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Top 6 PowerPoint Alternatives for Small Business Owners

Microsoft PowerPoint is not the only tool out there but it’s the most popular presentation tool. Yet despite its popularity, the tool is not always the best choice for a business.

If you don’t necessarily need to create effective presentations but you are still looking to use the software for an effective purpose, then you probably need to find a PowerPoint alternative. In this post, we bring you the 6 Best PowerPoint Alternatives for Small Business Owners.


GSA is a desktop suite (freeware) for managing G Suite and Microsoft Office Online, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint Online. And it’s a user friendly tool that is easy to install and use.

GSA supports full Microsoft Office compatibility including PowerPoint. The tool delivers following features to you:

Spreadsheets (originally developed for use with Microsoft Excel) make it easy to work with large data sets and visualize trends. In fact, spreadsheets are often used in business to explore complex business problems.

How We Evaluated Alternatives to PowerPoint

PowerPoint turned 20 in 2013 and still, it is popular as ever. This makes it so important for us to make sure that all our evaluations are up to date and that we consider tried and tested alternatives that a whole audience of teachers and students might use in the coming years.

One of the things that any alternative to PowerPoint has to take into account is to be really easy to use, let the users do pretty much what they want and naturally be able to generate impressive results. These are exactly the characteristics that we looked for in the alternatives that we evaluated.

If you’re using Microsoft PowerPoint often, you might have heard a lot of complaints about the software or the many limitations that it brings. We hope that by reading this post, you will be able to understand the difference between the alternatives that we evaluated and that you will be motivated to find a solution to that old nuisance that is Microsoft PowerPoint.

Best Overall PowerPoint Alternative for Small Businesses: Google Slides

Google Slides is a great presentation tool for creating and managing complex presentations. While it doesn’t include many of the features found in PowerPoint, you can easily import PowerPoint files and use resources from within PowerPoint.

One of the main benefits of Slides over PowerPoint is the built-in collaboration and review features. Presentations in Slides are visible to co-workers or other team members and are easily changed and refined.

Another benefit of Google Slides is that you can integrate them seamlessly with other Google tools. Using sophisticated and complicated presentations are easier when you utilize automated speech recognition (ASR) and text-to-speech tools. Slides also supports the latest trends in visual design and enables presentation makers to design slides from scratch using Google’s interface.

Google Slides Pricing

If you have an account with Google, you can use the GSuite business tools at no charge, compliments of your Google account. However, if you don't have a GSuite account, you can use Google Slides without a charge but only as a free browser-based application.

Google Slides is Google's online presentation software that allows you to create professional-looking presentations. It's easy to use but surprisingly robust, allowing you to create complex slides using a wide variety of special effects and animations.

Another limitation of Google Slides is its data limit. For example, if you import a spreadsheet in a fixed-width format, you would have to use Google Spreadsheets – both are free, but Google Slides doesn't have the same data limit as Google Spreadsheets.

Remember, Google Slides is 100% browser-based, so it works with almost any web browser, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer (IE), Safari, and Opera. In this article, we will outline the features available in Google Slides along with its pricing options.

Google Slides Features

Google Slides is probably the most popular presentation tool used by presentations in 8th grade. It is mainly for Business users and provides some advantages that are useful for exams.

There are lot of features in Google slides are very easy to use and at the top there is the tools for the basic works. Here are the 6 top benefits of using slides for your homework.

With lots of slide editing tools, formatting options and a variety of themes and colors, slides is able to make your presentation a professional one. If you have a visual presentation, slides is useful because it allows you to add and rearrange your slides, add notes and you can use snapshots too.

With one click of button, you can view a full screen edit a slide without opening it in a separate window. Google slides is ideal for making you a professional looking presentation and the presentation will be rich.

Slides support PDF files. Use the tool Docs to Slides and you can send a link to anyone anywhere in the world.

You will be able to present a rich text to your audience in the form of an image gallery. Unlike PowerPoint, you have more control over the design and style of your gallery.

Google slides is perfect when you are preparing a presentation for a live audience.

