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Top 5 P-Cards December 2019

What Is a Purchasing Card?

Purchasing cards are a type of credit card that hold or increase the credit limit of a credit card account. The cards – known as –Premier– or – PMC– cards from Capital one, for instance – allow you to get an additional upper limit on the amount you can spend on your credit card. Purchasing cards are used by people who have a low FICO score and do not want a very high limit on their credit card.

Purchasing cards offer a line of credit that can be used for large purchases such as furniture or a vehicle. Purchasing cards normally have an annual fee associated with them as well as a minimum amount of spending requirement. Once the required minimum spending is met, the cardholder can request an increase in the limit of the card.

Purchasing cards generally have lower fees for cash advance and purchase transactions than other types of cards. They can also be beneficial if you carry a balance on your other credit cards and are looking to avoid the fee associated with the balance transfers. If you don’t carry a balance then spending on the card comes at the cost of interest. Purchasing cards also come at a price as they do carry an annual fee.

P-Card vs Business Credit Card

A pre-paid card is a good way to conceal your identity when shopping over the internet.

P-Card Sites also hide your personal information, limiting the information they collect to a phone number and alternate email address. It usually follows the user after he/she uses the card.

So, if you have a CC with a fixed 3% per month APR and it’s reasonable price, you're just throwing away your money.

Most cards are expensive and low APR means that if the card will be closed in 14 days, you will not earn any money.

P-Card is the most appropriate way to spend money online without spending your real money. A P-Card looks like a real credit card number, with 3D Secure technology.

There are two main types of P-Cards: virtual and disposable. Virtual cards, they let you have a virtual number, but it is real and usable. However, disposable cards are simply made with a contract that ends when you buy the card and you are paid in cash.

For instance, a card that will be usable for 3 months and will end immediately after the expiration date will be a good P-Card to use when buying online.

How We Evaluated Purchasing Cards

P-Cards are a form of a direct marketing which allows the seller to present all the benefits of the product in a single purchase by creating a P-Card.

In case of P-Cards, the buyer does not have the power to reject the entire purchase. He or she is, however, allowed to choose the specific products that they want, either in the designated category or category of their choice, and create a shopping list.

And by doing this, the buyer is given the power to become aware of the product preferences and dislikes – and to have the complete freedom to make the appropriate purchase decision.

Today, the marketing value of P-Cards are so strong that many companies, either directly or indirectly, resort to them in order to increase sales. Additionally, with the increasing adoption of e-commerce, the number of P-Cards is increasing as well.

In our report, we evaluate and rank these p-cards.

One Card from Capital One : Overall Best P-Card for Small Businesses

One Card From Capital One Cost

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One Card From Capital One Terms

One Card From Capital One Rewards & Benefits

A Capital One credit card can offer you a wide variety of benefits and rewards. However, one thing that stands out is the impressive sign-up bonus of 40,000. To put the offer into perspective, it’s worth noting that other credit cards offer bonus points that are just 12,500 to 20,000 points. So even if you’re not looking to snag the Capital One rewards & benefits card sign up bonus, check your credit card offers because it can have favorable terms for other travel rewards.

The Capital One credit cards are a diverse group, and the sign up bonus is one of the things that sets them apart. As a general rule, the bigger the bonus, the more expensive the annual fee. But because of the Capital One credit cards tight marketing, they can be a good opportunity for consumers that are looking to better understand credit card sign up bonuses.

The average credit score necessary for a Capital One credit cards is 660. That means the current credit card market is more competitive than the current mortgage market. So before applying, make sure you’re within the credit range of those that have received the Capital One credit cards offer.

One Card From Capital One Qualifications

Qualifying for a card in the Capital One® Credit Card from American Express Rewards program isn’t very difficult. However, you’ll have to look at your spending patterns to ensure that you meet the credit card requirements, and that you have the right type of spending profile to qualify for a card.

What I’ll be showing you in this post are some of the different Capital One® Cards people are talking about lately, and the different credit cards who offer a sign up bonus. With the help of this post, you can decide which is the right card for you.

One Card From Capital One Is Missing

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One Card From Capital One Reviews

How to Apply for The One Card From Capital One

The One Credit Card (The One) is the best balance transfer credit card, from the top 3 balance transfer credit cards. Only those who qualify will be approved for the card. This card does not have any annual fee and the minimum credit line is not high to be approved for.

