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Top 8 Virtual Bookkeeping Services 2021

The year 2021 is but a couple of months away, and global marketers would want to be prepared for it. When 2021 comes, most of the businesses will face the severe competition in their business but all will face the enormous amount of demand for an automated accounting system.

This is why all smart companies are investing in the virtual bookkeeping software that can meet the situation. And because the software is famous for saving money while doing business, all business will want to invest in the software to take advantage of saving it.

Some of the reasons why business people are choosing the software nowadays are:

Work Smart Anytime, Anywhere

In 2021, everybody will look for a way to work smart, not only 2 to 3 hours after week but also at home and work.

So software that can support them in this is what businesses will look for.

So in 2021, there will be a great demand in the software that support the job remotely.

Regular Payroll Work

And there will be a great demand in the software that can understand and manage the data inside it.

So that way, every business will invest on software that support that feature.

It is because that way the company can be better organized, they can save money in the back office, they will save the time of paying the employee, and so on.

Overall Best Online Bookkeeping Service: QuickBooks Live

There are some popular reasons for which professional bookkeepers are using QuickBooks online instead of desktop accounting. QuickBooks online is currently one of the best online bookkeeping services available on the market. First of all, it comes with lots of preinstalled and convenient features.

Another advantage is that QuickBooks is compatible with numerous operating systems and mobile devices. QuickBooks online has cross-compatible connectivity with all these devices. QuickBooks also has an integrated interface for online bookkeeping. You don’t have to go through extra hassle and software installation for using your device for bookkeeping.

There are lots of other great Quickbooks online features. QuickBooks online has payment processor such as PayPal, credit card processing and many more. However front-end interface of QuickBooks online can be sometimes confusing. Quickbooks online also offers some handy features such as exporting the data to CSV— CSV stands for delimited text which is used for exporting data.

The main drawback of QuickBooks is that it is not that much user-friendly for business owners who are new in the business. However once you get comfortable with it, it becomes a good tool. But if you are looking for a better easy to use and user-friendly online bookkeeping service, I would recommend you to check out FreshBooks.

QuickBooks Live Pricing

Besides the pricing range, you also need to pay attention to integration, customization, document management, mobile readiness, and all the physical security features your business requires.

Meet the Ultimate Cloud Accounting Solution

QuickBooks Online provides the ultimate online accounting solution to small businesses. From small, home-based businesses to the mega businesses running hundreds of employees, QuickBooks Online can be used to pull in all your vital financial data seamlessly.

Your Bottom Line

Whether you’re just getting started or are an established business, QuickBooks Online is the best way for you to track all the financial transactions of your business, both on a daily basis and on a quarterly basis so that you can make sure you’re running your business in the most profitable and cost-efficient way possible.

It’s the Perfect Accounting Solution

If your small to medium-sized business currently uses a paper accounting solution, QuickBooks Online is the best fit. From a single user to the hundreds working on the staff at the company, QuickBooks Online can provide you with the accounting solution you need to pull all your financial data from all your company accounts into one centralized cloud solution.

QuickBooks Live Features

Welcome to QuickBooks Live: the affordable, cloud-based accounting solution that gives you a real-time view of your cash flow and running balance, the ability to download and upload financial data, and the flexibility to expand as you grow.

So just what exactly does QuickBooks Live include?

  • Importing data and synchronizing your QuickBooks files with the cloud.
  • Full online payroll services: everything you need from monthly payroll and tax deposits to quarterly 1099 reporting and more.
  • Ready access to your financial data from any device and online banking.
  • Collaboration with colleagues and clients via discussions.
  • One-click access to multiple QuickBooks products: desktop, WebConnect, and Mobile.
  • Offline downloads of your financial data for use on airplanes, in the car, and anywhere you have poor internet connectivity.
  • Full recording and reporting capabilities.
  • In-app instructions to guide you through every step.
  • Easy to read printing capabilities.
  • Lighting-fast data loading speeds.
  • Comprehensive reporting options.

Best Online Bookkeeping Service for Businesses That Want a Full-service Accounting Firm: Bookkeeper.com

Bookkeeper.com Pricing

Bookkeeper.com Features

Best Online Bookkeeping Service for Businesses Behind on Their Bookkeeping: Bench

BenchPrep is a great service for smaller business that will be able to help them with their bookkeeping and accounting all in one. It works with QuickBooks Online and other popular business software that follows the FASB standards.

