the most popular features available when it comes to MLS listing management software. With this feature, you can create a social media campaign to drive clicks to your listing. Moreover, agents can benefit from a strong presence on social media platforms by leveraging a social media management platform.

The purpose of this tool is to promote the listing on the website and drive more traffic to the listing. The tool can be used and downloaded by multiple staff members so they can manage the postings at different time zones.

Showcase IDX

Showcase IDX is the most comprehensive, easy to use, cost-effective, and turnkey Real Estate Software powered by the IDX platform. It integrates seamlessly with every MLS/ MLS Feed:

The main feature of Showcase IDX is its Real Time Data Connectivity. It allows you to pull in and sync live data from local multiple listing services and other databases with real-time property detail.

Here are some of the features of Showcase IDX:

Zillow Real Time: – Real time upload of over 50 million homes through the Zillow API

Google Location: – Search for homes and their features in Google Maps

Yahoo Local Real Time: – Search and view local listing data

Real-time Pricing Feeds: – Enables you to pull in property pricing from multiple pricing feeds.

National Real Time: – Access a comprehensive national historical database of for any property in the United States.

Most complete and comprehensive IDX database available from one system.

Integrates with over 35 MLS/ MLS feeds.

Offers IDX Marketing Automation and Email Marketing Tools

If you’re in the market for a top Real Estate Software for your business and need one that’s easy to use and affordable, Showcase IDX is worth a look.

Cloud MLX

Smarter Agent Mobile

According to the report, 63 percent of agents surveyed are using mobile apps to manage their business, and 40 percent of these agents are spending at least five hours a week on the mobile app. Spend five hours a week on a mobile app and you will be categorized as implementing app‘like features.

The real estate market is a competitive one, and by 2021 it will have changed significantly as AI, robotics, and virtual reality will have made their mark in the industry. And technology plays a critical role in the choice of tools to use in your business.

Speaking of tools, at Yardi, we are excited to share our products that can help you enhance your agent business.

Whether you’re a virtual or a mobile agent, we’ve got everything that you need to help you grow your business. Here’s a round-up of some of our‘s most valuable (and popular) real estate tools.


I started looking up…and even looked around…for a house. I had never done this before, but everyone told me that good agents needed to be good at what they did, and I still had a lot to learn.

After a lot of scrolling through pages and looking at options in houses, I had found my first place…it was tiny, but it had all the things I needed. I wasn’t sure yet if I was going to put down roots, but I was determined to live somewhere.

I rang the agent next door to let her know I was interested, but she didn’t quite seem deaf, so I couldn’t be sure if she had even heard me.I quickly rang back, just to be sure.They told me to come and see the house on the Wednesday and check out the neighborhood.

By Wednesday afternoon, I was standing outside in the front yard of my tiny house…with no one else around.I left a message with the number for the agent, but it seemed like she wasn’t home.Practically on high alert now, I tried to check out the neighborhood and see if I was in the right place.


The internet changes so fast that businesses and even industries have to change with it. The real estate industry is not an exception. Some items you will see in this review may not even be available anymore.

The real estate software which has withstood the test of time for 2 years is Remax. Which is also one of the most highly rated real estate software in the industry.

More and more, local realtors are looking more towards third-party platforms as their real estate software of choice. Such as Agentlocator, Agentis, Tiki, and Google Docs. And top real estate agents consider being one of the most important factors to their success.

Most real estate software companies use the identical UI for their platforms. And your top agents tend to use the software which has the simplest and best looking interface.

All of the real estate software we used in this review used the Google Docs platform for their listings and for general information to share with customers. And that’s one of the reasons why Google Docs is the best real estate listing software for top agents.

If you already have a WordPress website, you may want to check out Core VIP, which is a plugin for the WordPress platform which integrates seamlessly with the Google Docs platform.

Open House & Showing Management Software

Open House Software creates the best showing management funnel for you by converting people into potential clients (clicks to a lead and land on a property), making it easy for you to get the most out of their lead yet improving your lead management.

