32 Best Real Estate Agent Websites & Tips

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Create Intuitive Navigation — Cotton & Company

For a home-based business like real estate, intuitive website navigation is essential. Therefore, you need to start planning your site’s goals before you design the user interface because if you do it wrong, your website will be hard to use and could negatively impact your business.

The best designing tip for creating intuitive navigation is to begin by considering what you want the user to do … and then determine how you are going to accomplish that task. For example, if you want the user to search for homes, you must decide whether you’re going to allow the user just to search by transaction number or by the property address.

Spotlight Lifestyle Image — Ormsby Real Estate

Ormsby Real Estate is a full-service real estate company serving Vancouver, Richmond, and the Tri-Cities. We help Buy Sell and Rent Home at the most competitive price.

One realtor or multiple realtors? The best realtors are the ones who commit to working with a large number of clients, all at the same time.

Most real estate agents will agree that having a high contact percentage is a great way to increase and maintain large volumes of business. So true to form, Ormsby Real Estate has committed to working with as many clients as possible in order to increase our contact percentage. We specialize in working with all types of clients, whether it’s Buy Sell Rent or an investment property. We are a full-service real estate company with a strong market presence.

We’ve helped Buy Sell and Rent homes in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, and the Tri-Cities in the Lower Mainland in British Columbia.

Appeal to a Visual Audience — Middleburg Real Estate

Your webpage needs to be clear and informative. If your audience is going to see more than 500 people a month, it may be necessary to find a web designer that maintains and updates your site regularly. That way, when potential clients do go to your website, they’ll immediately see your photo and other details…and they’ll check out your real estate listings.

Just think…you’re someone else’s favorite,” and what that means in real estate is that you’re going to have to learn all about making an emotional connection with customers. Obviously, you’re going to have to do your job professionally when you want to sell a house in a short amount of time, but you can sell a person’s house in one day.

Add a Mortgage Calculator — No Bedrooms

It is now possible to include a mortgage calculator in your website.

You’ll need to set up your website so that you can add a mortgage calculator. These are straightforward to setup and you should be able to add one to your website in a few hours or less.

These mortgage calculators are unscripted, so you should minimise the amount of setup time that is required.

If you want your mortgage calculator to also calculate the interest amount you will owe in your self-managed super fund account, that is also possible.

A mortgage calculator in an agent’s website is a great addition. The larger the mortgage calculator, the more useful it will be to your website visitors. For a mortgage calculator, you’ll have the choice of a calculator with no bedrooms, no bathrooms or even one with no upper floors.

Some mortgage calculator themes include a form to request a mortgage preapproval online. This can be a very easy method for a client to buy a home.

Be Mobile-ready — Select Realty Group

Best Real Estate Agent Websites To Help you Get the Best Deal if you are going to buy or sell a home.

Highlight Planned Events — Tim Pierson Home Sales Team

In a market like this, Tim’s advice is to highlight the planned events on yourfor home buyers to see.

We have a lot of likeminded home buyers like Tim who we’d rather not list with. No hard feelings, Tim is simply doing what is best for him and his family. Similarly, we think Tim and other home owners in the South have every right to stick with their own agent if they prefer to do so, and should not feel pressured to list with another real estate agent.

Now you would like to know what we have been doing differently than Tim and because these events speak loudly throughout the area. It makes sense for us to embrace and share, rather than being your secret weapon.

Sharing the success of our home buyer community with you is easier when we participate with the agents and buyers. We have every right to acknowledge the excellent work that the agents are doing. Additionally, the South Hills community shines brightly with the organized events, and is a place where people want to be.

Be sure to message us back and let us know how we can continue to showcase the market for you.

Provide Market-focused Information — Artisan Sotheby’s International Realty

Artisan Sotheby’s International Realty is a luxury real estate company in Atlanta that caters to affluent buyers and sellers and focuses on providing them with market-focused information. This company is the mobile version of the realtors at Sotheby’s International Realty and carries the prestige and a global real estate network of its parent company.