What Google Slides Is Missing

Google Slides has been designed for the education market. For anyone who is accustomed to PowerPoint, this will seem like a masterclass in frustration. For the education market, cloud-based document management is a recent hit and this is reflected in the design. This is good.

Certain gatekeepers will always claim it is the best, but as usual the win for anyone wanting to get from a rough concept to a polished polished highlight video, is that there are a myriad of options out there.

However Google Slides is unlikely to be a well featured video production tool (or the format bears explaining), but it will make it very easy to draft quickly and if you think, of it as just a doc management tool its much more exciting as a tool from which you are able to deliver presentations.

Anyone who has used Google Docs on a day-to-day basis will know that you are able to pipe documents in and out of various formats from the spreadsheet editor, which means you can use slides directly in the spreadsheet view as well as just adding captioning and text in to the body of the slide. This makes it a boon when drafting, but if you’re into video production, think of the feature as just drafting and not some kind of tool for video creation.

What Users Think About Google Slides

PowerPoint. Keynote. The famous programs from Microsoft.

Google Slides: The replacement of Microsoft Office.

Users have a lot of things to say about Google Slides, and there’s a lot they like about the program.

Their biggest complaint about Google Slides is that it’s not as smooth as PowerPoint or Keynote. Users find it choppy and laggy, and they struggle to create stunning presentations because of it.

Some of the other complaints users have spotted in the program include a glitchy slide bar, lack of customization, and lack of visibility drawing tools.

There are several things Google Slides does well. Users praise the program for its clean, tidy interface, friendly navigation, fast access to formatting tools, and user-friendly interface.

Users also praise the program for its editing and inserting features. They like how everything is well organized, they find it easy to add links, pictures, and text, and they find it easy to insert pictures and charts in the active slide.

Best PowerPoint Alternative for Automatic Presentations: Slidebean

I want to show you the best alternative tool for creating automatic presentations at Slidebean, a tool that provides a dashboard to create automatic presentations.

In a previous article, I explained the main types of automatic presentations tools available in the market nowadays. These are the main directions in which the market is moving:

  • Hope that helps!
  • Spread the word,

Slidebean Pricing

Slidebean Features

PowerPoint currently dominates the world’s business presentations. However, with its heavy reliance on proprietary Microsoft software it’s becoming less and less appealing for many users and businesses. For some of you, the benefits of PowerPoint may outweigh the drawbacks. But for many of us, the downsides of PowerPoint are becoming too much to deal with.

Luckily, there are alternatives. Here are 6 of the best PowerPoint alternatives that many of you have already been using and loving.


Leksah is a simple application built with the latest web technologies. It features a professional layout, modern design and an intuitive, lightweight user interface. leksah is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool for your presentations. You can also use the embedded whiteboard function to capture the audience’s attention.


Prezi was recently launched to a phenomenal success. Thanks to its unique visual style and unique presentation style, Prezi is the most radically different presentation tool available. Prezi gives you more control over your content than a traditional presentation, as well as a unique way to create a story for your audience to follow.

Semper Presente

What Slidebean Is Missing

We searched the web for PowerPoint alternatives and found one called Slidebean that we decided to evaluate. We’ll be comparing the experience of using it with that of creating a storyboard in PowerPoint.

The Best Features

Slidebean allows you to create a storyboard using a simple and straightforward design metaphor, just like you would in a word processor.

The visuals are more appealing because they mimic the look of comics, which are very popular among young people.

It has the same structure as a typical word processor and so it’s easy to add link to other web pages and documents.

The ability to add sound – and graphics that move with the sound – to animations is a nice touch.

What Users Think About Slidebean

PowerPoint may be one of the Microsoft products that prefers to be the default choice. However, the dominance of this program has made it quite hard for the competitors to dent its reputation.

After all, Microsoft continues to release new versions, but the majority of the software application market is still using PowerPoint.

If you use Microsoft Office suite but you are willing to give PowerPoint a finger by asking for a PowerPoint replacement tool, you might try the free Slidebean.

So what is Slidebean?

Slidebean is an online presentation solution that allows users to edit their PowerPoint documents in a browser. The idea behind this tool is that it lets you get rid of PowerPoint by providing you with access to its features through the browser.