What Makes It Great:

BenchPrep is one of the best and easiest to use bookkeeping services online. If you are looking for a solution for your books and accounting then this is the right one for you. This platform works perfectly with QuickBooks and over 200 other accounting software for business. It will help you to learn best practices for getting paid and stay in compliance with government regulations. It will also help you set up a professional invoicing system for your business.

BenchPrep Follows FASB Standards:

This platform is professional and has a great clean interface that helps you to work smoothly and easily. It also follows the FASB standards which it makes it simple for you to work with it and to get your work done with minimum effort.

It will give you access to a complete audit. BenchPrep also has a process in place for you to avoid the need for forensic accountants. If you don’t have one and you need to go into greater detail to figure out what happened to your last financial statements, this service will help you to do just that.

One of the best features is the fact that it helps you to follow the FASB standards.

Bench Pricing

To ensure you’re always getting the best deal on your bookkeeping and accounting needs, refer to the benchmark price list of our team’s top rated accounting firms. We’ve compiled this list by completing our own research, then asking bookkeeping firms to assess their average rates for benchmarking purposes.

They are a professional bookkeeping service and need to be paid for their services and expertise. Tax is calculated and paid according to the individual needs of each business. Firms may do their own tax calculations or pass off that responsibility to their accountants.

Services include all aspects of preparation complete with financials, tax returns and reports. They can very easily prepare your tax returns. Some bookkeepers and firms might do both i.e. bookkeeping and tax preparation.

Invoicing services and payroll are some of the other services. They can also help you out in light of changes to the Business Tax and PAYE rules.

The following table is our benchmark pricing guide which shows you what you can expect to pay for all our bookkeeping services provided by the 8 best online bookkeeping services.

Bench Features

If you're the kind of entrepreneur who wants the freedom to run your business however you like, you need a good bookkeeping service that allows you to adjust all the details. At Bench, we do more than just provide powerful tools that help you manage your business. We provide you with a customized, no-infrastructure bookkeeping solution that lets you run your business the way you want to.

While a lot of other online bookkeeping services give you a lot of tools, you can only use a little of each. For example, you may have a mobile app, but if you can't use it on multiple devices, or the tools you have available to you are limited to the web browser, you don't have much choice.

When you use the Bench platform, you can open your book in your browser, on your iPad, on any of our mobile apps, on any computer or even on the iPhone or Android or Blackberry (coming soon). So instead of giving you the option between using a WordPress plugin or a plugin on your website, we give you the option of integrating your book with whichever tool you want.

We also give you the option to expand your bookkeeping as your business grows. As your business starts to grow and you get more complex rules and you're getting more clients and employees, you can adjust the rules in your app or in the browser without having to set everything up from scratch.

Best Online Bookkeeping Service for Xero Users: Bookkeeper360

Digital accounting packages are of high quality to provide complete accounting for your small business.

Too many companies have small businesses who use traditional accounting software and don’t use it online. Accounting is handled by the bookkeeper, which is a person employed to keep accounting records.

The fact is that small companies can’t afford the cost of full accounting set ups. The Internet is gaining a higher and higher world of possibilities.

The market is saturated with a lot of companies who offer very cheap and affordable online services. Bookkeeper 360 stands out among the rest.

They are professionals with years of experience in accounting sets. So when it comes to setting up an online accounting in your business, you can rely on them …

You have unlimited access to your accounting records 24 hours a day.

They offer you a 100% money back guarantee that their services are given on a limited basis.

They have a wide network of clients who have been using their accounting services for years. So you can be sure that you are receiving the best services for your online accounting.

With their accounting records, you can finally stop struggling with inadequate bookkeeping services.

You can choose whether you want to use QuickBooks or Xero or one of the other popular accounting programs.

According to the industry experts, Bookkeeper360 is the most reliable online accounting set up system in the world.

Bookkeeper360 Pricing

Bookkeeper360 is an online bookkeeping service that offers a set of completely free bookkeeping online services and a discounted professional bookkeeping service.