This card can be applied in different ways. Few are provided here:

Apply Online:

To be approved for this card, you will first need to fill out an application online.

See an example of an application:

Click here to apply online for this card.

You will need to have a checking account, a valid email address, and a phone number that you can use to verify the account.

You will need to pass a soft credit check to be approved for the card.

The approval process can take from 1 8 days to a few weeks.

You will need to wait for a few days before your online application is considered.

If approved, you will receive a card within 3 to 6 weeks from the approval date.

You cannot apply for a card online if you are not a Capital One credit card holder.

Visit your nearest Capital One office to apply for this card over the phone.

Apply in Person:

WellsOne Commercial Card : Best for Consolidating Spending Onto One Card

Although credit cards have made it possible for most people to be credit worthy, it does not mean that you can’t have bad credit. In fact, you can have a good credit score with bad credit. The main difference between good and bad credit is the tenure of your credit report. To be considered good credit, your credit report must have a history of at least 6 years. To be considered bad credit (and to have a poor credit score), your credit report must have a history of 7 years or more. If you’ve been trying to manage your credit from the past 7 years and are in search of a better credit score, the WellsOne Enterprise Credit Card is the best solution for you.

WellsOne Commercial Card Costs

WellsOne Commercial Card Terms

WellsOne is a division of the United States Playing Card Company. WellsOne is registered to issue and sell a Commercial Proprietary Product (i.e. ‘P-Card’). WellsOne Licensed Trademarks are not associated in any way with card games or games. WellsOne is a trademark of United States Playing Card Company used under license.

If you want to order your own PICCS Wall Cards please go to the Custom Printed Cards page.

WellsOne has always been interested in providing the American public with a wide range of improved customer services and product. The playing cards industry has made great strides in the last few years. We are committed to continue bringing you new products and new services at affordable prices.

With new players continuing to enter the industry, we have adjusted our Company Rules and Policies. The most important changes relate to the creation of a Commercial Product’s wall cards.

Creating your own custom wall cards is easy. Visit the Custom Printed Cards page of our website to order your own customized cards.

With the commercial game industry in good shape and new players entering the game the PICCS (Playing Card Company’s Competitive Intelligence Council Surveillance) Program has been merged with the PICCS Playoff Rewards Program. Now both programs are combined into our PICCS Wall cards program.

WellsOne Commercial Card Rewards & Benefits

WellsOne Commercial Card is a fully customizable merchant credit card program with tons of value built in.

With a WellsOne Commercial Card, you can:

  • lower your main card processing fees by 95%,
  • receive savings on merchant fees year-round,
  • get up to 4% cash back at thousands of participating locations, and
  • get special rewards and benefits automatically loaded to your card on a monthly basis

If that’s not enough to convince you to try a WellsOne Commercial Card, here’s some additional information to help you if you haven’t already:

WellsOne Commercial Card is the industry’s most cost-effective credit card for merchants … and its fees are the lowest they’ve ever been. As a WellsOne Commercial Card merchant, you can save 95% on your merchant fees.

Take your business to the next level by joining WellsOne Commercial Card and enjoy savings on your normal expenses from participating merchants.

Join WellsOne Commercial Card and receive savings year-round. Join for free today.

Your monthly perks are based on merchant type. Join and see for yourself.

WellsOne Commercial Card is designed to provide the most flexible, all-inclusive program experience for merchants.

WellsOne Commercial Card Qualifications

A hybrid commercial card / P-card deck is ideal for coffeehouse game play. If you don’t need all 52 cards in a deck and can find an entire deck of mixed P-cards to go in one, it’s a great value for you.

These cards are not available in all games and they are played with a template. The cards do not have the traditional backs found in standard decks. These cards are the perfect one for when you don’t want to take up much space and want 52 cards.

If you decide that you do not want to use any P-cards and only use standard cards, you will still need a card box.

The commercial cards with a P-card are played with extra pieces that will indicate if the P-cards are in the game. It’s a great idea to cover the backs of the cards you have in hand with pieces of paper to let the opponent know you have P-cards in play. The P-cards will be worth a value 5 more than any standard card.

Fully Partially Decks

The cards are available in a fully packaged or partially packaged form.

What the WellsOne Commercial Card Is Missing

The contractions in the WellsOne commercial card are tough on small business and contractors. Previously, we asked our readers to vote on which WellsOne contract expressions are most vital and necessary. Here are the five that received the most votes:

The top five WellsOne contract expressions include:

  • WellsOne Enforcing
  • Includes all the customary reference to amendments to the contract
  • WellsOne Motions

Yes, we have to make a motion to amend the contract if the contractor tells us that the result is more favorable to you than the original contract.

