7 Best Online Ordering Systems for Restaurants in 2021

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Top 7 Restaurant Online Ordering Systems

In the past year or so, several different food ordering platforms entered the market in an effort to bring a new convenience for restaurants, consumers and online orders in general. Collectively these food ordering apps have the potential to save diners time as well as bring more convenience to the restaurant trade.

The downside of online ordering for restaurants is the absence of face-to-face customer service. However, if you are a busy restaurant owner and the online customer service team is not enough to deal with all the orders, consider hiring a third-party company that can do the online ordering for you.

Just like the online order systems mentioned, third-party on-line ordering systems for restaurants will help you overcome the challenges of managing the restaurant’s order taking processes. Moreover, by selecting one from the given a restaurant on-line ordering systems, you will be increasing your chances of becoming successful.

Based on the online restaurant ordering platforms, we have created a list of seven top quality ordering systems that back the best experience for diners. With these platforms, you can build your online restaurant and increase your clientele base.

How We Evaluated Online Ordering Systems for Restaurants

We reviewed online ordering systems that work best for restaurant owners in order to find the best ones. To evaluate each system, we ranked its design, features, ease of use, and merchant success.

We evaluated each system by looking at up to 5 criteria. For each criterion, we determined a score out of 10 based on our research and existing ratings for each tool. We not only looked at the usability scores, but also the user reviews in order to provide you the most used and most user friendly ordering systems. You can check out more details on our criteria below.

Our criteria for evaluating restaurant systems:

  • Ease of setup and use
  • Ease of set up
  • User reviews
  • Merchant success
  • Design

Ease of Setup and Use

The highest scoring system was the Grubhub App for iOS. While it handles user reviews quite well, it scored slightly lower on the merchant success category.

Next, the Zomato iOS with REST API, ranked among the highest scoring systems. It scored higher in merchant success than the other competitors and also had a better design.

That being said, the Yelp Eats, which scored the lowest on the merchant success category, had a better ease of use score than the next lowest scoring system, the Grubhub App.

Ease of Set Up

ChowNow : Best Overall Online Ordering Systems for Restaurants

In this food service software review, we listed down the best online ordering systems available in the market for restaurants and food stores. We made a thorough research and analyzed each of them based on the user’s perspective and expectations.

In this review we featured ChowNow. ChowNow is an industry leading online system that manages your restaurant’s inventory, customer transactions, work orders as well as delivery and pick up. By using ChowNow you can manage an entire restaurant.

One of the best features about ChowNow is integration with the most widely used food order apps, such as UberEATS, Caviar, Eat24, DoorDash and Wolt. This way you have full control to manage and view your food orders right from your app of choice. You can also use ChowNow to set up your food delivery service and increase sales based on higher utilization of sales personnel.

ChowNow focuses on online ordering solution that is simple to use and robust. All the many features and services come in one package. ChowNow integrates with the different platforms of restaurants and food ordering apps completely and can be configured in minutes.

If you are looking for an online ordering system for your restaurant or food store, check out ChowNow.

ChowNow Pricing

ChowNow is the leading online ordering platform that helps restaurants boost sales by up to 42% (see the below infographic).

What does it mean for you!

Shop smart: ChowNow integrates with the most popular online ordering platforms such as OpenTable, MenuPages, BookTable, Yelp, and Google Next.

Save time: Save up to 27 hours a week in labor savings and equipment costs by reducing the amount of time it takes to receive orders, prepare orders, and deliver orders.

Competitive advantage: Get an edge over your competition by receiving orders directly or by integrating directly with ChowNow’s highly customizable platform.

Essential menu update tools: Speed up the process easily by using ChowNow’s extensive features.

Integrate receipt scanning: Capture more orders and minimize payment errors with full-fledged table and merchant tools.

Avoid costly commission: Moisten your dry-aged beef with ChowNow’s unique commission schedule.

Increase customer satisfaction: With ChowNow, your customers can customize their orders up front so you have peace of mind moving forward.

ChowNow Features

Serve Your Following Channels of Restaurants:

This is a frequent request from restaurant owners and is what ChowNow provides. These days, restaurants almost always specialize in some food and serve that food only. That’s why they will only post their other menu items on online ordering sites. For example, a restaurant only needs to update its menu once to be published on ChowNow and be a part of a restaurant’s following channels.

