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Top 6 Matterport Competitors 2019

Matterport is a video optimized technology that captures virtual reality environments from any location on the planet. Using Matterport technology, architects and designers can create realistic 3D tours, walkthroughs, virtual tours and even full scale photorealistic models of their projects in matter of a few hours.

So, should an architect, digital designer, detailing specialist or interior designer choose matterport instead of a 3D modeling software or VR experience? The answer is, there are many options at your disposal, select one as per your needs. Here are the Top 6 Matterport competitors 2019.

Macaw is a CAD software that enables 3D visualizations of virtually any architectural design. Behind the software is a designers toolbox, which includes all of the CAD, rendering and finishing tools an architect, designer or interior designer might need.

Matterport is a powerful virtual reality technology that brings 3D environments from anywhere on the globe to your desk.

RenderEngine is a virtual reality design software that enables industries to produce and import results from manufacturers. It offers a suite of rendering tools and an industry leading workflow for architects, designers and CAD consultants.

Navisworks is a CAD software for engineering, design and simulation of various structures. The software is lightweight and allows you to combine 3D models, create animations and fluid simulations, depending on the end product.

How We Evaluated Matterport Competitors

After analyzing the technologies of both Matterport and the major competitors such as Axon, FlytV, and Veo, one big question remained: how do these services compete against each other?

We combed through all their pricing and features as well as customer reviews, and looked at some additional factors that matter to customers such as overall quality, customer support, and customer service.

From there, we put together a list of the six remaining competitors and analyzed each one independently for the remaining criteria.

This is a well-rounded evaluation of the other competitors.


When it comes to future technology, Axon has some of the most exciting developments. You can already find 360 video, VR, and new technologies that are nearly identical to the ones found in Matterport.

Besides their more advanced technology, Axon’s website was also found to be lacking when it comes to layout design and usability. With that said, the product seems to be on the right track.

Zillow 3D Home Tour : Best Overall Matterport Alternative

The Zillow 3D Matterport Competitor (Digital Tour) is the best competitor overall. When you use the standard cost associated with Zillow, you get a lot of features that are worth your money.

The Matterport Competitor takes you on a virtual tour of your home in a much more relaxed setting than the physical Matterport tour. It also offers floor plans, a 3D floor plan, and some other interesting details that make it more useful than just a standard Matterport tour.

In my opinion, the Zillow 3D Matterport Competitor is an excellent choice if you are looking for an alternative to Matterport. It’s not as interactive or immersive as a physical Matterport session, but it’s more helpful and useful than just the standard Matterport tour.

I’ve also included 3 other Zillow-branded tours in this post. These are the standard 3D Home Tour which is similar to the Matterport Competitor but takes a different approach, an Interactive 3D Tour, and the Virtual 3D Tour. I’ve included them to give some other perspectives on how you can explore your home from a 3D perspective.

Zillow 3D Home Tour Pricing

The only place to go to view any property in 3D Virtual Tours. You can search for houses, condos, commercial spaces, other real estate and gold, and view them all in a matter of minutes. The technology is leaps and bounds ahead of anything else that is currently being offered by similar services across the web. In my opinion it’s the best and the most cost effective way to get a real estate 3D virtual tour.

Let’s say you want to know how the inside of your home looks. You see all of the pictures on Zillow and wonder how they are made. And now you know that you can view it all in 3D and without leaving the comfort of your chair. You also get to view the external view of the house … ensuring that you’re taken care of when it comes to selling or buying a property.

If you’re buying a home or commercial space, you’ll save yourself money by getting a better idea of the room layout.

In this way, the quality of your home or commercial space can increase, keeping you from spending money on costly remodeling or construction. So, it’s easy to see why the 3D virtual tour of any property on Zillow is the best.

Zillow 3D Home Tour Features

Zillow 3d Home Tours are virtual tours built on the Matterport technology. This service allows you to showcase your home online for your audience and tenant.

Unlike other site visits in person or online, Matterport technology adds the dimension of the interior spaces in the home to showcase your home.

There are several facets of a Matterport video that make it possible to see the home online. With Matterport technology, the interiors are vertical videos that add hours of viewing time for a website or an app.

