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How To Choose Between Task, Mid-Back, & Executive

Everyone knows the importance of having a good office chair. It affects your work productivity, comfort during your work hours, and how much mental stamina you have. These factors have a lot to do with the position you’re in. Whether you have an executive chair, a mid-back chair, or even a task chair, these chairs are meant to handle different ranges of works based on the needs of the human body. As such, they serve a specific purpose or a purpose that’s more specific than the others.

The executive chair is designed for those who require high comfort and support. This chair is meant to be used by executives and other professionals who sit for long work hours.

Mid-back chairs are more comfortable than the executive chairs and offer a broader range of support. If you want your chair to offer more support, but due to budget constraints, you don’t want to buy chairs meant for executives and professionals, you can opt for mid-back chairs.

Task chairs have been designed for those who have to sit in a chair and perform tasks. These chairs are often used in offices or any worksite with limited space.

As such, they have little or no built in features. Instead, they are designed to be relatively simple, lightweight, and easy to clean.

Types of Office Chair: North American Designs vs European Designs

Best Budget Task Office Chair: Boss Office Products B205-BK Fabric Steno Chair

If you’re specifically looking for a good budget task chair, the Boss Office Products B205-BK Fabric Steno Chair is a good option.

It’s not the cheapest budget office chair out there and it can tilt back and have its arms extended for more comfort, but it’s a good deal for those who are looking at a decent budget office chair.

When it comes to comfort, it’s adequate. When it comes to look, it’s average. It’s a proper office chair with a straight back, padded arms, and a height adjustable seat.

On the whole, the B205-BK is a good office chair for those who are on a budget.

Best Professional Task Office Chair: basyx by HON Low Back Task Chair

The basyx by HON Low Back Task Chair is a great office chair for office use as well as for home. Well-designed and comfortable, it sports several features that create a comfortable working experience for the user.

This HON Low Back Task Chair follows the modern design of ergonomic office chairs.

Measuring 31¸” in width and 27.5¸” in depth, the depth of this task chair is considered one of the smallest on the market. It has a minimalist circular base made of sturdy steel to ensure structural strength.

The seat is pushed down by gas springs to provide maximum comfort for the user. The backrest has been contoured to allow the user to sit comfortably and to support the back and neck in a natural position.

Designed to provide comfort and support, the seating of this task chair is supported by leather-like fabric with stretch capabilities. In case additional comfort is required, the seat can be widened using a lift pin.

HON Task Chair is constructed using black and silver color schemes.

It can be used for user support and comfort. You can sit comfortably using this task chair as it offers you a healthy combination of comfort and strenuous work sessions.

It’s also designed to bring in the modern touch of style to the workplace.

Best Premium Task Office Chair: Safco Products 3397BL Vue Intensive Use Mesh Task Chair

Safco's mesh task chair is a standout style featuring a high-quality ergonomic sports mesh back. The ergonomic seat and height adjustable arms allow you to maintain your best comfort. Safco's U-shaped mesh padded seat adds enough comfort to get through that stressful day. The Safco 3397BL provides workers with a steel frame and mesh with non-slip rims for added safety. The Safco 3397BL comes with energy-returning headrests to make sure your mind and body get a break throughout the day. The Safco 3397BL comes in a 5-star easy to clean vinyl upholstery to maintain your workspace.

Best Mid-Back Office Chair: Safco Products 3398U Computer Mesh Task Chair

The Safco 3398U offers a mesh back, high-quality ergonomic leather seat and height adjustable arms to maintain your best comfort. Safco's U-shaped mesh padded seat displays a comfortable design that is ideal for your ultimate comfort. Safco's mesh computer chair comes in a high-quality durable steel frame and mesh with non-slip rims for added safety. The Safco 3398U is available in a 5-star easy to clean vinyl upholstery to maintain your workspace.

Best Executive Office Chair: Safco Products 3400-BL Office Mesh Task Chair

Best Budget Mid-Back Office Chair: AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair


This is one of the most affordable mid-back office chairs you can find on the market today. Having said that, it is widely acknowledged as a comfortable task chair that is surprisingly sturdy and rugged. The large arm rests are also a plus.

Best Professional Mid-Back Office Chair: Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Multifunction Chair

If you work standing up at a desk, the ALERA ELUSION series is definitely recommended as one of the best mid-back and professional office chairs from an ergonomics and health point of view.

It’s not that most chairs on the market today are contorted in such a way that they unnecessarily push your neck and back into harmful positions. The truth is that most office chairs are not really designed for use throughout the day: the designers cut corners because they only developed the chair to fit the average American male.