Serve Online Ordering Platforms:

Most restaurants know that their reputation is defined by repeat customer visits. Since ChowNow is online, customers can place online orders from any Internet enabled device.

Serve Regular Customers Who Live Nearby

Restaurants love to receive delivery orders from regular customers who live in their proximity. For restaurants, repeat customers provide them with an opportunity to earn loyal customers while also cutting down on marketing expenses. Since ChowNow offers an online ordering platform, customers can send any restaurant delivery menus to their customers. In short, ChowNow helps restaurants attract new customers by effectively reaching their local customers.

Serve Fast, Fresh Food.

What ChowNow is Missing

ChowNow Reviews

If you’ve been in the business of restaurant, takeaway or foodservice for a couple of years, then you’ve probably come across ordering platforms. There are so many different new online ordering systems that have hit the market in the past few years. From interactive menu boards that include images, videos and interactive order buttons, to fully automated online ordering and delivery systems, there’s a solution for every business’s online ordering needs.

In this article, we will take a look at the most popular online ordering systems for a restaurant. That way, you will be able to decide which system is most suitable for your business. A well-planned online ordering system can boost sales and reduce costs. It can also motivate your staff to take orders accurately and automatically so that the system runs smoothly. In the following, we will take a closer look at what these online ordering systems have to offer.

So, First things first, what are the features of an online ordering system? A good online ordering system:

Has the ability to handle multiple menu items.

Allows you to preview the menu items before order.

Does it list built-in or customizable options for easy ordering.

Offers customized feedback and reviews to make the most of your conversion rates.

MenuDrive Pricing

MenuDrive offers two pricing plans. Your MenuDrive subscription fee must be deducted monthly from your restaurant’s credit card. The default subscription length is 3 months. If you subscribe to a 3-month MenuDrive subscription plan, your first month’s fees will be credited to you on the final month’s date. You may also choose to opt for longer-period subscriptions of up to one year. When not in use, MenuDrive software may be deactivated with no extra charges. A 3-month subscription is the sweet spot for just about any restaurant (think of a recurring restaurant cost for things like web hosting, software licenses, and other “back office” necessities). You can also get paid by issuing gift cards to customers, which can be sold on your website.

MenuDrive Features

IMenuDrive takes the guesswork out of menu development and order Picking. It allows you to improve your inventory management system and create a better-managed restaurant. Featuring easy-to-use, intuitive interface, iMenuDrive is user-friendly software for managing menu, product and price for restaurants.

This Restaurant menu design program has an operator-friendly interface and helps set up any kind of application within a couple of minutes.

It helps you streamline and optimize your menu planning process with key features like menu grid, 3D-visualisiion of guest set, order picking on mobile devices. In addition, it offers total stock control and inventory management.

How to Use iMenuDrive

You can select any number of menu items directly from the program’s database. If you’re familiar with the business, then the simple interface can make it easier to figure out how to use the software. If you’re not familiar with the software and are just starting out, you can get basic information right on the user’s guide.

IMenuDrive’s menu and product management features help you completely automate your menu planning process. With the iMenuDrive setup, one can easily and quickly create a new or modify the existing menu.

What MenuDrive is Missing

MenuDrive does not really compare with other best online ordering systems for restaurants as it misses key features like managing orders within mobile apps.

The first and the lowest cost solution for small restaurants is to manually create itineraries and process orders manually. But ready to use software is hard to find and if you find one, it would probably cost you hundreds of dollars.

Good thing, it’s easy to build your own software for free from scratch. On the other side, some of the premium software are too heavy to be used in small restaurants. And most of them are developed for large chains and not just affordable to small restaurants.

The advantage of MenuDrive is that it’s a free and lightweight tool that you can use to manage your restaurant itineraries in seconds. All you have to do is to download the files and open them in your default web browser.

The flexibility of MenuDrive can also help you build a mobile app for your little eatery. This app will help you keep your customers happy by offering them the entire restaurant experience just by ordering through their phones.

Use MenuDrive in a restaurant One of the mist things you want to do when starting a restaurant is to find a good menu design. This will also help you with branding in the long run.