The interactive and easy to use software, cameras which are cost effective and low power. The interactive Matterport site makes it easy to compete with the corporate market place.

The Matterport 3d Home Tour gives you professional advice for your property tour on where to find and position those camera and tablet.

There are several rooms in the Matterports technology that make it an effective solution for property tour. Matterport is available on all steps, but the video is available on an App or website.

Zillow 3D Home Tour Customer Service

If you have a Matterport account and need help or support for it, you can contact the Zillow Team for Matterport.

The Zillow 3D Home Tour is a digital scanning process that lets you tour a property on a high-resolution 3-D avatar to be viewed on the Zillow real estate brokerage website.

It enables your agents to view you home on a digital model area through your Matterport account. A Matterport account can be viewed on your agents and customers.

The Zillow 3D Home Tour process is for informational purposes only and does not confirm to the viewer a sale of the home.

In case of any copyright issues, Zillow has the right and duty to remove any content at any time.

Zillow offers the service free of charge as part of its customer-focused approach.

What Zillow 3D Home Tour is Missing

It’s great that Zillow, Inc has introduced the concept of 3D Home Tours, because it’s definitely a trend worth watching. However, the use of Google Earth technology and the presentation options associated with Zillow’s new service still fall short of being bona fide competitors with models from the Matterport category. The reason: it’s tough to beat the process of making a 3D Walk-Through of a property, and the standard of quality Matterport and Skybox now offer. In this article, we’ll look at what’s missing from using Zillow’s 3D Home Tours for home buyers.

What Users Think About Zillow 3D Home Tour

Matterport is the creator of the camera that automatically creates 3D tours. Soon almost everyone will be able to buy a home and add a 3D tour to it. Unfortunately, not everyone loves Matterport since its highly expensive. Zillow is starting to take over the marketing space for Matterport. In this post I will take you through 6 competitors to Matterport that are available and useful.

Note: I haven’t reviewed or experimented with all of these cameras. I have only conducted analysis on the ones I have used. It’s important to read the product reviews thoroughly and research the camera before deciding which one to purchase.

Where to Find Zillow 3D Home Tour

Most people use Matterport Gallery 3D tours as it has more flexibility than High-Rise Tours and the ability to add PhotoScape & PhotoGraffiti content is much better than Highrise Touring.

But some of them may not be aware that Matterport Competitors 3D tours also DO support real-time sharing with Zillow 3D Tour.

Matterport Competitors has a new feature for 3D tours which is "Zillow 3D Real-Time Sharing". So you can change the position of the camera in the 3D tour within the Matterport Competitors app, so you can re-share the same 3D tour as if it was on Zillow Hight-Rise Tour.

It is possible to share photos from MMT tours.

VPiX : Best Matterport Alternative for Branded Social Media Integration

The Vpix software comes with an easy to use point and shoot feature that delivers right into the creation of great-looking social video and 360 videos. You have forty different effects options and ten different stylistic filters to choose from. You can also transform photos into incredible videos and experiences. Highlight, Brightness, Lens, Pan-Depth, and Zoom Effects are available in point-and-shoot mode. And don’t miss its six different filters, color correction effects, and motion detection. Vpix can produce lip-sync-ed movable video, photos, and animations.

This Matterport alternative has an easy to use dashboard that displays your visual effects to give it a more finished look. You can also add creative post-processing filters for photos and videos on the fly. And if you’re looking for an easy-to-use mobile application for Android and iOS, you’ll enjoy the mobile app so much that you’ll never want to leave it.

The mobile application is simple to use and allows you to shoot 360-degree videos. That way, you’ll be able to take the photos, add filters, and make the videos from your mobile device. It’s the most intuitive way to shoot videos using a mobile device.

VPiX Pricing

Matterport3D is a relatively new company in the Virtual Reality (VR) world. It's a startup and leading the business to bring the professional quality of 3D modeling to the customers at a lower cost. One of the driving forces behind this business is to access the possibilities of the 3D scanning in a very low cost and timely manner. Users can use Matterport3D VR for creating amazing User Experience (UX) and Virtual Reality Applications (apps) that will be appreciated by millions of viewers.