Show management is an in-depth feature that helps you efficiently manage your showings and shows. With Open House, you can manage both open house or showings, send automatic reminder and update. You can set start and end time – set an appointment for you to meet with a selling agent.

You can invite guests or your agents to your open house or showings, you also have the ability to print invitations and reminder directly from Open House.

Open House automatically converts respondents into leads with questionnaires, with added functionality that you can add your logo and additional content to increase your marketing efforts. Its powerful Lead Management module allows you to keep track of your Open House leads, and Open House generates a clickstream report that helps you quickly identify which are the busiest neighborhoods, agents, and homes.

Additional Features:

  • Automate showings and open houses with customizable schedules
  • Track how long your showings and open houses last and their results
  • Print invitations for your open houses and showings directly from Open House
  • Print reminder for open house and showings directly from open house
  • Email invitations and reminder directly from Open House


Real estate technology startup Spacio Tech strives to make the real estate industry more accessible, efficient, and enjoyable, and the company’s founder & CEO, Alex Ivanov, recently shared some of their recent developments. Among them are an…

interactive real estate database, and mobile, virtual, and augmented reality technology for real estate professionals.

We chatted with Ivanov to discuss some of his company’s recent developments and put together a glimpse into their vision for the future of real estate technology.

How did Spacio Tech get started?

Three years ago, I was working on a project connected with an Android app for the real estate market. That was when I realized that 90% of the profession’s working tools are outdated.

I also realized that there’s a huge demand for real estate technology, something I found out when I contacted the real estate community leaders that I respect and asked a simple question: What’s the biggest problem that real estate professionals have?

They all agreed that technology’s biggest problem is that it’s expensive, complicated to use and doesn’t let them do what they want to.

Showing Suite

Doing the math on current and future real estate trends, we think you’re going to consider a few new tools during that next show!


CSS3 just keeps on getting better and better. The latest version, CSS4, is the next generation of CSS that is still evolving. As with everything in this industry, all important upgrades are somewhat slow paced, but over time, CSS3 started to hit its peak, and there is little more CSS3 can do to improve its functionality. However, as far as browsers go, the technology is yet to catch up with what CSS can do, and with modern tools and expertise, many things can be accomplished by web designers. There are many new technologies that are set to offer some revolutionary changes to the way that files are written – or at least during the design process.


Coming up with new strategies can be fun, but with each strategy comes potential problems. Complex strategy models can showcase less return than traditional methods. So how do you solve this problem?

Well the answer is a cloud based property management software. The most effective property management software that is currently available on the market is RENTLYTICS. Rentlytics is a cloud based property management software that makes it easy for property managers to stay on track with their company and its operations. The question is: Is this tools right for you? Lets find out.

At the core of Rentlytics is a revolutionary algorithm that can help you in any kind of property management. The algorithm helps you generate data forecasts, including daily reports and weekly analysis. These reports help you improve your business in various ways.

For example, you can forecast a list of emergency issues, maintenance problems and even tenant concerns. The reported list can help you avoid or reduce costly and frustrating repairs.

Likewise, the tenant information report helps you conduct live tenant screening and assess the quality of your tenants. After identifying the weak points in your property management, you can decide the best way to fix them or even relisting the property to attract even better tenants.

The data forecasting feature helps you in maintaining a detailed tenant database with tenants info and contact details.

Market Reports & Property Valuation Software

The Real Estate Agent’s Secret Weapon

You’ve developed a powerful marketing strategy, selected the best property to list, counted the commission and structured the listing.

Just about all that’s left is for you to get out of the way, and for that, you’re going to need a property valuation software.

All of the top real estate agencies use these technology tools to make their lives easier and help them make better real estate decisions.

When it comes to the 40 best property valuation tools in 2021, market reports & property valuation software will be a must-have business tool no matter what agent you are.

Here’s why:

The use of these real estate technology tools helps agents to:

    • Become more efficient
    • Make better real estate decisions
    • Ask better property valuation questions
    • Save time
    • Reduce stress
    • Think more clearly

If you’ve been on the lookout for something new and cutting edge, you should consider investing in property valuation software.