This one is a bit complicated but key to the whole process. Use the official contractor's motion, as it is very specific.

WellsOne Notice

We have to give you 30 days notice before you must perform or complete the work, deliver the good, or complete the project.

WellsOne Participating

This is a very tough one, especially for small businesses. We have to participate in this project as it is a requirement whether we accept or not.

WellsOne Delivering

This means the contractor is delivering the goods or performing the work on time at the specified contract price and quality.

Now that you know what WellsOne contract expressions are missing, it is time to find an alternative contract that retains all five of these and integrates them into the document.

WellsOne Commercial Card Reviews

At first glance, choosing the best p-card may seem like a daunting task. Nevertheless, there are many benefits to using a commercial card. Let’s take a look at five of the best commercial p-cards on the market and consider the facts to decide which is the best p-card for you.

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How to Apply for the WellsOne Commercial Card

At WellsOne Bank, we have Commercial Cards for your business. These customized cards give you convenient access to your business accounts, excellent payment processing service and MasterCard Trusted Network Services. You can apply for a Commercial Card directly from your personal horizonal account. To apply, log in to your Horizonal account, click on "Apply now", select "Custom Payment Card" and follow the instructions to apply.

The most common question we get from prospective cardholders about our Commercial Cards is: How do I apply for it? Today, we are going to run through the step to step process of applying for a Commercial Card. Let's get started then.

{1}. Login to your personal Horizonal account.
{2}. Go to the "Banking" section and click on "Apply now". You will be greeted with the "Apply now" page.
{3}. Here, we will select "Custom Payment Card".
{4}. From the drop-down menu, select "Other" and you will be routed to the next web page where you can select your preference. Here, we are going to select "Current account or credit card".
{5}. Please make sure that only the account you have a debit card linked to will have access. Otherwise, you will not get approved.
{6}. Once you have selected that option, click on "APPLY".

American Express Purchasing Card : Best for Businesses With at Least $4 Million in Annual Revenue

American Express Purchasing Card Costs

If you have one of the credit cards from American Express, you can buy gift cards quickly and easily by creating a P-Card, or personal card, and sending it to yourself. You then present the document to the merchant to redeem the gift card. It’s as simple as that.

If you need to know which credit card is right for you, we’ve done the research for you. In this post, we’ll highlight 5 of the best American Express personal credit cards. We’ll also take a look at the fees associated with each card, how effective they are at paying out rewards, and if they’re a good deal overall. Also, if you do decide to try an American Express credit card, you should read –What are the disadvantages of American Express?” for more information. We’ll keep it real.

American Express Purchasing Card Terms

This is only a sample set of terms that you might find on your card terms.

These are the minimum terms that we have seen on various American Express credit cards.

Variation of terms:

{1}. The most common variation is to specify the 24 months prior to the date on which the annual fee will become due, rather than 12 months (as specified below).
{2}. The second variation is to specify the 16-month and 24-month periods as monthly periods (in the fourth paragraph).
{3}. Another variation allows no grace period at all. In circumstances where the fee has become due, no grace period is allowed before the payment is made.
{4}. Occasionally, there is an additional clause in the penalty clause that requires the facility to be used within 90 days.

Notice the delay in the last sentence: 'the facility must be used within 90 days'.

American Express Purchasing Card Rewards & Benefits

The AmEx Purchasing Card is a card for business owners and solopreneurs to purchase goods and services that come with continuous discounts or cash back. This card is a good choice for freelancers, existing business owners, and eCommerce business owners. The Purchasing Card especially shines for people who shop at wholesale stores as it lets them save money when they shop and earn some cash back.

What makes the AmEx Purchasing Card special is that its cardholders can receive discounts on these wholesale stores’ products. So it’s a great card if you want to get wholesale products at a savings.

Other benefits of this card include:

AmEx Membership Rewards

The AmEx has a great benefit for its cardholders’ spending. It’s a great way to save on just about anything you can purchase. To be eligible for Membership Rewards, you must enroll in the program. After doing so, you can begin spending these rewards points on any purchase you make at any place that accepts American Express. These points can be redeemed for merchandise, gift cards, travel, and more.

