Best Multi-line Phone Systems for Small Businesses in 2022

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Top 6 Best Multi-line Phone Systems for 2022

Knowing what the best multi-line phone system is for your business may not be so easy. Here are some questions that you need to ask yourself and some factors that you need to consider:

  • What is the most important function of your communication system?
  • how many lines does your business need?
  • how many different people do you want to be able to reach by phone at the same time?
  • do you need multiple extensions for each phone line?
  • do you need to integrate a lot of third party apps on the system?
  • Do you want your workforce to use their own mobile phone or do you prefer to make them use an internal phone system?
  • Do you need to connect your multi-line phone system to your mobile or landline PBX?
  • Does your business have pre-existing technology that you need to integrate with the new system?
  • How demanding is the overall work volume of your company?
  • Do you need to have multiple sites that need to connect to each other?
  • Do you need a system that you can use to switch between different locations quickly and easily?
  • Do you need to be able to use desktop computers or a mobile app to make and receive calls?
  • Do you have any sites that may not have an electricity supply 24 hours a day?

How We Evaluated Multi-line Phone Systems

Multi-line phone systems are recommended for small businesses because they allow you to utilize the same system that large companies already use. Also, they are relatively easy to install and offer more redundancy and reliability than system. There are many types of multi-line phone systems that can be used for small businesses.

In this roundup we focused on connecting multiple types of phones to the same phone system. This means that your employees will be able to access the same features and be able to use a single phone system for many lines. A good multi-line phone system will allow you to use a single number to reach all of your callers. This is very important because it allows your callers to receive one number each even if they have multiple extensions.

In this roundup, we only evaluated systems that included at least two lines. Some systems include 8 or even 16 lines, and they are designed for call centers with many employees. If you have a small office with everyone working on one floor, you may consider a multi-line phone system for your office, but we didn’t have enough information to evaluate those systems.

To evaluate the systems, we looked at the types of cells that had both desktop and mobile features, the features offered, and their ease of use. We also reviewed customer service.

Fanvil X7 : Best Overall Multi-line Phone System

Fanvil X7 is a multi-line phone system that comes with a softphone, unlimited call forwarding, G.S.T. free calls, IVR, etc. It has got its own set of benefits which make it great to deal with business customers and organizations. It comes with a lot of add-ons that are very useful for businesses. It’s a complete solution and doesn’t require you to search for anything else.

For instance, you can easily integrate this software with your CRM and get your customer data directly in your system, thereby making it very easy for your support executives to take customer queries. For larger offices, this convenience is enough. Running your office smoothly shouldn’t be hard.

With Fanvil phone systems, you get simplicity in terms of usage, configuration and more. This can increase productivity and help your business partner grow. In the case of a small business, this is of utmost importance.

Fanvil X7 Pricing

The Fanvil X7 offers phone service to multiple phone numbers with features such as auto-divert, auto-attendant, call statistics, easy user interface, real-time call recording, and an in-built emergency button.

The Fanvil X7 has two context-sensitive shortcut keys which are keys 4,5, or 6. The space key will perform the currently selected action which will open the X7 auto-divert options. The universal key can be assigned to any predefined call action through the X7 web interface. The Fanvil X8 has five shortcut keys.

If all these are not enough to suit your needs, the Fanvil X8 has more than ten shortcut keys.Pricing and availability will be determined by the sales channel.

Customers can purchase the Fanvil X7 through the Fanvil Online Store. The Fanvil X8 will be available through some sites in Q4 of 2018.

Release Dates:

  • Fanvil X7 – Planned for Summer 2018
  • Fanvil X8 – Planned for Summer 2019
  • A) Telephone Rings Commercially

Fanvil X7 Features

Fanvil X7 is one of the best multi-line phone systems on the market today. It has a number of features that make it one of the best for small businesses. Flawless integration, superior customer service team and flexible intercom features are some of the things that make this phone system exceptionally good.

We made a look at some features that justify its top position on the market today.

What the Fanvil X7 Is Missing

The Foneray V2 Is Making Up For.