But it’s not just real estate agents who can benefit from these types of technology tools. They are also great tools for home buyers – and sellers.


Below is the list of top real estate tools for agents in 2021. Real estate agents all over the world use this range of tools and mobile apps to make their business efficient.

{1}. BlueSnap: This tool allows real estate agents to track leads and get paid instantly. Agents also have the option of selling their properties by uploading a PDF file, which is processed by iXledger. The seller gets the listing on their own mobile app or website, which gets a link from BlueSnap. Also, if the website is going to be hacked, it will redirect to the BlueSnap website, where the full monthly streaming subscription is displayed.
{2}. ProMaxX: This tool is one of the best real estate lead management tools. This fully automated tool helps real estate agents to get the maximum amount of leads. It also helps investors to get maximum ROI.
{3}. LoopX: This real estate resource helps you to identify properties which have hundreds of leads. This tool can manage unlimited leads and find the best ones automatically. This tool can help you to get more leads every day.
{4}. Xccelerate: This tool is a great mobile app for real estate agents. It has a great user interface which allows you to maximize your sales and offers.

RPR Mobile

RPR Mobile is real estate software for agents, brokers and teams. It’s the most affordable and user-friendly mobile real estate platform on the market, which is why it’s often used by super agents and top teams. The platform has a surprisingly simple and effective onboarding procedure that ensures you have the right marketing messages and incentives set up within the first ten hours of an agent’s onboarding.

RPR Mobile track all of your marketing and marketing results, including your social media traffic, lead generation, lead conversions, lead sources and so much more. The tester tool allows you to practice with prospects and quickly evaluate your responses to your offers. The platform is closely integrated with the RPR Sales CRM system, which allows agents to view their leads, contacts, transaction history and so much more in one place.

The platform allows you to create your business so that it maximizes your revenue and gives you the best chances of being successful in the real estate business. Once you’ve created your business, you can use RPR Mobile’s keyword tools to target the right prospects based on their business demographics, zip code, employment offers, financial needs and much more.

Cloud CMA

CMA is an abbreviation for the term Cost to Monetize and stands for the process of calculating the value of a home or even commercial property in today’s market by estimating its projected cash flow over a specific time period. CMA is the hallmark of top-tier Real Estate Landlords and real estate investors.

The process of forecasting a home’s value tends to be cumbersome at times, but there’s always a way to cut the gap and go digital. Cloud CMA software, which runs on the cloud (or the Internet), is one of those ways.

With Cloud CMA software, you can get hands-on experience as well as have the help of a staff, providing you with the right information to make the right decisions. For example, if you’re a landlord planning to rent out a home, you’ll be able to access the potential tenant’s credit and other relevant information. You can also gather data relating to the location, such as nearby schools, shopping centers, and other marketable factors.

The information also comes to you in real time, giving you an insight into how all the data and information is connected to the property such as its financial and operational status.

Home Value Leads

One of the best ways to generate real estate leads is through home value leads.

Home value leads are a completely free lead source.

Many of the top real estate agents have found that they get at least 50 leads per month from their home value lead.

Here are the top 3 reasons why home value leads are leads you can’t refuse:

Home Value Search

With home values data at your disposal, you can immediately begin speculating on the value of homes. As a result, you’ll receive hundreds of leads every month.

Google AdWords

These are the best sources for generating virtual leads. Assign just one or a few keywords to ad campaigns on Google and existing Google AdWords leads will convert to a sale or a tenant sign-up in minutes.

Home Value Blogs

The major home value bloggers are chockful of great real estate leads. By signing up with these blogs, you can begin getting virtual leads immediately.


Communication & Collaboration Software

Real estate agents today have a wide variety of tools and technology options for their business to communicate with buyers and sellers. Below is a list of communication and collaboration software for real estate agents.


Snapchat: Some real estate agents like Snapchat the best because of its playful tools and features. You can take and send snaps, send sticker and draw on your snaps, and of course the random photos and videos. Snapchat is much more visual and easy to explain what you want to say. All your snaps self-destruct after 24 hours.