MenuDrive Reviews

MenuDrive Review by Barry Smoorenburg Rating: 4 out of 5

MenuDrive Review by Mark Logan Rating: 4.5 out of 5

MenuDrive Review by Joe A Rating: 4 out of 5

MenuDrive Review by Bob Machuste Rating: 4.5 out of 5

MenuDrive Review by Darrin Leonard Rating: 4 out of 5

MenuDrive Review by Chris Bitonti Rating: 4.5 out of 5

MenuDrive Review by Matt McCalmont Rating: 4.5 out of 5

MenuDrive Review by Patrick Egan Rating: 4 out of 5

MenuDrive Review by B.W. Eakin Rating: 4 out of 5

MenuDrive Review by Arthur Potvin Rating: 4.5 out of 5

MenuDrive Review by Richard Harvey Rating: 4 out of 5

MenuDrive Review By John McChesney Rating: 4 out of 5

MenuDrive Review by Westin Rating: 4 out of 5

GloriaFood : Best Low Cost Online Ordering System

GloriaFood Pricing

GloriaFood is a WAX template for an online order kitchen. It comes packed with all the features you need to automate the ordering process. GloriaFood does all the work for you so you can focus on the things that make you money!

GloriaFood is so easy to use, it’s almost like a point-and-click system. You can change the menu, order type and amount, pricing, items, serving sizes, and order types on the fly. GloriaFood does all the math for you. It’s also inexpensive, so you can afford to try it out without any risk.

To get started, enter your restaurant or restaurant franchise information into GloriaFood. This will give you the default options for menu, pricing, items, serving sizes, and order types so you don’t have to tinker with the system to find the best measurements possible.

There are two versions of GloriaFood for you to choose from … GloriaFood and GloriaFood Plus. The difference between them is found in the sales tax feature. GloriaFood allows you to calculate sales tax yourself, so you can charge customers and apply sales tax to the order.

GloriaFood Features

GloriaFood is a cloud-based online ordering system for small and medium sized restaurants. It is specifically designed for restaurants that deliver food to their customers with a smart phone or a tablet. It allows them to improve the service and to grow their business. It is a ready-to-build module and can be integrated with plenty of integrations. It has a lot of tools that help restaurants to manage their orders and contacts. The best part of GloriaFood is also that it is very affordable. It is one of the most cost-effective online ordering systems and saves a lot of time of professional restaurant staff.

The key features of GloriaFood are:

{1}. It allows restaurants to order food from their partners.
{2}. Customers that order food on GloriaFood can track the order on their phones as well.
{3}. They can even contact the restaurant easily.
{4}. The online ordering system can be integrated with a lot of third-party apps and websites.

What GloriaFood is Missing

In Eddy's Restaurant and GloriaFood, plc is providing?

Eddy’s Restaurant and GloriaFood, plc proposed a merger. It would reap the benefits of a combined business as the company would reduce their overhead costs since both companies would be serving the same market, as well as, provide them with a bigger sales orders for their restaurants”insides.

With online ordering systems, modern restaurant owners are able to take their businesses online, and most of them are using it to the fullest. Modern online ordering systems provide a number of benefits in doing so.

First of all, these systems are more scalable than traditional restaurants”interiors. From restaurants to airlines, and everything in between, online orders are becoming more popular as their importance and impact is being understood. Second, like traditional restaurants, online ordering systems can connect directly with their customers with live chat. This provides restaurant owners with a more personal touch, which is very important to modern customers. Third, these online ordering systems are more versatile than traditional restaurants. Wherever there is a reachable internet connection, customers can make online reservations. Because of this, restaurants get to serve potential customers who are just not physically able to get to them. And finally, these online ordering systems are more efficient than traditional restaurants”interiors. Since they can operate entirely online, these systems can be operated from anywhere in the world.

GloriaFood Reviews

GloriaFood is the modern order taking system for your brick and mortar restaurant. Because they believe in 100% customer satisfaction & happiness, they work together with the customer in every step of the process to ensure that every customer walks out of your restaurant satisfied.

To make sure your diner is happy and leaves satisfied, always give the highest importance to your restaurant menu and services. It must be a perfect blend of healthy and delicious food. To add on that, there is also the need of unique food and drinks which are loved by customers. GloriaFood Online order Plattform provides a perfect solution for all your food needs.

How GloriaFood can help your restaurant?