In the past few years, we’ve seen just about every different type of phone system come on the market. The phones range from analog phones, PBX systems, and cordless phones, to digital phones and video phones. This is in addition to traditional systems you’re probably used to such as the Avaya, Nortel, and Mitel.

Of course, there are still many more people using these other types of systems as well as enhancements to the phone systems that are already on the market. And although you probably won’t see too many of these new systems come on the market until the end of the year, you may already be contacting a company that offers one of the newer devices.

That being said, in 2022, we are going to start seeing phones that have web-based operating systems. So, although you could consider a new phone system, or technology upgrade in general, another option could be to use a new device that will work like your existing phone system.

The obvious downside to this is that you would have to replace all of your phones and possibly your desktop or laptop computer to be compatible with a web-based phone system.

What Users Think About the Fanvil X7

The Fanvil X7C-1500-multiline-Phone-System-for-Small-Business is a single-line phone system that is affordable and that allows you to add up to 15 stations to the system. It has an easy-to-install, dedicated interface card. It has 16 programmable line keys; a second mailbox for each 1-line is also available. Moreover, the main box features a 1-line system CPU which is more powerful than the kind used in 2-level systems. It supports up to 2 analog lines in addition to the 15 digital lines. The system comes with a phone stand.

The Fanvil X7C-1500-multiline-Phone-System-for-Small-Business has a number of convenient features. For starters, this system is affordable. It also features call waiting caller ID, call hold caller ID, caller ID blocking, call forwarding, and a busy lamp which indicates that the line is in use.

Grandstream GXV3370 : Best Multi-line Phone System to Support Video Calling

Grandstream’s GXV3370 is one of the best phone systems for small business if you’re looking for something inexpensive yet offering great features for proper and secure communication across multiple lines. Meet the Grandstream GXV3370.

Technology, Technology, Technology and more Technology!

Hit the blue refresh button on this site a few times a month and introduce yourself to some of the hottest technology around. You will no doubt be introduced to the latest gadgets that you must possess, but one that you can’t have is the Grandstream GXV3370 multi-line phone system.

This system will connect you to your colleagues at work, your clients on the other side of the globe and will help you keep your visitors at your front door happy as they wait for your privileged services. Hardly any other system offers so many features and this is what attracts both businesses and individual users.

Affordable and Sturdy

Grandstream’s GXV3370 is priced at just under 250 USD, which is affordable and is worth every penny. The system is durable and robustly built to survive everyday use. No more costly upgrade to a replacement phone system for this one is enough.

Grandstream GXV3370 Pricing

Grandstream GXP7000 is a high-performing, secure and versatile solution for small businesses. GXP7000 offers enhanced security and enhanced mobility with the integration of a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. It features a flexible architecture designed for businesses.

GXP7000 supports IP phones, traditional analog phones, and advanced features such as Exchange integration, office 365 and advanced administration features. It supports feature group 1, 2, and 3 for different business needs.

Grandstream GXP2000

Grandstream GXP2000 is an affordable solution for small businesses. It offers up to 3 lines of business phones and calls, and 2 different FXO ports for traditional analog phones.

GXP2000 supports an extensive list of features which are more advanced than some other small business solutions on the market. Grandstream GXP2000 supports call forwarding, call transfer, simultaneous ring, caller ID, auto attendant, voice mail, and other advanced features to allow small businesses to run their business with a reliable phone system.

Grandstream GXP120

Grandstream GXP120 is a simple calling solution. It supports 1-3 lines of business phone lines. It supports feature group 1, 2, and 3 for different business needs. GXP120 also comes with a comprehensive management software to enhance productivity and provide track and traceable capabilities.

Grandstream GXV3370 Features

Grandstream is a major company that deals in manufacturing of multi-line telephone systems.

The brand is known for offering one of the most affordable and reliable telephone systems model GXP3350 to its users.

In this post, we are going to discuss the features of the Grandstream GXV3370 IP phone system.

This phone system is designed to be installed in a multi-line environment where you will need as many as of lines.