Twitter: Twitter is the more traditional option for real estate professionals. As a real estate agent, you can command and communicate to your target market. Twitter is a great way to get the word out about a listing in your area.

Pinterest: Pinterest is a great way for photographers to showcase their work. As a real estate agent, you can use Pinterest. For example, you can post a link to a listing, ask for opinions, and you can easily pin a photograph. If you are more of a visual person, Pinterest is your best bet to showcase your work.

Other Social Media: If Twitter and Pinterest don't satisfy your needs, other networks like Instagram and LinkedIn offer similar services.



Grasshopper is a real estate software for residential and commercial agents. It is available as an online or desktop system that has a panoramic display with all your listings and an inspector system with all your mortgage applications. It can help you easily manage the entire process from listing to selling to closing.

The Grasshopper marketplace is also a marketplace where other realtors can create branded platforms using the Grasshopper merchant tools.

It can segment your clients by common interests, age, and income. You can also create your own niche website and build your own website. Grasshopper also provides agents with affiliate marketing tools that help agents generate passive income. Agents can also use Grasshopper to book appointments on your behalf.

It has an online dashboard that helps agents manage online transactions, save time filing and managing paperwork with eSignby, upload documents to the system, and manage their listings.

You can also save on printing and postage by having documents eSignby. This also helps save trees.

You can create custom forms of real estate agreements and have them eSignby too. Other options include traditional documents, such as HUD-1, home inspection report, home equity calculation, and home equity application. With the mortgage application support, you can submit your home seller application for the best seller programs and programs.

Grasshopper also helps agents receive a virtual business card with your Grasshopper ID.


Slack is an instant messaging and collaboration tool that's used by many to securely chat, talk, and share files together. It's primarily used by companies though you can also create a private group.

Office Tools

Or Data Tools?

We all have a slew of office tools. With our phones at our fingertips, we can purchase anything we need for our office, such as t-shirts, gadgets, and office supplies right from the comfort of our homes. Yet, there are certain things that we don’t quite rely on our mobile devices for. Like a common cliche that many of us probably have in our phones is –paper really does make it easier.” If you have a stack of papers, it will take a longer time for you to find the right one.

We have data that can be endless. However, we don’t have the time to go through all of that data. For example, when looking at a house that’s listed for sale and comparing it to an identical house in another area, we might be able to find the exact same distinctive features that caught our eyes. But if you had to go through that data yourself, it would be a lengthy process. Data tools can make it easier for users to find such information. Such tools might also help us visualize that same data that we’re pouring through on a regular basis.

However, a data tool will help you to choose if a house is best for you. You’ll be able to see the exact square footage of that house.


A property listing app is an app that decides how and when your busy team will cross paths with potential buyers and buyers with the property.

Qualia4 acquired by SEOmozai is one of the most useful and comprehensive real estate listing apps available to real estate agents.

The smart app helps professionals make the most of their time and increase their efficiency.

When you’re managing a big team, two heads are always better than one. This will also be the same when it comes to the smart team that you’ll be leading when you incorporate Qualia4 and use it accordingly. The app allows you to collaborate with other agents and manage your listings in a smart way based on your preferences and your team’s preferences.

Any Agent can use the app via the desktop or the laptop and manage the listings, fully from their office or home. In the app, you can also manage your listings with the help of a desktop dashboard.

Moreover, as a qualified real estate agent you can grow to be a full-fledged professional by securing the qualification of Top Producer in a decent time. In addition to registering, you may also consider completing the certification for the Top Producer because it will help you get the recognition you deserve in your business.


Everledger is a global company that offers solution to fight financial crime by managing the lifecycle of Digital Assets. Everledger has developed a global risk-management platform for trading and archiving cryptocurrency assets. With Everledger, banks, companies and individuals are able to track and manage their digital and physical assets around the world.

Everledger helps to protect brands by allowing them to track and deliver real time information about their products and services. Everledger helps to fight counterfeit by digitally tracking each product in a supply chain.