GloriaFood attracts people to your restaurant. Whatever the motivator … Price, Availability, Location … once they are there, they’ve got to order food, right? GloriaFood gives you a complete solution that works like a time machine for your customers. Whether you want to attract the new customers, serve the returning ones or keep a track of the loyalty of your loyal customers, GloriaFood Online order plattform give you the gamut of tools under one complete platform.

Upserve : Best Online Ordering Systems for Established Restaurants

Upserve Pricing

Upserve Features

Upserve has the most restaurants in its order management data set. Plus, Upserve has the best uptime of all recommendation engines and platforms (93% uptime over a three month period). This means when a customer places an order on Upserve they are guaranteed to receive the order, or have that order ready, at the indicated time.

Upserve eats into market share most for its fast and reliable order fulfillment. This is also supported by Upserve’s impressive average order value. As a general rule, a restaurant will want to deliver the highest average order value possible.

For a restaurant to be successful, many restaurant owners (including owners of franchises) will tell you one of the first things that needs to be in place is a good order management system. Order management systems are software systems that are designed for order fulfillment, order taking, order accounting, and much more. These systems include order management software, restaurants management software, point of sale system, and more.1

In the field of software, order management systems will improve a restaurant’s ability to deliver their products and services to their customers, especially food delivery.

What Upserve is Missing


When we first looked at how restaurant owners order their food, we found that there was a huge gap in the market for an online ordering system that provided restaurant owners with a tool to easily draw in customers to their business.

The obvious needs of restaurants quickly became clear: A scalable, flexible, integrated technology that was easy for them to use and could integrate with their other restaurant POS systems to provide similar experiences to their clients and customers.

Upserve’s compelling features include:

  • Ability to easily create customized dashboards
  • Ability to accept orders both on the web and through a mobile device
  • Straight-forward pricing
  • Straight-forward scheduling
  • 24/7 friendly customer service!

We've focused on the ability to create end-customized dashboards for the restaurant owner. A restaurant owner's clientele will be mobile, and they'll want to meet them wherever they are.

A dashboard helps you sell more by providing helpful information on your menu in one place. And it makes it easier to show off special deals you might have.

It's the one tool a restaurant should own to keep in touch with their customers. Dashboards can help you run your business better by integrating with your POS system so you can quickly replace your POS with a mobile app.

Upserve Reviews

Toast Online Ordering : Best Online Ordering System for High Volume Restaurants

Toast Website: Toast was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in New York City. It is an online ordering system unlike any other with a technology platform that is able to handle more than 4,100 orders a day. Its robust technology platform allows it to build a website that works the way they want it to while scaling along with their needs.


Toast is known for an outstanding technology platform and technology, which it does indeed provide. It's unified POS, inventory, menu, and order management system are the strengths of Toast.

Toast is used by some of the largest companies in the country. This is because Toast has a great performance with being able to scale rapidly. Their solution can handle more than 4,100 orders a day with an average response time of less than 30 seconds. While some of the other online ordering systems will not be able to handle this kind of volume, Toast was built with this in mind.

Customer feedback/reviews:

Toast has an excellent reputation for its ability to scale. Although it is strong in this field, it is also well-balanced. This means it can adequately handle both big and small companies, which enables a niche for a wide range of businesses. This is because there are smaller businesses not yet in business that are able to use Toast for their order-taking needs.

Toast Online Ordering Pricing

Toast uses a slightly different pricing structure than many online ordering services. Instead of offering a flat rate, Toast prices each item individually, on a per-unit basis. This is a nice change from flat rate pricing, in which a minimum order size must be met or the order will be downgraded to ‘special pricing’ (typically a higher cost). The only quirk with per unit pricing is that it’s unclear exactly where your prices will fall. For example, Toast offers the option to select between ‘standard orders’ and ‘large orders’ when placing an order. So if you’re doing larger or smaller quantities than your desired price point, you could end up paying more.

ActiveHours is using flat rate pricing with no minimum order. ‘Minimum’ seems to be the most common pricing structure used with other systems.

CreateSpace’s pricing model appears to be ‘flat rate’, but there is no minimum order requirement, just a ‘per ‘order’’ handling fee.

