6 Best Hosted PBX Providers in 2021

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How We Evaluated Hosted PBX Providers

There are many cloud-based hosted PBX providers today. Unfortunately, most of them are not the best in terms of offering good support with a termination rate of less than 5 percent.

This made it hard to find good results in search engines such as Google and Yahoo. So, I conducted an in-depth analysis on which providers which had a better termination rate than 25%.

During the process, I also interviewed more than 500 customers of six of the multipurpose hosted PBX providers in Kuwait.

Based on the above criteria, I have finally identified six of the best basic features: Features, ease of use, Customer Support, Variety of extensions, device compatibility, and Termination Rate.

30% of Overall Score

20% of Overall Score

Multiple Caller I.D. Features

20% of Overall Score

500,000+ Orders to Date.

20% of Overall Score

Multiple Caller I.D. Features

20% of Overall Score

500,000+ Orders to Date.

30% of Overall Score

Nextiva: Best Overall Hosted PBX System

Nextiva provides best-in-class cloud communications solutions, including hosted PBX and communications security. Using an intuitive interface, Nextiva’s enterprise-grade Knox Enterprise Communications System (ECS) provides users with a private communications experience.

The system scales, is easy to maintain, and has superior uptime and reliability. Nextiva also provides excellent pricing with professional website and phone support throughout the United States and Canada.

Nextiva Pricing*

If you’re like me, you find it incredibly annoying that when calling a business, you have to get through a voicemail box. Plus, how many characters can you type on the same * key? Although you can set up an account with nextiva, allowing business and personal calls to go straight through, the service doesn’t provide you all of the bells and whistles which other companies may offer.

However, it’s important to note that the 800 number requirement is a more recent addition to the service, being added last winter. It’s possible that you could escape this requirement by switching to the business solution, but that requires extra credit you may or may not want.

The nextiva service is a Full Duplex business service which means that you get to enjoy the same unlimited usage plan as a business customer. That’s why it’s important to understand the difference between a Business and Hosted PBX. Because nextiva still maintains that its service is a hosted PBX and not a Business solution, you’ll be paying the same price, whether you’re using your own hardware or nextiva’s.

Nextiva Features

Nextiva is one of the leading virtual PBX and unified communications (UC) providers in the U.S., and it offers the best combination of price and features, especially for small businesses (under 100 employees).

Here’s an overview of the most important Nextiva features and benefits:

Advanced Web-based Portal

Nextiva provides a number of administration and management tools for its hosted solutions. Some of these tools include:

  • A powerful Virtual PBX system
  • Cloud Hosted Voicemail System
  • Pre-configured security solution
  • Remote access for instant setup
  • Unified communications (UC)

Integrated Voice & SMS Features

Nextiva’s hosted voice features include:

  • Integrated Voice Mail (IVR) with Caller ID (avoids using toll free numbers for IVR calls)
  • Calling from any mobile device (iPhone, Android and Windows Phone devices)
  • Even works with interactive voice response (IVR) systems for more advanced options
  • SMS Notification with Video, Photos and Text
  • Voicemail box with any name and picture you choose
  • Assign any name to the fax extension and receive calls on your cell phone
  • Add extensions and voicemail boxes for up to 250 users
  • Calendar schedules for business events and meetings

RingCentral: Perfect for Unified Communications

RingCentral is the biggest name in VoIP as is, and its recent introduction of its unified communications platform just cements its reputation. RingCentral’s aim is to give small to midsize businesses (SMBs) a turnkey system that allows all of your communications from phone to fax to email to be addressed through a single call center.

The service isn’t cheap – compared to some of the dwindling free companies it costs more than a hundred dollars a month – but the costs of the product and the features it offers makes it a matchmade in the category of best hosted PBX providers in the market.

The service offers both standard phone service for typical business use as well as high definition (HD) video conferencing. Some of the services offered by the service include dialer integration, virtual receptionists, and SMS to email and email to SMS.

The system can also be used by businesses of all sizes, so if you’re a startup or a newly established business, the system can be quite beneficial as you look to establish your brand. Like any of the best hosted PBX providers as of 2021, RingCentral is able to provide the flexibility that small business owners like and need.