American Express Purchasing Card Qualifications

What the American Express Purchasing Card Is Missing

While the new American Express card is a step up from the old version, it still doesn’t stack up against what the Chase Sapphire Card offers.

Many consumers are researching the right card for what they want in a credit card. Since obtaining a new credit card doesn't need to be a daunting task, Ive put together the 5 best. With great rewards, excellent benefits, and low fees, they cover all the bases and are sure to please.

Comparing the AmEx to the Chase Sapphire and the AMEX Business Gold Rewards Card, it's important to remember the American Express only earns rewards on purchases that wouldn’t earn rewards with the Chase Sapphire or the AMEX.

The American Express offers higher rewards on the purchase of airfare and hotels, but the Chase Sapphire earns double points on travel, dining, and entertainment purchases. But not only that, the Chase Sapphire card gets 5 points for every dollar spent on purchases at gas stations and on office supply stores (such as Office Max, Office Depot, Staples, etc.) For anyone with business expenses, that’s exactly where most expenses are paid.

The Chase Sapphire card also comes with no foreign transaction fees. For those traveling outside the country, this is a plus.

American Express Purchasing Card Reviews

5 Hot Card Deals

How to Apply for the American Express Purchasing Card

The American Express Credit Card is one of the best credit cards on the market for several reasons. Offering great customer service, protecting you from predatory lenders and providing fantastic cash back rates, the American Express Card is a must for anyone aiming to make the most of their credit card. However, there are some things that you should know before applying for the card.

The American Express Purchasing Card

This card is specifically suited to individuals who focus on their personal finances. After all, it is the American Express Purchasing Card. You can be sure, however, that you are among the most well regarded cardholders when it comes to the American Express Company.

This is due to the fact that the card is tailored specifically for application by individuals in the business world. Therefore, if you have never been in the credit card industry or if you have a strong professional track record, then this card will be the perfect choice for you.

How to Apply for the American Express Purchasing Card

Preparing Your Business Information

The next step involves preparing all of your business information before actually submitting your application. Your personal information such as your name, address, email and phone number will be used to run a quick check and make sure that your business adheres to trust policy.

Signing Up and Downloading the Cardholder Application

Citi Purchasing Card : Best for Comprehensive Control of Your Procurement Process

Citi Purchasing Card Costs

Citi Purchasing Card Terms

The Citi Purchasing Card offers you the opportunity to purchase merchandise from merchants and receive rebates back. As long as you meet certain criteria, you can earn: 10% of the purchase price received through a rebate, and 10% of the purchases that can be paid with a Citi card.

Since this card is associated with the banking sector, you can expect it to carry a comparatively higher annual fee than cards offered by other industries. But the perks associated with it more than make up for the little extra cash you have to spend.

Citi Purchasing Card Rewards & Benefits

Citi currently has the 5 Best P-Cards to help you earn some cash back in your purchases. These cards aren’t for everyone but it’s nice to get some extra added bonuses.

● Citi ThankYou Preferred: This card is great for getting 4% cash back in the form of reward points. These reward points can be spent toward special travel partners like Hilton, Marriott, Delta, and the list goes on.

● Citi Double Cash: This card offers you 1% on all your spend. If you pay off your credit card in full each month, you’ll be rewarded with extra cash. The extra cash is worth 1% on the entire spend. So, if you purchase things with this card, you’ll be paid double for your spend.

● Citi Simplicity Card: This card offers a fixed 1.5% cash back on all your purchases. The extra 0.5% cash back can be used to pay down your balance.

● Citi Dividend: This card offers a 10%, next year they may offer a 12% cash back reward when you meet one of your spending requirements.

●Citi Double Cash Select: This card offers you 1% cash back on rotating categories, its great if you spend a lot in certain categories each month.

Citi Purchasing Card Qualifications

One of the things you’ll find out just by living in this world and having anything to do with credit cards is that not all credit cards are created equally. There are some that you will only be able to qualify for, and say at the last minute, you'll find out that the credit limit is much smaller than what you thought it would be and you thought you stood a better chance of obtaining it. That's where Citi and the Citi Purchasing Card can come to your rescue.

See, the Citi Purchasing Card is intended for just that. It is a card that is most commonly used for business purposes, with the specific intent of providing the business with credit to buy products and services. For this reason, the qualifying limit is usually much higher for this type of credit than it will be for the average consumer. That’s where Citi comes in. They have developed the Citi Purchasing Card with the sole purpose of providing consumers with credit of a higher quality than what is typically available for purchase. Not to mention that you are able to have the use of this credit to purchase the things you'd normally be buying with a personal credit card.