Matterport3D is a well-established company and is known for its products, services and partners. The company is setting its standards in the industry and is aiming to be more professional to be a machine that can fulfill the goals of the customers. The experienced professionals are designing and improving every day to manage the business and continuously create the level of quality valued by its clients.

Business Model

  • Matterport3D is focusing on user experience and the quality of the services offered. The company is developing carefully and consistently to create the best appreciation for the clients.
  • The company is creating a clear distinction between its Pro and Personal edition while also offering an OEM license. The company attaches great importance to the services offered by the Pro Edation.
  • The company is expecting big success with the products developed.

VPiX Features

The VPIX 3D system is an easy to install, battery powered system that turns any home into a theater that gives you a real-time three-dimensional experience, right on the spot.

Sizes: 77 inches, 84 inches, 90 inches, 102 inches, 110 inches,

3D Real-Time Experience

VpiX 3D video stream allows you to view your virtual tour in real-time, on the spot. No more waiting, even though the size of your home or room.

More interactive.

Video editing software allows you to choose which camera angle you want in your tour while seamlessly mixing and matching performances you want throughout the tour.

Delivery Options

Choose the VpiX 3D system you desire, from our 3D Camera™, 3D Camera Pro, or the 3D Cloud™. The cameras are completely wireless.

Revolutionary Technology

VpiX 3D video stream lets you capture beautiful photos and videos of different angles within your room or home, in real-time, making it possible to move throughout your surroundings and see it from different angles! This patented technology is the only technology that lets you move throughout a space, seeing the space from a captivating and breathtaking perspective!

VpiX 3D video stream is patented, patented, patented.

VPiX Customer Service

Matterport is an open source kit that leverages Virtual Reality (VR) technology to turn physical spaces into virtual reality experiences. Many remodeling, home, real estate, advertising and marketing companies are leveraging VR technology to give their clients and customers unique VR moments. Some of the tech giants have even started to enter the digital media space.

Video Processors, 3D Printers, 3D Scanners, and all the hardware and software vendors are competing to be among the first organizations to deliver their respective services. Among these services, one of the real estate companies that has made the move towards all modern technologies is Matterport and 3D Photogrammetry. Matterport is an enterprise level 3D capture service provider headquartered in Sunnyvale, California with offices around the world. They provide a unique 3D capture technology that facilitates virtual tours of real estate properties.

There are a lot of services available in the virtual reality space today. Some of the most popular brands today are CLO Virtual Reality, Baofeng, Daydream View, VIdao, Hololens, and Samsung Gear VR. The market is poised for growth and Matterport is the first to give customers the tools to enable them to build, author, and animate 3D tour of their property.

What VPiX is Missing

Matterport is an amazing application that recently come to the market that allows you to easily shoot 360 videos and images. Since Matterport makes it extremely easy to capture a 360 video and share it in beautifully clear quality, there are now a lot of companies that are trying to mimic Matterport by using their own software. This is normal given the level of competition in business sectors that matter.

However, we have been testing Matterport and the Matterport competitors and have come up with 6 software solutions that are already available on the market or in the beta stage. All these solutions have a lot of resemblance, so we have been reviewing them thoroughly and also making a detailed comparison of each of the solutions to help you choose the right solution for your company and its needs.

The packages we are going to review are:

  • Google Street View
  • Voxeo Street View
  • Voxelate
  • Livestream 360
  • Kanda MyWorld
  • Orah

Here is the comparison table on the comparison of professional Matterport rivals….

What Users Think About VPiX

Where to Find VPiX

Matterport is probably one of the only reasons why you have browsed some low-cost houses and never just looked through one. In videos, Matterport images have impressed you, and along with the educational value, kept you coming back.

