6 Best Press Release Distribution Services 2021

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Top 6 Press Release Distribution Services 2021

Press releases are a great way to build your visibility on the Internet. Usually, a press release is a short, concise article. It is a brief but engaging text containing an overview of your business and the services it provides, including a quick description of the products you offer, people you serve, the services you offer, and more. Their aim is to connect with journalists who write for trade publications or blogs that deal with the same industry, and to get their attention.

Press release distribution services are responsible for sending out press releases to journalists. Sometimes, the distribution service mailing a press release directly to their recipients, and other times, they are doing it with the help of an extensive list of news outlets.

Press release distribution is usually the third phase of the PR execution process. In this phase, the distribution service will send out the press release to numerous media contacts on their list. When they are done, you will need to promote the press release to attract the attention of bloggers and trade journalists, who will then be able to write about your press release.

Distribution services have experience in reaching out to hundreds of journalists and getting them to schedule interviews. Some will specialize in the business and technology sector, while others are focused on the foods and beverages trade.

Some of the top press release distribution services available today are:

  • Companies
  • Best PR Distribution
  • Business Wire
  • PRLog
  • PRNewswire

How We Evaluated Press Release Services

Send2Press : Best Overall Writing & Multichannel Press Release Distribution Service

With over 700,000 Press Releases published since 1995, Send2Press is one of the largest, most successful Press Release Distribution Service online.

Everyone is getting buried under the sea of advertising, promotional, and PR text nowadays. It’s a nightmare to sift through and barely anyone actually reads the content.

Most Press Release Distribution Services have stifled your ability to get your content in front of the public because they’re not making it available online, in their online media distribution networks, or elsewhere online.

Your Press Release or Press Release Content can be instantly distributed to over 300,000 industry professionals via several online channels.

Send2Press Pricing & Features

Send2Press is one of the most trusted and highly rated press release distribution services online. In order to stand apart in a crowd of full-featured press release distribution services, Send2Press focus on the essential services that matter most to your business.

Since its launch in 2011, Send2Press has had tremendous success in becoming the world’s leading press release distribution service, featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes and Inc. magazines. Only the best distribution announcements are sent to our high quality media list, and the top press release distribution service with unprecedented customer satisfaction.

Press Release Distribution Service Sending Target:

USA: American Press Release

Europe: Europa News Press Release

Australia: Business News Express Australia

UK: Release Press Release PressReleaseWorld

Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India: Asia IP News Press Release

Finland: Tekniikka & Talous

Sweden: Veckans Affarer

Send2Press’ industry-leading features that make it a favorite among press release distribution services includes:

No CPA… Did you know that a large percent of paid press release distribution is conducted without a CPA upfront? Send2Press do not require a contract to be signed to start sending your press releases. Start sending your press releases today with no CPA.

eReleases : Best for Industry-targeted Direct-to-Journalist Distribution

What makes Press Releases stand out among the many forms of media exposure is that they are customized and sent directly to the decision makers in your industry. They are also typically used to target specific media outlets.

The trick is in the right placement. eReleases is among the best choices for public relations professionals because of their direct-to-journalist approach. They’re also great for startups and entrepreneurs, who need to get their news above the noise. The method given in this Press Release Distribution Service is the most effective in this regard: hit more than 50 journals and 50 social networks with a press release that’s geographically targeted.

A subtle move in this direction, for example in the tech-based niche, would be to research Instagram bios of reporters within 100-mile radius of a certain location. A more powerful move, of course, would be to send release-exclusive –premium” content to every single one of these journalists and bloggers. This is the strategy for a distributed reach of upwards of 100,000 with a 100% attach rate.

Press releases, when distributed through eReleases can include links and images, and can even include raw video and audio content. Each release can be customized based on the niche in question.

eReleases Pricing & Features

PRWeb : Best for Advanced Press Release Analytics & Reporting

PRWeb offers the most advanced press release analytics and reporting.

PRWeb is the latest release from PR Web and is a reputed company providing PR services around the world. It provides various tools such as media alerts, media databases, viral alerts, RSS feeds, Smart Blogosphage, press release distribution services, media archives, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, video creation and more.

PRWeb provides reliable, professional and efficient PR and marketing services to its ever-flourishing client list.

PRWeb is considered the world’s largest newswire service for professional communicators, and it has been around since 1996. With a strong reputation for quality news and press releases, and traditionally serving as an –A– professional PR service, PR Web has an extensive network of media distribution, data and analytics, and marketing.

PRWeb provides several useful features for the media, business, medical professionals, and advertisers. Some of the most useful features that PRWeb provides include advanced search options, best practice guide, media database, viral alerts, RSS feeds, research texts, daily news and much more.

Some additional useful features PRWeb provides include its capabilities for tracking press releases, regularly updated news database, multimedia library, and a customer relationship management tool.

PRWeb Pricing & Features

Newswire : Best for Geographic Targeting by Industry

Newswire distribution is the most common method for a business to get the word out. It’s the quickest way for a company to reach the right audience. Newswire distribution services offer a few packages, the most popular being geographical distribution. That’s because selecting a country, state, or city as a target is far easier than attracting specific local audiences.

Newswire Pricing & Features

Press release service providers, history goes back to the 19th century as a way of distributing news through telegraph wires. Newspaper houses and magazine publishers used to send press releases ads across the country through the news wire networks. However, as the Internet surged, these news wires decided to change to breaking news delivery and made sourcing of the news easier for the public. Newspapers and magazine publishers got desperate to search for the next best option for them, and press release distribution was begun.

