5 Best Mileage Tracker Apps for Small Business 2021

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TripLog : Best Overall Mileage Tracker App

This is by far my most recommended mileage tracking app for small business owners who want to use the most comprehensive mileage tracking app available for your mobile device.

TripLog will satisfy your data needs for everything from tax deduction analysis and expense reporting, to weekly mileage uploads and expense report tracking.

TripLog also lets you keep everything in one place with quick, easy, and reliable recordkeeping. In fact, making your track of your monthly mileage at the end of the week even easier for expense reporting, you can do it with clients before they even state their receipts!

So if you want a safe, effective, and convenient way to track your mileage, TripLog can certainly help you do that. Note that you can track mileage from your car or even your home computer.


TripLog is a fully featured mileage tracker for the mobile device with all the features one would need to track mileage accurately.

Its comprehensive format, with its multiple account options, is ideal for small business owners.

TripLog has a tabulated, calculator-style mileage report that can supplement your travel record keeping for tax documents.

TripLog can make expense reporting for business travel easy. Online upload of mileage information can also reduce the amount of time spent by your bookkeeper.

There is no fee for the TripLog account.

TripLog Pricing & Features

TripLog Devices

When it comes to having a small business, you have to think like a business owner. Being able to track your business’s mileage and keeping record of both business expenses and expenses related to the vehicle you’re driving can come in pretty handy. A lot of people want to track the mileage of their personal vehicles because it pays in the end.

When it comes to business mileage, you want to know exactly how much you’re spending and how far you’re driving every day. Being able to track your expenses enables you to analyze the current trends and find out where and how your business is spending a lot of money.

The best mileage tracker apps for small business can help you keep an accurate track of both business and personal vehicle miles. The mileage tracker apps will automatically collect business and personal vehicle data in real-time. The app will synchronize the collected data accurately each time and provide you with a complete record of your business and personal mileage.

The best mileage tracker apps for small business do more than simply track the mileage of your business or personal vehicles. They also include business and personal vehicle expenses and expenses related to maintaining and operating the vehicle. They can also manage financial records and expenses of other business vehicles. Since many of the best mileage tracker apps also generate comprehensive reports, they are a great addition to the best mileage tracker apps for small business.

What TripLog Is Missing

I am a big fan of TripLog and use it on all my business trips. The problem is that it records events such as union meetings, plant tours, and other personal information.

So what do you use for a business trip? There are plenty of great mileage tracker apps for both personal and business trips. I will list 5 of my favorites below.

Hurdlr : Best for Part-time Mileage Tracking

The marketing mantra has changed when it comes to driving mileage. It used to be about going the extra mile to get more frequent customer service and the reward was frequent miles. Hurdlr takes a completely opposite approach and provides cash rewards for shorter driving trips. It also makes it really easy to see how close you are to a free ride.

The idea of Hurdlr is to connect drivers who need rides to drivers who are looking for new rides, and it gets really easy to sign in with your bank account and complete your profile. You also get cash rewards as a driver, and that’s the real hook for drivers to register.

Now that you know how to use Hurdlr, and how the company works, you’re probably wondering how you can use the app. Here are some of the best uses for Hurdlr to help earn more miles.

24 Hours of Free Driving Miles

This is where you can really have fun with Hurdlr. If you offer a service you can use Hurdlr to offer 24 hours of free driving. Tell someone you will drive them to the airport and expect a 10-40 mile trip. You will still earn money for the trip, but you also get more frequent miles.

Hurdlr Pricing & Features

Hurdlr is perfect for small businesses (and large ones too!) that have a lot of costs they need to keep track of and a lot of mileage to track. All of the mileage that is tracked is directly entered into Hurdlr by its users. That means that you can be certain that this is accurate data coming directly from your company’s business holders.

Speaking of keeping track of your mileage, Hurdlr also has invoicing as a feature. This can be very useful for a company that does a lot of travel per month, but not enough time to track your miles on a daily basis.

Hurdlr also offers tax deduction and expense tracking features. If you’re doing business in one of the following states, Hurdlr also allows you to track sales tax for your business. Results are compared with your federal tax report for deductions and expenses.

Hurdlr also has a mobile app. It is available for both Android and iOS. These apps allow business owners or employees to track data in real-time, get alerts, access their data, and share information with others. This is essential for a small business that does not have a ton of employees or even an accounting department.

The features of Hurdlr are very robust. You can take a look at their website to get a full understanding of its functionalities.

What Hurdler Is Missing

Is the Best mileage tracker app that is right for your business.

With the help of mileage tracker apps, you can add the ability to automatically track your mileage and expenses. In the case of a small business, these tools can help you manage and organize you company’s business travel expenses.