Artisan Sotheby’s International Realty is also a boutique agency that provides buyers and sellers with a high level of personal service by focusing on the people involved in the transaction and providing them with a wide range of services. The company’s comprehensive service portfolio extends to offering remote property searches, comparative market analysis and a full range of services associated with closing sales.

Artisan Sotheby’s International Realty can be contacted through its website, Twitter and Facebook accounts, or the numerous social media websites that it has created for its real estate business.

This real estate company also provides purchasers with a personal account manager who is dedicated to their needs and who is dedicated to tracking all of the details of the purchase. This account manager can help to facilitate the purchase and can also help to coordinate things such as scheduling visits for inspections and appointments.

Use Quality Photography — Nest Seekers International

The most important tip I can give to you … is to use real estate photography. It is a lot of work but is very important.

When I am looking at a property I look at the pictures not the description. Try to use real estate photography and do not use stock photography.

The best way to get your listings caught up with other listings is to use Zillow’s Home Value Tool.

Another important tip is to be consistent with your information. This includes your offices, hours, agents, etc. If you want to stand out from other agents use good quality real estate photography.

Also, be prepared to get competition. There are a lot of agents out there. Do not get discouraged! Just keep plugging along. If you are diligent and are open with your potential clients they will refer other people to you.

Finally, my most important tip is to network with other agents. If you check out real estate industry meetings in your area you will not only be networking with other brokers you will also be exposed to a lot of other agents. Don’t be afraid to attend their meetings as well. They will be more than pleased to have you attend.

Promote Your Brand to Buyers — Egypt Sherrod Real Estate Group

Egypt Sherrod Real Estate Group is a leading real estate agency located in Alabama and Florida. We understand the importance of branding yourself a Top Rater. With this in mind, we utilize the most modern technology to fully utilize every opportunity to get your name out there. Using the most modern internet and multi media marketing care to maximize every dollar spent for your brand.

From website ad words for your name to Facebook Ads we are going to maximize your branding time, money and effectiveness. We are not only going to help you market your real estate brand but we can teach you how to find a buyer and get your property sold.

Investing in property can be an exciting yet scary time. We are here to help walk you through the entire process of buying and selling. With the assistance of our agents, clients, and consultants we can ensure you don't have any issues during a fast paced and busy transaction.

We offer the following services:

  • Sell your home
  • Buy a home
  • Long or short sale assistance
  • Mortgage and title processing
  • Relocation services
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Home inspection
  • Delinquent taxes
  • Reverse mortgage assistance
  • Buyers’ and sellers’ insurance
  • Multifamily rental property
  • Duplex, single-family or commercial homes
  • Oversized lots

Show Off Awards — Susan Breitenbach

Capture the Vibe — Ricardo Olea

I was the proud new owner of a dream property, but the transaction was clouded by a realtor who had no love or passion for his work. He was friendly enough, but I knew that his smile was a joyless one. Oh sure, he did everything on paper, and his numbers looked great, but he couldn’t get his soul into it. I knew I had to get rid of him. This man was just selling the house, but he was selling it in a soulless way. I didn’t want that.

It’s the same reason why landing page optimization is important: not so much the landing page but the reason you picked the landing page. If the reason you picked the landing page is a real estate agent that’s cold and has no soul, then the landing page is not going to help you. It’s the very same reason why a realtor’s face should be warm and friendly. If you asked a prospective client to choose between a realtor who would talk down to them and one who talks to them in a warm conversational tone, which one would they pick? They’d pick the one with the warm smile.

Add Engaging Content — Corcoran

Corcoran Group’s website featuring a luxury vacation property in Aspen, CO is a great example of how the real estate brokerage uses HTML5 techniques to improve the user experience. The home is tagged as a featured property on the homepage and has text that links to a summary video, interactive floor plan, sales history and more.

Additionally, the homepage features panoramic views. Descriptive text provides further details of the property, including the cost of the home, square footage, number of bedrooms and baths.

Corcoran’s added features not only help visitors discover the home’s features, but also engages them to share and like the property on Facebook and Twitter.