Toast Online Ordering Features

Toast brings the convenience of online ordering right to your customers’ fingertips. The clean, intuitive interface and integrated messaging allow you to focus on creating your menu items and amping up your customer service. We’ll dig into the 13 features that make Toast the ideal ordering system for your restaurant.

Online Ordering: Send your customers an easy and convenient way to make orders online.

Create Order: No more juggling your server’s pens. Just use Toast’s easy and intuitive interface to create your restaurant’s menu items.

Upload Pictures: Take full advantage of the device your customers are viewing your order on.

View, Edit and Delete Orders: View orders, edit items and send messages right from your phone.

Integrated Messaging: Never have a customer’s order go foul without knowing about it. Easily message your customers through Toast.

Customizable Template: Build the perfect customer waiting area.

Built for Speed: Add ease of use to your online ordering experience by using Toast’s fast, convenient and secure processing.

Table Management: Choose your preferred cash or credit card processing option.

Multiple Food Menu Support: Choose your preferred food service provider to add your food menu to Toast.

What Toast Online Ordering is Missing

Toast is the leading online order management solution for independent restaurants. When an order is placed toast will order the food from popular restaurant delivery services and deliver it directly to the customers.

What this means for your online business is: stress free online ordering, because the onus of ordering is on the system. No more "it's under new management" emails, no waitresses advertising specials, no customers complaining with time is money, no need to pay twice for promotions, no questions about the cost of the order, no need to stress about the delivery, no need to double check your order's accuracy, no miffed customers who can't find their order, no extra costs for takeout. It works and that’s all.

One of the main benefits of paying a single fee for a restaurant ordering system is that your restaurant’s costs are significantly reduced. Upper management loves cost saving measures, which is why they are now paying for online ordering for their restaurants.

Toast Online Ordering Reviews

The owners of this online ordering system are looking to increase their business by offering the community a free solution to online ordering. ‥We plan to start by offering free software for restaurants to sign up,… They are also looking to provide their software to wholesalers and retailers in the future.

The tips section of their website has some great information on how to take advantage of their online ordering software. They also include FAQs and a list of all the different businesses that use their software. Last but not least, they go into detail about the different methods of payment available with their system.

As their website notes, …customers just place their order with no extra work on your end. Once you’ve ordered, you’ll receive an online receipt and restaurant information so the order is easily bundled for delivery.…

And with free software, it’s definitely a worthy setup.

DoorDash : Best Online Ordering System for Brand Building

The latest on-demand food-ordering service, DoorDash, is determined to give the largest fast-food chains in the U.S. serious competition, and according to industry experts, the company has the potential to disrupt the industry.

DoorDash offers delivery services for all the popular food chains, but it seems to be tailored to certain types of transactions. Most of its customers are restaurants of 5,000-10,000 square feet, as well as those with chains that include a large menu of items and support home delivery.

The online ordering system also allows restaurants to raise brand recognition, which could be a strategic move for certain restaurants. Customers who order more frequently with one restaurant may be more inclined to order with other restaurants, providing free advertising to the restaurant.

Corporate affairs director for DoorDash, Julia Collins, told CNBC that the company has been successful with some restaurants it has introduced to the system. She acknowledges that the in-person connection among both couriers and customers will always play a role in the restaurant industry, but the company believes that online ordering will continue to play a role in customer interactions.

Right now, there are no specific plans to expand the current offering, but the company is focusing on developing an advertising platform, which she says will expand the service to all restaurants and not just those with delivery available.

DoorDash Pricing

DoorDash is the most accessible way for busy restaurants to get the food they need to serve their customers. And number one reason why restaurants choose DoorDash is primarily because they’re affordable.

DoorDash’s pricing structure and the number of meals they can order, allows restaurants to effortlessly land more business and keep up with their restaurants’ usual pace.

It started as just a courier service, but has steadily evolved into a platform that enables restaurants to start selling their meals to customers, and reported that it is now leading with online restaurant ordering.

DoorDash Features

What DoorDash is Missing

DoorDash Reviews

To be added to this list, please go to to your customer account.

You Can See Order Tracking Details

There is only one click button for checkout.

UberEats : Best Online Ordering System with Delivery

With UberEATS, you can order food from your favorite restaurants and get it delivered right to your door.

Simple, easy, and fast, the UberEATS mobile app is extremely easy to set up and allows you to pick up your order from UberEATS or from your local restaurants, within minutes.