The free services include automation of your financial records, basic tax reporting and accounting filing. From there, you can upgrade to the ‘Pro Services’ which integrate with QuickBooks and send tax forms to the IRS. You can also pay for a set of turnkey bookkeeping services that come with the ‘Pro Services’. This includes sending check images via email, fund transfer tracking, bank register, blog and social media tracking.

Assuming you have a small business, you might not need those features. However, there are some large corporations such as Google that have chosen to use Bookkeeper360 for their bookkeeping needs.

So, it’s worth keeping in mind that although Bookkeeper360 is online only, you can set it up to want a faxed or emailed statement.

Bookkeeper360 Features

Bookkeeper360 excels at providing all the necessary business services required by a company. The service provider offers an unique range of services that cover the full range of a business’s requirements apart from bookkeeping & accounting.

With Bookkeeper360, your business needs will be taken care of as you remain focused on what you do best. Bookkeeper360 deals with other recurring tasks that place an additional burden on the business including tax filing, payroll processing and sending bill payments.

The service provider ensures that you save time and money by cutting down your costs while providing high quality services. You can be assured that the staff at Bookkeeper360 have been vetted and are highly qualified.

Bookkeeper360 is rated as one of the top 10 NetSuite bookkeepers in the world. The inventory management service is used by many industries and companies and is recognized as the market leader. The service provider offers flat-fee pricing which goes a long way to saving you money.

You need not be worried about the disruptive family member that may distract you while you on the job. The related family member management service enables you to let your employees know about your most important business priorities. You can easily track the performance of your employees and are provided with a list of tracked tasks that must be completed.

Best Online Bookkeeping Service for Small Businesses on a Budget: Merritt Bookkeeping

Merritt Bookkeeping provides a reasonable rate, a free initial consultation and advice, and most of all, a dedicated team whose sole focus is small businesses. While it doesn’t offer electronic file storage and reporting (different than a lot of the other bookkeeping options), the company provides a better option for smaller firms.

Merritt Bookkeeping–s services include month-end processes and reconciliations, easy online file storage, and straightforward calculations. The platform meet the compliance standards set by the IRS, which makes it ideal for registered tax-exempt organizations.

As you grow your business, Merritt Bookkeeping also offers a range of additional tools that you can choose to add to your account to enhance your accounts receivables, credit card processing, and credit lines … the ideal service for fast-growing businesses.

Merritt Bookkeeping Pricing

Merritt Bookkeeping Pricing can vary greatly depending on how much you want to outsource to them. You can hire them to track and report your finances in depth in their full service, you can outsource only your financials or you can outsource just your cash flow management.

In all services they offer, they will do one or two monthly reports. A detailed analysis of how you are spending your money. To get more information, they give out a free one month analysis of your current situation at no charge.

With their monthly reports, there is also the option to pay for an annual analysis. This is mine and for the most part, it was good. I would say that you will not get an annual analysis report from their competitors that is equal or better.

The annual reports are a one of a kind and at a reasonable cost, I am happy to pay for them. They will tell you everything from which store you are spending the most money in to your average bill amount for each account.

Merritt Bookkeeping can also be of wonderful service in that they have created a system that can give you an understanding of the cash flow happening in and out of your business. Especially if you are under new management and struggling to get a good grasp of what is going on. This can only help you manage the company with more all rounded mind and lessen your time in stressful situations.

Merritt Bookkeeping Features

Merritt Bookkeeping is an enterprise wide bookkeeping and accounting system that will help you handle all your accounting and bookkeeping needs.

  • a functional platform for everything you need to stay organized
  • a true living system for managing your finances
  • an accounting package with customized features
  • all your financial data, all in one place
  • a comprehensive set of tools for analyzing reports and accounting statement
  • the smart choice for financial professionals

Best Online Bookkeeping Service for Startups: Pilot

Accounting for startups is a headache and doing it yourself is just plain ridiculous. To make things easier, choose a leading accounting software and get a hired specialist by paying online out of your pocket.

The path to starting your own company is full of stressful moments. You almost feel responsible for it all and you’re now more awake than ever. You’re losing sleep over your business and you can’t wait to get your first sale. When it arrives you start to feel full of energy and you can’t stop smiling. It feels great.

Alas, everything worth having comes with responsibilities and there’s no exception to this rule. You get your good sales figures, you’re starting to make a decent amount of profit. You feel fueled by the cash, and you’re ready to take your business to the next level. That’s when internal accounting comes into play and the confusion starts.