This telephone system is equipped to perform its best at 24/7. The phone system is energy efficient and consumes little energy when taking harsh workloads.

The GXV3370 phone system is compatible with the GXP3000, GXV3300 and GXV3380& GXV4000.

This equipment is capable of monitoring four numbers and can handle an forwarding, mail and agent information associated with each number.

Grandstream GXV3370 Phone system operates using the GXP3000 and GXP3600 API…and hence, you can also manage these API…through a web browser.

Grandstream H.323 phone system is built for power users who want full control over their phone system.

What the Grandstream GXV3370 Is Missing

Although the entire Grandstream lineup makes for good buys, that’s not really the case for the GXV3370. Truth be told, it doesn’t offer a lot of compelling features compared to similar phones.

It might be good for medium-sized businesses, but its performance isn’t nearly up to scratch of competing models in that some categories.

While the GXV3370 isn’t necessarily a bad phone – it’s just not as good as other models in some key areas – it’s pretty much overpriced across the board.

Grandstream GXV3370 Fundamentals

The Grandstream GXV3370 is a business phone with a series of telephony features atrium. The phone has a tri-band cellular radio and supports the major VoIP protocols like SIP and IAX2. The GXV3370 phones are entirely VoIP-ready and can be used to place local as well as remote calls.

The phone lets you place calls using a headset or handset and has a built-in speakerphone function. The phone has a built-in USB port that lets you connect a keyboard, extra buttons, or a printer in order to control the phone directly.

What Users Think About the Grandstream GXV3370

One of the most common types of over-the-phone communication is in the form of phone systems, or just phone systems for short. These systems come in all shapes and sizes – from smaller handyman-suitable systems to more substantial intercom systems used for large company phone requirements. The Grandstream GXV3370 is one such phone system that can be used to handle a variety of business phone needs. It is one of the heavier intercom systems when it comes to its specs, creating a viable option for larger companies that need a more permanent option for intercom use.

The phone system itself comes in a nice metal box that is designed to be easy to mount. This is especially important for intercom setups as the system is expected to be hardwired between offices. This convenience makes the GXV3370 one of the more valuable systems to consider when looking for a good intercom system. It’s quick and easy to set up and doesn’t require a lot of training to use.

Cisco SPA525G2 : Most Affordable Multi-line Phone System

For Small Businesses (INR 18,555).

If you are looking for a phone system that will allow you to place and receive calls from all of your business locations using a single number, Cisco SPA525G2 is the right system for you. You get three lines and a comprehensive feature set including unified messaging to send, receive text messages, and hold your calls as well as conference calling, call forwarding, and voicemail. The system also has Cisco’s advanced phone control interface for enhanced functionality and scalability.

As a business owner, you need to do all you can to retain your clients after the initial sale, and a well-maintained message center is a good way to do so. However, ensuring good voice quality in a call center is often a challenge, and it can spoil the call. If you can provide your employees with a phone system that delivers a crystal-clear end-to-end voice path, then you will be able to reach out to your clients with genuine, natural, and personality-rich quality. SPA525G2 is a good fit for call centers and enterprises that want to provide environments that are free from transmission error and user voice or ear fatigue related problems.

Cisco SPA525G2 Pricing

The Cisco SPA525G2 phone lines are available in a variety of configurations with additional features such as security, voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, and call deflection. If you already own a Polycom or Avaya phone system, or are considering buying one, you’ll be interested in the SPA525G2 for its scalability. This phone system has multiple phone line interfaces, which support up to six lines. With this phone system, you can set up voice mail, voicemail surveillance, caller ID, transfer, and DTMF (dual-tone) dialing from the panel.

A DTMF transfer allows you to transfer phone calls between lines, while DTMF dialing allows a user to enter digits from their phone, without touching the phone. This is handy if you want to call the same number two or three times during the same call, since you can skip dialing the number each time.

The SPA525G2 phone system has all the basic telecommunications features that any small business phone system needs. Since it’s designed for small businesses, it comes with call forwarding to voicemail and the ability to record a specific phone number. You can also schedule calls to other phone numbers for later, send automated calls, or forward phone calls to mobile phones.