You can order food from any of your favorite restaurants without having to make a reservation. Through a single button, you can order your favorite meal. And the great thing is UberEATS has the largest network of local restaurants.

That’s why in 2016 they became a strong competitor for startups like Postmates and GrubHub.

When you’re ready to order, turn to the UberEATS app. It’s easy to get started. When it is, you can quickly order your favorite meal including delivery, select the restaurant’s address and payment method. You can also indicate whether you want to add a tip.

And when you have it, you will get a digital Uber receipt from the app. And since Uber doesn’t charge a separate tip fee, Uber Eats automatically adds a gratuity to your order.

UberEats Pricing

Other than Lyft and Uber, UberEats is one of the most popular apps for ordering food to your doorstep. The app connects restaurants to hungry customers.

It is one of the first and an expensive acquisition by Uber.

The app offers more than a million restaurants in every city in the country, making it one of the most efficient food delivery options.

Now, the app offers more than a hefty 50,000 restaurants in more than 100 cities in the U.S. The app was launched in May 2013 in the San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York by Uber Technologies, Inc.

All day everyday more than 50,000 people use this app in nearly 200 cities across the United States. The app is enabling both restaurant and transportation related businesses to thrive.

It has helped people save time and traffic while also helping to promote driver efficiency by ensuring a comfortable and hot food delivery experience. The key benefits of this app are the same for restaurants and customers.

However, it’s important to note that the customers also have a role in the future development of this app.

Users and customers might be able to save on their precious time by stopping to make a few phone calls. They can then keep their passion alive and continue to enjoy what they love doing, in their free time.

Uber Eats Features

The Uber Eats app allows you to place a click-order on the spot. It is the best option if you are always on the move.

Uber Eats uses a mobile app. Thus, you don’t need to carry your smartphone or laptop along with you.

The GPS facility enables you to see exactly where your food is.

The app also enables you to discover new places. It can help you expand your food options in general.

Shopping through the app is a hassle-free experience. You receive real-time updates about your order. You can track your order with the app until it’s delivered to you.

You get the choice of a free delivery or a delivery discount. You can easily select your delivery time slot.

If you are carrying bulk food items in your car or on your bicycle, the app can be a helpful tool for you. This option is not available in other apps.

Some of the apps allow you to order delivery right at the table or counter.

The app has provided a very convenient service for people who are on the move. However, if you are staying in one place and live nearby, you can simply order from a nearby restaurant using your own phone or laptop.

What Uber Eats is Missing

Uber Eats and Swig have helped us connect to restaurants and satisfy our craving for food. Based on this, it is quite evident that the food delivery service industry has grown a lot over the last couple of years. For a restaurant owner, an online ordering system can greatly help to increase their sales and expand their brand.

There are two prominent food delivery services; Uber Eats and Swig. Uber Eats is the first, having been launched in 2015. It is founded by a group of developers. The main aim seemed to be to dominate the next generation of food delivery services. However, it seems to have been a little underwhelmed as Uber Eats closed down in several cities and relocated to cover new cities.

Swig, on the other hand, gathered momentum quite quickly and established itself in a multi-city service after launching in February 2016. Swig is a bit more flexible; it covers different cities in different countries. The main aim of Swig seems to be to provide a wide range of restaurants and catering companies with an online ordering system. Owners can use any restaurant’s menu and while they do accept group orders, this is not their main focus.

Uber Eats and Swig are direct competitors. While they have a lot in common, these two food delivery services have different philosophies. We discuss the differences here.

Platform Features

Uber Eats Reviews

Uber Eats is a mobile app in which restaurants can give you food delivery conveniently. Eats is a marketplace that connects local and national restaurants with people. They have an excellent logo, and it is also very well known by people. Even some people are using it for the first time. They have gained the trust of many users. It takes only a few clicks and you can get your meals delivered to your door step. They already have a lot of restaurants so you can get the foods from everywhere.

Bottom Line

Whether you’re a restaurant owner or an enthusiastic diner, online ordering systems (OOS) are here to stay and will continue to gain in popularity over the next couple of years. These order-tracking platforms can help generate a few extra bucks for your restaurant—and that’s not to be overlooked. Some online ordering platforms even have the ability to convert their users into loyal customers as they seamlessly integrate into social media.