5 Best Fuel Cards for Small Business 2021

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Shell Small Business Fuel Card: Overall Best Fuel Card for Small Business

Shell is one of the best fuel cards for small business 2021. It offers top-notch rewards, a sleek design, and a robust suite of safety features.

The Shell Card is unique in that it provides you with 10% back on all your purchases, whether it’s gas, food, or beverage. This is a much better deal than other general usage cards, such as the Wal-Mart or Hy-Vee cards, which only give you a percent back on gas purchases. If you use your fuel card for food, you can reimburse your optional insurance, and you also get more rewards for the amount of money you spend.

Another strong selling point for the Shell card is its sleek design. Although it appears to be large, the size of the card actually lends itself to more comfort while using it. The card is flatter (4.125 inches) than some of its competitors…but it doesn’t feel all that long.

The card’s suite of safety features is also good for someone who’s worried about fraud or theft. With a heartbeat monitor, chip technology, and the scratch-resistant custom design, the Shell Card really pops in terms of safety.

The Shell card is a bit more expensive than some of the other fuel cards, but the rewards and security features definitely make it worth the extra money.

Shell Small Business Fuel Card Costs

Business owners need to fuel their operations with the highest quality fuel. A business fuel card is an option that helps them find the best fuel at the best price.

Fuel cards let business owners build a customized fuel card based on their requirements and budget. Most fuel cards offer discounts on unleaded gasoline, diesel, home heating oil, propane, and jet fuel. Fuel card companies also often offer discounts on propane gas, diesel, heaters and other heating appliances, natural gas, and home fitness equipment.

Many fuel cards also offer discounts on auto repairs as well as toll roads and bridges. You can also find fuel cards that offer miles-per-gallon, automatic insurance discounts, and free roadside assistance.

Fuel card companies typically require a monthly fee with the option of a minimum fuel purchase of one-tank to qualify for a discount. Some cards do not charge a monthly fee. However, others may have a higher initial charge. Business owners should also keep in mind that card fees apply for each vehicle.

It is a good idea for business owners to compare fuel card options for small businesses to find the ones with the best benefits. If they want a great rate with more options, they should also consider other types of fuel cards, such as wholesale fuel cards, which offer deals for goods and products.

Shell Small Business Fuel Card Network Availability

The Shell Small Business Fuel Card is a debit card that is uniquely positioned as a partner for small businesses, small fleets, and entrepreneurs. As an eco friendly motorist, the Shell Small Business Fuel Card is your best choice to run your vehicle or motor home.

The Shell Small Business Fuel Card is available throughout the United States, and, because you control how much you spend on the card, it’ll be an effective way to track your fuel expenses and save money.

The Shell Small Business Fuel Card is the best fuel card for small business owners and a good tool to keep your small business successful and profitable.

Enroll Today for Free Today.

One of the differences that set the Shell Small Business Fuel Card apart is the service plan that comes with it. In addition to a low-interest rate, the card comes with a service plan. And while the service plan isn’t recorded in your card’s terms and conditions, it’s underwritten by the card sponsor, National Bank of Arizona. It entitles the cardholder to meet and share information with members of the banking, transportation, retail and automobile industries on their card’s benefits and on the value of the card’s network.

Enroll in the Shell Small Business Fuel Card today, and let the network of small business resources help you succeed.

76 Universal Fuel Card: Best for Flexible Spending at Nonbranded Stations

76 Universal Fuel Card is one of the most versatile cards to have in your wallet. This means you could potentially use it to pay for gas at nonbranded stations. This can be extremely helpful for owners of rental apartments, who may not be able to get reimbursed for maintenance upkeep expenses and damages for charging up their landlord’s vehicles at the station’s associated gas pumps. You can also use 76 Universal Fuel Card anywhere generally Visa debit is accepted.

76 Universal Fuel Card Costs

While having a little bit of cash on hand for your business is always a good idea, keeping track of large amounts of cash can be problematic. When you have large amounts of cash in your hands, you’re also more likely to lose it or have it stolen.