But while videos and images have entertained you before, more and more 3D providers are rising up. But is one actually the best? Let’s take a look at the top 6 best Matterport competitors based on the following criteria:

{1}. Image quality: This is probably the most important criteria for any 3D provider, and the images provided by Matterport are top notch. As reported by hands-on reviewers, the company’s images have a very high-resolution and offer great clarity.
{2}. Videos: Videos have been one of the reasons why people have used Matterport. They are amazing and offer great replay value. Again, Mereroport stands among the best when it comes to creating videos.
{3}. Pricing: While it may seem expensive at first, Matterport provides incredible value. With multiple Matterport cameras, you’ll be able to capture incredible views around any given scene. Images and videos in large scale certainly lack the competition as of now.

EyeSpy360 : Best Matterport Alternative for Adding Popups

Matterport's marketing and visibility always seems to be a bit hidden, and it won't be helping itself by just being a poor sequel to Google Maps. The idea is nice, but the execution is on a disastrous level.

However, there are other options that have their unique advantages, and EyeSpy360 is one of them.

They advertise:

  • A view of a 3D model in real-time
  • 360° videos and photos
  • High-end options with no camera hardware
  • Mapping from your mobile device

And more.

The main difference between Matterport and EyeSpy360 is that EyeSpy 360 is for both businesses and individuals, where Matterport is geared towards businesses and developers.

The map projection isn't as accurate as Matterport, and the really cool 3D animation effect that Matterport has is missing.

However, EyeSpy 360 has a great 3D transition effect that rotates the 3D model if you move inside the image. This is unique, and it really adds some value to their product.

Their solution for capturing images and videos is also different:

Instead of 2 lenses and a camera inside the box, EyeSpy360 comes packaged with 2 cameras and a Spin mount. There's also a MicroUSB cable to get your camera power.

EyeSpy360 Pricing

EyeSpy360 Features

Depending on what you perfer like at home. EyeSpy360 offers

Closest Visit Anywhere. EyeSpy360 Records Videos at a very high resolution. With an eye-popping 265 Megapixels and in the resolution of 4k. You can see your home's great detail and gets the exact feeling of your location. Also, you can visit your construction site or very expensive holiday home. So, you can easily help your friends, family and clients in finding the exact location.

Witness Your Actions. EyeSpy360 has 8 different recording modes and in all of them, you can see the areas you are recording. So, you can have a slow motion recording in which you can see your actions and events better. This means you can record anything you want. For example, you can see your client riding a motor bike and having bad posture. (You would be able to get a clue to this future medical condition)

No SD Cards Needed. Another great feature of EyeSpy360 is that it never uses the SD card. And therefore, you don't need to swap the SD card if you see you have too much footage. So now we don't need to worry about the SD card. Also, we then don't need to worry about our SD card getting full and have to stop recording.

EyeSpy360 Customer Service

What EyeSpy360 is Missing

If you’ve looked into purchasing a 3D camera that actually will function for your use, then you’ve probably noticed that there’s a lot of change coming in this market with more and more companies (granted the bigger ones) opening up their communication to large crowds. Matterport, ZED VR and even Apple for that matter are slowly changing the game in a way that may bring about a new standard of how to deliver an immersive and clear experience to a large group.

Unfortunately, the 3D camera industry is, for the lack of a better word, in chaos. There’s so many cameras on the market claiming to do a lot of things compared to what they are actually capable of. And when it comes to 3D cameras, ability top deliver quality and solid video takes precedence over all else. While some 3D camera’s have been able to cope with the need for clearer video where it matters most, they are still lacking in a lot of areas when it comes to fully functioning products.

What Users Think About EyeSpy360

Chances are you’ve heard about the popular 3D & virtual tour software called the Matterport. However, there are at least 6 other competing software in the market and in my opinion, they are more user-friendly. The 6 competitors of the Matterport are the below.


Let’s take a quick look into the pros and cons of each one of them.

SpinVox VR

If you’re looking for an easy to use and cheap 3D tour software that is on the decline, you should give SpinVox VR a try. It is not as popular as the Matterport yet, it is very user-friendly and straight to the point. Once you’ve mastered a few of the basics, you will be able to master the art of 3D tour creation/sharing. Purely from an art/design perspective, this is the best solution I’ve seen in the market.

However, there’s a major disadvantage – There’s no stencil or Mask feature, and you have to create your own 3D tour.


