9 Best General Liability Insurance Companies

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Top General Liability Insurance Companies

As a business owner, you need to be aware of some of the little things that can take your business places are a lot of worry. There are a number of factors that manufacturers can take into account when considering whether they should purchase general liability insurance. These include, but are not limited to, the number of your employees and your retailers, the type of business that you are in, your geographical location, the type of product that you are manufacturing, and the technology that you use to process data.

The type of business that you are in determines whether you’re likely to be sued. The more risky your business is, the higher your premium can be. If you are working with high-risk customers and products, then you should consider purchasing separate run-off insurance through a third party.

Some of the largest general liability insurance companies offer discounts to businesses that are located in certain geographical locations. These include coverage in your home state. In some cases, your policy may not cover you in the venue of your event or in locations where you are selling your product.

This cost will depend on the type of industry that you are in. If you are manufacturing a new and fairly untested product, you may not want to insure yourself against liability in case something happens.

The Hartford : Best Overall General Liability Insurance Company

General liability insurance is a type of insurance that a company takes out to cover expenses incurred in accidents that occur on its property. This includes property damage and bodily injury expenses. The Hartford is one of the leading general liability insurers in the United States, and it offers different types of policies.

It doesn’t cover all types of liability, so be sure to read up on what is covered and what isn’t. Other than broad liability covers, The Hartford also offers:

  • Professional liability and Errors and omissions
  • Workers Compensation
  • Employer Assisted Insurance
  • Commercial Property
  • Property Destruction
  • Motor vehicle
  • Employment Practices
  • Volunteer Services
  • Railroads and Air travelers

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The Hartford Costs

The Hartford Policy Options & Endorsements

The Hartford is the top general liability insurance company in many U.S. states. In fact, they hold the top position title for the national market share for market-leading general liability insurance for the last five years.

General liability insurance covers damage and losses from lawsuits that stem from the negligence of you or your employees, and it also includes defense costs and settlement costs as well.

What makes The Hartford one of the reputable insurance carriers in the market is their focus on innovative products that add a layer of protection to many industries. The Hartford is endorsed by a number of known industries, including financial services and corporate employers.

Because of their novel product offerings, The Hartford has a wide selection of coverage options for specific industries. Additionally, they are considered to be prudent general liability insurance carriers.

Some of the other features of the The Hartford General Liability insurance include their liability, defense and settlement costs coverage, and they’ve done a great job of carefully evaluating their standard policy inclusions to ensure they are comprehensive. All in all, The Hartford has a great selection of coverage options for various industries and they are one of the most reliable insurance companies in the nation.

The Hartford Online Features

A Hartford Insurance employee in her spare time, enjoys the company of her dog, and the water. She also loves the outdoors and the crunch of gravel under her feet.

The Hartford Financial Stability

Rating of C (A-).

What The Hartford Is Missing

Where does the company go from here? The Hartford has always taken the approach of sticking to its roots, focusing on a narrow range of business that its insurance companies are in and has yet to expand its product offering.

The company has expertise in complex commercial, specialty and professional insurance, and its size puts it in a strong position in force-multiply markets. But this areas are limited to only a few insurance lines, where the company is challenged to compete with the top general liability insurance producers.

As the profession of underwriting evolves and the property-liability insurance-only business shrinks, it is apparent that The Hartford’s business model has to evolve and diversify. Acquire and integrate a competitor? It’s not as simple as that, and it hasn’t been the company’s style and certainly will not be this merger. The risky approach, one that would inevitably lead to disappointment, is also not part of Hugh B. Robison’s value system and thus will play no role in the company’s future.

General Liability

The General Liability Insurance segment of the Company’s business writes specialty business and professional liability/errors, fidelity and surety, liquor liability, and dealer liability insurance for account holders, representing a wide range of clients.

The Hartford Customer Reviews

The Hartford rates very high in customer reviews.

Reviewers have generally stated from traditional carriers to newer insurers, that The Hartford is a very competitive general-liability insurance company that offers very competitive pricing.

The Hartford’s general liability premiums are consistently among the lowest in the industry.

This is all done with the goal of meeting customers’ needs and assisting them in reducing the costs associated with liability claims.

Hiscox : Best General Liability Insurance Company for Microbusinesses

Hiscox has been around for over 100 years and offers small businesses, retailers, and microbusinesses competitive rates on general liability and property insurance. Founded in 1913 under the name of Royal Insurance Company, it was initially a premium finance company. Today, it’s one of the biggest general liability insurance companies in the United States.

The company is primarily focused on property insurance, and its customers are small and mid-sized businesses in all fields of endeavor. If you are a small business working in an industry that considers its risk of liability coverage as an essential part of business, then you should definitely count on this company’s competitive rates and extensive coverage options.

Hiscox is licensed in the most states and offers general liability coverage for your business in every state. It also offers other coverages like coverage for pollution and water pollution as well.

Every policy comes with a fairly low deductible amount and an excess limit. However, coverage is quite comprehensive. And if you want to have more control over how and where your money is spent, you can also purchase coverage for specific risks.

As the smallest of its competitors, the rates offered by Hiscox are fairly low, and while its products are not always the cheapest around, they are among the best.

Small businesses can easily purchase coverage for their general liability needs from Hiscox.

Hiscox Costs

If you just started studying general liability insurance, you might be wondering: What is a tripods, and what are tripods? So, what is a tripods? Tripods is a tripod of three legs. In the insurance business, a tripod is a number of insurance practices combined. It has become so common that insurance companies usually combine multiple liability lines to form a tripod.

General Liability Insurance: Amid a general liability insurance policy is usually included protection for sites. This might include problems like property, bodily injury, or advertising injury.

Property Insurance: If the business is damaged or losses are caused, various repairs and replacements may be needed. That is why the cover is designed to pay for insurance claims.

Auto-Owners Insurance: If you maintain a vehicle, your automobile insurance is insurance coverage that protects the business against damage or injury to your own vehicle.

Product Liability Insurance: If there is a reason for medical bills or if there is child injury caused by a product made in the facility, it is the responsibility of the insurance company to take responsibility.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance: If a worker is hurt or a business loses a worker, general liability insurance also provides coverage for workers’ compensation claims.