A press release distribution programs starts when the news and the press releases are entered into subscription websites like Newswire One, Newswire 365 and Newswire Cataloge. There are also some exclusive distribution websites, dedicated to only serve news release distribution. Authors who post press releases on these websites are supplied with the press release distribution services to publish their press releases and lists on these websites. These press release distribution services are also bundled together with promotional services. Author need not worry about who will send the press release to the clients, as the company will take care of the distribution.

The services are, generally to, outlined below:

Free distribution

This service allows the authors the option of making news release free to be sent to the subscribers of their websites. The service does not offer any kind of customer support to the authors. This service does not guarantee the high conversion rate, since all the affiliating press release distribution services are free to use.

PR Distribution : Best for Premium National Outlet Distribution

PR distribution is one of the most essential features of PR & Social Media campaigns. When sending press releases to a target publication, the idea is to get the article published in return. The distribution services help you leverage your press release’s distribution wide and far which is important for getting local and national press. Here’s the detailed explanation for the best PR distribution services for individual and business PR campaigns:

The biggest factors that impacts one’s PR success are the effort and planning that is put in. If you’re looking to start a press release distribution campaign you are better off to plan it well.

Some of the most important and useful tips are as follows:

  • Begin with an extensive research of the targeted media
  • Summarize the key points of your press release
  • Give your press release the right title and tag
  • Create a superb email subject line
  • Address the email to the target media
  • Craft a perfect press release
  • Include the right images
  • Consider the grade of your press release although it is a crucial aspect of any PR campaign
  • Plan your distribution wisely
  • Check if the publication wants your release in hard copy or not
  • Don’t get discouraged if the media chooses not to publish your press release

PR Distribution Pricing & Features

As one of the marketing strategies, PR distribution services is one of the most popular nowadays.

After the right research, I have found 6 top PR distribution services on the market in 2021. Besides, I also make a comparison table to help you paint in details for the right one that fits with your current business needs.

PR Newswire : Best Advanced Targeting for Mid-sized Brands

If PR Newswire is the standard on press release distribution you want to achieve, look no further than PR Newswire’s distribution partner, Seeking Alpha, which is a service that offers a wide array of services from press release distribution to enhanced analytics, employee surveys and digital insights. Seek Alpha is an especially effective tool for press release distribution if you’re a mid-sized brand or small business looking for advanced targeting and demographic reach.

PR Newswire offers four other tactics aimed at helping you get your press release noticed. They include:

  • Distribution Partner Network
  • Subject Matter Expert Newsletters
  • Private Network
  • Display & Video Placement

If your goal is to reach the pinnacle of publicly traded companies, PR Newswire and its related distribution partners are certainly the way to go, but if you’re aiming for the masses, Seek Alpha’s services are a definite improvement from the usual standard.

PR Newswire Pricing & Features

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the advantages of using Press Release distribution services?

There are several advantages to utilizing a press release distribution service for your business. First of all, the costs associated with creating regular press releases are essentially free. All you need to do is write the press release, incorporate it into an email and send it to your press release distribution service. Typically, the service you select will take care of the rest for you. Second, using a press release distribution service is another smart strategy for increasing your company’s search engine results through backlinking and increasing your online reach. A press release distribution service programs your release into their database and distributes it, accordingly, to 100s of online news media websites every day. These news websites will then thumbnail your release for inclusion in their websites… this increases your overall visibility online. Third, press release distribution services are not just for small businesses. Some of these services distribute press releases to hundreds of news sites daily. This means your release will be publicized to millions of potential customers. It’s not uncommon to see press releases sent to more than 100,000 news sites in a single day (and yes, you can choose which ones you’d prefer to receive).

What should I look for in a press release distribution service?

How much does it cost to issue a press release?

What are the pros & cons of using a press release distribution service?

A press release (PR) is simply a piece of marketing written by a company or an organization to reach the target group of people. It is a structured news release but with no reference to any company’s product or service.

A press release is sent to media outlets that would be likely to cover the news. It can be distributed electronically via email or web file or physically via fax, post or regular mail. Typically, press releases will state the company name, news release title (news release content), date, headline, and contact details.

A press release is a narrow and focused marketing tool that is used by companies to broadcast information to news media. When the press release is published, the media’s reputation is raised and the company’s image is enhanced. Additionally, the news is very likely to be read and published by more members of the news media.

The traditional method of collecting information about the news media is to contact each reporter individually. It is time consuming to go through all the contact lists and contact all reporters individually.

With a press release distribution service, a company just sends its press release to the press release distribution service and they will gather all the information and add them into the press release they deliver.

A press release distribution service can help in three major ways:

Ease of Submission:

How do I send a press release?

Press releases are a great way to offer PR and marketing writers in a fast and easy way that is not intimidating. This is definitely a great means of getting your brand out there, especially since a large portion of PR tool use relies on sources other than the initial creator. This is why companies, celebrities, and individuals alike usually send out press releases.

Despite how effective a press release can be, it is still a major source of anxiety for us as writers. Sending an amateur press release can have a negative outcome resulting in a company losing credibility or harming the brand. It is important that companies understand the ins and outs when it comes to writing press releases. There are a couple essentials that go hand in hand with press releases.

Sending it out the right way.

Checking suggestions for press releases.

What you need to include.

How to write it.

However, in order for your release to be accepted by a site or magazine, you have to follow certain guidelines to ensure that it meets their criteria, so here are 6 of the best press release distribution services in 2018.

Bottom Line

It is a known fact that online press releases have become a very popular PR tool for building brand awareness and boosting business in the Internet world. Press releases are short and informative pieces of content written by your PR company to build credibility, provide ROI and to promote your business, products and services. There are hundreds of sites that offer press release distribution services to your organization at the lowest prices.

However, you may consider it a dilemma when it comes to selecting the most beneficial press release distribution services that offer the best Return On Investment and the best service at the most affordable prices.