RingCentral Pricing*

RingCentral Features

RingCentral is is the one of the most popular and first company to offer cloud based solutions for telecommunication.

The company offers great competitive services, awesome features and best support. RingCentral offers premier service, HD video calling and plenty of features which makes its customers to get connected.

RingCentral offers the following services:

Enrollment & Testing

RingCentral offers Enrollment and Testing services for VOIP services and PABX services. Also, they provide sufficient storage and bandwidth for video conferencing video calls and web meetings of up to 5 participants. RingCentral offers cloud based phone system with upto30,000 users in the pricing plans. RingCentral offers Call Storage with RingCentral Video Production System for up to 250 simultaneous Ring Central Phone numbers and RingCentral / Microsoft Office 365 Collaboration.

GoToConnect: Best for Unlimited International Calling

For the people who are serious about having live international calling facilities, this is a good one to consider. The phone line is completely free when you sign up with GotoConnect’s service. You can call internationally from the US directly or from any other landline numbers around the world. You can also text and receive unlimited free international calls in each month as well as domestic and international SMS.

Make continuous calls, not surge calls.

  • GotoConnect’s call center agents have been trained by professionals to time their calls so that your phone lines are not overwhelmed with busy signals. International and domestic calls will be completed on time.
  • For the best international calling experience, you can choose GotoConnect’s Hosted PBX service which has been designed by a phone system company that has been in the business since 1993. You can expect live calls to your phones all day long without any hiccups.

Seamless integration with desktop, mobile and tablet.

GoToConnect Pricing

GoToConnect offers both free and paid hosting options. The free version is called GoToConnect Express, and the paid option is called GoToConnect Business. There are no business installation fees or ongoing fees for either one. The GoToConnect Business plan is probably the better deal. The free option can only support 10 external lines and 10 internal lines. The Business plan supports unlimited lines.

There are also extra options that can be added on to the free and Business plans. Here are the options you can expect to find on GoToConnect’s website:

GoToVirtual: This feature allows you to create virtual extensions. A virtual extension is what is known as a softphone or an office phone. Think of it as a WIP line for customer support.

GoToLicense: This allows you to add an additional number to your GoToConnect account for users who will be delivering customer service. This is also an extra cost and is priced the same as the GoToLicense for larger enterprises.

GoToWebPage: This option allows you to customize your web page and showcase other call center resources that can be used or downloaded with GoToConnect.

GoToCloudWatch: This feature allows GoToConnect to monitor your network traffic so that you can detect bottlenecks and fix any problems as fast as possible.

GoToConnect Features

GoToConnect offers the best hosted PBX in the market today. It provides features, cost, and comprehensive services that are best in class in all areas. While their competitors try to make their hosted PBX look like a business-grade solution, GoToConnect goes into details of how they do it and shows you what can be done vs. simply claiming.

GoToConnect is scalable from low capacity to highly scalable. It is also user extensible beyond the essentials and can be customized to fit your needs. You get a fully hosted PBX system that can be integrated with CRM, SMS, E-mail, RMS and fax systems with prices that are very competitive.

Customer satisfaction is the core of all GoToConnect’s business. Their clients can rest assured that they will always have an option to upgrade or expand to accommodate any growth. GoToConnect offers simple and easy ways to add users, change plans, and modify to fit their clients’ evolving needs. One can use GoToConnect’s single sign-on option to simplify user management and tie users to GoToConnect’s system.

Vonage: Best for Plan Customization

Vonage is one of the best hosted PBX providers because it’s easy to customize and personalize your voice plan. Vonage has an app on their website for easy free phone calls.

The app works for both iPhones or Android operating systems and allows you to set up custom call forwarding, custom ringtones and so much more. It’s like having a cell phone just for your home phone service.

Vonage Pricing*

Vonage Features

Vonage allows you to connect four phones, or two phones and computers, at once, so you can use the same phone number for more than one device. Vonage also has a concept of the Very Small Business (VSB), which allows you to pay for phone numbers based on how much you call yourself. The drawback of Vonage is that they don’t allow you to transfer your number to a new carrier. However, you can save your number in case you decide to change your service.

Vonage’s greatest strength is its affordability and flexibility. It allows you to get an unlimited number of phones for an affordable price. You can choose between either a local, toll-free, or a specialty phone number. The custom calling feature allows you to make and accept unlimited calls free of advertising. There’s also the option of setting specific ring tones for specific people.