Hiscox Policy Options & Endorsements

TIAA-CREF is a sponsor member of the American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI) and winner of their Most Outstanding Insurance Company Award for providing customers with the broadest policy options in the group. In addition to that, HokieSight provides 90-day policy options as well as policy options for up to 10 years. The primary pricing advantages to HokieSight are their extremely competitive policy cost benefit ratios. For further information on HokieSight, the HRoc Plans, and the Hazards Section of their products, click here.

DAM (Direct Agency Models) provides an innovative approach to insurance that works well for TecHome customers. CKin (Technology Independent) customers are best served by this group as the discounts they offer are available on a nationwide basis. Additionally, the cost is lower in comparison to many of the other general liability companies participating in the TecHome market. For further information on discounts, the Rider Program, policy terms, and how to make an purchase, click here.

Directors & Officers liability insurance is essential to protect your business, your assets, and your reputation, but purchasing it is no easy task. Dig Safe is a TecHome-friendly company that offers coverage at lower prices than most other companies. For further information on Dig Safe, their insurance options, their Rider Program, and their coverage, click here.

Hiscox Online Features

This rating system helps shoppers get quality insurance coverage at the most competitive prices online. A score is calculated to determine how efficient the companies are in decreasing costs and controlling risk and liabilities. The rates are based on a standardized benefit would be for individuals and small businesses, both with and without injury. These are fairly basic features of a standard policy, but the score helps you compare companies based on the variety and quality of their offerings.

Hiscox provides great security features that offer coverage to companies that handle a significant volume of online purchases. They also work with carriers that specialize in credit card networks so your company has access to comprehensive coverage that is affordable.

Progressive Insurance Company

Hiscox has an online shopping portal that allows users to compare and purchase coverage from top companies in the industry. The shopping site includes a brief description of insurance offerings from many different top companies in the industry. And it is one of the easiest ways to do so.

Here is the top 10 list of insurance companies, together with their scores.

{1}. State Farm Insurance Company – 84.8%
{2}. Progressive /One Call Insurance – 84.7%
{3}. Allstate – 84.4%
{4}. Travelers Property and Casualty Insurance Company – 84.1%
{5}. Northpoint Insurance Company – 83.8%
{6}. The Hartford – 83.8%

Hiscox Financial Stability

Rating: 4.35

The Best General Liability Insurance Companies

Here are the 9 Best General Liability Insurance Companies that provide the most affordable general liability insurance. Each insurance company offers multiple coverage options, easy to use tools, family orientated policies, and the same or better claim service.

The ranking criteria is simple: each insurance company has to offer multiple types of insurance, easy application services, excellent claims service, educational materials, and one of the lower premiums.

Together with that the companies should offer a wide variety of coverages and coverages to fit your needs not only one type of insurance.

Since it's mandatory to have GL insurance to start a business, we worked hard and collected some of the best insurance companies that specialize in General Liability Insurance.

What Hiscox Is Missing

When a NatWest employee loses their phone and visits his insurer's helpdesk, their service is graded on a scale of one star to five gold stars. Four stars are common, with only one or two in a month attracting a gold award. But if something goes wrong much worse than a lost wallet or phone, what insurance company is there to pick up the tab?

There are hundreds of firms offering general liability insurance, but which should you go with?

Getting the best general liability insurance usually boils down to three factors.

The first of those is size. Do you want just one insurer to cover you, or a combined portfolio of several with which you would have to share the risk, or would you prefer to spread the risk across several insurers to cover you against a wider range of problems?

The second of these is geographical coverage. Where do you want to be covered against? Ideally, you want the best insurance to cover you in the location you work or live in, and the wider the range of countries, the bigger your premium.

The third factor you should look for is flexibility. You want a policy that can be tailored to your individual needs, and that is cheap and simple to administer.

To answer the NatWest employee's question, Hiscox, by far the largest insurer, has no national network of claim-handling centers.

Hiscox Customer Reviews

Hiscox is a new entry in the insurance field that started in 2008. They insure clients at competitive rates, so their aim is to provide great service at low cost. Their customers appreciate the hassle free approach that helps keep costs down.

In addition to the Best Company to Work For Award, the insurance partner Life & Health Journal's says that Hiscox has a stellar reputation in the industry.

The insurance partner Best Company To Work For Award was awarded to Helpful Grads for the third consecutive year. After Quality Magazine's 2013 quality awards, they also won the award – Best Life Insurance Company.

Whether you are looking for home insurance, car insurance, business insurance, life insurance or commercial insurance, Helpful Grads provides you with comprehensive coverage at affordable rates.

Allstate : Best General Liability Insurance Company for Customization

The Best General Liability Insurance company in the country for the Best Customer Service. Allstate has extensive expertise in the insurance field and is known for their innovation. They have adopted a competitive pricing strategy and offers personalized customer service on their policies.

Allstate Costs

If you live in the US, chances are you have Allstate either as your homeowners insurance or your auto insurance. What a lot of people don’t realize is that Allstate also has a life and health insurance department. And it’s a big one! There are currently four different insurance lineups that Allstate offers, including Allstate Life Insurance, Allstate Supplemental Insurance, Allstate Long Term Care Insurance, and Allstate Income Protection Insurance.

The lineups can be narrowed down further by differentiating the life and health insurance department from the other four.

With Allstate, longevity counts! Customers are entitled to a policy for as long as they pay their premium, which makes sure that you can keep your coverage after your policy expires. Also, Allstate representatives are available to help answer any questions you may have regarding coverage.

The pricing for Allstate life and health insurance check out by the numbers. While the premiums are higher than those of its competitors, the pricing is also more flexible. You can choose whichever of the four coverage types that best fit your needs and also make changes to your coverage as needed.

The four mainline insurance categories are:

Individual Life and Health Insurance

Allstate Life and Individual Health Insurance (Odd-Even Policy):

Allstate: Policy Options & Endorsements

Some of Allstate's policy options are not available through the Nationwide service. Furthermore, some of them may incur a more frequent payment, which some customers may not be comfortable with.

Even so, the company is well known for offering great coverage at affordable rates, including the ability to: hire an Allstate representative to help you with any claim, get supplemental benefits such as rental car coverage and lifetime changes in the interest of behavior, and cover your family member or spouse as part of the policy.

For more information, you can contact an Allstate agent.

Allstate Online Features

Many of the Allstate insurance companies are affiliated with Allstate agencies and can be found in most general offices nationwide. To the homeowner, these might differ from state to state, but the online features will be similar. Allstate has a well-known line of policies, and they are the work of top-notch professionals who want to make sure that you have the best protection for all of your belongings.