Where to Find EyeSpy360

Pano2VR Software: Best Matterport Alternative for Tour Customization

In a matter of moments, the software can generate a virtual tour from various views. The scenes can be framed in a wide range of creative options unlike matterport. There are many professional and creative angles available to frame the tour scene. The output from this comparison is a large and high-resolution content which can be shared with the online community. What matters the most is help the customer get the appropriate view and experience.

Pano2VR has the ability to create 360-degree 3D model using precise home or office images. It can rotate the image of the part of the space to access different viewing angles. It can add a virtual reality mode so that the user can explore the tour in a panoramic 3D view.

The output from the software is a high-resolution 360-degree VR that can be viewed from any screen, including smartphones with virtual reality apps. The output can be shared with the online community or online visitors. This enables the user to add the photos and videos and share the virtual tour content with the online community.

Although Pano2VR is just a single solution, it can work with pano2VR software as well as with PanoramaFusion. The overall output from both solutions can be coordinated to each other.

What matters the most is to help the customer get the appropriate view and experience. The output from the software can be shared with online community.

Pano2VR Pricing

They offer many options to ensure you get your home floor plan the way you want it. They say you can get your price quote within a day.

Screenshots of Floor Plan

Maps are created in 360 degrees for seamless navigation through your property.

In 3-d

You can add or remove content on the fly.

You can have someone else show your home.

You can change the zoom.

You can add or remove rooms to your floor plan.

Pano2VR Features

Pano2VR has been quickly gaining popularity among the business community. It’s easy to why anybody would develop such a platform, considering the lucrative business opportunity to be had from a global audience on the move. With that said, Pano2VR does pack some impressive features that set it apart from the competition. Here’s what stands out about Pano2VR:

Allow users to view 3D models on devices that don’t support VR

Tekin’s Pano2VR is the first of its kind that allows users to view 3D models on devices that don’t support virtual reality. The applications of such a platform are widespread, considering that it can be used for education, sales processes, even e-commerce. It’s easy to see how this platform has the potential to gain a widespread appeal.

Support 3D Navigation

The application support for 3D navigation is a hallmark feature of this platform. Viewers get to move through Pano2VR spaces naturally by navigating familiar platforms, like a website. They enjoy the ability to freely explore the structures, and can get a sense of how it might function or look.

Pano2VR Customer Service

If you are trying to choose one of these suppliers, get in contact with Pano2VR customer service for assistance and help finding the best supplier for you and your business.

You can contact them at their toll-free phone number: 888.362.1025. They will gladly help you choose the right provider for your business.

What Pano2VR is Missing

From a purely practical point of view, the biggest difference between Matterport and Pano2VR is that there’s no appreciable difference between them when it comes to straight-up viewing. The 2D previews on the site are more or less the same. Matterport’s in particular are still pretty impressive … if you’re willing to believe that they’re that much better than a Google Street View, which actually is what they are.

But leave it to those two pioneers of VR to pack some surprises onto their service anyway. In addition to their own VR videos, Matterport and Pano2VR also offer access to a number of third-party 3D VR videos that you can download. That’s right … you can get VR videos from all the ways you’ve been used to downloading video content in the past. You can get it from YouTube, Vimeo, Ustream, DailyMotion, Revver, TEDx, the US Naval Photographic Center, and NASA Earth. You can also download an option to download it in MP4 format for use with Google Cardboard and the like.

What Users Think About Pano2VR

Matterport, SketchUp, Photoscan, Photovista, PanoVista, Flyinside and VRstudio.

Matterport is known to be a "fan favorite" among the VR content providers and has been around since 2007. It is now the most popular tool for the creation of virtual tours as it has a robust tool for photogrammetry and can utilize a variety of VR devices (e.g. HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and smartphone VR headsets).

Photoscan is a stand-alone tool that does not require any other software. It is ideal for those who already have a large video library that needs a quality 360 degree view and stabilization. It is also a good choice for those who want to use VR headsets and do not already have a large video archive.

SketchUp is a popular CAD program used by architects, designers and engineers for 3D modeling. However, it can be used in many other areas to create VR content. Its VR mode allows for the export of a 360 degree photo-realistic model for virtual reality viewing. This tool is becoming a popular choice for architects to render built-space using VR technology.

