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Top 6 HR Software Picks

The right functionalities for HR are often adapted to fit with the needs of small business. For example, computerized HR software needs to be easy to install, not a drain on resources and compatible for both Mac and PC users. The choice of software in this category can be overwhelming for small business owners, consider here few of the best HR tools that meet all your needs of an HR software.

QuickBooks Online: If you are in need of a cloud-based solution with a more comprehensive set of features, QuickBooks Online is your best pick. This solution is cloud-based and therefore available on all platforms, including Windows, Mac and online. QuickBooks Online gives you access to the full suite of features for a more comprehensive solution. The software is compatible with all devices like a tablet and a phone and therefore for mobile workers. The only setback with QuickBooks Online is the lack of offline access features for security and PDF creation.

CONFIDENT: If you are looking for a cloud-based solution with a simple software interface, CONFIDENT is an excellent choice. The software provides HR management up to 20 people, embedded forms and access to mobile solutions. The Pro versions offers a more extensive set of features and Payroll module.

How We Evaluated HR Software

Our team of reviewers looked at 81 HR software products, including online, on-premise and a hybrid products. We evaluated each on a number of features, such as budgeting, benefits integration, security, and training and skills analytics.

The HR department is responsible for all the personnel matters for a company. The team is responsible for managing the complete life cycle of the employees in a company. HR software helps the HR department to use it efficiently and check all the data easily.

HR software for small business helps the business to manage duties efficiently and save money in a long run. In this post I will tell a few best HR software for small business list you should consider.

A good HR software for small business is more easy to use and user friendly. You can easily access the data and also can integrate applications easily. If your small business isn’t using a good HR software, you should consider using them for your business growth.

Our team of analysts tested 15 top HR software for small business, including InteK, Clarify, Sage, HireRight, Talenthq, Vice, Optimal, Workday, Olark, PeopleAdmin, Mavenlink, TalentNexus, Zeze, and many more major HR solutions.

The following is the top-rated top HR software for small business, with a quick summary of each product.

Paycor: Best Overall HR Software for Small Business

Paycor is an HR software that is specifically designed for small businesses. It has a lot of useful features such as payrolls, benefit management, employee time tracking and management features like vacation, performance evaluations, etc.

Paycor is a perfect HR software for small businesses. It has a lot of useful features such as payrolls, benefit management, employee time tracking and management features like vacation, performance evaluations, etc. Employees can easily stay connected from start of the day to finish with the app which is specially designed for small business.

It comes with cloud storage and you can access and pay your employees and other people even though you are on the go. Although it is very useful, its user interface may be a bit challenging for beginners.


  • Small business payroll management
  • Time tracking
  • Payroll, paystubs, income statements and wage-tax calculator
  • Employee self-service and employee portals
  • Create, edit and manage time entry with timesheets
  • Employee payroll import and export
  • Generate payroll reports
  • Automatic payroll deposits, including direct deposit
  • Benefit programs, including Health, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance
  • Employee emergency contacts
  • Employee travel options
  • Performance and employee evaluations

In times when you are about to take out a loan to enhance your business, managing all your financial things can seem like a daunting task.

Paycor Pricing

Paycor is an accounting software which was created in 1995 and it is available in both a free version as well as a more robust application. The software is unique because it has reporting capabilities and it is capable of managing payroll for up to five employees.

Employees accept their compensation as direct deposit, paper check, or credit card. The software can be used for electronic check processing, but you can use it with your existing providers.

The company also provides a mobile application that is available on BlackBerry, Android, and iPhone devices. It supports small business payroll processing, as well as third party payroll software, and it can be used with QuickBooks. HCM, Xero and ACCPAC payroll processes are also supported.

Because of its extensive payroll processing capabilities, Paycor is a popular software in finance departments. While payroll used to be a big hassle, especially for small businesses, payroll programs like Paycor make the entire process much easier and users can create reports for the financial department.

The free version of Paycor can be used for payroll processing, but it cannot be used for anything else. There is also a 24-hour support line that can be used if you have any questions.