Cisco SPA525G2 Features

The Cisco SPA525G2 is a combination phone system with intercom capabilities and a small business router. The SPA525G2 is ideal for small businesses that want all the bells and whistles of a medium to large system with the installation and maintenance simplicity of a single-line system. It’s a multi-line phone system with intercom capabilities, and the best part is that it doesn’t require a land line.

The Cisco SPA525G2 includes four extension telephones with multiple line appearances and four analog telephones with multiple line appearances. It also has a two-port Fast Ethernet switch and two blinking light indicator lights.

Cisco SPA525G2 Phone Features

The SPA525G2 has a sleek, compact appearance so that it can blend seamlessly into any office furniture. It has an ergonomic, push-button dial pad that features a direct-dial button, seven speed-dial buttons and two-way intercom capabilities. The dial pad is illuminated by a backlit keypad, and it’s easy to use in an entry-level setting like a dentist or doctor’s office.

It has a wide range of line appearances, and the number of appearances can be increased with an expansion system, which can be purchased separately.

What the Cisco SPA525G2 Is Missing

To be honest to begin simple, we introduce the Cisco SPA525G2 for Exchange 2016 to the market. This patch panel is replacing the Cisco SPA222 and SPA222G in small and medium business (SMB) environment. This patch panel is different from cloud system that can auto network patch in advance by Cisco Supports.

But, the question arises: Is it meant to replace the SPA222? Is it a suitable replacement for a patch panel in the new data center? Is there a lot of difference compared to a SPA222, and the more difficult to do wiring?

According to the design of the Cisco SPA525G2 for Exchange 2016, it can be found that the frame is exactly the same with the SPA222. The removable rail design made the access easier. This patch panel is designed to support a maximum of twenty-one PoE+ modules and eight Cisco PSUs.

As for the configuration, it can support a maximum of 1000 nodes (unmanaged) and 4800 nodes (managed), the maximum throughput of the SPA525G2 is 18 Gbps (one ribbon cable 25*10/125). It supports PoE+, DC power consumption 180W.

But apparently, it does not support the following:

  • Redundant power
  • Serial Data Port
  • Indoor design (versus outdoor)

Horizontal layout (versus vertical layout).

What Users Think About the Cisco SPA525G2

The Cisco SPA525G2G features a wide array of security features. These include two built-in 10/100 LAN ports, firewalls, standalone subnet support, firewall monitoring, and more. The SPA525G2G is also very easy to install, and it supports a wide variety of phone service providers. Furthermore, the phone system features a comprehensive set of VoIP protocols, making it ideal for managing a wide variety of businesses.

Many of its users praise the features of the phone system. They also appreciating its overall ease of use. In fact, they laud the fact that the system supports the traditional softphone client as well as a variety of mobile clients.

Users were also pleased with the ease of setting up the VoIP trunk configuation feature. However, they were not quite as happy with its initial configuration. In fact, many complained about the system not allowing them to perform basic configuration.

Another common complaint is the fact that the Cisco phone system takes a very long time to boot up. While this is not necessarily a deal breaker, some users found it unnerving. Others who are on a tight schedule attributed this to cause the system to crash often.

Some users complained that the SPA525G2G was unable to support non-SIP calls.

A lot of people like the fact that the phone system is easily manageable.

The Yealink SIP-W52P is a great option for businesses looking to adopt a multi-line phone system. It is an analog device that boasts 6 lines of 50 number capability, a 3.5mm headset jack, and 9 programmable keys.

It also comes with a 153.1MHz secret dial calling capability, which allows the device to support auto-attendant service. Furthermore, the phone also supports 512kbps VAD, or voice activity detection. Most importantly, it comes with a powerful battery that will last anywhere from a day to a week depending on usage. This means you will always be able to have an access to a phone even if one is out of battery.

It is a perfect device for offices that need an emergency phone or even to have a headphone jack device available in the office. The device can also be lit up to be clearly seen in dark areas.