The Allstate name is one that is well-known in the public, insurance, and real estate sectors. People often choose Allstate because they want the best of the best when it comes to insurance coverage and protection. And that’s why these Allstate insurance companies are the best you can get.

Allstate Financial Stability

Allstate Financial is one of the leading insurance companies in the U.S, and is the largest property and casualty insurer in the U.S. Allstate Financial has been providing insurance to all kinds of consumers including drivers, homeowners, and businesses for all of its 150 years.

Allstate Financial has been using vehicle towing in order to salvage the damaged vehicles as well as able to restore the status of the vehicle to 100% functional. Allstate Financial provides the customers with free roadside assistance services. Allstate Financial has also been providing vehicle insurance coverage to the drivers of Allstate drivers. The insurance companies also provide in order to protect the drivers from injuries.

What Allstate Is Missing

The average American worker spends one-third of his or her lifetime in a company-sponsored auto and home policies. Yet existing records from the Market survey data: Gallup U.S. Employee Engagement, 2013 survey indicate that only 47% of U.S. employees feel happy about their jobs, and only 42% feel engaged at work. As a member of the insurance industry, Allstate knows about the correlation between general employee engagement and organizational and financial performance and customer loyalty. Companies that are bottom quartile for engagement are in the bottom quartile for profitability, customer satisfaction, and retention.

We believe there is a positive correlation between a secure and happy workforce and other organizations’ success. It’s hard to remain competitive without happy employees, which is why Gallup has chosen to create an Index called the Allstate Healthy Workforce Index, a list of the top 50 largest corporations with the best-managed workforces. Twenty dollars in snack and soda purchases each week go to support the index. The index includes companies from technology, manufacturing, airlines, transportation, and retail.

Organizations with great employee engagement scores have been shown to have:

  • Reduced turnover
  • Reduced medical costs and more satisfied customers
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Increased revenue and profits

Allstate Customer Reviews

CNA : Best General Liability Insurance Company for Multiple Locations

CNA Insurance is a carrier based in Winnipeg, Canada that specializes in general liability insurance. This carrier is known for being an inexpensive option that provides coverage for a variety of different property and liability exposures such as products liability, premises, worker’s compensation, health and disability, as well as hail and wind.

Not only does CNA provide great insurance coverage at an affordable price, but it also incorporates a trusted local presence with regional offices across Canada … providing claims and administration support when you need it.

CNA Costs

We have had experience in working with the best General Liability Insurance Companies in terms of cost and services.

In normal conditions everyone wants their General Liability Insurance Coverage to be low while maintaining the best coverage. But the unfortunate reality is that in many cases the affordable plan are low services and cost.

EmpowerGlobal offers you the best quality General Liability Insurance policy, covering both Your physical property and Financial Liability for certain incidents in with minimum expense to your business and at competitive pices.

General Liability Insurance provides protection to your enterprise for bodily injury, bodily injury, wrongful death, property damage, personal and advertising injury, product warranties etc.

The general liability insurance protects your business against loss of revenue, lost profits, cost expenses, and cost of treating injuries incurred by your employees. The policy provides coverage against all risks that are covered by a standard commercial general liability insurance.

This cover can be in the form of an annual or yearly premium policy.

Policy Provides Coverage and Protections in Three Situations-

{1}. Actual loss: Least expensive per policy. Fewer exclusions and subject to fewer procedural complications.
{2}. Occurrence Based: Most expensive per policy. Many exclusions and subject to more complicated procedural compliance.
{3}. A combination of actual loss and occurrence based coverage.

The actual loss option, with an occurrence based option or combination.

CNA Policy Options & Endorsements

Coverage options and endorsements available under the CNA (Commercial General Liability) policy vary based on the carrier you select, but there are several standard endorsements and coverage options that are included in all policies, which are very important factors to consider when choosing an insurance carrier.

There are two main types of insurance you can get on your business: Commercial Umbrella Liability (CUL) and General Liability (GL). Umbrella insurance provides a bigger blanket of coverage over the general coverage, providing extra protection for larger commercial operations, events and injuries.

A General Liability policy is optional, but it protects larger risks you may face such as bodily injury, property damage, or other financial loss. It’s often compared to broader liability coverage, letting you claim expenses for work that didn’t make money later on, such as claims by employees, customers or others. It also covers your general liabilities which can be used to cover your liabilities on the business and for operations that have nothing to do with your insurance policy.

CNA Online Features

CNA Insurance Services Inc. is a family owned and operated business that provides affordable liability insurance solutions for individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations. CNA is one of the largest and most progressive providers of coverages for the claim handling of claims related to acts of terrorism, workers’ compensation, property damage, miscellaneous liability and unusual, unexpected or unusual circumstances.

Network Claims Adjusters, Inc. is America’s leading provider of workers’ compensation insurance. We represented approximately 30% of all workers’ compensation carriers in the U.S. Network had regional claims offices in Joliet IL, Riverside CA, Houston TX, San Francisco CA, Dallas TX, Fort Myers FL, Hartford CT, Charlotte NC, Chicago IL, Springfield IL, Lansing MI, Columbus OH, Atlanta GA, St. Louis MO, Peoria IL, Boston MA, and Wilkes-Barre PA. Network claims adjusters provided services for the following industries and companies: construction, manufacturing, hospitality, retail, finance, transportation, mining, governmental, and health care. Workers’ compensation insurance protects employees when they sustain on-the-job injuries and help ease the financial burden on employers by providing medical care, wage replacement, and a temporary income source.

CNA Financial Stability

A rating under 20.00 is considered as above average, 21.00 to 39.99 is considered average, 40.00 to 59.99 is considered below average, 60.00 to 89.99 is considered high, 90.00 and up is considered as very high.

What CNA Is Missing

The current General Liability insurance coverage in force does not cover Fire Damages, Flood Damages, smoke or fire damage. Also, you will not be covered under this policy if the property is damaged as a result of Theft, Hacking, Cyber Attacks, earthquake, damage by vandalism/misconduct, nuclear catastrophe etc.

However, the 9 Best General Liability Insurance Companies offer you Property Specific General Liability Coverage.

