35 Best Real Estate Hashtags for Social Media

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Niche Market Hashtags for Real Estate

Realtors use social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter to create and manage online and mobile marketing for their businesses. Potential clients access these websites to look for homes for sale, browse local schools and neighborhoods, and learn about new construction in their area. Similarly, real estate brokers use social media websites to connect with customers and build relationships. The only way real estate brokers can create an effective marketing strategy is if they take advantage of the optimization tools available in each social media platform.

An effective real estate marketing strategy requires that real estate brokers build and maintain an active and engaged social media channel. When it comes to social media websites, realtors can create a premium account to optimize profiles. In addition to creating a distinct offline presence, they can also create an online presence to educate potential buyers about their services and current listings. Getting involved on social media websites provides realtors with a dedicated marketing channel that incorporates an online and social media presence. Each social media platform has its own set of hashtags that detail the name of the website and the type of content that can be found on the platform. Real estate agents and brokers should use hashtags to create and post content, build relationships, and promote contact with their business. When realtors use a combination of hashtags, they can share unique content with a consistent message.

Real estate agents should use hashtags during a conversation on social media websites when they post:

#’Your Target Neighborhood’

  • When you start searching for real estate ads, you’ll quickly see them divided by their target neighborhood. Depending on your needs for photo opportunities, just like everything else in real estate, it’s an age-old technique used to appeal to your target audience and ultimately land the contract.
  • For example, the next time you see an ad listed on the Seattle real estate section of the Seattle Times or Muckleneuk real estate page of the Seattle Herald, keep an eye out for two qualifiers in the ad title. One of them will read ‘5th and California’ or ‘Belltown’ or ‘South Lake Union’ and the other qualifier will read ‘8645’ or ‘1033’ or ‘Capital Hill’.
  • These qualifiers are sure signposts to the neighborhood the property is located.

#’Location+The Style of Home You’re Listing’

Location is key in your social media posting. The location of your home can be used to your advantage to help people find your listing. Are you looking to list a condo, townhouse, or single family home? Is it the ocean, a river, mountains or a golf course?

#’A Great Attraction That’s Nearby’

Some cities have great shopping, popular attractions, and have an impressive architectural beauty. But can’t afford to invest in the marketing that would promote your location? That’s where a great hashtag comes in to play. No one knows your industry, market, or community better than you. Use your expertise to advertise the city’s attractions and assets on Twitter.

#’Your Brokerage Name’

Although the length of a hashtag is limited, it doesn’t mean you should stop putting your brokerage name at the beginning of the hashtag. This tip will help your messages stand out from a sea of other hashtags.

#’The Local School District’

What it is: This tag is largely used to impart information about the local school district, often in connection with a specific school.

Sales & Marketing-specific Real Estate Hashtags

In addition to the usual off-line listing and social media hashtags, real estate marketing professionals also use a number of unique hashtags for their advertising.

These hashtags are used to focus on a narrow segment and engage the crowd that was interested in that niche.

Real estate is a large and complex industry, and the professionals in it are constantly on the lookout for new ways to speak to and interact with their audience.

As such, there are a number of hashtags that can be used to utilize the power of social media in real estate marketing. Here’s a short list of the best social media hashtags for real estate professionals.




Hashtags can make any tweet or Instagram post much more interactive and more shareable than the standard straight-forward text and photo format. Because of that, hashtags are also crucial for responsive or mobile design.

Designers know that the term "responsive Web design" often raises an eyebrow, but these days it is the only way to get your website noticed. So, whether you're familiar with hashtags or just getting started in the world of follows and follows back, check out 35 of the best real estate hashtags for social media.



Appeal to Yousur home search network
Homes near you are surely more appealing because you can get in touch with the property owner hassle free. You can tag your post Calculate your share on actual income, net worth, home value by calculating the changing value and cost factors.





Hashtag The best Investment hashtags are used on the site and the platform you are selling through on the properties are leased, owned or paid off.




#’Complimenting Your Clients’


Real estate hashtags on social media play a significant role in getting potential buyers and sellers in touch. Since a lot of househunters are now looking for homes or apartments on social media, many real estate hashtags and their ideal timing are discussed widely. Below are the top hashtags to use to attract as many interested customers and to close more home deals.

Property Feature-specific Real Estate Hashtags

Real estate can’t get social without a solid tag set! Social media is a way to build your online following and connect with your community on a more engaging level. With over 35 million people using some variant of “social” in a Google search and an estimated 1 billion people on social media sites, the potential to reach your audience is huge!

