Best Real Estate Signs 2022 – Dee Sign vs Oakley Signs vs Build A Sign

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Best Real Estate Signs for Real Estate Agents and Brokerages: Dee Sign

Best Overall Real Estate Signs for Real Estate Professionals: Dee Sign

Low Pricing

One of the biggest deciding factors of which sign company to use your service will be the price. If you are looking for a generic sign like a white sign, then a low price sign company such as Dee signs will be your best decision.

The license plate is a terrific place to put your phone number and company name. If the phone is attached to your windshield and the sign is on the back of your car it may be harder to see the message at a quick glance.

Oakley Signs offers greater customization options compared to Dee Signs. You can select from many different shapes, colors and styles of graphics. You can also change the colors simply by calling Oakley Signs or visiting their website. You can instead choose to build your own custom sign. Oakley Signs will let you design your sign using their online editor. You can choose a specific font and color scheme, and Oakley Sign will print it out for you.

Both companies offer a 30-day money back guarantee, but Oakley Sign’s guarantee is more generous. Oakley Signs offers a 60-day guarantee, which allows you to return any signs you receive with no added charges. If something goes wrong with your order, Oakley Signs will reimburse you for the cost of shipping.

Multiple Shipping Locations

(Dee Sign) vs Ship Within (Oakley Signs) vs Build a Sign

For real estate signs, we’d say … go with shipping directly to your buyers. Two real estate signs that offer this are Dee Sign and Oakley Signs.

Other sites that offer multiple delivery locations for your buyers are Build a Sign and PromoSigns.

If you’re building a custom sign, it’s better to have your buyers pick up the sign from all different delivery locations. This is because you’re cutting down on shipping and handling costs.

Shipping your signs directly to your buyers doesn’t increase the cost to you. For your customers, it’s just one extra step that may take a little longer.

If you have a large number of buyers who are going to pick up their signs at different locations, it’s better to send them all to one shipping location.

In any case, keep in mind that your buyers will more than likely have to pick up their signs at a shipping location regardless of how you’re shipping them.

Wide Variety of Sign Materials

Real estate signs, for a long time, have been made primarily of wood or metal. Although some signs may include acrylic or Plexiglas and weather-resistant plastic, the majority are made of wood, so the options for design were limited.

Today, you have a wide variety of materials to choose from including steel, aluminum and pre-coated plastic. All of these materials come with a price tag attached, but can greatly enhance your sign’s look and how it’s displayed.

Once you’ve settled on the material, you can configure the size and style of your sign. One of the key components in addition to the material is the type of finish on the sign. Fortunately, signs can be designed and fabricated to look as professional as a timber-framed and plaster-clad house.

Typical Metal or Wood Real Estate Signs

If you’re considering a real estate sign, you’re probably aware of wooden and metal signs. Wooden signs are often painted white or black, decorated using various lettering styles, and trimmed out with metal. Metal signs are typically made of aluminum and might have zinc to improve the finish. These signs are popular but can be less eye-catching.

Family Owned and Operated

We don’t just say it on our website, we’re proud to say that we are a family owned and operated professional real estate business. Our motto is, ”We Do It For You,” and with 18 years of experience, we can do it right! Whether you’re buying or selling if you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned veteran real estate professional, DeeSign is here to help you with all of your real estate needs.


Exchanging contracts over the internet can speed things up a bit. But it comes with its fair share of risks that your real estate agent, along with the seller, will have to gauge and address.

Best Real Estate Signs for Variety of Franchises Supported: Oakley Signs

Vs Dee Sign vs Build A Sign (subscription-based).

There are numerous ways to make a sign (design-it-yourself, design it for a third party, etc.). We are going to look at real estate signs (NO HANGING SIGN – ALL SIGNS ARE PORTABLE) and what signs are most popular, with regards to the supply and demand cycle. Note: I will be referring to Dee Sign, Oakley Sign, and Build A Sign as the three best real estate signs.

Real Estate Signs are a necessity for real estate agents, not just for marketing purposes, but to show their clients their offices. Real estate sign advertising is also very powerful and effective. There are some key factors to consider when selecting the best real estate signs, and these include:

  • type of franchise.
  • franchise size.
  • the number of listings.
  • the number of agents (bet you didn’t think about that one).

The type of real estate company (broker, franchise, individual).

The type of real estate company (broker, franchise, individual) will play a major role in the way your business signage is designed and displayed.

Relatively Affordable Pricing

Dee Sign offers the most affordable real estate signs and will also give you an attractive sign on a budget.

Wood finish is available in the most popular; shutter finish is available on custom orders only.

Dee Sign offers three types of real estate signs – black vinyl sign with shaft, black vinyl sign only plus shaft, and paper or banner only.

Can be customized to suit.

Dee sign’s wall mount applications are the most popular.

Provides a one year guarantee on all its sign products.