9 Best General Liability Insurance Companies

10,000,000.00 Liability Coverage: Covers up to three times the indemnity limit to pay for bodily injury or property damage caused by an insured risk to any of your customers, clients or employees

25,000,000.00 Medical Payment Coverage: Covers costs if an accident causes injuries to one of your employees, regardless of the cause of the accident

1,000,000.00 Commercial Auto: Covers the cost of damage to your covered vehicle resulting from an accident involving one of your insured risks.

PIP Auto Coverage: Covers the cost of injuries to one of your employees resulting from a crash involving one of your insured risks or an at-fault motorist (if you elect to cover the PIP coverage).

CNA Customer Reviews

Chubb : Best General Liability Insurance Company for International Businesses

Chubb offers a very comprehensive insurance policy that covers nearly everything you might ever need to protect against in the event that a claim is ever filed for damages.

Chubb offers a very comprehensive insurance policy that covers nearly everything you might ever need to protect against in the event that a claim is ever filed for damages. They are best for businesses that handle a lot of international business. This is because their coverage is much better than many other companies’ so it levels the playing field. They also provide two different levels of insurance coverage: Supplemental and Basic. Chubb is the best company to choose if you’re going to provide all of your personal coverage through your business.

Because of the sheer amount of coverage they offer, Chubb policies are also extremely expensive. If you can afford the premiums, this is a great company to work with.

Best For:

Chubb is a great way to get the entirety of your insurance coverage all in one place. Chubb also ranks right up there with the best companies out there when it comes to providing international insurance coverage. If you handle a lot of international business or are an individual who happens to have a special contract with someone outside the nation’s business laws, Chubb may be worth the investment.

Chubb Costs

Chubb Policy Options & Endorsements

Chubb Online Features

Chubb General Liability insurance is not only a wise investment in your future, but a total hassle-free opportunity to protect your over 3 trillion dollar portfolio of assets.

Chubb’s General Liability insurance portfolio is vast and durable, and the yearly premiums are a fraction of what you would pay with a big carrier. Chubb has over 8,000 clients.

A claim-free history is guaranteed for your Chubb General Liability insurance.

General Liability covers bodily injury and property damage for any of your risk exposures; whether you operate under a named Permit such as a home mortgage or construction loan, or without one.

Contact a member of Chubb’s General Liability Insurance claims team for your complimentary Personal Liability policy.

Chubb Financial Stability

Rating: A+

Chubb is one of the best-known and respected names in the business and it is no surprise that they come out at the top yet again on our list of the most reputable insurance companies. Chubb’s stable financials, long history, and the very reassuring nature of their words on their own website give them firm assurance and extra points for trustworthiness. Their competitive pricing and A+ credit rating are two of the major factors that make them so popular with their customers.

What Chubb Is Missing

It is perhaps puzzling that Chubb Total Score is unchanged from last year’s score. That is because Chubb lost its Insurance Information and Learning Service (ILIS) score by a single point. Also, it lost its claims efficiency score by two points, which is the largest decrease of the top general liability insurance companies.

Everyone would agree, though, that Chubb has good coverage and claims service, both of which are ranked at the top of the 92 companies ranked by Fortune. But in the Total Score ranking, Chubb no longer has a perfect score because its claim service dropped for the second year in a row.

Chubb’s claims efficiency score dropped to 91 from 93, which is the largest decrease of the top general liability insurance companies, and its rating dropped for the second year in a row. ILIS matters. Our ILIS score is calculated based on a proprietary survey data that we collect from insurers directly. It is a snapshot of how well the industry is serving the purchasing public. The top general liability insurers do a great job of recruiting and retaining talent, but we still believe that the quality of claims service can be improved. That is why we continue to work hard to educate policyholders on how to avoid the most common claims losses and how to handle claims correctly.

Chubb Customer Reviews

Chubb offers homeowners (and renters) a standard homeowners policy, which, despite its name, also covers tenants, and businesses (commercial) in the private sector as well as the public sector (local government).

The Chubb home and commercial policies grade out above average on the latest Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) residential and commercial insurance report card.

It was the only corporate insurance carrier to earn the best overall grade (95) on the report card.

This analysis draws on the most recent home and commercial loss experience for home and commercial policies issued in the top 25 U.S. markets during 2008. Only the lowest risk (B grade) customers were used in the analysis.

For the home products, the company earned an overall grade of 76 (out of 100) and was the only corporate insurer to earn an A in the category of overall coverage.

In the commercial sector, Chubb also earned an A for overall coverage, which includes commercial property and casualty, surety bonds, workers’ compensation, auto liability and products liability. Chubb was also the only company to earn an A for all loss groups.

The property and casualty insurance sector received an overall grade of 75, as did the surety bonds and workers’ compensation. The auto liability and products liability sectors received a grade of 71. Again, only the highest grade (A) was used in the analysis.

Travelers : Best General Liability Insurance Company for Technology Businesses

As a general rule, general liability insurance provides liability coverage for a business or organization to protect against claims of bodily injury and property damage it may suffer as a result of its activities. General liability insurance also covers lawsuits brought against the insured if the insurance company defends the insured business’s position in a lawsuit, mutually agrees to a settlement, or does not oppose the insured’s position in the lawsuit.

While standardized general liability coverage is available on a contingency basis (meaning the amount, if any, of insurance coverage is based on a percentage of the company’s claims), general liability insurance policies may be available on an excess basis as a form of insurance.

General liability insurance does not protect businesses from leaking oil in its car, or running over and injuring someone’s dog. General liability insurance is designed to protect businesses against large claims and lawsuits related to the activities of the business.

Insurance companies offer general liability coverage to businesses, not individuals, and that coverage typically includes two categories:

  • Bodily Injury Liability
  • Property Damage Liability

A general liability insurance policy includes bodily injury coverage, which protects the insured against lawsuits.

That result in bodily injury, and property damage coverage, which protects the business against lawsuits that result in property damage.

In addition, general liability insurance offers additional coverage options, such as business operations coverage.

Travelers Costs

What is included in Trip Cancellation Insurance?

Trip cancellation insurance is very similar to travel insurance in the way it works, and it’s also very common for people’s travel insurance, which is why it’s considered to be a good standard coverage. Like travel insurance, trip cancellation insurance protects you from unexpected expenses that you have to pay out of your own pocket because of an urgent need to cancel your trip. It’s a good idea to get a cancellation policy added to your trip insurance policy to protect against these unexpected expenses, such as airfare, rental car, or hotel expenses.

