Best Open House Apps for Realtors in 2021

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Best Open House Apps for Realtors

As a Realtor, with the influx of mobile technology, small businesses and inexperienced buyers are using smartphone and tablet apps to request a showing of a property.

The way to win is to use the best Open House Apps for Realtors available for real-time communication and fast.

Open House apps like Open House can help your virtual real-time marketing efforts by allowing mobile users first hand access to the properties you are promoting. This can mean the difference to the success of your open house and the purchase of a new home.

Open House is a tool which enables you to create advertising campaigns and manage leads. This tool also lets you post your open houses and manage scheduling viewings. You can also manage your prospective clients on paper, making sure they pass the inspection before finalizing any purchase. Even if an open house is successful, close the deal before time and save your clients on travel expenses or the need to pay for an open house broker.

Asking your current clients who have already bought a property to refer their relatives for the purchase of your open house listings can be quite rewarding. Get social updates and updates from your family and friends about your open house.

Wondering what are the best open house apps for realtors?

How We Evaluated Open House Apps

For Real Estate Agents?

It’s common for a real estate agent to hold an open house and introduce their home to the market. While all real estate agents want to get their home in front of as many potential buyers as possible, some agents are better at attracting views than others. To help real estate agents learn how to attract attention, we evaluated the most popular apps that real estate agents use to get their open houses noticed. We took a look at the relevant referral data from the Google Play Store. We analyzed the apps’ inclusion of easy to use tools in their design and functionality and assigned scores to each that reflected their usability. The results of our evaluation were analyzed using various tables and charts. Open House Apps for Realtors

The most widely used real estate automation platform today is undoubtedly Zillow. As such, it’s a difficult platform to compete with. However, there are alternatives such as Doorsteps, Bloom, Three Doors, and many others. Many of these tech companies make their money from their advertising revenue. That revenue is driven by how many times the user advertises the service on the screen.

Best Overall Open House App for Realtors: Open Home Pro

Open Home Pro is our top pick because it’s available on both the web and as an app on both iPhone and Android (and soon even Windows). It’s designed specifically for realtors and has tons of options for scheduling, advertising, and tracking open houses.

Whether you’re looking to schedule ‘open houses’ at a property you’re listing, or you have a house for sale you want to promote, we think Open Home Pro is the best app and web platform for you.

Take a Look at What Our Team Members Have to Say about Open Home Pro

One of the most helpful tools I can think of on my markets. If an open house is extremely competitive then I should be alerted, so I can set up one of my own and direct people there. I can also fix problems with the realtor if they have botched putting a website together. I can’t see how realtors couldn’t love this.

This app/application has made every single aspect of selling a home much easier. We are in a very competitive market and have to follow certain protocol and the Open House Pro app has helped us stay on top of things with our open houses while still having the flexibility to schedule open houses when we see fit.

Open Home Pro Pricing

Open Home Pro is the industry standard for real estate open houses. It is used by many national and local real estate agents and can be connected to your agent’s MLS and social media accounts.

Open House Pro will give you everything but the kitchen sink in the open house world. It’s a free app for the basic version. Open House Pro helps agents organize their listings, create visual content, and automate their open house traffic. Agents can add exterior photos, interior photos, bring in an MLS feed, add virtual tour functionality, and facilitate both walk-in customers and showings from online customers.

While Open House Pro offers enough function to keep any agent busy, there is some functionality that you may expect to pay for. This includes setting up virtual tours, scheduling open houses to private shows, and connecting to the internet. Although the functionality may sound like wishful thinking right now, it guarantees that you’ll have all the tools you need when you finally get that big listing.

There are three versions of Open House Pro available:

  • Free with Ads
  • Free with Weekly Views
  • Paid Freemium

Open Home Pro Features

What Is Missing from Open Home Pro?

Although Open Home Pro is a complete solution for real estate agents, it does lack some of the important features that agents are looking for. For example, agents have asked for canvass and management features that include open house feedback and multiple listing services. In addition, agents have asked for in-app mobile home tours that allow agents to showcase their homes on their mobile devices.