Showcase Individual Agents — RE/MAX PRODIGY

Add Surrounding Areas — RubyHome

The online world is a vast entity filled with sites, ideas, images, and even the possibility of making connections with the people you need to find.

The particular site is not only filled with real estate listings, but the ability to filter them by state, city, price range, and by recent or old listings.

You can also explore the 3 main areas of the website's functionality, which includes:

  • Searching for homes and agents
  • Web-based listing & viewing of properties
  • Person searching for homes

RubyHome's database is large enough to contain all the homes being listed in the majority of the states. Moving into the home searcher section, you will be able to use the tools to narrow down your search for the correct home.

All of these functions can be completed through the website's advanced mapping service, which allows you to illustrate your perfect home with a stylized map of your favorites.

Showcase Your Best Properties — Aumann Bender

Aumann Bender Realty is a multi-office real estate company with offices in Kanata, Ottawa, Beamer Woods, Oshawa, and Toronto.

They use Real Estate.ca’s Property Manager App to showcase their properties and make posting and sharing listings easier.

Once you’ve signed up for the Property Manager App, you can choose which listings to feature. You can also upload and share your listings in multiple languages, or highlight special properties.

This helps invigorate the local industry and showcases the unique services and products they offer.

Aumann Bender Realty’s website displays their listings by city and property type. Because they have offices in multiple cities, they are able to ensure that their listings are visible to their local audience.

The homepage of their website is inviting, displaying beautiful pictures of properties. This helps prospective home buyers to understand what type of home will fit their unique needs, and how they can utilize the property more effectively.

The design is pleasing to the eye, and this boosts their understanding and credibility; a real estate marketer will not have time to market their website if it’s a pain to browse. On the website, the pictures and descriptions are easily accessible so that buyers can make a confident decision.

Connect Personally With Clients — Collin Bray

Real estate agents look to bigger 4G or LTE smartphones for two reasons: to access the MLS information on their smartphones, and to screen and connect with their clients or leads immediately.

The first step to a successful real estate career is to establish your presence in the real estate market. You want to identify your target audience and get on the front end of the marketing. As brokers show you houses, your ability to look at MLS homes live will give you a competitive edge immediately.

There are specific reasons why I started my agency on the iPhone, and here are a few of those reasons:

It’s a mobile platform – If I want my prospects to buy my mobile homes, I want them to be mobile! The mobile phone is a universal gadget where, on one hand, you’re communicating with your clients via texts and calls on your business cell phone – your lead-pocket – but on the other hand, you’re doing so much more with apps like Skype and native features like the camera and maps.

Display Social Media Buttons — Tory Keith

Show your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles. Leave them on all the time. When people are looking at your homes, show those profiles and some pictures of the home for your buyer.

Grab Leads at Every Opportunity — Tracey Hampson

The Internet has truly made it possible to find and connect with just about anyone in the world. But when it comes to selling your home, you have to take things a step further, making sure to get your real estate leads while you can. Not to mention, there are plenty of other important details about finding the right real estate agent to consider. The following tips will help you do exactly that. Make Sure to Look for a Real Estate Agent with Big Locks — Jack Brown

Whether you’re going to be home while no one’s around or going to be away for an extended period, you need to make sure you have a way to get in your property. You can go to a key service to pick up some extra keys when you need them or you can buy a more desirable key system and use it to access your home. If you have lots of clutter, installing a digital lock can make it easy for people outside your household to get into your home without having to make a mess in the process. But don’t worry, if you want to keep the old-fashioned key locks, you can do that, too. The Internet Can Help Find the Right Agents — Jack Brown

Be Accessible — Brown Harris Stevens

Brown Harris Stevens’ website is one of the most impressive real estate websites I have ever seen. If you can’t afford ‘Brown Harris,’ then use it as your ‘do home’ and you’ll find a lot of useful advice and a lot of inspiration amongst its pages.