Things like VAT, payroll, and bookkeeping will become more and more complicated in the process of scaling your business and you’ll need to prepare more and more time for your tasks. Sure, you can hire someone for the money, but accounting can hurt your business and dealing with it just isn’t worth it.

Pilot Pricing

The Catch-22 of Online Accounting

When you’re opening your business for the first time, you’ve got a lot on your mind, from negotiating terms to choosing the right type of business structure. That final decision will have a big impact on your start-up and long-term success, and it may involve hiring an accountant. To help you find the right accountant, we’ve compiled a list of the eight best online bookkeeping services in Canada.

These major accounting firms have chosen to offer online bookkeeping and accounting services in the hope of gaining a foothold in the bookkeeping market, and they’ve also set their rates to be a bit lower than comparable companies. So, if you’re looking to get your start-up off to a good start and then scale up as your business expands, a number of online bookkeeping services can help cut costs and provide you with the lowest price.

Pilot Features

Pilot is a billing platform designed to make billing for a growing business easier. It's compatible with a range of billing and invoicing software and services. This means you can connect directly to your existing CRM or accounting software. It also has integrations with a number of accounting platforms including Quickbooks, Xero, and Freshbooks. Users of several Adobe products can also use Pilot to integrate with them.

You can also sign up for a free trial of Pilot. This will give you access to their product for up to two weeks. This is well worth doing if you're yet to find the right system for you. However, if you need a more trial period, you can upgrade to a paid account after your trial run.

Pilot is set up to work for a range of small to medium sized businesses. However, larger businesses might find the interface clunky. This can make creating and managing reports and tasks a little tedious. You can also customize objectives and milestone fields. You can do this by navigating to the customize section of your profile in the top right hand corner of the screen. You will be able to change all of these fields, including your company name. This will allow you to customize your home page so that it suits you. This is where you can opt to change the font, header color, and logo location.

Best Online Bookkeeping Service to Assist Accounting Firms: Botkeeper

Botkeeper is an amazing online bookkeeping service that’s ideal for accounting firms and businesses that have more than two people on staff. It also makes it possible to give your bookkeeper access to your accounting data without being there. Botkeeper’s online interface is very easy to use and you don’t need any prior accounting knowledge to accomplish your bookkeeping tasks. It’s also easy to integrate Botkeeper with a variety of different kinds of accounting software and accounting firms. For businesses that have several members on their staff, Botkeeper can streamline your payroll and even do your taxes…all from a single platform!

If you’re in need of a bookkeeping service that’s affordable and reliable, Botkeeper is the way to go. One of the best online bookkeeping services, it’s easy to use, doesn’t require any prior experience, and has a wide spectrum of services that allow you to meet all of your bookkeeping needs.

Botkeeper Pricing

You have a business and need a way to manage finances. You could hire a professional bookkeeper, or you could use an automated online accounting system. Many large companies use software to organize and manage work and finances.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or are running a small business you’ll want to keep track of your business-related finances and income. You’ll most likely need a solid way to manage your business finances and keep records. While there are several options for keeping business finances organized, nearly all of them require a service and are usually a monthly or yearly fee.

The latter are far from ideal if you want to keep a close eye on your money. You want a way that gives you all the information that you need without taking a large chunk of your business’s cash flow.

That’s where online bookkeeping services come in. They offer flexible plan structures so you get exactly what you need. There are many options to choose from and it’s easy to get lost in the myriad of different plans. But, with a little bit of legwork, you can narrow your options down to the best plan for your business.

Hopefully, the information below will help you choose the best online bookkeeping service for your business and your budget.

Botkeeper Features

Botkeeper is unique because it is an all-in-one Bookkeeping (or Payroll) program that automatically handles, tasks, and invoice preparations and submits all of these to your clients via secure online access.

Botkeeper is designed especially for the sole proprietor, partnership, small business, or representative of a larger company who wants to get away from manually maintaining the books.

It has all the features you expect in a good accounting software package:

  • The ability to prepare your client invoices from file upload or a web browser
  • An easy-to-use WYSIWYG interface
  • An integrated VAT software
  • Reporting features
  • The most comprehensive bookkeeping service online
  • The automated online payroll service, Botkeeper, which helps pay your staffs automatically on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis

For its clients who own companies, Botkeeper can also help track business related transactions. It can, for example, block expenses if they have been incurred without prior approval from your business owner.