But if you don’t think you have time to figure out a tag set for every social site, let us help you. Check out our five Real Estate Facebook Hashtags.

We’ve got the tag set you need for all of your social media platforms, including the most popular ones.


Take the time to also market and showcase the curb appeal of your property. In other words, make your home look and sound amazing to potential buyers who may be viewing your property online or from a flyer.

There are ways to do this as well – through social media. From Instagram to Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, there are endless avenues for you to get your property out there and show it off. Keep your home looking freshly painted, recently furnished and maintained, and of course, clean. Show it to be inviting and waiting to be enjoyed, and you’re on your way to curb appeal.

Of course, that’s not all there is to it. Twitter is the perfect avenue to get the word out about available properties, taking applications and showing people the inside of the home via Instagram and Pinterest.






This hashtag is useful for bloggers who get a lot of traffic from visitors who’re looking for property that’s close to the beach.

This is a great hashtag which is used by real estate agents to help them advertise their listings.





Agent-specific Hashtags

Search Engine is an essential tool, and especially when it comes to real estate and marketing those properties. The hottest marketing trend right now is that of all things real estate, to use both listicle and fresh content marketing, and in particular hashtag marketing.

Here are some popular, with some noted pros and cons!




Spring into social media marketing with these top five Facebook pages including links to their Facebook profiles.




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How Real Estate Hashtags Work

Real estate represents a significant portion of social media marketing today. Marketers are using social media including blogs, forums and social media sites to drive traffic both to agents and listing agents.

7 Real Estate Hashtag Marketing Tools & Resources

See which real estate hashtags the top brands are using to post sales & income. Use automation to reach a big audience with these real estate hashtags and build your presence on social media.

CityBlast : Local Social Media Content Posting

Syndicating, Leads for Real Estate.

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CityBlast’s Knowledge Base is one of its most important features. In this knowledge base, agents can find answers to their questions and find solutions for their real estate marketing needs.

It’s an important part of the CityBlast package because property developers, investors, and agents need to know the market trends and do community outreach to identify niche customers.

These niche demographics will become their customers.

Hibu : Professional Social Media Management

Hibu is the best way to manage and grow your social media accounts and stay organized while you are doing it. Hibu is an extremely easy to use social media management platform that will help you turn a mountain of data into a landslide of meaningful information.

BombBomb : Video Creation for Social Media

BoxBrownie : Virtual Staging & Photo Enhancement

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Yes, I understand, social media just came out with their 100 best real estate hashtags. That is enough, especially on Facebook. But if you are in the RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL real ESTATE business, you should have at least 125 real estate hashtags, which is what I do.

When I screen showings, I make great use of Social Media, as it increases my ability to FRESH! I can take a better picture with the camera through my phone, which in turn allows me to post a better looking, better quality picture on my marketing and social media platforms.

Fiverr : Freelance Social Media Assistance

Keep your social media planning, work and scheduling organized with the help of Fiverr freelancers with skills in social media.

Features like email reminders, updates about your social presence, interaction, advertising services, Google analytics, development of visual marketing material, payment processing options, Online Marketing, campaign planning other unforeseen social media needs can be easily handled with Fiverr.

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Another advantage is the fact that this allows you to concentrate all your resources on your business, provide the best customer service, make the most out of the time you are spending in front of your latest social media outlet without worrying about the time and effort that is being put in by your social media coordinator. So you have the tools in your hands to do that yourself.

All-Hashtag : Generate Top Hashtags

"All-Hashtag", a free online generator allows you to generate thousands of new hashtag ideas with a few clicks. This tool will help you find the right keywords for your social media campaigns by providing an instant overview of the most popular hashtags in any category, with over 57,000. You can use them as you like.

The tool is free to use with a few options to upgrade your results. The paid version has other options and features such as being able to search by various criteria (using Google Trends, Age of Hashtags, Searches in any Country, and Hashtag Popularity.)

Another option is to view the results sorted by age. The tool also provides detailed statistics on the history of the hashtags. It includes the trending stats, search volume, social activity, reach and popularity of the keywords.

The tool gives you an option to generate up to 10 hashtags at once. You can get a report on the most popular combinations.

RiteTag : Find Trending Hashtags

Hashtags are incredibly powerful in social media and can be a great way to increase traffic to your business.

9 Pro Tips for Real Estate Hashtag Success

Selling a house is one of the most difficult things you can do. Your time, energy, effort and emotions are all tied up in a single property. And the second you list your home for sale, you work tirelessly to turn that property into your client’s dream home.