What the Citi Purchasing Card Is Missing

The Citi Purchasing Card has about a trillion perks, but even with all the discounts and free flights, airlines, and even concert tickets that come with this card, there is one perk that’s missing from the features list.

When you use the Citi Purchasing Card, you’re going to have to give up your favorite restaurant discount, but you’re going to find out there are some perks that are just not currently available. This is likely the reason why this card is so frequently overlooked and forgotten.

Citi Purchasing Card Reviews

When it comes to application process, what cards does Citibank approve? The corporate internal credit card approval process at Citi is a little complicated and somewhat maze-like. It’s not quite like other banks though. Citibank has a unique approach to approval, an approach that is pretty favorable.

You need to hand in reasons why you should be given a credit card. Here is a detailed step-by-step guide, in order to give the bank a clue about why you should be given their credit card.

When you see the applications page in Citibank website, and in reality, it is a more narrow page.

At the time of application, you will be asked to choose between Citi or Citi Prestige card.

In one page, you will see a big red –click” shown in the middle.

How to Apply for the Citi Purchasing Card

The Citi Purchasing Card is a card that offers business owners an entirely new and innovative element to their purchasing business. The card comes with some quite powerful benefits, and offers a chance to avail of great discounts.

Benefits available:

Ö This card enables Issuers to offer customers just one Issuer-issued card for credit and debit card use. In addition, Issuers can use advance purchase discounting and the revolving lines of credit feature to help them make purchases more quickly, save on fees and simplify procurement processes.

Ö Single card offers reduced training and cost for processing and inventory control.

Ö Quicker loan and return approval time helps to streamline processes.

Ö Card-not-present and card-present transactions make up the majority of transactions in most countries, with growing acceptance of the use of cards for over-the-counter and convenience store purchases.

Ö Data from the card can be used across products, promotions and services. Card-not-present transactions are an important part of digital commerce and are expected to be responsible for a significant proportion of all online and offline purchases.

Ö Corporate card issuance helps to improve corporate trust and reputation with customers and the community.

Ö Benefits from incentives and discounts reduce the cost of purchasing for businesses and can help to win new customers.

PEX Business Prepaid Card : Best Alternative to a Purchasing Card

Prepaid cards are a great alternative to traditional bank-issued business credit cards where there are no or limited transaction fees. As part of our PEX Business Prepaid Card: What You Need to Know in advance of opening your business account series, we’ll go over the basics of how they work, who they’re best for as well as identify the PEX card features and what sets them apart from the competition.

Before we start, let us be upfront and clarifying that this is not a review or hands on evaluation of each and every card on offer to businesses. For this purpose, we have included PEX’s, a favourite among many business owners, but also included some other renowned options with high following as well.

Porkjet’s Community have also chosen what they believe to be among the best Business cards on offer – and you can make your pick of them from the list below.

PEX Business Prepaid Card Costs

It is a pretty common practice to send out electronic invoices to your customers. The PEX Business Prepaid card (PEP) is offering by MasterCard and offered by banks in almost every country.

Sales managers in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley regulations are highly encouraged to issue and send invoices electronically, as those invoices can be produced and verified.

The major advantages to utilizing this type of technology includes:

  • No shipping costs
  • No storage fees
  • Potential for greater accuracy (due to lack of human error)

The PEP card is a debit card issued in the name of your business, which allows you to make purchases at a register.

PEP card transactions can take place in person or over the Internet.

PEP card transactions are subject to additional fees.

The current cost to participate in the PEX network seems to vary as much as the market it is offered in. While it is not on the marketing websites, the cost to participate can vary greatly and that is how important you must know what you are getting into before signing up for the PEP card.

PEX Business Prepaid Card Terms

PEX Business Prepaid Card Rewards & Benefits

P-cards offer the best of both worlds; tangible and virtual solutions for businesses.

They allow consumers to get discounts and rewards, and businesses to generate repeat business. And RewardExpert’s infographic has the information you need to know about P-cards.

As part of its credit card website, RewardExpert is able to provide comprehensive reports on P-cards, their rewards, and their use. But even if you’re not a customer, we have still put together this infographic detailing five of the best P-cards.

If you are interested in comparing P-cards and other credit cards, check out our comprehensive infographic: Credit Cards, Benefits and Rewards.