Here are a few more features Botkeeper has:

  • Bank reconciliation
  • Travel and expense tracking
  • Accrual transactions
  • Payroll
  • Asset management
  • Payroll service providers or work from home

Botkeeper also has some great benefits for its clients:

Best Free Software With an Online Bookkeeping Option: Sunrise

(for Quickbooks Users)

Sunrise Online is a choice that falls under the QuickBooks Users. Although you could choose to use QuickBooks through the online mode, it’s not the best option. There are many advantages of using the Sunrise Software Registration, which include

Gives users non-Windows based computer user access to your QuickBooks database and allows you to work from any computer with Internet capabilities. Additionally, the users can work on a different computer without switching off between Windows and the Internet.

It offers additional data to the QuickBooks File.

Ideal for users dealing with businesses of 6 months’ and above.

Reasonably priced.

Offers 24/7 email support.

Offers all the basic features of QuickBooks such as invoice management, accounting and invoicing, as well as online help and tutorials.

Allows multiple users and easily share the same project among them.

You can access it directly on your computer from anywhere.

It’s easy to learn.

It works in all Windows and Linux Operating Systems.

It’s compatible with all the major third-party databases such as Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server.

Sunrise Pricing

Sunrise Prices is an online calculator for calculating fixed fees and hourly rates for business services based on the information you provide. It includes services like bookkeeping, payroll and tax preparation. It makes it easy to choose the right services, figure out what to charge and which rates to charge for them. It has a list of over 150 services and helps you find the best rates for those services. It calculates both fixed fees and hourly rates, so you have more options and are able to find what works for your particular business.

Rates are calculated based on services offered by companies like Quickbooks, Peoplesoft, Xero, Sage, and more. Just tell the calculator what accounts you usually work with and it does all the calculating for you. It’s no secret that bookkeeping is one of the most labor intensive duties a business owner has. Whether you are pricing bookkeeping services yourself by providing an hourly rate, or deciding on a fixed fee based on similar businesses in your community, the fastest way to figure what bookkeeping services Sunrise Prices can help you.

Key Factors to Consider

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, when you are figuring out how to price bookkeeping services, you should consider the following factors, which will help determine whether the services are priced right:

Sunrise Features

Elegant, professional, neat. Sunrise is an online bookkeeper service that promises to make your bookkeeping and invoicing easy and simple. Engaging and dynamic, Sunrise features cool icons across the site to make navigation a breeze.

It has a bunch of templates to help you make your own invoices, receipts, receipts, estimates and reminders quickly and easily. Sunrise is aptly named. Its concept of a Sunrise arising from the first flower to open is beautiful, and it is easy to use.

Sunrise offers a variety of options to choose from, such as a personal assistant, dividing the invoices, and attaching banks. You can also choose to receive your payments in your bank account.

Import your bank accounts into Sunrise. Adding money automatically saves your financial journal with the transactions made. Your finance manager can also add deposits without you being there.

With all the online bookkeeping and invoicing features available, it’s easy to see why Sunrise is one of the top ten online bookkeeping and invoicing solutions.

How to Choose Your Online Bookkeeping Service

Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, having your own bookkeeper is a great idea. In fact, many professionals recommend using a bookkeeping service to help improve efficiency and help you focus on doing your job (rather than doing bookkeeping.)

The problem is that not many businesses focus on finding an appropriate bookkeeping service. If you do a bit of research on the web, you’ll notice that there’s a lot of hype surrounding bookkeeping services. And so, it can be quite difficult to determine which bookkeeping service will be right for you. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of 8 best online bookkeeping services that we recommend.

Bottom Line

Looking for an online bookkeeping service that lets you do all your filing in the comfort of your home? That’s no problem at Tenable. We’re one of the only legit, full-service bookkeeping and payroll services you’ll find that doesn’t charge upfront fees. You pay only if you get a bookkeeping job!

And we’ll let you try us risk-free! We’re free in the first 30 days.

Our experience, professionalism, and tech expertise is among the best around. We’ve helped thousands of small business owners and self-employed professionals get bookkeeping done and look their very best. And we’d love to help you too.