Since this is a SIP-enabled device, you can easily connect it to any number of broadband systems as well as traditional PBX systems. When you buy the Yealink SIP-W52P, you will also get an easy-to-use USB cable that is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.

This phone system will be an excellent addition to any business that is looking to stay competitive and safeguard its workers.

Yealink SIP-W52P Pricing

For small offices, the Yealink SIP-W52P Telephones represents an optimal choice for Phone Systems with its very competitive cost-per-port unit ("CPPU"). It provides a total of 50 incoming ports. The model is ideal to be paired to Yealink's Unified Communications Platform that helps you realize the full potential of your Yealink IP68 Dual-Port IP PBX.

Yealink SIP-W52P Features

The Yealink SIP-W52P is a multi-line conference phone from the company in the market of telephone system manufacturer.

It works flawlessly with third-party SIP gateway and supports a 30-minute auto-reboot in case of temporary power failure. The two pooled lines are G.711.

It supports a small area phone system with up to 300 concurrent calls. It has a single-line key display that can display up to 8 characters, and multiple-line key display with a capacity of 39 characters. Two-wedge multi-line keys can be used for comprehensive calling and extension management.

All conference calls are transferred to a trunk. It is also compatible with Yealink PSTN-G100.

The SIP-W52P device also protects your business phone lines with a built-in firewall and VoIP application call spiking protection. It is also a reliable SIP device that can be used in a SIP network.

It supports an intelligent auto-adaptive echo cancellation. The 8 emergency flash buttons can be used to switch to the line with required extension. A large-button navigation bar makes it easy to navigate in between the functions. It also supports electronic test pass/fail indicators.

What the Yealink SIP-W52P Is Missing

It’s Large & Heavy

The Yealink SIP-W52P is a heavy, large, and top-heavy phone. The handset itself weighs a mere 2.3 pounds, but it’s the stand it comes with that weighs almost seven pounds. The tradeoff is that this carbon fiber stand is sturdy and adjusts easily.

As a phone, the SIP-W52P is quite versatile and works well with most kinds of headsets. This is one of the few phones compatible with the drive-in-style Yealink HS2 headsets, which is great as Yealink’s HS2 headset has been among the few headsets to earn top marks from CNET.

Despite its looks and size, the SIP-W52P is surprisingly easy to use …even though it does lack some necessary smartphone features such as a QWERTY keyboard, a QVGA screen, and a video camera. All in all, it’s a great landline phone … but not the best choice for your home office.

What Users Think About the Yealink SIP-W52P

The SIP-W52P phone is a great multi-line phone system for small businesses that want to connect to more than one line. Its user-friendly design and the phone’s ‘self-learning’ power make it an appealing option for small businesses. With the ‘self-learn’ function, the user can easily train the phone to ring different line-bearers depending on the party it’s calling.

‘The Greatest Thing to Me Is that Each Handset Is Hard Wired to Its Station’

The ‘self-learning’ power of this phone system helps users to save on the time and money it takes to learn how to use a new phone system. New users can also use this feature to schedule the system to forward calls to the most appropriate line-bearer since they can train the system to call a particular phone.

‘The administration and operation of the system is easy for anyone to learn the first time.

Cisco 8861 : Best Multi-line Phone System for Receptionists

Telemarketing and Small Businesses.

Cisco 8861 has pretty much everything you need in a small business phone system, and it offers plenty of flexibility. If you want to keep costs low but you also want the ability to build a call center that can grow with your business, then 8861 is the phone system you’ve been looking for.

It’s built especially for small businesses that need to work with large numbers of callers. And because of its large number of extension lines, it’s best suited to busy receptionists and telemarketing as well as contact centers.

It’s also easy to install and maintain. And because of its Multi-Flex resiliency mode, it’s able to keep up with a lot of traffic, helping to expand your call center so that it can handle even more callers.

Of course, a VoIP phone system has obvious benefits. You can use TeleAtlas’ Call Accounting solution to record all incoming and outgoing calls, giving you the ability to analyze billing information and monitor call traffic.