What some of the home buyers are appreciating about Open House Pro is the ability to download the house list in the app, to share the information with the outside world. Many customers like the ability to search for the property on the GPS function. Not to mention that the web-to-Learn About Us Open House Pro is very user-friendly.

Best Open House App for Realtors on a Budget: AM Open House

AM Open House allows Realtors to create an online Open House with a great looking virtual floorplan (floorplan marketing), detailed description, high quality photos, and more. AM Open House also allows users to share on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

AM Open House Pricing

Open House Pricing App is a cloud- based decision support system that helps realtors achieve the best value for their listed home. It utilises data management tactics to calculate the value of listings.

Features & Benefits:

Support the best price … Compete with other agents to ensure the best price and draw your client’s attention to the value of your listing.

Take advantage of the price and traffic analytics … Know the hits that have been made on your listings and don’t waste your time marketing to those who haven’t been interested.

Take advantage of the location analytics … Know where your properties perform best and use that location to your advantage when marketing.

Get the market statistics … Get the market statistics of your region and use that to your advantage to decide which listings to list on which date.

Improve your listing pre-listing and out-of-market home page display … Provide the most effective visual analytics for your property on all digital channels to make sure your property gets the attention it deserves.

AM Open House Features

This is a new app (launched May 2017) that has been developed by real estate agents. The app has only one feature: to host a property open house. The app’s design is superb with the front page consisting of the name of your agent and the area where he is located. This is followed by information about the home being open for viewing and then the calendar where you place the open homes.

The main advantage of this app is that no technical skills are required. If you have the knowledge of copy and paste, then you can upload your photo and describe and publish your open house. The app tells you when your open house is due to end.

The app is available in both iOS and Android.

What Is Missing from AM Open House?

Have you heard of closing apps? Similar apps are available for home buyers so it is safe to assume that they exist for realtors too. Yet there is no real open house app for home sellers.

Median open house stats are useful to measure the popularity of the open house listing service. According to NY Real Estate, in 2017 there were 28% more properties listed with open house displays than in 2015.

According to a 2018 report by CoreLogic, around 5,000,000 single-family homes have an open house on the market, around 2,500,000 with a FOR SALE-sign.

Almost one in eight homes listed for sale on the market in 2018 open house on a Wednesday afternoon. While the four days of the week with the most properties listed with an open house were not too surprising, the times of the day were notable.

On Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoons, 3 p.m., 8 p.m., and 10 p.m., respectively, homes were the most likely to be listed with an open house.

On Monday, Tuesday, and Sunday, midday and the early afternoon hours (1 p.m. to 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.) saw the most open houses.

Best Open House App for Customization: Open House Toolkit

Open House Toolkit (OHTK) is a website and mobile app that provides you with a variety of analytics and customizations for real estate open houses. They provide in-depth analytics like visitor information, visitor demographics, who is showing the house, what listing price is being used for showing and how long an agent has been showing the property. The site also provides you with a variety of customizations, from how long the house will be on the market, to specific questions that you want to ask the visitors in order to get a better understanding of what they are looking at.

A differentiating factor of OHTK is that the analytics and the customizations are completely customizable. They provide you with an easy drag and drop dashboard where you can decide what, how, when, and what type of customizations you want to run. So if you want to analyze your open house last week, you can do that. If you want to analyze your open house in a month, you can do that with the same toolkit. The toolkit also allows you to target neighborhoods, so if you live in a neighborhood that you are familiar with, you can target your open house there.

Open House Toolkit Pricing

There are a ton of apps that could be used to throw open houses, and it’s important to choose the right one for your company and your product.

Here are some of the best open house apps to choose from:

Open House Toolkit

If you are asking yourself, –can I build my own open house toolkit?” the answer is undoubtedly yes.

In 2018, the Open House Toolkit is the most popular and widely used open house app easily available to real estate professionals for use on both iOS and Android.