Miles or miles instead of state abbreviation and postal code. In the case of small business mileage tracker apps, they also allow you to add in expenses manually. This helps you keep all your business trips in one place, easily track and automate your mileage expenses, and also helps you ensure that your expenses are accurate.

Below is a round up of the top five mileage tracker apps that provide you with a lot of flexibility and customization options to track business expense throughout all of your business travels.

QuickBooks Mileage Tracker App : Best for QuickBooks Online Users

As a business owner, you might already have an accounting system in place like QuickBooks. QuickBooks Mileage Tracker App helps you keep track of all your mileage driven in the course of your business. It provides your business with the necessary information to calculate your expense for business trips, treat the car regularly or deduct from your business salary.

QuickBooks is a great accounting system to utilize in the treatment of business related mileage expenditure. Its ability to connect with several apps should be the perfect feature to utilize when you are tracking your mileage. QuickBooks integration is available for QuickBooks Online users only, but it is available for QuickBooks Pro users too.

QuickBooks Mileage Tracker Pricing & Features

QuickBooks mobile mileage tracker is free to use for businesses and organizations with fewer than 20 employees. QuickBooks Mileage Tracker is integrated with QuickBooks and works with all products: Starter Edition, QuickBooks Basic, QuickBooks Pro, and QuickBooks Enterprise. QuickBooks mobile mileage tracker is also integrated with QuickBooks Internet Connect, QuickBooks Cloud Connect, QuickBooks for Outlook, QuickBooks Online, and QuickBooks Point of Sale.

QuickBooks mobile mileage tracker can work with any mobile device and includes iOS and Android devices. It also works with your computer if you use QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Point of Sale.

QuickBooks mobile mileage tracker provides full integration with QuickBooks so you can easily track expenses, expenses by driver, expense matching, and total mileage while you’re using your QuickBooks mobile mileage tracker.

QuickBooks mobile mileage tracker has extensive reporting and analysis capabilities so you can easily review the data you’ve collected. With these functions, you can better understand how your business is performing as well as analyze how your employees use your vehicle. With this information, you can take appropriate action to increase productivity and improve driver satisfaction.

QuickBooks mobile mileage tracker has an in-app reporting engine that lets you create and upload mileage reports whenever you need one. It’s easy to export reports for review and sharing with your managers and audit partners.

What QuickBooks Mileage Tracker App Is Missing

When you’re a small business owner, mileage is one of the most important expenses that you have. It’s one of the tangible, day-to-day costs that can help you manage your budget. And let’s face it: You as a small business owner are smack dab in the middle of an intense battle for growth. We can all admit that our businesses are on the constant rise and that is a good thing. However, one of the obstacles in this war for growth is the fact that we don’t have an easy way to track our business’s mileage and keep track of key expenses.

Fortunately, there are a few solutions to this problem and one that has gained the most traction is QuickBooks. QuickBooks is known to be one of the most widely used accounting software and the one that many business owners use to track their daily business activities.

SherpaShare : Best for Rideshare Drivers

In this app, you are going to get access to the actual KITTI10 dataset with more than 3500 vehicles and 1,100,000 road trips. With this data, you will be able to assist your rideshare and delivery fleet with data-driven decisions based on actual reality. Over the years, SherpaShare has grown to become the number one provider of fuel optimization and routing tools for the ridesharing and delivery industries.

SherpaShare keeps you up to date with all the data action while you are on the go via the app. You control your entire fleet 24/7 with the SherpaShare fleet management software (mobile app). This app is also great for drivers in the taxi industry who have either an Uber or Lyft account since you can add your driver’s biometrics in it, like inside your car. Drivers can then start driving with just the app.

SherpaShare also connects to your local gas station to get real-time meter data and pay your bill. You never have to worry about running out of gas again. SherpaShare automatically splits fuel between your drivers and gets your payment from the station whenever it is due.

The app is also great for riders who want to avoid drivers with bad customer ratings or any kind of service fee. Drivers and riders can rate each other after each trip or just after a conversation.

SherpaShare Pricing & Features

SherpaShare is among the best mileage tracking programs available right now, particularly for small business owners.

If you don’t know, this software can be used as a mileage tracking program, but it can also be used as a cloud-based document storage service.

You can set up the software to automatically categorize and group your mileage receipts into different categories, such as office supplies, meals, gas and parking. This alone can help immensely when it comes to keeping track of mileage expenses and tax deductions.

There are also a ton of tools and features to help you keep your business organized and running smooth as a clock. Each and every employee gets their own profile, expense reports can be submitted across the board, documents can be viewed offline and you can also access a large number of business apps directly from your SherpaShare account.

The more a business depends on technology, the more advanced software like SherpaShare becomes. The software is constantly being upgraded and improved and is continually growing and adding new features.