As we mentioned above, the major difference between trip cancellation insurance and travel insurance is that trip cancellation insurance will also pay for your cancellation fees (if you have to cancel due to an emergency situation), and also for flight transfers if you need to cancel your flight and rebook onto a new one.

We would add that trip cancellation insurance can be more expensive than regular travel insurance, but it is more extensive in coverage. This means that you’ll get money back for almost any unexpected expense that can be avoided with trip cancellation insurance.

You can read more about travel insurance in our article on the best travel insurance companies.

Travelers Policy Options & Endorsements

Travelers provides general liability insurance. "General liability" is a blanket term for insurance that protects a business financially against lawsuits filed by clients or acquaintances. Travelers insurance coverage is broad and can be tailored to suit your business. Travelers has various endorsements available for general liability insurance, such as endorsements for business owners, independent contractors, or those in heavy construction. Each endorsement covers specific groups or subcategories of people or businesses. Like most general liability policies, the coverage from Travelers insurance is purchased on a "named perils" basis. This means that in order to be covered, you must be liable for the claim, have specifically listed whatever losses are included in your policy, and not have made any intentional misrepresentation in your quote or application. Insured events include bodily injury (including medical expenses), property damage (including bodily injury), death of a person, and a few others.

Life and Health Insurance

Life and health insurance are two of the most important types of insurance to have for a business. Life insurance covers the cost of the loss of your business as well as your family members in the event of an untimely death. Health insurance covers the cost associated with the medical expenses that your business is responsible for if you get seriously sick or injured. Taking care of these two vital insurance items is important for ensuring the financial health of your business.

Travelers Online Features

Allstate is named in the top 100 suppliers of travel insurance by J.D. Power and Associates survey in 2011.

Travelers Financial Stability

General liability insurance is a necessary element of travel insurance and is important to cover not only for personal liability but also for the protection of the venue or organization that you insure. A pure travel insurance company will not carry general liability insurance but are more likely to only cover you for an untoward accident while travelling. The best general liability insurance – liability insurance for the business traveler (and you don’t have to be a business to qualify) can not only cover your personal and practice liability but the liability of your employers, your stakeholders and your client.

Crime is a leading cause of travel insurance claim losses. Theft, as well as violent and physical injuries, can wipe out a company, a ministry, or an individual’s finances. The good news is that the property damage portion of the travel insurance reduces exposures while the medical expens component reduces losses.

If you are like most of the Fortune 500 companies, you have general liability insurance. General liability insurance is a comprehensive form of insurance that covers bodily injury, property damage, and advertising injury for companies and individuals who are residents of the United States and have been written into specific coverages. General liability insurance, or GL, is also referred to as commercial general liability, or CGL, when it covers losses that arise from commercial activities.

What Travelers Is Missing

If you’re a global entrepreneur or a business owner that travels on business, choosing the right general liability insurance policy might just be the smartest move you’ll ever make for your business. General liability insurance represents a major portion of the overall insurance cost and provides first-dollar coverage for your business for claims related to bodily injury and property damage that may have resulted from your operations.

Travelers, one of the largest general liability insurance companies in the world, has been in existence for over 150 years. Travelers also handles commercial lines insurance and surety insurance. At Travelers, they recommend that you consider a custom policy for your commercial lines insurance, though, because the alternative of choosing from one of the carriers on their preferred list will still save you a decent amount of money.

Additionally, Travelers also offers a specialized commercial lines insurance that caters to those businesses that are involved in the healthcare and transportation industries.

One thing you should also know but aren’t likely to find in this list, though, is that Travelers doesn’t offer any health insurance for its employees, contrary to what many of their competitors do.

Nonetheless, Travelers does serve over a million companies across the United States, so there’s definitely a chance that they have at least one commercial insurance option for you.

Travelers Customer Reviews

Travelers Travel Insurance recently received the Best Insurance Company for Global Travelers and the World’s Best Travel Insurance Claims Service awards from Claims Journal magazine, as well as a huge list of other awards.

Travellers is named in Fortune magazine’s list of the top 100 companies to work for, and ranked second in the world in the Corporate Responsibility Council’s 100 Best Corporate Citizens for 2013.

When researching travel insurance companies, you’ll quickly discover that Travelers is an insurance company with a strong reputation in the industry. Why? It’s the best at what it does.

Travelers is a member of the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), Association of British Insurers (ABI), Society of Agencies in Lloyd’s (SAL), and the Chamber of Commerce and Commerce Agents’ Association (CCAA). Being a member of these associations shows that Travelers believes in protecting the interests of its customers.

biBERK : Best General Liability Insurance for Retail Businesses

The biBERK general liability insurance is designed for and written for the retail industry, including department stores, clothing stores, book stores, specialty stores, electronic repair shops and any other retail business that is liable for incidents resulting from the products or services they are offering.

The principal of the biBERK insurance is to offer a broad scope of protection for the business owners by providing varying types of coverage that include general liability, errors and omissions, advertising injury liability and workers compensation. The coverage afforded to the business owners make it possible for the policyholders to meet the challenges of the economy by staying competitive.

The company offers the biBERK general liability insurance that gives coverage against claims for careless acts and omissions, personal injury, libel, slander, defamation, invasion of privacy, product liability, and property damage. The coverage is ideal for retail businesses both new and experienced in the industry.

The eBERK term life insurance is designed for and written for the retail industry. This product is a flexible package designed to meet the individual needs of the business owners.

The eBERK insurance is very beneficial in the event of business losses and income loss due to the life insurance. If your business gets seriously affected by death of a key employee and your income gets reduced drastically, you can easily get credit from the eBERK policy.

biBERK Costs

biBERK Policy Options & Endorsements

BIBERK General Liability Insurance provides coverage for businesses – both large and small – that are or will be accused of and held liable for injuries or deaths caused by their products or operations. The coverage is rounded out with Business Interruption and Property Excess Liability coverage, and protection is provided against lawsuits arising from Employee Injury Claims and Public Liability claims. BIBERK adds a number of options and endorsements for the coverage.

Slander and Libel

Under BIBERK’s General Liability policy, coverage does not apply for slander or libel – either verbal or written – to the extent that the defamation, slander or libel is caused by you, your employees or your agents.