That’s why most businesses prefer to use a fuel card as their business-to-business payment method. Fuel cards offer several benefits over cash and traditional credit cards: they’re fast, secure, and easy to use. And their accounts come with a business account for tax record keeping purposes.

And when it comes to fuel cards, they’re available in several different designs: plastic, metal, and electronic.

If you’re planning to use a card for payment for your small business, knowing a little bit about card costs could be a deciding factor.

76 Universal Fuel Card Network Availability

When we first reviewed the Fuel Card platform back in May, we weren’t looking at a short-term benefit but a longer-term one. The Fuel Card platform does pay benefits over a two year period, but it’s also looking to ride the wave of the convenience economy. That means that more merchants, big and small, are going to start offering the card soon.

The Fuel Card is important to look at in part because the market has changed so much. We were originally looking for the best loyalty-rewards card, but now focus is more on the earning-rewards side of things. That’s why the Fuel Card’s other focus is how robust the network is.

The goal for the Fuel Card is to make sure that there are enough different merchants that an average Joe can spend their Fuel Card at. That means that local restaurants, gas stations, coffee shops, and even grocery stores will be heavily involved in the network.

Chevron Texaco Business Access Fuel Card: Best for Fleets That Drive Far & Often

Chevron Texaco Business Access Fuel Card: Best for Fleets That Drive Far & Often

As a national gas brand, Chevron Texaco serves more than 250 million customers every day. And with more than 250,000 Chevron-branded retail sites, Chevron is America’s most convenient way to fill up. It also has an extensive network of more than 21,000 fueling stations to get you where you need go.

The Chevron Texaco Business Access Card is the perfect option for businesses making frequent long trips, and it comes with the 15 cents per gallon Costco discount. Plus, with roadside assistance and 4 cents off any fuel fill-up, your drivers who go the extra mile can save even more.

If your fleet uses fuel cards, an available Chevron Texaco Business Access Card can really save you money, especially if you’re operating trucks that drive long distances to and from homes. And the designated mileage for this card can also be used on standard gas stations.

Chevron Texaco Business Access Fuel Card Costs

I – Shhh – am very experienced with business cards! I can proudly say that I have received over 10,000 business cards, thank you so much I appreciate it!

My advice regarding business cards is: spend a reasonable amount of money on your selection!

There have been a couple of times where my favorite cards were half off retail price!….When I shared the info with my audience, this was the response….…………”I’ll just save them for later!”.

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I’m going to answer the question of how long is a business card and I’m going to answer it in a quick minute and then I’m going to let you have the show!….

Chevron Texaco Business Access Fuel Card Network Availability

If you travel a lot in order to visit your clients and show them your products, you will definitely want to choose the co-branded Chevron Texaco Business Access Fuel Card. It comes with a very extensive network of Costco and Shell gas stations.

Popular brands that sell premium fuel quality fuel includes Shell, Texaco and Chevron. There are more than 12,000 Shell, Texaco, and Chevron petrol stations in the US. The Chevron Texaco Business Access Fuel Card is available at 150,000+ locations worldwide.


The great thing about the Citi Aadvantage Business Card is that you get 5 Citi TrueEarnings reward miles when you pay for fuel at participating Shell, Texaco, and Chevron petrol stations. You will also earn 3X points on purchases of eligible travel products, such as flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, and limousine services. Note that the Citi Aadvantage Consumer card is Visa and it doesn’t come with the bonus on fuel purchases.

BP Business Solutions Fuel Card: Best for Larger Fleets That Want Gas Rebates

Even if most of the staff in a business has a flexible schedule, having at least one dedicated fuel card is still a good investment if your company is larger. With a BP Business Solutions Fuel Card, you can earn on fuel rebates that can save you up to 3 cents a gallon and you’ll have free debit card processing for year-round reimbursement.