Give Visitors a Tour — Michael Kelczewski

Tours are an excellent way for people who either like to show off their properties, or are hoping to sell, to show prospective buyers a good look at their property… a tour is also ideal for letting potential buyers see everything in a property they are considering buying. The tour will give them a better idea of what the property looks like, but will also give them more of an idea of how it would work.

As an agent, you should always be thinking about how you can help your clients show their properties in the most advantageous light possible. A good way to encourage this is to give potential buyers a tour within a couple of days of them asking to view the property. This will give them a chance to go through the property, as well as to ask questions that they might otherwise forget.

One of the things that clients may ask for, and which will be particularly useful if the property is geared toward one particular area of interest, is a floor plan. Your local letting or estate agent would be able to provide you with the details of how to do this, so it is important that you ask them. The lure of being able to eliminate certain aspects of a property from the drawing up of a floor plan for your clients can be considerable. Of course, you will have to bear in mind that you may need to share the floor plans you have made for the property with other interested parties.

Showcase Your Unique Services — City Home Collective

  • Get More Clicks
  • Branding – If you’re buying or selling in a competitive area, use keywords that reflect the location of the home to increase your brand’s visibility.
  • Category Selector – If your home or locale has several home features, select the one that best suits your needs.
  • Home Information – Some real estate agents and communities like to keep their listings brief and not include too much detail. If yours does, let your viewers know.
  • Multiple Listings – If there are multiple homes in your area, include a description for each one.
  • Video – People love to see what they’re buying or selling before they decide. Invest in a video tour or highlight a few aspects of your home.
  • Pictures – Pictures are worth a thousand words. Include high quality pictures of your home or listing area.

Offer Information About Different Communities — The Harrelson Group

Harrelson Group, a real estate firm that specializes in Broker and Buyer Trvial is a company which provides quality experience to members. they are the real estate agents for a variety of communities in the United States. Company provides luxury homes to live in.The company provides the contact of specialists. They do the hard stuff, like finding the right home, while they give you the best service, the best possible price and help you through the buying process.

The company believes that the divisions of the industries in the market will advance. Nowadays, there are numerous real estate companies which provide brokerage and selling services for the buyers.

The Harrelson Group is working for the real estate companies which provide not only selling and brokerage services but also about the community services. Hence the company is working for the growth of the economies. The company has different parts because at different times it collects intelligence in different ways.

{1}. The company has a real estate division which specializes in creating communities. The company encompasses the communities which are land, ocean and condos. It provides the information about the properties, about the separate communities, market information about the prices and more.
{2}. The company provides the homeowners insurance facility for the members of the house. The Harrellson Group has the group homes which are similar to the health care facility.

Highlight Your Team — Skye Louis Realty

Skye Louis Realty is a fully licensed and insured Houston Realtor with the ability to tailor your real estate experience with a top-notch support network.

Spotlight Client Testimonials — Kendyl Young

Kendyl has helped me every step of the way. I was extremely nervous about trying to sell my house and nervous to start the process with an agent. Kendyl was very helpful and patient and helped to ease my mind. I would definitely recommend Kendyl to anyone that is in the market to sell or buy. I love this woman!” – Monica R.

Kendyl and Jamie helped me sell my home quickly and they both went way beyond the normal duties of a realtor to get the job done. They are both very professional and knowledgeable. Kendyl is an amazing person and now a good friend !

Provide a Great User Experience — Nathan Garrett

Nathan is a digital entrepreneur and cofounder of Bespoke Media, a digital media agency, and a proud ex-nurse. Here are his ideas to offer a great user experience (UX) in a website, blog and more.


Let Your Users Know You Care

No matter what you’re selling or serving, you’ll have better luck if you do a few things to show a little empathy and let your visitors know you care.

– So make sure you show your visitors you care, and they’ll often follow. This relates to anything from your website to your social media presence to your product.

Focus on SEO — The Duplex Doctors

Ask a Question — Atlas Real Estate Group

Use Pop-ups to Guide Visitors — Bond Real Estate

There are two ways to use pop-ups to drive website traffic. Suppose you run a website that offers travel information. Your primary goal is to get people interested in your site, because that’s the only way you’re going to get them to purchase a flight or rent a hotel room.