Photovista is a cloud-based service that offers much of the same functionality as the other content providers. It is also a good alternative to the other VR content providers, and it also offers features for 360 degree videos and 3D modeling.

Where to Find Pano2VR

If you are looking to upload images to your Matterport VR tour, you will have to convert or crop the images to a form that can be used by the Matterport viewer. This is where 3rd party Matterport plugins come in handy.

AudioJungle has a diverse selection of plugins for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D. There are also plugins for Alias|Wavefront and Lightwave 3D, which can render images from your 3D renders and images from your video camera to create panoramic images.

ILook3D is a great plugin that gives you seamless transitions between your 3D renderings and the video camera view. In one click, you can set the dimensions of the transitions as seen in the images above. The transitions can be trimmed using the background image, which can make the transitions look like they are a part of your videos. This is an essential tool if you are creating a tour from any of the first-person footage of the Matterport viewer.

Pano2VR is a plugin for Cinema 4D that allows you to stretch and pan the images, as seen in the bottom images below. This plugin is ideal for creating a virtual tour with multiple panoramas.

TourWeaver Standard Software: Best Matterport Alternative for 3D Floor Plans

One of the best Matterport alternatives is TourWeaver Standard, the desktop software that works with the whole series of Tourweaver products. With this software, you can create 3D floor plans, site plans, and site layout drawings. You can also import them from SketchUp and AutoCad models.

If you’re just getting started with Matterport, consider using TourWeaver Standard software instead. It is cheaper and easier to use than Matterport 360, and it’s compatible with all models of the TourWeaver line. You can use it for home inspection, interior design, and even for real estate using 3D floor plans and site layout pictures.

Once you’ve mastered using it, you can also play around with Matterport, which can be a bit more expensive. However, if you’re serious about Matterport, you’ll want to upgrade to 360 for live modeling and positioning of imported models.

Materace Plus Software: Best Matterport 360 Alternative for 2D Floor Plans

One of the best Matterport 360 alternatives is Materace Plus Software, which comes with several preloaded site layout drawings of different types of houses, apartments and houses. These were originally laser-scanned 3D models and are compatible with Matterport sensors.

TourWeaver Pricing

TourWeaver Features

  • Create tours from Docs, PDFs, pictures, videos and maps from several sources like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, One Drive, Bitcasa, Google Drive, Facebook, DropBox, MixCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google maps.
  • Buy tours from customers worldwide using your WordPress site, PayPal and Matterport website.
  • Super powerful tour features: Audio effects, reference cards, slide show, videos & more.
  • Various tour types: 3D tour, 2D tour, trivia, searchable tour and more.
  • Use tour as a presentation with tour cards and 3D tours.
  • Use guides to create tour presentations.
  • Optimize tour for Android, iPhone, Windows apps and Amazon Fire tablets.
  • Add custom text, animations, 360 tours without sacrificing quality or performance.
  • Customize tours with video window, custom tour buttons, tour credits, tour cards, 3D tour, overview and banner.
  • Customize tours with separate themes for tours.
  • Use zoom to view subtle details and improve tour quality
  • Upload tour brochure for customers to download on smartphones.
  • Use tours as online tours, online tours reference and more.

TourWeaver Customer Service

However, this company could also offer you a couple of alternatives if you do not want to delve deep into business or editing tools.

Further, the pricing model of the platform is free for the users but does not give them the features of a higher plan. The plans do not seem to warrant the additional costs.


Their website is easy to use and navigate. Their interface is user-friendly. Currently, no problems with the product.

While its pricing is slightly above the industry average, their customer support is the best among its competitors.


With a user-friendly platform, the navigation is simple and easy. Their editing system is simple.

While a bit expensive for the basic plans, their focus is usually on saving money. Their data is in most cases not upto the mark.


They have the easiest website to use. Their price is good but their customer support is the worst among its competitors.

Its pricing is slightly below the industry average.


While a bit overpriced, the website is easy to use. Their sales model is free for the customers.

Their interface is user-friendly. Their focus is mostly on the building of VR experiences. Their team need a lot of improvement.