Professional Liability

Under BIBERK’s General Liability policy, coverage does not apply to professional nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives, or health care providers (including nurses) licensed under the laws of the Commonwealth – in the performance of their professional duties.


Under BIBERK’s General Liability policy, coverage does not apply to medical or professional liability for malpractice caused by your employees, managers and your agents.

biBERK Online Features

Besides competing to offer the best general liability insurance, most companies try to promote their services to their prospects primarily through their website, mainly in regards to the claims process. Generally, all general liability insurance providers are eager to present information in a clear and understandable manner on their websites. If you find a specific insurer’s website unhelpful, only going through the stages of your claim and presenting misleading information, the best way to move forward is complaining. While insurance shopping, you can better your chances of finding the right insurance policy if you review their claims process and website.

As the internet and the world of business are rapid changing, it is common to find more and more organizations that offer general liability coverage. Having an extensive amount of general liability insurance providers almost guarantees that there will be one or more that can adequately serve your needs.

biBERK Financial Stability

What biBERK Is Missing

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biBERK Customer Reviews

We have recently inspected biBERK from the Liability perspective and we found some really good points there.

Conclusion: We give it a "Good".

Final verdict: This is not an insurance policy that is meant for people with high-risk jobs. For that kind of protection the premium is extremely high. It is a policy for standard businesses with a very standard business in any part of the world.

Hope you find this post Helpful.

Best of luck.

Nationwide: Best General Liability Insurance for Agribusinesses

Eight best of the best:

  • Nationwide Hog and Cattle (mf)
  • Nationwide Commercial Property (hi)
  • Nationwide Commercial Umbrella (ci)
  • Nationwide Agricultural (mc)
  • Allstate Agricultural (m2)
  • Farmers Insurance Group (bmi)
  • American Family Insurance (afinc)
  • United Farm Insurance (h2)

As a general rule of thumb, private insurance companies that write liability insurance for agribusinesses and other large, heavily-insured companies have the best coverage standards. Lower premiums, higher deductibles, and more thorough claims handling make these general liability policies known as “sticky” because they are more difficult to cancel.

The best general liability insurance companies for agribusinesses won’t necessarily be the cheapest, because they usually provide higher deductibles that lower your premium. But you’ll find that the best general liability insurance companies for agribusinesses will have some of the best service representatives, giving you the best chance for a smooth claims process and the best chance of recovery.

Nationwide Costs

Less for a Local Agent, But A Long Distance Partner is Best for Company Coverage.

When you need general liability insurance for your business, you want to make sure you are getting the best deal that suits your needs. Some insurance companies specialize in well-known types of insurance, but some are more general and cover a number of different types of risks. And that’s why choosing the right insurance company can be an important decision. Ultimately, you’ll need to prioritize what type of general liability insurance you require based on your budget and the estimated risk of liability that will be incurred.

Last year, I decided to research the best general liability insurance companies in the nation, in order to find one that offered me the best deal. I looked at factors such as profile, risk of liability, coverage, and costs. All of this, of course, is based on the type of business you are running and the amount of coverage you require.

I compared several top insurance companies to find the one that would offer the best coverage at the most affordable rates. I also set my criteria for which companies would be ranked:

  • General liability insurance companies that had been around for at least 10 years
  • Local companies that operated within the same state
  • Companies that I could contact without having to pay a middleman
  • Companies that offered a variety of permissible lines of business
  • Companies that had a good reputation for customer service

Nationwide Policy Options & Endorsements

Nationwide is a property-and-casualty insurance company that offers a wide variety of insurance products. Nationwide also offers insurance that fits different needs, such as business insurance and homeowners insurance, and some of its programs and endorsements are geared toward specific professions.

Categories of Insurance Available

Nationwide has several different categories of insurance, ranging from more expensive options to more affordable ones. These categories include the following:

  • Voluntary coverage
  • Statutory coverage
  • Waiver of premium
  • No-fault insurance
  • Casualty insurance
  • Directors and officers liability insurance
  • Food chain liability insurance
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Workers’ compensation insurance
  • Standby letter of credit
  • Up-front coverage
  • Supplemental hazard insurance
  • Product endorsements

Nationwide is known for offering a wide range of endorsements that can help its customers find coverages that fit their specific needs. Some of the more common endorsements offered by Nationwide include the following:

  • Rental car liability
  • Rental car waiver of premium
  • Rental motor-vehicle liability
  • Rental motor-vehicle waiver of premium
  • Cell phone coverage
  • Electronic device coverage
  • About Nationwide— Property-casualty insurance company

Nationwide Online Features

  • 24/7 available emergency customer service.
  • Nationwide accepts pay by phone and check.
  • One of the best rates in the business
  • Deals in a variety of auto insurance products (truck & SUV.)
  • Nationwide is one of the top three auto insurance carriers.
  • Nationwide is one of the top ten home insurance carriers.
  • Nationwide has almost national coverage with 450+ offices across the US.
  • Nationwide is available in all 50 states.

Auto Insurance Rates Compared

  • Best Price
  • Cheapest Price
  • Most Comprehensive
  • Most Aggressive
  • Best Coverage
  • Who?
  • Who?
  • Allstate (USA)
  • Progressive (USA)
  • State Farm (USA)
  • Geico (USA)
  • Allstate (Australia)

Nationwide Financial Stability

Nationwide Financial Stability: Due to the many instances of insurance companies running into financial trouble in the past several years, Nationwide Financial Stability is one of the many reasons to trust an insurance company. This company made our list of the Best General Liability Insurance Companies.

The Insurance Information Institute gives them a grade of A, which is the highest rating an insurance company can receive for being financially stable. Nationwide Financial Stability has earned an A during the past 6 years.

Since 2010, NFS has truly been one of the strongest names in the business, and three current Nationwide Financial Securities borrowers may support this: AIG, Ally Financial and GMAC.

Nationwide Financial Stability has been around longer than the other companies on this list. In fact, they’ve been around since 1920. They offer homeowners, renters, auto and specialty coverages (such as board, boat and rv). They have exclusive relationships with The Hartford and some of the biggest and most prestigious insurance companies in the world – including American International Group (AIG), as well as General Motors (GMAC).

What Nationwide Is Missing

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. has released the 2015 annual rating of the “9 Best Insurance Companies to Insure Your Home” This rating is based on seven weighted data variables broken down into five general categories: price, access to care, treatment experience, customer satisfaction, and quality of member services.