But if you do decide to take the plunge toward a dedicated fuel card, consider the BP Business Solutions account first for its rewards programs and discounts and free debit card processing. You can also have a dedicated hardware card that can serve as an ATM debit card as well as credit card for purchases.

Although the BP Business Solutions Fuel Card costs more than a general fuel card, it has enough benefits to make it worth the fee. Unless you want to stick with a general fuel card, it’s hard to find one that matches its rewards program, discounts, and free debit card processing.

BP Business Solutions Fuel Card Costs

We all need to fuel up from time to time. So should you consider the BP Business Solutions Premium! Fuel Card for your small business needs?

The BP business solutions fuel card is an ideal solution for small businesses which are based near BP petrol stations, whether they carry BP products or not.

We all know that petrol stations hold convenience and the fuel card is a time saver.

The BP Business solutions fuel card has a range of features that include support for international and domestic fuel.

BP business solution fuels card also includes the opportunity to order online.

Finally, you also have the option to store your card safely in the wallet.

If you are looking to upgrade your small business to a new wallet then BP business solutions fuel card is ideal.

Such cards help you save time and money. With a card, you can use your credit rating to fuel up and also pay for services related to your business.

One of the best features about this BP business solutions fuel card is its flexibility and the support for international use.

If you run a small business that is based abroad, buying fuel is a time-consuming and expensive operation; the card is the perfect solution to these issues.

Overall, the BP business solutions fuel card is very flexible and even allows you to buy online through the BP website.

BP Business Solutions Fuel Card Network Availability

A Fuel Card is a simple tool. The debit and credit card, easy to read and operate. And, it provides a vehicle that complies with a business network can potentially be used for all employees to buy services and products for Starbucks is one of the most widely known fuel card network. Followed by the lunch card become the most commonly used card for small business use.

So, Fuel card business actually can be used to maintain a cheap and efficient way of purchasing and reducing the cost of goods and services.

Some use cheap business cards to take advantage of fuel cards such as free shipping that are available to large organizations or groups. This can result in unfair pricing and transactions due to giant organizations.

Here are some fuel cards with large organizations identify directly using your business as the business card.

Visa … Starbucks Secure … Starbucks Rewards

Therefore, not all fuel cards are good for business use with American Express, Starbucks, and MasterCard. Visa and Sam’s Club are the two main card companies that offer fuel cards without restrictions and a mechanism.

U.S. Bank Business Cash Rewards World Elite™ Mastercard®: Best for Gas Rewards on a Traditional Business Credit Card

U.S. Bank Business Cash Rewards World Elite™ Mastercard® Costs

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U.S. Bank Business Cash Rewards World Elite™ Mastercard® Discounts & Rewards

U.S. Bank Business Cash Rewards World Elite™ Mastercard® Network Availability

How We Evaluated the Best Fuel Cards for Small Business

There is a fuel card for just about every need or situation and small businesses can choose from a variety of different cards. For the purposes of this review, I narrowed it down to 5 of the best fuel cards for small business 2021 to review.

So not only were we looking at fuel cards, but we also needed to consider:

{1}. Required functions of the card.
{2}. Additional features of the card.
{3}. What number of drivers the card is able to serve.
{4}. Which company the card is issued by.
{5}. Where the card can be used.
{6}. And finally, what percentage of the card’s cardholders would use it to pay for fuel each year.

Let’s have a look at the results of our review of fuel cards for smaller businesses.

Bottom Line

The great thing about fuel cards is that if you are lucky enough to get a fuel card with a debit/credit line, this leaves you with the freedom to pick from a large selection of fuel cards. Furthermore, there are many different fuel cards on the market catering to specific types of businesses ” from the few that offer home delivered diesel fuel and jet fuel to the ones that allow you to pay your fuel bills online. This gives you the freedom to find the card that best suits you and your business needs.

Another great thing about fuel cards is that they can be tailored to fit your particular business needs. This is true across the board with wholesale fuel cards where you can pick up the card that best suits your company’s needs and only pay for the amount of fuel you need.