What TourWeaver is Missing

Google SketchUp We Design 3 SandBox3D Sketch.io

Upcoming Newcomer:

What Users Think About TourWeaver

Although matterport seems to be a household name, the technology is not new. The matterport technology was invented by Matterport Inc. in 2006, however. Since then the company has made enormous progress and currently has offices in more than 20 countries, including the United States, Russia, Germany, Singapore, Japan, and Australia. They have become the leading platform for professionals and amateurs alike to see and share 3D spaces that they can manipulate. Matterport is currently one of the leading panoramic, 3D, real-time capture technologies.

Matterport is a panoramic, 3D, and real-time capture technology developed by Matterport Inc. The technology can capture any space in 3D. It helps professionals and amateurs alike to see and share all sides of a 3D space that they can then manipulate.

At this moment, there is not much information available about the competitors of matterport. However, it is relatively easy to find the basic statistics about matterport as well as its competitors. The company market itself, the matterport technology enables everyone to discover, document, and share the world around them. An unlimited number of images is available for the matterport user.

Where to Find TourWeaver

The best online solution is a 360-degree, panoramic VR experience that can be viewed on a VR headset. In general, users won’t have a problem finding the best solution for their website, but it might be a little difficult to locate a 360-degree option. That’s why we put together a list of the best Matterport rivals.

Virtual tour sites are a great way to create professional web content for your people’s eyes and smartphones. In general, users will want a 360-degree option to create that premium look and feel on their website. From time to time, people will want to look at their website on their VR headsets to add some personal touch to a virtual tour. Discover the benefits of multi-view websites and the 6 best Matterport competitors in the following feature:

  • Best Matterport Compititors
  • Military Virtual Tours
  • Pearl Harbor History
  • Hire an Architect
  • Virtual Tours for Rooms
  • Planters Gardens
  • Cocktail Tables
  • Virtual Tours For Restaurants
  • Virtual Tours for Offices
  • Virtual Tours for Apartments
  • Virtual Tours for Wedding
  • Virtual Tours for Schools
  • Virtual Tours for Churches
  • Virtual Tours for Campgrounds
  • Virtual Tours for Hospitals
  • Virtual Tours for Real Estate
  • Virtual Tours for Farms
  • Virtual Tours for High Schools

3DVista Software: Best Matterport Alternative for Adding Tours to Google Maps

3DVista is probably the best Matterport alternative available. It’s even better than Matterport, is capable of capturing 360-degree panoramic tours and can even organize them into virtual tours.

If you’re just looking to add Matterport tours to your Google Maps and Google Earth, 3DVista is the best Matterport alternative out there. All of the tours and layovers as well as the renderings are automatically uploaded into your Google Maps which allows you to easily embed them on your websites.

Instead of creating tour content in a third party editing application, 3DVista uses the same 360-degree panorama stitching technology found in Google Maps. This makes it really straightforward to import tour content into 3DVista. All you have to do is select each tour and export it into a separate file, so that you can later add it to your project.

Once you’ve added your tours in 3DVista, it basically creates Virtual tours for you with all of the tour information. You can add Images to these Virtual tours just as easily as you can with a standard tour. The benefit of this is that you really have your Virtual tours looking exactly like your physical tours.

3DVista Pricing

3DVista became a public Company in 2001 and since then it has been gearing up to take on the leading Matterport competitors. 3DVista relies on a software that runs on the back end of your computer, which scans your space and displays the CAD plans and interactive 3D models in real time. 3DVista allows you to export the plans in a variety of formats. You also have the option to create your plan in the application and export the rights for printing and reproduction.

This is one of the major strengths of 3DVista, as it allows for the easy transformation of the 3D plans to a number of 3D formats. Other competitors only provide CAD plans. This also makes 3DVista one of the more flexible 3D scanning software that you’ll find.

3DVista also provides some additional tools for making your building easier from the start. They include texturing and color exploration that will allow you to see how the finished product will look. To get the most out of 3DVista you also need a Matterport® Camera for rich and clear images.

With 3DVista you can plan your space, use the 3D visualization software, prepare your plans and figure out what materials you need to buy and where. You can even check out floor and ceiling plans or a virtual group of interior rooms.