PowerPoint is a powerful program that allows you to customize its features and save the presentations in many formats. However, it comes with a substantial learning curve and it does not allow you to work with the editor directly without a desktop or laptop PC.

Slidebean gives you almost the same features that are available in the desktop version of PowerPoint but without the desktop.

Even though the tool is packed with most of the features that we know from the program, you have to bear in mind that the tool is only out to create presentations without linking them to other software.

Best PowerPoint Alternative for Audience Insights: Swipe

In our latest market research analysis, we found that 3 out of 4 companies in the industry consider their audience to be a major part of their success. Specifically, 93% of respondents said that their audience is pivotal to their success. However, the challenge is that every marketer has limited time and resources that they can dedicate to audience development.

With this in mind, we decided to research and share the results of our research on modern marketing and audience development solutions. In our study, we looked at 20 different tools, six of which were determined to be superior to the rest.

This list includes:

  • InfusionSoft for Marketing Team Collaboration
  • Compeo for Utilizing Fuzzy Tasks with Macro Focus
  • Swipely for Analytics and Marketing on Mobile Devices
  • Tko for Content Management System
  • Yesware for Email Audience Management
  • Minto for Email Marketing
  • Google Adwords for Pay Per Click Marketing

This list features leading software solutions that are perfect for marketing teams that want to build stronger audience insights. The tools that have been noted by the greatest number of marketers, only happen to be the ones that have been specifically designed to improve audience insights and communication. If you are looking for a solution to manage website traffic better, or if you are interested in a banner replacement for your marketing campaigns, you should probably check out our list of 20 Best PowerPoint alternatives.

Swipe Pricing


SlideRocket is an online tool to create and share presentations. It’s completely free, and anybody with a browser and an internet connection can use the slides and graphics in any presentation with a few simple mouse clicks.

Those who build presentations for a living are usually very familiar with programs like PowerPoint for Windows. But free alternatives to PowerPoint are now widely available and work as well as PowerPoint for many purposes.

To make your presentations more engaging, our researchers have found the best PowerPoint alternatives for all kinds of presentations. Whether you’re interested in presenting data, designs, or infographics, we’ve got you covered with these 6 best PowerPoint alternatives you should check out.

Swipe Tiered Features

The images can be dragged from one layer to the next on a colored background with the help of rubberband which can be used on different spots. This feature is helpful for the presentations with a complete resume which contains different items such as research projects, different tablets etc.

The images can be dragged from one layer to the next on a colored background with the help of rubberband which can be used on different spots. This feature is helpful for the presentations with a complete resume which contains different items such as research projects, different tablets etc.

Quiz Time Slide

Let’s talk about the good and the bad of each of these slides and how they can be used or not.

Good thing about the Splash Time Slider is that the images can be attached to the main slideshow. The presenter can swipe up or down to reveal different images. The problem is that it’s difficult to customize this presentation.

What Swipe Is Missing

There are 7 classes of problems for big organizations where business intelligence can be used to enrich the ability for all users in the organization to make decisions using data:

There is no doubt that now, in this age of data-driven management and analysis, data analytics has become a fundamental skill for everyone in the organization to have and the need of having a BI dashboard is a common requirement.

The development of the first generation of BI tools was great but now with tools like Excel pivot tables, PowerPivot, Tableau and many other spreadsheet software, the need of powerful and quick BI software has increased manifolds.

The ease of use, ease of understanding and quick feature to feature upgrades have made the spreadsheets into a core HR tool that gives management the data needed to run their business.

BI systems have also gained popularity with the growth of software like SAS, Microsoft Office, SPSS and many others but still a lot of people go back to their powerful spreadsheets.

So how do you move data analysts to get them on cloud based BI tools? Here are the 3 main requirements:

Power BI

Skycure's BIG Analytics is a cloud based BI and data visualization tool that connects to — in addition to Microsoft Excel, SQL Server andBI for Work server-based data — enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, clickstream data and web applications.

What Users Think About Swipe

Speak. Turn any text into a Simon-like mini game while you are reading, trying to language or brainstorming!