It’s a great app with great integration and real estate power for modern tech centers.

If you are asking yourself, –can I build my own open house toolkit?” the answer is undoubtedly yes.

It’s easy to install and configure in a few simple steps, and it’s ideal for all of your marketing promotions and for all of your websites.


The Movoto Real Estate App is one of the most widely used open house tools.

Open House Toolkit Features

Here’s a growing collection of my favorite open house tools and applications that realtors use to streamline the marketing and presentation of their homes.

Here’s how it works.

The MLS provides you with a website where you can list your open houses and manage your open house including creating a real-time virtual tour and streaming the screen share on your phone, laptop or table.

If you’re a Realtor great opportunity to market your open houses on a local level with links to all relevant realtor offers and home sales.

OpenNest Even if you don’t have a website, you can still list your open house with OpenNest. You’ll be able to connect your Facebook page to expand your reach even more.

There is a free plan and a very affordable subscription plan.

Open Home

You can use this web and mobile app for both selling and renting your home. There’s a free version and a paid version with additional features.

If you’re a Realtor, this is a great tool for showing your listings on your phone and creating virtual tours that are easy to share and embed with social media.

What Is Missing from The Open House Toolkit?

The open house listing is one of those unique marketing tools used by real estate agents in order to get home listings in front of prospective buyers. In fact, in the past few years it has become a popular marketing strategy where sellers are encouraged to take pictures in front of a professionally decorated, well lit open house.

As a result, with this marketing toolkit becoming more popular, more and more real estate agents are offering their services. This means there is an increasing number of open house apps are being developed to schedule and manage prospective open house viewings. But with so many open house apps out there, does any one app cover all of the required features?

Answer: Yes!

There are actually quite a few open house apps available that are capable of scheduling and managing open house viewings, from organizing the set up to conducting the viewing.

Prior to creating this particular open house marketing toolkit, we reached out to real estate agents who already had an open house app in the market. They shared with us what features they felt were missing and that we should consider adding to this toolkit.

If this is the first time you’re considering using an open house app or only a few minutes of your day, then it’s a great idea to familiarize yourself with the basic features of active real estate open house apps.

Best Open House App for Basic Lead Collection: Open House Manager App

Open House Manager “ Open House”:

The Open House Manager “ Open House” application allows you to transform your iPhone or mobile device into an interactive smart map to help you create, manage and share your home tours.

With Open House Manager‘ open house app you can view in detail all of the listings for which you have the MLS listing number and that are in your Open Houses module. You can also pull up all the records for any MLS number you enter without a listing.

Since you can view the MLS listing number without ever having to access your MLS listing, Open House Manager‘ open house app is perfect for a quick inventory check on the homes that you have listed for sale.

The Open House Manager “ Open House” application has been tested with iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

Open House Manager App Pricing

App pricing and licensing are two important considerations to keep in mind when considering a mobile app for your real estate office.

For ease-of-use, ease of manufacturing (for multiple stores) and cost efficiency, the most popular open house and agent apps are sold as a mobile app that uses the built-in mapping in each mobile device. The end user then does not need to purchase virtual help or business apps. There are additional costs, such as required third-party navigation and mapping tools, the cost of which is factored into the pricing.

There is a free version, however, the licensing costs are significantly lower. So it’s best to evaluate the benefits of a free version instead of an app that charges a large monthly fee.

For most agents, the pricing of an open house app is determined by the number of agents in your office and the number of open houses that you schedule each month. However, you might need one app for each store instead of having one shared app, or you might decide to build a custom extension to your current agent app for your open houses. A custom agent app with its own dedicated mobile display can cost substantially more to have custom, but it is typically the most cost-effective option for your agents versus the standard open house app and an agent mobile agent display.

Open House Manager App Features

Realtors use a variety of apps to help clients, prospects, and staff find them and reach out for any questions they may have.