Everledger offers the following services:

Protection of digital assets for financial institutions, companies and individuals.

Manage the Risk of everledger is the most comprehensive management platform for managing the risk of tracking digital assets.

Remediation by providing clients with the real-time visibility and transparency to both the quality and authenticity of the products and services they provide.

Tracking and managing digital assets on a global scale.

Authentication of digital assets, products, and services.

Prevention of money laundering, trade and other financial crimes.

Verification of authenticity of assets.


Brokermint Software is the Leading Real Estate App, that helps agents manage their agents and agents manage their leads. With Brokermint you can manage your listing, open houses, lead sources, teams, and clients.


●Agent Dashboard: Manage your agents, list, open houses, leads born.

●Leads: Create your listing, edit, schedule, get leads offline, and hits.

●Agents: Create your listing, edit, schedule.

●Teams: Manage your teams.

●Clients: Get all your clients inside one place.

●Macros: Create a lot of your own macros, or upload your favorite ones and use them.

●Reserve System: Book your listing and manage it in a few clicks.


Brokerkit is a real estate software platform for both selling and buying real estate. It's as much for agents as it is for brokers as it allows realtors to have an all-in-one solution for listing, writing, factoring and marketing their properties. This is especially great for agents who are just starting out, but Brokerkit is also useful for seasoned pros.

The app functions like a CRM (Client Relationship Manager) that allows the broker to set up clients, emails, deals, appointments, payments and more. It can help manage multiple agency accounts and can send emails to multiple contact lists with just a few clicks.

Brokerkit's platform comes with a number of helpful features for brokers ranging from the ability to create and manage new clients, send and track newsletters, look up client info, collect payment information, return email and phone calls and send messages just to name a few. There are also a number of tools on the app that help agents to market their properties such as state specific searches, estimated sales price features, visible fixtures, virtual tours, local search tools and a number of other great features. The broker dashboard can help agents track prospects, create client info, generate deals and schedules appointments and even manage their personal life.


Dotloop is the first of its kind when it comes to real estate site search. Based on the technology that powered e-commerce website Flipkart, Zomato and many more, Dotloop can narrow down your real estate search to a matter of seconds. Just pick the city and neighborhood you are looking for and we will show you how much homes cost and the entry level people live in the neighborhood.

Check out the chart below to know the basic features.

Efficiency Tools

Most top real estate agents already use many software tools to grow their business and manage their team. That’s why it makes sense to to make sure these tools are well maintained and used for everyone’s benefit.

Property Management

Property management software allows agents to keep track of their clients, their account, and their backlog.

Some of the most popular property management software tools are:

Virtual office software

Virtual office software allows agents to keep track of their team, workspaces, and appointments.

Some of the most popular virtual office software tools are:

Lead management

Lead management software allows real estate professionals to manage their leads and follow up with their prospects.

Some of the most popular lead management software tools are:

Vendor management

Vendor management software allows agents to stay organized with his/her vendors and manage all communication with them.

Some of the most popular vendor management software tools are:

Marketing automation

Marketing automation software helps real estate professionals manage their website, social media channels, and customer file.

Some of the most popular marketing automation software tools are:

Web marketing

Web marketing software allows agents to maintain their website, track leads, and follow up with their customers.

Some of the most popular web marketing software tools are:

Team productivity tools


Zapier is an intelligent work tool that enables you to automate simple tasks. You can link and automate your email, social media accounts, live chat software, and more within a Native and simple WordPress interface. It enables you to build your choice of apps and integrate them to enable cross-connected flow of data.

For real estate agents, whether you are an agent or property manager, this tool can be used to link your email, social media accounts, CRMs, and other devices or apps. It works by creating simple templates and then assigning them to apps or devices. Then, whenever you perform a task, Zapier can link the app to that template.


SEOmoz offers a variety of expert advice on building, moving, or managing your online strategy. It helps you to evaluate, optimize, and implement your SEO strategies and obtain a friendly, customer-focused search result for your property. It offers a variety of tools that includes SEO development tools, keyword research tools, and optimization tips.