Cisco 8861 will also help you reduce the number of long distance calls and make your business more connected, making sure your employees can readily access information and share it with customers more effectively.

Cisco 8861 Pricing

The Cisco 8861 is a truly all-in-one advanced business phone switch, with 2.1Tbps of available bandwidth. The 8861 means the end of making separate investments in analog and digital calls over your copper wiring and PBX. The advanced IP trunking features of this phone switch allow it to seamlessly integrate with any third-party wireless and landline solutions to deliver services to desk phones and mobile devices. With built-in redundancy to protect your phone system, this phone system is the best of all worlds.

It features a feature-rich web management platform that will allow businesses of any size to manage their IT systems in the most advanced and convenient fashion. The Cisco 8861 phone switch features high-capacity line cards and advanced analytics that will give business owners complete control over phone calls – from managing service lines, reporting, billing, and work scheduling, to even protecting employee’s sensitive information. An in-depth security feature allows businesses to lock down phone calls for necessary data privacy and security. The Cisco 8861 is a well-supported phone switch. In addition to phone sales and support teams, the Cisco 8861 features consulting and a wide range of education and training opportunities.

Cisco 8861 Features and Specifications

Number of FRSAs: 2

Number of ports/trunks: 24

Cisco 8861 Features

One of the most innovative phone systems on the market today is the Cisco 8861. This phone system is mostly used in medium to large businesses and even some airports, however it is also very well suited for small businesses rather large as well. Here are a few reasons why this is the case;

  • The phone system largely prevents static and background noise. Static and background noise can be caused by electrical devices such as PCs, document scanners, CPUs, computer speakers, and other items that use electricity. This technology is provided by EMV.
  • The phone system allows you to expand the number of lines quickly and easily by simply adding new phone lines by plugging them in to the existing system.
  • The phone system makes use of a built-in and easy to use caller ID system. Using this technology, you can also determine the number of the caller. The caller is shown on the phone screen as well as in the display on the system’s front panel.
  • The phone system features a built-in, easy-to-use voice mail system that allows you to leave direct or pre-recorded messages for your clients. The system allows you to listen to voice messages while you are away and when you have to attend to business matters or important tasks that demand your attention.
  • The phone system integrates with your desktop and mobile phone. This means the system works with any internet connection, including the cell phone network.

What the Cisco 8861 Is Missing

If you’re a small office or home office that has been using just one phone device, the installation of Cisco 8861 might be both confusing and frustrating. Since this isn’t a phone, it might be difficult to connect to TDM phone lines. This is where Cisco 8861 comes into the picture, which is designed specifically for small offices and home offices using an analog TDM phone system.

The Cisco 8861 is different from the typical PBX in that Cisco 8861 is a standalone solution (not VoIP based). The equipment is sometimes called “Voice as a Service” or “VaaS” as it supports a wide range of telephony features and protocols, including VoIP and Next Generation PBXs to contribute to true convergence.

There is no need for Internet to operate or connect to an external network.

and a full-featured PC interface, which makes Cisco 8861 a bona fide standalone unified communications gateway.

It is a stand alone unit to provide a single place for all your extensions.

What Users Think About the Cisco 8861

The Cisco 8861 has a lot of great features. As a group instant messaging (IM) client, the Cisco 8861 supports different applications, including Cisco Vidyo, Cisco WebEx, Cisco Spark, and Cisco Jabber.

You can also set up room conferencing by using a WebEx meeting join URL. There are two displays for you to share content and screen-sharing among the team and have a perfect team collaboration.

The Cisco 8861 has high scalability and flexibility to manage a huge amount of conference calls. It has three features that you can deploy to create a quick and simple solution. The Cisco 8861 can manage a single LAN, multiple LANs, or a wide-area network (WAN). With features like Web browser display, IM protocol support, and SIP/H.323 support, the Cisco 8861 helps your business meet the increasing demands of tele-working and tele-presence in the office.