The only downside of Paycor is that it has a high price, especially for the free version.

Paycor Features

We chose Paycor to be our HR software provider because of the wide array of features, ranging from global payroll to employee tracking, to workforce optimization. Payroll capabilities ensure that you can issue, update and track employees’ pay daily or weekly to meet IRS requirements or payroll deadlines, and the workforce tracking module can provide insights to your managers to better track employee performance, engagement and staff retention.

While Paycor’s HR software provides all of the core HR functionality, it also delivers these great benefits:

User-friendly: With Paycor you can access payroll information by interacting with one dashboard that gives you all of the information you need. From there, you can drill down to see the granular detail.

Reliable: Paycor’s average customer retention is 99.6 percent.

Payroll and employee tracking features include:

Payroll: Paycor’s online pay solution allows you to manage your payroll and employee data all in one place. It’s easy to update rates and figures in real time, and spending time on payroll can be reduced.

Payroll Features: With Paycor you can elect to update rates and figures daily, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly to meet IRS requirements or payroll deadlines, and employees can view how they will be compensated for their contributions.

Zenefits: For Businesses Wanting to Offer Health Insurance

Zenefits Pricing

We are a startup software company, providing humans to computers.

Zenefits sales pricing is a little crazy.

We want to use people to help computers.

We make hipster customer service rockstars.

Human is cheaper than the computer.

(Check out the Zenefits Pricing Summary)

Zenefits Features

Zenefits is a cloud-based human resource management software for small or medium-sized businesses. Zenefits was founded by ex-Hewlett-Packards CEOs as an alternative to expensive HR packages.

Zenefits provides the HR department with all the important HR managements that they usually use.

With Zenefits, the HR team can track employee engagement, payroll, compensation, benefits, insurance, compliance, and many more. These data can be accessed via its HR solution or its online portal

Zenefits seamlessly integrate with Salesforce, Google Apps, Office 365, and tools like Slack and Asana.

The platform can also be customized for different industries and business sectors like healthcare, construction, hospitality, and insurance. However, it does not have the versatility of HRSoft.

Hireme hr Software Features

Hireme was founded in 2012 as a local HR software company. Its headquarters are in Montreal and the software can be easily downloaded in most parts of the world.

It is not easy to find a software with such a strong focus on compliance. Hireme makes sure that all the HR documents that are fed into the document management system is compliant with security, financial, and other HR terms and conditions.

Hireme has one of the best HR platforms in the HR software sector. It integrates smoothly with existing HR systems and can easily be used by small and medium sized businesses.

Zoho People: Best Free HR Software for Startups

Anyone who has a small business knows how important human resource management (HRM) is. Managing employees is a big part of being a boss. But when it comes to the details …. let’s be real, it’s really not anyone’s most favorite thing to do. This is where software comes in. It can help you automate a lot of the work you have to do on a day-to-day basis, and it can also help you improve your business operations, with or without any investment in its development.

The HRM software that offers the most features is Zoho People, which comes in both a cloud-version and a desktop version. It’s a completely free software solution that is available for you to manage your employees at work. It features all of the essential HR tools you need for on-the-go and long-term operations. It also has a time tracking option that helps you keep track of how much you spend on your employees’ time.

The software’s templates are also highly customizable and come with a lot of pre-loaded templates. If you’re looking to save time in managing your employees, you should look into using this software.

Zoho People Pricing

Zoho People helps you access and distribute your employee information in one central location, and it is an SOA application that easily integrates with other Zoho tools, such as Zoho Projects, Zoho CRM, and more. You can create multiple user-based groups that allow for different permissions to information that are associated with groups.

The most unique capability that comes along with Zoho People is the ability to create Active Directory group groupings. With Active Directory, it allows you to secure your info so that only selected users can view appointments or other content. This is a great feature that will allow small businesses to see their existing user base and map out potential employee involvement.

Zoho People is a timesheet software for small businesses, allowing you to keep track of employee work hours. The main point of this software is to be a time-tracking tool. It is an easy to use and simple software that can help you keep track of everything from start to finish. It is easy to use and has a very minimalistic design.