Playing SwipeStack is easy; just swipe your finger across the screen and memorize the word you see between the lines. It's that easy!


Best PowerPoint Alternative for Mobile iOS: Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a cloud-based presentation application that comes packed with awesome features. It enables you to easily share your files with others. Haiku Deck is cloud-computing software that comes with the facility to store and share files online.

The app allows you to create presentations on your mobile device, device, computer or even via browser. The app comes with an online presentation gallery which allows you share your files instantly. You can then edit and share the presentation via the app too.

Besides the ability to share your files, the presentation application comes with a web app which allows you to create and edit presentations from any computer.

Plus, you don’t have to lug your laptop to the meeting as Haiku Deck works on your mobile devices as well as your computer. You can also work on a presentation on multiple devices simultaneously.

Verdict: …This app is an awesome option for anyone who cannot decide between an offline and the online presentation. You can work on the presentation on your device even while you’re offline. The app is relatively affordable, and comes with plenty of features to augment your presentation.

Best iOS PowerPoint Alternative: Keynote

Haiku Deck Pricing

Good presentations give your employers and clients something to remember you by. They also aren’t just for business meetings anymore. Education presentations are a great way to let your students and students know what’s going on. Just like any business, presentations have to be tailored to your audience. PowerPoint presentations are very popular because they are very easy and simple to use, but there are better ways to present information.

A more affordable and user-friendly alternative to PowerPoint presentations are Haiku Deck presentations. Haiku Deck and Haiku Deck Pro are two of the most popular and advanced presentation tools available today. Read on to learn more about Haiku Deck’s features and plans for business organizations.

Haiku Deck Features

Haiku Deck is one of the only web-based presentation and note-taking tools, in that it comprises a drag and drop deck editor and a built-in web browser. You can switch between the two by clicking the icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Haiku Deck offers a host of formatting options that amount to a robust text layout system. You can apply text effects, use different fonts, and alter font colors and styles to your liking. The program also gives you a variety of text styles to choose from, ranging from bold and italics to underline and strikethrough.

However, Haiku Deck doesn’t give you as many presentation options as it does text formatting ones. Other than basic size and shape options, you don’t get any control over the opacity or transparency of objects in your presentation.

What Haiku Deck Is Missing


Keynote is Apple's presentation software, Haiku Deck is Google's alternative for PowerPoint and Presenter (for Mac) and Keynote alternative (for Windows). So lets compare their respective features and see where Haiku Deck lacks so much and where it simply excels.

Import Google Slides to Haiku Deck

Google Slides has a toolbar that can be added at the bottom.

Also, slides can be inserted from the menu by clicking the Import > From Google Slides to Word option. This allows you to easily get your presentations from Google Slides.

However, Haiku Deck has a built-in Slide Editor that can be used to add and edit slide content. You can also insert the Haiku Deck icon to the Markdown Editor, which will allow you to edit the slide content.

6 Best Keynote Alternatives:

Articles on Keynote:

Import Adobe Presenter to Haiku Deck

You can also import presentations from Adobe Presenter by clicking the File > Import > ASC Presenter (from Google Slides) option.

While this option is available, creating a presentation in Haiku Deck directly from Google Slides isn’t possible using the built-in Slide Editor. You are better off using the import feature from Google Slides.

What Users Think About Haiku Deck

You do not have to be a professional presenter to love Haiku Deck. The way it documents provides a much easier way to create great slides. Just slide the material you want to present, select types of presentation, and hit the slide button. This program will present your slides. Yes, that’s all there is to it.

If you are looking for someone to practice your presentation on Haiku Deck, you are lucky. All you have to do is find a video or upload one and you will get to see your presentation performed without having to buy a computer or find someone to use one.

Every slide that you select is stored in its own folder. You can start from scratch or drag and drop from other folders.

Talking about presentations, every slide you select will be displayed in a different style depending on the type of the slide. You will have so much fun experimenting with them to the max.

Since there is a massive collection of different Slide Templates, you won’t be bored at all.

Talking about presentation styles, you can use 26 different speakers and 21 different text variations or use ones that you have created yourself and customize them to the max.