The rise of these apps has made the process of communicating with someone much easier and additional features are being added to each and every day. Below are some of the features you should expect from an open house manager app.

Find Home Owners

With the open house manager app, you can create an entire workflow so that when someone wants to get in touch with you, they can immediately know where to find you and send you an email or phone call.

You can also create a web page so that people can learn more about you, your office, your staff and do it all from your own website. This gives you the ability to easily communicate about your business, and it also means that if you’re listing something…that visitors can do it all from your app!

Get Email Alerts

You can set this up so that when someone signs up, or logs in to your app, you will know as soon as they do it.

Depending on the type of open house manager app, you can also have automatic text messages sent to you so that you can know if someone has logged in to your site.

What Is Missing from Open House Manager App

Realtor has always been facing a problem, they need to have a open house manager app to keep track of open house event in their area. But what is missing from open house manager app that they can’t have? I personally don’t use open house manager app and i can tell main reason is the quality of photos that available inside the app.

Now coming to the point of discussion in this article is about the new Open house manager app that is created by a group of developers. The best part of this app is that it is available in both android and IOS platform.

You can register your listing on this app and it can be found in all major app stores with 99% satisfaction. The best part of this app is that it allows you to create a real estate frenzy with the help of perfect marketing, open house activity, plus the best part is it helps you earn extra income.

As a realtor you need to be efficient with your open house marketing technique and this app is very much usefull for you. The open house manager app is the right solution for you who wants to create a buzz in a locality.

This open house manager app for realtor is a platform that allows you to connect the listing with the prospective buyers. Because a real estate agent should market properly with the help of open house before the end date of listing.

Best Open House App for Lead Nurturing: Open House Wizard

Open House Wizard is premium open house app that helps realtors do more in less time. And here’s why …

No more cold calling and empty leads.

Open House Wizard gives you the power to turn real estate visitor traffic into leads so you can reach out to a targeted audience of homebuyers.

Generate Leads in as Short as 24 Hours

Open House Wizard creates 24/7 leads from Foursquare, Facebook, and Google Places. Get leads that are already familiar with you.

With more than 20 million amenity-rich listings across the U.S., Open House Wizard has full-seamless integration with your listing agent account, giving you the freedom to focus on your business and practice.

An Easy Way to Do Your Research

Search homes for sale, broad categories, or wherever is most convenient to you. You’ll receive intel on homes, neighborhoods, market, schools, and amenities via the Open House Wizard smart map.

Open House Wizard Pricing

The Open House Wizard is free to download and use. Once the app is installed on your device, we are always only one click away from an open house listing!

The most convenient app for realtors, our intuitive interface allows you to view hours, photos, and interactive maps. Easily add and manage agents to your team, access your sell and rent listings, plus everything needed to take care of your Open House clients.

The Open House Wizard is available on iPhones and Android devices. We offer both app versions because iPhones tend to grow outdated more quickly than Androids. When you update your app, both versions will be updated, so there is no need to choose new versions. If you have both an iPhone and Android device, updating your app will keep both versions updated.

Open House Wizard Prices

Note: Our standard terms of use DO NOT apply to our Open House Wizard.

Unlike traditional MLS apps, all Open House Wizard features are incredibly cost-effective. There are no monthly fees or recurring charges. The only costs that you will pay is what you will earn when a property is sold and what you pay for other standard MLS apps.

Open House Wizard Features

The Open House Wizard is an easy to use and reliable app that users can rely on to manage their open house sessions without any hassle. With the Open House Wizard app, you can conduct simple or complex open house sessions. Its well-designed features and user-friendly interface make it one of the best real estate apps to let agents and real estate brokers conduct open houses for numerous listings.

As real estate professionals, we often speak to our friends about the problems that we encounter when we are conducting open houses in various complex scenarios. It isn’t easy to travel to all the events and meet all the deadlines. In order to optimize our time, we need some kind of smart app or software that can help us manage open house sessions.

The Open House Wizard can be your very best ally in managing multiple open houses in quick time. It is an easy to use app that can make your life easier. It can be used for android and iOS devices.