While you do pay an annual membership fee for SherpaShare, the fee is very affordable and is based on the number of users in your business.

What SherpaShare Is Missing

At this time, the app doesn’t measure network latency between nodes. To do that, you’d need to equip your fleet with dedicated low-latency WiFi access points (something that you would definitely need to access your data if you were riding with a fleet of vehicles). There are apps on Google Play like RoadSnacks or the recently added MileTracker that already offer similar functionality.

The SherpaShare Android app does have another advantage over these other two apps, however. SherpaShare uses the device’s GPS data to provide a map of the area you’re riding in and display your current and average speeds, allowing you to compare your speed to those of other riders. You can also compare your speed directly to the speed limits as you approach each intersection. This gives you the ability to hone your riding skills first.

On the downside, the accuracy of the speed data that is offered varies from individual to individual…most likely due to the inconsistency of its GPS mapping algorithm. You may actually have to take some of the data with a grain of salt.

The SherpaShare web app is a bit more reliable and relay more accurate hourly speed data that you can also upload to your Google or Bing Maps account.

MileIQ : Best for Businesses With Teams of Drivers

Best for businesses that have more than one driver on the road. MileIQ allows for a snap for picture upload and the ability to create highlights and share them with an Slack channel. It is not free but does provide unlimited updates.

Best for businesses with teams of drivers. The number one feature on this app is the instant updates. The user interface is very simple and looks great on the phone screen. Unlike other available apps, it allows you to save your data on multiple tags. It is not free and it can be quite pricey, but it has partnered with a lot of third-party safety apps.

The best user interface on this app. It is easy to add photos, create folders, zoom in, and organize. It has the best navigation on the market. It is the only app that combines both deep insights and driving history. It has a free version, but you can only save five trips and it only has real-time trip costing. It does have some security issues.

Best for businesses with freelancers. It has a simple user interface and the information is immediately available. It is easy to add photos, it has the best navigation system, and the information is presented well. If you keep driving for a long time to accumulate the information, it will not be enough for the business owner. Unfortunately it is not free, but offers a discounted version in partnership with third-party safety apps.

The best user interface on the market.

MileIQ Pricing & Features

Lately, I have been seeing a plethora of apps hit the app store. The list of apps are not limited to chatting and social media apps. There are a number of apps available that deal with numerous business-related needs.

One such app is the MileIQ app. The MileIQ app is both a mileage tracker app as well as a business expense estimator. Ultimately, the app is designed to keep track of your business mileage and do all of the necessary calculations and appending to the appropriate expense report.

With MileIQ, you can record your mileage using Google Maps integration. The advantage of using Google Maps is that it will automatically snap a photo for you every time you have an expense report.

Additionally, MileIQ comes with a few other features that include a trip notes section that allows you to store any special notes and directions, drafting and editing expense reports, and an editable expense report template as well as an invoice template.

Obviously, MileIQ provides a little bit more functionality than the average mileage tracker app (and unlike a standard mileage tracker, it allows you to keep track of your business expenses as well).

How Long is a Shuffleboard Table?

MileIQ Basic Plan

What MileIQ Is Missing

We are all about data to make decisions … and I firmly believe your data is far more valuable when harnessed to provide tangible benefits in the short term rather than the long-term, so that you can speed up your winning strategy.

This is why we are obsessed with making sure every part of your machine – whether it’s a product, a process, even a whole company – can be put under the microscope and analyzed in order to create a meaningful picture that allows you to make meaningful data-driven decisions.

However, just tracking data to save you time and money in the short-term isn’t enough … which is why we measure ourselves against the best companies out there. And we think it’s pretty unfair that other mileage tracker apps don’t do this.

In this list, we’ll go over what we fare particularly well in (vs. our competitors), we take a look at why this is special, and why other mileage tracker apps should take a leaf out of our book.

How We Determined the Best Mileage Tracker Apps

Bottom Line

Best Mileage Tracker Apps for Your Private Vehicle

There are so many miles tracker apps available on the mobile market today, that it’s tough to make a choice, but we have done some study and testing and are presenting a list for you here of best mileage tracking apps for your private vehicle.

These Apps are not designed for business use, but they are very well designed for private use and will give the maximum information for your private vehicle.

Without further ado, the 5 best mileage tracker apps for your private vehicle are :

Milewise – Free app

This is the first app in our list and is fully free to download and use. It has a clean interface and is very easy to use. It can be used to record the date, the distance and the time in the current trip. It can be set to automatically start the recording of the mileage when you start driving and stop the recording when you stop the vehicle.

The total principle behind this app is to make the long ride more enjoyable. It may not be as accurate as some other mileage trackers, but it does what it says. It is not great for the big journeys with multiple stops but it can be a good option for your daily routine as it records the distance and the time automatically for a day.

Pricing: Free