All in all, SEOmoz is a valuable tool for the average real estate agent, to increase their SEO until the times of Google overtaking human ability. It will give you a nice seeing to to witness the effects of your hard work and your online strategy.


KeyMe is your home front, for any home that is! With the KeyMe App, you can walk into any home and access a digital copy of the documents that are valuable for your business, including title, deed, inspection, utility, insurance, bank and policy information. Access your timesheets, contracts and reports online from wherever you are! And when you need to make a great impression, we make sure you’re ready in the front door!

  • Title, Deed, Search
  • Inspect, Valuation, Lender Marketing
  • Insurance, Utility and Buyer Contract
  • Lenders, Title, Closing

With KeyMe, you can have all your real estate information in one place. The KeyMe mobile app offers key service technicians, real estate agents and home sellers the ability to access any type of real estate document and provide digital signing – putting the security and responsibility to deliver the right documents in your hands.

As a customer, you can manage your real estate information 24/7. Using KeyMe, you can ensure that all companies you have professional relationships with deliver the right documents to trusted parties when and where you need them.

This customer-oriented process requires a digital secure trust infrastructure, a real-time A/B-4 compliance business process, and complete audit capability.


For over 30 years, Prempoint has been making rapid technology advancements, and today our powerful real estate software and tools are like no others on the market. This includes cutting-edge tools like:

  • Smart Auctions. Our online real estate auction software offers auctions in minutes that run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Real-Time Synch. Our real estate social software allows real estate agents to do all their social marketing in real-time via Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and many more networks.
  • Endless Tools. Our real estate WordPress tools help agents to manage their own web sites, and up to 150 listings at once.
  • Inventory Management. Our award-winning real estate listing management system allows agents to upload their listings and promotional materials quickly and manage changes.
  • Online Leasing. Our comprehensive online leasing systems allow agents to list and lease apartments efficiently.
  • Property Management. Our end-to-end rental management system allows agents to manage their own properties, and track all of their leases for easy reporting and management.


Waze is an app that helps drivers avoid traffic and create shortcuts. The app works similarly to a GPS device which sends out messages to drivers and helps drivers make more informed decisions. Waze helps you avoid traffic jams by providing you with other ways to reach your destination.

That said, Waze has made a huge impact in the industry. Traditionally, the real estate industry used static websites and print media to advertise their properties, but with the advent of Waze, real estate agents can now use Waze to advertise their properties. It is also a great tool for helping agents show potential buyers around the properties.

There are many ways real estate agents can use Waze to their advantage. One way is by notifying them of any incidents on the road. In the future, this could create a bridge between Waze, government agencies, businesses and the real estate industry.

For instance, a real estate agent can notify them of a pile-up on the highway, and giving Waze the ability to upload the video will allow the government to send aid to those in need. Personally, I’d like to see Waze create a way for real estate agents to have building code information to send in to the app. This would allow Waze users to view property value estimates based on building code violations. This would give agents a simple and easy way to generate leads for their businesses.

Bottom Line

The best real estate software in the real estate industry is not easy to find. As a residential real estate agent there are tons of tools that make my job easier. Here are some of the best real estate software that are used across the globe.

Resale Software Programs

RealtyCFO RSVP Suite is one of the most popular residential real estate software programs that are used by top agents in the industry. The program has a huge inventory of proven and successful properties to show to buyers. Its also has a powerful search tool that will save you time in your busy schedule as a realtor. There are a ton of other features that are sure to wow any buyer.

You can learn more about the software here.

Listing Software

Redfin is famous for its innovative technology and innovative software. The company created a software that provides top agents with a prospective sales department for all the new listings that come into the office. That way the agents have more time to contact the new listings and discuss them in depth prior to going out on showings.

The software can also be used to manage multiple properties. It will save your time from having to placing the same offers on the same properties over and over again. The program also gives you brand new marketing tools that other top real estate software simply dont have to make your job easier.

You can learn more about the software here.