It is reported in the email that “The 2015 ratings are based on experience from February to December, 2014, and calculated using a weighted, general multiple linear regression model, with assumed weights of 1.00 for price, .35 for access to care, .30 for treatment experience, .35 for customer satisfaction, and .15 for quality of member services.”

The purpose of the rating itself is to identify “Nationwide’s best residential insurance offerings across all 34 states where it offers coverage. The ratings will be updated approximately once a week until the end of the year.” They have chosen to base their ratings on the three of the following five factors as described in the email: “the overall price, the cost of homeowners insurance plus home repair and replacement; the cost of homeowners insurance without home repairs and replacements; the number and type of medical professionals offered to members; and the timeliness, availability, and ease of an online claims process.”

Nationwide Customer Reviews

Nationwide is the biggest general liability insurance provider and the 5th largest company overall according to Fortune Magazine. Nationwide is the largest insurance company by market share (8%) and the 4th biggest long-term care insurance company. Nationwide has been in the forefront providing services to customers for over 70 years.

Nationwide is owned by giant insurance holding company, Berkshire Hathaway. For all the insurance needs, ranging from home, auto to life insurances, I would suggest to go with this company. I have been using them for almost last 5 years and the rates are far less compared to others. Plans are available to everyone for many different needs. They offer a plan to suit everyone with the proper coverage, the best possible price, and no hassle.

I myself have got a free loan with their plan for myself and my family. The best part of all is the service. They make sure the rates are competitive, looking out for the customer’s interest, and open to different options. For all the insurance needs and customer’s satisfaction, I would recommend this company to all the potential customers.

Liberty Mutual* : Best General Liability Insurance for Wholesalers

Liberty Mutual is a full-service company that provides insurance to companies of all types, including wholesalers. Its suite of commercial insurance products stands out from the competition because it offers customization that can be beneficial for equipment and inventory that doesn’t fit industry standards. For example, if you’re a wholesale office supply retailer and tend to carry custom-ordered, limited-quantity products, Liberty Mutual’s inventory of equipment and inventory insurance can be a helpful resource for you.

But what makes Liberty Mutual an excellent choice for a retailer like you is that it has been in business for more than 180 years, and its reputation of providing robust customer service is spread far-and-wide.

Since it provides general liability insurance to businesses of all types, Liberty Mutual gets most of its business from retailers, hotels, and restaurants. That means it has the expertise it needs to understand the risks you face as a wholesaler.

Also, from insurance industry-specific illustrations to Q&A resources to product comparison tools, Liberty Mutual goes the extra mile to educate its customers, potential customers, and prospects.

Liberty Mutual Costs

With an insurance company whose slogan is ‘You have nothing to lose. We have everything to gain.’ You’ve probably guessed they aren’re owned by the same company that owns USAA and many other insurance companies.

But Liberty Mutual has had a great business model. It is one of the few insurance companies that are currently involved in the fire and casualty insurance business and have survived the recent recession with little to no assistance from Uncle Sam.

It serves the majority of North America and has the third largest market share in the world. However, its high self-insurance and an exclusion in its homeowners policy caused it to drop on the list, according to an independent study.

The insurance company provides more than 50 different insurance products, including general liability and surety insurance, workers’ compensation, and vehicle insurance.

As one of the largest insurance companies worldwide, they provide liability coverage for businesses and professionals of all types. And although it’s been around for nearly 130 years, Liberty Mutual has been in the business of providing insurance for nearly 150 years!

Liberty Mutual Policy Options & Endorsements

Liberty Mutual is America’s largest insurer (by total premiums written). And that’s not all bad news. The insurance giant offers policies for homeowners, renters, businesses, auto and health insurance.

As for the policies, Liberty Mutual provides liability, comprehensive and auto insurance. It also offers Crime and Crime-Free vehicle insurance. Another intriguing property of the company is that it relocated its headquarters from Connecticut to Boston, MA in 2010.

Anywhere in the US (AK, HI not included), you can visit the Liberty Mutual website to review your options. You can now compare Liberty Mutual policies and work with friendly representatives to sign up for a policy. In case any issue arises, you can contact the company’s customer service representatives.

Let’s look at the fees and rates for each Liberty Mutual policy.

Liberty Mutual Online Features

Liberty Mutual Homeowners insurance will cover what you need. Liberty Mutual generally offers no-risk upfront discounts to encourage customers to purchase insurance from them and up to 30% lower rates than other top provider.

Liberty Mutual is highly insurance claim rated, with an outstanding 1.15% insurance claim for non-residence customer.

Liberty Mutual is one of the most affordable insurance generally provided you compare the coverage and the amount of fees to other insurance companies.

Liberty Mutual will provide a wide a number of discounts and offers for young drivers, older drivers and college students.

They also offer to provide a package policy and a tag-along policy.

Liberty Mutual gives you a claim check, which protects you from a scammers, fraud and phone or mail fraud (more details here).

You Can Also Check out Liberty Mutual Homeowners Form to See How Much They Charge for Their Services

Take a look at the top 3 General Liability insurers with these highlight features.

Liberty Mutual Financial Stability

Following are the financial stability ratings of the following companies.

Liberty Mutual is rated A (Excellent) with a financial stability score of 9 and a credit score of 9.9.

Our ranking: 8 out of 9 "A" rated companies with a score of 9 and above.

Liberty Mutual is rated A (Excellent) with a financial stability score of 9 and a credit score of 9.9.

Our ranking: 6 out of 7 "A" rated companies with a score of 9 and above.

Liberty Mutual is rated A (Excellent) with a financial stability score of 9 and a credit score of 9.9.

Our ranking: 5 out of 5 "A" rated companies with a score of 9 and above.

Liberty Mutual is rated A (Excellent) with a financial stability score of 9 and a credit score of 9.9.

Liberty Mutual is rated A (Excellent) with a financial stability score of 9 and a credit score of 9.9.

Liberty Mutual is rated A (Excellent) with a financial stability score of 9 and a credit score of 9.9.

What Liberty Mutual Is Missing

The best insurance company I've ever dealt with! The service I received was outstanding from the moment I called until I closed on my home. Liberty Mutual was the only company I called that stated the only way they could get me financed was if we were first pre-approved for a loan, which we immediately signed onto. Within an hour they had set up the home loan and before I knew it suddenly my home was in escrow. Liberty Mutual was the only company that ended up putting me in a home and we couldn't be happier. If your looking for General Liability Insurance, call Liberty Mutual!