But you also want to use pop-ups to lead the reader to the major resource on your site. You’ve spent a lot of time writing the content, so why not spend a little more time getting visitors there? By using pop-ups, you can lead visitors to your high-quality content. They might not have been interested in your content, but you can give them a reason to stick around.

By using headlines, graphics, and other elements of your website, you can put your pop-up to work by providing information that leads the reader to your main content. At the same time, you get increased traffic on your site.

Share Your Expertise & Resources — The Williams Team

{1}. Choose your niche. Although you are an expert in real estate sales, you want your website to group with other experts in your niche. Figure out which niches you are most interested in and build your website around them.
{2}. Choose a niche blog that is similar to a blog you have enjoyed and would like to make money from. Choose a niche blog where your expertise matches and you have the time to write in depth to solve all the day and night questions you receive.
{3}. Be honest. Call to action and imagery are the two keywords you cant lose.
{4}. Provide valuable content and make it so good it is worth reading or downloading. You can show this by providing unique content, opinion and advice.
{5}. Always have call to action (CTA) clues in the main content and offer downloadable resources for those who would like to build their business or be included in your upcoming information.
{6}. Ideally your niche blogs should be in your niche and be an authority in online or information gathering and you are an expert in. Call to action and imagery are the two keywords you cant lose. Based on number of followers and amount of interaction with them the content you are posting is getting.
{7}. To get business it must be personalized with email and promotions.
{8}. Find company representation or have someone find it for you. Come up with all the naming rights for all your scripts.

Use Chatbots to Start Conversations — KoenigRubloff

KoenigRubloff (KR) believes that the chatbot has the potential to become a new communication tool – one powerful enough to change real estate marketing. KR helps clients start conversations with high-value prospects by integrating chatbots into their entire marketing strategy.

Having a chatbot available in the Facebook Messenger platform for your brand is important, but ensuring that you’re having a helpful and relevant conversation with potential clients takes more than just a few lines of code. It also requires best practices, testing, and responsible integration.

Here are some of KR’s best practices for using a chatbot in real estate marketing:

Develop a plan Before you even think about coding your chatbot, make sure you have a plan for how you will integrate it into your business …KR completed a demo of their chatbot and integrated code to test it. …After conversations with clients, they implemented the code changes needed for live chat. Include a call to action and offer a discount or gift as a way to help keep client communication light to avoid convincing them to buy before they know all the necessary details themselves.

Showcase Local Expertise — Eileen Beddinghaus

A Realtor with Realty Associates of Sonoma (Santa Rosa).

The average home buyer has no idea what a real estate agent actually does. Typically, agents are the ones behind the scenes who help coordinate the various costs and services necessary for you to buy or sell a home. They also work with buyers and sellers to create the right type and amount of professional photos and other marketing materials. If you’re familiar with an agent, your real estate experience will be a whole lot smoother.

One of the greatest benefits of working with an agent is the fact that they have a quicker process for closing. Although you’ll want to be involved in the process yourself, agents can’t be there for every step along the way. You’ll still need to follow the timeline sets by your lender, but the agent will work to keep all of the pieces moving in the right direction.

Include Media Citations — John Steele

REALTOR® – Columbia, SC.

John Steele, a Central Compass Realtor, and fellow Realtor at Compass Realty in Columbia, was quoted in the Post and Courier Media Technology section. John mistakenly thought the author included a quote from him about including media articles “in the marketing collateral” with your listing. In reality, the article was about an Internet listing service, and the author was suggesting that this listing service should include an article about the property.

When The Post and Courier reached out to John, he explained that he was in the real estate business and that he always included media articles about his listing examples in the marketing collateral with his listings. John clarified that he did not believe that media companies should include his listing examples in their websites so that would-be buyers would come to his office to get more information.

As you’re marketing on the internet, always make sure you carefully consider and understand the information that’s being published about your listings.

Bottom Line — Real Estate Agent Websites