If you have suggestions on what you would like to see featured as an infographics, please feel free to respond and let us know.

To help us keep designing and creating infographics, consider taking a look at our affiliate link program as well.

PEX Business Prepaid Card Qualifications

Best prepaid business credit card offers Do your own research to find the best credit card for you. Prepaid cards can provide a great help in starting the business or the self-employed person. But look great in front of these cards is not as simple as we think. The selection of the card and the seller often the purchase transaction rate play an important role.

The following is a guide to help you identify the best choice of credit cards that cater to both small businesses and owner-operators. Of course, there are many other options, but this shortlist of five could be a good start.

What the PEX Business Prepaid Card Is Missing

The P-Card also has no PIN-verification techniques. More to the point, the confirmation of your transaction is made via your signature, and if you’re not someone who “signs all the time,” then don’t carry the P-Card around with you…and don’t use it.

The PEX card is based on the premise that you’re an ethical person who wouldn’t illegally use the card, and so is unlikely to steal from your employer.

But what if you’re not ethical? What if you’re using the P-Card in a very unethical way? What if you’re a shoplifter? What if you’re a thief?

It’s logical to assume that if you’re a thief or shoplifter, you’d be unlikely to justify your actions with rationalizations. You’d just be doing what you know you’re doing because you can. You don’t really care if stealing is illegal since you’re just looking out for yourself in the end.

PEX Business Prepaid Card Reviews

Credit cards often end up with being one of the most important pieces of plastic people have. Not only are they utilized for constant purchases and everyday purchases, they are also used for booking a trip, buying a car, and thousands of other tasks. At the same time, people often want to ensure that they are getting the most bang for their buck when it comes to rewards programs.

This is where credit cards that offer 2.5% cash back come into play. Users will find these cards to be flexible and convenient for the different types of people.

Here are the 5 best business cards that offer 2.5% cash back.

How to Apply for the PEX Business Prepaid Card

To apply for the PCC, you must first establish a business with a payroll to state in your application. Once your business qualifies, complete the application and return it to either PEX or a participating PEX partner in the same manner as an application for a PCC.

Note: If you qualify for the PCC by investing in a business, you will be able to apply for the PCC once the business is registered. Be sure to mail a copy of your business registration when you apply.

If you do not qualify for these cards by investing in a business, you can only apply for the PCC if your business is already registered. Mail in a copy of your registration when you apply.

The PCC Application & Agreement

The application includes a signature form for you to apply on the first business page with your suggested employer. Attach the PCC agreement to the application. If you would prefer to have the PCC agreement in another format, e.g. Word or PDF, contact your PEX DBA.

Mail in to PEX

The application or agreement should be mailed to the PEX office address on the application. Once received, staff will check your application. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for the card to be mailed to you and 2 weeks for the tax identification number to be assigned.

Purchasing Card Alternatives

Small Business Credit Card

Some companies offer credit cards to employees for business expenses. These cards are sometimes called P-cards or salaried cards. This type of card works for employees only, and there is no pre-approval process through the bank like a regular credit card.

Typically, P-cards are issued in the name of the business so you can use them to make purchases for that business. The card is issued and managed by the business association, not the bank. Since it’s a card issued to an employee, it is possible that your income will determine whether you are approved for the card.

If you meet all the credit requirements (for example, a minimum credit score or annual income), the card will come with a credit limit closely related to your salary. However, there may be some exceptions since the card may be issued by a group or a trade association that represents a large variety of companies.

It’s also important to note that most P-cards require one of the three major credit bureaus to have your name and Social Security number to protect against identity theft. Additionally, some companies may also consider your employer references, your job history, and pay history when approving you for the card.

Prepaid Business Card

A prepaid business card is all about The Experience! Your customer will have a great card to see your company logo and contact information. Have your logo on your card so they can show people at first mention of their card. Your business card should have your name, company name, address, phone number, and email address on it. It should have a slot to put the card in for easy storage. You can get cards to fit almost any business.

Secured Business Credit Card

If you are looking for a secured business credit card I have listed out the top 5 cards with the best deposit requirements.

My advice is to go for a more secure card if this is your first application with a credit card.

Bottom Line

P-Cards are a very underrated accessory in the vaping scene. They do have quite a variety of uses, from being used as mouth to lung hit styles to a very unique style used to cool down the wick in an atomizer. There are numerous benefits to using P-Cards.