Some of the best features of the Open House Wizard are:

● Excellent tracking system – The Open House Wizard lets you track the registration process of your open house. You can track people who register and also follow through in online sessions. It is easier to keep track of the way your mission is progressing.

What Is Missing from Open House Wizard

  • New Customize List, where you can type the properties you want to see the Open House.
  • View Open Houses daily
  • View Open House by realtor.

Best Open House App for Team and Brokerage Collaboration: Spacio

Have you ever wondered if your fellow agents are bringing in buyers at the open houses, months after the homes were listed? Spacio helps you make sure they’re working together to generate more leads and shows you a heat map of their open houses so you know where to focus your efforts.

If you’ve ever felt like you needed a little help tracking sales and rentals at open houses across your realty team, Spacio, the most premium app for listing open houses and managing agents’ calendars, is a great option for you.

Using Spacio, you can find out where your fellow agents are working, see what’s selling with sell rate and occupancy rate, know which open houses are the most effective, and see how effective their open house marketing campaign are so you can tailor your own campaigns.

If you’re looking for an app that will give you useful insights to make your open house marketing campaigns more successful, you should definitely consider Spacio.

Spacio Pricing

Spacio is the largest and most effective real estate marketing platform to connect you to your ideal buyers. With over 2 million active listings, we connect your listings to buyers via the platform. We have over 2 million active listings and house hunters from the US-Canada-UK-Mexico-Colombia-Kuwait-Germany-Saudi Arabia.

Spacio Review: Does Spaco Work?

You’re a Realtor with multiple listings on the MLS, and you’re under pressure to get an instant automated review each night on your listings. What do you do?

In the past, you could spend your evenings poring over the MLS to manually find any open houses from that night to get that instant review. But now, all you have to do is download Spaco, their app that connects you to open houses in real time, and you can have your reports sent directly to you.

It’s almost like magic how Spaco works!

Spaco instantly alerts you every time there is an open house using the real estate MLS. You can view the properties and find out if there’s a closing scheduled, if anyone published a benchmark price, and how many visitors the property has. It’s the easiest way to save time, labor, and income from your listings.

Spacio Features

Spacio is a real estate property management software for real estate agents, whole sellers and property managers. Spacio combines a smart search bot with an efficient online property management to manage properties.

Spacio has the best features for Realtors. It’s the best open house app for Texas Realtors.

Spacio is a multifunctional solution, which allows you the best way to show the property and the best open house apps to build a list of Realtor prospects. It also helps you to manage all associated information regarding property sales and rentals, properties and their leases. You can build your own MLS listings for your city.

Spacio is the best way to manage your business with the team of professional real estate agents within the state of Texas. It’s obviously a fast and efficient solution. Please note that this is the best open house app for Texas Realtors.

The first features of the app include a smart search bot by which customers who are interested in the properties can get top results, at the right time, in the right place, and can also speak with an agent who is available to help. Additionally, you can manage properties which are rented, and the sales and rental records. The sale and rental data are digitized with the help of Spatio’s mobility technology that allows you to use on-the-go.

What Is Missing from Spacio

The Bottom Line

Real estate is one of the most stressful parts of owning a property, and it can also be a lot of fun. There’s a lot of hustle and bustle, and a major part of your job as a realtor is overseeing the open houses.

A good open house app can help save you a lot of time and work, and it can also make things a lot more seamless. And while there are no official regulations or guidelines for real estate agents and open house apps, the general consensus among industry professionals is that it’s a great idea.

But as we all know, technology is constantly being improved upon, and there are a lot of open house app options at this point, making your choice a tough one!

In this post, we’ve rounded up the best open house apps for real estate agents, and we’re also going to go over what to consider when choosing one.

Also, we’ll detail the pros and cons of each open house app so that you have a better idea of what’s at your disposal.

In case you’re looking for the top open house apps specifically designed for real estate agents, see our post here.