To do payroll on Zoho People, you’ll need to use the Zoho Payroll app for this. Since it is redundant to have a payroll time-tracking software and payroll software on top of it, this prevents any confusion.

Zoho People Features

Beautifully designed HR software to help business owners and HR managers, Zoho People offers the best integrated HR solutions across the globe. Taking a leading role in providing business process automation and is known for its ease of use and powerful HR software.

Rippling: Best Customizable HRIS

Rippling HR, founded in 1995, is the first HRIS software for small businesses, and it’s still one of the best HRIS options available today.

This cloud-based software makes it easy for you to keep all of your human resources documentation, forms, and system access in one place, and you can access that functionality when you’re browsing, when you get on your computer, or on your smartphone.

This open source HRIS software is known for its ease-of-use and flexibility and is available on all platforms. If you’re in need of an HRIS software that’s customizable and affordable, then Rippling HR may be right for you.

BambooHR: Best HR Software for Self-Employed

BambooHR is another popular HRIS software that offers enterprise-ready HR management features for small businesses.

You can manage your employees’ time sheets, paystubs, and any other important files and documents from your mobile phone, computer, or tablet. It’s also ideal for businesses that are just getting started and don’t require all of the advanced features that Office 365 HR offers.

Rippling Pricing

Rippling pricing is an ideal solution for small or medium sized companies seeking an all-in-one platform. With Rippling, all pricing, invoicing, billing, inventory control and customer relationship management can be managed from one platform.

Rippling’s pricing module manages up to 60 unique jobs on different pricing plans, which can be used to create dynamic pricing for new customers and in different areas of your work. The platform also gives you the flexibility to purchase additional plans and choose what the licenses cost.

With Rippling, you can quickly decide how to place orders for products and services at your company’s website or ecommerce portal. In order to place orders, users must log in through their email address.

Rippling’s invoice module allows you to create income statements, credit memos and related payments. The invoice module takes into consideration all payment types and terms. It also gives you the option to generate credit memos and related payments.

Customers can pay you online, by transferring money into your bank account or by using a credit card. You can easily view your cash flow and perform a forecast.

Rippling Features

Businesses are big on these type of things these days … metrics. And when we talk about metrics we are looking at finances, but of course we are also looking at our employees.

To that latter end one of the most frequently made decisions in business these days is whether to install an online HR software system. HR (Human Resources) managers … in the name of saving labor costs … are increasingly leaning towards using HR software as a cost-effective means to organize, analyze and document employee information.

Today’s HR software tends to be both flexible and powerful enough to handle such a varied array of requirements. Nowadays, you don’t have to lay out a huge amount of cash or time to get the information you need out of HR software.

HR software benefits your employees and gives you access to statistics and other useful details about your workforce. Here’s a link to a nice sampling of the HR software available. It’s a good overview and should give you a good idea about which one will be right for you.

BambooHR: Best HR Software for Compliance-Focused HR Professionals

With HR software, you can get a complete view of all your employees’ activities and ensure your employees are complying with the company’s policies. HR software can also help your HR staff make more informed decisions based on the data gathered from employee’s activities. So what is the best HR software for small businesses? Take a look at BambooHR to find out!

BambooHR is a comprehensive HR management software which lets you have total control over all of your employees’ HR needs. It’s a fully customizable HR solution that helps you implement a policy-driven “Compliance-Focused” approach to HR management.

As an HR professional, you’ll be able to build automated recruiting, onboarding and onboarding processes, keep track of benefits and payments, and keep an eye on all your employees’ HR needs. Plus, it’s easy to use and customizable so that you can let your team use it without any trouble.

It’s a robust HR management solution with robust reporting functions, a well-organized dashboard, and a comprehensive library of publicly-available HR policies. BambooHR also makes it easy to manage and share your HR information with your managers and the board of directors.

BambooHR Pricing

BambooHR is a cloud-based online HR (human resources) management software that lets you keep track of your staff’s time and attendance, manage employee benefits, and ensure you have the right organizational structure. It has an open API, which means that any applications that can take advantage of the BambooHR system can be used. This includes sites like intuit, Zapier, and Seesaw.