Talking about text effects, you have almost unlimited wording possibilities. For example, you can use indentations, bold characters, italicized characters, just to mention the few ones.

Best PowerPoint Alternative for Sales & Marketing Presentations: Canva

Canva is an online graphic design tool. You can create and edit beautiful, professional quality graphics that are totally free. You can also use Canva to create clear, interesting presentations that your audience will like and remember.

I love Canva because you can access it anywhere. While I also use the word processor of my choice – Word, Libre Writer, or Pages – I find Canva much easier to use. I also like the fact that you can buy a Canva premium account, but Canva doesn’t require you to spend any money to use it. You can also import images that you’ve downloaded from different sources.

For example, I have a compilation of PowerPoint presentations I’ve found on the web, and I’ve used Canva to create slides that are very similar to the ones I used to use. I didn’t have to spend time learning and using a totally new software.

The presentations I’ve produced with Canva have not only saved me tons of time, they have also saved me money on repurchasing PowerPoint and all the math and data that comes with a PowerPoint presentation.

Canva Pricing

Canva is a free online graphic design program and it’s one of the best PowerPoint alternatives out there. Since Canva is an online program, you don’t need to download and install it on your computer. In fact, all you need is an internet connection to use it.

It’s important to remember that because Canva is an online tool, you won’t have the option of editing your images. It’s mainly used for creating images. The one thing that you will not be able to do with Canva is creating slideshows.

You can even design and share your design on a variety of social media channels. You just need to sign up for an account on Canva and then share the images that you have created in Canva with your friends and followers.

Canva is available on a number of platforms such as Apple devices, smartphones and tablets. So if you’re an iOS owner or you plan to use your smartphone as your presentation board, then Canva is a great choice.

Canva Tiered Features

Canva is the easiest way to create quality images, banners and headers for your social media accounts. It’s a powerful, Adobe Photoshop-like tool that’s incredibly easy to use. When you create a Canva design, you’re not limited to just creating images.

You can use Canva to make posters, blog headers, banners, and social media cover images to share on all of your platforms.

Although Canva was launched three years ago only, it offers a lot of features that can make your social media marketing or blog business more powerful. Here’s how.

What Canva Is Missing

Nudity, great songs, memory loss?

They’re all part of the Four Horsemen of the Infocalypse!

Otherwise known as the infamous PowerPoint decks that make no sense, but are important.

I’m tired of this, so let’s talk about some of the best alternatives:

Slidely is an online presentation tool. It makes it easy to create a slick looking and professional presentation, even if you have no design skills. You can sign up for a free account to give it a try, or even try their awesome Pro plans, which cost real money, but include lots of cool features like a password manager, password generator, device switching, and the ability to work offline.

Slidebox is both a website and a Chrome extension. It allows you to create fancy looking infographics on the fly. You can even embed a video in your slide.

Evernote Business is perfect for business owners and business presentations. It has tons of phenomenal features that will make a huge difference in your presentations:

  • You can use it to upload presentations so you can access them from anywhere
  • It’s highly customizable so you can design presentations that match your brand or your customers’ needs

What Users Think About Canva

Canva is one of the best PowerPoint alternatives. It’s downloaded now more than a million times for free.

It’s a simple and fast design tool free that makes your work faster and better. You can create professional presentations, graphics, infographics and artwork on the website.

You can easily upload photos and text, use your own design styles and make the graphics effects easily. You can share your work via social networks, blogs, websites, and online forums.

There are 200 free templates, you can create a slide with a template which is suitable for your style and graphics. Canva does design and create infographics.

However, you have to take extra steps to use this site as a professional. Canva is not a professional-level PowerPoint. It’s free but not free and easy. Perhaps, some features need a B2B version for free and numerous features are behind obstacles.

However, you can get features by buying premium. You can also download 30 or 60 or 100 free slides, templates, graphics, and themes directly. There are 200 free templates, for any type of graphics (infographics, icons, business card, blog, blog layout, infographic, social media buttons and other shapes).