3DVista Features

3DVista is a website that features interesting images captured in 360 degrees. The images are an intriguing means of capturing a destination or a certain event, as most of them are from the virtual tours projects. There are multiple 3DVista competitions every year. Some events focus on homes, many get people to submit photographs of a certain theme and there’s even one photo contest that targets animals, buildings, etc. Anyway, you can find a lot of amazing images on 3DVista.

The Downside

Because 3DVista’s photos are virtual tours, they don’t feature many active elements, like listening to music or moving around. These are the reasons why 360 photos are still better than VR.

For a site that features a lot of these kinds of photos, there’s definitely a shortage of on-ground action.

At 3DVista, you’ll have to look for the red door button to take the viewer to the next room, not the blue button to simulate walking. This is one of the things that could make users feel grounded in a virtual tour.

3DVista Customer Service

This is the company who we had problems with and did not honor the Matterport License.

What 3DVista is Missing

The main goal of all of us working in the 3D industry is to breakthrough in the markets by developing new technologies, which make our products more and more innovative, while our competitors stay on their tactful ways.

The development of the new technologies bring new possibilities. But the way how we approach the markets in an innovative way can only happen only in the surest and stable conditions where our trust on each other is the main part of our work.

After almost 7 years of using the matterports solution and 3DVista SDK together, we have reached the end of the matter. We have decided that it wouldn’t be possible to continue using the old ways of developing our new ideas.

The purpose of this article is just to let you know about our decision and to explain why we have to choose 3DVista.

The matterport solution is with many problems which were not always easy to find but as a whole it still was the best solution for us both from the management and the final user’s point of view.

What Users Think About 3DVista

Matterport, and Renderx vs. Matterport

A new technology has exploded onto the scene in 2017. Matterport is the media to be excited about. Matterport has the ability to capture real-life photos in 360 degrees all in a matter of seconds.

Matterport values the user’s content and business, and that’s why they provide such a useful service with such a powerful option like Matterport Pro. Looking back at 2016 business users saw the necessity for Matterport Pro.

Matterport allows for the commercialization of their business but also the introduction of the new business owner. With Matterport marketing, the company gained more customers.

Downloading the software is simple and their website takes you step by step by explaining every aspect of this innovative technology.

The Benefit of Effectively Using Real-World Content (RWC) Technology Is that of the Viewer Having a Higher Level of Connection to the Product……

The greatest advantage of using RWC is the investment itself. When creating RWC there is very little upfront cost and it is completely visual. There is no heavy learning curve and the time to market is not long. RWC has the benefit of being visual, being reproducible and is cost effective. When used correctly it offers a much greater ROI than a typical marketing campaign.

Where to Find 3DVista

Matterport is the undisputed leader in the 3D tour photography and virtual reality industry. It is the preferred tool for the likes of Mazda, Chicago Law School, Bank of America, and more. However, it’s not the only player in this industry. Matterport has a few competitors and it’s important to know where to find them before choosing a 3dvista vendor.

Bottom Line – Matterport Competitors

Matterport is the market leader in 3d mapping software. Matterport reverse engineering is great if you hope to find a business or cell to become an authorized reseller of it. I believe that FuseMap is the best Matterport competition. They are offering a fantastic time-saving feature that is not available on the Matterport platform. At the moment, they do not provide physical Matterport endpoints but their SDK is compatible with the Matterport platform. It is interesting to use the FuseMap SDK with its incredible integration to the Matterport API.

Therefore, I would recommend FuseMap as a competitor for Matterport. Here are the materials I recommend for you.

{1}. Application Development With FuseMap
{2}. FuseMap SDK Reference Manual
{3}. FuseMap SDK Programming Guide

Searching for a 3D software on the market can be difficult. They all look similar to one another but there are subtle differences in how you can integrate them into your business.

If you are a company searching for an easy way to build and share 3D content along with 2D content like your business cards, brochures, and logo design you need to use FuseMap. Make sure to contact them directly to start using their 3D building and sharing platform.

Besides FuseMap I recommend another list of 3D competitors below.