Since BambooHR is cloud-based, you don’t need to manage and store your employees’ data on a kind of … hard drive, and can do away with the hassle of data backup and troubleshooting. BambooHR syncs and distributes the information for your employees wherever there’s an internet connection. So even if you have employees working under different timezones, they can still be monitored and organized.

BambooHR does not discriminate based on the size of your business, and even lets you add employees who work remotely at home. It even includes a calendar where workers can view any assignments they have.

It is also very easy to learn and use. You can access all your data on any internet-connected device, such as your phone and tablet, within seconds.

BambooHR Features

The most interesting and fun feature of BambooHR is the gamification of the experience! This feature allows you to track your progress as you complete their “missions” and rewards you for doing so. It’s a great first step and a great way to direct your time and effort towards something of value, while at the same time drawing attention to your progress.

Another of BambooHR’s most appealing aspects is their scheduling feature that uses an “uber” of Microsoft’s Outlook addons. This allows you to schedule meetings, set deadlines, set reminders, and have daily recurring stuff all through one single Outlook module.

BambooHR is also compatible with multiple calendars, including Google Calendars, Outlook, Mac OS X’s iCal, and more, which opens up scheduling options for a wider range of users.

While this scheduling module works great, it’s the chat and messaging side of things that truly shines. Through the use of IM, non-blocking messaging, and BCC, BambooHR gives you access to all of your existing apps like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and more.

Namely: Best HR Software for Customization and Integrations

With Namely, you have the ability to create a custom experience for every user, build a powerful application that can be used across your organization and access user-friendly reports that show what you need to know to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

As a result, Team Lead or Team Manager, you can focus on leading your business, managing your teams, and driving success while your HR and finance teams have peace of mind that payroll, insurance and benefits processing can be done locally and for anyone that comes through the door.

Namely is leading a paradigm shift in HR – helping you drive better business results, with the best experience in the industry.

Learn the latest news and get tips on using Namely. Sign up today and start your free trial.

Namely Pricing

One of the downsides of the human resource management software market is the fact that there are hundreds of different companies offering their own product. Even if you use the same system, you might be forced to use two different programs for tracking employees. Namely is a new entrant to the market that is offering a single, consolidated software that can help you manage your entire human resources. With Namely, you don’t have to use two different HRMS systems. Instead, you can use one to manage your employees’ time and one to manage your benefits. If you don’t have any experience using an HRMS, you might find the Namely system confusing when you first start using it. Namely videos, as well as online tutorials and support forums, will go a long way in getting you acquainted with Namely.

Namely Features

{1}. Manage daily team & employee schedules
{2}. Built in communication tools and tools
{3}. File sharing
{4}. Partners with social media, Google, MSN, and more
{5}. Ability to import/export data
{6}. Completely customisable scheduling features

With the right software, employees can be assigned tasks, labor statistics can be compiled, and employees can be notified of new shipments or shipments that are approaching. Freelancers can also use site to get work while working their regular jobs.

In this review, I’m going to look at six of the best HR (human resource) software best suited for small businesses.

Tips for Choosing the Best HR Software

As your Business grows, HR software plays an increasingly important role in growing your business successfully. Good HR software offers a streamlined process to help you automate your organization and assist your HR in keeping tabs on employee information.

The first thing to consider when evaluating your HR software is to focus your search on a particular size company. As companies grow, so do their needs. However, the needs of a smaller company may be very different than a large one.

Below are the 5 Best HR Software for small business to help you make a smart selection.

Bottom Line

HR software is really a must have for small businesses due to the requirements of proper workforce management.

There is no doubt HR software is an important part of day to day operations of a small business in almost every aspect. But very often people stop to think whether all these software fulfill the requirements of a small business or not.

So figuring out the best HR software for Small Business is a difficult task for me and my fellow colleagues.

So, we decided to put together a list of the 6 best HR software (free and paid) for small businesses. HR software based on our extensive research. Please feel free to let us know your thought by commenting below.