Not anymore!

The ALERA ELUSION series is specifically designed to provide you with a healthy work environment for a majority of the day. This requires some special considerations, and that’s why the researchers from ALERA came up with this revolutionary design that is now considered one of the best professional office chairs.

Features of the ALERA Elusion Series mid-Back Mesh Chair

The Alera Elusion Series Mid-Back Mid-Back Multifunctional chair gives you an included headrest that you can tilt and adjust to fit your needs.

Instead of using up to three headrests that all require separate adjustments, one single headrest design gives you a total of six (6) positions which you can adjust as you see best.

Best Premium Mid-Back Office Chair: Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair

Best Budget Executive Office Chair: Lorell Executive High-Back Chair

For the best executive office chair, look no further than the Lorell High-Back Executive Chair.

Available in multiple attractive colors, the Lorell executive chair is a cool and classy office chair that fits the bill perfectly.

This chair gives you enough support and comfort to last the day at the office. The PU plastic material used to make the chair ensures that it is durable and can take on a lot of wear and tear.

This beautiful chair comes with a perfectly formed high back and a padded seat. It’s a great chair for the mid-level executive looking for comfort and style.

Apart from offering fully adjustable arms and lumbar support, the Lorell is also recommended for use with multiple computer monitors, tablets, laptops and other office equipment.

This business desk chair can be configured to work for sit stand workstations by adjusting the height of the chair, swiveling the desk and then attaching it to additional pieces to meet your specific needs.

This chair is perfect for a mid-level executive looking for a stylish sit stand chair with plenty of features and support.

Best Budget Mid-Back Office Chair: Office Star Primo Executive Office Chair

For the best mid-back office chair, consider the Office Star Wide-Base Swivel 1-Leg Executive Office Chair.

Best Professional Executive Office Chair: WorkPro Commercial Mesh Executive Chair

This is a high-tech executive office chair that has a mesh seat, a headrest, a pneumatic seat height adjustment, and several adjustment features.

The chair has a stainless steel base that has four casters for mobility, a locking gas lift seat height adjustment with 15 height settings for the front and 4 height settings for the back, a Pneumatic seat height adjustment, a tilt tension tension controls, as well as an upholstered headrest and seat back. The base also has a convenient port for an electrical outlet. The seat and back are covered in mesh that provides durability and breathability.

This chair by itself is a bit pricey but a very effective solution for a home office.

The chair can be easily upgraded for office with the addition of a matching task desk and an ergonomic swivel chair.

The chair is available in three colors – black, brown and white.

The chair is appropriate for home office, small business office, and can also be used as a conference room chair.

Pros: Chair is well built. Best suited for home office or small office. Chair is well padded. Comfortable to sit in. Chair looks nice. Cons: Chair has no footrest. Chair may be too big for small office or home office.

Best Premium Executive Office Chair: Steelcase Leap Chair

There are numerous chairs that claim to be the best office chair – the most comfortable, easiest to adjust, and most ergonomically designed. The most highly praised chair with the greatest number of devoted fans is the Steelcase Leap Chair. A Steelcase Leap Chair is a premium chair that follows the company’s proprietary ergonomic seat design.

Most of the ergonomic and office furniture makers are constantly designing and improving their products to keep up with evolving technologies and changing consumer preferences. Steelcase is no exception. Over the past four decades, Steelcase has been working on designing a chair that is more compact, stronger, lighter, and more comfortable than its predecessors.

The Leap Chair is the latest incarnation of this reimagined chair, and it certainly lives up to its name. Like its predecessors, the Leap Chair is a premium chair that is built and designed to be one of the most comfortable office chairs on the market. Based on the Steelcase Datadisk, the ergonomic seat design has been carefully honed into a product that offers users support for all the important joints and body regions during their eight-hour workdays. The Leap Chair is designed to be both flexible and supportive.

Bottom Line on Best Office Chair

There’s no shortage of office chairs out there in the market today … in fact, there’s just too many to choose from. And with different chairs designed to suit different bodies, the choices are endless. From the best chair for back support to the best chair for under the arm support, there isn’t a shortage of terms to find when you’re searching for a comfortable office chair.

Our team of reviewers, researchers, and editors took into consideration overall build quality, comfort, design, warranty, and value, when ranking the best office chairs. Our decisions are as informed as possible, considering the extensive features and specs that each office chair is packed with … but you are the final arbitrator in the important choice of which chair is right for you.

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