The biggest drawback of Vonage is pretty standard: they don’t allow you to make international calls. On the other hand, Vonage’s prices are quite reasonable, and there’s no contract so you are free to switch to a different carrier if you prefer.

Five9: Flexible Call Center Software

Provider: Flexible Call Center Software

Five9 is a flexible call center software that focuses on easy usage and management.

Company Details

Five9 is headquartered in the Silicon Valley and has an office in London. We similarly have a presence in Asia and have agreements with companies in Europe, Asia, and North America. Five9 was founded in 2008 and launched its product in 2009.

The Functionality

The Five9 Helix Cloud PBX consists of call center solutions designed to provide seamless integration with existing business to business software. All of the systems are managed through a centralized engine and are available through an API.

The system defines which system or system databases can be connected to the call center directly. The API could integrate and process calls, so that the host system could attempt different customer resolutions and connect the calls straight to an agent. In addition to single telephone numbers, the Five9 system has a range of resource packages with pricing based on the length of the call.

An additional service is the ability to record and receive calls.

Contact Center Features

The Five9 PBX is designed to connect directly with an enterprise contact center system. It offers custom call routing and are designed to provide inbound and outbound call centers. The system allows you to define rules and perform tests as well as the ability to reroute calls from successful tested ones.

Five9 Pricing

We at Daxor recommend this provider for most users. We have found them to be easy to use, with a sufficient amount of voice value for the money, and provide a reliable service.


We think IP PBX is the most value-packed approach to provider PABX services. You can find IP PBX providers for a relatively low initial investment. The providers typically take a flat-fee for all calls. After a period of time, they consolidate your services into a single monthly bill.

The good news is the flat-fee model allows you to share your services with other users in your company or family. So you can even offer some of your block to friends and family for a small fee (or even for free).

The drawback of IP PBX providers is they don’t deal with calls as frequently as providers with an actual PABX system.

Voice Technology

Voice Technology providers make no use of caller ID, answering machines, or traditional phone lines. They operate solely on the Internet. Providers in this category typically allow companies to set up a website on their servers. Then they give employees Internet access to work from anywhere.

Five9 Features

Five9 is one of the most widely used and popular hosted PBX providers. It has been a big competitor to the market leader Ecava. While it had a rough start, since then it has grown. It has gained a lot of traction with the success of companies like Airbnb. While Five9 offers many services, both hosted and it can be on-premises offerings, it is mostly focused on the hosted PBX solution.

But more than the features that it provides, here are the things to consider when choosing between these two providers.

Needless to say, each service is going to give you specific features. But these are the ones that you should primarily consider when deciding to go with either provider.

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Customer Support

Select a Hosted PBX vendor that offers top-notch customer support to grow your business. This is actually one of the most important criteria to consider while choosing a hosted PBX.

While hosting your own PBX can be risky, choosing a hosted PBX provider should not be. If you know the right provider, they should not only offer the best features but also provide you with powerful and reliable tech support.

Phone.com: Best Value Hosted PBX System

Phone.com Pricing*

Phone.com Features

Bottom Line

PBX systems are mainly used by medium to large enterprises as a number of traditional phone system vendors are offering solutions for PBX. However, if you are a small office which requires a complex or feature rich phone system, PBX is the only way to go.

PBX Systems

Telephone system is an over all term of a telephone switch or a number of telephone switches. Generally, telephone switch is a device which provides circuitry to to make and receive phone calls. Private branch exchange (PBX) is a type of telephone switch, which is specially designed to allow multiple users in a small office or home environment. In other words, PBX provides greater flexibility, security and control to the user. If you are a small business or home office, PBX is the best phone system for you.

Defining Benefits of PBX Systems

Flexible Use of Voice Bandwidth

Generally, PBX systems are designed to handle hundreds of calls at a time and handle many data calls at the same time. In a traditional phone system, you are only allowed to make a single call at a given time and every call is connected to a single line. PBX offers shared paths to make and receive calls and routes calls around the PBX as per the requirement. This cuts down on the overall call traffic to the PBX system. This helps in using the total available bandwidth of your PBX system to the maximum.