Dee Sign’s professionally designed custom signs are an outstanding value.

Accommodates holes, removable door hanger and mounting hooks.

Fabricated with the highest quality materials to ensure a long lasting product.

Flat black finish creates a distinctive, modern design.

Top loading construction accepts all sign holder options plus Shoe box holder.

Can be personalized with your text and artwork.

Product is competitively priced and made to order in small quantities for you.


Exchanging contracts over the internet can speed things up a bit. But it comes with its fair share of risks that your real estate agent, along with the seller, will have to gauge and address.

Other Sign Companies

To Ask About:

A few other sign companies you might consider are Oakley Signs and Dee Sign. We’ve seen some Oakley Signs signs around town and they look good.

Because of the amount of repeat business we get from sign businesses who use Dee Sign for their business cards, stickers or banners, or who just come in to pick up extra business cards, here are some other places to look for a sign company.

In particular, if you’re looking for a sign company that has murals in a lot of different business districts and will be able to retouch your existing mural into something that will match your budget, you might consider these two companies, as well.

The company is run out of a building on the corner of Jefferson and West 75th Street. Oakley Signs has a reception area and a retail store inside. And it looks like they’ve been there for a long time.

Another sign company you might want to check into is Build-A-Sign. The sign company is based out of Imperial, Nebraska and they are also operating under a franchising model. Their website says they have been in business for over ten years and that they’ve put signs in the top ten of the America’s most recognized companies.


Exchanging contracts over the internet can speed things up a bit. But it comes with its fair share of risks that your real estate agent, along with the seller, will have to gauge and address.

In-Depth Review: Dee Sign vs. Build A Sign vs. Oakley Signs

If you are looking to upgrade your existing real estate sign with a new custom real estate sign, we believe that the three best companies to partner with are Dee Sign, Oakley Signs and Build a Sign.

Both Dee Sign and Oakley Signs are well known to all real estate agents and brokers. Both offer outstanding value and both companies are locally owned and operated. Each company has a variety of signs that you can choose from.

The Best Real Estate Sign Company for YOU

Let’s look at each company’s advantages and drawbacks.


Dee Sign offers a sign for every situation and the choice of up to four different vinyl signs. Their signs look stunning and they are very durable. Their pricing does vary by the type of sign that you choose but you are able to choose from a variety of sizes and colors.

Here are the pros and cons:

Pros Cons Local owned and operated Highest choice of sign options Customers have reported that they have problems with signage fading, damage to the banner and the staining of the headline when it rains. Most of this is due to poor installation of the signs and NOT the quality of the plastic banner. Multiple sizes to choose from Easy ordering and customization Affordable and very competitive pricing from other companies


Sellers will have to pay a fee to have an ad posted on a Real Estate Sign. Once you have paid the install fee, the real estate sign would be placed at the property that you have selected and the signage license would be transferred to you.

As per the Ontario Real Estate Board, this fee is charged to cover the advertising production, installation and maintenance of a real estate sign as well as the delivery of the information to the media. Signage costs vary from 1 £65 for a relatively small real estate sign to 1 £800 for a larger property-wide real estate sign, such as a detached home or a multi-family property with several units.

Signs that are not affiliated with an Ontario Real Estate Board Member receive a 0% markup and are subject to an advertising production cost of 0 to 20 £ per ad. These signs usually cover several properties and may consist of a hard copy mount and graphic for a single property.

Signs that are affiliated with an Ontario Real Estate Board Member charge a mark up of 1 £200+ (depending upon the size and location of the sign).

Variety of sign materials available

For different industries.

Real Estate signs are designed for use both indoors and outdoors. As a result, real estate signs have traditionally been constructed largely of materials that are invisible to the naked eye – namely, PVC and canvas. However, as these materials are inanimate, they are unable to convey the message of the sign.

Oakley Signs is a leading builder of real estate signs since 2003. During that time, we’ve kept in contact with the real estate industry to continually understand how signage should evolve to keep up with the changing times.

It’s important for any real estate business to advertise. Oakley Signs understands that your real estate sign will serve an integral part of any successful advertising strategy. Wouldn’t it be great if your real estate sign could adapt to its environment regardless of your client’s business, safety, or lifestyle?

Our goal is to deliver bold, attractive, effective real estate signs that will enhance your client’s business, while giving you the tools you need to build your business.

Where Do They Ship From?

Very often, we’re on the lookout for materials to assist with the project at hand … or even just because of their durability. Take, for example, the signs we sometimes frame at our home businesses or the real estate signs we use to direct the traffic flow at car dealerships … we just want something that will last. Getting the right materials is key to achieving the ideal results and value you want for the project you’re investing in. So, you could say it’s worth taking the time to do our research when making your selection process.

But not all research will be diligent and thorough enough to provide you with the information you need.

For that reason, the Oakley Sign Company searched the best online sources, polled our office staff, and interviewed knowledgeable individuals to bring you these top-rated real estate signs for 2017.