Polycom VVX 411 : Best Multi-line Phone System for Skype Integrations

Polycom VVX 411 Pricing

With more and more people striking out on their own, starting their own small businesses, there is no better time than the present to grow your business by securing reliable communications solutions.

This post will explore three of the best multi-line phone systems on the market today that small businesses can benefit from in 2022. The one that we will be reviewing today is the Polycom VVX 411.

Polycom VVX 411 Features

The Polycom VVX 411 is a 2-port phone system designed for small businesses that need 4-lines (internal or land-line) or large businesses or locations where the phone system is often located in a public space like a center or lobby. Polycom VVX 411 is also designed for businesses that do not need features like auto-attendant, intercom, or guest access. The device can handle up to 180 minutes of talk time per day (different from other Polycom devices and similar to other manufacturers device) but can be upgraded or downgraded by the user. Polycom VVX 411 provides with much reliability despite the simple design. It also looks quite similar to other Polycom phone system.

If your business is in creating a small-sized or medium-sized enterprise with less than 100 users, you should consider VVX 411-S system. It has a 1.5-inch high-resolution colour TFT graphical display and recorder that provides a quick and convenient user interface for the users. To add to that, it is also one of the cheapest system of Polycom that you can get for 8 lines.

What the Polycom VVX 411 Is Missing

Any small business who is choosing between a multi-line solution, and in particular a single-line-of-business VoIP phone system, should be aware that the Polycom VVX 411 can’t be used to support multiple phone lines for more than one business. That is, if the user wants to have a secondary line or lines for a specific business (using the same phone number, password, and PIN) that phone number must be on a dedicated line; but if that user wants to have a third line for a different business, they will need to purchase an additional system (the VVX 500 or VVX 501).

This limitation is very disappointing; the VVX 411 was expected to be a great option for secondary lines for businesses. Unfortunately, the VVX 411 is a partial solution that does not fully support secondary lines.

If none of the features of the VVX 500 are necessary, then this limitation is tolerable, but for users who require a wide range of features, the Polycom VVX 500 is a much better option.

Does the Polycom VVX 500 solve all of the functionality issues with the VVX 411?

What Users Think About the Polycom VVX 411

As far as business phone systems go, the Polycom VVX 411 is among the top rated. With lots of features that make it a great device to have in the workplace, the 411 can make the workday a little easier for both the user and the coworker.

Given that many of the users who have rated the Polycom VVX 411 so highly have given it a rating of 4 or 5 out of 5, you know that this isn’t your average business phone system.

The many features of the Polycom VVX 411 phone system have caught the attention of both long time users and users from small business industries.

The list of things the Polycom 411 can do is extensive ” and can be overwhelming to some new users. Since it’s so customizable, you can tailor it specifically to the needs of your small business.

Included with this phone system are external ports that allow you to integrate the 411 with your computers, electronic whiteboards, security systems, and third-party software. All of this makes the 411 powerful, yet manageable.

In this post, we’ll go over the specs of this phone system, explain what separates it from the crowd, and highlight a few of its strengths and weaknesses.

Bottom Line

The multi-line phone systems are unique in the sense that they offer a range of included features. They can integrate workflows for different staff members, events, and administrative tasks. They are used by lots of people to support customers, sales, and other internal workers. These systems are also used for trade shows, marketing, and sales.

Multi-line phone systems are known to be user-friendly. They contain pre-programmed applications that users can access by calling a prearranged phone number. There are several programs available for these phones. They can be used by customers, internal staff, and even management.

Multi-line phone systems work on a single line but have a maximum call capacity of up to 160 extensions with optional digital answering with extensions and visual voice mail. You can use the systems in the day or night hours. They allow you to make and receive calls from landlines and cell phones. With the landline and unlimited calling plans, you can connect up to 100 extensions.

Among the advantages of multi-line phones is that they allow the user an easy interface. They also offer reliable and consistent performance. The phone systems come with internet security and even offer remote access. They help in monitoring and controlling phone usage. If you have any security concerns, you can also use the phone management tool.

Flexibility is another advantage of multi-line phones. You can use them for a single number or a range of numbers.