I've had a few minor issues with the house used some hail damage and some issues that I think of as being so minor it shouldn't cause any sort of claims. Liberty Mutual has pretty much paid for those claims every time.

Highly recommend them and say they're great.

Liberty Mutual Customer Reviews

2016 Home Insurance Consumer Satisfaction Awards Winners: Highest Rated Overall (TT), Medium Size Companies (Standard), Gold Medal (Medical), NC-20 (Flood), and NC-20 (Homeowner).

Liberty Mutual has a 4 out of 5 stars on HomeAdvisor in regards to its overall customer satisfaction.

Liberty Mutual was also awarded 1st Place in the Market Share category in 2015.

Liberty Mutual is a classic insurance company with a long history of providing homeowners insurance. This insurer was and is focused on providing customers with protection against catastrophes, and it continues to stay true to that goal.

Liberty Mutual Homeowners Insurance Policy

Liberty Mutual has a variety of homeowners insurance policies to cover you while you live in your home. Policies are available for renters with landlord insurance, vacation home owners with property insurance, apartment renters with dwelling insurance and renters with fire insurance.

Liberty Mutual Personal Umbrella Insurance

Liberty Mutual offers a personal umbrella policy to add liability coverage to your homeowner's policy. This policy provides additional liability coverage if you or your property is involved in a liability lawsuit. They will cover your liability above the limits of your standard or home insurance policy.

How We Evaluated Commercial General Liability Insurance Companies

For this ranking, we evaluated all companies based on five factors: (1) comprehensive crime policy terms, (2) 24/7 claims service, (3) common carrier liability coverage, (4) cyber liability policy terms, and (5) limit of liability. From these, we created a written score and a written policy summary. From there, we used the entire policy details (written and oral) to discover what we felt was important for business owners to know about how their insurance carrier operates. To give you a sense and a picture of what we evaluated, here’s a brief breakdown of the five factors:


We evaluated a number of terms that address hazards that can come from theft, arson, vandalism, industrial casualties, acts of terrorism, employee dishonesty, and product liability. However, when it came to what we considered to be the most important and relevant terms, we chose burglary, arson, and vehicle accidents.

This is not an accident we chose the crime categories; the very best general liability insurance companies also offer the kind of crime coverage that businesses need to protect themselves from harm, loss, and financial ruin. We think it is important to mention that all of the companies that made it to this list also offer the usual coverage that a policy like this should have.

What General Liability Insurance Is

General liability insurance is issued by companies to protect individuals from bodily injury and property damage suits and judgments by other individuals or businesses. There are two types of general liability insurance … bodily injury and property damage.

Comprehensive general liability coverage pays for your liability in regards to any bodily injury, illness, disease, or death you or your employees might inflict, along with any damage to another’s property you might cause. This coverage can be abbreviated to … CGL.

Property damage general liability coverage pays for damage to another person’s property you might inflict. It can also pay for damage from an accident you might inflict to your own vehicle. This coverage can be abbreviated to … PDGL.

General liability insurance can also cover business operations, but it’s not common. The most basic form of this coverage is called loss of income, and it can include liability for employment-related injuries. If your business is part of a larger company, it might also be covered under the umbrella of … other business. There might be other forms of business liability insurance as well, but these variations are not very common. The most common form of business liability insurance is general liability insurance.

Who Needs General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance covers losses caused by a variety of events involving bodily injuries to others and injuries to property. Many large companies purchase general liability insurance to protect against losses associated with lawsuits stemming from accidents occurring on company property, or during business trips, or out in public. Large companies also use general liability insurance to protect the company against coverage losses on the company’s rented vehicles in event of an accident. As well as trying to protect their reputation and assets, the good general liability companies want to protect their clients.

General liability insurance covers claims where a third party is injured due to a mistake made by the policy holder. The policy holder is responsible for a slip and fall while on their property, injuries caused by a faulty product purchased from them or any other reason. General liability insurance works to protect victims and the policy holder in such cases.

In particular, policies for general liability insurance will typically cover the following types of losses:

  • Bodily Injury
  • Property Damage
  • Medical Expenses

Additionally, some policies will cover liability for some other event, such as trademark or copyright infringement.

General liability insurance companies provide four kinds of liability coverage:

  • Commercial General Liability
  • General Liability
  • Errors and Omissions
  • Automobile Liability

General Liability Insurance Costs for Small Businesses

In order to keep your company as safe as possible, consider establishing general liability insurance. This type of insurance covers losses you may face as a result of injuries suffered by others due to some fault on your part.

General liability insurance can be purchased in a number of ways. In most cases, you will be able to purchase a policy through an agent to cover your business’s activities. You can also consider getting an umbrella policy, which provides more coverage, but it usually costs more. This type of policy may be the best option for the individual owner of a small business.

General liability policies are written in two forms: primary and excess. These policies allow you to decide how much insurance coverage to purchase. A primary policy allows you to cover certain activities and a designated amount of coverage for each activity. An excess policy can cover your business and has an additional layer of coverage.

An umbrella policy is a combination of a primary and excess policy. This type of policy allows you to cover multiple different insurance classes and protect yourself from many different types of losses.

For most small businesses, primary insurance is likely to be enough to cover your losses. However, if you do have a greater liability exposure, consider adding an umbrella policy.

Some insurance carriers have policies that cover all types of losses – primary, umbrella, excess – at once. These policies are referred to as form policies.

Bottom Line

If you want to protect yourself, then you need general liability insurance. It’s just a fact. It’s possible you may be familiar with the phrase …but everybody needs to be protected.” The line is spoken most often by the insured after a serious injury. The insurance company’s rep adds a …it–s all about protecting your assets” to explain the exorbitant price at which the client’s insurance company is asking for coverage.

The flip side is what happens when you hurt the people, property, or reputation of the party with whom you have the business relationship (or at least the appearance of a business relationship). Their insurance company will seek damages from you, potentially reputational damages.

Both insurance companies and potential litigants of the negligent party do not experience much delight when general liability insurance needs to be procured. If you need a coverage for a new or renewal general liability insurance policy with high limits and low premiums, then read on. With the information provided, you can conduct a general review of the best general liability insurance companies.