Best PowerPoint Alternative for Highly Focused Presentations: Prezi

Prezi, a spin-off of the hugely popular Flickr photo-sharing service, was released in 2008. It’s touted as a brand new way of creating presentations, specifically for the visually focused trendsetters.

QuickTime Player

Prezi is not available on the Apple Mac or Windows platforms. It’s a PC-only online solution, which could be more convenient if it runs off of Flash, which would also allow you to run the presentation directly in a web browser. However, you could take advantage of the QuickTime player inside PowerPoint to access it.

Presentation Toolkit

The online PowerPoint alternative Presentation Toolkit is a handy tool with a host of features, many of which are actually quite familiar to PowerPoint users.

Prezi alternates perfectly with PowerPoint when the screen space is an issue and the presentation duration is longer. It allows the user to have an experience which gives that –rich” feel of a PowerPoint presentation, but with the self-direction afforded to users of the Prezi medium. Add charts, graphs, and other information. Select the size of your audience. Change the presentation music. Prezi also allows you to export your presentation to YouTube as a video, to upload it to websites like SlideShare, and to publish it on a blog.

Prezi Pricing

Prezi Tiered Features

PowerPoint has various prezi tiered features and prezi templates for users to present their presentations and have all the presentation tools. Different prezi tiered styles applied on the presentation can be good and load faster for presentation and the speaker.

You can prezi templates for university, school and all school projects, but it's really difficult for you to make your own.

Check out these 6 best prezi tiered features and templates which are the best PowerPoint alternatives.

What Prezi Is Missing

Prezi is a fantastic tool for creating 3D presentations and bettering your slide presentation skills. But Prezi isn’t the best choice for absolutely everything, and I’d avoid it for some situations. Here are the categories that are better off being served with PowerPoint.

Project Management
Arguably the most important application of Prezi is for project management and survey questionnaires. Prezi is the perfect companion when it comes to collecting feedback from clients and co-workers. It lets users make great looking presentations and allows them to share them with clients or coworkers by serving the prezi from their PC (or a nearby USB stick).

Business Impressions
A PowerPoint presentation isn’t exactly an essential tool for meetings and sales pitches, so Prezi isn’t necessarily a replacement for PowerPoint. But it fits the bill in situations when you aren’t expecting the audience to be too young or techy – Prezi is awfully nice and palatable for older folks, startups, and small businesses trying to sell their products.

What Users Think About Prezi

Yes, it is a great tool for presentations with tasks. But that’s not all. Prezi also has a lot of possibilities for presentation of the contents of websites and blogs on the topics. We'll tell you what is unique about it, what it has and what it doesn’t. And what is better to use this tool compared to other software for presentations.

{1}. The most important feature – Prezi is the most detailed presentation of your content and knowledge. Prezi, unlike other presentation tools, focuses on the content itself, not your head. The application of this presentation is very precise and informative. The Prezi platform is the most autostoiyuznoy presentation. It allows you to seamlessly create linkages between speakers and the topic.
{2}. The ability to create multi-media presentations …

Prezify your photos and videos, add audio tracks and interactive maps. Prezi allows you to create a surreal world full of details. Different photo and video effects and transitions (including the Toolz) help you to make your presentation stand out. It will be interesting, and your audience will fully understand all the details.

It complies with all the canons of professional presentation. …

Bottom Line

Right now, PowerPoint is the most popular and useful tool for any type of business presentation.

However, although it is effective, there are a lot of downsides to this free tool. It also has a large learning curve even for people who are already familiar with it. Plus, it is not so user-friendly. So you need to keep plenty of time in creating a presentation before hand, and can't

Just create them afterwards.

For this reason, you are advised to use its alternatives instead.

Alternatives to PowerPoint

Nowadays, there are plenty of websites that offer alternatives of PowerPoint that are free to use as well as cost-free. Some of these alternatives are both very easy to use and very easy to create.

Apart from these sites, there are also plenty of blogging platforms, video sites, and other things that you can use as alternative for PowerPoint, being that they are both highly effective and easy to use.

First, we will look at the best alternatives to PowerPoint that are both free and cost-free, with all the most important features, and will help you understand how to use them better.