When people buy homes, they hope they’ll also come away with high ROI. They hope that the investment will exceed the cost of the property – or at least it’ll be close. When you live in that mindset, you’ll be more likely to use marketing strategies that will drive ROI.

But when it comes to marketing your home for sale, there’s more to consider than ROI. Before thinking about social media sites like Twitter and Pinterest, you need to think about how the right social media platform could expose your home to the right people.

For example, Pinterest is an excellent platform for showing off a home’s interiors. Facebook isn’t a bad choice for showcasing your home’s exterior and community amenities. Using a combination of social media sites will help you to educate your prospective clients on the many nuances and features of your home.

Target Location & Audience-specific Hashtags

The most common use of social media hashtags is to target your audience to a specific venue or specific locations. If you’re a real estate agent in San Fransisco, London or Colorado, you can post your property’s picture and add your hashtag in order to reach buyers, sellers, and renters in those cities.

Use Hashtags to Describe Your Images

Despite skepticism of developers and naysayers, hashtags are here to stay. They’re one of the best ways to share and engage with your audience on social media.

So what are some of the best real estate hashtags you can use on Twitter and Instagram? Like with any social media strategy, you have to find one that works for you. Take a look below.

Localize National Hashtags

Hashtags have been a really powerful way to market your business for quite some time now. But the best thing about hashtags is that they let you localize your message, so you can spread the word about your brand in a way that’s relevant to the suburb or area you’re selling in.

Use Only One Hashtag per Post on Facebook

Always use only one hashtag per post on Facebook, regardless of how many ideas you have.

It’s worth posting more than one status or other type of update to your page if you only have a few ideas in mind. But if you want to avoid a serious Facebook hashtag addiction.

You’ll want to follow the Facebook hashtag rules and use only one hashtag per post. When you post more than one status with the same hashtag to your Facebook business page, you’ll be spamming your followers.

Facebook allows you to cross-promote your other pages as well, but only from your personal account.

To cross-promote from your business page, you’ll have to click through to your page from the promoted post.

By using one hashtag per post, you’ll increase the chances of your post getting seen.

Test Your Hashtags for Results

When you enter the world of real estate, you’re going to face a lot of questions and situations where there’s just not enough time to answer every question. Here’s where a good set of real estate hashtags could come in handy. But how do you come up with a good set of hashtags you can keep up with? Make a set of hashtags easy to remember at the same time as they’re easy to remember. These are the best real estate hashtags for your social media accounts.

Add Non-trending Hashtags

Some states in the US fall under certain hashtags that only trend.

There are two ways to get into trends, either by creating your own trend or using popular trends to rise above the crowd.

  • A popular trend is more likely to get attention, but not necessarily within the specific hashtag you’re looking to trend. So if you’re focused on you …
  • … you will have more success by creating your own local hashtag and engaging with the people that are already using it.

You should also know that hashtags will not get you a double or a triple tap or a like. They are used almost exclusively for visuals.

Change Up Your Hashtags

Use Pinterest Search to Find Hashtags

Vendors and social media experts host Pinterest boards as a way to connect with potential and current customers and prospects. This visual social marketing tool allows for visual communication that can be tied to any internet-enabled device, such as your computer, phone or tablet. The more boards you create, the easier it will be to connect with potential buyers.

So how do you get more followers? Joining Pinterest communities like cbmarketing is a great first step in this series, I’ll talk about this more. However, a lot of people struggle with finding a good hashtag to use for any of their boards. Hashtags are a great way to not only host conversations on their boards, but to link up with other social media networks as well.

Don’t Get Too Specific With Twitter Hashtags

Do you need a real estate marketing tool that’s quick, easy, and effective? Here’s the hashtag solution. Google tells us that there are over 350 million people using Twitter every month. If you’re not already on the Twitter social network, this is a good opportunity to get started.

With Twitter being such a popular social media network, there are a huge number of Real Estate hashtags that you can use to help promote your real estate listings. Just make sure you don’t get too specific with your Twitter hashtags or you won’t be able to reach out to a wide range of potential buyers.

Here’s a list of 35 Real Estate hashtags that you can use to market your properties on Twitter. Just remember to use the right number of hashtags and to keep it brief and to the point.

Bottom Line: Hashtags for Real Estate

Whether they’re rockstars , real estate agents or politicians, everyone in any profession uses hashtags to gain more exposure and build their brand. Why be the different one?