When it came to finding the best real estate signs in 2017, our questions were similar all across the board.

Do they have fantastic value and intrinsic value?

Are their real estate signs durable enough to withstand the elements without fading or wearing out?

Would they accomplish the task we need them to?

Our research brings you the greatest and right real estate signs for your real estate needs.

Turnaround Time

When a person is ready to sell their house, the last thing on their mind is moving to another house. That being said, if you are trying to sell your house, you don’t want to take months to get the house on the real estate market.

Luckily, there are many different options for people who want to buy a house fast. First, you can look into buying vacant property. This is a valuable option for people who are looking for a vacation home or for those who have a specific property they want to rent. Of course, it does take some time to renovate the property, but at least you have a current tenant. Maybe the tenant is going to give you a discount when you decide to sell.

Another option is buying a short term rental. By all accounts, this can be a great way to buy a house if you are looking to buy a house fast. This option can also help reduce the price of rent until the new renter is able to move in. Of course, you still have to make the house look good enough to appeal to those who are only renting for a while.

Custom Sign Creation

Your Home for you

It’s not how much the sign is but how much it means to you. We are a Family Owned Business that wants to be your Home for you.

Custom Real Estate Signs deals with what you would like in your Real Estate business.

You will have your own Sign Designer that deals with your every need and will do her very best to get it just right. We have designer that do each and every type of sign you can imagine. If you don’t see what you want, we can do anything for you!

We offer the following items:

  • Residential
  • Custom Signs – Floor Series
  • Individual signs coming out of the floor
  • General
  • Promotional Items
  • Corporate
  • Universal Products
  • Favors and Awards
  • Sizzle & Sign
  • Commercial
  • Reception Center Signs
  • Company Store Signs
  • Residential
  • Signs for Homeowners
  • Client Signs
  • Services
  • Display Boards for Office
  • Office Signs
  • Home Office Signs
  • Residential and Craft Signs
  • Applications
  • Home Office
  • Business Office
  • Residential
  • Home
  • Residential and Craft Signs
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We Guarantee you will be satisfied with the outcome of your project. We are only interested in long term business and customer satisfaction.

Franchises Supported

In 2015, EliteSigns signed with a franchise company in Maryland to supply 45 franchise territories which the franchisees pay a monthly fee for access in order to use all EliteSigns products.

There are currently no other franchise agreements, but I’ve talked to many real estate agents who have said that they’ve heard of people who have used EliteSigns signs and are happy with their product.

For example, I’m using (oakley) Oakley signs right now and they’re Awesome.


Dee Sign, Yawgoo Signs and Oakley Signs are some of the leading signs manufacturers, and they can all claim to be the best in their business.

Dee Sign Signs is a Victoria, BC based company which was founded in 1987. This company has been providing high quality metal signs to commercial and residential customers since then. Dee Sign Signs has a large variety of designs to serve customers’ needs.

But which is the best real estate signs?

Customer Support

The changing times have made the need of providing effective customer support even more important. Lighting for real estate signs is the most important part – the first impression of your business is important and it can be influenced a lot by the signage you have. Lighting for real estate signs can be a good addition as a marketing tool. it helps in attracting more customers which will eventually lead to positive growth in your business. There are a lot of stores who need different kinds of lighting for real estate signs, because there are a lot of options in the market.

Dee Sign offers full set of light fixtures that are designed for different and multiple scenarios. They are comprised of variety of options and setups. They are designed and crafted by professional designers, with years of experience in providing lighting solutions for businesses and commercial projects. Dee Sign provide different categories of solutions for different advertising needs. Because business are starting to change and moving from traditional billboards to online advertising and other mediums, this is the reason why a lot of attention is paid to screen printing, and other light solutions for real estate signs.

All Real Estate Sign Options with Sample Pricing

Dee Sign, Oakley Sign Company, Build a Sign, and all Real Estate or Commercial Signs are equally easy to set up, install and use, and they all provide professional and reliable results every time.

The Best Real Estate Sign is determined not by the sign’s ruggedness, or durability, or ease of use but rather by its ability to generate inquiries and sales. Get in and set up a demo of any one of the best Real Estate Signs and try it for yourself, test it against the competition and you will come to the same conclusion every time: that whichever sign you install, you will get the results you expect. And those results will be consistent with all other Real Estate Signs in the marketplace.

The Bottom Line

DeeSign vs Oakley Signs: DeeSign Provides Real Estate Signage Solutions with an Excellent Track Record and Quality That Pays Off in the Long Term.

DeeSign comes out ahead of both Oakley signs and Build a sign in terms of The Bottom Line.

The bottom line with DeeSign is that they will save you money especially when you consider the high quality and short lead time options. Not to mention their guarantees to give us the highest quality.

With using the right tools for the right job and offering the best guarantees to give us the highest quality is why I choose DeeSign.